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side Ave., Chicago, 111. —15
English Course

Lena Brokaw, B. A., University of Minnesota. Mrs. Fremont S. Wor-
mer, 1294 La Pintoresca Drive, Pasadena, Calif.

Frances E. Fairchild, Mrs. W. O. Mann. 48 Kilsyth Road, Brookline,
Mass. — 2

School of Music.

Maude W. Ho-wry, Piano, Mrs. Maude Ho-wry Watson. 519 S. West-
moreland Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.

Harriet M. Niles, Piano, Mrs. Frederick E. Church. Organist and
Pianist, O-watonna. — 2

Class of 1892.

President, Charles H. Seccombe.
Secretary, Mrs. Blanche Barney Carleton.

Esther E. Adair, B. L., Owatonna.


Ernest A. Baker, B. S., Hood River, Ore.

Frank D. Baker, B. S., President, H. A. Baker Co., Wholesale Men's
Furnishing-s. Residence, 1628 Pearl St., Sioux City, la.

Blanche E. Barney, B. L., Mrs. Herbert E. Carleton, St. Louis Park.

Willard B. Clow, B. S., Farm Mortgages and Real Estate Invest-
ments, Pillager.

Mary E. Dono\'an, B. A., Mrs. Nathaniel McConnell, Florence, Colo.

William C. Gilmore, B. S., M. L. (B. D., Chicago Theological Semi-
nary), Pastor, Congreg-ational Church, Dayton, Wash.

Frank O. Krause, B. S. (B. D., Yale), Clerg-yman, Juneau, Alaska.

Edward A. Lathrop, B, A., M. A., Clergyman, 432 N. Mentor Ave.,
Pasadena, Calif.

Charles Horace Seccombe, B. A., M. A. (B. D., Chicago Theological
Seminary), Lawyer, Button, Seccombe & McDonough, Bank of
Italy Building-, Oakland, Calif. Residence, 1733, 64th Ave.

Arakel G. Sivaslian, B. S., Ph. D. (B. D., Marsovan Theological Sem-
inary). *1915.

Lillian E. Spencer, B. L., Mrs. Guy M. Wilcox, 5225 Ingleside Ave.,
Chicago, 111.

Emily L. Truesdell, B. L., Mrs. Carleton F. Brown. *Nov. 2, 1917.

Effie M. White, B. A., Central High School, 319 E. Fourth St., Duluth.

Anne Sewell Young, B. L., M. S. (Ph. D., Columbia University),
Professor of Astronomy, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley,
Mass. — 15

Class of 1893.

Secretary, Miss Helen T. Buckley.

Alice E. Andrews, B. A. (M. A., University of Minnesota), 833 Good-
rich Ave., St. Paul.
Elizabeth M. Bissell, B. L., Mrs. Gustav H. Luedtke, Fairmont.
Helen Turner Buckley, B. A., Strawberry Point, la.
Elmer L. Coffeen, B. L., M. L. *May 6. 1917.
Katherine L. Donaldson, B. L., Mrs. Katherine Donaldson Kimball,

322 E. Main St., Owatonna.
Minnie C. Fisk, B. L. *April 22, 1900.
Willmer E. Griffith, B. S. (M. D., George Washington University

Medical School), Physician and Surgeon. 814 S. 4th St., Hamilton,

L. May Heywood, B. L., School of Music, '93, Mrs. Edwin C. Dean,

723 Quincy Ave., Scranton, Pa.
Fred Manning Hubbell, B. A., M. A. (B. D., Chicago Theological

Seminary), State Supervisor, Y. M. C. A. Education Service,

Madison, S. D.
Alfaretta H. Jenkins, B. L., School of Music, '93, Mrs. R. D. Taylor,

2038 4th Ave., Cedar Rapids, la.
Henrietta W. Krause, B. I^.. Dover.
Climena I. Locke, B. A., Mrs. John W. Bailey, 4541 14th Ave. N. E.,

Seattle, Wash.
Margaret H. Rankin, B. S. tNorthfield.
Jennie M. Snyder, B. S., Mrs. A. E. Cadwell, LeSueur.
Albert L. Sperry, B. A., Lawyer, Owatonna.


