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1867 there were mostly some fine specimens at
their annual Old-Master Exhibitions. This has
been continued by the Royal Academy from
1871 to the present day. In the winter of
1883^1 an Exhibition of 231 pictures by Sir
Joshua was held at the Grosvenor Gallery, at
which most of the more notable pictures in this list
were hung.

About 700 large contemporary plates were en-
graved after Reynolds, by McArdell, J. R. Smith,
Valentine Green, J. Watson, T. Watson, E. Fisher,
J. Dixon, R. Houston, W. Dickenson, J. Jones, G.
Marchi, Sharp, Doughty, Haward, Sherwin, and
other engravers of the eighteenth century. In 1873

Samuel Cousins commenced engraving large plates
after Sir Joshua, which he continued until shortly
before his death in 1887.

Following is a list of over 250 of Sir Joshua's
most important works, of which the date of paint-
ing is known arranged in chronological order so
as to show where the best pictures of any year may
now be found only a few fancy subjects included,
as the dates are unknown in many instances. It
is satisfactory to observe how few of the finer
pictures have left the country.

1746. Richard Eliot and Family. (Earl of St. Germans.)
1748. Mrs. Field. (Sir Robert Educumbe.)

Sir Joshua Reynolds. (National Portrait Gallery.)
1750. Captain Hon. John Hamilton. (Duke of Aber-

1753. Admiral Keppel. (Earl of Rosebery.)
William, third Duke of Devonshire. (Duke of


1754. Lady Anne Dawson. (Late J. S. Mori/an.)
Mrs. Bonfoy. (Earl of St. Garmams.)
Catherine, Lady Chambers. (Asher Wertheimer.)

1755. Admiral Boscawen. (Greenwich Hospital.)
Jane, Lady Cathcart, and Child. (Earl Cathcart.)
George, Lord Anson. (Earl of Lichfield.)
Colonel Charles Churchill. (Lady Michel.)
Frances, Countess of Essex. (Earl of Essex.)

1756. William, Earl of Bath. (Rev. G. Ley Woollcombe.)

1757. Horace Walpole. (Marquess of Lansdowne.)
Master Jacob Bouverie. (Earl of Radnor.)

1758. Lady Mary Coke. (Duke of Fife.)

Lady Betty Hamilton. (Earl of Normanton.)
Master Mudge. (Rev. J). Fox.)
Mrs. Horneek. (C. J. Wertheimer.)

1759. Anne, Countess of Albemarle. (National Gallery.)
Gertrude, Duchess of Bedford. (Duke of Bedford.)
Richard, Lord Boyle (Earl of Shannon). (Mn. C.

Morland Affnew.)

1760. Miss Greville and Brother. (Earl of Crewe.)
Elizabeth, Duchess of Hamilton. (Duke of Hamil-

Lord Ligouier. (National Gallery)
Nelly O'Brien. ( Wallace Collection.)
Lawrence Sterne. (Marquess of Lansdowne.)

1761. Miss Charlotte Fish. (H. L. Bischoffsheim.)
William, Earl of Bath. (National Portrait Gal-

Charles J. Fox and Ladies. (Earl of Ilchester.)
Garrick between Tragedy and Comedy. (Lord


Miss Jacobs. (C. Whitney, New York.)
Captain Orme. (National Gallery.)
Maria, Countess Waldegrave. (Earl Waldegrave.)
Ladies Amabel and Mary Yorke. (Earl Cowper.)

1762. Emma, Lady Edgcumbe. (Earl of Mount-Eda-


Miss Phyllis HurrelJ. (C. J. Wertheimer.)
Lady Elizabeth Keppel (Lady Tavistock). (Duke of

1763 Mrs. Lascelles and Child. (Earl of Harewood.)
James, Earl of Erroll. (Earl of Erroll.)
Sir Philip Ainslie. (Earl of Moray.)
John, Earl of Bute, and Secretary. (Marquess of

Charles James Fox. (Provost's Lodge, Eton.)

17C4. Miss Kitty Fisher. (Miss A. de Rothschild.)

William, Duke of Cumberland. (His Majesty.)
Anne, Duchess of Graf ton. (Duke of Graf ton.)
Mrs. Hale. (Earl of Harewood.)
Barbara, Countess o"f Coventry. (Agnew, 1896.)

