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Woman Phys., R. Demarest; Med. Internes, R. E. Blaisdell, C. E. McPeek.



CULiOSIS.— Opened July 1, 1904. For the treatment of Incipient pulmonary
tuberculosis. Accommodations for 160 patients; and a camp of tents for 44
additional patients. Poor patients should apply to the Poor Officials of their
cities, and must have been residents of New York State for one year. Thos«
able to pay $7.00 per week should apply to Supt., M. P. Burnham, M.D., by


ROCHESTER STATE HOSPITAL. (For the Insane).— South av.
Tel. 602. Vis. Days., Tues. and Fri., 2 to 5. Relatives allowed to visit at
any time.

Med. Supt., E. H. Howard; Asst. Phys., E. B. Potter, C. T. La Moure,
I. L. Walker, W. H. Veeder; Woman Phys., E. P. Ballantine; Med. Interne.
I. A. Bentley; Clin. Assts., J. W. Keeler, H. Coffin.


ROME STATE CUSTODIAL ASYLUM.— For treatment, training
and custodial care of the feeble-minded; cases received under commitment
by County Superintendent of Poor, or Commissioner of Charities, from all
counties in the State. Feeble-minded under the age of seven, physically in-
firm between the ages of seven and fourteen, and all over the age of four-
teen are received in this Asylum. Applications must be made in advance,
direct to the Asylum, or through the Superintendent of Poor or Commissioner
of Charities of the county.

Phys.-in-Charge, C. Bernstein.


Franklin Co. For incipient adult cases of pulmonary consumption. Board, f5
per week; medical attendance free.

E. L. Trudeau, Phys.-in-Charge; Examining Phys. in New York City. E. Q.
Janeway, W. B. James, H. P. Loomls, J. A. Miller, L. R. Williams. Apply
to L. Brown, M. D. ; Res. Phys., P. O. Trudeau.



Cliff, Long Island, N. Y. A free home for children under five years of age
who are convalescent.
E. D. Loughran, Phys.-in-Charge; Mrs. W. K. Otis, Sec, 5 W. 50th st.


CRAIG COLONY FOR EPILEPTICS.— Sonyea, Livingston County,
N. Y. Tel. 18 Mt. Morris. It receives sane indigent epileptics. The present
capacity of the colony is 1,050, but it will ultimately be 1,800. Vis. Days,
Wed. and Sat., 10 to 12 and 2 to 4. W. P. Spratling, Supi.

Consult. Staff: M. A. Starr, G; W. Jacoby, C. McBurney, H. L. Taylor, A.
Mever, New York; H. Hun, Albany; J. W. Putnam, Roswell Park; De L.
Rochester, C. Cary, L. Howe, M. D. Mann, Buffalo; J. W. Whitbeck, W. S.
Ely, L. A. Weigel, W. Rider, Rochester; N. Jacobson, Syracuse; G. M. Gould,
Westfield. House Staff: W. T. Shanahan, 1st Asst.; G. K. Collier, 2d Asst.;
S. H. Parker, 3d Asst.; W. N. Trader, Jr. Phys.. B. F. Andrews, G. E.
Rehberger, Med. Internes; J. F. Munson, Path.


DREN, SYRACUSE.— Feeble-minded children are received between the


ages of seven and fourteen. Apply to the County Superintendent of the Poor.
Vis. Days, Frl., 3 to 4.30 P. M.
J. C. Carson, M.D., Supt.


UTICA STATE HOSPITAL, (For the Insane).— Utica. Tel. Bell 945,
Home 1407. Vis. Days, Mon. and Fri., except holidays.

Med. Supt., H. L. Palmer; 1st Asst. Phys., G. H. Tomey; 2d Asst. Phys.,
E. G. Stout; Asst. Phys., J. E. Haight; Woman Phys., C. Smith; Internes,
A. L. Smith, R. M. Chapman, Verbank.

VALID CHILDREN.— Verbank, Dutchess County; at an altitude of 1,100
feet. Children between the ages of two and twelve are received. No child
refused admission because of inability to pay.

Supt., Miss F. Mahin.