Robei't D. Taylor, B. S., Actuary and Counsellor at Law, 203S 4th

Ave, Cedar Rapids. la.
Luella Turrell, B. L., English, High School, Redwood Falls.
Elizabeth M. Wilson, B. A. (M. A, Washington University), Mrs.

Elizabeth Mabel Ashton, 551 S. Kingsley Drive, Los Angeles, Calif.
Mary W. Wilson, B. A., Mrs. Mary Wilson Needham, City Schools,

954 N. Western Ave.. Los Angeles, Calif.
Emily E. Woodman, B. L., Mrs. Elmer E. Miller, St. Peter. —20

School of Music.

L. May Heywood, B. L., '93. Piano, Mrs. Edwin C. Dean.
Alfaretta H. Jenkins, B. L., '93, Voice, Mrs. R. D. Taylor.
Lizzie J. Matthews, Piano, Mrs. W. L. Larimore. Larimore, N. D.
Oti Rosina Miller, Piano, Mrs. Harry C. Theobald, 1091 W. 30th St..
Los Angeles, Calif. — 4

Class of 1894.

President, Carlos E. Allen.

Secretary, Mrs. Louise Loomis Christison.

Carlos E. Allen, B. A. (M. A., Ph. D.. University of Chicago), Presi-
dent State Teachers College. Valley City, N. D.

Bertha E. Brewer, B. A., Mrs. Ernest G. Toan. *Sept. 11, 1918.

Charles R. Cushman, B. S., (D. N., Chicago College of Naprapathy),
Physician, 902 Twenty Second Ave. N., St. Petersburg, Florida.

Mary B. Day, B. L., Prineville, Ore.

Jennie M. Evans, B. A., Mrs. Robert L. Pollock, 2717 Emerson Ave.
S., Minneapolis.

Marion E. Fairbank, B. L., Pastor's Assistant, Edgemont, So. Dak.

Knut E. Forsell, B. A. (B. D.. Yale). *Jan. 28. 1916.

Dora M. Jones, B. S., Care American Board Mission, Ahmednagar,

Louise F. Loomis, B. S., Mrs. J. W. Christison, 626 Lincoln St., Ripon,

Freeman E. Lurton, B. S., M. S. (M. A., Upper Iowa University. Uni-
versity of Minnesota), (Ph. D., Ewing). (LL. B.; Southern Normal
University), (LL. D., Campbell). Supervisor United States Veterans
Bureau Training Centers for Minnesota, North Dakota, South Da-
kota and Montana. Residence, 2811 Stevens Ave., Minneapolis.

Mary Etta Moulton, B. L., Mrs. Henry Fairbank, American Board Mis-
sionary, Ahmednagar, India.

^niliam J. McCarthy, B. A.. M. A., M. D., Physician, Madelia.

Fanny E. Snell. B. S., Mrs. Fanny E. Snell Smith. *July 6, 1918. —13

School of Music.

Anna O. Arnold, Voice and Piano, Mrs. Harry Yaeger, 3225 Calhoun

Blvd., Minneapolis.
Eugenie N. Glodery, Piano (Graduate Chicago Conservatory), Mrs.

Newell J. Morehouse. 1455 Crescent Heights Blvd.. Los Angeles,

Agnes E. Page, B. A., '95, Piano. —3


Class of 1895.
President, C. E. Burton.
Secretary. Miss Agmes Page.

Hisa Amaya, B. L.. *Jan. 3, 1897.

Paul W, Barney, B. S., (D. D. S., University of Minnesota), Dentist,
Coughlan-Hickey BIdg. Residence, 126 Clark St., Mankato.

Elizabeth A. Burnham, B. L., Mrs. C. W. Adams, 701 Fairmont Ave..
St. Paul.

Charles Emerson Burton, B. A., M. A., D. D. (B. D.. Chicago Theolo-
gical Seminary). Secretary of The National Council of the Con-
gregational Churches of The United States. 289, 4th Ave., New
York City. Residence, 24 Rockrose Place, Forest Hills, Long Is-
land, N. Y.

