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JULY 1, 1909, TO JUNE 30, 1910







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Michigan Dairymen's Association,
Office of the Secretary.

Flint, Mich., July 1, 1910.

To His Excellency, Fred M. Warner, Governor of the State of Michigan :

I have the honor to submit herewith, as required by statute, the
accompanying report of the Michigan Dairymen's Association, showing
the receipts and disbursements for the year; also papers and steno-
graphic report of the Twenty-sixth Annual Convention, held at Detroit,
Feb. 1, 2, 3, and 4, 1910.

Respectfully yours,


Digitized by


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July 1, 1909, to June 30, 1910.


T. F. Marston Bay City.

F. H. Vandenboom Marquette.

S. J. Wilson Flint.


Leonard Freeman Fen ton.

W. F. Raven Brooklyn.

Ira O. Johnson Detroit

Henry Rozema Fremont.

Charles R. Webb Chesaning.


Dr. C. E. Marshall Agricultural College.

Victor C. Vaughan, Dean of U. of M Ann Arbor.

Digitized by


Digitized by





Bates, Hon. E. N Moline

Haven, E. A BloomingdaJe

Horton, Hon. G. B Fruit Ridge

Lillie, Colon C Coopereville

Marshall, Dr. C. E East Lansing

Monrad, J. H., Coopenhagen, O. Denmark

McBrlde, James N Burton

Rabild, Helmer, Dairy Division

Washington. D. C.

Smith, Director C. D., Plracicaba,
Province of St. Paul, Brazil, South


Stowe, E. A Grand Rapids

Vaughan, Victor C, Dean of U. of M.

Ann Arbor

Warner, Gov. Fred M Farmington

Wilson, S. J Flint

Wright, A. W Alma


July 1, 1909, to June 30, 1910.

Adams, E. G Wayland

Albion Creamery Co Albion

Allen, Wm Franklin

Akey, David L Colon

Am. Farm Produce Co Owosso

Anderson, Christian Coloma

Angevine, Chas. J Coldwater

Appel, J. C Marlette

Armstrong, A. J Amble

Armstrong Cork Co Pittsburg, Pa.

Armstrong, M. B Pontiac

Armstrong, M. J Amble

Austin, Eugene Coopersville

Bailey, J. L., 203 Everhardt St


Baldwin, J. F., 12 Brush St. Depot,


Ballard, Harry, R. D. 4 Niles

Barger, Fred C. (2 yrs.)

158 Franklin St.... New York, N. Y.

Barnaby, W. A Adrian

Ban^es, Alger B Byron

Barnes, Volkert, R. D. 1 Newaygo

Bartlett, C. S Pontiac

Bartlett, R. S Pontiac

Barton, David B New Troy

Bascome, D. T Montgomery

Battra, John Avoca

Bechtel, W. H Caro

Benson, C. C., Box 11 Lansing

Benson, Geo. T., 1422 Pine Grove ave.

f Port Huron

Best, Alva Remus

Best, Wellington Mt Clemens

Biersborn, Harry, R. D. 3..Mt. Clemens

Bilsborrow, C. H., R. D. 3 Paw Paw

Bird, L. R Brighton

Bishop, Jack Buchanan

Bliss, John Utica

Blumlein, Wm Frankenmuth

Boehmcke, F. E., 300 Greenwich St.

New York, N. Y.

Bosch, Chas., R. D. 3 Hudsonville

Bosworth, Jesse L Colon

Bovee, Guy A Woodland

Bovee, Windsor Henderson

Bradley, Frank E Farmington

Breckenridge Creamery Co


Brice, W. R. & Co, 21 So. Water St.

Phila, Pa.

Bristol, Clarence, R. D. 5 Fenton

Britten, Arthur H. '. Goodrich

Brooks. A. W Brooklyn

Brown, A. L Wooster

Brownell, Geo. H., 70 W. Lamed St.,


Brumm, Roy S., R. D. 5 Nashville

Digitized by




Bueche, J. A New Lothrop

Burger, C. P., R. D. 4 Saginaw

Burns Creamery Co Grand Rapids

Burnap, J. D., 119 St. Clair St

Toledo, Ohio

Burroughs Adding Machine Co.. Detroit
Burrell, D. H. ft Co..LitUe Falls^ N. Y.

Butler, R. A Capac

Carlsen, Emery B., 18 S. Terrace St.


