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Williamson, S. D., Malone. —36


(Organized April, 1838.)
Annual meeting, second Thursday in January. Semi-annual, second Thursday
in June.


President — W. C. McCulloch, Gloversville. Vice-Pres. — C. B. Mosher, Johnstown.

Secretary — G. Lenz, Gloversville. Treasurer — ^D. V. Still, Johnstown.

Censors — A. C. Hagedorn, W. S. Garnsey, J. D. Vedder.


Beach, B,, 86 N. Main St., Glovers-

Beard, J. J., 64 Bleecker St., Glovers-

Beebe, F., 311 W. Main St., Johns-

Coons, E. H., Gloversville.

Dailey, L. J., 49 N. Main St., Glov-

Davis, W., 38 Grand St., Gloversville.

Drury, M. F., 74 Grand St., Glovers-

Edwards, J., 28 E. Fulton St., Glov-

Ellithorp, R. L., 11 Elm St., Glovers-

Everest, N., Rockwood.

Finch, H. C, Broadalbin.

Garnsey, W. S., 93 N. Main st., Glov-

Gates, J. M., 144 N. Main st., Glov-

Goodfellow, E. H., 51 Bleecker st,

Hagar, J. A., 7 Prospect st., Glovers-

Hagedorn, A. C, 13 Elm st., Glov-

Hogan, A., 18 S. William st..

Hopkins, M. K., 9 Spring st., Glov-

Howland, R. L., Broadalbin.

Johnson, A. L., 16 E. Fulton St.,

Johnson, W. L., 12 S. William st.,

Joslin, J. W., Johnstown.

Lefler, C. M., 27 Elm St., Glovers-

Lenz, G., 307 N. Main St., Glov-

McCulloch, W. C, 161 Bleecker st.,

Mosher, C. B., 100 S. Market st.,

Murphy, D., 82 N. Main St., Glov-

Palmer, R. J., 25 Elm St., Glovers-

Pannaci, C. E., 44 S. Main st., Glov-

Peters, G. H., 129 N. Main st.,

Shaffer, F. W., 65 W. Pine St.,

Somers, M., 3 W. State St., Johns-

Stapleton, E. A., 29 S. William
St., Johnstown.

Sternberg, C. A., 24 Elm st., Glovers-

Still, D. v., 22 N. Perry st., Johns-

Vedder, J. D., 13 N. Perry st.,

Walrad, C. B., 21 N. Perry st.,

Wilson, G. v., 14 S. William st.,

Wood, W. C, 64 E. Fulton st.,

Young, J. K., 28 S. Perry St.,
Johnstown. — 40




(Organized about 1811.)
Annual meeting, first Wednesday in October. Regular meetings, first Wednes-
day in January, April, July and October.
* Officers.

President— H. A. Morse, Batavia. Vice-President— H. E. Ganiard, Stafford.

Secretary and Treasurer— G. W. Cottis, Batavia.

Macpherson, W. A., Le Roy.

Andrews, R., Bergen.

Andrews, R. M., Bergen.

Baker, J. W., 22 Bank st., Batavia.

Bates, J., Corfu.

Burbank, W. O., Pavilion.

Cleveland, J. F., Le Roy.

Conklin, R. C, 7 Bank st., Batavia.

Cottis, G. 'W., 16 Jackson st., Ba-

Crowley, J. F., 18 Bank st., Batavia.

Ganiard, H. E., Stafford.

Gardiner, C. W., 2 Liberty St., Ba-

Graney, C. D., Le Roy.

Hummel, E. E., Darien Center.

Hutchins, H. S., 89 Main st., Batavia.

Jackson, A. P., Oakfield.

Johnson, W. D., 5 Jackson St., Ba-

Le Seur, J. W., 207 E. Main St., Ba-

McCarthy, C. F., 117 Main st., Ba-

Manchester, H. B., 200 E. Main st..

Messinger, M. P., Oakfield.

Miller, A. F., 106 Main St., Batavia.

Miller, J. B., Alexander.

Morse, H. A., 433 E. Main St., Ba-

Neal, G. A., Alabama.

Prince, A., Byron.

Richardson, E. C, E. Pembroke.

Skinner, S. W., Le Roy.

