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Phillips, A. A. Rutz, P. J. York, Assts.; Gynecol., L. G. Baldwin; J. F. Todd,
C. A. Phillips, E. J. Morris, Assts.; Path., A. Murray.

S. R. SMITH INFIR3IARY.— Castleton av., Tonipkinsville, Stateu
Island. Tel. 47 Tompkinsville. Founded in 1863 by Dr. W. Anderson, the
name being adopted as an appropriate tribute to the late Dr. S. R. Smith, of
Staten Island. District embraces the Borough of Richmond. Surgical, medical
and obstetrical cases are received. Cases of scarlet fever and diphtheria are
admitted at any hour, by permit from the Board of Health. Children are
admitted. Some cases are received without charge; the others pay from $7 per
week up. Vis. Days, Mon., "Wed. and Fri., 3 to 4 P. M.

Supt., Miss N. E. Cadmus; Vis. Phys., J. J. O'Dea, C. E. Pearson, H. C.
John.ston, J. T. Sprague, A. H. Thomas, J. Scales; Vis. Surgs., W. Bryan,
E. D. Coonley, G. P. Jessup, C. W. Townsend, W. C. Walser, J. W. Wood;
Consult. Ophthal., C. E. Kinney; Neurol., W. B. Pritchard; Orthop. Surg.,
W. R. Townsend; Aural Surg., A. P. Voislawsky; Dental Surg., A. D. Peutz.

SWEDISH HOSPITAIj.— 126 Rogers av. Receives surgical, medical
and accident cases. Incurable or infectious cases not admitted. Capacity,
50 beds.

Supt., E. Johnson; Vis. Staff, H. A. Fairbairn, W. F. Campbell, G. B.
Bacon, J. F. Haller, J. L. Macumber, N. T. Beers, Jr., J. O. Peterson; Con-
sult., C. Jewett, J. M. Van Cott, A. T. Bristow, C. Elfstrom.


ISLAND.— 55 Willoughby st., Bklyn. Institution for diseases of the nose
and throat, ej'e, ear and lungs. Open to the poor from 1 to 3 P. M.

Matron, Mrs. G. H. Coffin; Vis. Staff, D. M. Woolley, C. T. Schondelmeier,
R. S. Baddour.

U. S. MARINE HO.«PITAL.— Stapleton, Borough of Richmond. See
U. S. Public Health and Marine Hospital Service. Surg, in Charge, P. H.

U. S. NAVAL HOSPITAL (BKLYN.)— Flushing av. nr. Grand av.
Tel. 2990 Wmsburg. Exclusively for the sick and disabled officers and en-
listed men of the U. S. Navy and Marine Corps. Admitted at any hour on
receipt of order from Commandant of Navy Yard and Station. Annex for con-
tagious diseases.

Med. Direc, C. E. H. Harmon; Staff, G. Rothganger; Surgs., M. W. Baker,
H. F. Strine; Passed Asst. Surgs., A. H. Robnett, Asst. Surg.

WILLIAMSBURG HOSPITAL.— Bedford av. and S. 3d st., Bklyn.

Supt., Margaret McCarthy; Att'd Surgs., W. E. Butler, J. O. Polak, R. J.
Morrison, R. H. Pomeroy, L. A. McClelland, J. G. Dickert, A. E. Parker,
C. D. Napier, G. M. Muren; Att'd Phys., E. E. Cornwall, W. S. Hubbard,
G. R. Butler. Ambulance and Dispensary in connection with Hospital.

Med. Supt., Miss Amy Bliss. Vis. Staff consists of the physicians of the
city of Niagara Falls.

Med. Supt., Miss Amy Bliss. Vis. Staff consists of the physicians of the
city of Niagara Falls.


OSSINING HOSPITAL.— Ossining, N. Y. Tel. 308. Vis. Days, Sun.,
2 to 5, Tues. and Thurs., 2 to 4. Dispensary Days, Mon., Wed. and Fri., 4
P. M.

Supt., Miss I. M. Simpson; Vis. Phys. and Surgs., J. D. Madden, R. T,
Irvine, C. P. Byington, M. W. Barnum, W. A. Miner.