Carnes, Perry Benton Harbor

Cartwright, Ed. D Mayvllle

Caven, Geo., 154 Lake St Chicago

Chevrie, F. A Imlay City

Chamberlain, F. M Ann Arbor

Clement, R. P., R. D. 5 Adrian

Cobb, L Vassar

Colvin, I. B Hudson

Conant, A. B Mosherville

Conaton, M Bad Axe

Coville, A. L Charlotte

Cook, T. A Brant

Coon, F. H Hemlock

Craig, Donelson Detroit

Crawford, Thos. B Almont

Croman, E. A Grass Lake

Crossfleld, F. A., R. D. 19 Galesburg

Curtis ft Curtis Lyons

Dailey, A. B Ray, Indiana

Dairy Record St Paul, Minn.

Darling, H. H Coopersville

Davis, W. H Croswell

Davis, Ward M Washington

Deake, Clayton Salem

Dear, Chas. H Novi

Dear, W. A Perrinton

DeGraw, Wm. J Lamb

Dennis, J Novi

Denison, Oscar Yale

Dent, F. B Hanover

Diehm, J. J Remus

Doran, Wm Ithaca

Dubendorf, Wm Coopersville

Duell, A. L Grand Ledge

Edison, Milo H., R. D. 2.. Grand Rapids

Ebmyer, John Sandusky

Bisenlord, N.J Farmington

Eld ridge, Fred L Breckenridge

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Ellis, Irving, W., R. D. 2. . .Washington

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Ellwanger, R. J Grand Rapids

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Felske^ Arthur Avoca

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Fitch, Porter, 10 Harrison St

New York, N. Y.

Fitzpatrick, H. P Middletown

Foster, Floyd O., 806 Howard St


Frary, R. F. (2 yrs.) Lapeer

Prary, Mrs. R. F., 46 Saginaw St


Freeman, Leonard (2 yrs.) Fenton

FYemont Creamery Co Fremont

Freeport Creamery Co Freeport

Fuller, E. M Hart

Gargett, Geo. J Alma

Geissel, J. O., 36 Harrison, St

New York, N. Y.

Gibson, Joseph, 165 Broadway

New York, N. Y.

Glasser, G. H Bancroft

Glasson, Joseph, R. D. 6 Ypsilanti

Goodyear, James H., 198 Baltimore,

W Detroit

Greer, H. J. Mayville

Gregory, M. C Unadilla, N. Y.

Griffith, M. J .Peck

Grove, C. A Litchfield

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Hagerty, J. E Auburn Jet. Ind.

Hall, Walter Owosso

Halpin, T. C, 3133 Griswold . . . .Detroit
Halter, Joe, care Com Products Re-
fining Co Chicago, 111.

Hansen, L. B Bronson

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Harris, Gilbert Dryden

Harris, John J Wyandotte

Harriman, J. C Blissfield

Hart, F. T Pigeon

Hatch, L. M Big Bay

Harris & Throop Detroit

Hayes, H. J., 1013 Com. Bank Bldg.,

Chicago, 111.

Hebert, J. E Caseville

Hendershott, Floyd, M Parma

Hiel, Neal Hersey

Hill, James B Saginaw

Hill, Thomas, 206 Hammond Bldg.,


Hillman, B. A Metamora

Hoar, J. L Chicago, 111.

Hoodemaker, D. A Salem

Hoffman, J. B Oakley

Homes, R. E Montgomery

Hopkins. W. Claude, R. D. 5 Yale

Hopkins, R. F Davison

Horton, N. B Morenci

Houston, S. S Pontiac

Hubinger, L Frankenmuth

Hull, N. P Dimondale

Hupp, Geo. C Bingham

Hunter, Walton ft Co., 33-35 Kinzie St.

Chicago, 111.

Ireland, W. J., R. D. 1 Cass City

Ives, R. L • Greenville

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Jankoski, Frank S Milliards

Jenkins, D. A. .• Ida

Jenns, Louis H Grand Rapids

Johnson Bros Detroit

Johnson, Ira O., 126 Broadway


Johnston, Robert Woodstock, Ont.

Jones, D. A Durand

Jones. Frank Mt. Clemens

Jordan, W. F Mt. Clemens

Kalamazoo Creamery Co. ...Kalamazoo
Kane, W. J., 5934 Spruce St.,

Phila. Pa.

