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Life and manners. A volume of stories suitable for the

moral instruction of children. London : Swan Sonnen-
schein, 1906.

A graduated syllabus of moral instruction, including training
in citi/enship for elementary schools. Adopted, with
slight modifications, by the West Riding of Yorkshire,
Cheshire, Surrey and other education authorities. Moral
Instruction League, 6 York Buildings, Adelphi, W.C.

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handbook for teachers in elementary schools. London :
T. Nelson & Sons, 1885.
31 *

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[The Catholic case against non-theological moral instruction.]



Mr. J. Shawcross, M.A., University College, Oxford.

Mr. Henry Herbert, Headmaster of the Godwin Road Council

School, Forest Gate, E.
Miss Alice Ravenhill.
Miss Bessie H. Clift, Headmistress of the Wandle Junior Mixed

Council School, Wandsworth, S.W.
Mr. H. Bompas Smith, M.A., Headmaster of King Edward

VII. School, Lytham.
Miss S. E. Wells, Joint Secretary to the Central Education

Committee of the Society of Friends.
Miss E. P. Hughes, Member of the Glamorgan Education

Committee ; formerly Principal of the Cambridge Training

Mr. A. M. Williams, M.A., Principal of the Church of Scotland

Training College, Glasgow.
Mr. Stephen Gwynn, M.A., M.P.

[The chapter on " Sunday Schools in Great Britain " was edited by
the Rev. Dr. Estlin Carpenter, with the help of contributions from Miss
Barbara Forth, the Right Rev. Monsignor W. F. Brown, Mr. Arnold
Rowntree, Mr. J. Morgan Jones (Aberdare), Mr. Charles F. Cooper and
Mr. John W. Hirst.]


Mr. Harrold Johnson, Secretary of the Moral Instruction League.
Mr. T. Edmund Harvey, M. A., Christ Church, Oxford ; Warden

of Toynbee Hall.
Miss Eleanor F. Jourdain, Vice-Principal of St. Hugh's Hall,

The Rev. Edward Myers, M.A., St. Edmund's College, Old

Hall, Ware.
The late Mr. Reginald Balfour, M.A. ; formerly Fellow of

King's College, Cambridge.

[Mr. Balfour did not live to complete his report.]

List of those who gave Oral Evidence 491


Mr. J. H. Yoxall, M.A., M.P., Secretary of the National Union
of Teachers.


Mr. Gustav Spiller, General Secretary of the International Union

of Ethical Societies.
Miss Jessie D. Montgomery, Member of the Exeter Education



Miss H. Forchhammer, Copenhagen.
Dr. Otto Anderssen, Christiania.


Dr. A. H. Mackay, Superintendent of Education for Nova


Baron Kikuchi, LL.D., formerly Japanese Minister of Edu-
cation ; M.A., Cambridge; Hon. LL.D., Manchester.

%* The Committee are also indebted to various correspond-
ents for acceding to their request for information about moral
instruction and training in Australia and New Zealand, and
especially to Mr. Cyril Jackson, Mr. G. H. Hogben (Inspector-
General of Schools, New Zealand), the Rev. A. C. Hoggins,
and Miss E. A. Marchant.

For the contributions from American teachers they are
indebted to the kind offices of Mr. Clifford Webster Barnes.


On the invitation of the Executive Committee, the following
gave oral evidence on the subject of moral instruction and
training in schools. Selections from this evidence are printed
in this volume, but reasons of space have made it impossible
for the Committee to publish much that was of value to them
in their deliberations.

49 2 Finance

Dr. F. H. Hayward. The Master of Marlborough

Dr. J. W. Slaughter. College (Mr. F. Fletcher).

Dr. A. Beresford Kingsford. Mr. B. Dumville.

Mr. R. F. Cholmeley. Mr. A. R. Pickles.

Miss F. Gadesden. The Rev. H. B. Ryley.

Prof. John Adams. Miss B. Jones.

The Rev. Cecil Grant. Mr. W. D. Bentcliff.

Miss P. Lawrence. Mr. W. H. Baldwin.

Baron Kikuchi. Mr. W. Robson.

Mrs. Bryant, D.Sc. Miss C. E. Grant.

Mr. F. J. Gould. Mr. Graham Wallas.

Mr. J. H. Badley. Sir Edward Brabrook, C.B.

