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Sevier. J. T. Asheville

Sexton, C. H Dunn

Shafer, I. E Gold Hill

Shaffner, T. F., Sr. (Hon.)__Winston-


Shamburger. J. B Star

Shaw, W. D. Wagram

Sherrill, C. L Statesville

Shields, H. B Carthage

Shore, C. A Raleigh

Shore, T. W Boonville

Shuford, J. H. Hickory

Name. Address.

Shull. J. R Cliflfside

Shupps. G. W Newton

Sigmon. F. G Spencer

Sikes, G. L Salemburg

Sikes, G. T. (Hon.) Grissom

Siler, F. L Franklin

Simmons. J. () Charlotte

Simpson. J. R Conetoe

Sink. C. S North Wilkesboro

Skinner. L. C Greenville

Slate, W. C Danbury

Sloan, Henry lugold

Sloan, H. L. Lincolnton

Sloan. J. M Gastonia

Slocumb. R. R. Wilmington

Sloop, E. H Crossnore

Sloop, Mary M Ci'ossnore

Smart, J. B Forest City

Smith. A. T Greensboro

Smith. P.. R. Asheville

Smith, F. Linden

Smith, G. A Black Creek

Smith, H. T Anna

Smith. J. B Pilot Mountain

Smith. J. McN. Rowland

Smith. O. F Scotland Neck

Smith. Owen Asheville

Smith, R. A. (Hon.) Goldsboro

Smith. R. W Hertford

Smith. W. F Chadbourn

Smith, W. H Mount Olive

Smithwick. J. E Jamesville

Smoot, J. E Concord

Smoot, M. L. Fayetteville

Snipes, E. P. Jonesbo-ro

Somers, L. P O.sbornville

Sorrell. L. P Raleigh

Spainhour, E. H Winston

Speight, J. W. Roper

Speight. R. H.. Sr. ( Hon.) ..Whitakers.

R. F. D. 1

Spencer. F. B Salisbury

Si>encer. W. O Winston

Spoon. O. A. Revolution

Spoon, O. S. Greensboro

Spruill. J. L.__^ Columbia

Squires. J. W Charlotte

Stack. R. E Bakersville

Stamps. Thomas Lumber Bridge

Stancell, R. H Margarettsville

Stancell, W. W Raleigh

Stanton. D. A High Point

Staton. L. T Tarboro



Name. Address.

Steele, E. S Hickory

Stephenson, M. R Seaboard

Stevens, J. A Clinton

Stevens, M. L Aslieville

Stevens. S. A Monroe

Stewart. H. D Monroe

Stewart. J. J Conover

Stokes, J. E Salisbury

Storie, J. G Proctor

Stovall, Arnold Wilmington

Street. M. E Glendon

Strickland, E. F Betliauia

Strickland, .T. A Zebulon

Strickland. J. T Nashville

Strickland, W. J Moncure

Stringfield, S. L Waynesville

Stringfield, Thomas Waynesville

Strong, C. M Charlotte

Strosnider, C. F Wilmington

Stroud, O. B Ore Hill

Strowd, W. A Rougemont

Summer. T. W. Fletcher

Sumniorell. E. X. (H(m.) China

Grove, R. F. D.

Summers. .T. W Charlotte

Sumner, W. J Randleman

Sutton, J. R Elk Park

Swann, J. F Seniora

Sweaney, John Leaksville

Swett, W. P Southern Pines

Swindell, C. L Wilson

Tankersley, J. W. Greensboro

Tate, C. S. Ramseur

Tate, W. C.-, Banners Elk

Tayloe, A. K Washington

Tayloe, D. T Washington

Tayloe, Josh. Washington

Taylor, B. C Stanley

Taylor, F. R High Point

Taylor, I. M. (Hon.) Morganton

Taylor, M. M Nebo

Taylor, T. G Leaksville

Taylor, W. I Kerr

Taylor, W. L Stovall

Taylor, W. S Mount Airy

Teague, R. J. Durham

Templeton, J. M Cary

Tennent, G. S. Aslieville

Terrell, A. J Black Mountain

Terry, J. R Lexington

Terry, P. R Asheville

Terry, W. C Hamlet

Xante. Address.