1900. Capacity, 45. Res. Phys., J. M. Kail; Surg. -in-Chief, N. M. Shaffer;
1st Asst. Surg., P. H. Fitzhugh; Asst. Surgs., J. J. Nutt, P. W. Roberts;
Consult. Board, F. Delafleld, A. A. Smith, W. G. Thompson, J. D. Bryant,
R. H. Sayre, L. A. Stimson, R. F. Weir, New York; R. B. Coutant, Tarry-
town; J. D. Rushmore, J. McCorkle, Bklyn. ; R. Park, C. G. Stockton, Buf-
falo; A. Vander Veer, S. B. Ward, Albany; J. Van Duyn, H. L. Eisner,
Syracuse; F. W. Sears, Binghamton; H. A. Gates, Delhi; G. C. Madill,
Ogdensburg; E. B. Laird, West Haverstraw; J. Stengstacken, Stony Point.


The Psychopathic Department of the New York Hospital. All patients are of
the Independent or assisted class. Apply at the Bloomlngdale oflQce, 10 W.
16th St., New York City, daily at noon, or to Dr. S. B. Lyon, Med. Supt.,
White Plains.


B'way, WTiite Plains. Receives, for two weeks, worthy Protestant women,
over fifteen years of age, who can furnish satisfactory evidence of good char-
acter and a physician's certificate that they are convalescent. Apply to Mrs.
A. McLean, Treas., 149 W. 34th St., or to Mrs. A. B. Ball, 42 W. 36th St.,
New York.


WILLARD STATE HOSPITAL, (For the Insane).— Wlllard. Tel.
"Willard, N. Y." Vis. Days, daily, except Sat., Sun. and legal holidays.

Med. Supt., R. M. Elliott, M.D.; Consult. Staff. J. S. Kirkendall, Ithaca.
Ophthal.; W. W. Skinner, Geneva, Consult. Surg.; 1st Asst. Phys., R. E.
Doran: 2d Asst. Phys., T. J. Currie; Asst. Phys., J. W. Russell, E. Holley,
L. T. Waldo, W. H. Montgomery, C. L. Carlisle; Jr. Asst., J. A. Prltchard;
Woman Asst. Phys., C. B. Mac Arthur; Med. Interne, A. H. Wright.


STATE COMMISSION IN LUNACY.— Commissioners: C. W. Pilgrim,
M.D., Pres. ; S. T. Viele, Buffalo; W. L. Parkhurst, Canandaigua. N. Y.
T. E. McGarr, Sec, Capitol, Albany. Private patients can be admitted to
State hospitals only upon consent of the medical superintendents. Rates for
private patients range from $6 up.

Utlca State Hospital, Utica.
VVillard State Hospital, Willard.
Hudson River State Hospital, Poughkeepsie.
Middletown State Homoeopathic Hospital, Middletown.
Buffalo State Hospital, Buffalo.
Blnghamton State Hospital, Binghamton.
St. Lawrence State Hospital, Ogdensburg.
Rochester State Hospital, Rochester.
King's Park State Hospital, King's Park.
Long Island State Hospital, Brooklyn.
Manhattan State Hospital, Ward's Island.
Central Islip State Ho.spital, Central Islip.
Gowanda State Homoeopathic Hospital, Gowanda.
Matteawan State Hospital, Matteawan P. O., Fishklll-on-Hudson. For court

Dannemora State Hospital, Dannemora. For Insane convicts.

PITALS.— Ward's Island. Tel. 1869 Harlem

Director, Adolf Meyer; Chief Asso. In Neurop., C. B. Dunlap; Asso. In
Clin. Psychiatry, G. H. Kirby; Asst. Autopsies, G. Y. Rusk; Asst. in Neurop.,
C. I. Lambert; Asst. Phys., C. M. Campbell; Jr. Phys., J. W. Moore.



AUG. 13, 1907.

Adair, Leonard.
Agramonte, Enrique V.
Alger, Ellice M.
Altman, Emil.
Amabile, Felix.
Anderson, Herbert C.
Anderson, Joseph.
Anderson, Samuel F.
Applegate, William S.
Armstrong, S. Treat.
Ashmead, Albert S.
Aspell, John.
Aten, Wm. H.
Atwood, Charles E.
Auzal, Ernst W.
Avery, Edward W.
Ayme, Edward L.
Bachmann, Eugene O.
Bailey, Pearce.
Bainton, Joseph H.
Baker, Frank R.
Ball, A. Brayton.
Ball, Geo. M.

