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A Semi-Monthly Journal of Medicine and Surgery.






1 886.

Digitized by VjOOQIC


Abaly, Dr. W. C, Madison. Wis., on Jequirity

in Trachoma 489

Abdominal Compression, Treatment of Cholera

1^ 191

Injury, a Peculiar 416

Sections, a Few Fatal Cases of 396

Abortion and Miscarriage, Black Haw in 187

Note on Viburnum Prunifolium in. . . . 140
On the Management of Incomplete. . . 377

Viburnum Prunifolium in 161

Abraham, J. M.. Harrison ville, Mo., on A New

Skin Disease 370

Abscess or Whitlow, Should Poultices be Used

after opening of? 430

Abuse of a Useful remedy 46

A Case of Intubation of the Larynx for Acute

Catarrhal Laryngitis, with Recovery 77

Acorin, a New Giucoside 408

Acorn Coca in Chronic Diarrhoea of Children . . 403

Actinomycosis, a Case of. 530

Hominis ; 438

Adonidine and Adonis Vernalis Employed as

Cardiac Remedies 165

Adonis Vernalis and Adonidine -Employed as

Cardiac Remedies 165

Aenanthe Crocata 433

A Full-term Child and Six Months^ Foetus at one

birth 83

Agnine, A New Ointment Basis 388

Air Passages, Observations on the Use of Some
of the Newer Remedies in Diseases of the

Upper 449

A Large Liver 80

Alcohol Inebriety, Cocaine in 37

Alcoholism, Strychnine in Acute 34

Algin, The Pharmaceutical and Therapeutic

Uses of 130

Alimentary Canal, Irrigation of the, with Arti-
ficial Serum as a Remedy for Collapse after

Infantile Cholera. 419

Alimentation, Artificial, in Vomiting of Preg-
nancy 47

by the Vagina 480

Germain Sie on 45

Alkaloid, Lobelia Inflata, a New 408

of Pomegranates 48

Solutions, Benzoic Acid to Prevent

Fungi in 310

Alopecia Prematura, Is it contagious?. ^ . . v i* . 481

the Treatment of C- o- V • 3C9

Yucca Baccata in .u.-..^c.;... t?75

Alveloz as a Remedy for Specific Ulcers 48

Milk, Therapeutic action of .;...;...". ^ 158 ^
Amenorrhcea, Permanganate of Porasdkim in. . 38^ .

Santonin in 70

Treated by Manganese 485

American Medical Association 305

Special Societies

and 351

Editors' Association 3d6

Amundson, Dr. A. C, Cambridge, Wis.,

on Mother's Mark iii

Amyl Nitrite as a Physiological Antidote in Co-
caine-Poisoning 168

^^ as an Antidote for Opium. ....... 456

^^Zthe Use of in the Severe Paroxysms of

'•"- ^^* Whooping-cough 476

Anaemia, Simple 104

Anesthesia by Incarceration of the anaesthetic. 5
Anaesthetic, Local, Kava Kava as an 61

Analgesic and Hypnotic Effects of Jamaica Dog-
wood 304

Anatomist's Ode to His Mistress aoSl

Anchylostomum Duodenale 3461

Andromeda Leachevanttii 66

An Ethical Question it

Aneurism Treated by the Introduction of Fili-
form Material 165

Treated by the Introduction of Wire, 38$

A New Dressing for wounds 73

Urinary Test 119

Angina Pectoris, Cocaine in 480

Pseudo I7i

An Inquiry 370

Animal Magnetism 151

Anodyne for Use in Vesical Irritation 359

Properties of Piscidia Erythrina 363

An Old Friend Under New Protection 39a

Anthelmintic. Naphthalin as an $04

Anti-Cremation 17^

Antifebrine. a New Antipyretic 40E

Antiseptic Action of 549

the New Antipyretic, More About. . 45S
Antipyretics, New, the Comparative Merit of . . . 96

Are They Safe? 180

Antipyrine, Advantages of, as a Haemostatic. . . 310

An Incompatible of S5^

Another Application for 45^

Antiseptic Nature of 549

in Epistaxis 48

in Infantile Therapeutics 36I

in Puerperal Fever 332, 47^

in Phthisis at Davos 19a

Rules for Administration of 45^

Seventy Cases of Rheumatism Treat-
ed by 504

Antirheumatic and Antiseptic Salol, a New 334

Antiseptic Cologne 31^

Iodoform as an M

Sir Joseph Lister's Latest 36^

Antisepsis of the Digestive Tract 30^

A Pathological Museum 3s

Aphasia with Hemiplegia 3^

Apone, a New Kind of Pain-Expeller 44^

a New Preparation of Capsicum 16:

