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^finn, a. ^ft^ ^tn, '^ <tt^ <TO, fledged, able to fly, old enough

to provide for itself, applied to a bird or child.
\5^<5ir^, 5. c^^ >8^*'^, ^rrft^ *ft^ (M\^\% nausea, sickness.
^^ s. inft «frt% ^^rrfirs «r^ ^iif^ c«fT^, a bed-bug.
^^^, . 5. CW^?1 ^f^, Tj?^,' scorched, a burnt liquid.
^^f^, 5. viif^ ^tt^fsT, a species of bean.
'^l^, 5. ^^>^|'5, b<$^l^, ^5rW^lr5 -^r^ ^^, to sweep away, to

scatter, to disperse, to waste.

a wooden mortar for pounding rice.
^^JCT^f srTl%, 5. ^^ftST^ ^ srtft, :K5T, a peatle for the above.
^f?", ». CsbvS^K ^ ^ f? C'SrI^I, to fly, to soar in the air, as a bird.
^^ffl^, a, ^f%1 5FTsrKr, fwJTT, poor, ordinary, destitute
^ft^rtsr, 5. Jlft^ 9r5, a species of tree.

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t^f%W^, 5. «ftfin5 C^T^ vi|f5r5f ^, a species of grass.

^f%5fT^, 5. w^ 5it^, wild rice.

^f^«fft, V. Ml^^ ifC^ ^W ^ ^, ^^rt^fV^ ^ttf^, to wander
aboat without fixed place or habitation.

^, 5. 71^9^^ ^i%f1, ;rr^, the thigh.

vB^^lT, V. ^^\t^^ ZWS ^fX CSlV^f ^?rT^ fTnn, to blow away, to
scatter or sweep away as by a tempest.

^^<p|, s. fk^^ NSrtsf fw^y f^T ^^RTl%, the day previous to the
Behoo festivals.

'S:^<rf^, 3 s. ^•ftTjRij FHPf ^ *rrfi( *W, leakage, the dropping of

^^•^> J water through the roof; a, leaky.

vS4»^l, a. fr^fl, <Tt^OT ^sfl, l^^^^rte, cheerless, sad, lonely.

^^rfir, 5. ft^TTf, ^>iC^I*i, C3FfT^, sorrow, grief, sadness, depression.

^^1%, 5. f%Rt^ >^^^^ l^fJrC^ f«^ ^ - mt ^Pif 7^, a loud
trilling sound uttered by women in concert as a blessing
on any joyful occasion, as a marriage or the birth of a child-

^^rl%<^5f1, s. ftwtm ^ ^PTl, H^, ^ft^55T SR^ a rambler, an idler,

^, a. ^s•8^5 ^*f^, high, lofty.

^t^^, 5. ve^ra^ ^t^ ^W >mjir*i, f^t^ C^l^l, the lifted arm,
either iu solemn asseveration or as an act of merit by a devotee*

^<fVl5 «• T^C^n ^ C^^l srrf?, ^ftT^^, ^J1|41, a fertile or rich soil-

^sftc^, 5. ^IsiNft t^T ^^^ "ttsf^", "^^^ C^n^r, a pocket handkerchief,,
the hair of the breast.

ySciSflJ, fl. TTti^^, R^'ii, ^SfSf, naked, unclothed, bare.

^«5;^, ) *«. "^^fjl ^ fr^^rl ^3^1, $^?Tf$ ^^, transgression, dis-

^nS^1> ^ obedience, the passing a limit or boundary, trespass.

^^, a. Trftf ^fTs^f^, ^^f%, to turn back, to return, to retrace
one's steps, with fif, to give back, with ^ift, to come
back again, with ^f^, to do the same thing over again.

vS^l^l ^, ». 5[^^ ^^ cTC*5fT^, TJ^-^^J^I, ^^e^, to amuse, ta
entice, to gull, to inveigle, to deceive with false promises,

^yl^»i >5rl, 5. ^^TC? T^ ^t^ 4iC4l^1, ^C^'Wr, ^f5l>^^1, deceiv-
ing or putting off with false promises; a. deceived, &c.

I^^r^srm^, s. ^; ^WC4 <^C«^1 ^5?^, bustle, hurry, joyful haste.

%??j^ snwfsT, s. ^5f^ ^^itir^r C^^sn, -^ sm;^ 5R ^^, exultation.
ecstasy, rapture, sudden transport.