Bang, Richard T.
Bangs, Lemuel B.
Basch, Seymour.
Barber, Calvin F.
Barnett, Solomon.
Baron, Adolph.
Bartley, Ellas H.
Bates, William H.
Bauer, Frederick E.
Bauer, Frederick M.
Bayles, Havens B.
Beardsley, Wm. E.
Beasley, Crawford D.
Beck, Alexander W.
Becker, Julius A.
Bedell, Charles E.
Beers, Henry S.
Belcher, Wm. N.
Bellamy, Russell.
Belt, Henry.
Benton, Stuart H.
Berendsohn, Rudolph.
Berendsohn, Wm. A.

Berg, Henry W.
Berghaus, Alexander.
Beuermann, John A.
Bieber, Joseph.
Bienenfeld, Henry L.
Bierwirth, Julius C.
Bird, James R.
Bishop, James.
Bishop, Louis F.
Bissell, J. B.
Blackman, Wm. W.
Blackmar, John S.
Blake, Joseph A.
Blake, James E.
Block, Clement.
Bogart, George W.
Bogart, J. Bion.
Bohmfolk, Charles W.
Boldt, Herman J.
Bond, George F. M.
Boskowitz, George W.
Bostwick, Wm. W.
Bourke, G. R.



Bowles, Fred. J.
Bowron, Francis W.
Boynton, Perry S.
Bradley, A. M.
Bradshaw, Laban L.
Brandt, Washington J.
Brannan, John W.
Brekes, David.
Brendon, Edwin V.
Brewer. George E.
Brickner, Walter M.
Brill, Nathan E.
Brinkraan, Albert.
Bristow, Algernon T.
Brockway, A. Norton.
Brothers, Abram.
Brown, M. Belle.
Brown, W. Stuart.
Bruce, Chas. E.
Brugman, Albert F.
Brush, Arthur C.
Brush, George W.
Buffum, Charles W.
Buliard, Wm. E.
Bullman, W. F.
Bunker, Henry A.
Burch, T. Hamilton.
Burger, Anthony J.
Burnett, Peter V.
Burrall, Frederick A.
Busche, Thomas W.
Butler, Wm. M.
Byrne, Joseph H.
Byrne, Patrick J.
Byrne, Sylvester J.
Byrne, Wilfred P.
Cabot, Follen.
Caille, Augustus.
Campbell, George B.
Campbell, Jackson R.
Candidus, Pantaleon.

Cardwell, John C.

Carleton, Edmund.

Carlisle, Chester W.

Carpenter, Elon N.
Carpenter, Frank B.

Carpenter, Frank E.

Carr. Walter L.

Carter, De Lancey.

Caswell. Wm. H.

Catlin, Arnold W.

Chalmers, Thomas C.

Chamberlain, E. C.

Chase, Walter B.

Cheney, Lyman.

Clietwood, Charles H.

Chichester, William R.

Cl-ilds, Samuel B.

Clark, Bert B.

Clark, Frank H.

Clark, L. Pierce.

Cleaves, Margaret A.

Cleland, Thomas.

Clock, Sarah A.

Clug, Simon.
Cochran, George G.
Cochran, J. A.
Coggeshall, Henry.
Cohn, Salo.
Cohn, Sigismund.
Cole, Carter S.
Coley, William B.
Collins, George W.
Collins, Joseph.
Collyer, Herman L.
Colton, Frederick H.
Combes, Frank C.
Conner, Lewis A.
Conterno, George W.
Cook, Stephen G.
Cooke, Albert S.
Cooke, Baldwin G.
Cornell, George B.
Corning, J. Leonard.
Corwin^ Arthur S.
Costigan, Gregory.
Coughlin, John H.
Coverly, John H.
Coyle, John G.
Cragin, Edwin B.
Cremin, Patrick W.
Criado, Louis F.
Crook, James K.
Cross, Thaddeus M. B.
Cruikshank, Wm. J.
Cuff, Wm. E.
Cull^ert, William L.
Currier, Charles G.
Curry, Albert M.
Curtin, Thomas H.
Cutter, Ephraim.
Cutter, John A.
Daley, R.. M.
Dana, Charles L.-
Danforth, Loomis L.
Daniels, Frank H.
Daniels, John L.
Darlington, Thomas.
Davin, John P.
Davis, Wm.

