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Health Services Committee sought and received additional
monies from the Advisory Council to compile a finished report of the findings of the Low-
Income Task Force study of the delivery of health care to low-income persons. Seven-
hundred and fifty copies of the finished report will be published.

» * *

METHODIST CHURCH .,.^ -Tffe annual conference of the United Methodist Church of
ENDORSES CHP EFFORT Montana was held in Billings the week of June 21. The

conference is held for lay leaders and ministers in the
Church. During this conference, numerous short seminars on CHP were held. During the
general assemblies held at the end of the week, the members of the Yellowstone Conference
of the United Methodist Church endorsed the philosophy and intent of the CHP program and
recommended that local churches throughout the State be asked to find ways of making
membership and constituency aware of the issues in the contemporary health care crisis
and the work of the CHP program.

* * *

EMCHA ADDS STAFF, The Eastern Montana Community Health Association has added

PRODUCES NEWSLETTER two organizers to its staff and has begun production of a

monthly newsletter. The two new staff members are Woody
Ekegren, Harlowton and Joe Gagliardi, St. Louis, Missouri. Among the association's most
recent activities is the development of a 314(b) application for federal funds for health
plann i ng.

* * *

RECOGNITION GRANTED The Areawide Health Planning Committee has been reorganized

AREAWIDES, STATE to include the chairman of each of the five areawide organi-

COMMITTEE REORGANIZED zations as voting members. The group met under this new

arrangement for the first time June 11. At that time, a
314(b) application from the Eastern Montana Community Health Association was considered
along with funding of personnel at the areawide level to carry out communications activities.
The Advisory Council granted recognition to the five areawide organizations, delayed further
action on the 314(b) application until such time as matching money had been garnered and
gave approval to the Agency's desire to fund local communications activities.

* * *

MEDEX SEMINAR TO BE / Dr. Raymond Vath, a member of the Medex staff at the
HELD FOR INTERESTED V University of Washington, as well as physicians using
PHYSICIANS Medex personnel (University trained corpsmen) will be in

Butte, August 29, from 1 to 5 p.m. to discuss with interested
physicians in Montana the applicability of Medex people and just how the program works. A
personal letter is being sent to all Montana physicians inviting those who would be inter-
ested to attend this meeting. The meeting is being sponsored by the Southwestern Areawide
Health Planning Council.

* » *

SEELEY COMMUNITY Citizens of the Seeley-Ovando-Swan area are going door-to-

SOLICITING FUNDS door in an effort to raise $5,000 which can be matched with

FOR LOCAL NURSE CHP funds to secure a nurse practitioner program for their

communities. Once the funds are raised, it will be possible
for Miss Elsie Toavs, a highly trained public health nurse now working in the Department
of Health's Nursing Division, to set the program up.

* * *

DISTRICT 4 BOARD Members of the Board of Directors of the Southwestern Area-

MEETS JULY 9 wide Health Planning Council met in Whitehall, July 9, to

prepare for its annual business meeting this fall. An
attempt will be made at the fall meeting to discuss with the general membership the facili-
ties, manpower, envi ronmenta I, pi ann ing and personal health services needs of the area by
persons with expertise in these areas of health. The meeting will also serve to elect
board members and officers.

* * *

COMMITTEE MEETS TO Bob Johnson, Acting Director of CHP, met with Jessie

CONSIDER CONTRACT Bierman, M.D. and Charles Parker, Ph.D., professor at the

FOR M of M PROPOSAL University of Montana, who is handling the details of the

Master of Medicine proposal, on July 1, to work out details
of the contract which will enable this feasibility study to begin.

» » »

NORTHWEST AREAWIDE The Northwest Areawide Health Planning Council met in

COUNCIL DISCUSSES Poison June 10 to discuss: a grant proposal from Planned

GRANT Parenthood of Missoula seeking a family planning program for

the area; the Master of Medicine proposal; the Community
Nurse proposal; and, to report on the gathering of local money to assist the organization
in obtaining clerical services.

CHP, MODEL CITIES Agency staff met with members of the Butte Model Cities

COORDINATING WORK Human Resources Council June 18 to discuss with this group

their involvement and the involvement of Silver Bow County
in the Southwestern Areawide Health Planning Council. A committee was established by the
Council to look into the possible relationships that should exist between CHP and Model
Cities. The State CHP staff has also met with Model Cities staff in Helena, which is
currently considering proposing reorganization of its Health, Education and Welfare
Committee, to eliminate duplication of organizational and planning efforts.

* * *

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The Northcentral Areawide Health Planning Council's recently

PLOTS COURSE FOR elected Executive Committee met in Great Falls May 14 to

NORTHCENTRAL DISTRICT chart the future course of the Health Planning organization.

The Committee decided that experts in environment, facili-
ties planning, mental health, services and organization from the area should be contacted
about discussing with the general membership problems, resources and possible solutions of
health problems for which they have expertise. Letters of invitation have been sent to
those persons with such backgrounds and the State CHP staff is now assisting the areawide
organization in planning for this meeting.

* * *

CHP STAFF, DEPT. Members of the CHP staff, the Council's Environmental

OF PLANNING Health Planning Committee, and members of the staff of

HOLDING MEETINGS the State Department of Planning and Economic Development

have been holding a series of meetings to examine possible
areas of duplication and redundancy existing between the two programs in the environmental
planning area. The success of these meetings will determine the final shape of the en-
vironmental planning section of the CHP Program.