Kaser, Chas. R. D. 19 Reading

Kemmer, Chas Allegan

Kemper, W.'H Sandusky

Ketchum, D. B LeRoy

Kerr, L. R Sandusky

Keyworth, C. H Coleman

Kimball, N. D., 513 Fernwood Ave...

Toledo, Ohio

Keifer, P. H., 21 Jay St..

New York, N. Y.

Kuech, Frank ^Grindstone City

Kimball. Geo. H., Jr.. R. D. 5..Pontlac

King, Claude E Concord

Kleinheksel, Bert Filmore Center

Kloosterman, John * Clarksvllle

Krans, Geo. M., R. D. 1 Monroe

Kruschinsky. Fred Gera

Ladd, J. H., 920 Washtenaw St., Lansing

Ladd, John W Saginaw

Lakeside Elgin Butter Co., Grass Lake
Langtry. Geo. J.. 1115 9th St

Port Huron

Larsen, Chas Brown City

Leach. T. A Richmond

Leavenworth Bros., R. D. 7 .

Grand Rapids

Leibum. Chris Orleans

Lewis, C. V Boston, Mass.

Licht. John Warren

Llllle. Chas. P Coopersvllle

Llverance. W. B East Lansing

Lock wood, Clifford D Athens

Lokker, Henry Midland

Lyle, G. W Globevllle

Lyon, J. D Buchanan

Lyon, O. J Waterville, Ohio.

Long. P. D., R. D. 8 Grand Rapids

Linton, Chas Bloomlngdale

McCallum, A., R. D. 1 Cass City

McCandllsh, Frank E Goodrich

McCandless, G. E., Majestic Bldg


McCormlck, Archie Evart

McCourtie, Albert Willis

McDonnell Bros., 35 W. Woodbrldge . .


McGlll, B. A., 1064 Webster St

Traverse City

McKeon, E. W.. Cadillac Hotel .. Detroit
McKnlght, R. J Saginaw

McNeil, Chas. E Chicago, 111.

MacNeil, F Fostoria

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Marston, T. F Bay City

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Martin Creamery Co,, Martin

Mather. Milton Traverse City

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Chicago, 111.

Mersman, John. R. D. 8 . . Grand Rapids
Meyer, Arend P., R. D. 3 .. Hudson vllle

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Miller, J. C. Jr., care J. W. Ladd. . . .


Miller, Lloyd C, Box 7 Centerville

Miller. Geo. E Armada

Mills. John W Kingston

Mlnnlch, Frank P Charlotte

Mulr. Will Imlay City

Mossner. P. C Gera

Mount, L. C Homer

Munger, Henry Reece

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Chicago, 111.

Murray. R. A Byron

New Haven, Elgin Creamery Co.,

New Haven

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Nunneley. Arthur S Portland

Nyenhuis, Jacob. R. D. 3. . .Hudsonville
N. Y. Produce Review, 175 Chambers

New York, N. Y.

Olln. R. M Caro

Osterhouse, Barney Caro

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Otter, Chas. H St. Clair

Overton; Glen Burnlps Corners

Owen. Bert Grand Rapids

Parker, C. H., 314 N. 3rd St... Saginaw

Parker, F. A Lansing

Parshall. Dwlght M.. R. D. 6... Howell

Partch. C. M Armada

Peterson, Bert G Clarks Lake

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Philips, J. F Pigeon

Plckelman, Geo Birch Run

Pickett. J. A Mllllngton

Pierce, Archie R Scotts

Pierson. S. H., R. D. 2 Goodrich

Plumhoff, Fred W. .« New Era

Pohl, Joseph Westphalia

Power, J. F Qulncy

Powers, Russell Ravenna

Preston. G. W Ypeilantl

Digitized by




Probert, H. F., Box 14 Jackson

Pullen, G. J Leslie

Quackenbush, H. B Iron Mountain

Fadke, W. H.. 42 B. Madison St

Chicago. lU.

