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some favourite displaced, who in his own particular
department perhaps equals or even surpasses
Tintoretto. The most important of his followers
were his own son Domenico, his daughter Marietta,
Domenico Theotocopuli and Antonio Vasilacchi,
called respectively II Greco and Aliense. Tin-
toretto died at Venice on 31st May, 1594.

In the following list of works those are marked
with an asterisk which the writer has seen, or for
whose existence the evidence is unquestionable.

J. 13. S. H.

Angsberg. Gallery. 'Christ, Martha and Mary.
Belluno. Private Coll. *Adoration of the Shepherds.
Bergamo. A Lady dressed as a Queen.

Berlin. Museum. *Luna and the Hours.



Berlin. Museum. *Portrait of a Procurator of St.

'Portrait of a Procurator of St.

*The Virgin with the Child in

,, *Portrait of a Middle-aged Man.

Three portraits on one canvas.
*St. Mark and Senators.

*Portrait of a Young Man.
Kaufman Gallery. *Portrait of an Old Man.
Count F. PottrtaZes.'Portrait.

Besancon. Vilhmot Jfus. Nobleman with Two Sons.
Bologna. Gallery. 'Visitation.

,, *Portrait of a Man.

*Christ on the Cross.

Boston, U.S.A. Art Mus. The Nativity.

,, Last Supper (Preparatory

Sketch for picture in A'.
Giorgio Magyiore, Venice).
Adoration of the Magi.

Portrait of a Doge.

Mr. George j Mirac i e o f gt. Mark
Harris. )

" Jf 'i '!,'/ } * Adoratiou of the Shepherds.
,, *Portrait.

Brescia. Gallery. 'Transfiguration

Portrait of an Old Man.

Brunswick. Gallery. *Last Supper.

The Lute Player.

Christ's Entry into Jerusalem

(probably wrongly attributed
to Tintoretto).

Brussels. Gallery. Martyrdom of St. Mark.

,, ,, Portrait of a Man.

,, Portrait of a Man.

Buda Pesth. Galltry. Portrait.
Rath. Gall. Portrait.
Caen. Museum. Deposition.

o Portrait,

Cassel. Gallery. Portrait of a Young Man.

Darmstadt. Gallery. Bust Portrait of an Old Man

in a Black Dress.

A Man with a Grey Beard.

Martyrdom of Two Saints.
Dessau. Gallery. 'Portrait of an Admiral.

*Head of a Man.

Dresden. Galli ry. 'Virgin and Child with St.


*The Rescue.

*LuciferovercomebySt. Michael.

*Two Portraits.

*The Muses and Graces on

'Women with Musical Instru-


*Christ and the Adulteress.

*Lady dressed in Mourning.
'Susanna preparing for the

Virgin and Child with SS.

Barbara, Catherine.

SS. John Chrysostom and


Dublin. Nat.

* Portrait of a Gent leman.

*The Seasons (three Pictures).
'Portrait of a Venetian Senator.

Ferrara. Gallery. Madonna of the Rosary.

Florence. Pitti Pal. *Venus, Vulcan, and Cupid.
'Portrait of a Man.

'Portrait of Vicenzo Zeno.

'Descent from the Cross.

'The Resurrection.

'Virgin and Child.

'Portrait of a Man with long

white beard.
'Portrait of a Man holding

model of a horse.

Florence. Pitti Pal. 'Portrait of a Man, short hair,

vest trimmed with fur.
'Portrait of a Man, inscribed

Anno JEtatis Suae XXIV.
,, ,, Study for a Last Supper.

Cffizi. 'Portrait of Himself.

,, ,, 'Christ entering Jerusalem.

'Portrait of Admiral Veniero.

'Portrait of an Old Man seated.

'Wedding at Cana.

a 'Portrait of Sansovino.

,, 'Portrait on wood inscribed

Anno jEtati XXX.
'Portrait. Bust only.


'Vision of St. Augustine.

Abraham's Sacrifice.

Crucifixion (a Sketch).

