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Butte: Homeward Bound (District XII Human
Resources Council) $272,868 to renew
funding for a transitional housing program for
homeless families and individuals in Butte and
Silver Bow County. The program was formed
in response to a growing homeless problem
identified in 1992 by a group of social service
providers and concerned citizens.

Hamilton: Supporters of Abuse Free
Environments (S.A.F.E.), $306,600 for the
construction of nine units of transitional
housing for homeless victims of domestic
violence and sexual assault. In addition the
funding will provide residents transitional case
management services for three years aimed at
assisting them to develop a plan to achieve
self-sufficiency and obtain permanent housing
in a non-violent environment. Contact: Merle
Loman and Stacey Umhey 363-0382

Helena: Helena Housing Authority, $232,800
to fund the Helena Area Shelter Plus Care for
Homeless Persons with Mental Illness
program. This partnership of the Helena
Housing Authority and Golden Triangle
Community Mental Health Center will provide
Helena area homeless individuals with serious
mental illness 10 one-bedroom units of
sponsor-based rental assistance for five years,
linked to essential mental health treatment.
Contact: Michael M. O'Neil 443-7151

Missoula: Missoula Housing Authority Shelter
Plus Care Program- Missoula Housing
Authority was awarded $462,000 to provide
five year's housing and supportive services to
20 very-low income, hard-to-house homeless
persons with disabilities (those who are
seriously mentally ill; have chronic problems
with alcohol and/or drugs; or have AIDS and
related diseases). Contact: Ed Mayer

NOTE: Due to recent system changes, the DPHHS newsletter has not had access to service award
recipients for several months. If you received an award for 20 years or more in the past several
months and are not on this list, please contact Ken Pekoe by e-mail or at 444-2596.

Congratulations goes out to Perry Brown, Child Support Enforcement Division in
Helena, and Marilyn Moore, Mental Health Nursing Care Center in Lewistown,
who were recognized in January for 35 years of state government service.

In addition, the following DPHHS employees received recognition for 30 years of service:
Drew Dawson, HPSD, Helena; Norine Joyce, OTD, Helena; William Lamb, DSD, Helena;
Ken Menahan, MSH, Warm Springs; Ginny O'Brien, HCSD, Anaconda; Ethel Zeier, MSH,
Warm Springs. Ji

The following DPHHS employees received recognition for 25 years of service:

^^ Kathleen Ahlgren, MHNCC, Lewistown; Steven Askam, CFSD, Helena; James Brownlee,
• ^ HCSD, Wolf Point; Janet Rae Burnham, MHNCC, Lewistown; John Cassan, MSH, Warm
Springs; Allan Chaffey, QAD, Missoula; Bertha Cook, CFSD, Great Falls; Phillip Dale, MDC,
Boulder; Susan Dawson, MCDC, Butte; Joseph Douglas, MDC, Boulder; Brenda Dowland,
HPSD, Helena; Rhonda Earhart, HCSD, Butte; Laurie Ekanger, DO, Helena; Joe Ferguson, MDC,
Boulder; Sheila Franey, MDC, Boulder; John Franklin, MSH, Warm Springs; Judy Gustafson,
MSH, Warm Springs; Elizabeth Hall-Munger, CFSD, Helena; Sylvia Hammer, ETC, Glendive; Vicki
Hintz, MSH, Warm Springs; Patricia Holbrook, MDC, Boulder; Marilyn Kay Holm, MSH, Warm
Springs; Lucy Homme, HCSD, Miles City; Connie Hyde, MHNCC, Lewistown; Raymond Johnston, MSH,
Warm Springs. Robert Lee Johnston, MSH, Warm Springs; Carole Jones, MDC, Boulder; Kathy Jo
Knadler, MSH, Warm Springs; Rebecca Malensek, QAD, Helena; Frank Marolt, MSH, Warm Springs;
Barbara McMahon, MDC, Boulder; James McMahon, MDC, Boulder; Dwain Moran, MDC, Boulder;
Noreen Morris, MDC, Boulder; Darlene Miller, HCSD, Conrad; Betty Petek, CFSD, Billings; James Alan
Powell, MDC; Kathleen Quinn, MSH, Warm Springs; Diana Lynn Richards, HPSD, Helena; William
Rowe, MSH, Warm Springs; Linda Schimming, MSH, Warm Springs; Cindy Warner, MVH, Columbia
Falls; Laura White, CSED, Helena; John Zeeck, DSD, Helena.