Randall, A. N Vestaburg

Raven, W. F East Lansing

Read, Chaa. P., R. D. 2 Howell

Reed, R. C Howell

Reed, Wm Perry

Reichle, C. J Camden

Reid, Ira. K., R. D. 2 Cass City

Reist, C. E Maple Rapids

Renner, Frederick C Chelsea

Renbarger, C. E Niles

Reicholz, John C Hemlork

Reynolds, H. T Lucrs

Rice, E. J New Hu<^son

Richards, Chas. P Plain well

Rider, G. H Almont

Ricker, P. G White V\^eon

Riverside Co Adrain

Robins, D. L Port Huron

Robert, Alton T Marquette

Roche, Bert Farmington

Rock Island Butter Co., 123 Superior

St Toledo, Ohio

Rockwood, J. A Hastings

Rohrer, J. M Grass Lake

Ross, John E Brown City

Rouse, R. B Ypsilanti

Rozema, Henry Fremont

Rudd, C. W. & Son Detroit

Ruff, John F Port Huron

Sackrider, Fred T., R. D. 5 Jackson

Sanderlin, Ray E Portland

Sass, H. J Pigeon

Sauber, W. A New Haven

Schoch, Mrs. Fred S., R. D. 1 Troy

Shont, John Borculo

Schlichter, Wesley Brown City

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Schwanbeck, E Utica

Seelye, L, E Lapeer

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Shaw, Mrs. Frank W Goodrich

Shaw, Frank W. Goodrich

Shiel D. W Hillsdale

Sigafoose, L. R Montgomery

Simmons, John Alpena

Slater, L. A Tipton

Smith, C. J. W., 340 Commonwealth

Ave Detroit

Smith, Edwin H-, R. D. 1 Salem

Smith, J. Fred Byron

Smith, F. M Hillsdale

Smith, F. S Hersey

Smith, Geo. T Portland

Smith, Harold C Wyandotte

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Boston, Mass.

Sortor, R. G Breckenridge

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Bay City

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St. John, A. F. W., Majestic Bldg. . .


Stroh, Clyde H Union City

Sudendorf, E., 154 Lake St., Chicago, 111.

Sunday, Geo. P Constantine

Superior Chum Mfg. Co Northville

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Chicago, 111.

Tecumseh Butter Co Tecumseh

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Timmerman, H. C, 23 Robinson Ave.,

Grand Rapids

Thibideau, A. F., Shelby Bldg.,


Tomlinson, Wm. F.. R. D. 2

New Baltimore

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Union Cheese Co. FTankenmuth

Uphouse, A. J Ida

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Vandenboom, F. H Marquette

Vassold Bros Midland

Vernon, Winfleld Ewen

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Warner, Richard Jr., 57 Broadway. . .

Grand Rapids

Warren, E. J., R. D. I Battle Creek

Waterman, Dr. Geo. A., Box 88

East Lansing

Wattles, H, B Troy

Webb, Chas. R., Box 63 Chesaning

Webster, T. E Bay City

Wehrle, Louis Marshall

Weiskerich, J. C Metamora

Westphalia Creamery Co Westphalia

Westra, Abel Fremont

Wever, John Zeeland

Whitaker, Geo., 411 E. Fifth Flint

Whitehead, Otis H Coleman

Willsie, Mrs. M. H., R. D. 7 Caro

Wilson, C. J Bauer

Winters, Ed., 1101 Eleventh St

Port Huron

Woodin, J. B Detroit

Woolsey, Chas Morrice

Wright, Chas. H Tecumseh

Tetter, Geo. T. (2 yrs.) R. D. 2

Eau Claire

Zuehlk, Henry W New Haven

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ACT 263, PUBLIC ACTS 1909.

AN ACT to authorize the Michigan Dairymen's Association to hold an annual
meeting and such auxiliary meetings as may be determined by the association,
and making an appropriation therefor.

T7^ People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 1. The Michigan Dairymen's Association is hereby authorized to hold
one annual meeting and as many auxiliary meetings, each year, and at such place
or places, as may be decided upon by said association, for the dissemination of
knowledge pertaining to dairying and dairy products among the people of the
State, and said association shall formulate such rules and regulations as it may
deem proper to carry on the work contemplated in this act, and it may employ
an agent or agents to perform the duties in connection therewith as it may deem

Sec. 2. For the purposes mentioned in the preceding section the said Michi-
gan Dairymen's Association may use such sums as it shall deem proper, not ex-
ceeding three hundred dollars, for the necessary current expenses of the Michi-
gan Dairymen's Association each year. All of which the State Treasurer shall
pay to the said association on the warrants of the Auditor General from time
to time as its vouchers for the same shall be exhibited and approved.

Sec. 3. The Auditor General shall incorporate in the State tax for the year
nineteen hundred nine the sum of three hundred dollars, and for the year nine-
teen hundred ten, the sum of three hundred dollars, which amounts, when col-
lected, shall be credited to the geneml fund to reimburse the same for the moneys
hereby appropriated.
This act is ordered to take immediate efPect.