Appendix Vermiformis. Rupture of the 441

Arsenic, Bromide of, in Diabetes 43^

Injections of, in Tubercle Ganglion. ... 16^

in Skin Diseases 331

Tbs Use of Bromide of, in Skin Dis-
eases . ; 18^

Useful Administration of, in Diseases

: . rof^eSkitk 45J

Artificial Dilatation of tiie Uterine Cervix Dur-
ing Labor. ...;....- 3;

Asthma, Bronchial, and the Pathology of Hay

Fever i

Cocaine Hypodermically in 5i(

Pyridine in the Treatment of 13!

Salicylate of Cocaine in 35*

Subcutaneous Injections of Cocaine in, 311
Treated by Painting Course of Pneu-

mogastric with Iodine 4

Treatment of by Cauterization of the

Nasal Mucous Membrane 36)

A Substitute ior Opium 14

Atonic Dyspepsia, A Remedy for 39

Atropla Hypodermically to Prevent the Heart-
Depressant Effects of Chlorofym 18

Digitized by >^J^^v/viv^




Baby, Ooe-and-a half Pound 562

Bacterial Pathology, Present Relation of to

Therapeutics 522

Bactarioli^ and Disinfection 4

Bacterio-llierapy, Further Emplojrment of 311

in Pulmonary Phthisis, Sor-

manion 357

Baker, Dr. Henry B., Lansing, Mich., on a Case

of Suspected Cholera in Pinconning. Mich., 156
BalUrd, Dr. D. J.. St. Paul, Ind., on Metror-
rhagia Treated by Normal Liquid Ergpt 369
on Constipation and Convulsions Treat-
ed by Cascara Cordial 369

Barbasco, a New Mexican Drug 552

Bartholow. Dr. Roberts, Philadelphia, Pa., on
Cottstipatioa, Hemiplegia with Aphasia, and

a PMhological Museum 32

|Baitliolow» Professor Roberts, A Clinical Lec-

I tnreby 73» loi, 169

Bassian, Dr. Mary L., on A Case of Crani-
otomy 156

Baths and Mineral Waters, Therapeutic Value of, 256

EBfects of Full and Podal on the Eye 68

Effects of on Neuritis 72

BeU, Dr. Samael, Port Hope, Mich., on Per-
manganate of Potassium in Amenorrhoea. 385

on Life and Labors of Louis Pasteur 415

Belladonna Inhalations in Acute Bronchitis .... 240

in Sterility of Females 398

Tincture of, and Bichloride of Mer-
cury in Membranous Croup. . . . 398
Beazotc Add to Prevent Fungi in ' Alkaloidal

Solutions 310

and Salicylic Add, The Use of in the

Treatment of Typhoid State 384

i Beszoete of Cocaine 168

Biaiodide of Mercury in Preventfon of Scarla-
tina and Diphtheria. 552

I Bisomth, Nitro-Salicylate of 408

I Salicylate 286

The Subiodide of in the Treatment of

Ulcerations 473

Bhck-Haw in Abortion and Miscarriage 187

Bb^mail. Mutual Protection Against 53

Kidder, Seven Cases of Digital Exploration in

the Male 105

Bbkedee, Dr. N. P., Elmira, Mich., on The

Injection of Haemorrhoids 37

on Maggots in the Ear 275

Boners, Vertigo Treated by 545

and Emetics 568

Boiled and Unboiled Milk 347

Bocait, Dr. G. Henri, Sharptown, Ind.,

00 Syrup rrifolium Compound in Syphilis. . 489
New Skin Disease, SuccessfiL^ Treatment

of 273

MkM^ndne as a Narcotic 72

Boae as Food for the Teeth 528

Books and Reviews 417

Book Notices.

A Compendium of the Practice of Medidne.

By Dr. Daniel E. Hughes ?, 184

A Manual of Auscultation and Percussion.

By Dr. Austin Flint 137

A Manual of Dietetics. By Dr. J. Milner

Fothergill 350

A Mannal of Operative Surgery. By Dr.