The Rev. Chancellor Bernard. Mr. D. R. Sharpe. .

Miss C. Graveson.


The Finance Committee consisted of Lord Avebury and Mr.
J. Martin White (joint honorary treasurers), the Rev. Dr. J.
Estlin Carpenter, Mr. Arnold Rowntree and Mr. M. E. Sadler.

Towards the cost of the inquiry donations of varying amount
were received from the following : The Right Hon. the
Lord Strathcona, Mr. Clifford Webster Barnes, A Friend,
Mrs. Winkworth, Mrs. F. W. Crossley, Mr. and Mrs. M. E.
Sadler, Mr. J. Martin White, Mr. W. Harvey, Mr. G. H.
Kenrick, Miss Alexandrina Peckover, the Right Hon. Sir
Horace Plunkett, Mr. Arnold Rowntree, Mr. A. W. Chapman,
Miss M. A. Lyster, Mr. C. G. Montefiore, Mr. J. H. Badley,
Mrs. George Cadbury, Rev. Dr. J. Estlin Carpenter, Miss M.
I. Gardiner, Mrs. Edwin Gray, Miss C. Herford, the Right
Hon. Henry Hobhouse, Mr. T. C. Horsfall, Sir Victor Horsley,
the Bishop of Ripon, Mr. A. Sidgwick, Mrs. H. Sidgwick, the
Earl of Stamford, Mr. R. A, Yerburgh, Sir Thomas Dyke
Acland, the Rev. Chancellor Bernard, the Bishop of Here-
ford, Mrs. Humphry Ward, Mr. A. Booth, the Right Hon. the
Lord Avebury, Mr. A. Burrell, Miss H. Busk, Mrs. Eckhard,
Mr. George Franklin, Rev. T. C. Fry, Mr. G. P. Gooch, Mr.
B. Hawker, Mr. J. R. Heape, Miss P. Lawrence, Miss C.
A. Lee, the Earl of Lytton, Mr. R. W. Macan, Mr. R. T.
Mallet, Mr. F. E. Marshall, Mr. George Payne, Mr. J. A.
Picton, Sir Owen Roberts, Dr. F. A. Sibly, Sir Albert Spicer,
M.P., Miss A. Walmsley, Rev. W. Warner, Dr. T. M. Watt,

Finance 493

Mrs. Woodhouse, Mrs. A. Booth, the Countess of Carlisle,
Rev. T. G. Gardiner, Mr. W. E. Hubbard, the Rev. the Hon. E.
Lyttelton, Miss E. Pease, Mr. H. J. Wilson, M.P., Prof. John
Adams, Prof. J. W. Adamson, Prof. S. Alexander, Miss Andrews,
Mr. R. L. Archer, Miss G. B. Ayre, Miss M. S. Beard, Rev. G.
C. Bell, Mr. A. C. Benson, Miss M. E. Bishop, Sir Edward
Brabrook, Judge Bradbury, Rev. J. Brierley, Sir E. Busk, Mr.
S. H. Butcher, Prof. L. Campbell, Rev. J. Chapman, Sir W. E.
Clegg, Miss Clough, Mr. F. C. Constable, Miss Cropper, Rev.
V. D. Davis, The Rt. Hon. Alfred Emmott, Mrs. Fawcett, Mr.

E. Fiddes, Mr. Frank Fletcher, Rev. L. Ford, Sir Edward Fry,
Miss F. Gadesden, Mr. F. Gallon, Miss Alice Gardner, Miss
Gaskell, the Bishop of Gloucester, Prof. F. Gotch, Rev. J. Gow,
Mr. C. H. Greene, Mr. P. J. Hartog, Sir H. Hibbert, Mr. Alex.
Hill, M.D. (Master of Downing), Mrs. Gilliland Husband, Mrs.
Huxley, Rev. Morris Joseph, Miss Law, Lady Low, Lady Emily
Lutyens, Prof. J. S. Mackenzie, Mr. H. J. Mackinder, Sir P.
Magnus, Mrs. Scott Maiden, Miss C. M. Mason, Mr. P. A.
Molteno, Miss J. D. Montgomery, Miss M. Morton, Miss M.
J. Mowbray, Prof. Muirhead, Rev. Canon Charles Myers, Mr.
J. L. Paton, Mr. Ion Pritchard, Miss A. Ravenhill, Dr. R. D.
Roberts, Mr. G. Gidley Robinson, Mr. John Russell, Dr.
Saleeby, Miss Scampton, Mrs. Scharlieb, Mr. George Smith,
Mr. H. Bompas Smith, Miss S. M. Smith, the Bishop of
Southwark, Miss K. Stevens, Rev. Canon Stevenson, Prof. G.