Dawbarn, Robert H. 5a
De Castro, Joseph F.
Decker, John J.
Dee, Wm. V.
De Forest, Henry P.
Delabarre, Walter B.
Delphey, Eden V.
Demarest, John H.
Deming, William C.
Denhard, Charles E.
Denison, C. Ellery.
Denison, Rial N.
Denison, Charles Ellery.
Dickinson, Robert L.
Dillon, Charles J.
Dittrich, Eberhard W.
Dodin, Henry A.
Dold, Wm. Elliott.

Donovan, Wm. F.

Doming, John.

Doty, Alvah H.

Dougherty, Daniel S.

Dow, E. Le Roy.

Dowe, Frank LeC.

Dower, Andrew J.

Downey, Martin.

Dunseith, John F.

Dupont, Alfred C.

Dusseldorf, Louis M.

Dwyer, John.

Eastman, Robert W.

Echeverria, Martin J.

Egan, Richard J.

Eggersman, F. A.

Eichler, Philip.

Eisenberg, Isadore C.

Eliot, Ellsworth.

Elliott. R. M.

Emerson, Jno. H.

Ennis, James S.

Ennist, Floyd B.

Enton, Harry

Erdmann, John F.

Erdwurm, Frank.

Essig, George.

Estabrook, Curtis R.

Evans, George A.

Everson, George.

Ewing, William A.

Fairbairn, Henry A.

Farr, Edgar H.

Feeney, Michael B.

Feinberg, Israel L.

Feldman, Benson M.

Ferrer, J. M.

Ferris, Albert W.

Ferris, George N.

Figueira, Mathias

Fischer, Louis.

Fischlowitz, Gustav G.

Fisher, Edward D.

Fiske, James P.

Fitch, Allen.

Fitzsimmons, James C.
. Fleming, Edward.

Fleming, Martin J.

Fleming, Walter M.

Flint, Austin.

Flint, Austin, Jr.

Fogarty, Thos. L.

Forbes, Henry H.

Foskett, Eben.

Foster, George V.

Foster, Matthias L.

Fraenkel, Joseph.

Frank, Isaiah.

Frank, John.

Frankel, Edward.

Frankenberg, Jacob H.

Frauenthal, Henry W.

Freeman, Harry.

French, John H.



Fridenberg, Albert H.
Frischbier, Charles P.
Fuchs, Frederick L.
Fuld, Joseph E.
Fuller, Eugene.
Gaedeke, John G. L.
Gardiner, Charles W.
Gardner, W. S.
Garrigues, Henry J.
Garrison, John B.
Geoghan, William.
Gere, James Belden.
Gerrie, James.
Gibb, W. Travis.
Gibson, Lewis M.
Gilday, Walter C.
GJldersleeve, Chas. P.
Gillespie, J. Frank.
Girdner, John H.
Godson, George H.
Goldberger, Martin.
Goldmark, Carl.
Goldstein, Isador.
Goldstein, Samuel.
Goldwater, Abraham L.
Goodall, William A.
Goodhart, Simon P.
Goodman, Jacob J.
Goodrich, Stephen W.
Gordon, Bernard.
Gordon, Onslow A.
Gottlieb, J. Adelphi.
Goubeaud, Henry J.
Gouley, J. W. S.
Graber, Sidney S.
Graeser, Herman R. A.
Grauer, Frank.
Greene, Robert H.
Griffin, Henry A.
Griffin, John.
Griswold, Henry.
Gulick, A. Reading.
Gulick, Charlton R.
Hall, Robert W.
Hamilton, Allan McL.
Hamilton, Samuel W.
Hamlen, George D.
Hamlin, Frederick E.
Hammond, Graeme M.
Hands, W. C.
Harrigan, Joseph D.
Harrington, Arthur H.
Harrington, Burt D.
Harris, E. Eliot.
Harris, James B.
Harris, James W.
Harrison, D. A.
Harrison, George T.
Harrison, John T.
Hart, Theodore S.
Hartley, William G.
Hartung, Emil F.
Hartwell, John A.
Hatch, Edwin A.
Haubold, Herman A.