Corsini Gal. 'Portrait of a Man.

,, *Portrait.

Pal. Eriqnole ) . .. ,.

Sale \ Portralt f a Doge.

Pal. Durazzo. 'Portrait.
Ch. of St. Francis. Annunciation.

Spinola Gallery. 'Portrait.

Cathedral. 'Last Supper.

Graz. Parish Church. *Coronation of the Virgin.




Ottaviano Farnese.

Hampton Court. Portrait of a Knight of Malta.

Portrait of a Dominican.

The Expulsion of Heresy.

Portrait of a Venetian Gentle-

Portrait of a Man in a Fur

Male Portrait, called Ignatius


Christ before Pilate (Study).

St. Roch curing the Plague.

St. George and Princess Cleodo-


Labyrinth in a Garden.

,, 'Portrait.

Liverpool. R. Inst. Sketch for the * Paradise.*
London. National Gal. 'St. George and the Dragon.
'Washing of Feet.

*Origin of the Milky Way.

'Ganymede (possibly . by Da-

miano Mazza).

'Esther before Ahasuerus.

*Nme Muses.

I.un-a. Gallery. 'Portrait of a Senator.

,, ^Portrait of a Man.

Madrid. Prado. 'Battle on Land and Sea.

,, 'Joseph and Potiphar's Wife.

*Solomon and the Queen of


'Susanna and the Elders.
"Finding of Moses.
'Esther before Ahasuerus.
'Judith and Holofernes.
'Portrait of Sebastiano Veniern
'Moses and the Purification of

the Woman of Midian.
'Portrait : half-length, dressed

in black, gold chain.
'Venus and Minerva.
'Christ and the Woman taken

in Adultery.

'Portrait : Prelate, bust only.
*Portrait: Young Jesuit, black


'Portrait: Young Lady, bust,
low neck, bare bosom, lace
Portrait : Bust, Man in Armour

'Portrait: half-length. Elderly


'Baptism of Christ.
'Portrait: Bust, Senator, white









Madrid. Praia. *Paradise (Study).

'Portrait : Young Man with

paper in left hand.
11 'Portrait : Bust of a Man.

.- 'Portrait, Bust of a Man (doubt-
'Portrait : Bust of a Man.

'Portrait : Eeplica of above (ly


'Portrait : Bust of a Man.

,. 'Death of Holofernes.

,, 'Judith and Holoferues.

,> 'Portrait : Bust of Man in

., ,, 'Bust of Young Venetian Lady.

Possibly Marietta Robusti.
.> ,, 'Portrait: A Woman, her right

breast exposed.

'Portrait : A Venetian Girl.

., 'Rape of Lucretiaby Tarquinius.

.) 'Portrait : Venetian Girl in red

scarf, with pearls.

Allegory of Venus.

Escorial. 'Christ washing the Feet.

.1 *Conversion of St. Mary Magda-


'Feast of Simon the Pharisee.

, ,, 'Esther and Ahasuerus.

<t ,, 'Christ as the Man of Sorrows.

Milan. Brera. 'St. Helena and Three Donors.

'Finding the Body of St. Mark.

,i Pieta.

Portrait of Old Man.

Archbishop's Pal. Christ and the Adulteress.
Museo Civico. Bust of Procurator.
Modena. Gallery. 'Eighteen Scenes from Ovid's

' Metamorphoses,' on ceiling
in the Gallery.

'Madonna with Saints.

Munich. Gallery. 'Portrait Group.

,j Birth of Christ.

, Ecce Homo.

Mary Magdalene wiping

Christ's Feet.

u 'Portrait of an Artist.

Theatinerkirche. 'Deposition.
Naples. Museum. 'Danae.

Newport, Mr. Davis. \ f -p nrtTs .-. t .
U.S.A. j iortralt -

Oxford. Merton Coll. 'Crucifixion.

Ch. Ch. Library. 'Portrait of a Nobleman.
Ashmolean. *A Drawing.