Smeltzer, W. F., Bergen.

Smith, E. C, Corfu.

Snow, E. E., 112 Main st., Batavia.

Spofford, A. C, 33 Bank St., Ba-

Spofford, H. M., 33 Bank st., Ba-

Stone, F. L., Le Roy.

Tozier, L. L., Batavia.

Westlake, C. L., Le Roy.

Whitcomb, W. B., Batavia.

Zurhorst, A. F. G., Oakfield. —38


(Organized July, 1806; incorporated June 14, 1896.)
Annual meeting, second Tuesday in May. Regular meetings, second Tuesday
in January, July and October.


Pi-es.- P. G. Waller, New Baltiniore. Vice-Pres.— L. B. Honeyford, Hudson.
Secretary— R. Selden, Catskill. Treasurer— C. E. Willard, Catskill.


Beach, A., Coxsackie.
Branch, G. L., Catskill.
Conkling, G., Durham.
Deyo, F. S., Hunter.
Ford, E. L., Lexington.
Ford, S. L., Hensonville.
Getty, A. H., Athens.
Goodrich, F. W., Catskill.
Griffin, N. H., Cairo.
Haner, G., Tannersville.
Holcomb, S. A., Palenville.
Honeyford, L. B., Hudson.
Lamont, W. F., Catskill.
Loutfian, J. L., Coxsackie.
McCabe, B. S., Greenville.
McCabe, C. P., Greenville.
Mace, H. M., Catskill.
Mead, J. H., Hunter.

Mead, W. H., Windham.
Merriam, E. H., Coxsackie.
Miltimore, D., Hudson River State

Hospital, Poughkeepsie.
Mulberry, C. D., Windham.
Rommel, W. G., Grapeville.
Rouse, J. B., Leeds.
Safford, L., East Durham.
Selden, R., Catskill.
Shafer, W. D., Oak Hill.
Sutton, I. T., Prattsville.
Van Denburg, R. H., Coxsackie.
Van Dusen, E. C, Athens.
Van Hoesen, I. E., Coxsackie.
Van Slyke, A. W., Coxsackie.
Walker, H. H., Cairo.
Waller, P. G., New Baltimore.
Wasson, W. A., Greenville.
Willard, C. E., Catskill. —36



(No society.)


(Organized August 5, 1806.)
Annual meeting, first Tuesday in December. Regular meetings, first Tuesday
in March, June and September.


President — A. C. Douglass, Ilion.

First Vice-President— J. B. Ellis, Little Falls.

Second Vice-President — L. L. Brainard, Little Falls.

Third Vice-President — E. G. Kern, Herkimer.

Secretary — A. W. Suiter, Herkimer. Treasurer — G. Graves, Herkimer.

Censors— W. D. Garlock, 0. H. Deck, S. S. Richards, G. M. McCombs, C. J. Diss.


Albones, A. W., Herkimer.
Armstrong, G. A., West Winfield.
Barney, F. M., last address Dolge-

Brainard, L. L., 15 W. Main st..

Little Falls.
Brooks, W. B., Mohawk.
Brown, M. W., Cedarville.
Budlong, W. W., Frankfort. •
Burgess, M. G., Herkimer.
Canfield, J., Herkimer.
Casey, F. B., Mohawk.
Casey, J. E., Mohawk.
Chattaway, A. D., Ilion.
Comstock, A. L., Ilion.
Cristman, H. J., Herkimer.
Crough, H. T., Mohawk.
Deck, 0. H., Herkimer.
Devendorf, D. M., Herkimer.
Dexter, L. C, Newport.
Diss, C. J., Ilion.
Douglas, E. H., 337 Ann st., Little

Douglass, A. C, Ilion.
Douglass, A. J., Ilion.
Douglass, A. O., 23 N. Ann st.. Little

Earl, W. P., Little Falls.
Edsall, I. S., Middleville.
Ellis, J. B., 528 B. John St., Little

Eveleth, G. S., Little Falls.
Fitch, J. D., Mohawk.
Garlock, W. D., 690 E. Main st.,

Little Falls.
Getman, C, Dolgeville.
Glidden, C. H., 31 N. Ann st., Lit-
tle Falls.
Graves, G., Herkimer.

Greene, H. H., Paine's Hollow.