Haviland, Clarence F.
Haviland, Frank R.
Hawley, George R.
Healy, James R.
Healy, Wm. R.
Heckel, Frederick C.
Hellenstein, Herman.
Henna, J. Julio.
Henry, Charles C.
Henry, J. Wm.
Herr, Thomas J.
Herter, Christian A.
Herzog, Alfred W.
Heuel, Emil.
Heuel, Frank.
Hills, Alfred K,
Hills, Arthur T.
Himowich, Adolph A.
Hirsch, Henry P.
Hirsch, William.
Hochheimer, Emanuel.
Hodenpyl, Eugene.
Hodgskin, Edward S.
Hoelger, Richard L.
Hoffmann, Julius L. P.
Hofheimer, Justinian A.
Holton, David C.
Hopkins, Frederick T.
Hopkins, George G.
Horn, John.
Hornick, F. Whitcomb.
Houghton, H. Seymour.
House, Wallace B.
Howard, Clarence C.
Hubbard, Samuel Dana.
Hubbard, Wm. N.
Hubby, Lester M.
Huber, John Bessner.
Huddleston, John Henry.
Humphreys, Gustavus A.
Humphries, Henry R.
Hunt, E. L.
Hunt, James R.
Hutchinson, John.
Hyde, Joel W.
Iglehart, Asa S.
Her, George H.
Irish, Robert L.
Irwin, Jno. A.
Isaacs, Archibald E.
Ives, Frank L.
Jackson, George T.
Jackson, Meyer.
Jacobi, Abraham.
Jacobsohn, William.
Jacobson, Sidney W.
Jacoby, George W.
Jacoby, J. Ralph.
James, Walter B.
Janinski, John P.
Jarrett, Elizabeth.
Jay, John C.
Jeffery, George C.
Jelliffe, Smith E.
Jenkins, John A.

Jenks, Frank P.
Jennings, David D.
Jewett, Charles.
Jewett, Charles T.
Jewett, Frederick A.
Johnson, J, D,
Johnson, John G.
Jones, Amzi.
Jones, H. W.
Jones, Israel C.
Jones, S. Beach.
Joyce, Robert A.
Judd, Albert M.
Kahn, Hermann.
Kakels, Moses S.
Kane, Arthur M.
Karasl,, Morris N.
Keatinge, Harriette 0.
Keator, Harry M.
Keegan, William S.
Keller, Frederick C.
Kelly, James E.
Kelsey, Charles B.
Kennedy, John T.
Kennedy, Wm. C.
Kessler, Adolph.
Keune, Theodore.
Kevin, J. Richard.
Keyes, Edward L.
Keyes, John M.
Kimball, Reuel B.
Kindred, J. Joseph. -
King, James S.
King, Samuel T.
Kirby, Joseph B.
Klein, William T.
Klippert, Herman G.
Knapp, Herbert J.
Knapp, John B.
Kneer, Ferdinand G.
Knipe, George.
Koempel, Franz.
Koenig, Herman.
Koester, Henry F.
Kohn, Ludwig.
Kohn, Samuel.
Kompert, Gustav.
Koupal, Theodore M.
Krause, William H.
Kreizer, Charles P.
Krollpfeiffer, Henry.
Kuhn, George R.
Kunitzer, Robert.
Kunz, George W.
Laase, C. F. J.
La Fetra, Linnaeus E.
Laidlaw, Geo. F.
Lambert, Chas. E.
Lapenta, Joseph.
Lauer, Charles F.
Lawrence, George A.
Leal, Malcolm.
Leale, Charles A.
Le Boutillier, Wm. G.