1765. Dorothy, Countess of Fife. (Duke of Fife.)
Lady Sarah Bunbury. (C. J. Wertheimer.)
Mrs. Abingtou. (Miss A. de Rothschild.)
Alexander, Earl oi Eglintou. (His Majesty.)
Caroline, Duchess of Maryborough, and Child.

(Duke of Marlborottyh.)
Mary, Duchess of Ancaster. (Mar/juess of Chol-

Charles, Lord Camden. (Guildhall, London.)

1766. Hon. Henry Fane and Guardians. (New York

Museum. )
Oliver Goldsmith. (Duke of Bedford.)

1 J


1766. John, Marquess of Granby. (His Majesty.')
Mrs. Hoare and Child. ( Wallace Collection.)
Sir Jeffery Amherst. (Earl Amherst.)

1767. Miss Hester Cholmondeley. (Mrs. Thwaites.)
Miss Theophila Palmer. (Earl of Rosebery. )
Lord Maiden and Sister. (J. P. Morgan.)

1768. Caroline, Duchess of Marlborough. (G. J. Gould,

New York.)

1769. Annabella, Lady Blake. (C. J. Wertheimer.)
Mrs. Bouverie and Mrs. Crewe. (Earl of Crewe.)
Duchess of Manchester and Son. (Duke of Man-

Miss Morris (Hope nursing Love.) (Marquess of

Mary, Lady Broughton. (Lord Inear/h.)

1770. Lord Sydney and Col. Acland. (Earl of Carnar-

Hon. Mrs. Bouverie and Child. (Earl of

Radnor. )

Miss Sarah Price. (Marquess of Salisbury)
Miss Crewe. (Earl of Crewe.)

1771. Mrs. Abiugton as Miss Prue. (Lord Hillinudon.)
Mrs. Hartley and Child. (National Gallery. )
Miss Polly Kennedy. ( W. Waldorf Astor.)
Mrs. Trecothick. (EarlofEllesmere.)

Lady Harriet Acland. (Sir Thomas Dyke Acland,

1772. Elizabeth, Duchess of Buccleuch, and Child. (Duke

of Buccleuch.)

Margaret, Countess of Carlisle. (Earl of Carlisle.)

Mrs. Crewe. (Earl of Crewe.)

Dr. Johnson. (National Gallery.)

Elizabeth, Countess of Pembroke. (Earl of Pem-

1773. Miss Child. (Earl of Jersey.)

Hon. Eichard Edgcumbe. (Earl of Mount-Edg-


Hon. Mrs. Parker. (Earl of Morley.)
Lady Melbourne and Child. (Earl Cowper.)
Sir Joshua Keynolds. (National Gallery.)
Anne, Duchess of Cumberland. (Miss A. de


Ugolino (fancy subject). (Lord Sackville.)
Mrs. Henry Bunbury. ( W. Waldorf Astor.)
Henry, Duke of Cumberland. (His Majesty.)

1774. Dr. James Beattie. (University of Aberdeen.)
Elizabeth, Lady Carysfort. (Earl of Carysfort.)
Robert Child. (Earl of Jersey. )

Lady Cockburn and Children. (Alfred Beit. )
Maria, Duchess of Gloucester. (His Majesty.)
Princess Sophia of Gloucester. (His Majesty.)
Mrs. Morris. (Lord Burton.)
Mrs. Pelham feeding Chickens. (Earl of Yar-


Lady Townshend and Sisters. (National Gallery.)
Charles, Earl of Bellamont. (Irish National


1775. Jane, Duchess of Gordon. (Duke of Fife.)

Miss Jane Fleming, Countess of Harrington. (Earl

of Harewood.)

Miss Mary Horneck. ( W. Waldorf Astor.)
Emelia, Duchess of Leinster. (Duke of Leinster.)
Dr. Robinson, Archbishop of Armagh. (Sir Gerald

Robinson, Bart.)

Mrs. Sheridan. (Miss A. de Rothschild.)
Lord Henry Spencer and Sister. (Sir Charles

Tfimant, Bart.)
Lady Ann Fitzpatrick. (Hon. Gremlle Vernon.)

1776. Miss Bowles. (Wall ace Collection.)
Master Crewe. (Earl of Crewe.)

Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire. (Earl Spencer :)

Lady Frances Marsham. (Lord. Burton.)

Mrs. Montagu. (Marquess of Winchester.)

The Strawberry Girl (fancy subject). (Wallace

George John, Lord Althorp. (Earl Spencer.)