Louis A. Stimson. 136

A Manual of Practical Therapeutics. By

Dr. Edward Waring 326

Analysis of the Urine. By K. B. Hofmann, 375
A Reference Hand-book of the Medical

Sdences. By Dr. Albert H. "Buck, 15, i^%4^

Book Notices — Continued.

A System of Practical Medidne. By Ameri-

. ' can Authors 136

A System of Practical Medidne. Edited by

Dr. Wm. Pepper 325

A Treatise on Electrolysis and its Applica-
tion to Therapeutical Surgical Treat-
ment. By Dr. Rob. Amory 423

A Treatise on the Practice of Medicine. By

Dr. Roberts Bartholow * 517

A Treatise on the Principles and Practice of
Medicine. By Dr. Austin Flint 471

Bright's Disease and Allied Affections of
the Kidneys. By Dr. Chas. Purdy. ... 375

Qimatology and Mineral Waters of the
United States. By Dr. A. A. Bell 14

Diagnosis of Diseases of the Brain and
Spinal Cord. By Dr. W. R. Gowers.. 14

Diagram of Parliamentary Rules. By Uriah
Smith 64

Diseases of the Lungs of a Specific, Non-
tuberculous Nature. By Dr. Germain
S^ 14

Diseases of the Stomach, of Intestines. By
Prof. Dujardin-Beatunetz

Disinfection. By Dr. Andrew J. B. Jenner. 137

Essentials of a Healthy Home and Whole-
some Food for Everybody 278

Essentials of Vacdnation. By Dr. W. A.
Hardaway 15

Fractiures and Dislocations. By Dr. T. Pick-
ering Pick 137

Genuine Works of Hippocrates. By Fran-
cis Adams 254

Hand-book of Diseases of the Nervous Sys-
tem. By Dr. Jas. Ross 278

Hand-book of Practical Medidne. By Dr.
Herman Eichhorst 254

Lecture on Syphilis. By G. Frank Lydston, 64
Long Life, and How to Attain It 422

Manual of Surgery. By Fred. Treves 425

Medidne of the Future, By Austin Flint. . 350
Medical and Surgical Directory of the U. S.

By R. L. Polk & Co 302

Milk Analysis and Infant Feeding. By Dr.

Arthur V. Meigs 63

Modem Treatment of Ecxema. ' By Dr.

Henry G. Piffard 475

New Medications. By Dr. Dujardin-Beau-
meu 421

Outlines of the Pathology and Treatment of
Syphilis. By Herman Von Ziessl 541

Practical ^ide in Antiseptic Midwifery in
Hospitals and Private Praactice. By
Dr. Henry J. Garrigues 495

Report of a Case of Caesarian Operation.

By Dr. E. W. Jenks 233

Rheumatism, Its Nature, Its Pathology, and

Its Successful Treatment. By Dr. J.

Maclagan 472

Spinal Irritation. By Dr. Wm. A. Ham-
mond 495

^^^ Students' Aid Serie^g,Jj,^,^^c^u^,^e"' ^3



Book Notices — Continued.


Surgical Diseases of Children. By Edmund
Owen 326

Surgical Diseases of the Kidney. By Henry
Morris 326

The Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases
oi the Ear. By Dr. Oren D. Pomeroy, 184

The International Encyclopedia of Surgery.
By Dr. J. Ashhurst

The Medical News Visiting List 543

The Methods of Bacteriological Investiga-
tion. By Dr. F. Hueppe 234

The Physician's Leisure Library 375

The Physiological, Pathological, and Thera-
peutical Effect of Compressed (Air. By
Dr. Andrew Smith 495

The Principles and Practice of Medicine.
By Dr. Charles Hilton Fagge 14

The Principles and Practice of Surgery. By
Dr. F. H. Hamilton 184

The Students' Manual of Venereal Diseases.
By Dr. Berkeley Hill 278

The Use of the Microscope in Clinical and
Pathological Examinations. By Dr. Carl
Friedlander 63

