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meeting first Thursday In April; semi-annual, first Thursday In October.

OFFICERS.- J. G. Stanton, Pres., New London; C. E. Brayton, Vice-Pres.,
Stonington; M. E. Fox, Clerk, TJncasville.

third Tuesday in April, at Rockville. The semi-annual meeting at Stafford
Springs, in the fall.

OFFICERS.— B. O. Winship, Pres.; T. F. O'Loughlin, Clerk.

ing in April.

OFFICERS.— R. C. White, Pres., Willimantic; C. J. Le Clair, Vice-Pres.,
Danielson; J. L. Gardner, Sec. and Treas., Central Village.


second Tuesday in May and October. Annual meeting in May.

OFFICERS.— J. A. Downer, Pres., Holyoke, Mass.; C. A. Richardson, Vice-
Pres., Bridgeport; G. A. Faber, Sec, Waterbury; L. A. Smith, Treas., Hig-


Organized 1851. Incorporated 1864. Annual meeting third Tuesday in May.

OFFICERS.— W. P. Baldwin, Pres., New Haven; S. M. Ives, Vice-Prea.,
Middletown; H. A. Cameron, Sec, 237 Grand St., Waterbury; B. J. Walker,
Treas., New Haven.




Meets first Tuesday of each month.

OFFICERS.— H. E. Smythe, Pres. ; G. S. Ford, Vlce-Pres. ; F. W. Stevens,
Sec, 404 State St.; P. H. Bill. Treas.


HARTFORD MEDICALi SOCIETY.— Organized in 1846. Meets at
the Hunt Memorial Medical Building on the first and third Mondays in the
month, except during July and August. Annual meeting in January,

OFFICERS.— A. E. Abrams, Pres.; W. W. Knight, Vice-Pres. ; A. D. Hayes,
Sec. ; C. B. Bralnard, Asst. Sec. ; George K. Welch, Treas.


NEW BRITAIN MEDICAIi SOCIETY.— Established 1892. Annual
meeting first Thursday in January.
OFFICERS.— George J. Holmes, Pres. ; Joseph B, Brocksleper, Sec.


Meets first and third Wednesday evenings of each month, except July and
August, at 962 Chapel st. Annual meeting third Wednesday in January.

OFFICERS.— L. W. Bacon, Jr., Pres.; W. E. Hartshorn, Sec; R. E. Peck,


NEW LONDON MEDICAL SOCIETY.— Meetings are held monthly.
OFFICERS.— E. C. Chipman, Pres.; W. N. Gray, Vice-Pres.; H. H. Heyer,
Sec. and Treas.


Meets second Monday of each month at Waterbury Business Men's Association
rooms, except July and August. Annual meeting in January.

OFFICERS.— C. E. Munger, Pres.; J. D. Freney, Vice-Pres.; E. W. Good-
enough, Sec and Treas.



BRIDGEPORT HOSPITAL.— Grant st. Tel. 860. Patients admitted
by permits from one of tlie Executive Committee, or on application to the
Superintendents in person or by letter, after examination by a member of the
Visiting or House Staffs.

Consult. Phys. and Surgs., G. L. Porter, V. P. Gibney, W. C. Bowers, R.
Lauder, N. E. Wordin, A. A. Holmes; Vis. Surgs., J. W. Wright, H. Blodget,
J. R. Topping, C. C. Godfrey; Vis. Phys., J. C. Lynch, E. Fitzgerald, F. M.
Tukey, D, M. Trecartin; Gynecols., S. M. Garlick, G. B. Cowell, F. C.
Graves, T. L, Ellis; Ophthalmic and Aural Surgs., F. M. Wilson, D. Smith;
Ophthalmol., H. S. Miles; Orthop., F. B. Downs; Laryngol.. H. E. Smyth;
Dermatol., J. D. Gold; Path, and Bacteriol., F. W. Stevens, P. W. Bill;
Phys. to the Training School, E. M. Smith, F. L. Day; Auxiliary Staff, R. A.
Lockhart, G. M. De Lisser, C. L. Banks, H. E. Waterhouse, G. H. Warner,
G. S. Ford, W. C. Watson. Non-Res. Consult. Staff: M. V. B. Dunham, Green-
field Hill; S. Hill, Stepney; G. A. Shelton, Shelton; A. E. Barber, Bethel;
J. B. Gregory, Norwalk; A. M. Hurlbutt, Stamford; F. N. Loomls, Derby;
W. B. Cogswell, Stratford; E. A. Stratton, Danbury; B. E. Bostwick, New
Milford; G. E. Staub, New Milford; W. H. Donaldson, Fairfield; E. Pratt,
Torrington; W. S. Randall, Shelton.