Padua. Museo C'vico. 'Senator.
Palermo. or&naroGH.*Miracle of the Loaves.
Paris. The Louvre. Portrait of Himself as Old Man.

Christ and Two Angels.

'Susanna and the Elders.

'Study for the ' Paradise."

'Portrait of a Man.
St. Peters- Hermitage ) . . .. , _, .

Gallery. J Hol y Spirit and Founder.

Perseus and Andromeda.

The Resurrection.

The Nativity of St. John the


St. George and the Dragon.

Portrait of a Venetian Noble-


Male Portrait.
The Baptism.
Ecce Homo.
The Flagellation.
Three Women and a Man
adoring the Holy Spirit.
Old Man playing a Spinet.
Portrait : Man with pointed


Portrait : A Young Man.
'Hylas or Narcissus.


'Two Crucifixions.
'Portrait : Sebastiano Veniero.
S 2

Parma. Royal Gallery.





,, Doria Gallery.
Schleissheim. Gallery.
Schwerin. Gallery.

Stockholm. Gallery.
Strassburg. Gallery.
Stuttgart. Gallery.

Turin. Gallery.

Venice. Scuola di S. ]
Rocco. i
Lou-er Hall.

On Ceiling.


Upper Halt.

On Ctiliny.


On Ceiling.

Ceiling of Small


'Portrait : G. Pesaro.
'Descent from the Cross.
'Immaculate Conception.
'Crucifixion (a Sketch).
'The Holy Trinity.


'Adoration of the Magi.

'Flight into Egypt.

'Massacre of the Innocents.

*The Magdalene.

'St. Mary in Egypt.

'Presentation of Jesus.

'Assumption of Virgin.

'Elijah Ascending to Heaven.


'Adoration of the Shepherds.

'Baptism of Christ.

'The Resurrection.

'The Agony in Gethsemane.

'The Last Supper.

*S. Rocco in Heaven.

'Miracle of Loaves and Fishes.

'Raising of Lazarus.


'Pool of Bethesda.

'Temptation on the Mountain.

*S. Rocco.

*S. Sebastian.

'Portrait of Himself.

'Adam and Eve.




'Jonah and the Whale.

'Ezekiel's Vision.

'Plague of Serpents.

'Jacob's Dream.

'Sacrifice of Isaac.

'Elijah and the Angel.

'Fall of Manna.

'Elisha Feediug the People.

'Paschal Feast.

*The Great Crucifixion.

'Christ before Pilate.

'Way to Golgotha.

'Ecce Homo.

*S. Rooco in Heaven.

*Putti (four Panels).

'Eleven beautiful panels, good

examples of Tintoretto's

simple composition, most of

them single figures.
'Death of Abel.
'Miracle of St. Mark.
'Adam and Eve.
'Risen Christ Blessing three


'Madonna and Three Portraits.
'Scourging of Christ.
*Magna Peccatrix.
'Madonna, Three Saints, and

Three Donors.

'Madonna and Child in Glory.
'Virgin and Child, and Four

'Prodigal Son.

'Strength and Good Works.
, 'Knowledge (?).
'Madonna on the Pedestal.
'St. Justinian and Three

'Portrait of Doge Nicola da


'Portrait of Antonio Capello.
'Portrait of Procurator.
'Portrait of Melchiore Michiele.
'St. Mark.


Venice. Amdimia. *Portrait of Dominican Monk.
'Portrait of a Man.

*Portrait of a Young Man.

*Portrait of a Man.

"Portrait of a Senator.

*Portrait of Cardinal Morosini.

,, *Portrait of Battista Morosini.

*Portrait of Procurator.

*Portrait of Andrea Dandolo.

*Portraifc of Andrea Oapello.

*Portrait of Marco Grimani.

'Portrait of Doge Alvise Mo-

'Portrait as an Evangelist, with
book in band.

'Portrait as an Evangelist, writ-
ing in book.

'Portrait of Senator, Pas (lualef?).

'Portrait of Senator, Cicogna (r 1 ).