The Year-book of Treatment for 1885 173

Treatise on the Diseases of the Nervous
System. By Dr. Wm. A. Hammond. . 137

Witthaus' Laboratory Guide and Toxicology, 496

Boradc Acid and Coffee, Whooping-Cough

Treated by Nasal Insufflation of 424

Borax as a Remedy for Epilepsy 264, 441

Boradc Add in Cystitis 216

on the Value of in Various Condi-
tions of the Mouth 351

Powder in the Treatment of Gran-
ular Lids 380

Bowdichia Major 72

Bfiggs, Dr. Thos. H., Battle Creek, Mich.,

on Rupture of Appendix Vermiformis 441

Bright's Disease, Chloride of Sodium in 478

Dietetic Treatment of Chronic^ 214

Nitro-Glycerin in 308

Britiah Medical Association, Impression of 457

Brittain, Dr. W. C, Cochranton, Pa.,

on Ovariotomy 203

Brodie, Dr. Wm., Detroit, Mich.,

on A •* New " Skin Dicease 250

Bromidia 336

Bromide of Arsenic in Skin Diseases 184

Bromine in Diphtheria 214

Bronchial Asthma and the PaUiology of Hay

Fever 11

Bronchial Catarrh, Chronic, Grindelia Robusta

in 192

Bronchitis, Acute. Belladonna Inhalations in. . . 240
Chronic, Chronic Gonorrhoea and

Syphilitic Ulcerations 413

BroQchocele Treated by Phytolacca Decandra. . 439

Bfown-Sequard's Mixture for Epilepsy 120

Brown, Dr. Rush M., Macon, Ga.,

on Fluid Extract of Com Silk in Cystitis . . . 486
Bruce, Dr. A. G.. Albion, Mich.,

on Cocaine as a Hsemostatic 37

Buboes, A Subcutaneous Method of the Treat-
ment of 391

Bums and Frost-bites, Permanganate of Potas-
sium in 448, 518

Bums, Marigold in Extensive 550

The Treatment of 399

business. Medicine as a 301

Buxton, Dr. L. H., Fulton, Iowa.

on Chronic Treatment of Goitre 51

Cacur, A Kaffir Emetic

Caffeine as a Diuretic

Some of the Therapeutic Effects of
When Hypodermically Adminis-
tered 3!

Calabar Bean in Epilepsy

Calculi, Action of Pichi on

Supra- Pubic Cystotomy with Extraction
of, and Corrosive Sublimate Poison-
ing 4i

Calomel as a Diuretic 120, 3^

Injections in Syphilis j

Camphor and Charcoal in Chronic Ulcer 4^

Cancer, Still Another Cure for ^

Capital Punishment j

Capsicum, A New Preparation of i^

Carbolic Add, Hypodermic Injection of in Ery-
sipelas 31

Carbolic Acid, Phthisis and its Treatment by . . . i(

Poisoning, A Case of J

Treatment of Phthisis by Subcu-
taneous Administration of . . il
The Treatment of Varicose Veins

by Injections of 5^

Carbon Disulphide in Neuralgia i

Cardiac Remedies, Adonis Vemalis and Adoni-

dine Employed as li

Caries of the Right Parietal Bone Caused by

Railway Injury 4I

Catarrhal Jaundice, Krull's Method of Treating, 2]

Carum (Ptychotis) Asowan i

Cascara Cordial, Constipation and Convulsions

Treated by 3(

Cascara Sagrada^and Other Additions to the |

British Pharmacopoeia i^

Cascara Sagrada, Forty Cases of Habitual Coa-

stipation of Hepatic Origin 1

Treated by 4I

in Dyspepsia 360, 4|

The Influence of on the Di-
gestive Secretions 4^

Casey, Dr. W. M., Seymour, Ind,.

on Normal Liquid Ergot in Acute Gonor-
rhoea 41

Catarrhal Headache 31

Jaundice 2j

Catarrh, Chronic Uterine. Iodoform in 41

Neurotic Treatment of 3J

Remedy, Hager's 4)

Catharsis Produced by Hypodermic Medication, 5^

Caustic, A New 41

Cautery, Painless y

Cerebral Sedative, Hyoscine as a 5^

Cervix Uteri, Forcible Dilatation of the 11

Charcoal and Camphor in Chronic Ulcer 4

Injections i\

Water, Injections of in Typhoid Fever, i\
Chaulmoogra Oil in Chronic Squamous Eczema, <
Chicago Medical Society —

27. S3. 76. 105, 149, 200, 218, 244. 265, 51
313. 337. 365. 389. 40Q, 435, 457, 481. 5!
Childhood and Infancy. Bv Louis Surr, M.D. . 2
Children, Acorn Cocoa in Chronic Diarrhoea in, 4
Externa] Applications in the Treat-
ment of 5