1777. Infant Samuel (fancy subject). (National Gal-


Lady Bamfylde. (Miss A. de Rothschild.)
The Bedford Family. (Earl of Jersey.)
Lady Betty Delme. (C. J. Wertheimer.)
Elizabeth, Countess of Derby. (Destroyed.)
Lady Elizabeth Herbert and Son. (Earl of Car-

1777. Rev. G. Huddesford and Mr. Bamfylde. (National


Mrs. Lloyd. (Lord Rothschild.)

Mrs. Mathew. (J. B. Robinson.)

Miss Frances Molesworth (Lady Camden). (Earl

Hon. Mary Monckion. (E. D. Stern.)

Lady Caroline Montagu (Winter). (Duke of Buc-

Mrs. Powys and Daughter. (C. J. Wertheimer.)

Hon. Miss Sackville (Lady Crosbie). (Sir Charles
Tennant, Bart.)

1778. Mrs. Carnac. (Wallace Collection.)

Miss Sarah Campbell. (Lord Hillingdon.)
Mrs. Payne Gallwey. (J. P. More/an.)
Mrs. Hardinge. (Marquess of Clanricarde.)
The Marlborough Family. (Duke of Marlborough.)
Mrs. Musters. (Lord Leconfeld.)
Colonel St. Leger. (Miss A. de Rothschild.)
Fortune Teller (fancy subject). (Miss A . de Roths-

1779. Dilettanti Society, No. 1. (Dilettanti Society.)
Dilettanti Society, No. 2. (Dilettanti Society.)
Lady Gertrude Fitzpatrick as Collina. (Sir Charles

Tennant, Bart.)

Edward Gibbon. (Earl of Rosebery.)
Miss Jane Fleming. (Earl of Harrington.)
George III. (Royal Academy.)
Queen Charlotte. (Royal Academy.)
Admiral Keppel. (National Portrait Gallery.)
Robert Smith, M.P. (Lord Carrington). (Earl

Mary, Countess Temple, and Son. (R. Neville

The Oxford Window, Thirteen Pictures. (Earl of

Normanton and others.) Commenced 1779.
Mary, Countess of Bute. (Marquess of Bute.)
Lady Caroline Howard. (Earl of Carlisle.)
Duke and Duchess of Hamilton. ' (Lord Iveaqh.)

1780. Lady Jane Halliday. (Miss A. de Rothschild.)
Sir William Chambers, R.A. (Royal Academy.)
Prince William of Gloucester. (Trinity College,

John, Marquess of Granby, and Sister. (Duke of


Admiral Keppel. (National Gallery.)
Sir Joshua Reynolds, P.R.A. (Royal Academy.)
Lady AVorsley. (Earl of Harewood.)

1781. Master Bunbury. (Sir Henry Bunbury, Bart.)
Lord Richard Cavendish. (Duke of Devonshire.)
Lady Catherine Clinton. (Earl of Radnor.)
Lord and Lady Ely. (Jules Poraes, Paris.)
Miss Pott as Thias. (Miss- A. de Rotlischild.)
Mary, Duchess of Rutland. (Burnt at Belvoir


Mary, Countess of Salisbury. (Marquess of Salis-

The Ladies Waldegrave. (3fn. Thwaites.)
Death of Dido (fancy subject). (His Majesty.)
Isabella, Lady Beauchamp. (Hon. Mrs. Meynell

1782. Miss Eliza Falconer (Mrs. Stanhope). (Earl of


Col. George Coussmaker. (In America.)
Mrs. Baldwin. (Marquess of Lansdowne.)
Mrs. Peter Beckford. (Duke of Hamilton.)
Lady Elizabeth Compton. (Lord Chesham.)
Miss Keppel (Mrs. Meyrick). (University Galleries,

Oxford. )

Colonel Tarleton. (A. H. Tarleton.)
George, Earl Temple, and Family. (Milltown

Louisa, Countess of Aylesford. (Earl of Ayles-


1783. Sir Abraham Hume. (National Gallery.)
Charles, Earl of Dalkeith. (Duke of Buccleuch.)
The Angerstein Children. ( W. Anaerstein. )
Alexander, Duke of Hamilton. (Duke of Hamil-

The Masters Brummell. (Lord Iveagh.)

