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to afford pecuniary aid to the widows and children of its deceased members,
and to furnish aid to its members in time of special need or sickness. Meets
monthly at the residence of one of the Board of Trustees. Annual meeting
second Tuesday in May.

OFFICERS.— C. J. Kipp, Pres.; A. Mercer, Vice-Pres.; C. D. Bennett, Sec,
167 Clinton av., Newark.


TION. — Annual meeting first Thursday in November.
OFPTCERS.— T. W. Harvey, Pres., Orange; R. D. Freeman, Sec.



Phyi.. J. A. Joy, F. W. Bennett, A. B. Shlmer, E. C. Chew; Surgs., W. B.
■ttw»rt, W. P. Conaway, T. Senseman, J. C. Marshall; Gynecols., E. Marvel,
W. B. Darnall; Ocul. and Aur., W. M. Pollard; Neurol., C. K. MilU, Phila-
delphia; Pathol., W. F. Ridgway; Dentist, M. P. Shoemaker.


The poor of Bayonne admitted free.

Supt., Miss E. B. Wallace; Att'd Phya., J. L. Sanborn, P. F. Stevens, H. D.
Abbott, J. T. Connolly: Att'd Surgs., F. M. Corwin, G. H. Sexsmith, L. F.
Donohoe; Att'd Ophthal.. J. G. L. Borgmeyer; Att'd Obstet., P. F. Stevens;
Consult. Phys., J. F. Finn, H. H. Curtis; Consult. Surgs., G. K. Dickinson,
W. R. Townsend; Consult. Gynecol., N. C. Bozeman; Consult. Ophthal., C. J.
Kip: Consult. Path., G. E. McLaughlin; Out-Patient Department, W. H.


COOPER HOSPITAL, THE.— Tel. 169. Non-contagious and curable
diseases, and accidents admitted. Vis. days— dally, at 2 P. M. ; only two
visitors allowed to a patient.

Supt., T. Waring; Att'd Phys., H. G. Taylor, W. A. Davis, E. L. B.- God-
frey, W. R. Powell, P. H. Markley; Att'd Surgs., D. Strock, J. L. Nicholson,
P. M. Mecray, E. A. Y. Schellenger; Ophthal., W. R. Powell, A. Cramer, Jr.;
Gynecol., J. S. Baer; Asst. Gynecol., T. B. Lee; Path., W. S. Bray; Obstet.,
J. W. Fithian; Laryng., L. B. Hirst; Proctol., A. H. Lipplncott.


THE.— E. Jersey and Reld sts. Tels. Local 133, Long Dis. 232.

Supt., A. F. Knowles; Consult. Surgs., V. Mravlag, A. Pettit; Consult.
Phys., T. N. McLean: Vis. Staff, J. S. Green, E. B. Grler, R. B. Whitehead,
R. J. Montford, F. R. Bailey, C. H. Schllchter, N. M. Voorhees, S. T. Quinn;
Dlsp. Staff, N. L. Wilson, R. R. Sinclair, J. C. Perkins, P. DuB. Bunting,
F. H. Pierson, R. A. Shlrrefs, C. H. Schllchter, H. R. Llvengood, J. H. P.
Conover, S. J. Keefe, M. A. Shangle, G. S. Laird, H. S. Pierson; Gynecol.,
Mon. and Fri., 3 P. M. ; Surgery, Mon., Wed. and Fri., 4 P. M. ; Gen. Med.,
Mon. and Fri., 4 P. M. ; Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, Men., V/ed. and Fri.,
4 P. M.


ENGLEWOOD HOSPITAL.— Free to the poor.

Supt., M. V. Post; Att'd Phys. and Surgs., J. F. Bell, E. Holmes, J. W.
Proctor, A. W. Ward, F. C. Bradner; Consult. Ophthal. and Otol.. J. H.
Ward; Consult. Orthop., R. H. Sayre; Path., D. S. D. Jessup; Dentist, R. A.


HACKENSACK HOSPITAL.— Third and Essex sts. Tel. 1.