VASSAR BROTHERS' HOSPITAL..— Read pi. Tel. 25-2. Founded
by Matthew Vassar, Jr., and John Guy Vassar. Ambulance service. Con-
tagious, malignant, and infectious diseases, cases of insanity and alcoholism,
are not admitted. Patients admitted any day from 11 A. M. to 4 P. M. ;
emergency cases at any hour. Applications should be made at the hospital,
when one of its physicians will visit and examine the patient at his home.
When the patient lives out of the city, the application must be accompanied
by a written diagnosis of the case from some respectable physician, and a
statement of the present condition. The hospital is free to those who, in
the judgment of the Executive Committee, are unable to pay for board and
treatment, preference being given, first, to residents of Poughkeepsie; second,
to those of Dutchess County, and, third, to the State at large. Vis. Days,
Tues. and Fri., 2 to 4 P. M.

Acting Surg. -in-Chief, H. G. Bugbes; Ophthal. and Aural Surg., W. G.
Dobson; Phys., E. G. Littell; Consult. Staff, E. L. Keyes, J. W. Poucher,
G. F. Shrady, W. T. Bull, R. K. TutLill, J. E. Sadlier.


Ambulance Dists. — The city has been divided into four districts, and all
"hurry calls" must be sent to the hospital of the district assigned to it to
insure prompt service. Calls sent to a hospital outside of its district will be
promptly transferred by that hospital to the proper hospital. For both sides
of East Main st. and East av. and all territory north thereof, call Rochester
Homoeopathic Hospital. Tel. 400. For all territory south of East av. and East
Main st., call Hahnemann Hospital. Tel. 626. For all territory west of the
river to and including both sides of Central av., Allen st. and Jefferson av. ,
call City Hospital. Tel. 656. P^or all territory west and north of Central av.,
Allen St. and Jefferson av., call St. Mary's Hospital. Tel. 162. Patients in
all cases will be taken to their own homes or to the hospital of their choice.
F'or ordinary calls ambulances will go to any part of the city desired.

HAHNEMAiVX HOSPITAL,.— 9 Rockingham st.

Supt., Mrs. M. Curtice; Med. Staff, J. A. Biegler, Chief; W. E. Dake, E. V.
Ross, A. C. Hermance, G. M. Thompson, V. A. Hoard, J. K. Tretton, A. R.
Fritz, W. W. Johnson; Surg. Staff: E. V. Ross, Asst. Surg.; W. P. Fowler,
Ophthal. and Aural Surg.

ROCHESTER CITY HOSPITAL,.— 223 West av. Tel. 656. Receives
all cases needing hospital care. Apply to the superintendent at any time.
Public wards, $7 per week, or less, at discretion of the superintendent. Private
wards, $10. Privilege of own physician everywhere, except in public ward,
where 'the attendance is donated.

Supt., M. L. Keith; Vis. Phys., W. S. Ely, C. A. Dewey, C. E. Darrow,
R. M. Moore; Vis. Surgs., J. W. Wliitbeck, H. T. Williams, E. W. Mulligan,
F. W. Zimmer; Asst. Att'd Staff, S. W. Little, C. D. Young, L. W. Rose,
M. C. Potter, D. G. Hastings; Consult. Staff, C. E. Rider, D. Little, E. V.
Stoddard; Spec. Consults.: W. Rider, Ophthal.; L. A. Weigel, Orthop. ; J. L.
Roseboom, Dermat. ; E. B. Angell, Neurol. ; J. O. Roe, Laryngol.

Tel. 400. Patients may receive visitors daily.

Supt., Miss E. Allerton; Att'd Phys., T. D. Spencer, C. R. Sumner, J, W.
Buell, W. S. Rambo, W. B. Carman; Surgs., N. M. Collins, S. R. Snow,
W. A. Keegan; Asst. Surg., H. G. Shepard, L. F. Button; Oculists and
Aurists, E. J. Bissell, T. Parsons; Obstet., E. H. Wolcott, G. A. Backman;
Asst. Obstet., W. Perrin, W. W. Winans; Laryngol., H. W. Hoyt; Neurol.,
P. W. Neefus; Radiog., L. J. Sanders, W. W. Johnson; Path., W. C. Daly;
Disp. Phys.: Ocul. and Aurists, T. Parsons, W. A. Doane; Gynecols., W. W.
Winans, M. S. Ricker; Surgs., H. G. Shepard, F. T. Bascom; Neurol., P. W.
Neefus; Laryngols., H. W. Hoyt, L. J. Sanders; Phys., W. B. Carman, W.
Perrin, E. G. H. Beck.