Halliwell, H. H., Ilion.

Harter, F. J., Herkimer.

Hayes, W. E., Frankfort.

Hunt, W. E., 14 N. Ann St., Little

Hunter, H. J., Ilion.
Ingham, S. A., 338 S. Ann st.. Little

Kay, C, Herkimer.
Kelley, E. E., Herkimer.
Kern, E. G., Herkimer.
Lane, A. G., Dolgeville.
Lewis, W. G., Deerfleld.
McCombs, G. M., Frankfort.
Miller, A., Jordanville.
Nellis, I. O., Herkimer.
Nelson, S. W., Old Forge.
O'Neil, T. B., Ilion.
Rasbach, J. I., Ilion.
Rasback, G. P., Mohawk.
Richards, S. S., Frankfort.
Rude, E. W., Ilion.
Santry, A. B., Little Falls.
Smith, G. H., 315 Ann st.. Little

Stephens, J. H., West Winfield.
Strobel, C. G., Dolgeville.
Suiter, A. W. , Herkimer.
Swift, E. C, Jordanville.
Tibbitts, W., Newville.
Trafford, C. B., Middleville.
Van Cort, D. P., Mohawk.
Ward, H. A., Richfield Springs.
Warner, R. W., Ilion.
Williams, U. G., Newport.
Wood, C. F.. West Winfield.
Wood, E. H., Salisbury Centre.
Young, W. H., Starkville. —68




Annual meeting, second Thursday in January.
Thursday in April, July and October.

Regular meetings, second

President— H. C. Potter, Mannsville. Vice-Pres.— G. D. Gregor, Watertown.

Secretary— C. E. Pierce, Watertown. Treasurer— C. M. Rexford, Watertown.
Censors— De W. C. Rodenhurst, W. A. Vincent, C. C. Kimball, A. W. Goodale,

H. H. Deane.


Adams, C. F., Carthage.

Bailey, F. C, Adams Centre.

Barnette, J. A., 26 Stone st.. Water-

Bibbins, C. N., Savings Bank Bldg.,

Bingham, A. T., St. Margaret House,

Bingle, H. D., Carthage.

Buchanan, H. M., St. Lawrence.

Burton, R. J. F., Depauville.

Calkins, F. R., Campbell & Lewis
Bldg., Watertown.

Cannon, G., 22 Flower Bldg., Water-

Catlln, C. A., Redwood.

Chapman, E. A., 45 Ten Eyck St.,

Chapman, R. McC, Opera House
Blk. , W^atertown.

Cheeseman, B. C, 28 1-2 Court st.,

Trabb, E. M., Cape Vincent.

Crawe, J. M., 26 Paddock Arcade,

Dale, F. T., Depauville.

Dandurand, S., 12 State St., Water-

Davis, L. J., 75 Academy st. , Water-

Deane, H. H., 2 Academy st., Water-

Dick, A. J., 4 1-2 Arsenal st.. Water-

Douglas, C, Black River.

Drury, C. S., Natural Bridge.

Eastman, O. C, 29 Paddock Arcade,

Eddy, E. E., Redwood.

Fawdrey, W. C, Lorraine.

Foote, G. A., Dexter.

Forsyth, C. B., Alexandria Bay.

Fowkes, J. T., Lafargeville.

Frame, H. J., Clayton.

Frame, S. W., Belleville.

Gannett, L. L., Adams.

Gardner, G. F., Elllsburg.

Gardner. L. E., Black River.

Getmau, A. A., Chaumont.

Goodale, A. W., 13 Ten Eyck st.,

I Goss, A., Adams.

j Graham, J. C, Dexter.

Gray, R. L., Clayton.
I Gregor, G. D., 19 Flower Blk., Wa-
i tertown.

Halsey, W. McD., Jr., Ellisburg.

Hanley, J. H., 23 Otis Bldg., Water-

Haskin, B., Plessis.

Hawkins, N. L., 23 Paddock Arcade.

Hollis, S. C, Belleville.

Hoyt, H. A., 15 William st., Water-

Humphrey, H. W., Adams.

Hutchins, F. F., Antwerp.

Ilett, A. B., 24 Paddock Arcade,

Jacobs, W. J., last address Plessis.