Alice B. Caldwell, B. L., Mount Dora, Florida.

James F. Chapman, B. S. (S. B., Massachusetts Institute of Tech-
nolgy), Electrical Engineer for Colorado Fuel and Iron Co., 32
Carlile Place, Pueblo, Colo.

Franz F. Exner, B. A. (Ph. D., University of Pennsylvania), Pro-
fessor of Chemistry. C'arleton College, 100 Nevada Ave., North-

Clarabel Goodhue, B. A. (B. A., University of Cape of Good Hope),
Mrs. C. H. Wellman, "Highstead," St. John's Road. Sea Point,
Cape Town, Union of South Africa.

Grace Emma Herrick, B. A. (B. L. S.. University of Illinois), Librar-
ian, Western College, Oxford, Ohio.

William H. Hollands, B. A., Superintendent of City Schools, Litchfield.

Mary E. Houston, B. A., Head of French Department, Sullins College,
Bristol, Va. Home, Beloit, Wis.

Gracia Latham Jenks, B. L.. 1623 22nd Ave. N., Seattle, Wash.

S. Godfrey Lindholm, B. L, Chamber of Commerce of the V. S.
Room 409 Mills Bldg. Residence, 2820 Wisconsin Ave., Washing-
ton, D. C.

Agnes E. Page, B. A., School of Music, '94, Teacher of Piano, 218
, College Ave., Northfield.

Jessie Vinecore Payne, B. L., M. L , 506 Sherman Ave., Elgin, 111.

William J. Pell, B. S., M. L. (LL. B.. Northwestern University),
Lawyer, 1009 College Ave., Claremont, Calif.

Robert L. Pollock, B. A.. Owner and Manager, Pollock's Clipping
Bureau and Pollock's Newspaper News, 710 Temple Court. Resi-
dence, 2717 Emerson Ave. S., Minneapolis.

Edith H. Spooner. B. A., Mrs. William J. Pell, 1009 College Ave.,
Claremont, Calif.

Lillian Stewart. B. L., High School, 410 Winona Ave , Northfield.

Maude V. Willsey, B. A., Mrs. Carlos E. Allen, Valley City, N. D. —20
School of Music.

Sue T. Basford, Piano. Teacher of Piano. Austin.

Aimee A.- Wells, Piano, Mrs. Charles March, Litchfield. — 2

Class of 1896.
President, Henry H. Riggs.
Secretary, Mrs. Nora Montgomery Brown.
Jacob O. Bentall, B. A.. Lecturer and Agriculturist, R. 8, Litchfield.


Alexander Cameron, B. A., M. A. (Ph. D., Yale), 3429 Alice St., Los
Angeles, Calif.

Elizabeth A. Eaton, B. A., Mrs. A. G. Elston, 12910 Indiana Ave.,
Spokane, Wash.

Harlan W. Fisk, B. S., Magnetician, Department of Terrestrial Magne-
tism, Carnegie Institution of Washington, 36th St. and Broad
Branch Road, Washington, D. C. Residence, Kensington, Md.

Frank H. Forsell, B. S. (Diploma from New York School of Philan-
thropy), Supervising Principal of Clay, Jackson, and Peabody
Schools. Residence, 2729, 17th Ave., So., Minneapolis.

Edith Griffith, B. L., Instructor, Minneapolis School of Art. Resi-
dence, 1037 Aldrich Ave., So. Minneapolis.

Mary T. Harmon, B. L., 1611 Dupont Ave. S., Minneapolis.

Nellie J. Hickok, B. L., Mrs. R. D. Morford, Owatonna.

Edward L. Kimball, B. A. (LL. B., University of Minnesota,), Law-
yer, 602-604 First National Bank Bldg. Residence, 119 E. Anoka
St., Duluth.

Myrtle M. Kinyon, B. L., Preceptress and Instructor in Modern Lan-
guages, Pillsbury Academy. Residence, 351 E. Vine St., Owatonna.

Charles R. McCreery, B. A. (M. D., University of Minnesota), Sur-
geon, 1125 Fidelity Bldg., Tacoma, Wash.