1784. Sir William Hamilton. (National Portrait Gal-


Emma, Lady Hamilton. (Tankermlle Chamber-


Hanfitangl photo] [National Gallery



Hanfstdngl photo\ [National Gallery



1784. Master William Cavendish. (Lord Cliesham.)
Charles James Fox. (Earl of Leicester.)
Frances, Countess of Lincoln. (Wallace Col-

Mrs. Mary Robinson. (Wallace Collection.)
Mrs. Siddons as the Tragic Muse. (Duke of West


Miss Elizabeth Darby. (Lord Leconfield.)
Lavinia, Countess Spencer, and Son. (Earl

The Snake in the Grass (fancy subject). (National

Mrs. Abington as Roxalana. (Duke of Fife.)

1785. William, Lord Mansfield. (Earl of Mansfield.)
Lady Wynn and Children. (A'i> Herbert Wunn,


Muscipula (fancy subject). (Earl of 1 1 Chester.)
Venus and Cupid (fancy subject). (Lord Castle-


1786. Johu Hunter, M.D. (Royal College of Surgeons.)
Hon. Miss Anne Bingham. (Earl Spencer.)
Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, and Child.

(Duke of Devonshire.)
Sophia, Lady de Clifford. (Sir William Aaneif,


Lord Althorp. (Earl Spencer.)
Lady St. Asaph and Son. (Earl of Ashburnham.)
Dorothea, Lady Sunderlin. (Lord Burton.)
Mrs. Scott of Danesfield. (Miss A. de Rothschild.)

1787. Jane, Countess of Harrington, and Children.

(Countess of Harrington.)
Lord Heathfield. (National Gallery.)
John, Lord Burghersh. (Earl of Jersey.)
Master Bradyll. (Lord Rothschild.)
Lord Ashburton and Others. (Earl of Northurook.)
James Boswell. (National Gallery.)
Lady Gertrude Fitzpatrick as Sylvia. (James

Ross. )

Lady Betty Foster. (Duke of Devonshire.)
Hon. Peniston Lambe and Brothers. (Earl


Seliua, Lady Skipwith. (Sir Grey Skipwith, Bart.)
Lady Smith and Children. (C. P. Huntingdon, New


Frances, Viscountess Bayham. (Earl Camden.)
Miss Frances Gordon (Angels' Heads). (National


1788. Dr. John Ash. (Birmingham Hospital.)
Miss Penelope Boothby. (Mrs. Thwaites.)
Lord Grantham and Brothers. (Earl Cotrper.)
Sir Joshua Reynolds in Spectacles. (His Majesty.)
Mrs. Drummond Smith. (Marquess of Northampton.)
Hon. Leicester Stanhope. (Countess of Harrington.)
Age of Innocence (fancy subject). (National


Felina (fancy subject). (Earl of Nonnanton.)
Holy Family (fancy subject). (National Gallery.)
Infant Hercules (fancy subject). (The Hermitage,

St. Petersburg.. )

1789. Master Hare. ' (New York Museum.)
Miss Frances Harris. (Earl of Damley )
The Bradyll Family. (Lord Rothschild.)
Mrs. Bradyll. (Wallace Collection.)
Mary, Lady de Clifford. (Earl of Mayo.)

Miss Theopbila Gwatkin as Simplicity. (Miss A.

de Rothschild..)

Mrs. Watson (Lady Sondes). (In America.)
Continence of Scipio (fancy subject). (The Her-
mitage, St. Petersburg.)
Cupid and Psyche (fancy subject). (Baroness

Burdett Coutts.)
Cymon and Iphigenia (fancy subject). (His

Majesty. )

Macbeth'(fancy subject). (Lord Leconfeld.)
Puck (fancy subject). (G. W. Fitzwilliam.)
Mrs. Billingtou as St. Cecilia. (Lennox Gallery,

New York.)