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72 ^

^51^, c. s^f^t^ vrw\> ^'sm*^ ^8f1t ^«TtlX IWI, lifted up, elevated,

transported with delight.
§^rt^, w. ?r SRI, f5r51 sr^, ^^f^JJfl ^^^It to disregard, to disbelieve,

to treat as unworthy of belief or confidence.

bold, audacious, rash, impertinent, insolent.
^5ft5, s. >8«t^'!^ PfJfl, ^5n^**f, a lifting up, joy.
^^TTft, I?. ^^'RfeT ^f^ 5fft:, ^«rr^P«f5 C^r^n, to lift up, to rejoice j

a. joyful, elated.
^1%t^, V. z\^ ?p1x, ^Tft? ^Pft> Sl^'ft^ ^?f^^ to bring out, to expose,

to make public, disclose.
^, s. ^iilTT^f ^, a species of coarse grass used as thatch.
^^>5rfSj, 5. ^ ^Rf^, C^T^Ir, a patch of uloo grass.
^^nsrl C^ftSf, s. v^fer f^t«^ ^^, a species of venomous snake.
^^*fcjjf, 5. C^61|>6 ^R ^tSf •( ^Cl, >iinwtsT ^^^ ffe^, wasting

time in mere pretence of doing, staring abodt and doing

nothing watching for opportunity to escape.
^1tpIw1, s. ^^JCC^^R^^vgCcfT^ sfStfer, the sprouts of the uloo grass.
^©sjST^cj^r, \ s. ^^f^y"j|%, ^ d^^ilci^ , ^;9r<^, hubbub, tumult, con-
^cj5nf(5T5r, f fusion, hurly burly.

fec^^ft^, 5. <8«w^ «i^ <t^i ^^t, 5nrc^ «i^, <tf^in ^sn, the

falling of a meteor, a meteor or falling star.

^^|>1, 5. WR% ^ft^, exultation, joy, rapture, ecstatic pleasure.

Wrf^, a. "^m^f^, ^f^%, i^ft[Pf5, joyful, glad, enraptured.

^^^, s. ^i viif%^, a species of tree.

%m% I a* <ro, C^im, CSff^ «in, suppurated, rotted or

^f^ CSrt^, • sloughed off,

^, intetj, -^ C^ft^l srt^, ^^f^ srH;, ^irf?^ srt^, an exclama-
tion expressive of pain, surprise, disappointment.

^*t^l>|, intetj. ^< C^TTsn srr5, ^ C^r^l s^TS, a particle express-
ing intense pain, suffering.

^, 5. fifths, «J^ c?[^, ^^^]Pft ^?T, the dawn, the early morn-
ing, twilight.

v5*il*l4l, 5. ^jm^ C®t^, C^ C^ ^5^6 C^ C^iT^, the setting
out on a journey in the early morning.

'5*ik, s. f^^^, the breath, respiration.

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^t 73

fe'llH^^ ad. <c^^5^C^ f^OT^fC^, C^^rcy, in a breath, in a moment.
^^5^1, 5. ^rtfsTC^ f*l(.#l>*ll, r*lljIS*il ^R, the act of boiling, the

rice of boiled paddy; a. boiled.
^P^^> 5. ^ffef^ifl, ^fk^ C^T^9 an insect resembling the cricket.
^fj^^n^, a. ^rtv55^ SR, I^WSt v5^5f, shallow, flighty, pliable, fickle.
^, s. ^^^, f'^t^fk^ ^VS, ^^tt5 TO J^ St^ffT, a spring or source,

the facts or merits of a case.
^^f^, s, m^f^ *ftf^?[ ^5JP ^c«il^l, ^nrc ^3FfT^ C5TW, the spring-
ing up of water, the rising of aquatic animals to the surface

of the water to breathe.
^^, 5. f^tW^T^ ^i[ «W ^t^, a place of springing water, a spring.
^K^^f-^' «. fs^^srfT ^^ sn sf^^^lT^, a sense of suffocation, a

choking stifling sensation.
^ OTT^, 5. ^ finn, TO C*ll^l, the thorough investigation of a

matter, the springing up of water.
W^l^ a. ^^jS^, C«TR C5^ firfif ^nfilC^ |*1C»I^I, boiled without

\5«J.^l«<n, s, -^^ fsr^f^ft^ "^1 ^Ttf^C^ f^Cirr^ ^t^, greens of

sorts boiled together without seasoning.
^, ^, c5>, ^5 ^t ^rft ^<5 ^^ifiiyl ^mr^ £ft* ^ 5OT, these four
compounds of ^, r, ?7, /, and ^, i, used in the Sanscrit and Bengali,
are seldom used in writing Assamese.

^, ^^^^ ^-fi^, ^^ 5T^^ c^r^ <rOT ^t ^^^ firc^r ( c ), ^rt^
^^tt5 ^^ ^ittf^s^ «il^T^ ^i\ty this vowel is pronounced like e
in wicn; in composition it is expressed by the symbol ( Z ) placed
on the left side of the letter. In composition with a noun it gen-
erally means one.