DANBURY HOSPITAL.— Locust av. Tel. 147. Board, $6 to $12 per
week. Visitors received afternoons.
Supt., Mrs. S. W. Cutler.


Tel. 1871. Open daily, except Sundays, 9 to 10 A. M.

Gen. Med., J. H. Rose, M. W. Williams. R. S. Starr, O. R. Witter; Gen.
Surgs., H. E. Adams, E. R. Storrs, J. C. Pierson; Tuberculosis, H. F. Stoll,
R. S. Starr; Eye, Ear and Throat, W. G. Craig, E. T. Smit^; G.-U. Surg.,
W. H. Van Strander; Dermat., H. F. Smith; Orthop., J. E. Root, A. H.
Williams; Gynecol., F. B. Willard, J. M. Weir; Children, W. M. Weaver,
E. P. O' Flaherty.

HARTFORD HOSPITAL.— 20 Hudson st. Tel. 1667. All admissions
by permit from one of the Executive Committee, or from the Superintendent.
Venereal and contagious diseases received on special permit. Ward patients,
$7 per week. Medical, surgical, gynecological and obstetrical cases are taken.
Vis. days, 2 to 4 and 6.30 to 7 P. M. daily, except Sundays.

Supt., W. H. Smith, M.D. ; Consult. Phys. and Surgs., G. W. Russell, CO.
Beach, H. S. Fuller, G. R. Shepherd, J. B. McCook; Vis. Phys., W. W.
Knight, W. Porter, Jr., E. K. Root, F. T. Simpson; Vis. Surgs., G. P. Davis,
H. G. Howe, A. S. Cook, E. J. McKnight, 0. C. Smith; Ophthal. and Aural
Surgs., W. T. Bacon, S. B. St. John; Gynecol., P. H. Ingalls; Orthop. Surg.,
P. D. Bunce; Path, and Bacteriol., W. Steiner; Asst. Surgs., A. M. Rowley,
G. N, Bell, E. R. Lampson, E. A. Wells; Asst. Phys., C. A. Goodrich, G. R.
Miller, W. E. Dickerman, J. B. Hall; Asst. Ophthal. and Aural Surgs., W. G.
Craig, F. J. Waite; Asst. Gynecol., T. W. Chester; Asst. Path, and Bacteriol.,
E. A. Wells, F. B. Willard; Asst. Orthop. Surg., A. H. Williams.


Supt., Rev. F. R. Waite; Phys., P. D. Bunce, C. B. Cochran, E. R. Lamp-
son, E. A. Wells, W. R. Steiner; Consult. Phys., George R. Shepherd;
Consult. Surg., E. T. McKnight.



HARTFORD RETREAT,— 30 Washington st. TeL 1550. Opened In
1824. Public.

Phys.-in-Charge, W. N. Thompson; Asst. Phys., H. 0. Johnson, H. M.

OL.D PEOPLE'S HOME.— A department of the Hartford Hospital, es-
tablished 1884. Applicants must be citizens of the County of Hartford, not
under sixty years of age, and in reduced circumstances. They must pay to
the Treasurer $1,000 on admission as permanent inmates. A probationary
period of two months is required before the applicant can become a perma-
nent inmate of the Home. Applicants for temporary accommodations in the
Home are charged such a sum as the Executive Committee may find neces-
sary to cover their expenses. Applications for admission must be made to the
Executive Committee or the Superintendent. Vis. day, Thursday, 10 A. M. to
12 M., and 2 to 4 P. M.