Genesee st. Tel. 162. All surgical and medicaj cases. There ^s a children's


ward. Board, $6 to $7 in general wards; $8 to $9 in private wards. Apply to
the Sister Superioress at any time. Vis. Days, Sun., Mon., "Wed. and Frl.,
3 to 5.

Superioress, Sister Marie; Vis. Phys., J. W. Casey, M. Soble, T. A. O'Hare,
J. R. Culkin, A. "W. Henckell; Vis. Surgs., H. P. "Williams, E. M. Moore, Jr.,
E. "W. Mulligan, W. B. Jones, J. A. Stapleton; Spec. Consults., P. Conboy,
Aurist and Oculist; L. A. Weigel, Orthop. Surg.; J. M. Ingersoll, Laryngol. ;
R. G. Cook, Neurol. ; M. L. Casey, Path.


Consult. Phys., "W. L. Pearson, C. C. Duryee; Vis. Staff, G. E. McDonald,
J. A. Heatly, J. L. Schoolcraft, D. L. Kathan, Surgs. ; H. V. Mynderse, W.
W. Goddard, J. F. McEncroe, C. G. Briggs, C. F. Clowe, E. J. "Wiencke,
Phys. ; J. E. Reed, Ophthal. and Aural Surg. ; F. Vander Bogert, Path.

SCHENECTADY HOSPITAL C'Hospital Association of City of
Schenectady").— Jay st. Tel. 77. All cases of acute non-contagious disease,
except alcoholism and insanity, among the indigent of the city, are admitted.
Children received. Apply to the Superintendent. Vis. Days, Tues. and Fri.,
2 to 4 P. M.

Vis. Staff, G. E. McDonald, D. L. Kathan, C. G. Briggs, "W. "W. Goddard,
J. A. Heatly, H. V. Mynderse, J. L. Schoolcraft, E. J. "Wienke, C. F. Clowe,
J. McEncroe; Consult. Phj'S., W. L. Pearson, C. C. Duryee; -J. E. Reed,
Ophthal. and Aurist; F. Vander Bogert, Path.


ST. JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL.— Prospect and Union avs. Tel. 310.
Under the charge of the Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis. Vis. Days,
week days, 2 to 5 P. M. ; Sun. and Thurs., 7 to 8 P. M.

Sister Superior, Sister M. Gertrude; Pres. -of -Staff, D. M. Totman; Vis. Phys.,
H. L. Eisner, W. A. Cartin; Vis. Surgs., N. Jacobson, D. M. Totman; Asst.
Phys., A. E. Larkin,. G. C. Feigel, "W. G. Muench, T. F. Foreman; Asst.
Surgs., M. Heiman, C. B. Coon, F. H. Flaherty; Spec. Consults., A. B. Miller,
Gynecol.; F. "W. Marlow, Oculist; T. H. Halsted, Laryngol. and Aurist; S. C.
Dayan, Dental Surg. ; F. "W. Smith, Obstet. ; H. S. Stesnsland, Path. ; G. B.
Broad, F. McMorrow, Asst. Gynecols. ; F. Reynolds, Asst. Obstet. ; S. B.
Craton, Asst. Oculist; T. B. Dwyer, Asst. Laryngol. and Aurist; J. S. Heiman,

Tel. 499.

Supt., Miss L. R. Sherwood; Consult. Phys., J. "W. Sheldon, A. B. Kiune,
J. W. Candee; Surg., J. H. Irish; Att'd Phys., E. 0. Kinne, G. W. Hoyt,
J. M. Keese, E. R. Sprague; Oculist, Laryngol. and Aurist, H. A. Church;
Path., J. M. Keese.