F. Stout, Mr. Arthur W. Sutton, Mr. H. M. Thompson, Mrs.

G. Unwin, Lady Verney, Mrs. William Watkins, Lady Welby,
Sir Raymond West, the Dean of Winchester, Mr. J. H. Yoxall,
M.P., Mrs. Armitage, Mrs. Walter Barrow, Mrs. Bryant, Prof.
Culverwell, Miss Day, Miss Annie M. Dobell, Miss S. B. Forth,
Mr. Vernon Harcourt, Hon. Mrs. Vernon Harcourt, Mr. C.
S. Loch, Sir Oliver Lodge, Miss A. McClure, Mrs. Rogers, Mr.
H. Samuel, Mr. F. C. S. Schiller, the Right Hon. J. Parker
Smith, Mr. C. E. Stansfield, the Bishop of Stepney, Rev.
Charles J. Steward, Mr. J. St. Loe Strachey, Miss B. H. Clift
and Staff, Miss M. M. Allan, Mr. G. H. Archibald, Mr. F. F.
Belsey, Miss Amy Bramwell, Rev. Reginald Bull, Rev. Canon
Cheyne, Dr. Drummond, Rev. Ellis Edwards, Mr. T. S. Foster,
Mr. J. H. Gettins, Prof. J. A. Green, Dr. F. H. Hayward, Mr.
H. B. Holding, Mr. H. E. W. Phillips, Miss C. Punch, Prof.
Carveth Read, Miss M. E. Robertson, Mr. C. B. Russell, Miss
M. Stainer, Miss Hermione Unwin, Miss M. R. Walker, Mr.

494 List of Members of Advisory Council

H. J. Wolstenholme, Mr. Israel Zangwill, the Rev. the Hon. J.
Adderley, Miss E. E. Ainsley, Mr. Fred Charles, Miss Connolly,
Rev. A. A. David, Prof. J. J. Findlay, Miss Gardner, Miss
Gimson, Miss M. E. Hargood, Mr. C. E. Maurice, Mrs. J.
Morrison, Miss E. Penrose, Miss Powell, Miss E. H. Sturge,
Mrs. H. Ware, Mr. A. E. Withy, Miss Alice Woods, Mrs.
Bennett, Miss A. L. Broome, Prof. R. M. Burrows, Miss E.
Case, Miss Dove, Miss Emery, Canon Fairchild, Miss M. Fry,
Rev. Dr. Garvie, Mr. F. J. Gould, Miss Mary Gregory, Miss S.
Gurney, Mr. W. Hewitt, Mr. S. G. W. Hewlett, Mrs. Mary
Higgs, Miss E. J. Hogg, Sir A. F. Hort, Mr. W. C. Johnson,
Mrs. Mumford, Miss E. A. Pearson, Miss Hilda M. Raw, Mrs.
Sherwen, Miss E. G. Skeat, Miss H. W. Sturge, Miss F. K.
Taylor, Mr. John Tulloch, Miss M. A. Vaughan, Miss S. A.
Walker, Miss S. E. Wells, Mr. A. M. Williams, Rev. St. J. B.
Wynne Willson, Mr. E. W. Worlledge, Mr. - F. W. Goldstone,
Mrs. F. J. Pidduck, Miss Jane Hay, Rev. C. Roper, Miss E.
R. Lap thorn, Mr. H. W. Atkinson, Mrs. Healey, Miss Gittins,
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Wilson, Miss Mary Hervey.

Very liberal contributions were also made by members of the
American Committee.

Special thanks are due to Lord Strathcona, to Mrs. Wink-
worth, to Mr. J. Martin White and to Mr. Clifford W. Barnes
for donations without the help of which the investigation could
not have been undertaken upon so large a plan.

25TH MARCH, 1907.

The Earl of Buckinghamshire.

The Earl of Lytton.

The Right Hon. the Earl of Meath, K.P.

The Earl of Stamford.

The Right Hon. Lord Avebury, F.R.S.