Supt., W. H. Smith, M.D. ; Phys., J. B. Waters.


Matron, Sister A. Valencia; Vis. Phys., N. Mayer, P. Carlon, J. F. Bowling,
J. A. Kilbourne, P. J. Ryan, J. H. Cahill; Consult. Phys., C. C. Beach,
A. E. Abrams; Vis. Surgs., M. M. Johnson, D. F. Sullivan, John B. Boucher,-
C. E. Taft; H. C. Clifton, J. Rose, Assts. ; Gynecol., G. C. Bailey, A. J.
Wolff; Neurol., T. D. Crothers, E. A. Down; J. J. Boucher, H. K. Loew,
Assts.; Orthop., J. E. Root; Dental Surgs., J. McManus, G. Barrett, F.
Bailey; Oculists and Aurists, F. L. Waite, M. H. Gill; Consult. Surg., S. B.
St. John; Laryngol. and Rhinol., W. H. Fitzgerald, M. H. Gill; Obstet.,
M. A. Bailey; Path., E. P. O" Flaherty.


MERIDEN HOSPITAL. — All emergency and acute cases received.
Vis. days, 2 to 4 P. M. daily.

Matron, R. G. Reed; Pres., E. T. Bradstreet; Phys. and Surgs., F. P. Gris-
wold, E. T. Bradstreet, E. W. Smith, H. A. Meeks, J. A. Cooke, J. D.
Eggleston; Ophthal. and Aural Surgs., E. W. Pierce, E. A. Wilson.


Indigent insane received. Commitments by probate courts, except in case of
criminal insane. Cost of support, $3.35 per week. Vis. days, Mon., Wed. and
Fri., 9 to 11, 2 to 5.

Supt., H. S. Noble; Path., A. R. Diefendorf; J. W. Fisher, Asst.; Res.
Staff, C. E. Stanley, L. F. La Pierre, A. B. Coleburn, A. C. Thomas, G. Streit.



Supt., J. R, Coddington; Att'd Phys., S. D. Gilbert, W. G. Daggett, L, S.
DeForest, C. J. Foote, M. Mailhouse; Att'd Surgs., F. Bacon, W. H. Carmalt,
T. H. Russell, W. W. Hawkes, L. C. Sanford; Laryngol., H. L. Swain;
Obstet., O. G. Ramsey; R. F. Rand, Asst.; Ophthal., H. W. Ring; A. R.
Ailing, Assoc; Path., C. J. Bartlett; X-Ray Phys., W. Sprenger.


J. A. Sperry, Pres. ; E. S. Greeley, Vice-Pres. ; E. J. Walker, Sec. ; R. A.
Brown, Treas.


Mrs. Q. W. Curtis, Pres; H. Champion, Sec; Miss E. K. Twining, Rec Sec


MEMORIAL HOSPITAL ("The Memorial Hospital Association").—
Garfield and Jefferson avs. Tel. 139. Ambulance goes out of town by special


arsrangement, this service being charged for according to distance. All, except
contagious and venereal diseases, admitted; chronic cases only for short
periods. Board, for those able to pay, $10 per week in the wards. Apply to
the Executive Committee with certificate of two visiting physicians. Emer-
gency cases granted temporary admission. Vis. days, Tues., Thurs. and Sat.,
2 to 4 P. M.