Vis. Phys. and Surgs., D. St. John, F. H. White, E. K. Conrad. G. H.
McFadden; Consult. Staff, E. G. Janeway. A. Jacobi, G. F. Shrady, J. D.
Bryant, W. G. Wylie, R. H. Wylie, C. F. McDonald, N. Bozeman, D. Web-
«ter, S. M. Payne, J. L, Corning, E. L. Keyes, Jr., R. Sayre; Path.: H.
Brooks; Att'd Phys., A. A. Swayze.




ST. MARY'S HOSPITAli.— Willow av. and 4th st. Under th« charg«

•f the Sisters of the Poor of St. Francis.

Consult. Surg., F. Kammerer; Surgs., W. T. Kudlich, E. T. St^adman, R.
W. Gelbach, M. F. Foley; Asst. Surgs., W. Steadman, W. J. Arlltz, T. C.
McNamara, J. C. Farr; Consult. Phys., H. B. Rue; Phys., F. B. Grew, D. B
Pindar, C. Hoening, F. C. Wolff; Consult. Gynecol.. J. Aspel; Gynecol., N. G.
Bozcman; Asst. Gynecols.. C Hoening. L. L. Lewis; Asst. Phys., R. H.
Dingelstedt, F. M. Chllds, H. T. Von Deesten, Joseph Stock; Oculist, L. L.
Mlal; Consult. Neurol., J. L. Corning; Asst. Neuiol., W. J. Arlitz; Dentist,
H H. Burnette, M.D. ; Path., H. T. Von Deesten.


CHRIST HOSPITAL.— 176 Palisade av. Tel. 239. Ambulance District
—Hudson County. Men, women and children received; medical and surgical
cases. Board, for those able to pay, ?10 per week in the wards. Vis. days —
S)in., Tues. and Fri., 2 to 3 P. M.

Supt., Miss Edna Chambers; Vis. Phys., C. I. Kyte, U. Allen, B. P. Craig,
R. W. Gelbach, C. A. Gilchrist; Vis. Surgs., G. K. Dickinson, .T. J. Baumann,

F. D. Gray, H. Spence: Consult. Staff, E. G. Janeway, L. A. Stirason, W. M.
Leszynsky, J. A. Winters, A. McCosh: Ophthal., T. R. Chambers, D. S. Ilar-
ilenberg; Path, and Bacteriol., G. E. MeLaughJin; Dermat., C. H. Purdv.

.JERSEY CITY HOSPITAL..— 44 Baldwin av. Tel. 1823 Bergen.
Ambulance District — City limits. No contagious diseases received. Applicants
admitted on application at hospital, or by order of any reputable physician of
Jersey City, and ambulance sent for patient. Vis. days — Sun. and Thurs.,
2 to 4 P. M.

Supt., C. S. Mason; Vis. Phys., W. J. Parker, I. Pyle, J. H. Finnerly,
N. L. Rowe; Vis. Surgs... T. J. McLaughlin, J. J. Baumann, F. D. Gray,
G K. Dickinson.

ST. FRANCIS' HOSPITAL.-HamiUon sq. Tel. 123. Under th«
charge of the Sisters of the Poor of St. Fiancis (R. C). Emergency cases
admitted at all hours; others must apply between 9 A. M. and 5 P. M. Con-
tagious or venereal diseases not admitted; chronic or incurable diseases only
when urgent symptoms exist and when there is a prospect of giving temporary
relief. A certificate from a reputable physician is required if the patient lives
outside of the city, or in case it is expedient for a member of the hospital
staff to make an examination before admission. Applications must be made
directly to the Sisters. Vis. days— Sun. and Thurs., 3 to 5 P. M.