William B. McCreery. B. A., (M. D., University of Minnesota). Phy-
sician, 1125 Fidelity Bldg., Tacoma, Wash.

Nora I. Montgomery, B. S., Mrs. W. G. Brown, 434 E. Regent St.,
Inglewood, Los Angeles Co., Calif.

Mabelle L. Morgan, B. L., M. A., Secretarial Work, Room 224, 25
Huntington Ave., Boston. Mass.

Henry H. Riggs, B. A., B. D., Missionary of the A. B. C. F. M.,
Care Dr. W. W. Peet, American Bible House, Constantinople,

Anna S. Swanson, B. L. (M. A., University of Minnesota), with
Department of Public Welfare, 4223 5th Ave., N. E., Seattle, Wash.

Elizabeth Taylor, B. L., Mrs. Wilford Taylor. *Oct. 31. 1919,

James R. Van Slyke, B. L. (LL. B., Washington University), Law-
yer, 705 Olive St. Residence, 4130 McPherson Ave., St. Louis, ^Mo.


School of Music.

Grace L. Andrus, Piano, Mrs. C. N. Swager, R. R. No. 2, Hopkins,

Lydia Norwood, Piano, Mrs. Carl K. Bennett, 375 E. Main St.. Owa-

Norma Lucia Olsen, Piano, Kamehameha Schools. Honolulu. Hawaii.


Class of 1897.

Julie Anthony, B. A., Mrs. P. P. Kennedy, 1418 Lime St., Riverside,

Edith C. Babbitt, B. L., care Anna L. Richardson, T. C. A. School,

Poultney, Vermont.
Bert J. Buckland, B. A. *Feb. 3, 1903.


Horace C. Bushnell. B. A. (M. E , Cornell University), 2S6 Clinton

St.. Brooklyn, N. Y.
Samuel L. Caldwell, B. S., Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy.

International College, Paradise, Smyrna, Turkey.
Edgar W. Chamberlain, B. A.. Ranchman and Lumberman. Craigs-

ville, Va.
Adaline C. Dewart, B. A. *Jan. 8, 1918.
Tillie M. Dewart, B. A., Music Teacher, 1289 E. 6th St., Portland.

James Tenney Fuller, B. A., Professor of Psychology and American

History, State Normal and Industrial School. Ellendale, N. D.
Lena Hague, B. L., 610 E. South Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Mary A. Hanson, B. L., Mi's. A. W. Quinn, Exeter, Calif.
Frances Hoyt, B. A., American Red Cross Work. Residence, 1012

Windsor Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif.
Albert B. Hughes, B. S., Law^yer, Worthington.
Edith L, Johnston, B. L., Westmoreland, N. Y.
James C. Morrison, B. L.. Editor, Morris Tribune, Morris.
Bertram J. Price, B. A., Lawyer, 315 First National Bank Bldg.

Residence, 1014 6th Ave. N., Fort Dodge, la.
Edith E. Watson, B. L., Mrs. R. L. Morland, Worthington. — 17

Class of 1898.

President, Miss Caroline Manning.
Secretary, Miss Minnie Dilley.

Malcolm Dana. B. A. (B. D., Hartford), (D. D. Grinnell), Secretary
Congregational Home Missionary Society, 287 4th Ave., New
York, N. Y. Permanent address, Charles City, la.

Minnie M. Dilley, B, L., 417 Winona Ave., Northfield.

Helen S. Evans, B. L., 3612 N. 3rd St., Tacoma, Wash.

Max J. Exner, B. S. (M. D., University College, Kansas City, Mo.).
(M. P. E., Y. M. C. A. College, Springfield. Mass.), Director of
Educational Activities. The American Social Hygiene Associa-
tion. Residence, 112 23rd St., Elmhurst, L. L, N. Y.

Eleanor J. Gladstone, B. L., Librarian, Board of Home Missions and
Church Extension of the M. E. Church, corner Arch and 17th
Streets, Philadelphia. Residence, 1826 Wallace St., Philadelphia,

Eugene C. Graham, B. S.. (B. S., University of Minnesota, College of
Engineering). Supervisor Federal Board for Vocational Educa-
tion, R. F. D. No. 3, Terrace Park, Evansville, Ind.