Supt., Miss J. L. Clauson; Med. Staff, C. B. Graves, J. T. Black, G. S.
Morgan, F. N, Braman, A. W. Nelson, J. G. Stanton, P. J. Beckwith, G.
Bragaw, H. B. Thomson, L. K. Shipman, H. H. Heyer, C. F. Ferrin, Carl A.
Williams, H, M. Lee, D. Sullivan, W. D. Cronin, P. J. Cassidy, E. A. Henkle,

E. C. Chapman.


TiniililAM W. BACKUS HOSPITAIi.— Washington st. Tel. 87.
Ambulance service and charges for the same to the neighboring towns are in
accordance with a published schedule. All classes of cases received, except
delirium tremens, smallpox, syphilis, cholera and insanity. Only those car-
ried directly from the place of accident admitted without a certificate from
one of the medical staff or from the Superintendent. Board in the wards, $7
per week. Town, State and County Home poor, $3 per week; corporations and
benevolent societies, paying for poor patients, $5 per week. Vis. days, week
days, 2 to 5 P. M.; Sun., 2.30 to 3.30 P. M.

Supt, F. Symington; Vis. Phys., W. S. C. Perkins, J. H. Evans, J. La
Pierre, W. T. Browne, N. P. Smith, P. H. Harriman; Vis. Surgs., L. B. Almy,
P. Cassidy, G. R. Harris, R. W. Kimball; Gynecols., L. B. Almy, W. K.
Tingley; Ophthal. and Aural Surg., A. Peck; C. Perkins, Asst. ; Path., J. H.
Evans; C. F. Whitney, Asst.; Consult. Phys. and Surgs., L. S. Paddock, L. B.
Almy. Non-Res. Staff: J. Weldon, T. R. Parker, Willimantic; G. H. Jennings,
Jewett City; E. H. Davis, Plainfield; F. E. Guild, South Windham; M. E.
Fox, MontviUe; C. B. Newton, Stafford Springs; C. N. Allen, Moosup; W.
H. Judson, Danielson.


Open daily, 3 to 4.30 P. M., except Sundays and holidays; Tues., Thurs. and
Sat., 7.30 to 8.30 P. M.
Eye and Ear, Frl., 9 to 12 A. M. A. Peck.
Women and children, Wednesday, 10 to 11.



Pres., M. M. Kimball; Supt., Miss R. P. Webster; Vis. Phys., S. B. Over-
lock, F. A. Morrell, J. J. Russell, C. C. Gildersleeve, R. Paine, J. B. Kent,

F. P. Todd; Aurist, J. E. Sheppard; Path., M. Bullard; Consult. Staff, R.
Robinson, H. L. Hammond, F. E. Guild, T. R. Parker, 0. La Rue.


STAMFORD HOSPITAL..— Main st. Tel. 139. Ambulance service.

Vis. Phys. and Surgs., A. M. Hurlbutt, F. M. Tiffany, G. Sherrill, S. Pier-
son, J. J. Cloonan, W. E. Rice; Gynecol., F. Schavoir; Ophthal. and Aural
Surgs., J. A. Meek, Dean Foster; Consult. Phys. and Surgs., F. J. Rogers,
J. H. White,



Supt., M. A, Andrews. Consult. Phys. and Surgs., E. W. McDonald, W. S.
Munger, Watertown; F. Spring, Naugatuck; T. S. Hanchett, Torrington;

G. D. Ferguson, Thomaston. Vis. Phys. and Surgs., F. E. Castle, W. L.
Barber, J. M. Benedict, C. R. Conkey, C. W. S. Frost, D. J. Maloney. F. G.
Graves, A. A. Crane, C. H. Brown, N. A. Pomeroy. Ophthal. and Aural Surg.,
C. S. Rodman. Gynecol., H. G. Anderson. Laryngol. and Aural Surg., C. E.
Munger. Dermat., T. M. Bull. Path., C. Engelke.