Johnson, P. H., Adams.

Jones, J. E., Evans Mills.

Joslin, O. P., Great Bend.

Kellow, W. J., Flower Bldg., Water-

Kimball, C. C, Washington Hall,

La Fontaine, O. J., Chaumont.

McCaw, J. P., 2 Sterling st.. Water-

McCreary, E. R., 17 Clinton St.,

Maloney, W. N., Three-Mile-Bay.

Massey, F. W. H., 341 Pennsylvania
St., Buffalo.

Masson, T., Cape Vincent.

Meader, I. M., 22 Paddock Arcade,

Mills, J. M., Clayton.

Minar, E. G., Mannsville.

Morgan, A. L., Dexter.

Parker, C. S., Three-Mile-Bay.

Phelps, C. C. K., Sacket Harbor.

Phelps, H. E., Carthage.

Pierce, C. E., Savings Bank Bldg.,

Pinsoneault, W. D., 20 Paddock Ar-
cade, Watertown.

Potter, H. C, Mannsville.

Rexford, C. M., 8 Stone st.. Water-

Rodenhurst, De W. C, Philadelphia.

Ross, W. J.. 13 John St., Clayton.



Sabin, G. G., Black River.

Severence, C. J., Mannsville.

Sherman, P. A., 38 Washington st..
Water town.

Sias. W. H. H., Ellisburg.

Smith, Do V. C, Rodman.

Smith, F. B., 1 Otis Bldg., Watertown

Smith, H. H., Cape Vincent.

Smith, H. L., 129 Park av., Water-

Smith, J. M., 25 Stone st., Water-

Smith, M. L.,

Spencer, G. P.

Spencer, J. D.,


4 1-2 Arsenal st.,

2 1-2 Public sq.,

59 Washington st..

Stowell, H. B., 20 Smith Bldg., Wa-

Stowell, O. O., 20 Smith Bldg.,

Sturtevant, J. R., Theresa.

Sylvester, G. E., Black River.

Terry, W. G., Henderson.

Tinkess, A. L., LafargevlUe.

Van Doren, G. B., 1 State st., Water-

Vincent, W. A., Three-MIle-Bay.

Ward, E. E., Pamelia-Four-Corners.

Willard, E. S., 17 Paddock Arcade,

Williams, K. E., Sackett Harbor.

Witt, E. W., Brownville.

Wood, G. H., Antwerp. —99


(Organized 1822.)
Annual meeting, third Tuesday in January. Regular meetings, third Tuesday
of each month, except July and August.


Pres.— W. F. Campbell, 86 Greene av. Vice-Pres.— G. R. Butler, 229 Gates av.

Secretary — J. A. Lee, 23 Revere pi.

Associate Secretary— W. A. Jewett, 380 Vanderbilt av.

Treasurer— O. A. Gordon, 71 Halsey st.

Associate Treasurer— J. R. Stivers, 180 Lefferts pi.

Censors— R. H. Pomeroy, H. G. Webster, J. R. Kevin, W. C. Woolsey,

J. C. Bierwirth.


Adams, H. F., 32 Palmetto st.
Addoms, L. P., 278 Halsey st.
Ager, L. C, 70th st. & 3d av.
Alderton, H. A., 142 Clinton st.
Aldridge, V., 32 Clarkson st.
Alkier, S. J., 6 Sumner av.
Allan, J. G., 141 Noble st.
Alleman, L. A. W., 64 Montague st.
Amador, M., 187 Park av.
Anderson, A. L., 527 1-2 6th av.
Anderson, L. N., 526 Bedford av.
Anderson, R. B., 703 Nostrand av.
Anderson, S. F., 765 Union st.
Apfel, M. M., 283 S. 5th st.
Applegate, W. S., 931 Flatbush av.
Arbona, A., 128 Pennsylvania av.
Arrowsmith, H., 170 Clinton st.
Ayres, B., 213 Jefferson av.
Babcock, E. H., 140 Remsen st.
Babington, J. J., 81 Reid av.
Bacon, C. B., 109 Cumberland st.
Bailey, F. DeF., 260 Hancock st.
Baker, F. R., 540 Bedford av.
Balaban, S., 35 Palmetto st.
Baldwin, F., 347 Hancock st.
Baldwin, J., 123 A Hart st.
Baldwin, L. G., 28 Schermerhorn st.