Med. Director, J. D. McGill; Consult. Phys., J. L. Corning; Att'd Phys.,
W. J. Parker, J. C. Parson, E. Muhaney, S. H. Culver, W. L. Hetherington,
L. W. Dodson; Att'd Surgs., J. D. McGill, T. J. McLoughlin, M. Lampsoa,
C. D. Hill; Asst. Surgs., J. J. Mooney, E. P. Hart, G. M. Culver. A. P.
Hasking, J. M. B. Wainwrlght; Gynecol., O. R. Blanchard, W. F. Faison;
Asst. Gynecol., F. W. Mallalieu. A. Nelson, A. V. Piskorski, W. F. Ducket t,
E. H. Ames; Path., A. P. Hasking; Elect ro-Therap., E. Mulvaney; Dentist,

G. J. Hornung.



Hon. Consult., A. H. Smith, Phys.; R. Abb6, Surg., New York. Consult.
Phys., E. G. Roberts, Keyport; S. Johnson, Ocean Grove. Consult. Surgs., E.
Sternberger and J. A. Wyeth, New York; J. H. Van Mater, Atlantic High-
lands. Att'd Phys., H. E. Shaw. Long Branch; W. S. Whitmore, Red Bank;
S. J. Woolley, Long Branch. Att'd Surgs., E. F. Taylor, Mlddletown; E.
Field, Red Bank; D. McL. Forman, Freehold. Eye and Ear, W. K. Campbell.
Long Branch. Path., E. Field, Red Bank. Anaesthet., H. E. Shaw, Long
Branch. Asst. Ansssthet., H. B. Slocum. Ov.t-Patient Dept., Tr P. Rafferty,
Red Bank; H. B. glocum, Long Branch.



MOUNTAINSIDE IIOSPITAI..— Bay st. Tel. 107. Ambulance Dis-
trict— Montclair, Bloomfield, Glen Ridge, Verona, Caldwell. No chronic dis-
eases admitted. Ward for maternity and contagious diseases. . Vis. days—
Sou. and Wed., 2 to 4 P. M.

.Supt., Miss H. L. Joseplii; Pliys., H. C. Harris, Glen Ridge; W. H. White,
i;. M. Ward, Bloomfield; H. B. Whltehorne, Verona; As.sts., E. E. Bond,
Caldwell; L. W. Case, Montclair; H. Wallace, Glen Ridge; W. H. Van Glesen.
Bloomfield. Surgs., J. S. Brown, Montclair; 0. H. Bailey, Bloonfield; Assts.,
W. H. Areson, L. G. Love, T. Hanan, Montclair. Obstet., R. P. Francis,
Montclair. Asst., W. F. Riugland. Aneesthet, L. W". Halsey, Montclair.
Consult. Staff: E. T. Ill, Gynecol.; C. T. Kipp, Ocul. and AurUt; R. H. Sayre,
Orthop. ; W. B. Noyes, Neurol.; i:. Eliot, Jr., Surg.; R. C. Newton, Phys. Pliys,, K. Minanl.


AL.L SOLXS' HOSPITAL..— Mount Kernble av. Tel. 199. Ambulance
District— Morris and Sussex Counties, Basking Ridge and vicinity in Somerset
County. Contagious diseases, maternity cases and chronic diseases having no
prospect ot improvement not admitted. Patients able to pay are charged board.
Vis. days, 2 to 5 P. M. daily, e.xeept the last Sunday in the month.

Med. Director, S. Pierson; Vis. Phys., S. Pierson, F. W. Owen, C. Ander-
son; Vis. Surgs., H. A. Henriques, J. B. Griswold; Asst. Surgs., H. McMur-
trie, S. C. Haven, F. H. Glazebrook, C. Mills, M. Vaughan; Consult. Staff:
P. Syms, Surg.; E. J. Ill, Gynecol.; T. Y. Sutphen, Ophthal. ; F. Smith.
Laryngol; B. Sutphen, Asst. Ophthal, and Laryngol; H. A. Cossit, Path. ;
Consult. Phys., W. B. James; Consult. Neurol., D. B. Evans.


Med. Staff, G. A. Becker, A. A. Lewis, S. Pierson. A. Uebelacker, H. A.
Henriques, J. Douglas, F. W. Flagge; Assts., F. H. Glazebrook, S. C. Haven,
C. Mills; Consult. Surgs., E. J. Ill, J. C. McCoy, J. Fewsmitb; Consult. Phys.,
F. W. Owen, F. P. Kinnicutt, St. C. Smith, C. Anderson; Gynecol., E. J. Ill;
Asst., C. IH; Neurol., P. Bailey; Path., H. A. Cossitt; Nose, Throat, Eye and
Ear, L. L. Mial; Auxiliary Staff, H. S. Wheeler, F. H. Seward, A. B.
Coultas, J. W. r<"'arrow, E. P. Cooper, H. W. Kice.