Phys., R. B. Coutant, Chief; Vis. Phys. and Surgs., E. V. Brown, J. C.
Todd, N. H. Freeland; Consult. Phys. and Surgs., W. Gill "^'ylie, W. 0.
Plympton, W. A. Sherman, H. E. Stafford, "W. A. Dayton.


LEONARD HOSPITAL.— 14th st. and 6th av., Lansingburgh. Tel.
•^314 Commercial.

C. Danlap, Supt. ; Consult. Staff, C. B. Herrick, L. F. Adt, B. S. Booth,
T. B. Harvie; Vis. Staff, G. A. Bradbury, R. H. Irish, ' J. H. Flynn, C. B.
Sprague, J. H. Lyons.

SAMARITAN HOSPITAL.— Eighth st. Tel. 1164. Adults and chil-
dien. Medical, surgical, obstetrical and contagious cases are received. Board
in the wards, $.5 a week for adults, and $4 for children. Charge for cases of
acute infectious, in the wards of the Price Memorial Building, is $10
per week. Emergency cases received without question as to responsibility.
Vis. Days, daily.

Supt., Mary E. Schumacher; Surg., E. D. Ferguson; Assts., L. B. Schneider,


F. T. Smith, J. P. Marsh, G. L. Meredith, W. M. Campaigae, H. J. White;
Phys., H. C. Gordinier; Assts., E. W. Becker, H. W. Carey, W. L. Hoge-
bocm, L. B. Schneider, G. P. Paul; Obstet., W. C. Cooper; Eye and Ear, F.
A. Smith; Nose and Throat, F. K. Roarke; Asst., E. W. Becker.

TROY HOSPITAL..— Eighth and Fulton sts. Tel. 116. No cases are
refused, except insanity and contagious diseases. Vis. Days, Sun., Mon., Wed.
and Fri., 3 to 5 P. M.

Supt., Sister Anna; Vis. Staff, C. E. Nichols, C. B. Herrick, J. B. Harvie,
D. W. Houston, T. G. Dickson, Z. Rousseau, M. Keenan, O. Mallett, J. W.
Morris, M. D. Dickinson, C. H. Travell, L. F. Adt, C. F. Theisen; Consult.
Staff, C. E. Nichols, G. Blumer; Phys., C. H. Burbech.


Incorporated February 7, 1870. Under the care of the Sisters of St. Francis.
Medical and surgical cases received.

Staff, E. M. Hyland, Surg. -in-Chief ; Vis. Phys., L. H. Jones, H. E. Brown,
W. D. Peckham, H. H. Shaw, H. H. Lenahan, M. D. Graham; Vis. Surgs.,
D. C. Dye, E. M. Hyland, A. M. Johnson, W. E. Wetmore, F. M. Miller, W. S.
Morris; Gynecol., E. M. Hyland, F. M. Miller; Obstet., D. C. Dye, L. H.
Jones; Oculist and Aurist, S. C. Maxson; Rhinol. and Laryngol., C. R. Weed;
Dermat., G. M. Fisher.

FAXTON HOSPITAL.— Sunset av. Applications must be made to the
Superintendent of Nurses or the Surg. -iu-Charge.

Supt., Miss C. M. Perry; J. H. Glass, Surg. -in-Charge; Med., H. C. Palmer,
M. J. Davies, C. B. Tefft, R. L. Baker, W. S. Nelson, A. T. Davis; Surgs.,
F. J. Douglass, F. D. Crim, F. S. DeLong, J. Groman, F. B. Smith; Obstets.,
W. H. Brownell, F. H. Brewer; Gynecols., J. H. Glass, D. H. Roberts; Eye,
Throat and Ear, C. W. Crumb, T. H. Farrell; Orthop., J. G. Hunt; Path., W.
S. Nelson; Res. Surg., H. R. Biggar; Res. Phys., G. A. Newton; Consult.
Staff, H. L. Palmer, L. L. Brainard, T. Z. Jones, H. C, Sutton, J. B. Noyes,

0. Langworthy, G. Eveleth, H. H. Wilson, P. M. Egert, U. G. Williams, N.
A. Caldwell, A. C. Douglas, T. B. Fernalld, G. A. McKinnon, T. C. Gifford,

1. S. Edsall, J. F. Huntley, G. Graves, G. I. Pollard, C. M. Lefler, C. M.
Klock, R. B. Dudley, E. M. Griffith, W. B. Hall, A. J. Forward.