Thames, John Wilmington

Thigpen, W. J Tarboro

Thomas, G. G. (Hon.j Wilmington

Thomas, W. N Oxford

Thompson, A. F. Troy

Thompson, Cyrus Jacksonville

Thompson, C. D Lincoluton

Thompson, Fred Pine Bluff

Thompson, J. B Bostic, R. F. D.

Thompson, J. R Wananish

Thompson, N. A Lumbertou

Thompson, S. R Charlotte

Thompson, S. W Neuse

Thompson, W. A Rutherfordton

Tidwell, J. E Andrews

Tilson, J. C Marshall

Townsend, M. L North Wilkesboro

Trantham, H. L. (Hon.) Salisbury

Trippe, C. M. Charlotte

Troxler. R. M Burlington

Turner, H. G Raleigh

Tucker, H. McK Raleigh

Tucker, J. H Charlotte

Tull, Henry (Hon.) Kinston

Turlington, H. C Cooper. R. F. D.

Turner. J. A High Point

Turner. J. M North Wilkesboro

Turner, J. P Gx'eeusboro

Tnttle, A. F Spray

Tuttle, R. G. Walnut Cove

Twitty, J. C Rutherfordton

Tyson, T. D Pleasant Garden

Underbill, H. P Wendell

Underwood, O. E Roseboro

Upchurch, R. T Henderson

Utley, H. H Benson

Valk. A. deT Winston

VanPoole, C. M. (Hon.) Salisbury

Vernon, J. W Morganton

A'estal, W. J Lexington

Vick, G. D Selma

VonRuck, K. Asheville

VonRuck, S. H Asheville

Wadsworth, W. H. Concord

Wakefield, H. A Charlotte

Wakefield, W. H._ Charlotte

Walker, C. E Charlotte

AValker, H. D Elizabeth City

Walker, L. A Burlington

Walker, W. E Burlington



Name. Address.

Wall, R. L Winston

Wallace, J. W Concord

Wallis, W. J Brevard

Ward, F. A Ryland

Ward. H. D Southport

Ward, I. A Belvidere

Ward, J. E Robersouville

Ward, V. A Robersonville

Ward, W. H. (Hon.) Plymouth

Warllck, E. S Morganton

Warren, R. F Prospect Hill

Warren, R. L. Dunn

Warren, W. E. Williamston

Washburn, B. E.__Port-of-Spain,

Trinidad, B. W. I.

Watkins, F. B Morganton

Watson, J. B Raleigh

Watson, Leon Broadway

Watts, R. E Oriental

Way, J. H Waynesville

Weaver, H. B. (Hon.) Asheville

Weaver, W. J Asheville

Webb, B. G Andrews

Webb, L. H Chapel Hill

Webb. S. E Draper

Webb, W. P Rockingham

Wellborn. W. R Elkin

Wessell, J. C Wilmington

West, A AValstonburg, R. F. D.

West, G. H Newton

West, Lewis Raleigh

West, R. M Salisbury

Wharton. L. D Smithfield

Whisnant, A. M Charlotte

Whitaker, A. C Julian

Whitaker, F. A Kiuston

Whitaker, F. S. Kinston

Whitaker, J. D Raleigh

Whitaker, R. A. (Hon.) Kinston

AVhitaker, R. P. Whiteville

White, J. W Wilkesboro

Whitehead, J. P Rocky Mount

Whitehead, J. W. (Hon.) Salisbury

Whitfield, W. C Grifton

Whitley, A. 1). N Unionville

Whitley, D. P Albemarle

Whittington. .7. B Winston

Whittington. W. P. ( Hon. )__ -Asheville

Whittington. W. W Snow Hill

Wilcox, J. W Laurel Hill

Note. — The names of the foHowiii}; physicians have been reported twice :
.Tames. W. D. Moore. C. E.

Long, B. L. Neal, .T. W.

In each case two different addresses are given for these names, and they are reported as
members of two different county societies.

Name. Address.