BABIES' HOSPITAL.— 437 High st.

Atfd Phys.. H. L. Colt; Atfd Surg., B. Staehlia; Supt., C. E. Watklns.


77 Central av. Tel. 53. For treatment of nose and throat, 11 to 12; eye and
ear, 1.30 P. M., daily, except Sundays and holidays. Board for ward patients,
if able to pay, $7 per week. Vis. days— Tues., Fri. and Sun., 3 to 5 P. M.

Matron. Mrs. E. Kempf. Executive Surg., C. J. Kipp. Eye and Ear, daily,
2 to 3 P. M.: Att'd Surgs., C. J. Kipp, W. E. Cladek, M. Seidmann, W. P.
Eagleton, F. Webner; Assts., W. M. Brien, F. C. Jacobson. S. H. Baldwin,
J. Hemsath, R. H. Rogers, E. S. Sherman, S. Shailer, E. G. Wherry, G. F. M.
Lamont, A. B. Russell, W. O. G. Quimby, G. J. Holmes. Throat and Nose,
daily, 11 to 12: Consult. Surg., E. Holden; Atfd Surgs., E. Sealy. F. Smith,
M. Seidmann, R. H. Rogers, F. C. Jacobson.

GERMAN HOSPITAL, NEWARK.— Bank and Newton sts. Tel. 19.
All acute non-contagious cases, medical, surgical and obstetrical, recolved.
Occasionally chronic cases and children are admitted. Board, for those able to
pay, $5 per week in the wards. Apply to. Superintendent, Miss W. Kobbeloier,
and to the House Physician. Vis. days— Tues., Fri. and Sun., 2 to 4 P. M.

Vis. Staff. M. Seidman, W. F. Seidlef. E. Staehlln, W. J. Roeber. F.
Hexamer, C. L. Ill, E. Guenther, R. G. p. Dieftenbach; Consult. Staff, E. J.
Ill, C. J. Kipp.



ton av.

Supt., Miss N. R. Wilcox; Consult. Surgs., E. G. Tuttle, C. H. Helfrich,
\V. T. Helmuth; Consult. Pnys., J. L. Seward. F. B. Mandeville, W. H. Van-
denburg; Att'd Staff: C. A. Groves, Chief; Med.. H. H. Burnet, E. D. G.
Conkling, C. A. Grover, C. W. Harman, G. H. Richards, C. H. Shelton;
Surg., F. C. Bunn, E. H. Baldwin, W. F. Beggs, A. F. Thompson, W. A.
Wakely, C. H. Wintsch; Asso. Staff, F. S. Carpenter, W. H. Cooke, H. W.
Foster, B. W. Giveans. M. J. Laurence. I. A. Meeker, W. Post, H. Rogers,
A. B. Twitchell, F. C. Woodruff.

HOSPITAL. OF ST. BARNABAS— High and Montgomery sts. In
charge of the Episcopal Sisterhood of St. Margaret. No ambulance. Admis-
sion—between 9 A. M. and 5 P. M. Patient* must apply in person at the
hospital where they will be e.xamined and admitted. If unable to apply in
person, they are required to present a written diagnosis from a physician In
good standing. Emergency cases may be admitted at any hour. No infectious
o." contagious disease or delirium tremens admitted. Board in general wards,
for those abl^ to pay, $7 for adults and $2 per week for children. Vis. days—
Tues.. Thurs. and Sun., 2 to 3 P. M.

Supt., Sister Emma; Att'd Phys., J. F. Hagar, C. Young, W. S. Disbrow,
W. H. McKenzie; Att'd Surgs., W. J. Chandler, A. Mercer, C. D. Bennett,
L. E. Hollister, E. J. Ill; Consult. Staff, J. Elliott, D. M. Dill, D. M.
Skinner. E. Holden. H. C. Bleyle; Gynecol, and Supt. Lying-in Dept.. E. J.
Ill; C. L. Ill, E. E. Guenther, G. Palmer, Assts. ; Ophthal.. C. J. Kipp;
Electro-Therap., E. Guenther: Path., W. S. Disbrow; Consult. Dermat.,
H. P. J. Wallhauser; Consult. Laryngol., T. W. Corwin; Dentist, C. W. F.

and S. 10th st.