ST. LUKE'S HOME AND HOSPITAL.— "ttTiitesboro st. Open to
the aged and suffering of all classes. Application for admission to the home be made to the Executive Committee or Matron. Application for admis-
sion to the hospital must be made to the physician in charge, or to Superin-
tendent of Nurses. Vis. Days, from 2 to 5 P. M. daily.

Med. Dir., W. E. Ford; Consult. Staff, W. M. Gibson, B. W. Craiu, F.
Casey, V. B. Hamlin, T. G. Packer, W. R. Lough, W. D. Garlock, L. Rinkle,
C. E. Smith, R. H. Phelps, H. L. Borland, C. C. Reid, W. R. Wallace, C. A.
Frost, C. M. Colgrove, G. C. McComb, L. A. Van Wagner, H. E. Phelps;
Att'd Phys., W. Moffat, E. D. Fuller, A. J. Browne, W. C. Gibson; Surgs.,
H. G. Jones, F. H. Peck; Surgs., P. J. Campbell, W. B. Roemer; Gynecols.,
W. J. Schuyler, W. E. Ford, A. Martine, "G. Seymour; Eye, Ear, Nose and
Throat, R. O. Lees; Dermats., G. M. Fisher, C. P. Russell; Path., W. B.

UTICA GENERAL HOSPITAIi.— Mohawk and South sts. Tels. 4.32
Bell and 1240 Home. For the sick of the City of Utica. Vis. Days, every day
up to 8 P. M.

Supt., C. P. Miller; Consult. Staff, W. M. Gibson, S. Baker.


ST. JOHN'S RIVERSIDE HOSPITAL.— Ashburton av. Tel. 247
Ambulance service. There are seventy-five beds. Medical and surgical cas9.s
are received; maternity and contagious cases excluded. Board in wards, $7
per week. Apply to Superintendent, Miss D. Traylen. Vis. Days, Tues.,
Thurs., Sat., 4 to 5, and Sun., 3 to 3.30.

Att'd Phys., W. S. Coons, S. F. Leo, C. W. Buckmaster, J. B. Kouwenhoven;
Atfd Surgs., W. H. Sherman, D. John, S. E. Getty, Jr.; Consult. Staff, L. A.
Stlmson, Surg. ; E. G. .Janeway, Phys. ; G. M. Edebohls, Gynecol. ; W. K.


Simpson, Laryugol. ; T. H. Myers, Orthop. Surg. ; C. W. Cutler, Ophthal. ; P.
Bailey, Neurol.; E. E. Smith, Path.; all of New York City. Bacterid., W.
D. Home.

ST. JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL..— South Broadway and Vark st. Tel. 111.
Ambulance Dist., any part of Yonkers and outside when necessary. In charge
of the sisters of Charity (R. C). Apply between 9 A. M. and 6 P. M. Emer-
gency cases received at any hour. No contagious disease is admitted. Chronic
cases retained only long enough for their relief. Board for those able to pay,
$7 per week in the wards. Sister M. L. Kearney, Superior. Vis. Days, Sun.,
Tues. and Fri., 3 to 4.30 P. M.

Consult. Surg., P. A. Callan; Consult. Phys., V. Browne; Surgs., J. D. Bry-
ant, P. S. Dennis; Phys., E. L. Keyes, J. E. Winters; Gynecols., J. D. Emmet,
J. R., Goffe; Dermat., G. H. Fox; Laryngol. and Rhinol., F. J. Quinlan;
Neurol., J. Collins; Surgs. and Phys., A. C. Benedict, E. I. Harrington, E. M.
Hermance; Vis. Surgs. and Phys., N. A. Warren, H. Moffat, E. F. Duffy, G. S.
Mooney, J. L. Porteous, J. T. Gibson; Pathol., F. W. Shipman.

NITY.— Incorporated 1896. Vis. Days, 2 to 4 daily.