Lee, Henry T.
Lehane, Timothy D,
Leo, S. Newton.
Leonard, Zenas L.
Leszynsky, Wm. M.
Leuchs, John.
Leverty, Alexander S.
Levitt, Marcus J.
Lewengood, Jacob.
Lewi, Maurice J.
Lewin, Hermann.
Lewinski, Michael.
Lewis, Daniel.
Lewis, Henry M.
Lewis, Maurice T.
Lewis, Robert.
Leyendecker, P. T.
Lichtschein, Louis.
Lieberman, J. M.
Lindenmeyer, George.
Linehan, Daniel F.
Lindridge, Edwin F.
Little, Wm. A.
Lloyd, Samuel.
Lloyd, T. Mortimer.
Loomis, Henry P.
Lorenze, Edward J.
Lotz, George C.
Luhan, J. F. C.
Lyle, Alexander.
Lynde, Nathaniel W.
Lyon, Samuel B.
Mabbott, J. Milton.
McAuliffe, Dennis A.
McCann, Charles L.
McCoUom, Wm.

McCorkle, John A.

McCreery, Forbes R.

McCullagh, Samuel.

McDougall, • Colin.

McDowell, Charles.

McGowan, John P.

McGuire, Frank A.

McKay, William.

McMahon, John J.

McMannis, Wm. T.

McMichael, Jacob E.

McMurdy, Wm. S.

McNaughton, George.

McParlan, Thomas F.

McPhail, Leonard C.

MacCoy, Cecil.

Mannheimer, George.
Manning, F. O.
Manson, Levi S.
Marvin, David M.
Mason, Lewis D.
Mathews, Frederick.
Matthews, George C.
Maurer, George E.
Maxfield, Traverse R.
May, Calvin S.
Mayer, Albert D.
Maynard, A. W.
Meagher, John F. W.
Megarr, Edward J.
Mendelson, Walter.
Messenger, J. E.
Meyer, Alfred.
Meyer, Frederick W.
Meyer, Leo T.
Mey^s, George.
Meyersburg, Adolphus G.
Mial, Leonidas L.
Michaelis, L. M.
Mildenberg, Victor.
Milleg, Augustus.
Miller, Frank E.
Miller, Jacob.
Millspaugh, Louis C.

Minton. Henry B.

Mitchell, Hubbard W.

Moak, Charles H.

Moffat, John L.

Mollenhauer, Richard.

Mooney, Henry Walton.

Mooney, Louis M.

Moore, John A.

Moore, John F.

Moore, Julius H.

Moore, William.-, James.

Morgenstern, Julius.

Morrill, J. Lee.

Morris, George F.

Morris, Lewis R.

Morse, Wm. H.

Morton, Henry H.

Morton, Lawrence J.

Morton, Wm. J.

Muellenbach, Robert P.

Muller, H. F. C.

Muller, Henry W.

Mundorff, George T.

MacFarlane, Thomas J. Mundorff, Theodore.
MacGuire, Constantine J. Munn, John P.

MacLeod, Johnston.
MacPhee, John J.
Macaonald, George A.
Macumber, J. L.
Maddock, G. F.
Maddren, Wm.
Magilligan, Francis J.
Maier, Otto.
Maisch, Charles 0.
Manges, Morris.

Murphy, James E.
Murphy, Richard F.
Murray, F. J.
Murray, Grace P.
Murray, Peter.
Murtland, Samuel.
Myerle, David.
Mykrantz, Howard B.
Nagel, J. Darwin.
Nammack, Charles E.

Nascher, Ignatz L.
Neff, Lewis K.
Neil, James.
Neuhof, Selina.
Neumann, Louis.
Neustaedter, Marcus.
Newland, Theodore H.
Newman, Frank R.
Newman, George W.
Nichols, James A.
Nicolai, Curt E. H.
Nicoll, Henry D.
Norris, Henry S.
North, Nelson L.
Northridge, Wm. A.
Noyes, William B.
O'Brien, Frederick W.
O'Brien, James A. J.
O'Brien, John A.
O'Brien, John M.
O'Brien, M. Christopher.
O' Byrne, Wm. J.
O'Connell, Richard J.
O'Connell, Joseph J.
O'Connor, John H.
O'Douohue, James E.
O' Grady, Joseph.
O'Hanlon, Philip F.
O'Leary, Arthur J.
O'Neil, Simon J.
O'Neill, Rodger P.
Oppenheimer, Nathan.
Orgel, David L.
Osborne, L. J.

Outerbridge, Paul.

Packard, Charles W.

Packer, Flavins.
Page, Emmett D.