Supt, Miss G. Lewis. Vis. Staff, W. S. Hulbert, E. L. Pratt, E. R. Kelsey,
D. D. Reidy. Consult. Phys. and Surgs., E. K. Root, A. G. Cook, S. B. St.
John, P. H. Ingalls, O. C. Smith, G. N. Bell, Hartford; F. Bacon, New
Haven; F. S. Dennis, F. H. Wiggin, L. B. Buckley, New York. Assoc. Phys.
and Surgs., W. L. Piatt, J. S. Bissell, Torrington; G. H. Knight, Lakeville;
A. E. Cobb, Falls Village; E. M. H. Judd, Bethlehem; F. H. Lee, C. W.
Camp, Canaan; J. H. North, Goshen; W. M. Barnum, Kent; J. L. Buel,
W. S. McLaren, Litchfield; A. L. Schuyler, Bantam; J. Swett, New Hartford;
J. C. Kendall, L L. Hamant, Norfolk; W. W. Wellington, Plymouth; D. R,
Rogers, Woodbury; W. S. Munger. Watertown; W. W. Knight, Sharon; L. J.
Pons, Roxbury; J. Ives, West Cornwall; G. D. Fergusen, Thomaston; W. J.
Ford, Washington.



REGULAR.— Horace S. Fuller, Hartford; Charles A, Tuttle, New Haven;

Walter L. Barber, Waterbury; J. F. Calef, Middletown, and S. M. Garlick,

H0MCE30PATHIC.— E. B. HooktJr, Hartford; C. A. Williams, New London;

William P. Baldwin, New Haven; E. H. Linnell, Norwich, and E. C. M.

Hall, New Haven.
ECLECTIC— Leonard Bailey, Middletown; Thomas Mulligan, New Britain;

George A. Faber, Waterbury; Henry Bickford, Hartford, and Thomas S.

Hodge, Torrlngton.




Hartford Medical Society, 38 Prospect

St. Librarian, Dr. W. R. Steiner.

Open dally.
Library of the Conn. State Board of

Health, State Capitol. Secretary

and Librarian, Dr. J. H. Townsend.

Open daily, 9 A. M. to 6 P. M.

Yale University Med. Dept. Libra-
rian, J. C. Schwab. Open dally,
8.30 to 5, reading room 9.80 to 9
during the college term, with spe-
cial hours for vacation.




Next Annual Meeting at Atlantic City, June 4 to 7, 1907.


Pres., W. J. Mayo, Rochester, Minn. Pres. -Elect, J. D. Bryant, New York,
N. Y. 1st Vice-Pres., H. L. Burrell, Boston, Mass. 2d Vice-Pres., A. C.
Smith, Portland, Ore. 3d Vice-Pres., D. S. Fairchild, Des Moines, Iowa. 4th
Vice-Pres., W. S. Foster, Pittsburg, Pa. Gen. Sec, G. H. Simmons, 103 Dear-
born av., Chicago. Treas., F. Billings, Chicago. Board of Trustees— T. J.
Happel, Chairman, Trenton, Tenn., 1907; W. W. Grant, Denver, Colo., 1907;
P. Marvel, Atlantic City, N. J., 1907; E. E. Montgomery, Vice-Chairman,
Philadelphia, 1908; A. L. Wright, Carroll, Iowa, 1908; H. L. E. Johnson,
Washington, D. C, 1908; W. H. Welch, Baltimore, 1909; M. F. Porter, Fort
Wayne, Ind., 1909; M. L. Harris, Sec, Chicago, 1909. Judicial Council— P. M.
Foshay, Chicago, Chairman; D. C. Peyton, Jeffersonville, Ind.; G. B. Johnston,
Richmond, Va. ; W. B. Russ, San Antonio, Texas; W. S. Foster, Pittsburg.
Council on Medical Education — A. D. Bevan, Chicago, Chairman; W. T.
Councilman, Boston; J. A. Witherspoon, Nashville, Tenn.; C. H. Frazier,
Philadelphia; V. C. Vaughan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Council on Pharmacy and
Chemistry — G. H. Simmons, Chairman, Chicago; C. L. Diehl, Louisville, Ky. ;
C. S. N. Hallberg, Chicago; R. A. Hatcher, New York City; R. Hunt, Wash-
ington, D. C. ; L.. F. Kebler, Washington, D. C. ; J. H. Long, Chicago; F. G.
Novy, Ann Arbor, Mich.; W. A. Puckner, Sec, Chicago; S. P. Sadtler, Phila-
delphia; J. O. Schlotterbeck, Ann Arbor, Mich.; T. Sollmann, Cleveland;
J. Stieglitz, Chicago; M. I. Wilbert, Philadelphia; H. W. Wiley, Washing-
ton, D. C. Oration on Medicine, J. B. Herrick, Chicago. Oration on Surgery,
W. H. Wathen, Louisville, Ky. Oration on State Medicine, S. G. Dixon,