«if , interj. ^ C<Jf ^>iC^t*i ^srtf^ 2W^ ^Tl, an exclamation express-
ing displeasure regret or disgust.
^^» pron, ^it^ ^^t^PTc^f this, the one nearest.
^^ w:^, ad. ^£^^ Ci^C^, «i|U5C^, therefore, for this cause.
^tc^, 1 pron. 5rr<rtC5 C?<tt f^ ^ ^^^^ t*^»« particular
^^^^ 5 person or thing pointed out.

^sit ^f&C^, orf. ^^ ^^C^, ^^ C^^C*, for this reason, therefore.
»fl^sit«C, a. ^Xt^, t?1^ '^^r so much, so many, so long.


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74 "^W

^tc5Tf<?n, ad. ^ts^f^. *?t^ l^ft^n, thus, in like manner.

^t C^^jpP, ad. i^C^C^, *^^ ^^C3T5 for this cause, wherefore.

particle expressing satisfaction at having retaliated or return-

ed like for like.
v« 6, prpn. ^£it ®r^, ^<rjtC5 ^W W5(, he or she, ( honorific.)
i"^^, a. C^PT^, C*^, ^Ct^^Pt^ C^ ^^ C^^, not hard or tense,

fresh, soft, immature; 5. a polypus of the nose.
vflvS^ 9ftf^^, s. ■^, t? ^ ^Wl ^•^j milk, sweet milk.
«^«^ ^^, 5. -sTT^n? 1^l%?1 ^^> an unbaked earthem vessel.

v4'>8^ cg i - ^ir^ , s. 9frs5; ^ ft?n c^rrc^t^ C5r5[rf%, ^sr^srtftr, a

girl that has not reached the, age of puberty. '
^vQWr-^tf^, .^. -g»M^ 4 > -m^ C^TTC-^rmi, C^^-stl^f^l, slack twisted.

^s^ ^, «. ^^rt^ c%i ^, ftl^cirt^ ^^rft ^> cotton

thread tliat has not been boiled.

^S^^^» 5. >a3l<»|4i, <rT?r?»T C^^^, '^i(f^'^J, dearth, scarcity, famine.

sfl ^5t^, V. t^, ^t\ ^fk, ^t^ ^^fir, to complete, to bring to a close.

•if^^fT, 5. c€^ ^^^ f^rtrr^f^, flour, meal.

^,^^V^, s. ftlT^, ^t^, a loud cry, a scream, with ^f^, to cry out.

v^C^T^, a. ypTt^ ^»T1, ^ C^Ccll^l, finished, completed, done.

^^y s. SrfTf^ ^f^l TT^, ^^, ^^t^, gum, any adhesive substance.

^iT^^fe, «. ^rrfsf ^^, CSC^^^Csrc^, glutinous, adhesive, gummy.

^^, V. ^^iVl^^t^l, ^fT^ IWl, to glue or join by a viscous

Ji'^ inter, c^^f^j srt^, c^STtTT ^ ^VMJ^ TTf, a particle express-
ing distress, suffering, disgust or disrepect.

vfl^, a. (i|$1, one, one of two, single ; article, a, an.

«^^OTfwl, 3 C<fT^, peculiar, singular, sickening, nauseous.
^'^^ ) 5. ^^ ^, ^iTfCT^, half a seer, or one pound.

^^^?n, a. ^srTPfcarfwl, ^"^ ^ ^^"Ij ^a^f a seer in measure.
^f|^f%?1, a. ifr^l^ral, C^idl^yl, vilbfciyl, separate, aside, aslant, oblique.
^T^y a. ^x?^ ^sf, csff? <ft: «[^1, together, in one place.
^^F^ferl, ^ a. ^?P ^i^t^ srnj^, ^Pt^t? C5^^, of oile word, trutb-
vilC^^^pf^j / ful, keeping one's promise.


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>si^5f50, a. ^l^r^lt^r k? ^t^ <iW, looking steadily in one direction.
v^^f^, o. viifl^, iTTCBft^, singitJ, not one of a pair,
^^ gf^T^, a. «ii1%5f, ^ii^^-s^f, one kind, one sort, one way or manner.
^^ ^f^¥l^ ^ ^^i%?rl, ^bf^Sl, on one side, out of the way.
v£|<Pl, ad, ^<^61*i"f<y|, 1^^ ^ ^^ CPT-^^sn^ CTPt^ ^rt^, alone, single,

a word often used as a threat to express determination, as

srtf^ *ii^1, / v)iU certainly strike you*
^^F^t^t^, s. ii»C^ C^T^, ^sm ^t® C^t^, of one form or shape,

of one caste or religion.
'^^t'^ferl, a. ^ii^f^yl 'iltttWl, ^^l^W, C<^l^l ^^ C^rcl, on one

side, out of the way, of one word.
^^Tf^r, ^ «. A^ 1%l>f?n. f^ ^« C^tC^mi, vilC?? «T^, undivided,
ifjC^f^tfif, / agreeing, of the same material.
^fl^n^R^t^, 5. f%^gt^, ^t5t^ feT^, disregard of the ceremonial

rules of caste.
^^t^^, a, ^«f^c ^^ '5^, a cloth having one embroidered end.
*^^fl^, a, «^C1?T<, viisCT, one step, one degree.
*^<Hct><5l, a. c^, iii^POTlwi, >6||iit C5rTC*fT^5 peculiar, uncommon.