President of the Senate.
Speaker of the House of R^resentatives.


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Digitized by









Digitized by


Digitized by


The twenty-sixth annual meeting of the Michigan Dairymen's Associa-
tion convened at Detroit, in the Wayne Hotel Gardens, at 10 o'clock,
A. M., February 1, witji President T. F. Marsfon in the chair.

The Chairman: Ladies and gentlemen, you will please come to
order. In the absence of music, which w^ do not seem to be provided
with, the first on the program is the Address of Welcome, which will be
given by the Mayor of the city. I take pleasure in introducing to you
Mayor Breitmeyer:


Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen:

I may say, ladies and gentlemen, though I do not know whether the
ladies are a part of this convention, or whether they are attached to
their husbands. Nevertheless, I want to bid you all a welcome to the
city of Detroit. We here are proud of our city. We do not know of any
short-comings, and I want to say to you before going further, that while
you are invited here by the committee who is in charge of this con-
vention, and while the city of Detroit has also invited you here, — ^you are
our guests — ^yet if you see any short-comings, just report the same to
the Mayor, and we will try to see to it that the next time you come to
our city you will find these things overcome.

I see by your program that this is the twenty-sixth time you have
met in like capacity; and I understand that fourteen years ago you met
here in Detroit. Those of you who attended that meeting and are pres-
ent here today can realize that you are meeting today under much more
favorable circumstances than then. At that time you could not find in
the city such a place where you could hold an exhibit such as you are
making today. All this, you will admit, indicates progress for the city
of Detroit.

You are all interested in Detroit, the metropolis of Michigan, as much
so as we are, and to the few who are here from outside the state — and
I was talking with one gentleman from New York, and another one
from away down in Texas — I want you all to know that the city of
Detroit is putting forth its best efforts to do what it can for its visitors.

A few days ago we met with the Bean Jobbers of Michigan, and I
do not know but what Michigan to day is producing as much of this
edible product as any state in the Union. We are glad to have all these

Digitized by



industries of the state meet with us here, and as the largest city in
the state, we want to do all we can to entertain our guests that come
here, and it is for that reason that we are more than pleased to have
you with us.

The other day I had a talk with a gentleman, a newspaper man, by
the name of Crampton, who had quite a good deal to do with the Warner-
Crampton law. We here in Detroit are somewhat bothered with that
law, but as I look out over this audience, I can not see any men who
would be apt to bother themselves about the Wamer-Crampton law,
for they have milk to drink and dairy products to eat. But the law
has its purpose, and while I do not know, I doubt not that the Gover-
nor, who is also a member of this Association, got in his good work on
this subject, so that the standard of the products in the butter, milk
and cheese line is very high. Therefore I think this Association should
be very happy to have a man in its midst like Governor Warner, who is
so keenly interested in the success and high standing of the Associa-

I want again to bid you a hearty welcome to our city. I hope that
your stay will be a pleasant one. Of course we can not give you any
boat rides this time of year, but the best we have is at your service —
you are welcome to it. (Applause).


The Chairman : Mr. Mayor, I desire to say that we had selected one
of our most brilliant and entertaining speakers to respond to your ad-
diress of welcome, Mr. N. P. Hull, but for some reason Mr. Hull is not
here, which we very much regret. And while I believe there are quite
a number here who would be glad to respond to your welcome, under
the circumstances all we can do is to thank you for the welcome you
have given us, and to assure you that it is greatly appreciated by us all.

The Mayor: Pressing engagements require that I take my leave, and
so, Mr. Chairman, I bid you good morning.

The Chairman: I will ask the Vice-President, Mr. F. H. Vanden-
bloom, to take the chair.

Vice-president Vandenboom takes the chair.

Chairman: The next on the program is the address by the president
of this Association, Mr. T. F. Marston, of Bay City.

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Mr. Chairman, Members of the Association :

It is with a lively appreciation of the privil^e and of the honor of
being your president that I greet you here today, this our 26th annual
convention. In these 26 years ^e Michigan Dairymen's Association
has seen many changes which have lead to a steady upward growth of
the dairy industry; a growth much more rapid of late years than
formerly. The past year has been an exceptional one. For a long time
these changes were hardly noticeable but of late they have been more
marked and the last year has seen all records of our existence broken in
price, quality, demand, production, and- general interest. Methods of
marketing our products also have changed more rapidly of late years.
Dairying as a business is becoming a business in the strict sense of the

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