Barber, C. F., 57 S. Oxford st.
Barber, V., 269 Arlington av.
Bartley, E. H., 65 S. Portland av.
Beasley, C. D., 702 Greene av.
Beatty, G. W., 204 Hancock st.
Beck, S., Henry st. & Neptune av..

Coney Island.
Becker, J. P., 1087 Dean st.
Beebe, F. P., 145 Clinton st.
Beers, N. T., Jr., 1265 Bedford av.
Beery, E. M., 217 St. James pi.
Belcher, W. N., 33 S. Portland av.
Bell, A., 37 Linden st.
Bell, H. E., 859 Sterling pi.
Bell, R. J., 304 Warren st.
Bellows, C. M., 433 Nostrand av.
Bender, H. P., 683 Bushwick av.
Bennett, E. C, 244 73d st.
Bennett, F., 686 Greene av.
Benton, S. H., 720 Nostrand av.
Berendsohn, W. A., 598 Carlton av.
Berlenbach, P. H., 9 Stuyvesant av.
Bermingham, F. p., 132 Montague st.
Bernauer, E. C, 860 Lafayette av.
Bierwirth, J. C, 253 Henry st.
Blggam, W. H., 1197 Dean st.
Bird, J. R., 247 Gates av.
Birdsall, A. T., 521 Clinton av.

* Borough of Brooklyn, Greater New York.



Blackmar, B. G., 317 Ovlngton av.
Blaisdell, S. C, BOO Bedford av.
Blake, J. A., 352 Jefferson av.
Blake, J. E., 352 Jefferson av.
Bliss, R. F., 23 7th av.
Bodkin, M. L., 255 DeKalb av.
Boes, W., 200 Graham av.
Bogart, A. H.» 135 7th av.
Bogart, J. B., 463 Clinton av.
Bolduan, C. F., 1377 Degraw st.
Botsford, LeB., 225 Stuyvesant av.
Bottaro, G., 44 President st.
Bowron, F. W., 260 Tompkins av.
Boyden, F. E., 622 Marcy av.
Brader, W. B., 1198 Bushwick av.
Braislin, W. C, 556 Washington av.
Brewster, R. C, 126 Lefferts pi.
Briggs, B. M., 108 Willoughby st.
Brinsmade, W. B., 117 Montague st.
Bristow, A. T., 234 Clinton st.
Brown, F. E., 591 Hancock st.
Brown, T. E., 278 Clinton st.
Browning, W., 54 Lefferts pi.
Bruce, F. J., 286 6th av.
Brundage, A. H., 1073 Bushwick av.
Bninner, C. W., 103 Wilson st.
Brush, A. C, 29 S. Portland av.
Brush, G. W., 462 Ocean av.
Bryant, P., Rahway, N.J.
Bryn, H., 313 Union st.
Buckley, C. F., 802 Carroll st.
Buist, G. L., Jr., 3 Hancock st.
Burkard, G., 187 Jefferson st.
Burnett, P. V., 170 Keap st.
Butler, C. R., 584 Franklin av.
Butler, G. R., 229 Gates av.
Butler, W. E., 113 Halsey st.
Byington, R., 139 Bay 17th st.
Callender, J. M., 172 Remsen st.
Campbell, W. J., 384 Union st.
Campbell, W. F., 86 Greene av.
Candidus, E. W., 215 Hewes st.
Capron, A. J., L.I. State Hosp.,

Kings Park.
Card well, J. C, 553 Halsey st.
Carey, J. J., 287 Hoyt st.
Carney, J. L., 153 Prospect pi.
Catlin, A. W., 207 Greene av.
Cavanagh, P. F., 1220 Ocean av.
Chapman, W. L., 19 Lafayette av.
Chase, C, 936 St. Mark's av.
Chase, W. B., 936 St. Mark's av.
Childs, S. B., 498 Classon av.
Church. S., 236 Church st.
Claffey, M. E., 256 Prospect Park W.
Clark, C. E., 571 Lorimer st.
Clark, F. H., 758 Putnam av.
Clark, R., 310 Clinton av.
Clark, T. E., 705 Macon st.
Clayland, J. M., 152 Hewes st.
Cochran. H. L., 141 Clinton st.
Cochrane, C. S., 400 Vanderbilt av.
Cochrane, F. L., 703 Sterling pi.
Cohn, M. A., 408 Stone av.