Wilkersou, C. B. Apex

Wilkerson, C. E Randleman

Watkins, R. B Raeford

Wilkins, S. A Dallas

Williams, A. F Wilson

Williams, B. B Greensboro

Williams, C. B Elizabeth City

Williams, J. A Greensboro

Williams, J. D Guilford

Williams, J. H. (Hon.) Asheville

Williams, J. M Warsaw

Williams, J. 'W Everetts

Williams, T. R Venable

Willingham, B. J Wilmington

Wilmerding, W. E Selma

Wilson, A. R. (Hon.) Greensboro

Wilson, C. L Lenoir

Wilson, F. G Gastonia

Wilson, N. G Snmmerfleld

Wilson, J. E Canton. R. F. D.

Wilson, R. B Newton Grove

Wilson. W. E Sherrell's Ford

Wilson. W. P Madison

Windley. C. T Belhaven

Wiseman, C. B Henrietta

Witherbee, W. 1) Charlotte

Wither.spoon, B. J. Charlotte

Woltz, J. L Mount Airy

Wood, E. J Wilmington

Wood, J. W Shelby, R. F. D. :]

Woodard, A. (J Princeton

Woodard, C. A Durham

Woodson, C. W Salisbury

Woody, S. B Spring Creek

Wooten, A. M Pinetops

Wrenn, Frank Siler City

Wright, J. B Raleigh

Wright, S. G.-. Elizabeth City, R. F. D.
Wright, T. H Charlotte

Yarborough, R. F Louisburg

Yokeley, R. V Lexington

York, A. A Linwood. R. F. D. 2

York, H. B. Williamston

Young, J. J Clayton

Young. L. B Rolesville

Yow, I. A. Georgeville

Zimmerman. R. U Lexington


Note. — Every physician in tlie State wliose name we could secure has had an oppor-
tunity to supply correct information as to his name, post-office, academic and medical
education, date of State license, and date the State Society was joined. A few did not
take advantage of the opportunity, however. Any one finding an error should report it
to the secretary of the society, so that the report for next year will be correct.



yame and Address. Licensed. State



Secretary, J. J. Barefoot. Graham

Anderson, C. A., Burlinicton 189:5 1890

P. and S.. Bait.. 1901.

(Joley. W. R„ Graham 1885 1893

P. and 8.. Bait.. 1885.

MfPherson, C. W.. Biirlmgton

Moser. W. D.. Burlinutou

Pickett. J. A.. Bnrliugton. R. F. I). 1

Troxler. R. M., Burlington 1914 1915

Univ. of Md.. 1914.

Walker. L. A., Burlington 1899

l^niv. Coll. of Med.. Va.. 1898.

Walker, W. E.. Burllngtini




Ghoate, B. O., Sparta 1908 1910

Med. Coll. of Va.. 1908.

Smith, H. T.. Anna 1908 1915

Med. Coll. of Va.. 1908.



Secretary, Mary M. Sloop, Crossnore 1906 1913

Woman's Med. Coll. of Pa.. 1906.

Buchanan. C. L.. Plumtree 1910 1911

Tenu. Med. Coll., 1910.

Hodges, J. M.. Cranberry 1906

Univ. of Md.. 1904.

Proffltt. Myrtle. Elk Bend

Sloop. P]. H.. Crossnore 1905 1909

N. C. Med. Coll., 1905; .Teff. Med. Coll.. 190S.

Sutton. ,J. R., Elk Park 1909 1911

Univ. of the South. 1904.

Tate. W. C. Banners Elk 1 __- 1909 1912

Tenn. Med. Coll.. 1908.


President, ,T. G. Bkmnt. Washington 1892 1892

Beilevue Med.. 1892.

Secretary. H. W. Carter, Washington 1895 1910

Uuiv. of Va., 1895.



X<niic ami Address. Licensed. State


Hunter, H. H.. Piuetowii 1901 1904

Med. Coll. of Va., 1901.

Jackson, C. C. Yeatesville

Nicholson. J. L.. Washington 1880

Univ. of N. Y., 1875.