Portrait of Jacopo Sorauzo.

' Paradise.

Doge's Palace,
'a del Gra

Sala del Gran ) 'Ambassadors appearing before

\o. j Frederick I. at Pavia.
'Battle of Pirano and Capture

of Otho.

'Capture of Zara.

'Conquest of Constantinople.

Ceiling. 'Capture of Riva on Lago di

*Vittorio Sorenzo defeating the

,, 'Brescia defended against the


'Capture of Gallipoli.

'Venice with the Gods and Doge.

'Nicolo da Ponte.

SalladelloScrutinio. 'Capture of Zara.
'Two Portraits.

Collegia. 'St. Mark introducing Doge

Mocenigo to Christ.
'Figures in grisaille around the

*Doge da Ponte before the

,, 'Marriage of St. Catherine and

Doge Dona.
'Doge Pietro Loredan imploring

Aid for Venice.
Ceiling. 'Truth.


Entrance. 'Lorenzo Amelio.

'Alessandro Bono.

'Tommaso Contarini.

'Vicenzo Morosini.

'Portrait of Old Man.

'Portrait of Old Man.

'Portrait of Nicolo Priuli.

On Ceiling. 'Justice presenting a sword to

Doge Priuli.

'Putti. Four beautiful Panels.

'Four long pictures in mono-


Passage to Council },. , T-. , ,.

of T n 1 Andrea Delphmo.

,, ,, 'Federigo Coutarini.


Collegia. 'Doge Griti before the Virgin.

Ante-Collegio. 'Mercury and the Three Graces.

'Vulcan's Forge.

'Bacchus and Ariadne.

'Minerva repulsing Mars.

Ante-room o/") *SS. Margaret, George, and
Chapel. > Louis (called St. George and

J the Princess).

*SS. Andrea and Jerome.

Senate. 'The Descent from the Cross.

,, On Ceiling. 'Venice, Queen of the Sea.
,, Salo delle Quattro ) 'Zeus giving Venice the Empire

Porte. Ceiling, / of the Sea.

'Venice Freed.

'Hera surrounded by Nymphs.




Venice. Salo delle Quat- )
tro Porte. Ceiling, j
Ch. of the I

A bbazi
S. Angeli.
Santi Apostoli.
S. Cassiano.


Adoration of the Ma;

Finding of the Body of St. Mark.
St. Lucia.
'Christ in Hades.

'Three Legends below the Organ


Orociferi. 'Presentation of the Virgin.
'Christ Scourged.
*JS. Demetrius in Armour.

S. Felice.

,, S. Francesco della ]
Vigna. )
SS.Gervasioe Pro- ) * r
tasio (S. Trovaso). j Last Su PP er "


,, Ch. of Gesuiti.
S. Giorgio Maggiore

S. Giuseppe di 1
Castello. J

Chapel of the \

Hospital. $
S. Marco.

S. Mareuola )

{S. Ermagora). )

S. Maria del )

Carmine, j

S. Maria dei )

Frari. j

,, S. Maria Mater )
Domini, j
S.Maria dell' Orto.

, S. Maria del ]

Rosario (Gisuati). I

, S. Maria }

Z beniao. J

. S. Marziale.

S. Moist.
S. Paolo.

S. Pietro "Mar- \

tire (JIurano). J

S. Pietro in \

Castello. J


Ch. oftheScuola
di S. Rocco.

On tlie Ceiling.

'Temptation of St. Anthony.
'Christ washing the Apostles'


'Adoration of the Magi.
'Hutrayal of Joachim.
'Assumption of the Virgin.
'Presentation of Christ.
.*The Last Supper.
'The Gathering of Manna.
'Martyrdom of various Saints.
'Coronation of the Virgin.

'St. Michael overcoming Lucifer.

'St. Ursula and the Virgins.

'Mosaics from Tintoretto's Car-

'Last Supper.
'Washing Feet.

'Massacre of the Innocents.

'Finding of the True Cross.

'Last Judgment.