Colby. W. W., 717 Halsey st.

Collins, B. C, 645 St. Mark's av.

Collins, J. J., 1263 Bergen st.

Colton, F. H., 136 Montague st.

Combes, R. C. F., 185 Hancock st.

Coukling, H., 114 Hobart av., Sum-
mit, N. J.

Connor, M. E., 95 Berry st.

Cook, C. D., 136 Clinton st.

Cook, F. A., 670 Bushwick av.

Corcoran, W. J., 233A Clinton st.

Cornwall, E. E.. 1239 Pacific st.

Cortright, C. B., 1571 Bergen st.

Corwin, B. F., 2915 Glenwood rd.

Costello, P. v., 195 Euclid av.

Coughlin, R. E., 428 47th st.

Coverly, J. H., 191 Washington Park.

Cox, C. N., 257 Jefferson av.

Craig. T. C, 187 Washington Park.

Crane, C. G.. 119 Halsey st.

Crawford, F. D., 369 Clinton st.

Crawford, J. F., 236 Carroll st.

Crofts, J. L., 302 Greene av.

Cross, F. B., 141 7th av.

Crowell, E. P., 409 Jefferson av.

Cruikshank, G. H., 140 6th av.

Cruikshank, W. J., 102 Ft. Greene pi.

Curry. A. M., 493 Classon av.

Dattelbaum, M. J., 458 Stone av.

Davidson, D., 446 Pacific st.

Davis, G. H., 484A McDonough st.

Davis, J. F., 400 Hancock st.

Davis, W. H., 289 Decatur st.

Dawson, E. A., 812 Bedford av.

De Castro, E. M., Jr., 455A Henry st.

Dee, W. v., 290 Bridge st.

Deely, G. E., 224A 6th av.

Delatour, H. B., 73 8th av.

De Long, W. A., 170 Balnbridge st.

De Lorme, M. F., 344 Jay st.

De Mund, J. E., 1740 Cropsey av.

De Waltofl, D., 451 47th st.

Dewing, 0. M., L.I. State Hosp.

Dexter, T. H., 411 Hancock st.

Dickert, J. G., 928 Bushwick av.

Dickinson, R. L., 168 Clinton st.

billon, W., 192 N. 6th st.

Dirkes, G. J., 176 S. 9th st,

Dixon, H. S., 141 Lewis av.

Dobkin, N., 672 Flushing av.

Dooling, J. J., 17 Van Buren st.

Dorian, J. S., 333 Jefferson av.

Dowd, J. B., Ft. Hamilton Parkway,
cor. 42d St.

Dower, A. J., 380 Union st.

Downey, J. M., 381 Clinton st.

Doyle, F. B., 311 State st.

Drescher. M. F. C. 289 11th st.

Drury. G., 235 Washington av.

Dudley, W. F., 32 Livingston st.

Duffield, W. L., 99 Berkeley pi.

Duncan, C, 18 Clarkson st.

Durham, R.. 071 Vanderbilt av.

Duryea, C. F., 212 E. 18th St.. N.Y.



Duryea, J. T., 282 Park pi.
Dusseldorf, L. M., 392 Union st.
Eastman, F. C, 1268 Bergen st.
Eastmond, C, 382 Adelphi st.
Eberle, E., Kingston At. Hosp.
Eccles, R. G., 191 Dean st.
Edson, B., 83 St. Mark's av.
Edwards, J. S., 132 Halsey st.
Elfstrom, C. E., 437 Pacific st.
Eisner, K. L., 882 Union st.
Enierson, F. G,, 632 Bedford av. /
Emery, Z. T., 66 B'way, N.Y.
Engel, W. F., 10 Stuyvesant av.
Erdmann, A. F., 458 9th st.
Essig, G., 488 Bedford av.
Evans, G. A., 909 Bedford av.
Fairbairn, H. A., 249 McDonougli st.
Fedde, B. A., 376 6th av.
Ferguson, J. A., 1187 Gates av.
Ferris, E. D., 418 50th st.
Ferris, G. N., 910 Flatbush av.
Fielding, G. B., 237 9th st.
Figueira, M., 14 Stuyvesant av.
Finch, L. H., 119 Brooklyn av.
Finch, W. Y., 124 St. Mark's av.
Fiske, E. H., 20 Ft. Greene pi.
Fitz Gerald, J. F., Kings County