Nicholson. .J. T.. Bath 1885 1885

P. and S.. Bait.. 1885.

Nicholson. P. A.. Wa.^^hington 1889 1890

P. and S., Bait., 1889.

Nicholson. S. T.. Washington 1885 1902

P. and S., Bait., 1881.

Potter. W. T.. Edward 1910 1910

Med. Coll. of Va., 1910.

Rodman. .J. C.. Washington 1892 1895

Bellevue Med. Coll., 1892.

Tayloe. A. K.. Washington 1896 1896

Univ. Coll. of Med., Va., 1897.

Tayloe. D. T.. Washington 1885 1885

Bellevue Med. Coll., 1885.

Tavloe. Josh.. Washington 1892

Bellevue Med. Coll., 1892.

Windley. C. T.. Belhaven 1893 1893

P. and S.. Bait.. 1893.



Secretan/. J. L. Pritchard, Windsor 1906 1907

P. and S., Bait.

Evans. L. B.. Windsor 1900 1904

Univ. Coll. of Med.. Va., 1900.

Sawyer, C. J., Windsor

P. and S., Bait.


President. A. B. Holmes. Council 1910

Jefferson Med. Coll.. 1910.
Ffecretary. N. P. Liles. Elizabethtown 1911

S. C. Med. Coll.. 1911.

Clark. E. S.. Chirktou

Clark, G. L., Clarkton 1904

Univ. of N. Y.. 1876.

Cromartie, R. S.. Garland

Lucas. W. H. G.. White Oak 1875

Univ. of Phila.. 1870.

Robinson, Newton. Elizabethtown 1904

Univ. of Pa., 1869.


President. E. G. Goodman. Lanvale 1891 1892

I^niv. of Md., 1891.

Secretary. J. A. Dosher. Southport 1903 1903

Bait. Med. Coll., 1903.

Dickie, H. G.. Town Creek

Goley, W. R., Shallotte 1901

Univ. Coll. of Med., Va.. 1901.

Ward, Hugh I).. Southport 1914 1914

Univ. of Pa., 1914.



Name and Address. Licensed. State


President, E. B. Glenn, Asheville 1896 1899

.Jefferson Med. Coll., 1896.

Secretary, G. S. Tennent. Aslieville 1894 1894

N. C. Med. Coll., 1894.

Adams. J. L.. Asheville 1910 191.3

Jefferson Med. Coll., 1910.

Ambler, C. P., Asheville 1890 1891

West. Reserv., 1889.

Anderson, J. G.. Asheville 1906 1908

Univ. of N. C, 1906.

Archer, I. J., Black Mountain 1905 1906

Northwestern, 1896.

Ballard, A. M., Asheville 1889 1904

Harvard, 1868.

Battle, S. W.. Asheville 1887 1887

Bellevue Med. Coll., N. Y., 1875.

Briggs, W. H.. Asheville 1901 1903

Yale, 1897.

Brookshire, H. G., Leicester 1905 1906

N. C. Med. Coll., 1905.

Brownson, W. S.. Asheville 1885 1896

Univ. of N. Y., 1878.

Buckner. J. M., Swamianoa 1909 1912

Univ. of N. C, 1908.

Buckner, R. G., Asheville 1907 1908

Univ. of Ark., 1897.

Callaway, A. W., Asheville 1899 1904

Chicago Med. School ; Harvard Med. School, 1895.

Carroll. J. L., Hookerton 1905 1905

Louisville Med. Coll., 1905.

Carroll, R. S.. Asheville 1905 1906

Sines, 1893 ; Rush, 1897.

Cheeseborough. T. P.. Asheville 1891 1899

Univ. of N. Y., 1891.

Clemenger, F. eL. Asheville 1903 1903

Univ. of Denver. Med. Dept., 1902.

Cocke. C. H., Asheville 1912 1913

Cornell, 1905.

Cocke, ,T. E., Asheville 1905 1905

Louisville Med. Coll., 1905.

Colby, C. DeW., Asheville 1909 1909

Army Med. School, 1895 ; Univ. of Mich., Med. Dept., 1893.

Costello. M. .!.. Asheville 1909 1911

Medico-Chirurgical. Phila., 1896.

Cotton, C. E., Black Mountain 1901 1901

Northwestern, 1889.