Att'd Surgs.. E. Sealy, A. B. Nash; Assts.. H. Ost. W. F. Shick, C. Griffiths,
G. Rogers. R. Whitenack. E. Van Duyne, E. W. Murray, W. F. Keim, S.

NEWARK CITY HOSPITAL.— 116 Fairmont av. Under the control
of the Board of Health of the city of Newark. Vis. days— Sun. and Wed., 2.30
to 4.30 P. M.

Supt., C. E. Talbot; Vis. Surgs., C. E. Sutphen, E. Staehlin, C. Randall.
F. R. Haussling, E. Zeh Hawkes, E. Guenther, S. Twinch; Vis. Phys.. C. F.
Underwood, A. C. Dougherty, A. -K. Baldwin, E. W. Murray; Ophth. and
Otol.. C. J. Kipp; Dermat., H. J. F. Wallhauser; Path., C. E. Teeter.

ST. MICHAEL'S HOSPITAL.— 304 High st. Tel. 84. In charge of
the (R. C.) Sisters of the Poor of St. Francis. No ambulance. Admission be-
tween 8 A. M. and 5 P. M. Emergency cases admitted at any hour. Apply to
the Sisters with a note from a reputable physician. The poor received free;
others required to pay a moderate sum. Applicants from outside the city of
Newark must bring a note from their pastor or employer, or from the Overseer
of the Poor of their township. Vis. days— Sun. and Thurs., 3 to 5 P. M.

Med. Staff: Med. Dir., E. J. Ill; Surgs., J. Fewsmith, W. D. Mitchell, J. F.
Hagertv; Phys., E. P. Courtright, R. G. Stanwood. C. E. Teeter, W. Gauch;
Enier. Surgs., J. C. Young, H. C. H. Hfcrold; Emer. Phys., H. C. Bleyle.
House Staff: Surgs.. H. C. Cory, D, L. McCormick, A. B. Russell; Phys.,
A. M. Mills, J. D. Lippincott, F. S. Gordon; Asst. Phys., L. B. Kirkman,
G W. Davies, H. A. Scheppach; Asst. Surgs., J. L. Fewsmith, W. J. Ward,
W. H. A. Warren; Clin. Surgs., J. C. Winans, S. B. W. Leyenberger, H. W.
Long. R. L. Banister; Asst. Clin. Surgs., J. C. Froelich. B. S. Van Dyke,
H. B. Campbell. C. F. Merrill. Eye and Ear Dept.: Surg.. T. Y. Sutphen,
Asst. Surgs.. J. H. Clark. R. L. Potter, S. W. Nolte, E. B. Sutphen, C. H.
Schlichter. Throat Dept.: Surg., T. W. Corwin; Asst. Surgs., C. B. Griffiths.
E. W. Murray. J. A. Cunningham, E. B. Sutphen. Dermat. Dept.: Suig.. J.
Fewsmith; Asst. Surgs.. E. G. Marks, W. Keim.


WOMAN'S HOSPITAL.— 304 High st. A department of St. Michael's
Hospital under the charge of the (R. C.) Sisters of the Poor of St. Francis.

Surgs., E. J. III., C.,L. 111.; Asst. Surgs., W. Petry, A. A. Strasser, F. R.
Hau£ling, A. S. Harden, C. W. Buvinger; Clin. Asst., H. R. Widmer.


M. Miller.

Med. Staff: F. M. Donohue, Pres. ; D. C. English, Sec; C. V. Butler. S.
V. D. Clark, H. G. Cooke. F. M. Donohue, D. C. English, B. Gutmanc, F.
E. Rlra, A. L. Smith.


SARY.— 148 Scotland st. Tel. 697L. Accommodates ten patients. Dispensary
hours, 3 to 5 P. M., semi-weekly.