Nellie Gregg. B. L.. Mrs. John Henry Hurst. 1640 Montreal Ave.. St.

Harriet Guilford. B. L., 1820 Hawthorne Ave., Minneapolis.

Alice D. Hannahs. B. L., Mrs. W. B. Olds, 417 Prairie Ave., Decatur,

Hans. J. Jager, B. A.. State Agent. State School for Homeless Child-
ren, 222 State Ave., Owatonna.

J. William Johnson, B. A., Principal Pillsbury School, corner Hayes
and 23rd Ave. N. E., Minneapolis.

Lillian C. Klossner, B. L., Mrs. Elmer Shepard. *July 14. 1911.


Frank E. Lockerby, B. A., *March 10. 1903.

Caroline Manning, B. A., (M. A. Radcliffe). Federal Inspector, U. S.
Dept. of Labor, Washing-ton, D. C. Home, Northfield.

H. Frank McChesney, B. S. (M. D., Columbia), Physician and Sur-
geon, 1188 Dean St., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Margery Morrison, B. L., Pianist and Operatic Coach, Hotel Well-
ington, New York City.

Carolyn A. Ogden, B. L,.. S*panish Teacher, Broadway High School,
Seattle, Wash., Address, 1807 East Hcwell Street.

Charles B. Otteson, B. L.. Lumber and Hardware Merchant, Basin,

Charles Elliott Ryberg, B. A., Lawyer and Member of Minnesota
Legislature, 3008 41st Ave. S., Minneapolis.

George A. Southworth, B. S., Insurance and Real Estate, Northfield.

Christiana Spencer, B. L., *Jan. 9, 1918.

Ludwig Sundeen, B. A. *Aug. 7, 1901.

William A. Westerson. B. S., Real Estate. Farm Lands and Insur-
ance. 701 Lumber Exchange. Residence, 1119 E. River Road, Min-

Irene L. Woodman, B. A., and Graduate from School of Music. *April
13, 1915. —24

School of Music.

Florence M. Coleman, Piano, Mrs. Ernest E. Day, 519 North Comstock
Ave., Whittier, Calif.

Mary L. Manning, Piano, Mrs. Frank H. Rogers, Northfield.

Irene L. Woodman, B. A., '98. Voice. *April 13, 1915. —3

Class of 1899.
President. Mrs. Myra Piper Beardsley.
Secretary, H. W. Brubaker.

Sarah B. Alexander, B. S., Mrs. John K. Murphy, Killam's Point,
Branford, Conn.

Cora M. Arthur, B. L., Mrs. Cora M. Rogers, 489, 38th Street. Oak-
land, Calif.

Delmer D. Brubaker, B. S., with W. E. Neiler & Co., 1494 Grantham
St., St. Anthony Park.

Howard W, Brubaker, B. S.. (Ph. D., University of Pennsylvania),
Associate Professor of Chemistry, Kansas State Agricultural
College, 1116 Fremont St., Manhattan, Kansas.

Sara Savage Crosby, B. L., 963 Coast Blvd., La Jolla, Calif.

Metta L. Damon, B. L., Mrs. L. H. Cblsan, Wadena.

Clara E. Dunn, B. L., Teaching at Rice Lake, Wis. Home, 102 Maple
Ave., Northfield.

Ida M. Ellis, B. L., Mrs. Malcolm Dana, Charles City, Iowa.

August N. Farmer, B. L., Executive Secretary, Michigan Council
Commission, 211 James Ave., S. E., Grand Rapids, Mich.

Laura C. Fischer, B. A., M. A., Assistant Professor of Ancient Lan-
guages, Morningside College, 3922 Orleans Ave., Sioux City, la.
Home, Houston.

Martha A. Fisher, B. L. (M. A., Chicago University), Mathematics,
High School, 314 Miner Ave., Ladysmith, Wis.


Dana K. Getchell, B. A., American Mission, Smyrna.