Cvit^ If^^, ignorant of weaving or spinning, a suspended
triangular bamboo frame used as a shelf.

^il^lf^, 5. vii^f^RTl, f5l5T9f, one sided, not horizontal, separate.

v£l^if;FT, a. ^C"5^> eleven.

di?FtWl%, a. F^ ^srtCTR ?PffI1 «5t^ C^mi ft^, f^ 1%^, the
eleventh day of the moon.

^^sitir, a. ^tfx ^ft ^IC5d<, ninety one.

vfl^Ft^, ^ «. *l<1fl^, vii^ptf^, ^^SR, ^Rr^, tending to one

5a^ir^<p, \ result, excessive.

*ii^T^ ^^, ^ s. T^^^^ ^£{^ ft^ld CR^, a devout worshiper

*ii^T^ ^5^^^ ^ of God.

^^Pt^ ^1%^, s. iiic^ ITC^^ CS{t\ ^5^1, supreme regard or worship.

v^^^S SR, s. vil^ SR, ^ ifir^, the whole mind, fixedness of mind.

sfl^M, s. ct^ «ft5 \Ft«^ ^ ?^ fi?Tl» a bundle of five whole or
ten split rattans.

^^fSyl, cL. viic^ <!#( ^«T^t:^ ^5OT >8<tR ^rf^ C^TTft fH^i 'envel-
oped in one cloth wound round and round the body.

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76 ^s^z^

»i)^, ^ s. ^ij^, ^Ijft c<rf ^1 <ri7r5 ^5R1 ^^, a small bundle.

^^fti S a lighted wisp or bundle of sticks.

vfj^f^, a. ^f^, <>n5 ^31, twenty, a score.

^^Riii', «. viic^ ^fJiyl, vii^ Bft5^ of the same caste.-

•ilC^, n. (PTOTif ^ ^, JTfj^, firffe^l, the same, alike.

iilC^^, a. JTsrt^, viic^ IF?, ^.^r^r^, even, uniform, level, one

expanse or sheet, as of water.
^ilC^ ^^OT?^, a ^fit:^ c^, viic^ 5^^, f5n^l%, one, united, mingled.
iilC^ ft^, a. viic^ :r, ^ii^rj^ ^tS, unanimous, fixed in purpose.
viJC^Fl, a. >oj<pei*tf^, iii^i, one, only one.

^c^pk^, «c?. cH 5^ ^ ^<\i^, f$m fjl^, 'iic^ c^nt;^ <tW,

fixedly, steadfastly.
vf|c<pr©cci, ac?. ^c^T^:^, C^5fC5, quickly, speedily, in a moment.
^C^ W^5 a. v£ic^ ^<>f, viitr^JTfl^, alike, as before, of the same price.
«i|C^ ^*»f, a. kS\^ 5F]r:^, ^c^ ^t^, joined, uniied, in the same place.
vflC^ ^rfif, s. 5^91^ srt^, an associate, a companion.
^L<p*jk, 5. »i|7P ^^, viic^ :gy^, a word, a sentence, the same word.
iflt^^, a. iil^jft <i|^, twenty one.
^^t^ ;gf^, 5. .iif^ viift ^1%7[ ^^ ;gFT, a fever that returns erery

other day, a tertian fever.
^ilC^Pl, a. C^tr^, ^?rc<fl, fm, even one, one thing, with ^^,

not any thing, nothing, not even one.
^m ^C^FI, a. c^tc^ C^rc^l, j\z^f^, some, certain persons or things.
^r:$1^, 5. ^j^^ ^^^Z7( c^Ftc^ ;2r^ ^ttR ^tt cm^, as much of

any thing as can be taken in the end of a shoulder cloth.
»i|C^15l, 5. ^^^, vfic-sft^, an armful.
^ C^m^^ a. c?FTC^nc^, ^^, some.
^tl^Ft^Tf^, a, j|#t1%l, ^Tpfs^, aside, apart from

^tmm. s. ^ c^t^i^ ,^ ^j^ c^fr^rTt^.p, COT ^ vt^,

as much cloth as can be woven at once before windincr

It on the cylinder of the loom.
^^^ J a. ^^, ^^ ^ ^^^ ^„^^ ^pp,j^^ ^^ ^^^ ^j^. ^
*^<rU, y out or extended.