Atfd Staff, R. E. Soule, Surg.-ln-Chief ; H. A. Pulsford. Asst. Surg.;
Consult. Surgs.. T. W. Harvey, J. H. Bradshaw; Consult. Phys.. T. S. P.
Fitch. M. Runyon; Consult. Orthop., R. A. Hibbs; Ophthal. and Aurist, L.

ORANGE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL.— 224 Essex av. Tel. 25.
Ambulance— For particulars apply to Record Ambulance oflBce, Essex av.
Acute non-contagious diseases admitted betvyeen 9 A. M. and 5 P. M. ; emer-
gency cases at any hour. A limited number of incurables received, provided
they pay not less than $6 per week. Medical, surgical and maternity wards,
and wards for children and for phthsical cases. Board, for those able to pay,
$6 per week in the wards. Cases admitted on a physician's certificate. Vis.
days— Tues. and Fri., 2.30 to 4.30 P. M. ; Sun.. 10 to II A. M.

Supt.. M. W. McKechnie; Vis. Phys.. T. S. P. Fitch. M. Runyon, H. E.
Matthews. J. M. Maghee; Vis. Surgs., W. J. Chandler. T. W. Harvey, J. H.
Bradshaw, W. B. Graves; Junior Vis. Staff, H. A. PuLsford, R. D. Freeman,
W. Dodge, A. W. Bingham, C. R. Neare, E. C. Seibert, D. A. Cater. L. Emer-
son, S. G. Lee, R. Hunt; Emeritu.s Member, C. Buttner; Path.. D. W. Poor;
Curator, Walter Dodge; Ophthal., L. Emerson; Consult. Ophthal.. T. Y.
Sutphen. T. R. Chambers; Anaesthetist. C. R. Neare.


PAS.SAIC GENERAIi HOSPITAL.— Lafayette av. Tel. 180. Non-
contagious diseases received between 9 A. M. and 5 P. M. ; emergency cases
at any hour. Vis. days— Mon.. Wed. and Fri., 2 to 3; Tues.. Thurs. and Sat..
7 to 8 P. M.

Supt.. Rev. A. I. Martine; Vis. Phys.. C. Van Riper, J. J. Sullivan, G. S.
Davenport, A. W. Van Riper; Vis. Surgs., G. J. Van Schott, G. Van Vranken,
H. Drews, W. H. Carroll; Gynecol., P. A. Harris, H. Williams; Ophthal.,
W. E. Chase; Obstet., A. W. Van Riper; Path., P. R. Sandt; Laryngol..
R F. C. Demarest; Anaesthet., P. Terhnne.


Vis. Phys., E. DeBaun, Passaic; H. H. Hollidter, Rutherford; K. O. Cypneis,
Belleville; II. F. Datesman, Passaic; A. Drury, P. P. Ekings, Paterson. Vis.
Surgs., C. A. Church, Passaic; C. H. Church, Paterson; F. D. Vreeland, Pater-
son; H. C. Reynolds, Passaic; J. Crooks, D. J. Gaf lough. Paterson. Consult.
Phys.. J. I. Seward, Orange; F. B. Maudeville. J. K. Mulholland, Newark;
St. C. Smith, New York; P. S. Kinnie, Paterson; N. C. Ricardo, Passaic.
Consult. Surgs., W. T. Helmuth, S. F. Wilcox, G. W. Roberts, E. G. Tuttle,
J. H. Thompson, New York. AnaBr^thet., J. E. Meeker, Montclalr. Consult.
Anaesthet., T. D. Buchanan, New York.



PATER SON GENERAL. HOSPITAL.-Market st. and Madison av.
Tel. 974. Ambulance service. Patients are examined and passed for admissiou
by the House Physician. Contagious diseases not received. Vis. days— Tues.,
Thurs., Sat. and Sua., 2 to 3.

Supt. J. H. ^tohlman, Jr.; Consult. Phys., J. J. Leal; Coasult. Surg.,
R. J. Marsh; Vis. Phys.. W. K. Newton, J. M. Stewart, J. R. Merrill; Via.
Snrgs., B. L. Magenuis, J. C. McCoy; Gynecols., G H. Balleray, P. A. HaiTis;
Ophthal., \V. B. Johnson.