Fitzsimmons, J. C, 451 Gold st.
Flannery, W. J., 238 Arlington av.
Fleck, L. H., 71 Cornelia st.
Fleming, J. W., 471 Bedford av.
Foote, L. N., 147 Hancock st.
Fowler, C. B., 752 Carroll st.
Fowler, R. S., 301 DeKalb av.
Franciscus, H., 718 Bushwick av.
Eraser, H. E., 18 S. Portland av.
French, T. R., 150 Joralemon st.
Frickenstein, T., 110 Union av.
Fries. W. A., 413 50th st.
Frischbier, C. P., 1228 Putnam av.
Frischbier, O. G., 235 Humboldt st.
Frost, S. K., 810 Washington av.
Fuhs, J., 871 Park pi.
Fulda, C, 1096 Halsey st.
Gallagher, J. T., 449 Lafayette av.
Gallagher, V. J., 24 Lenox rd.
Ganster, W. F., 26 Berkeley pi.
Gardiner, S. H., 269 Jefferson av.
Gardiner, W. F., 94 Prospect Park W.
Gamier, A. M., 131 Milton st.
Gartner, C, 774 Bushwick av.
Gay, F. C, 114 Macon st.
Geis, N. P., 1325 Pacific st.
Gifford, H. L., 294 Hooper st.
Gildersleeve, C. P., 18 Schermerhorn


Gingold, D., 53 Sumner av.
Glynn, J. P., 474 9th st.
Goodrich, C. H., 280 Park pi.
Gordon, O. A., 71 Halsey st.
Grant, W. S., 340 Stuyvesant av.
Greeley, H., 147 Pacific st.
Grifflng, G. P., 135 Milton st.

Griffith, W. A., 669 Willoughby av.
Griffiths, A. F., 1115 Ocean av.
Guenther, T. C, 20 7th av.
Hager, W. C, 214 Hooper st.
Hall, G. R., 164 Clinton st.
Haller, J. F., 291 Stuyvesant av.
Hamlin, F. E., 143 Kent st.
Hamlin, G. D., 1260 Pacific st.
Hancock, J. C, 43 Cambridge pi.
Harman, E. P., 563 St. Mark's av.
Harrigan, J., 401 Clinton st.
Harrington, B. D., 50 Lenox rd.
Harrison, D. A., 31 Sidney pi.
Hatton, J. E., 508 3d st.
Hawley, G. R., 309 Gates av.
Hayman, A., 73 McKibbin st.
Hegeman, T. B., 2603 Newkirk av.
Hendrickson, S., 1275 Bergen st.
Henry, C. C, 56 Clark st.
Henry, J. W., 1383 Pacific st.
Hepp, C. T., 398 Graham av.
Hettesheimer, C. J., 309 Wyckoff av.
He wet t, W..B., 227 Clermont av.
Hickok, E. P., 114 Pennsylvania av.
Hicks, E. E., 295 Stuyvesant av.
Hildreth, E. R., 989 Bergen st.
Hirsh, C. E., 462 51st st.
Hodgskin, E. S., 13 7th av.
Hoerle, A., 166 N. 6th st.
Hoffmann, H., 138 Prospect Park W.
Holden, F. C, 63 7th av.
Holly, I. MacM., 636 St. Mark's av.
Holmes, A. A. F., 436 Washington av.
Holton, D. C, 601 Leonard st.
Hoole, L. P., 974 St. Mark's av.
Hopkins, G. G., 330 Washington av.
Horni, J., 179 Penn st.
Howe, A. C, 307 Cumberland st.
Hoxsie, E. H., Hart St., cor. Nost-

rand av.
Hubbard, W. S., 1138 Bergen st.
Hull, T. H., 87 Lee av.
Hulse, C. H., 206 Monitor st.
Humpstone, O. P., 105 Greene av.
Hussey, A. A., 409 Stuyvesant av.
Hutchinson, W. M., 205 Clinton st.
Hyde, C. R., 126 Joralemon st.
Hyde, J. W., 215 Schermerhorn st.
Hynes, E. G., Ocean blvd., near Ft.