^^rj^, 5. ^^ c^|%^ f^^;^^ ^ ^^^^^^^ ^ ^^^y ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ ^.^^^

^^SreW, a. ^i^t^ ^z^miT^ c^g ;^, 3,0^ paced.
^^•^, fl^. tut^, vi)^ ^tt^, here, in this place.

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^^ 77

^T:<^, s* »flC7f%T t^ ^TO, ^il^Tt^^ the going and returning once.
«ilC^?^, 5. ^ttsT, *£it ^ttt^T, here, to this place, hither,
.iisf^l, 5. f^fift^TC^ ^5^1 «tfi[5r!;5[, a vessel full up to the neck,
^sft^, a. ^?tt5C, ^8^^?^, 51^, abundant, plentiful.
<^^tfir, V. <t^ ^rf^^^, #srt^, to remain in excess after eating.

mouthful, a small quantity, a little.
xSi^f s. ^7^ ^sf, «i|\5f&Rn, one part^ one strand of a rope.
^fJu^lt?, a. ^^, «i|^, one, one thing, an integer.
*a^^, a. ^^nr^, ^TCir^, eleven.
^fltrnrl, a. «i)^f4iyl?^ ^^ C5ft9F, pointed by cutting only on one side.

C5(tc<ts1, to feign diiinclination in purchasing or eating.
^^ftC^Wl, a. ^rS?T ^r§5T, ^8'S:5re»J%, confused, snarled, tangled.
*fl^T^f< 5. "^tfir^ sft^ft f??1, the act. of stretching and yiflvning.
iil^T^, 5. ^T^^, ?P^ charcoal.

*qc^^^, a. ii)df|« l^f^^, ^5fl c^TW, coal-black, half burnt.
^q^fdi^i, a. vii5t^ ^W, «i)IJ^ ^T^ 5Tir| ^[^, ^tl%, a roof with one

side only, any thing made of one piece of board, slanting,
dl^t^, 5. «i|^5^<^, ^^rr^t, ^Z^^ C^T^, a thickness, layer, fold,

grown or produced in the same season, a stage of disease,
ai^tftt «. tt^ ^^ft, a switch, a twig.

^ft^, 5. «i|OTRmR, ^^^, a little, the smallest possible quantity.
^5f^?n, a- «il^ft?1> *i|5^15 <iOT, one cornered, on one side.
*flC5T^U s- ^^v5t<^» ^^ ^^» a P"^' * ^'^Gce, a portion,
^fl^i^, a. srt^5 «iJ^, one person.
*fl^T%, 5. ti|IP5|% ftt^T S[^, one discharge, one shot.
^H^t^, 5. ^£if^ ^^Tt, •[ IRl, a species of bird ; a, not come to

years of discretion.
^"9^1, s. ^\^\At ^ft^ ^> ^^ ^It^ ^^t^> a species of tree, one

cold season.
*fl.C»^ C^ClRTl, a. cm\^ ^«fl CW:^\ C^C^fV, C^^^ CSJU!^'^, cross,

snappish, surly, petulant.
»iJCSFt^, s. ¥§1, tiii^t^, two, a pair, a brace, a couple.
v£|^f^P?n a, Jii^ ^*|t^ C^lt^, *i|^^ir» one rupee in price or weight.
«£l^, a. i|^, vfiwf?, one-j article, a, an.

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T8 vH^I

^^[^, 5. '^srt&T^, ^6^ ^tWf one floor or story of a house.
^s\^, a. iin^lj 7\^ ^ 5[^ 5??n sft^, one, a little or beloved one.
v£)W ^fk^ ^\^, a. ^f% v2?T^^, ^5^^t^, a cowrie's worth, a very little.
^t.'^^ s. vii^l 3FT^ C^rcs^T^II, a small bundle. -
^.^^f^, s. (ilC&T^, f%^srt^, a drop, a small quantity of any liquid.
^^ferl» «. «ilN5fe?n, ^J^]^ <W, having only one branch or stem.
vfi\Jtc7_, affix, d)^ ^Tc^, ^ij^, used in connection with the names of
things that are long and round^ as a tree, a bamboo, a rattan.
^I?f5=??1, a. vij^l%?1, 4^iWl» ^^tra ^1% C^r^, aslant, oblique.
vijjlc^, 5. v^Ipr«7, ^ilC'STt^, in one quarter, in one direction.
v£i^, ad. ^t^, "^IT^I, so much, so many.
^f^'^rPT, ad, ^^]fk^, ^.1%?rfi", C^^C^, just now, in a moment.
^1%?rl, ad, «il^ C^T^r^, ^P^"R5, now, at present.
*ilC^5^, ad. ^T^, ^^, ^^fen, so much, so many, so abundant.
^C^^^, ) ad. Jit C^^^, J\t ^t^C^, ^IX ^C^, therefore, for
v£|(.\ftc<!&", ^ this cause.

tfl^«^, arf. t£lU5^, ^m^, ^^ ^^RilM, so much, so large.
^^^rrft, s.'wt^RTftT, ^ C^t^, Wri, waste, misfortune, calamity.

state of helplessness, suffering from neglect.