The Therapeutic Value of Coca Prepa^

rations in 3I

Chinese Treatment of Lumbago a

ChitUck, Dr. W. R.. Detroit Mich.,

On Artificial Dilatation of the Uterine Cer-

VLX During Labor

uigitized Dy y^itvjKJWiy^



CUocal and Menthol Cooes 72

a Vesicant 264

CUoiliydrate of Pereirine in Malarial Fevers. . . . 260

CUoride ol Gold and Sodium in Pertussis 96

CUoroform, A Singular Untoward Effect of . . . . 132
I Atropia Hypodermically to Prevent

I Heart Depressant Effects of . . . 189

I Deep Injections of in Sciatica 76

I Untoward Effect of 154

Cboiera. A Case of Suspected 155

Infantum, Benzoate of Soda in 286

and Thrush, Germicidal

Treatment of 312

and Tyrotoxicon 342

Treatment of 307

Treatment of by Abdominal Compres-
sion 191

Chorea , 122

A Case of, with Peculiar Nervous Ante-
cedents 35

' Hyoscyamine in 214

Post-hemiplegic 74

Treatment of 216

Qwroid, A Report of three Cases of Ossifi-
cation of the 109

Chronic Bronchitis. Treatment of by Terpene. . . 94

! Cystitis, Treatment of 178

Diarrhoea, a Simple Remedy for 312

Dysentery, The Local Treatment of. . .. 143
Gonorrhoea, Grooved Bougies for Intro-
ducing Medicaments in 360

Prostatitis 225

Chrysarobin and Salicylic Acid in Psoriasis 456

The Internal Administration of in

Infantile Eczema 360

Cfeysophanic Add, a Cure for Ring-worm 377

[jaricHftga for Headache 216

Chcolsidon and Heart, Action of Grindelia Ro-

hostaon 190

Qly Hospital for Detroit 6

Duk, Dr. J. E., Detroit, Mich.,

On Bacteriology and Disinfection 4

A New Skin Disease 217

Aided by Electricity to Act as a Local

Amesthetic 407

and Salicylic Acid the Latest Specific

for Epithelioma 406

as a Haemostatic 37

as an Anesthetic in other than Mucous

Tissues 204

Benzoate of 168

Damaging Results from the Use of 117

Dinretic Influence of 306

Dysentery Treated with 192

^ects of on Central Nervous S3rstem . . 27
Hjdrochlorate of as a Local Anaesthetic, 377

Hypodermically in Asthma 519

faiAlcohol and Opium Inebrieties 27

in Angina Pectoris 480

Inhalations of Muriate of in Whooping

Cough 499

in Infantile Coryza 48

Incarceration of 61

in Lavage of the Stomach 338

ni MeUncholia 25

In Minor Operations 37

in Neurasthenia 28

in the Hypodermic Treatment of

Syphilis 519

in Vomiting of Pregnancy 480

in Whooping Cough 519

Lewinin as a Substitute for 335

Morphine Habit Treated with 239

Cocaine Poisoning, Amyl Nitrite as a Physio-

logioil Antidote in 168

SalicyUite of in Asthma 359

Subcutaneous Injection of in Asthma. . 218
Subcutaneously in Removal of an Epi-
thelioma 26

to Diminish Labor Pains 264

Coca Preparations in Children, Therapeutic

Value of 384

Value of in Overcoming the Opium Habit, 238

Codeiain Diabetes 334

Cod* Liver Oil, Morrhuol the Supposed Active

Principal of: 48

Coffee and Boracic Acid, Whooping Cough

Treated by Nasal Insufflation of 424

as a Disinfectant 189

Cold Air, Inhalations of in Typhoid Fever 211

and Heat, Apparatus for Applying 168

in the Head, Treatment of Based on its

Neurotic Origin 262

Saline and Fresh Water Baths, Effect of on

Fever 46

Water, Action of in the Treatment of Chil-
dren 551

Colon, Overfilling and Dilatation of 435

Compressed Air Bath, Meniere's Disease Treated

by 192

Concentrated Lye, Poisoning by 204

Condurango Bark in Diseases of the Stomach. .. 538

Congenital Ocular Deformity, a Peculiar 133

Conjunctivitis, Corrosive Sublimate in 48

Connell, Dr. F. G. L., Detroit, Mich.,

On an Operation for the Relief of Tinnitus
Aurium and Obscure Cases of Deafness. . 487