Page, Kingman B.

Paige, H. Worthington.

Paine, Arthur R.

Palmer, A. Worrall.

Palmer, Ernest.
Palmer, Judson C.

Palmer, Miles W.

Parker, George M.

Parrish, John W.

Parsons, Ralph L.

Partridge, Edward L.

Peabody, George L.

Peet, Edward W.

Peirce, Henry T.

Pelser, Louis.

Perkins, Edward D.

Perkins, Edward W.

Peterman, Charles P.

Petersen, Jacob S.

Peterson, Frank D.

Peterson, Frederick.

Pettingill, Henry B.

Pettit, Louis C.

Pfeiffer, Alfred G.

Pfeiffer, Felix.

Pfeiffer, Joseph.



Phelan, Daniel J.
Phelps, Frank V.
Phillips, Arthur M.
Phillips, Bruce G.
Pinckney, Herbert.
Plympton, Harry.
Porter. Wm. H.
Potter, Foster F.
Potter, Nathaniel B.
Pratt, Wm. H. B.
Prellwltz, Otto E.
Primrose, Alexander J.
Pritchard, Wm. B.
Prout, Thomas P.
Purdy, Charles G.
Purdy, Harry.
Putzel, Jjeopold.
Quackenbos, Henry F.
Quigley, John J.
Quimby, Charles E.
Quirk, Dennis J.
Radio, Maurice L.
Ramsdell, E. Benjamin.
Rankin, E. Guernsey.
Rappold, Julius C.
Raub, Joseph M.
Raymond, Joseph H.
Read, Henry N.
Reed, Charles.
Rehling, Martin.
Rhodes, C. Alexander.
Richard, Montrose P.
Richardson, Charles H.
Richardson, Waldo H.
Riedel, Heinrich.
Riggs, Herman C.
Riley, Frederick C.
Ripperger, Albert A.
Risch, Henry F.
Rixa, Alexander.
Robertson, Frank N.
Robertson, Victor A.
Robinovitch, Louis G.
Robinson, Alexander L.
Rockwell, A. D.
Rodenstein, Louis A.
Rodgers, William A.
Romaine, De Witt C.
Roof, Russell H.
Root, Arthur L.
Rose, Achilles.
Rose, Malcolm C.
Rosenbaum, Louis.
Rosenbluth, Benjamin.
Rosenthal, Maximilian.
Ross, F. H.
Rothwell, John J.
Rottenberg, I. M.
Rovinsky, D.
Rudderow, Edward D.
Rudisch, Julius.
Ruhl, Henry.
Rushmore, John D.
Russell, Wm. G.

Sachs, Bernard.
Satterlee, P. Le Roy.
Savage, Thomas R.
Sayre, Reginald H.
Schapira, S. W.
Schenck, Peter L.
Schlapp, Max G.
Schlesinger, Abraham.
S(;hlitz, Francis A.
Schminke, J. C.
Schneider, Louis H. A.
Schoenenberger, F. J.
Scholer, Gustav.
Schott, Max.
Schram, Charles.
Scliroeder, William.
Schultze, Louis W.
Scott, George D.
Scott, Peter.
Scott, Richard J. E.
Scouler, Ambrose A.
Senftner, Herman F.
Scratchley, Francis A.
Scully, Albert McC.
Seaman, Louiii L.
Sellew, Frederick S.
Semken, George H.
Seward, J. Perry.
Seward, Walter M.
Sewell, Walter D.
Sharretts, Charles J.
Shaw, Frank E. E.
Shaw, Henry B.
Shearer, Leander H.
Sheffield, Herman B.
Shepard, Wm. H.
Sherman, Irving P.
Shrewsbury, Wm. J.
Silver, Henry M.
Simmons, Daniel.
Simon, Carleton.
Simpson, William P.
Skerry, Harry W.
Slevin, John J.
Small, Henry G.
Smith, Daniel H.
Smith, Edward Franklin
Smith. E. J.
Smith, Francis E.
Smith. G. Buckingham.
Smith, George DeF.
Smith, G. H.
Smith. J. Gardiner.
Smith, J. J.
Smith, Philip.
Smith, Samuel W.
Smith, Stephen.
Smith, Thomas F.
Sondern, Frederic E.
Sour, Bernard.
Spencer, Charles F.
Splcer, Walter E.
Spitzer, Edward L.
Spitzer, Henry.