Supt., Miss A. Van Alstine; Vis. Staff, R. O. Phillips, R. R. Trotter, H. G.
Keith, G. P. Holden.




St. Tel. 1096W.

Supt., Miss M. A. Cleary; Vis. Staff, F. J. Cox, H. D. Cochrane, B. E.
Marshall, A. B. Van Loon, B. E. Kinne, E. G. Cox, J. B. Congdon, J. I.
Bowling, W. J. McKown; Res. Phys., F. Conway; Res. Surg., P. Lewis.

PENSARY.— 1 Rensselaer st. and 216 Second st. Tel. 661 Main. Hours,
8 to 9, Tues. and Thurs. evenings.

Supt., Rev. J. Giffin; Vis. Staff, H. D. Cochrane, J. Giffin.


Staff, L. H. Neuman, W. S. Hale, W. G. Lewi, G. E. Lochner, T. W.
Jenkins, H. L. K. Shaw, A. J. Bedell, J. M. Mosher, M. MacHarg, W. H.
George, A. Sautter, A. MacFarlane,' J. F. Rooney, A. F. Holding.

Ferry st.

Phys., J. P. O'Brien. A. F. Laird; Surgs., J. A. Cox, G. Griffln; Skin and
G.-U., J. W. Wiltse, J. A. Lanahan; Nose and Throat, C. F. Theisen; Asst.,
E. E. Hinman; Eye and Ear, G. S. Munson, L. F. Adt; Asst., M. A. Mc-
Grane; Skiagrapher, A. Holding; Physiol. Therap., W. H. Happel; Children's,
H. L. K. Shaw; Neurol., L. Archambault.

SOUTH END DISPENSARY.— 2 Ash Grove pi. Tel. 1165 H. R.
Mon., Wed., Fri., 11 A. M., Surg.; Mon., Tues., Fri., 11 A.M., Nose and
Throat; Tues., Fri., 11 A. M., Skin and G.-U.; Wed., Sat., 8 A. M., Eye and
Ear; Tues., Thurs., Sat., 4 P. M., Med. Stomach. Children's, Tues., 4 P. M.,

Staff, T. L. Carroll, A; Root, L. Adt, A. Sautter, M. McGraue, J. Lanahan,
L. Le Brun, L. Neumann, C. E. Davis, W. G. Macdonald, G. Beilby, A.
Laird, J. F. Rooney, L. Blatner, Jr., W. H. Happel, W. George, J. A.
Sampson, E. H. Vines, B. K. Pe Voe, J. P. O'Brien, D. O'Leary, Jr.


BUFFALO EYE AND EAR INFIRMARY.— 671-673 Michigan st.
Tel. Seneca 3657R. Vis. Days, every week day at 2 P. M.

Vis. Staff, L. Howe, G. A. Hitzel, A. E. Hubbard, J. C. Clemesha, F. J.
Barrett, W. S. Renner, A. E. Diehl.

Frontier, 1469; Bell, Seneca 3562R. Hours, 3 to 6 P. M.

Supt., Lillian Craig Randall, M.D. ; Vis. Phys. and Surgs.: H. C. Rooth,
Hugh Mclntyre; Harry Weed, Eye; G. P. Cott, Throat and Ear.


FLUSHING HOSPITAL DISPENSARY.— Tels. 60 and 552 Flushing.
Hours: Mon., Wed. and Fri., 2 to 4 P. M., Surg, and Ophthal. ; Tues., Thurs.
and Sat., 2 to 4 P. M., Med.

Supt., Miss Florence L. Wetmore; Phys., R. W. Folger, Dr. Hicks, J. Mac-
Leod, J. D. MacPherson, E. Lawrence; Surgs,, J. F. Bloodgood, C. B. Story,
R. W. Jagger, G. I. McKelway; Ocul., W. F. Macklin.

The Attending Staff of the hospital are Dispensary Consultants.





BABIES' HOSPITAL., O. P. D.— 135 E. 55th st. Tel. 737 Plaza.
Hours, 10 to 11, 2 to 3.