On Some Cases of Interest 297

On the Prevention of Corneal Erosion and
Ulceration by the Local Application of

Oleum Ricini 34

Constipation 3«

and Convulsions Treated by Cas-

cara Cordial 369

and its Treatment 189

Forty Cases of Habitual of Hepatic
Origin Treated by Cascara Sa-

grada 48s

Consumption, Indpient Tubercular, and its Ex-
ternal Treatment 15

Gavage in the Treatment of 263

Modern Treatment of 495

Treatment of by Intra-pulmonary

Injections 524

Continued Fever, Worthlessness of Quinine in. . SSS

Contraction of the liver 170

Convallaria Majalis 144

Convulsions and Constipation Treated by Cas-
cara Cordial 369

Epileptiform 173

Cook, Dr. M. A., Riley Centre, Mich.,

On the Faradic Current in the Treatment of
Vomiting During Parturition — Egg and

Salt PotUtice for Mastitis 391

Cooking Utensils, Lead-poisoning by 301

Copaiba, Local Application of in Vaginitis 166

Com SiUc, Fluid Extract of in the Treatment of

Cystitis 4B6

Corrosive Sublimate in Conjunctivitis 4^

Coryza, Infantile, Cocaine in 48

Snuffsfor 448

Coscinium Fenestratum 67

Cotoine in Diarrhoea 5^4

Cotton Root in Uterine Haemorrhage 24

Cough Mixture for Horses 425

Cow's Milk, to Prepare for Young Infants 44S

uigitized Dy V3\^v^v iv^



Craig, Dr. J. Harvey. Mansfield. Ohio.

The Local Use of Liquid Ergot. Normal, in

Chronic Gonorrhoea 341

Craniotomy, a Case of 156

Criee, Dr. Walter J., Detroit, Mich.,

on Gastro-Intestinal Haemorrhage in an In-
fant 319

Cremation and Epidemics 463

and the Medical Profession 97

Creosote a Specific for Erysipelas 261

Criminal Insanity 444

Crone. Dr. E. B., Kerkhoven, Minn.,

on Uses of Iodoform 440

Croton-Oil Absorption 345

Possibility of 323

Croupous Tonsillitis and Diphtheria 230

Crowe. Dr. E. B., Kirkhoven. Minn., •

on Michigan Itch 273

Cruice, Dr. Wm., death of 372

Crull, Dr. A.. Ditmer's Store. Mo.,

on A New Skin Disease 343

Cubeb Inhalations in Diphtheria 240

Curare. Traumatic Tetanus Treated by 452

Cystic Degeneration and Enlargement of Spleen, 320

Cystitis, Boric Acid in 216

Fluid Extract of Corn Silk in the treat-
ment of 486

Cystotomy, Supra- Pubic, with Extraction of
Large Calculi and Corrosive Sublimate Poi-
soning 412

Cysts, Ovarian, A Few Strange i

Da Costa, Prof., on the Management of Hysteria, 567

Danaine 95

Deafness, An Operation for the Relief of Tinnitus

Aurium and Obscure Cases of 487

Debove's "Cramming" Method in Phthisis 332

Delafield on the Treatment of Chronic Gastritis, 425

Delirium Tremens, Hyoscyamine in 312

Therapeutics of 408

Delusional Insanity, A Prescription for 344

Delusions, Melancholia with 74

Dental Caries, A Cure for Toothache from 377

Dermatology, Recent Progress in 242

Detroit City Hospital 6

Medical and Library Association 6, 57

Diabetes. Bromide of Arsenic in 424

Codeia in 334

Insipidus, Valerian in 168, 335

Jambul in 239, 397

Mellitus, Medication of 164

Diarrhoea and Dysentery, A Valuable Remedy

for 287

Chronic and Typhoid Fever, The Use

of Naphthalin in 116

Chronic, in Children, Acorn Cocoa in. 402

Cotoine in 504

Ice- Water Enemata in 528

White of Eggs in 312

Oil of Wintergreen for 311

Salicylate of Iron in Children's, with

Oflfensive Stools 358

Diet and Headache 228

Dietetic Treatment of Chronic Bright's Disease, 214

Treatment of Disease 292

Digestive Tract. Antisepsis of 309

Secretions, Influence of Cascara Sa-

grada on 493

Digital Exploration of the Bladder in the Male, 105

Digitalis, The Use of 162

Dilatation. Forcible, of the Cervix Uteri 159

Diphtheria and Croupous Tonsillitis 230

Bromine in 214

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