Davis, .L C. Candler ■ 1909 1911

Atlanta School of Med., 1901.

Dunn. W. L.. Asheville 1900 1900

Univ. of Mich., 1891.

Eckel, O. F., Asheville 1907 1908

Med. Coll. of S. C, 1906.

Elias, L. W.. Asheville 1906 1906

Columbia Univ., 1903.

Fletcher. M. H. (Hon. ), Asheville 1881 1881

•Bellevue Med. Coll., 1881.

Frazer. H. T.. Asheville 1908 1908

Coll. Phvs., N. Y., 1901.


Name and Address. Licensed. State


Gardener, G. D., Asheville 1908 1908

Lincoln Memorial, 1908.

Gill, J. N., Weaverville 1894 1892

Vairderbilt. Univ., 1889.

Greene. J. B.. Asheville 1910 1911

Univ. of Va., 1893.

Griffith, F. W.. Asheville 1911 1912

.Johns Hopkins, 1906.

Harris, I. A. (Hon.), Alexander 1885 1881

Jefferson Med. Coll., Phila.

Herbert, W. P.. Asheville 1910 1911

Univ. of Va., 1907.

Hollyday, W. M., Asheville 1914 1915

Univ. of Md., 1908.

Honnicutt, W. J.. Asheville 1908 1908

Univ. of Tenn., 1895.

Huston, J. W., Asheville 1912 1913

Rush, Chicago, 1904.

Johnson, Alice E., Asheville 1906 1907

Woman's Med. Coll., Pa.. 1905.

Jordan, C. S.. Asheville 1891 1899

Univ. of N. Y., 1899.

Lynch, J. M., Asheville 1912 1913

Univ. of Md., 1904.

McBrayer, L. B., Sanatorium 1891 1899

Louisville Med. Coll., 1889.

McCracken, C. M., Fairview 1896 1904

N. C. Med. Coll., 1896.

Miller, O. O., Asheville 1913 1915

Univ. of Louisville, 1911.

Minor, C. L., Asheville 1895 1895

Univ. of Va., 1888.

Morris, E. R.. Asheville ^___ 1896 1899

Louisville Med. Coll., 1896.

Orr. C. C, Asheville 1904 1907

Univ. of Md.. 1904.

Orr, P. B., Asheville 1901 1904

Jefferson Med. Coll., Phila., 1901.

Paquin, Paul, Asheville 1899 1899

Univ. of Mo., 1887.

Pritchard, Arthur T., Asheville 1905 1906

Jefferson Med. Coll., Phila., 1905.

Purefoy, G. W., Asheville 1884 1904

Jefferson Med. Coll., Phila., 1876.

Rakestraw, C. M., Asheville 1914 1915

Reeves, A. F., Asheville 1909 1910

George Washington Univ., 1906.

Reynolds, C. V., Asheville 1895 1896

Univ. of N. Y., 1895.

Rich, J. C, Candler 1908 1908

Univ. of Nashville, 1908.

Ringer, P. H.. Asheville 1906 1907

P. and S., N. Y., 1904.

Russell, E. R., Asheville 1895 1898

Univ. of Md., 1895.

Sevier, D. E.. Asheville 1895 1899

Jefferson Med. Coll., Phila., 1895.

Sevier, J. T., Asheville 1895 1899

Jefferson Med. Coll., Phila., 1895.


A((H(r (/;((/ AiUlicss. Licensed. State


Smith. B. R.. Asheville 191,3 igi,*]

Jefferson Med. Coll., Phila., 1911,

Smith, Owen, Asheville 1905 1905

Jefferson Med. Coll., Phila.. 1904.

Stevens. M. L.. Asheville 1892 1893

Bait. Med. Coll., 1891.

Terrell, A. J., Blacli Mountain 1908 1909

Univ. of N. C, 1908.

Terry, P. R.. Asheville 1912 191.'>

George Washington Univ.. 1906.

VonRuclc, K.. Asheville 1889 1889

Univ. of Tubingen, 1878.

VonRuck, S, H., Asheville 1899 1902

Bellevue Med. Coll., 1899.