Practice of Medicine — Chairman, T. D. Coleman, Augusta, Ga. ; Sec, J. L.
Miller, 100 State st., Chicago. Obstetrics and Diseases of Women — Chairman,
J. W. Bovee, 1404 H st. N.W., Washington, D. C. ; Vice- Chairman, E. Reynolds,
65 Marlboro st., Boston; Sec, W. P. Manton, 32 W. Adams av., Detroit, Mich.
Surgery and Anatomy — Chairman, A. D. Bevan, 100 State st., Chicago; Vice-
Chairman, J. G. Mumford, 29 Commonwealth av., Boston; Sec, H. W.
Gushing, 3 W. Franklin st., Baltimore. Hygiene and Sanitary Science — Chair-
man, P. A. Morrow, 66 W. 40th st.. New York City; Sec, E. E. Heg, Seattle,
Wash. Ophthalmology — Chairman, G. C. Savage, Nashville, Tenn. ; Vice-
Chairman, A. A. Hubbell, Buffalo, N. Y. ; Sec, A. E. Bulson, Jr., Fort
Wayne, Ind. Diseases of Children — Chairman, J. R. Snyder, Birmingham, Ala. ;
Sec, A. H. Wentworth, 352 Marlboro st., Boston. Stomatology — Chairman,
M. I. Schamberg, 1636 Walnut st., Philadelphia; Vice-Chairman, E. W.
Branigan, 2 Commonwealth av. , Boston; Sec, E. S. Talbot, 103 State st.,
Chicago. Nervous and Mental Diseases — Chairman, M. Prince, 458 Beacon st.,
Boston; Sec, T. H. Weisenburg, 2030 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Cutaneous
Medicine and Surgery — Chairman, R. R. Campbell, 100 State St., Chicago;
Sec, M. L. Heidingsfeld, 19 W. 7th st., Cincinnati. Laryngology and Otology
— Chairman, S. MacC. Smith, 1700 Walnut St., Philadelphia; Vice-Chairman,
P. Hammond, 419 Boylston St., Boston; Sec, W. S. Bryant, 57 W. 53d st..
New York City. Pharmacology and Therapeutics — Chairman, H. C. Wood, Jr.,
3942 Walnut st., Philadelphia; Vice-Chairman, H. R. Slack, LaGrange, Ga. ;
Sec, C. S. N. Hallberg, 355 Dearborn St., Chicago. Pathologry and Physiology
— Chairman, W. L. Bierring, Iowa City, Iowa; Sec, W. B. Cannon, 688
Boylston st., Boston.




Article I.— Title.

The name and title of this organization shall be The American Medical

Article II. — Object.

The object of this Association shall be to promote the science and art of
medicine. Contributing to this end, the Association shall endeavor to unite
into one compact organization the medical profession of the United States for
the purpose of fostering the growth and the diffusion of medical knowledge,
of promoting friendly intercourse among American physicians, of safeguarding
the material interests of the medical profession, of elevating the standard
of medical education, of securing the enactment and the enforcement of just
medical laws, of enlightening and directing public opinion in regard to the
bioad problems of hygiene, and of representing to the world the practical
accomplishments of scientific medicine.

Article III. — Membership.
The membership of this Association shall consist of such members of the
Constituent Associations and of such medical officers of the Army, of the Navy
and of the United States Public Health and Marine Hospital Service, as shall
make application in accordance with the by-laws hereinafter provided.