^^^ttcTC^^c^, y ^fk Iwl, throwing any thing down with violence.

*il«F^f%, a, <^llfl[^5fC?P v5^ CSrhsn, chin deep, up to the chin.

^Wl%rl, a, ^il^f^l, ?T1% ^ ^Wl, acquitted from a claim, paid in full-

v£l^, s, ^ifl, ^;5%, ginger.

^Ft^fl", s. vii1t'< ^5, 0T5rl\^IX ^5^5 a species of tree.

tii^rf%, a. vi|^ sr^, <ii<i? <f[^, one. end or side.

*ilf^f^» «. ^fwR <iW, f%^rf^1, "^fir^, existing for a day, transient.

^CH"TC?rt^> 5* vi|^5^«t, viiift^f, of one thickness or fold.

^^fen, «• ^^Ce^ ^rt^ <iW, vflttf^-ij ^1, having a straight edge

like a chisel or adze, ground or beveled on one side.
vfl^d, a, ''srr^, ^W<r^, v^^^t^r, half, a part.
v£i5ft^, a, "^^ ^, see ^ifl ^.

vH^rt'^frl, a, <r^f§^, ^Tc»f«!tt^ -^^l, half-pounded or pulverised, coarse.
v^tft^, a. J0 f^;\7(^;s][\^, vfijW^t '^f^ ^^|^<, the size of a grain of

paddy, a small amount.

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'il^Wffe'^ *. Wtft^fsT, ^sit^\^ ^, ^?<r^ ^tf^, the wasle or

loss of one half of any thing.
«iJ^«t^, o, ^Tc^ ^<=W, CvJCVft.^!, half-ripe.
«i)Kt^^9 «. Slt^ ^TTl, f^Mt^ ^^9 half dead, almost exhausted,
tiltft^rf^ 5. 5R9rfeT, WS CiK^ff ClfTWl, ^^ it'^rj ^W> the ignlsfatuas;

a. agitated, frightened, tossed about like the ignisfatuus.
^HV^, s. ^trt^, f^^^, 'U'^f^, the breast, a stream.
^^t'5^fl?1, a. f<t?F^f9?ll, ^5t^. c^ 1%?rt^ <rt^^ C55[rC'5fr^1, stinted

in growth for want of proper -nourishment from the breast,
^^ft, s, ^^dtfi", ftf^TTl, a wisp of straw or other soft material

used to set earthern vessels on.
vfl^rWf^, a. ^RWl%, ^^ ^<t, overcome with fatigue, exjiausted.
^.^^•nls, V, Ja^Xff ^r^ol ^^"^1, to feign disregard or aversion.
^^^, s. '^nT;i5:t^^ ^f^ stRP, ^rt^ v55^ CSfT^n, a grandmother, ( an

Ahom term,) a measure, up to the waist in height.
^f^c^f^T, ad. ^^ W\Cv\ c^t t^tC^r, ^st^rst^T, this way and that

way, thus and thus.
^ij^j^rl, ad. iiic^^^l, vii^ f^t%^, such, like, likewise.
<ilC^, ad, ^£if ^«t, ^^ W^, in like manner, thus.
»ilC^, ad. ^f^wffy "RrI ^v^jy ^^TT^C^, ^^'f^vj. without difficulty

expense or cause, gratis.
vflL^^>ail, ad. ^t ^<^5i4[, viit fvir&m, ^t f3[^, of this sort kind

or shape, thus, such like.
^Z^fyf, ad. viit WC^j *i|t ^^C^, thus, so, like, in this manner.
^U^US, ad. tij^ ^TOT^, «i)C^ ^\^^, meanwhile, at this or that time.
^C^C^^, ad. t f5T, ^t ^^, C^ ^^, this and that, thus and thus,
'il^^, 5. 1%f5( TT^^ <^^m, f^ 7n ^1%^ 5tft ^^ J\^My the

fourth part of a day or night, three hours,
^^f^n a. ^st7[ af%^ ^% iRl%c ^^r^, ^?fjr?n, of three hours

duration, belonging to this side.
«il«t5T, s. ^^ if*s^ j^ (^t^ ^^^, a minute, the sixtieth part

of an hour.
^^tf5!?l, a. *i|^t^ 9fprs ^m, ^t:^ «1^ fk^ (?Tsn, a time or turn

in rotation, having one lot or turn.
^'^W, 5. ^^f^, ^c^jjT, ^TTf^ tgl^ ^^1^^ a foot, a leg, a fourth part.
^nr^, «. ?•{ ^5nf? «TTJ^ ^^ ttt^ «ilfrf^, one side of a river &c.