Francis, Lord Rawdon (Earl of Moira). (His

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19 0->- A. G,

landscape painter, was born in London in the year
1773. His grandfather was a West Indian planter,
and his father was also a West Indian. His earliest
mezzotinted plate, a portrait of George, Prince of
Wales, is dated 1794, and is inscribed : " Engraved
by S. W. Reynolds, late pupil to C[harles] Hfoward]
Hodges." He is also believed to have studied
under John Raphael Smith. Being a painter as
well as a mezzotinter, his engraved work, in
common with that of other English mezzotinters,
bears the impress of high artistic excellence, as
well as of trained technical skill. He was also
expert as an etcher, and employed etched work
liberally in the early stages of his mezzotint
plates, and by the adroit introduction of strong-
bitten lines added to the effects he desired to pro-
duce. He was also an accomplished stipple and
aquatint engraver, and was accustomed to com-
bine several styles of work in one plate. Therefore
very few, if any, of his engravings are in pure
mezzotint, almost all being in the "mixed method."
Reynolds was made drawing-master to the
daughters of George III., but excused himself
from a knighthood that was offered him. In 1797
he exhibited his first picture at the Royal Academy,
and though he was a regular contributor until
about 1827 (except between the years 1811 and
1818), he never exhibited a print. He lived chiefly
at Poland Street, Oxford Street, and Ivy Cottage,
Bayswater, and from these two addresses published
a great number of his plates. Many of his finest
works were engraved by about the year 1804, but
he did much excellent mezzotinting until nearly
the close of his life. He was a most rapid worker,
and engraved in mezzotint nearly three hundred
and fifty portraits, and a great variety of subject
pieces, besides executing a number of plates in
etching and stipple. Among his plates are many
from the canvases of Von Breda, Edridge, Hopp-
ner, Jackson, Lawrence, Lonsdale, Northcote,
Opie, Owen, Phillips, and Sir J. Reynolds. S. W.
Reynolds also produced the series of three hundred
and fifty-seven small mezzotints (portraits and



subjects), after all the then accessible paintings of
Sir J. Reynolds, which were issued in four folio
volumes. This work involved a vast amount of
labour travelling about the country to make copies
of the paintings, as well as engraving the plates.
Though Reynolds engraved many of his mezzotints
on steel which metal was introduced about 1820
by W. Say and T. Lupton only two of them are
so lettered : the portrait of Lady Georgiana Agar-
Ellis, and ' Distant View of Rome.' In 1809 Rey-
nolds paid his first visit to Paris, and exhibited at
the Salons of 1810 and 1812. In 1814 he received
Samuel Cousins as a pupil at Poland Street, and
in 1823 David Lucas was apprenticed to him at
Bayswater. Cousins claimed to have engraved
between eighty and ninety plates of the Sir Joshua
Reynolds series. In 1825 S. \V. Reynolds went a
second time to Paris, and remained some consider-
able time painting and engraving. He exerted a
strong influence on the French artists of the day,
who were astonished at his work, and he mezzo-
tinted many subject pieces after the French
painters : P. Delaroche, H. Vernet, Gericault,
Danloux, Dubufe, Haudebourt (Lescot), Chariot,
and others. His chief pupil in Paris was Georges
Maile. Although Reynolds at times painted por-
traits, his work with the brush was mainly con-
fined to landscapes, and specimens of his water-
colours are to be seen at the Victoria and Albert,
and British Museums. He died of paralysis at
Bayswater, August 13, 1835, leaving two sons and
four daughters, several of whom, to some degree,
inherited their father's artistic talent. Among
Reynolds' most important plates are :

Sir Joseph Banks ; after T. Phillips.
Thomas Burgess, D.D. ; after W. Owen.
Thomas Campbell ; after J. Lonsdale.
Sir William Chambers ; after Sir J. Reynolds.
Sir Humphrey Davy ; after H. Howard.
Charles James Fox ; after J. Opie.

,, ; after J. B. Smith.

David Garrick, as " Richard III."; after N. Dance.

., " Abel Drugger"; after J. Zoffany.

George III. (several portraits).
Thomas Girtin ; after J. Opie.
Sir William Grant ; after G. H. Harlow.
Reginald Heber, D.D. ; after T. Phillips.
Richard, Earl Howe ; after H. Singleton.
John Philip Kemble (two portraits) ; after Sir T.


Samuel Lysons ; after the same.
Napoleon (several portraits).
William Pitt ; after Sir T. Lawrence.
Sir Joshua Reynolds (when young) ; after Sir J.



Lady Georgiana Agar-Ellis ; after J. Jackson.
Mrs. Arbuthnot ; after J . Hoppner.
Georgiana, Duchess of Bedford ; after the same.
Marguerite, Countess of Blessington ; after Sir T.


Elizabeth, Duchess of Buccleuch ; after W. Owen.
Miss Chester ; after J. Jackson.
Elizabeth, Marchioness of Exeter ; after Sir T. La w-


Mary, Countess Harcourt ; after Sir J. Reynolds.
Mary, Lady Hood; after Sir T. Lawrence.
Georgiana, Duchess of Newcastle.
Jane, Countess of Oxford ; after J. Hoppner.
Louisa, Marchioness of Sligo; after J. Opie.
Mrs. Whitbread ; after J. Hoppner.


The Furze Cutter ; after J. Barney.
Anne Page and Slender and other subjects ; after R.