Article IV. — Constituent Associations.
Those state and territorial medical associations which have, or which here-
after may, become organized in accordance with the general plan of organiza-
tion of the American Medical Association, and which have declared by reso-
lution their allegiance to the said American Medical Association, and which
shall agree with other state and territorial medical associations to the forma-
tion and the perpetuation of the House of Delegates of the American Medical
Association shall be recognized as Constituent Associations.

Article V. — House of Delegates.

Section 1. There shall be a business body known as the House of Delegates
of the American Medical Association. It shall consist of delegates elected by
the Constituent Associations, by the scientific sections of the American Medical
Association, from the medical departments of the Army and of the Navy,
and from the U. S. Public Health and Marine Hospital Service, in accordance
with the by-laws hereinafter provided. It shall represent the delegated
powers of the members of the American Medical Association, and shall be the
national representative body of the Constituent Associations. It shall elect
the general officers of the Association and a board of nine trustees, and shall
transact all the general business of the Association of a public, professional,
snieniific or other nature that is not otherwise provided for. The trustees
shall be members of the House of Delegates without the right to vote.

Sec. 2. Number. — The total voting membership of the House of Delegates
shall not exceed 150. The medical departments of the Army and of the Navy,
and the U. S. Public Health and Marine Hospital Service and the scientific
sections shall each be entitled to one delegate, and the remainder shall be
apportioned among the Constituent Associations in proportion to their actual
active membership as hereinafter provided in the by-laws.

Article VI. — Sections.
In order to systematize the scientific work of this Association, there shall be
formed sections, each of which shall be devoted to one of the recognized
branches into which the science and art of medicine are for convenience
divided. New sections may be created or existing sections discontinued by
the House of Delegates.

Article VII. — Branches.
The House of Delegates may create such branch organizations as may be
deemed essential to promote the welfare of the medical profession.

Article VIII. — Annual Sessions.
The Association shall hold an annual session at a time and place to be
fixed by the House of Delegates. The time and place of session may, how-


ever, be changed by the unanimous action of the Board of Trustees at any
time prior to two months from the time selected for the session.

Article IX. — Officers.

Section 1. The general officers of this Association shall be a president,
four vice-presidents, a general secretary, and a treasurer.

Sec. 2. These officers shall be elected annually by the House of Delegates,
to serve for one year, or until their successors are elected and installed.

Sec. 3. No member of the House of Delegates shall be eligible to the office
of president or vice-president.

Article X. — Board of Trustees.

Section 1. The Board of Trustees shall have charge of the property and of
the financial affairs of the Association.

Sec. 2. Three trustees shall be elected annually by the House of Delegates,
each to serve for a period of three years.

Article XI.— Funds.
Funds shall be raised by an equal assessment of not more than ten dollars
annually on each of the members; from the Association's publications, and
in any other manner approved by the Board of Trustees. Funds may be
appropriated by the Board of Trustees to defray the necessary expenses of the
Association; to enable standing committees to fulfill their respective duties
and to conduct their correspondence; to encourage scientific investigations
by the giving of prizes and awards of merit; to carry on its publications, and
for any other purpose approved by the Board of Trustees or recommended by
the House of Delegates.

Article XII. — Amendments.

The House of Delegates may amend any article of this Constitution at any
annual session, provided the proposed amendment shall not be acted on until
the annual session next following that at which it was introduced, and pro-
vided that three-fourths of the voting members registered at the session at
which action is taken vote in favor of such change or amendment.


Chapter I. — Qualifications for Membership.

Section 1. Membership — How Obtained. — A member in good standing of the
constituent association of the state in which he resides may become a member
of the American Medical Association by presenting to the general secretary:
(1) Satisfactory evidence of the above qualification; (2) written application for
membership on the prescribed form; (3) the annual dues. Commissioned
medical officers of the United States Army, United States Navy and United
States Public Health and Marine Hospital Service shall be members; they

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