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80, ^?1

^^fifi s. *f|>rrf%, a row, a line.

vD^rr^, 5. ^<t^t^, ^?T ^ m^R iil^ lij^ <>fTiT, help, the interstices

of a net a flower leaf or petal.
^'ft^ STTl, s, 'S^^T^ :3[<ri, BT^t"?^ 7{ 7^^ mere pretence of doing.
^.P^fto, «. vf,^ src^, f^ ^mcir, ^C^ ^n:^, fixed in purpose,

determined, firm, resolute.
vilf^ir:^, O' ^f^C^, ^ij^tC^^, this way, this direction.
^^I^id^ a. viiul^i^l, ^#r5f, one side of, oblique, apart.
vfi^tc^, a. ^^M", ^Tf^5(, one half.
»ilC^^pTl. 1 fl« R>!>5l^, "sre^-s^f^ a very little.

^^t^, 5. 7\-^^^ ^fV^, wsi, a nest full, a swarm, a multitude.
^RrfWl^ «• ^^ 2W^^, *i)^ ^^r of one size, sort or kind, alike.
'il^f^l, a. ^X,'Z\^ C-^rrsn, ^.C^fi^ ^^ finn, placed in dye once

only, half-colored.
^C7rf%, Q. vii<rT^, tfjt^l, once, one time.
vilC^f^l, a, ^^l•^m] ^R1, ^flC^ C^T^, during part of the klay,

belonging to a part of a day.
.5^, 5. vii^l ^.%, <il^ C^^, ^Z^f^ nm, 'iJ'®!^, one foot, a load.
^^^?1, a. tiiu^f^, «iic?:f5r ^f^ ^?n, one footed, bringing

one load.
v^^rrf^, s. fKCCrt aFf^ ?W C^T^srrf^, ^c^R*?!, a very young child.

''sri^ft^ ^f<?l5 belonging to one end, an even measure.
^l?, pron. ^^, ^9f5 <lW^ ^SJl^, this, this person or thing.
v5C?^, pron. ^m% ^^tt:?rt, emphatic the of above.
^ZVl'^, pron, tlTTC^ t^^, with this,

^^5T, s. iflft f^, ^r^^y sn ar^l, liberation, release, escape.
^?;1, 5. ^1% c^tTO ^, ^STT^r ^IRI, ar^TTfif ^ C^r^, the castor

oil plant, a term of assent, yes ; a, left, abandoned, deserted.
^?[tt, ». ^^^R^ <^ ^^^fgf c^t^, JJ^rf^r, TjTf^, to leave, to loosen, to

break away, to fall off as leaves or fruit.
^Tt^, 5. ^^, *ii^^, ^tsrrl, a noise, a tumult.
^V ^t^, s. ^f^5f ^^ '^Ti^, a species of bird.

^Tr^l%!, a. ^rf?r ^^, t2[^ f^ srr^ ^^^r^, ^sft^^fSc c^mi,

deserted, abandoned, covered with rubbish.

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^l^ 81

««TtfiT, s. ^ i&ti[. s£ifvi, a species of grass.

*£ift, 5. «f^, .n^-pft^ "^r? "sj^ 1%?n C^^rt^, ^Srrf^, the sllk worm

that feeds on the castor oil plant ; v. to leave^ to abandon.
*i|f^, «• ^fk C^Vf ^ CSrr^tT^r "^J^ ^rr?? ^t^f^, relating to. the

tri'polu, the silk obtained from the eri-polu,
*i94»^l^, ». ^^f^ ^^, <tc^T^, ^^^> '^ separate, to part, to

loosen^ to strip off, to put a stop to, to bring to an end.
^STt^t^^tft, a, ^WR ^t'51^51 f^^, 3FT^fH", a woman that is

negligent in adorning herself, indolent.
*^^^fer1, a, feWc^ <iW, ^WS ^ ^^, separate, distinct, different,

unfit for, unsuited to.
*fl^f%. a, ^^^fir, Off^WC SR c^tTlUft^, unsightly, ugly,
'^^ift, 5. ^ifu, ^Sffi 5pcT, sr^^l f^[C5Fpf^ cardamons.
«i3«Tr^, s. '^t«^l^, >^^rt^ 5[37, soot.