'Tablets of the Law and Golden


'Martyrdom of St. Agnes.
'Presentation of the Virgin.
'Martyrdom of St. Christopher.
'St. Peter and the Cross.



'Glory of S. Marziale.


'Angel of the Annunciation

appearing to Mary.
'St. Mary receiving the Angel.
'Christ washing the Apostles'


'Last Supper.

'Baptism of Christ.

'Mosaic from Cartoon (?).

'Scourging of Christ.


*S. Rocco and the Pope.

'Pool of Bethesda.

*S. Rocco in the Campo d'Ar-


*S. Rocco healing the Sick.
'Death of S. Rocco.
*S. Rocco and the Beasts of the


*S. Rocco and many figures.
*Our Lady in the Garden.



S. Silvestro.

S. Sebastiano.

S. Stephana.

. Marriage of Cana _

'Baptism of Christ.
'The Brazen Serpent.
'Last Supper.
'Washing of Feet.
'Agony in the Garden.

S. Zaccaria.
Palazzo Seale.


In Other Booms.

Palace of Prince

Palace of Gius-
tiniani Sccanati.

Count Semauiotto )

(Schiavane Gall.). \

Collection of^Italo j

Vicenza. Gallery.

Vienna. Imperial Gal- )
lery and Academy. J

*Birth of St. John (doubtful).
Transportation of the Body of

St. Mark.
'St. Mark rescuing a Ship-

wrecked Saracen.
'Seven Figures of Philosophers

(between the windows).
8. fiocco.
*Young Martyr.
'Four Portrait Pictures, with

Three Procurators in each.
'Gathering of Manna (most

'Miracle of the Loaves and

Fishes (most doubtful).
} . p .
j i

*S. Sebastian (most doubtful).
'Eight Portraits (of uncertain


} 'Departure of Queen Cornaro
/ from Cyprus.
'Portrait of a Philosopher of

the Family of Reconati.
'Portrait. Supposed to be a
youthful portrait of himself.
) + ,

Adam and Eve m the Garden '

Czernini's Gall.

Ambraser Coll.
,, ,,

Windsor Castle.


St. Augustine healing the

, st Jerome

'Susanna and the Elders.
'Sebastiano Veniero.
'Portrait : Officer in Armour.
'Old Man and Boy.
'Portrait of Doge, Girolamo

Two Portraits of Doge, Nicolo
da Ponte.

Three Portraits of Procurators
of St. Mark

Three Portraits of Senators.

Thirteen other Male Portraits.

'Apollo and the Muses.
'Hercules and Omphale.

Finding of Moses.


Christ bearing the Cross.

H Bravo.

Christ blessing Venetian

Adoration of the Magi.

Gathering of Manna.

Descent from the Cross.

Mucius Scaevola.
'Doge: M. A. Trevisan.
'Alessandro Contarini

Pietro Grimani.
*SS. Jerome, Louis, and Andrew

Portrait of a Doge : Andrea


'Nicolo da Ponte.
'Jacopo Soranzo.

Holy Family with Saint.



DuTa of Abercorx.

'Portrait of a Senator. Head
to right. Architectural back-

Duke of Abercorm.

Mr. Ralph Bankes.
Lord Barrymore.

Dufc of Bedford.

Earl Brownlow.

The Baroness Burdett-

The Marquis of Bute.


Mr. Chas. Butler.
The Earl of Carlisle.

Mr. W. G. Cavendish

The Earl of Chesterfield.
.SiV Fredk. Cook, Bart.

The Hon. Mrs. Corbet.
Earl Cowper.
Mr. S. Crau-shay.
Duke of Dei-onshire.

Mr. Chas. Doane.
The Earl of Dudley.
The Earl of Ellesmere.

The Marqu s of Exeter.
Sir W. J. Farrer.

J. P. Heseltine, Esg.
Captain Holford.

Kord Kinnaird.
Lord Leconfield.
Mr. F. R. Leylaxd.

Mr. G. I). Leslie, R.A.