The Lord Winterstoke of Blagdon.

The Right Hon. Lord Strathcona, G.C.M.G., F.R.S.

The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Durham.
The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Ely.
The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Gloucester.
The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Hereford.
The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Peterborough.

List of Members of Advisory Council 495

The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Ripon.

The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Rochester.

The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Southwark.

The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Stepney.

The Right Rev. J. E. C. Welldon, Dean of Manchester.

The Rev. the Hon. James Adderley.

The Very Rev. H. Adler, D.D., LL.D., Chief Rabbi.

The Rev. Charles F. Aked, D.D.

The Rev. Samuel A. Barnett, Canon of Westminster, President

of Toynbee Hall.
The Rev. Chancellor Bernard.
The Rev. Carey Bonner, General Secretary of the Sunday School


The Rev. W. Copeland Bowie.
The Rev. J. Brierley.
The Rev. Robert D. Brown.
The Rev. Reginald Bull.
The Rev. R. J. Campbell.
The Rev. John Clifford, D.D.
The Rev. J. G. Cromwell, Hon. Canon of Durham.
The Rev. V. D. Davis.
The Rev. James Drummond, LL.D., formerly Principal of

Manchester College, Oxford.

The Very Rev. W. M. Furneaux, Dean of Winchester.
The Rev. T. G. Gardiner.
The Rev. J. Monro Gibson, D.D., LL.D.
The Rev. E. W. Goodden.
The Rev. Henry Gow.
The Rev. J. Hirst Hollowell, Secretary of the Northern Counties

Education League.
The Rev. J. Page Hopps.
The Rev. C. Silvester Home.
The Rev. John Hunter, D.D.

The Rev. Arthur W. Jephson, Hon. Canon of Southwark.
The Rev. Morris Joseph.

The Rev. J. H. Jowett, President of the Congregational Union.
The Rev. Charles H. Kelly.

The Very Rev. G. W. Kitchin, D.D., Dean of Durham.
The Rev. T. A. Lacey.
The Rev. Thomas Law, Secretary of the National Council of

the Evangelical Free Churches.
The Very Rev. J. Cameron Lees, C.V.O., D.D., LL.D.

496 List of Members of Advisory Council

The Rev. A. L. Lilley.

The Rev. Michael Maher, S.J., D.Litt.

The Rev. F. B. Meyer, President of the Baptist Union.

The Rev. G. Campbell Morgan, D.D., President of the Sunday
School Union.

The Rev. W. D. Morrison, LL.D.

The Rev. Pearson Me Adam Muir, D.D.

The Rev. Conrad Noel.

The Rev. J. B. Paton, D.D.

The Rev. G. Rolland Ramsay, General Secretary of the Scottish
Christian Social Union.

The Rev. H. D. Rawnsley, Hon. Canon of Carlisle.

The Rev. James H. Rigg, D.D., formerly Principal of West-
minster Training College.

The Rev. Charles Roper.

The Ven. W. M. Sinclair, D.D., Archdeacon of London.

The Rev. I. Gregory Smith, LL.D.

The Rev. Charles J. Steward.

The Rev. J. M. Lloyd Thomas.

The Rev. W. J. Townsend, D.D.

The Rev. James Travis.

The Very Rev. Monsignor Ward.

The Rev. Alexander Whyte, D.D.

The Ven. A. B. O. Wilberforce, Archdeacon of Westminster.

The Rev. Joseph Wood.

The Rev. J. J. Wright.

F. D. Acland, M.P., Yorkshire, Richmond.
Percy Alden, M.P., Middlesex, Tottenham.

Sir William R. Anson, Bart., M.P., Oxford University.

Arthur W. Black, M.P., Beds, Biggleswade.

C. W. Bowerman, M.P., Deptford.

S. H. Butcher, M.P., Cambridge University.

W. P. Byles, M.P., Salford.

J. R. Clynes, M.P., Manchester, N.E.

Sir W. J. Collins, M.P., St. Pancras, W.

Sir Henry Cotton, K.C.S.I., M.P., Nottingham, E.

Will Crooks, M.P., Woolwich.

W. H. Dickinson, M.P., St. Pancras, N.

The Right Hon. Alfred Emmott, M.P., Oldham.

Charles Fenwick, M.P., Northumberland, Wansbeck.

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