The following DPHHS employees received recognition for 20 years: -t^X

Edward Amberg, HCSD, Butte; Helena Amberg, MSH, Warm Springs; Nancy Ambrose,
HCSD, Columbus; Gay Anderson, HCSD, Glasgow; Mary Anne Driscoll, CFSD, Great
Falls; Stephen Burke, MDC, Boulder; Judith Bystrom, CFSD, Poison; Russell Cater, DO,
Helena; June Collins, CFSD, Billings; Sandra Colvin, QAD, Helena; Linda Corcoran, HCSD,
Anaconda; Bartha Douglas, HCSD, Great Falls; Charlene Frank, ETC, Glendive; Vonda
Fredrickson-Drydahl, MDC, Boulder; Kathy Giesick, HCSD, Forsyth; Anita Gigoux, HCSD,
Billings; Anthony Harmon, MDC, Boulder; Elton Keele, MSH, Warm Springs; James Keil,
HCSD, Helena; John Koch, DO, Helena; Brian Lamoure, SLTCD, Helena; Carol Lane,
MHNCC, Lewistown; Patricia LaRoque, CFSD, Great Falls; Kali Lien, HCSD, Wolf Point. Colleen
Llewellyn, HCSD, Boulder; Elaine Lucas, QAD, Helena; Phyllis, MacMillan, AMD, Helena; Florence,
Mcintosh, HCSD, Kalispell; Mary McMinn, DSD, Billings; Terri Medina, HCSD, Butte; Eileen Page,
HCSD, Missoula; Gary Palmer, CSED, Missoula; Kenneth Peterson, MSH, Warm Springs; Betty
Pettibone, HCSD, Great Falls; Debra Powers, MDC, Boulder; Betty Rego, MDC, Boulder; Charles
Rehbein, SLTCD, Helena; Gladys Richter, MSH, Warm Springs; Frank Ries, MSH, Warm Springs; Arnold
Rosling, QAD, Helena; Norman Rostocki, SLTCD, Helena; Jene Rust, MHNCC, Lewistown; Stephen
Ryan, MSH, Warm Springs; Janice Schindele, CFSD, Great Falls; Doris Seely, MSH, Warm Springs;
John Sevores, MSH, Warm Springs; Larry Sheneman, CFSD, Billings; Patricia Stanich, MDC, Boulder;
Sherri Stuber, MSH, Warm Springs; Cindy Sunderland, MDC, Boulder; Joyce Taranik, HPSD, Helena;
Don Thompson, CFSD, Missoula; Jack Thompson, HCSD, Helena; Judy Timmer, QAD, Butte; Diane
Torgerson, DSD, Great Falls; Cheryl Valdez, CFSD, Billings; Diana Vasbro, MSH, Warm Springs;
Theresa Walter, MSH, Warm Springs; Catherine Webster, CSED, Butte; Charles Williams, HPSD,
Helena; Margaret Williams, DSD, Helena; Tana Wing, MDC, Boulder; Maryann Winslow, OTD, Helena;
Kathy Ziegler, HCSD, Anaconda; Marian Zueike, DSD, Miles City.


|P Congratulations and thanks for your faithful and devoted service!

About this newsletter . . .

News and information about the programs and
people in DPHHS are presented in this monthly
newsletter. We welcome your suggestions and

e-mail to [email protected] mt . us or

telephone (406) 444-2596.

This newsletter is also available on line
( )
and we are hoping to soon develop an e-mail
version for direct distribution.

Those contributing to this newsletter are:
Ken Pekoe, editor

Susan Ramsey, Child Support Enforcement
Patty Smith, Human Resources
John Zeeck, Disability Services
Distribution coordinator —

Mandi Shulund, Director's Office
Designer —

Peggy Bronson, Publications & Graphics

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February FAIM II Meeting Schedule


2/1/2000 Browning

2/3/2000 Missoula

2/3/2000 Missoula

2/3/2000 Helena

2/4/2000 Helena

2/8/2000 Crow Agency

2/8/2000 Lame Deer

2/10/2000 Miles City

2/11/2000 Bozeman

2/11/2000 Bozeman


12 -2 p.m. Blackfeet Head Start

Multi-Purpose Rm.
3-5 p.m. Missoula Pub. Library

301 East Main Street
6-8 p.m. City Council Chambers

Ryman Street
6 - 8 p.m. Job Service

715 Front Street
10-12 noon Job Service

715 Front Street
9 - 11 a.m. Multi-Purpose Rm.

1 - 3 p.m. Tribal Co. Chambers

10-12 noon Comm. Cllg. Rml 06
3 - 5 p.m. Crths. Comm. Rm.

6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Crths. Comm. Rm.

We will make every effort to ensure that the meetings are
accessible and will make reasonable accommodation for people
with disabilities who wish to participate. To request an
accommodation, contact the County Director at your local Office
of Public Assistance.

If you wish to submit written comments, please submit them to:
FAIM Phase II, Attn. Patty Guiberson and Kim Brown, Montana
DPHHS, Public Assistance Bureau, PO Box 202952, Helena, MT
59620-2952. Comments will also be accepted electronically
([email protected]).

i 3300 copies of Ihis document were published al an estimated cost of $.36 per copy- The i
\ total cost of $1,254 includes $912 for pnnting & $342 for distnbution. Publication & mailing I
I assistance was provided bv the employees of hielena Industnes. Inc. }

Department of Public Health & Human Servic^

P.O. Box 4210 • ni N.SarxJm • Heleoa,MT S9604




Helena, MT
Permit No. 246



WO^T^^'^S I 6th AVE


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