Jessie A. Hasltins, B. L., 2309 Illinois Ave., Spokane, Wash.

Ruth Annah Haven, B. L., Chatfleld.

Esther C. Holmberg-, B. A., Mrs. C. O. Swanson, 113 Glenn Place,
Ithaca, N. Y.

Evelyn Preston Johnson, B. A., Home Service Section, Milwaukee
Chapter, American Red Cross, 314 Cambridge Ave., Milwaukee,

Howard L. Kingsbury, B. A., Traveling Auditor, John W. Tuthill
Lumber Co., 1207 2nd Ave. S., Sioux Falls, S. D.

Agnes S. Kingston, B. L., Mrs. F. L. Klemer, 521 W. 3rd St., Fari-

Jessie A. Little, B. A., Mrs. J. F. Scott, 1405 W. Chestnut St., North
Yakima, Wash.

John K. McBroom, B. S., Farmer, Excelsior,

S. Josephine Nichols, B. S., Accountant for the Northwest Nursery
Co., Valley City, N. D.

Myra A, Piper, B. L., Mrs. Ezra T. Beardsley, Box 16, Medford.

Harold E. Robertson, B. S. (M. D., University of Pennsylvania). Pro-
fessor of Pathology in Graduate Medical School, University of
Minnesota, Mayo Foundaticn; and Head of the Section of Patho-
logic Anatomy, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.

Fred C. Smith, B. S. (M. D., Jefferson Medical College), U. S. Public
Health Service, 3740 Kanamaha St., Washington, D. C.

Maude Spear, B L., Mrs. Delmer D. Brubaker, 1494 Grantham St.,
Anthony Park.

Herman F. Stark, B. L. (LL. B., University of Nebraska), Lawyer,
2268 Knapp St., St. Paul.

Charles O. Swanson, B. A. (M. Agr., University of Minnesota), As-
sociate Professor of Agricultural Chemistry, E'xperiment Station,
State Agricultural College. Manhattan, Kansas. During 1921-
1922, 113 Glenn Place, Ithaca, N. Y.

Oliver M. Tiffany, B. S., Laundry Owner, 12-24 6th Ave. S. W., Resi-
dence, 7 Tiffany Apts., Aberdeen, S. D.

Charles T. Tinker, B. A., Senior Resident Auditor, U. S. Shipping
Board, Emergency Fleet Corporation, 3526, 14th Ave., Oakland,

Ernest G. Toan, B. A. *Sept. 11, 1918.

Raymond Wallace, B. S., M. S. (M. D., University of Michigan). (F.
A. C. S.), Surgeon, 815 Hamilton National Bank Bldg. Residence.
332 Fort Wood St., Chattanooga, Tenn.

Loren N. Wood, B. S. (M. A., LL. B., Columbia), Lawyer, Budd, Wood
& Molloy, 25 Broad St., New York, N. Y. Residence, Boundbrook,
N. J. —32

School of Music.

Edith Lany Bush, B. L., '04, Piano, Mrs. F. A. Wildes, Hibbing.

Bessie L. Whiting, Piano, Mrs. George B. Rhoads, 2318 S. 1st Street,
Shelbyville, 111. —2

Class of 1900.
Secretary, Mrs. Alice Stratton Stocker.
Mary P. Brainard, B. L., (Teacher's Certificate in Piano, Chicago
Musical College), Mrs. J. H. Powers, 316 Bellows Ave., Mt. Pleas-
ant, Mich.


Marion L. Burton, B. A., D. D. (B. D., Ph. D., Yale University),
(LL. D., Western Reserve University, Tufts College, Amherst
College. HG'))arcl College), President, University of Michigan. Ann
Arbor, Mich.

Ino C. DeLong, B. L., Mrs. R. H. Watson, 221 W. Towne St., Glen-
dive, Mont.

Carolyn I. Evans. B. L., Mrs. Walter M. Kern. President of State
Federation of Women's Clubs, 1328 Isaac's Ave., Walla Walla,

Fred Burnett Hill, B. L. (B. D., Hartford). *Jan. 29, 1919.