The Countess of Lindsay.
Captain R. A. Markham.
Lord, Methuen.

'Portrait of Senator. Head

to left. Dark background.
'Portrait of Senator. Head to


'Apollo and the Muses.
'Portrait of Admiral Barba-

'Full-length Figure of St.


'Diogenes in his Tub.
'Portrait of Veselius the Anato-

Three-quarter length Portrait
of Himself as a Young Man.

f 'Apollo and Marsyas.

'Christ curing the Paralytic.
'Portraits of Aretino and a

General of Charles V. (on

same canvas).
'Portrait of a Senator.
'Portrait of Doge, Francesco

'Removal of Body of St. Mark.

j 'Miracle of St. Mark (Sketch).

*A Doge of Venice.
'Allegorical Subject.


'Moses striking the Rock.
'Two Dukes of Ferrara.
'Sacrifice of Isaac.
'Temptation of Christ.
'Adoration of Shepherds.

1 'Portrait of a Naval Officer.

'Portraits : Gentleman, Lady,

Child, and Page.
'Portrait: Venetian Naval Officer

of Family of Capello.
'Portrait : Venetian Gentleman

of Family of Contarini.
'Portrait of Cardinal Lorraine.
'The Ascension (a Sketch).
St. John the Baptist.
Portrait of a Senator.
Portrait of a Man.
'Adam and Eve.
Christ and the Woman of


Portrait of Venetian Noble.
Christ delivered to the Jews.
'Portrait : Man with Book.
'Portrait : Venetian Senator.

'Portrait : Venetian Nobleman.
'Presentation in the Temple.
The Entombment.
The Resurrection.
'The Annunciation.
'The Raising of Lazarus.
'Last Judgment.
'Christ led to Judgment.
'Portrait: Man in black, right

arm on window-sill.
Portrait : A Procurator of St.

Portrait : A member of Foscari

Conversation Piece of Three


Raisiug of Lazarus.
'Conversion of St. Paul.

Portrait of a Man.
Portrait: Said to be Pietro


Portrait of a Senator.
'Pharaoh's Daughter and the

Infant Moses.

'Adoration of the Shepherds.
'Baptism of Christ.



Mr. R. Bingham Mild- ) p ortrait of a Tenet ian Admiral.

may. y

Doctor Lndwig Stand. *Galleys at Sea.

;J *Portrait: Giovanni Griti.

*Portrait : A Young Man.
Mr- Lionel B. C. L. K Crucifixion .
Muirhead. I

'Supper at Bethany.

The Duke of North- ) *Portrait : Young Man in dark,
umoerland. j fur-trimmed dress.

n ,, Portrait of Admiral iu Armour.

Ecce Homo.

Viscount Povterscourt. *St. Mark preaching.
The Earl of Radnor. 'Portrait: Half-length, right

hand on bust of Lucretia.

fl *Portrait : Venetian Nobleman.

Sir W. B. Richmond, ) *Portrait : A Man holding a

R.A. ) letter.

Mr. William Russell. Portrait of a Doge.
Mr. G. Salting. Portrait of Ottavio di Stra.

Mrs. Arthur Severn. *Diana.

,, *The Doge in Prayer.



Tlie Duke of Sutherland. A Pope with a large number of

Cardinals and Monks.
A Landscape, in which are many


Portrait of Venetian Senator.


Removal of Body from Cross.

Portrait of a Monk.

The Earl of Wemyss. *Portrait of a Senator.

,, 'Portrait of Himself.

,, 'Marriage Feast.

,, 'Adoration of the Magi.

The Earl ofYarlorough. *A Venetian Nobleman.

,, 'The Creation of Eve.

,, 'Consecration of a Bishop.

,, 'Descent from the Cross.

n6 ' ' /te

ROBUSTI, MARIETTA, the daughter of Jacopo
Robusti, born at Venice in 1560, was instructed
in art by her father, and devoting herself to
portrait painting as an art suited to her sex, she
acquired considerable reputation. She painted
many of the principal personages at Venice, but
her celebrity was not confined to her native
country. She was invited to the court of the
Emperor Maximilian and to that of King Philip II.
of Spain; but her father's affection prevented an
acceptance of either invitation. She died in 1590.