Supt., Mary A. Smith; Phys., C. G. Kerley, T. S. Southworth, L. E.
Fe Fetra, J. Howland; Assts., P. Van Ingen, A. F. Hess, W. W. Strang, A. I.
Von Sholly, T. J. Abbot, H. E. Hale, J. H. Lawson, W. F. Doolittle, L. C.

BEACHONIAN DISPENSARY.— 183 Ludlow st. Tel. 3453 Orchard.
Tues., Thurs., Sat., 3 to 5 P. M., Children.

Heads of Depts., S. R. Schultze, J. Bernstein, G. B. Graf, A. W. Herzog,
B. A. Turkel, L. Cohen, J. Haas, J. Tuckerman, S. Lewis, P. L. Bereano.

BELiliEVUE HOSPITAL. (Out Patient Department).— 26th st. and
1st av. Open from 9 to 5. The Physicians and Surgeons are Adjunct Assist-
ant Visiting Physicians and Surgeons to Bellevue Hospital, and, in the absence
of the Assistant Visiting Physicians and Surgeons to the Hospital, act as

Mon., Wed., Fri. : Surg., 9 to 11, A. S. Vosburgh; 11 to 1, J. M. Hltrot.
Gynecol., 12 to 2, G. D. Hamlen; 2 to 4, R. W. Lobenstein. Medicine, 1 to 3,
J. A. Miller; 3 to 5, N. R. Norton. Children, 1 to 3, F. S. Meara; 3 to 5,
M. Nicoll, Jr.; G.-U., 9 to 11, J. F. McCarthy; 11 to 1, F. C. Yeomans.
Tues., Thurs., Sat.: Surg., 9 to 11, J. Douglas; 11 to 1, W. A. Downes.
Gynecol., 12 to 1, E. Foskett; 2 to 4, G. B. Lee. G.-U., 9 to 11, A. T.
Osgood; 11 to 1, J. B. Clark. Medicine, 1 to 3, S. A. Brown; 3 to 5, W. S.
Adams. Children, 1 to 3, F. S. Fielder; 3 to 5, J. H. P. Hodgson.

and Cherry sts. Tels. 640 and 641 Orchard. Hours, daily, 1 to 5, except Sun.
and holidays.

Supt., Emil Adler; Vis. Phys. and Surgs. — Gen. Med.: Chiefs, W. Levy, D.
Robinsohn, H. P. Schlansky, Maxwell Goldstein; Assts., S. Elysowitz, A.
Strachstein, N. L. Rawdin, M. Friedland, H. R. Moses, I. P. Behrman, M. W.
Mootnick, H. L. Levant; Gen. Surg.: Chiefs, Nathan Friedman, Raphael
Lewy, B. E. Sheitlis, Meyer Rabinowitz; Assts., S. N. Rosenbaum, Isidor
Seff, G. M. Lavitas, D. Lazarus, A. Nechamkin, D. Rabinowitz, I. S.
Tunick; Children; Chiefs, J. Heller, M. Loewinthal, Z. Sharfin, C. Goldman,
I. S. Hirsch, M. Ghertler; Assts., N. Schechter, M. Levine, E. H. Gershenson,
M. E. Schwartz, S. Winik, A. Bernstein, J. Smithline; Women: Chiefs, S. W.
Bandler, B. Gordon, M. Cisin, M. M. Stark, A. Brothers, L. J. Ladinski;
Assts., A. M. Hilkowich, S. J. Essenson, M. Frankel, S. J. Scadron, S. A.
Agatston, H. Krauskopf, S. L. Newman, M. M. Stark; Nose and Throat:
Chiefs, F. Cohen, A. G. Pohly, I. Grushlaw, W. Freudenthal; Asst., I. A.
Zevin; Eye and Ear: Chiefs, N. Goodfriend, R. I. Himowich; Asst., M. J.
Lande; Skin: Chiefs, W. H. Friedman, S. Gottheil; Assts., M. Ratnoff, B.
Romansky, J. J. Rosenberg; G.-U.: Chiefs, S. W. Schapira, A. L. Wolbarst;
Assts., I. P. Starr, H. J. Friedman; Orthop. : Chief, H. W. Frauenthal.