ST. JOSEPK^S HOSPITAL..— Main st. In charg* of the Sisters of

Consult., F. Hartley, G. \V. Jarman, W. Blundell; Vis. Surgs.. E. F.
Denner, W. Keer; Assts., J. V. Bergin, F. B. Donohue; Vis. Phys., J. O'Don-
nell, C. M. Campbell, C. H. Scribner; Assts., J. A. Brown, J. F. Briody;
Special Surg. Dis. of Women. C. J. Kane; Asst., G. J. Koch; Dls. Eye, Ear,
Nose and Throat, J. W. Atkinson, E. I. Henion.


PERTH AMBOY CITY HOSPITAL— New Brunswick av. Tel. 204 .

Supt., Miss B. M. Bamber; Consult. Staff, E. J. Ill, G. E. Brewer. A
Lambert, J. A. Booth, E. S. Thomson, T. P. Berens; Vis. Staff. J. G. WlLson,
F. C. Henry. G. W. Tyrrell, W. E. Ramsay, J. L. Lund, F. W. KItchel.


3IUHLENBERG HOSPITAL.— Park av. and Randolph rd. Tel. 47.
Ambulance, 125 North av. (Tel. 10). Apply to hospital for permission to use
sa.iEe. Contagious and venereal diseases. Insanity, acute alcoholism, and
chronic diseases, ordinarily deemed incurable, not admitted, except for eraer-
geucy treatment. Physicians not on the hospital staff may treat their private
cases in the hospital, subject to regulations. Vis. days— Sun., Tues. and Fri..
2 to 4 P. M.

Supt.. Miss H. E. "Ulldey; Vis. Phys., T. H. Tomlinson, N. H. Probasco,
J. H. Carman, J. H. Zeglio; Vis. Surgs.. M. B. Long, E. W. Hedges, W. H.
Murray, B. Van D. Hedg3s; Ophthal. and Otol., W. C. Boone, F. C. Ard; Path,
and Bacteriol., "W. H. Anthony; Consult. Staff: M. A. Starr, Phys.; J. E.
Janvrin, Gynecol. ; W. T. Bull, G. W. Eudicott, J. B. Probasco, Surgs. ; E. J.
Ill, Gynecol. ; H. Smith, Laryngol. ; D. W. Hunter, Ophthal. ; J. D. Richards,


SOMERSET HOSPITAL..— Admission— All cases except contagious dis-
eases, and chronic cases In which there is no hope of benefit.

Head Nurse, Miss E. C. Friel; Phys., C. R. P. Fisher, J. F. McWilliam,
T. H. Flynn, C. F. Halsted; Surgs., J. P. Hecht, A. L. Stillwell, W. H.
Long, Jr. ; Consult. Staff, E. J. Ill, Gynecol. ; C. J. Kipp, Ophthal. and Otol. ;
A. L. Fisk, F. N. Donohue, Surgs. ; R. G. Freeman, Phys. ; W. K. Simpson,
Laryngol. ; E. E. Smith, Path.



Supt., Miss C. E. McCabe; Phys., J. F. Ackerman, J. H. Bryan. H. B.
Alday, G. D. Fay, E. P. Upham, C. A. Norris; Surgs., W. H. Bishop, F. C.
Buna, B. H. Garrison; Gynecol., E. G. Tuttle; Obstet., J. Ackerman;
Children, R. W. Herbert; Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, C. C. Straughu;
Anre.sthet., F. E. Voorhees; Res. Phys., M. Johnson.


MERCER HOSPITAL..— Dispensary 11 A. M. daily.

Med. Director, W. Elmer; Consult. Surgs., J. M. Wells; Consult. Phys., W.
Elmer, S. S. Strj'ker; Att'd Surgs., T. H. Mackenzie, A. Armstrong. N. B.