William F. Lasby, B. S. (D. D. S.. University of Minnesota), Asso-
ciate Professor of Prosthetics and Orthodontia. College of Den-
tistry, University of Minnesota, 425 'Walnut St. S. E., Minneapolis.

Charles H. Maxwell, B. S. (B. D.. Hartford). *Aug. 23, 1917.

Nina L. Moses, B. L.., Mrs. Marion L. Burton. Ann Arbor, Mich.

Sabra L. Nason, B. L., County Librarian. Umatilla County Public Li-
brary, Pendleton, Ore.

Serena Neilson, B. L.. Mrs. Adam G. Frank, wife of Pre-sbyterian
Missionary Minister. Kaysville, Utah.

Josephine M. Newton, B. A., Mrs. H. H. Hart, President Congrega-
tional Woman's Home Missionary Federation, 70 Fisher Ave.,
WTiite Plains, N. Y.

Allie J. Orcutt, B. L., Mrs. Geo. S. Smitzes, 612 Azeele St., Tampa, Fla.

May C. Payne, B. L., Mrs. J. S. Mcintosh, care Southern Methodist
University, Dallas, Texas.

Albert E. Rau, B. L., Assistant Manager, J. R. Watkins Co.. 270 W.
Wabash St., Winona.

Jesse D. Smith, B. S., Secretary and Treasurer of Smith & Tyner
Mill Co., Scoby, Mont.

Alice B. Stratton, B. A. (M. A., Wellesley). Mrs. Harry E. Stocker,
309 W. 93rd St., New York, N. Y.

Wadsworth A. Williams, B. A. (LL. B.. LL. M., University of Minne-
sota), Manager St. Paul Office, Wells-Dickey Co. Residence, The
Aberdeen, St. Paul.

Kate Wyman, B. A. (M. D., University of Minnesota), Mrs. J. Allen
Grant, 705 West Abriendo Ave., Pueblo, Colorado. —IS

Class of 1901.

President, Frank O. Leonard.
Secretary, Mrs. Harriet Skinner Willis.

Elbert TV. Anderson, B. S., Banking. 503 W. 13th Ave.. Spokane,

Claire A. Caley, B. S., Caley Hardware Co., Princeton.
Susan H. Chaffer, B. L., 1553 State St., Salem, Ore.
Adelaide J. Claghorn, B. A.. Mrs. L. O. Clement. Grants Pass, Ore.
Eugene D. Clough, B. S., (LL. B., University of Minnesota), Lawyer,

Omak, Wash.


Roscoe S. Couper, B. S., R. S. Couper Co., Merchandise Distributors,

318-324 N. Division St., Spokane, Wash.
Carl Fisher, B. S., (M. D., Harvard), (F. A. C. S.), Eye Specialist,

820 Baker-Detwiler Bldg-., Los Angeles, Calif.
Katherine S. Forrester, B. A., Principal, Douglas School, 402 Belve-
dere Apts., Salt Lake City, Utah.
Joseph W. Goldsbury, B. A., District Sales Mgr., H. E. Doherty Ca.,

623 Metropolitan Bank Building. Residence, 3817 Aldrich Ave., So.,

Ernest H. Haig, B. L., *March 11, 1911.
Robert D. Hall, B. S. (B. D., Oberlin). Secretary of Indian Work on

International Committee of Y. M. C. A., 216 Association Bldg.,

Denver, Colo.
Julia M. Hawkes, B. L., (M. L., Columbia), (Ph. D., Ann Arbor,

Mich.), Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy, Doane College,

Crete, Neb. Home, Waseca.
Charles Hernett, B. L. (LL. B., University of Michigan), Banker,

Burnstad, N. D.
Roy E. Hilton, B. S., General Secretary, St. Paul Association of

Commerce, Residence, 787 Portland Ave., St. Paul.
Percie M. Jackson, B. S., Mrs. C. S. Collins, Hunter, N. D.
Ellen C. Julin, B. L., Mrs. Albin N. Osterholm, 2585 Pratt St., Omaha,

Lydia C. Krause, B. L., Dover.
Julia Langness, B. S. (Ph. D., University of Pennsylvania), Mrs.