Hamilton av.
Ingalls, J. W., 874 Lafayette av.
Ingram, M. de B., 196 Joralemon st.
Ives, G. D., 257 Decatur st.
Ives, R. F., 8504 22d av.
Jackman, L. T., 257 12th st.
Jacobs, F. M. , 194 Prince st. •
Jacobs, W. K., 309 15th st.
Jacobson, A. C., 115 Johnson st.
Jameson, P. C, 139 Montague st.
Jarrett, A. R., 95 Halsey st.
Jenkins, J. A., 271 Jefferson av.
Jenks, F. P., 427A 8th st.
Jennings, J. E., 164 Halsey st.
Jennings, W. E., 165 Patchen av.



Jewett, C, 330 Clinton av.
Jewett, F. A., 282 Hancock st.
Jewett, H. F., 1072 Bergen st.
Jewett, W. A., 380 Vanderbllt av.
Joerg, 0., 12 Schermerhorn st.
Johnson, J. G., 153 Joralemon st.
Judd, A. M., 188 6th av.
Junor, K. F., 458 E. 29th st.
Kahn, M., 277 Graham av.
Kasper, G., 1320 Bushwick av.
Keenan, A. J., 251 Albany av.
Keenan, H. C, 593 Willoughby av.
Keil. P. A., 170 Barbey st.
Kene, J. A., 64 Greene av.
Kennedy, J. C, 762 Willoughby av.
Kenny, E. J., 219 Prospect pi.
Kerr, Le G., 110 Cumberland st.
Kerrigan, J. M., 171 Gates av.
Kessler, G. L., 588 Bedford av.
Ketterle, J., 22 Starr st.
Kevin, C. D., 719 Halsey st.
Kevin, J. R., 252 Gates av.
Keyes, F. P., 77 Hanson pi.
Keyes, J. J., 226 17th st.
Kldd, P. E., 81 St. Mark's av.
King, S. T., 34 Greene av.
Kinne, W., 48 4th av.
Kirk. F. J., 233 Weirfield st.
Klein, V. J., 1152 Lafayette av.
Knause, B. F., 1076 Bushwick av.
Knight, F. H., 59 7th av.
Koehler, C. J., 313 S. 5th st.
Koempel, L., 968 Bedford av.
Koerner, W. F., 154 Rodney st.
Konther, A. F., 184 Ridgewood av.
Kroos, E. C, 151 Rodney st.
Kuhn, G. R., 122 Clinton av.
Lack, C. E., 692 10th st.
Lamadrid, J. J., 412 Greene av.
Lane, W. B., 395 Washington av.
Lange, H., 655 Bedford av.
Langstaff, J. E., 19 7th av.
Langstaff, L. G., 175 6th av.
Lawrence, A. W., Jr., 558 Bedford av.
Lawrey, N., 283 S. 2d st.
Lee, J. A., 23 Revere pi.
Le Fevre, C' H., 647 St. Mark's av.
Leiter, J. G., 616 McDonough st.
Leland, M. J., 220 6th av.
Lester, J. C, 179 Schermerhorn st.
Levy, M., 709 Bushwick av.
Lewis, M. T., 414 55th st.
Lewis, S., 13 Cambridge pi.
Leyh, G. F., 71 Jefferson st.
Lincoln, H. W., 113 Hancock st.
Linder, W., 1780 St. John's pi.
Lindrldge, E. F.. 157 Cumberland st.
Little, F., 114 Montague st.
Little, G. F., 469 Clinton av.
Little, W. A., 923 Bedford av.
Lloyd, D. R., 1516 Beverley rd.
Lloyd, T. M., 125 Plerrepont st.
Loewe, J., 71 McKlbbin st.
Long, J. H., 1138 Bergen st.

Longmore, J. A., 158 Clinton st.

Longstreet, A. H., 20 7th av.

Louria, L., 249 Hewes st.

Love. C. R., 167 Clinton st.

Lubrecht, C. A., 966 Bedford av.

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