Oliphant; G. H. Parker, D. F. Weeks, D. B. Ackley, H. M. Anderson, Assts. ;
Att'd Phys., C. J. Craythorn, G. R. Moore, W. A. Clark, G. H. Parker; G. M.
Ridgway, C. H. Holcombe. F. Harris, Assts.: Gynecol., J. B. Shaw, E. S.
Hawke; R. H. C. Phillips, A. D. Hutchinson, Assts.; Ophthal., C. F. Adams-.
C. J. Craylhorn, Asst. : Path., G. M. Ridgway: C. H. Waters, Asst. ; Auxiliary
Staff, C. H. Waters, W. S. Collier, E. J. Gordon, C. H. Holcombe, P. I. Cort,
\V. I. Harmon, W. D. Stevensoa, C. .T. Craythorn.


Vis. Phys., J. McGuire, W. S. Collier, W. L. Wilbur; Vis. Surgs., G. M. J.
Sommer, M. W. Reddan, H. B. Costill; Vis. Oculist, J. H. Dewey.


wick av. Tels., 603 Bell, Interstate 13. Hours, 9.30 to 11 A. M., 1.30 to 5
P. M. Supt.. W. B. Kents.

Med. Board: H. Ivins, Pres. ; W. T. Rogers, Vice-Pres. Staff: W. G. McCul-
lough. Consult. Obst. ; V. A. H. Cornell, Obst. ; A. W. Atkinson, Gynecol.;
H. Ivins. Ophthal.: Assts., A. S. Fell, W. T. Rogers; Surgs., J. H. Mc-
CuHough, Chief; C. A. Leigh, Asst.; Path., W. T. Rogers; Anest., D. P.
Brown; Asso., C. W. Perkins, J. C. Shinn, Drs. Lehmann, Heritage, Reeves,
Allen, Teabeau and Doan.



CAMDEN CITY DISrENSARY".— 725 Fcleral st. Tel. 33-1. 8 A. M.
to 7 P. M. ; Sun. 12 to 1. Venereal diseases not treated or prescribed for.
Members of the Camdcu City Medical Society can ii*jud prescriptions for poor
patients to be compounded free of cliarge; but the name of the patient and the
prescription must be registered in the Dispensary register. July to September
Dispensary closes at 6 P. M.

Med. and Surg. Staff, C. G. Hummel, W. H. Pratt, L. B. Hirst, J. H.
Wills, H. M. Serin, W. I. Kelcher, J. T. White, J. E. Roberts, M. M,
Osmun, T. Lee, E. W. Rossell; Eye, R. Casperson; District Phys., J. H.
Wills, W. H. Pratt; Microscopist, L. B. Hirst; Dentist. B. E. Fortiner.


sey and Reld sts. Open daily for visitors, 2 to 4 and 6 to 7 P. M. (See
Hospitals. )

Supt., A. F. Knowles.


CHRIST HOSPITAL DISPENSARY.— 176 Palisade av. General
Dispensary open daily. Sun. excepted, 11.30 A. M. to 12.30 P. M. Eye, Ear,
Kose and Throat, Tues. and Fri., 2 to 3 P. -M.

Dispensary Staff, J. C. Parsons, Chief; L. Franklin, R. Clute, J. G. Enright,
H. E. Woelfle, Phys. ; G. D. Fyfe, H. S. Forman, W. Frelle, C. L. Mc-
Merritt, Surgs. ; H. J. Bogardns, Orthop. Surg. ; J. C. Parsons, Gynecol.

Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, Mon. and Thurs., 2 to 3, W. Pyle, E. L. Bull
and House Staff; Skin, Mon., 3 P. M., C. H. Purdy; Women, Mon. and
Thurs., 11 A. M., J. M. Rector and House Staff; Women, Tues. and Fri..
11 A. M., J. J. Mooney and House Staff; Surgery, daily, except Sun., at 10,
J. D. Keegan and House Staff; Gen. Med., daily, except Srni., at 2 P. M.,
T. J. McGeary and House Staff.


daily, except Sun. and holidays, 11 to 12, and Wed., 2 to 4.

Phys. and Surgs., F. F. Carman, J. D. Moore, A. E. Wrenseh, J. A.
ADis, J. S. Wolfe; Phys. to Women and Children, Stella S. Bradford; Ophthal.,
Ralph Opdyke.


daily, except Sun. and legal holidays, at 12 M., for the poor only. Gynecol.,

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