Weaver, H. B. (Hon.), Asheville 1881 1881

W^ashington Univ., Bait., Md., 1872.

Weaver, W. J., Asheville 1915

Whittington, W. P. (Hon.), Asheville 1882 1882

P. and S., Bait., 1882.

AVilliams, John Hay (Hon.), Asheville 1881 1881

Med. Dept., Iowa S. Univ., 1863.


President, F. P.. Watkins. Morganton 1907 1910

Jefferson Med. Coll., Phila., 1907.

Secretary, W. R. Griffin, Morganton 1910 1913

Jefferson Med. Coll., Phila., 1910.

Anderson, J. R., Morganton 1885 1903

Tulane Univ., 1882.

Anderson, P. V.. Richmond, \a 1904 1906

Univ. of Va.. 1904.

Gayle, E. M.. Morganton 1902 1912

Univ. of Va., 1902.

Hall, J. K.. Richmond, Va 1906 1906

Jefferson Med. Coll., 1904.

Hennessee, E. A., Glen Alpine 1902 1904

U. S. Grant Univ., 1900.

Houck, Albert. Morganton 1891 1893

P. and S., Bait., 1884.

Long, B. L., Glen Alpine 1913 1914

N. C. Med. Coll., 1913.

McCampbell. John 1895 1899

Bait. Med. Coll.. 1894.

Moore, D. B.. Drexel 1913 1915

Univ. Coll. of Med., Va., 1913.

Phifer, E. W., Morganton 1902 1904

N. C. Med. Coll., 1901.

Riddle, J. B., Morganton 1904 1904

Vanderbilt Univ., 1898.

Ross, Charles E., Morganton 1889 1909

Univ. of Md., 1889.

Taylor, Isaac M. (Hon.), Morganton 1883 1883

P. and S., N. Y., 1882.

Vernon, J, W., Morganton 1909 1913

Jefferson Med. Coll., Phila.. 1909.

Warlick. E. S., Morganton 1881 1903

Vanderbilt Univ., 1881.



Xanic and Address. Licensed, iitate


President, J. E. Smoot. Coucord 1894 1902

Bait. Med. Coll., 189.3.

Secretanj, R. M. King. Concord 190.3 1905

Jefferson Med. Coll.. Phila.. 1903.

Black. J. C. Harrisburg 1886 1891

Univ. of Md.. 1886.

Buchanan. S. E.. Concord 1912 1914

Univ. of Md., 1912.

Bunn. J. J.. Mount Pleasant 1913 1915

N. C. Med. Coll., 1912.

Caldwell. D. G. (Hon.), Coucord 1885 1885

Univ. of Md., 1885.

Cauble. H. H.. Kannapolis . 1907 1910

N. C. Med. Coll., 1907.

Earnhardt. J. M., Mount Pleasant 1914 1915

Univ. Coll. of Med., Va., 1913.

Flow.s, J. W.. Kannapolis 1903 1903

N. C. Med. Coll., 1898.

Flows. M. A.. Kannapolis 1914 1915

N. C. Med. Coll., 1913.

Foil. M. A.. Mount Pleasant 1891 1908

Jefferson Med. Coll.. 1891.

Gouger, G. J.. Concord. R. F. D 1891 1899

Univ. of Md., 1891.

Grier, S. A.. Harrisburg 1885 1904

Jefferson Med. Coll.. 1879.

Lafferty. J. S.. Concord 1885 1890

Uuiv. of Md., 1881.

McFayden. P. R.. Concord 1901 1904

Med. Col!, of Va.. 1901.

Patter.son. John A.. Concord 1911 1912

Univ. Coll. of Med.. Va.. 1911.

Pemberton. W. D.. Concord 1887 1887

Univ. of Md.. 1887.

Pharr. T. F. (Hon.). Concord 1881 1881

Bellevue Med. Coll., 1877.

Rankin, S. W.. Concord 1912 1914

Jefferson Med. Coll.. Phila.. 1912.

Reed. .1. F.. Concord 1909 1912

Uuiv. of N. Y.. 1893.

Wadsworth. W. H.. Coucord 1913 1913

.Jefferson Med. Coll.. Phila.. 1911.