ROCCA, ANTONIO, painter, practising in Italy
about the middle of the 17th century. The de-
tails of his life and works are unknown, but he
is mentioned by various writers of his age as a
foreign artist of much excellence, working in Rome
and in Piedmont. He is said to have been a monk,
and to have died at Rome about 1660.

ROCCA, DANIELE JACOPO, painter, born at Rome.
He was a pupil of Daniele da Volterra, and was an
irtist of mediocre talent. He died at Rome in
1600, at a very advanced age.

younger and MICHELE DA PARMA, was born at
Parma in 1671. He practised in Rome, and died
some time after 1751. He was gifted with some
talent, and worked in the manner of P. da Cortona.
In the Munich Gallery there is an ' Adoration of
the Shepherds ' by him.

ROCCADIRAME, ANGELO, painter, born at
Naples in 1396. Several of his works are to be
found in the churches of his native city, among
the best is an 'Archangel Raphael' in SS. Severino
e Sosio.'

ROCHARD, FRANCOIS T., a miniature painter,
born in France in 1798. He studied in the Paris
Academy, and about 1820 migrated to London,
where he exhibited for many years at the Royal
Academy. He died at Netting Hill in 1858.

ROCHAUD, SIMON JACQUES, a French miniature
painter, the elder brother of F. Rochard, was born
in Paris in 1788. He entered the Ecole des Beaux
Arts in 1813, and studied under Merim^e and
Isabey. After practising in Paris he settled in
England, where he obtained a large and fashionable
connection. He exhibited at the Royal Academy
for many years, but in 1850 retired to Brussels,
where he died in 1872. He was nicknamed
"Mahogany Rochard," from the curious dull red
flesh colour he so often used.

ROCHE, BENEDICT, painter, born at Valencia.
He was a pupil of Gaspar de la Huerta, and it is
said that his works were sometimes mistaken for
those of his master. He died in 1785.

ROCHE, JEAN, (or BROCHE,) a French painter,
born at Carcassonne. In 1365 he painted several
pictures for the ' Eglise des Domes' at Avignon.

ROCHE, SAMPSON TOWGOOD, miniature painter,
practised at Bath early in the 19th century. He
exhibited at the Academy in 1817, but his practice
seems to have been purely local.

French engraver and etcher, born April 1, 1824,
at Fontenay-le-Comte (Vendee); was a pupil of J.
Ouvrie and J. L. Petit ; as an etcher he was self-
taught ; one of the most notable architectural
etchers on a large scale, his ' Notre Dame,' ' Palais
de Justice, Rouen,' ' Chenonceaux,' and other
plates being well known. He obtained medals in
1865 and 1868, a second-class medal in 1872, and
the Legion of Honour in 1874. He died at Fon-
tenay, July 1, 1900.

ROCHETET, MICHEL, a French painter of por-
traits and historical subjects, who flourished in the
16th century, and worked at the decoration of the
Louvre, and of the palace at Fontainebleau, under
the direction of Primaticcio.

ROCHFORD, P. DE, a native of France, flourished
about the year 1720. He engraved several of the
plates for the large folio collection of ' Views of the
Palace and Gardens of Versailles,' published by
P. Menant. He also engraved some prints from
the pictures of Jean Baptiste Santerre, and other
painters. He resided some time in Portugal, where
he died.

ROCHIENNE, PIERRE, a French engraver on
wood, who flourished about the year 1551. In
conjunction with J. Ferlato, he executed a set of
very indifferent wood-cuts for the New Testament,
in Latin, published in 1551. He also^engraved some
cuts for the ' Legende doree,' published in 1557.

ROCHUSSEN, KAREL, Dutch painter and en-
graver; born at Rotterdam, August 1, 1814; a
pupil of W. J. J. Nuijen and Waldorp ; excelled as

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