*a5TTC^f5l, fl. ^^W, ^fj^TRT, ^5r^Tf&5Tl, low, common, worthless, mean.
^fl^TT^, s ^|41>iJ, ^?^ sr^ C^TTOTT^I, (n5:«n, ^R*fri%, laziness, indo-
lence, inactivity, sloth.
^Il^r^^^^fcs^, a. *i|C^1 5!si^ ^-^W, firf^ ^\^ cmc^l^l, without

relations or friends, a term of abuse.
^C«1^^, fl. ^5^ *f^%ll, ^f*'^ <4r»(?rl, sooty, smoky dark.
^ Cci4^>S( l, a, ^Fi^-pfl, ^?9i ^ ^^1, idle, lazy, indolent, slothful.
^fl^ll^l^, a, ^^ viipc ^^^ C<rr^, vii^t^^ ^^, eating only once

a day, sufficient for one meal.
^tmy s. TPcT^ 'WfV, 'ST^ T^jn TRTI, ^srW, a bunch of fruit, a cook-

ing place, hope, expectation.
*OTTBF, 5. Jj^nc C<t^, C5t^m ^5^, one meal.
'il'TO, s. i£0 ^^, viic^jfT^, ^sn^ <irtrl, one word, having hope.

*ii^n^jf5nn, a- ^^^g[fif?i, c^f^ ^^ ^ ?^, ^5i?F^rfB^, without

guile or hypocrisy, sincere.
«i)^f59i, dd. ii|i[TC^ ^^, tilirt^ CSrt<, ^UTT^ ^W, done with one

hand, one cubit in measure, having only one hand,
^f^, a. »i|^, this, this one, (poetic.)
vfic^;^, ad. ^?|^, WC^, here, in this place.
^C^^^, o* ^I'^l^ STl<^^ c^|>6|l, born or produced in the month

of Ahar.
^V^, pr. ^frfer, ^^ i]¥?^, Wfsfter, this, to this, to this place


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62 4^

vHtl^K^rW, s. ^l\}\L^\^\, C^pf«ff^ <ftf5( C^srT^n, the washing
of water over the sides of a boat or bank.

^, ^^7^ ^'^^ ^^ c^ ••rrcs^ ^^ ^^t %:< ( t ) o^^, 5Fft5rt^

liT5, sounded like o?, in going. When connected with a consonant

it is expressed by the mark (t) Jt is also an

exclamation used in calling to an inferior.

.^^nt, interj, ^^^5 ^ ^^ C^\^\f^^ sr^sf <^f%^^ srT^, an ex-
clamation of wonder or surprise, a term used in fondling
or caressing.

^?nb?:?n, ad. feTt^rtft^f^? ^tcc^ ft^^n:^, ^f5l^ ?ri, ^^rfS^

^<t^ cTtftf ^W, mutually discordant, disunited, hostile.
»^^?^, 5. ^f^^ ^1%, Indra's elephant.
^TT^fe 5. srr^ CTR^ £t^^ ^fr» the river Irrawaddy.
^^7, 5. 3T^1%, f?^1%, C9fW, ^fen, state, grandeur, glory, wealth.
«^^J|[^, a. 5i^^^, £t^f^, glorious, majestic, great, grand.
^f^, «• ^t^^cT5, 51^ Ccll<>4, pertaining to this life, pertaining

to the present world.

^, ^^pt^, ^^^ ^^ ^.C5^ *ii^ ^^ f5ic<» ( c 1 ) c^^rwi ^^t^ cms

^^ ^J^ ^^ ^^t^, C^l "S^ ®3j this vowel is pronounced nearly
like u in bull; with a consonant it is expressed by the mark ( C ,1) the
(z) being placed on the left side of the letter and the (1) on the right-
It is used as a conjunctive affix meaning, too, also^ s. a file, a rasp.
^^l'5\idl^, s. f^^Stft ^<41, ^ ^^, egotism, vaunting, boasting.
^^5rWf5^, a. ^ferl, f<^;c ^^^^5", abundant, much, manj'.
4, interj. ^^'fU ^^, ^ C^t^l, C*il>^<l, an expressipn of assent

and approval, yes.
^^y s. ^Q<pl^c^< Tf^, the noise made in retching or vomiting.
4)S, s. /s't, a lip.

(.•il^^l ^R1, struck dumb by disappointment or shame.
v8^^ «. ^^, ^Sf, ^g^^ ort^^ the end of a thread, a clue.
4^^ interj. ^^ 7^, sf^ ^1 ^^ C^^T^Tl, IfTS C^^^, a prohibitive

or negative particle, a stifled groan or sound of distress;

sometimesi equivalent to the expression come on, hasten &c.

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^W4^; inferj, ^1^1^ 5rt^, ^ ^, ^W ^53R1 srt^, a particle ex-
pressing unwillingness negation or prohibition.

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