Spitzka, Edward C.
Sprague, Homer B.
Stanton, Richard J.
Stark, Henry S.
Starr, M. Allen.
Steele, Theophilus.
Steele, Whitmore.
Stegmair, Julius A.
Steinach, William.
Stella, Antonio.
Stern, Heinrich.
Stern, Maximilian.
Stevens, David D.
Stevens, William.
Stewart, Geo. Taylor.
Stieglitz, Leopold.
Stimson, Charles W.
Stimson, Daniel M.
Stone, Richard H.
Stowell, Wm. L.
Straus, Ludwig.
Strauss, Israel.
Streiffer, Henry.
Sturges, Purdy H.
Sullivan, John D.
Sullivan, Wm. E.
Sundelson, Adolph H.
Swift, Edwin E.
Swift, George M.
Swinburne, George IC-
Symonds, Brandreth.
Talmey, Bernard S.
Taylor, F. Lewis.
Taylor, Kinchen R.
Taylor, Robert W.
Taylor, V. E.
Terhune, James J.
Terriberry, Joseph F,
Tepchner._^ Gabriel W.
Thacher. 'John S.
Theodorian, Z. K.
Thompson, Edmund B
Thompson, W. Gilman
Thomson, Wm. H.
Tousey, Ralph.
Tousey, Sinclair.
Tower, Jas. E.
Tracy, E. Clark.
Tracy, Ira O.
Tracy, Samuel G.
Trautman, Alexander.
Travel 1, John W.
Tull, E. Emory.
Turner, Reeve.
Turrell, Guy Hanford.
Tuthill, Theodore K.
Tuttle, George A.
Upton, William H.
Valadier, Charles A.
Van Cott, Joshua M.
Vandegrift, George M.
Van der Poel, John.
Van «1er Poel, S. Oakley
Vanderpoel, Waldron B.



Vau Deusen, J. W.
Van Etten, Nathan B.
Van Fleet, Milton E.
Van Loon, James C.
Van Santvoord, Richard.
Van Schoonhoven, C. S.
Vedder, Maus R.
Vermilye, Wm. H.
Volkenberg, Albert.
Von Grimm, Andrew.
Vosburgh, Arthur S.
Vosburgh, Benjamin F.
Wackerbarth, Henry J.
Wagner, Edward.
Waitzfelder, Edward.
Waldo, Ralph.
Walker, Charles H.
Walker, Henry F.
Walker, Jerome.
Walker, John B.
Walker, Wm. A.
Waller, Newton B.
Wallin, Alfred C,
Walsh, James J.
Walsh, John E.

Walsh, Simon J.
Walter, Josephine.
Walters. Charles A.
Walther, John A.
Ward, George G.
Ware, Edward J.
Warner, Everett S.
Warren, John S.
Washburn, Wickes.
Weber, Leonard.
Weed, Edgar T.
Weinberg, Joseph.
Weiss, Bernard.
Weiss, Julius.
Weiss, Ludwig.
Wells, Brooks H.
Wells, Thomas L.
Welt-Kakels. Sara.
Westbrook, George R.
Westcott, Nelson S.
Weston, Albert T.
Whitney, Albert B.
Whitney, Chester F. i
Wiener, Alfred.
Wiener, Richard G.

Wiggin, Frederick Holme.
W^ight, Jarvis S.
Wilcox, Reynold W.
Wildman, H. Valentine.
Wilkin, William P.
WMlkins, Ernst A. W.
Williams, Elmer E.
Williams, George A.
Williams, T. C.
Winchell, W. B.
Winkleman, John G.
Winters, F. W.
Winters, Joseph E.
Wolbarst, Abraham L.
Wood, Halsey L.
Wood, Howard J.
Woodman, John.
Wright, Arthur Brownell
Wright, John P.
Wynkoop, Gerardus H.
York, P. Joseph.
York, Thomas A.
Youngling, George S.
Zeh, Adolph.
Zimmerman, Edwin.


Eugene H. Porter, M.D., New York City, Commissioner. Alec. H. Seymour,

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