Conrad M. Christiansen, 1919 S. Prairie Ave., Sioux Falls, S. D.
Frank O. Leonard, B. A.. Presbyterian Clergyman, Hamburg, N. Y,
Ernest C. A. Lundeen, B. A., Lawyer, 701 Globe Bldg., Minneapolis,

Residence, 3231, 29th Ave., South.
Samuel Ray McCarthy, B. L., (B. O., Oberlin), Pastor Congregational

Church, 507 First St. W., Roundup, Mont.
John A. McC'ulloch, B. S. (M. E , University of Wisconsin), General

Superintendent of Vinegar Hill Zinc Co., Platteville, Wis.
Gertrude M. Mosier, B. S., Mrs. Herman F. Stark, 2268 Knapp St.,

St. Paul.
Albert J. Nason, B. S., President Manhattan Investment Co., St.

Paul, President Nakomis Coal Co., President Nason Coal Co.,

1208 Old Colony Bldg., Chicago. Residence, 60 Scott St., Chicago,

Blanche R. Nichols, B. A., Mrs. John A. Wilson, 305 E. 54th St.,

Mary Louise Oakey, B. L., Mrs. S. E. Field, Jr., Corning, Calif.
Mary Alice Pearson, B. L., High School, Pine Island. Home, Northfield.
Edward Burr Robertson. B. S., Banker, 818 Clark St., Stevens Point.

Agnes Pearl Rodgers, B. L., Mrs. George C. Dunlop. 2221 Park Ave..

Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, O.
S. P. Seaberg, B. A. (M. D.. University of Minnesota), Physician and

Surgeon, 409 Paulson Bldg. Residence, 2926 E. 11th Ave., Spokane,

Harriet C. Skinner, B. S., Mrs. Carl Lyman Willis, Brookside Farm.

Barboursville, Va.


Winnifred Steele, B. L., Mrs. J. C. Gould, Oakes, N. D.

David M. Strang-, B. S. (M. D., University of Minnesota), Physician

and Surgeon, Sprague, Wash.
Helen June Streeter, B. A., Principal, High School, 419 Fountain St.,

Albert Lea. Home, 415 College Ave., Northfield.
Susie A. Svien, B. L., Mrs. H. E. Frazee, Pelican Rapids.
William A. Tucker, B. S. (M. A., University of Denver). *May 11,

Sage E. A"an Slyke, B. S., Mrs. Thomas Silliman, Hibbing. —37

Class of 1902.

President, Chas. A. Culver.
Secretary, Miss Alice M. Page.

Ellie F. Adams. B. L., Private Secretary to Mr. Charles G. Morris,
Pres. of the New Haven Dairy Co., etc. Residence, 581 N. Main
St., Wallingford, Conn.

Henry E. Baker, B. A., M. A., Newport News, Va.

E. Louise Bigelow, B. S., Mrs. Hiram M. Freudenburg.

Edythe M. Burnham, B. A., Mrs. G. L. Stanley. *April, 1908.

J. A. A. Burnquist, B. A. (M. A., Columbia), LL. B., University of
Minnesota), LL. D. Residence, 1070 Bradley St. St. Paul.

Claribel C. Chappell, B. A. (M. A., Chicago University), Teacher,
Broadway High School. 614 Summit Ave. N., Seattle, Wash.

Gertrude E. Cline, B. A., Mrs. E. J. Young, Box 98, Sunnyside, Ya-
kima Co., Wash.

Arthur G. Crane, B. S. (M. A., Ph. D., Columbia University), Princi-
pal, State Normal School, Edinboro, Pa.

Charles A. Culver, B. S. (Ph. D., University of Pennsylvania), Phy-
sical Engineer, with Canadian Independent Telephone Co., Lt.,
212 King St.. West. Residence, Royal Cecil Hotel, Toronto, Ont.,

Mary H. Dana, B. L., Mrs. Charles Kennedy, 2190 Carter Ave., St.

Ada DeBoos, B. L., Principal, High School, Melvin. la. Home. Sibley,

Ezra Ripley Edwards. B. S.. Superintendent, City Schools. Home,

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