Wallace. J. W.. Coucord 1907 1908

N. C. Med. Coll.. 1907.

Yow, I. A.. Georgeville 1907 1910

N. C. Med. Coll., 1906.


President, B. G. Flowers, Granite Falls 1884 1904

Secretary, A. A. Kent. Lenoir 1885 1894

.Jefferson Med. Coll., Phila., 1885.

Bingham. G. P.. Lenoir 1913 1914

Hospital Med. Coll.. Atlanta. 1907.

Carter. G. H.. King's Creek 1904

Univ. of N. Y., 1877.




Name and Address. Licensed. State


Coftey, L. H.. Valmeacl 1!)0(> 190G

Med. Coll. of Va., 1906.

Corpening, O. J., Granite Falls 1906 1906

Med. Coll. of Va.

Goodman. A. B., Lenoir 1897 1904

N. C. Med. Coll., 1898.

Moore. J. C. Mortimer 1907 1908

Univ. Coll. of Med., Va., 1907.

Pitts, I. W., Lenoir 1901 1911

Uiiiv. of the South, Med. Dept., 1902.

Storie, J. G., Proctor 1898 1908

Tenn. Med. Coll., 1898.

Wilson, C. L.. Lenoir ' 1903 1905

U. S. Grant Univ., 1903.


President, C. L. Dmican, Beaufort 1902 1904

Univ. of Md., 1902.

Secretary, W. E. Headen, Morehead City 1890 1891

Univ. of Md., 1891.

Ball, M. W.. Newport 1911 1913

Bonner, K. P. B., Morehead City 1905 1905

Med. Coll. of Va., 1905.

George, David S.. Marshallburg 1903 1903

N. C. Med. Coll., 1903.

Maxwell, C. S., Beaufort 1899 1903

Univ. of the South, 1901.

Royal, B. F., Morehead City 1909 1909

Jefferson Med. Coll.. Phila., 1909.




Malloy, S. A., Yanceyville 1898 1903

Ky. School of Med., 1897.



Secretary, G. W. Shupps. Newton

Blackburn, T. C, Hickory

Campbell, J. R., Newton

Flowers, G. E., Hickory

Herman, F. L., Conover

Housacker, Charles G., Hickory

Long, Fred. Y., Catawba

Long, Glenn, Catawba

Long, T. W., Newton

Menzies, H. C, Hickory

Shuford. J. H., Hickory

Steele, E. S., Hickoi-y

Stewart, J. J., Conover

West, G. H., Newton

Wilson, W. E., Sherrill's Ford



Xamc and Address. Licensed. State


President. B. H. Hackney. Bymim 1911 1912

Tulane Univ., 1911.

Secretary. H. T. Chapin. Pittsboro 1S8G 1886

Louis. Med. Coll., 1886.

Denson. H. A.. Bennett 1913 1887

Coll. P. and S., Indianapolis, Ind., 1887.

Edwards, J. D.. Siler City 1894

Louis. Med. Coll., 1887.

Farthing, L. E., Pittsboro 1906 1906

Univ. of N. C, 1906.

Fields, R. M., Goldston 1909

Laster. P. D., Moncure, R. F. D. 1 188.1 1890

Louis. Med. Coll., 1875.

McManas, W. L., Bonlee 1912

Atlanta School of Med., 1900.

Palmer. R. W.. Gulf 1891 1891

Louisville Med. Coll., 1890.

Strickland. W. .L. Moncure 1890

Univ. of Md., 1890.

Stroud, O. B.. Ore Hill 1888 1892

P. and S., Bait.. 1877.

Wrenn, Frank, Siler City 1912

Jefferson Med. Coll.. Phila., 1912.


President. N. B. Adams, Murphy 1909 1909

Tenn. Med. Coll., 1896.

Secretarp. J. N. Hill, Murphy 1909 1909

Univ. of Louisville, 1909.

Heishway, S. C, Murphy 1898 1898

Med. Coll. of Ohio, 1885.

Herbert, F. L.. Andrews 1912 1912

Tenn. Med. Coll., Knoxville, 1904.

McKais, F. T.. Andrews 1906 1906

Alabama Medical Coll.. 1890.