P. Boninyton.

Canal Scene : the Opening of the Lock ; after J.

Les Enfans surpris par 1'Orage ; after P. Delaroche.

Souvenirs, Regrets and other subjects; after C. M.

Wreck of the Medusa; after J. Gericault.

La Bonne Fille, Le Voleur de Raisin and other sub-
jects ; after Haudebourt (Lescot).

Battle of Navarino ; after C. Lanylois.

The Land Storm and other subjects ; after G. Mor-

The Falconer (Samuel Northcote, junior) ; after J.

Vulture and Snake and several animal subjects ; after
J. Northcote.

Death of Captain Hood and other subjects ; after J.

Cupid seated on Clouds ; after W. Owen.

Rembrandt's Mill ; after Rembrandt.

Le Chapeau de Paille ; after Rubens.

La Bohemienne ; after F. Tayler.

East Gate, Winchelsea. f From the "I f . T ,, nf

Christ and the Woman-? Liber yvW J ~ M - W -
of Samaria. (stndiorumj lurner -

Mazeppa ; after H. Vernet. A. W.

son of the preceding, was born January 25, 1794,
and died July 7, 1872. He studied portrait paint-
ing under William Owen, and exhibited at the
Royal Academy from 1820 to 1845. Several of his
portrait paintings were engraved in mezzotint by
his father. He learnt mezzotinting from his
father, whom he assisted during his declining
years. Upon his father's death he adopted mezzo-
tinting as a profession, and altogether engraved
about a hundred plates. For a number of years
he resided and worked at 15, Holland Road,
Kensington. A.W.


REYNOUART, EDOUARD, a French landscape
painter, born at Lille in 1802. He was a pupil
of Lienard and Souchon. In 1842 he was appointed
Director of the Lille Museum, in the administration
of which he displayed great ability. He was
an officer of the Legion of Honour. His works
appeared but seldom at the Salon. He died at
Lille, from the results of an accident, in 1879.

in Paris, 1798, a pupil of her mother and of Van
Spaendonck, practised fruit and flower painting.

1758, the daughter of Emmanuel Reysschoot, and
pupil of her brother Pieter Norbert. She married
Egide Deginant, and practised to a very advanced
age, painting genre pictures and bas-reliefs.

born at Ghent, 1713. In 1739 he became a member
of the Corporation of Painters, and on the occasion
of the sixth jubilee of St. Bernard, celebrated at
the Abbey of Bandeloo, near Ghent, in 1753, he
painted fourteen large pictures representing Christ,
the Virgin, and the Twelve Apostles. He died in

REYSSCHOOT, F. VAN, a Dutch engraver of the
18th century, was probably related to the artists
of the same name at Ghent. He engraved some
small prints after Teniers, which are executed in
a very neat and spirited manner.

Emmanuel Reysschoot, was born at Ghent He
painted portraits and historical pictures, and visited
England, where he remained for some time, from
which circumstance he was known at home as
'The Englishman.' At Ghent, in the Augustine


- _-

From the mt::otint after the painting by Hoppncr]



church, there are twelve ' Apostles ' by him. He
died at Ghent in 1772.

eon of Emmanuel Pieter Reysschoot, born at Ghent,
1738, the pupil of his father and of his uncle, and
first professor of perspective and architecture at
the Academy at Ghent in 1770. Throughout East
Flanders works by him are to be found in various
churches and convents. In the church of St.
Bavon, at Ghent, there are eleven paintings by
him in imitation of bas-reliefs in white marble.
He died in 1795.


obscure artist, who practised at Amsterdam during
the first half of the 18th century. When young
he studied in Italy under Trevisani. He obtained
a civil appointment in India, where he died.

RHEIN, NICOLAS, engraver and painter, born in
1767 at Vienna, was a pupil of Jacobe. He exe-
cuted several good works in mezzotint, principally
animal pieces ; such as, ' The Lion l}"ing in wait,'
after a picture of his own ; ' The Mad Bull,' after
Casanova ; ' The Eagle,' after Hamilton ; ' The
Tigress,' after Rubens ; ' Hercules killing the
Lion,' after Rubens; and 'The Waterfall,' after
J. Vernet. He died in Vienna in 1819.

RHELINGER, WELSER, a native of Germany,
executed a hundred and twenty wood-cuts, for
a German book entitled, ' Patricium Stirpium,
Augustanarum Vindelicum, et earundem sodali-

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