CHURCH.— 201 W. 99th st. Open daily, 2 to 4 P. M., for the treatment of
general medical and surgical diseases.


Med. Staff, C. H. Mcllwaine, E. M. Raynor, C. H. Smith, W. H. Randel,
New York; J. J. Thomson, Mt. Vernon; Consult. Surgs., D. Webster, C. H. R.

SARY.— 27th St. and 1st av.

Med.: W. G. Thompson, Prof, of Medicine; F. L. Keays, Chief; M. H.
Sicard, W. Armstrong, J. S. Wheelwright L. G. Weber, W. L. Niles, C. H.
Webster, B. H. Searing, C. S. Gould, Jf^D. Malcolm, Assts. Surg. : L. A.
Stimson, Prof. Surg.; W. F. Stone, Chief; J. P. Grant, C. S. Gould, H. C.
Bailey, T. Howard, Assts. Gynecol. : W. M. Polk, Prof, of Gynecol. ; G. D.


Hamlen, Chief; G. G. Ward, R. Bellamy, A. A. Rosenbloom, M. D. MacLeod,
Assts. G.-U. Dis. : S. Alexander, Prof, of Dis. G.-U. System; F. C. Edgerton.
Chief; V. C. Thome, B. S. Barringer, Assts. Neurol.: C. L. Dana, Prof of
Neurol.; J. R. Hunt, Chief; R. M. Daley, A. S. Leverty, L. J. Meacham, S.
Brown, R. Kruna, F. W. Robertson, Assts. Ped. : J. S. Winters, Prof, of
Fed. ; W. A. Dunckel, W. Shannon, Phys. ; H. S. Stokes, G. D. Scott, E.
Hand, B. H. Searing, A. Beckary, A.ssts. Dermat. : G. T. Elliot, Prof, of
Dermat. ; J. C. Johnston, Chief; H. J. Schwartz, Surg.; D. W. Waugh, E. D.
Lovejoj-, Assts. Otol.: F. Whiting, Prof, of Otol. ; G. B. McAuliffe, Chief;
N. S. Roberts, H. E. Cook, C. M. Hickey, E. W. Shipman, G. W. de Veber,
Assts. Laryngol. : C. H. Knight, Prof, of Laryngol. ; J. E. Newcomb, Chief;
F. T. Burke, C. Mack, W. C. Montgomery, P. Schoonmaker, Assts. Psycho-
patbol. : A. Meyer, Prof, of Psychopathol. ; A. Hoch, Chief; G. H. Kirby,
Asst. Orthop. : N. M. Shaffer, Prof, of Orthop. ; P. H. Fitzhugh, Surg. ; J. J.
Nutt, D. Murphy, H. Scott, P. W. Roberts, Assts. Ophthal. : C. S. Bull,
Prof, of Ophthal. ; R. G. Reese, J. H. Claiborne, Surgs. ; G. W. Vandergrift.
J. L. Dias, E. B. Coburn, A. L. Oberdorfer, Assts. Radiog. and Radiother. :
A. C. Geyser. B. P. Riley, Phys. in Charge Disp.

DEMILT DISPENSARY, THE.— Cor. 2d av. and 23d st.

House Phys., M. H. Nash; D. G. Yates, Asst. The House Physicians have
charge of the classification and vaccination.

Note. — Physicians attend on alternate days; the first named in each class on
Mon., Wed. and Fri. ; the others on Tues., Thurs. and Sat.

Gen. Med.: P. M., A. E. Koonz, R. S. Fralick; M. Marxuach, Asst.; Gen.
Med., A. M., Z. Feldstein, L. M. Silver; Gen. Surg., W. P. Herrick, C. S.
Josephs; E. W. Banta, Asst.; Heart and Lungs: A. M., N. G. McMaster, J. H.
Wurthman; H. Frank, J. J. Ringwald, Assts.; Throat and Nose: W. A. Chls-
holm, E. E. Cary; J. A. Maclsaac, J. E. Kumpf, Assts.; Women: P. M.,
E. E. Tull, P. H. Ernst; J. P. McParlan, Asst.; Women: A. M., F. V. Phelps,

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