Meroney, B. P.. Murphy 1908 1908

Gate City Med. Coll., Texas, 1906.

Morrow. W. C. Andrews 1909 1909

Atlanta School of Med., 1907.

Orr. C. v., Andrews 1909 1909

Univ. of Louisville, 1909.

Tidwell. J. E.. Andrews 1914 1915

Chattanooga Med. Coll.

Webb, B. G.. Andrews 1885 1885

Louisville Med. Coll., 1885.


President, .John H. McMullan. Edenton 1876 1876

Univ. of Md., 1876.

Secretary. H. M. S. Cason. Edenton 1899 1899

Univ. of Md., 1899.

Dillard, Richard (Hon.), Edenton

Newby. G. E., Hertford 1901

.Teffersou Med. Coll., Phila., 1900.



Xame and Address. Licensed. State


Smith, R. W.. Hertford 1892 1911

Univ, of Md., 1887,

Ward, F. A., Ryland__ 1899 1910

Med, Coll. of Va.. 1899.
Ward, I, A., Belvidere 1915


President, J. W. Wood, Shelby. R, F, D, 3_ 1903 1904

Louisville Med, Coll., 1892.

Secretari/, T. B, Gold, Lawndale 1914

Charlotte Med. Coll,

Champion, C. O., Mooresboro 1902 1904

Atlanta Med, Coll., 1887.

Ellis, R. C, Shelby 1904

Bait, Univ. School of Med., 1886,

Grigg, W, T„ Lawndale 1904 1904

Atlanta Med, Coll,, 1891.

Hamrick, T, G., Shelby 1895 1904

P, and S„ Bait,, 1895.

Houser, E. A., Fallston 1902 1904

Bait. Univ., 1902.

Hunt, J, F.. Casar 1900 1912

Uuiv, of Tenn,, 1900,

Lattimore, E, B., Shelby 1896 1904

Bellevue Med. Coll., 1898,

Lee, L, V., Lattimore 1897 1904

Atlanta Med, Coll,, 1894,

Mitchell, W. F.. Shelby 1900 1904

Univ. of Md., 1890.

Palmer, B. H., Shelby 1898 1904

Louisville Med, Coll,, 1896,

Royster, S, S., Shelby 1896 1904

Tennessee Med, Coll., 1890.


President, J. M. Northington. Boardman 1909 1910

Med. Coll, of Va„ 1905,

Secretary. R, C, Sadler, Whiteville

Floyd, A, G„ Fair Bluff 1887 1904

Univ, of Md„ 1885.

Maxvi-ell, H, B., Wliiteville 1902 1902

Uuiv, of Md„ 1902,

Moore. T. V.. Acme 1901 1901

Bait. Med, Coll,, 1901.

Munt, H, F,, Boardman

Smith, W, F,, Chadbourn 1904 1904

N, C, Med. Coll,, 1904,

Tliompson, J, R,. Wananish

Whitaker, R. B., Whiteville 1912 1912

Univ. Coll. of Med.. Va,


President, H, M, Bonner, New Bern 1897

Med, Coll, of Va.. 1897.
Secretary, G, A, Caton, New Bern 1898 1904

Med, Coll, of Va,, 1898,


Navic and Address. Licensed. State


Duffy, Lewiston, New Bern 1888

P. and S., Bait, 1889.

Duffy, R. N., New Bern 1907 1907

Johns Hopkins. 1906.

Gibbs. N. M.. New Bern 1895 1895

Univ. of Md.. 1896.

Jones. R. D., New Bern 1897 1897

Univ. of Md.. 1896.

Patterson. J. F., New Bern 1906 1906

Jefferson Med. Coll.. Phila., 1906.

Pollock. Raymond. New Bern 1900 1900

Jefferson Med. Coll.. Phila., 1899.

Primrose, R. S., New Bern 1890 1896

Bellevue Med. Coll.. 1889.

Pritchard, G. L.. Yanceboro 1913

Univ. Coll. of Med., Va.. 1913.

Rhem. J. F., New Bern 1893 1893

Bellevue Med. Coll., 1894.

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