* * »

AMA NEWS SPEAKS OF The American Medical Association took a stand aimed at

NEW ROLE FOR NURSE increasing the significance of nursing as a primary com-

ponent in the delivery of medical services. The House of
Delegates endorsed a six-point Board of Trustees position statement which stipulated that
the AMA: recognizes the need for and will support efforts to increase the number of nurses;
recognizes the need for and will facilitate the expansion of the role of the nurse in pro-
viding patient care; encourage and supports all levels of nurse education; will promote
and influence the development of a hospital nursing service, similar to a medical care
service under the leadership of a chief of professional service aimed at increased in-
volvement in direct medical care of the patient; supports the concept of the physician-
led health team; will seek constructive collaboration with the total nursing community.
The statement asserted that, "The Board of Trustees and its Committee on Nursing believe
that with the growing demand for health services and the shortage of manpower, the physi-
cian and the nurse must realize their full potential as a highly coordinated and mutually

effective team.

* * *

HEALTH PUBLICATION Medicine and Health , a publication originating in Washington, D. C. ,

DISCUSSES HILL-BURTON stated in its July 6 edition that the Senate's decisive 76-19

vote to override President Nixon's veto of the Hill-Burton
Bill (hospital construction money) is certain to help crack the Bureau of the Budget's "long-
lived strangle hold on funds for health programs." The vote^ maintains the publication,
will lend encouragement to Congress to increase appropriation requests for health.

* * *

Comprehensive Health Planning

Robert R. Johnson, Acting Director
David R. Depew, Program Coordinator
Theodore H. Clack, Research Analyst
Donald K. Johnson, Activities Consultant
Doris Downs, Secretary
Diana Fleming, Clerk-Steno
Jeryl Waling, Clerk-Typist



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930 East Lyndale Avenua

MONTANA Helena, AAonton^QSOl^;^

Comprehensive Health Planning

TO /5

ii^ V V LJ^


No. 4 55 - I Ith Avenue Helena, Montana 59GQI 449-5121 October 9, 1970

NORTH CENTRAL COUNCIL A general membership meeting of the North Central Areawide

MEETS IN FORT BENTON Health Planning Council was held in Fort Benton Thursday,

October 8. The meeting was held for the educational benefit
of the membership and to assist in the process of establishing areawide priorities, and feat-
ured discussions of environmental health needs, the manpower problem in the North Central
district, mental health, facilities planning and organizational needs. A panel discussion of
the State Advisory Council's task force study of the delivery of health care to low-income
persons was also presented.

BIMONTHLY ACTIVITIES ' The state CHP office began publishing a bimonthly (every
REPORT IS INITIATED two months) activities report iast month. Reported activi-

ties relate directly to the goal? and objectives as pre-
sented in Section five of the CHP Fiscal Year 1 97 1 Program. The first report, covering
the months of July and August, is presently in the process of being mailed to a large num-
ber of people throughout: the state. It is hoped that this tool will help both the staff
and the Advisory Council evaluate the program more effectively. If you have not received
a copy of this report and wish to obtain one, please contact this office.

GALLATIN COUNTY CHP UNIT An effort to create a comprehensive mental health district
ASSISTS IN MENTAL HEALTH in the Helena, Butte, Bozeman area has been aided by the

involvement of the Gallatin County CHP unit. The initial
effort to create the district and to provide comprehensive mental health services to resi-
dents began in Silver Bow County. Lewis and Clark County commissioner support followed. The
third community in the area, Bozeman, held meetings to discuss the proposal. At the last
meeting, a panel organized by the Gallatin County unit discussed the need for a mental health
program in the area. Following local presentations on the need, representatives from VJarm
Springs explained the particulars of The program to ail In attendance. It is now expected
that commissioners from Gallatin County will subscribe to the commitments necessary to
create a mental health district, which will encompass the Helena, Butte, Bozeman area.

HELENA MODEL CITIES, CHP At a recent meeting of the Helena Model Cities HEW committee,
TO FORMULATE JOINT EFFORT a proposal by the State CHP staff to increase the involve-
ment within the "H" component of the committee was presented.
The proposal sought also to have the "H" component of the committee serve as the local arm
of areawide comprehensive health planning. A motion endorsing the proposal was passed by
the committee.

DISTRICT IV ELECTS BOARD The first annual business meeting of the Southwestern Area-
wide Health Planning Council was held in Helena in the House
Chambers Saturday, September 26. Following presentations on
environmental health, clinical labs, facilities planning, the manpower shortage, and organ-
izational structures, a new board was elected. The new board members include: Sister Mary
Canjar, Becky Harrington, Rudy Menghini, Glen Hegdahl and Lester Zeihen, Silver Bow County;
Dave Thomas, Jerry Leavitt, Zack Stevens and Ralph Samson, Lewis and Clark County; Dr. Wayne
Thompson, Cliff Pasha, Winona Verwolf and the Rev. Bob Phelps, Gallatin County; Warren Cros-
ton, H. F. Morris and Ramona Ritthaler, Deer Lodge; Phil Loucks and Neil Morgan, Madison;
C. T. Holland and Henry Schreiner, Broadwater; Ruth Williams and Phyllis Sullivan, Park
County; Jim Pomroy and James Dickinson, Beaverhead County; and Dr. Richard Sims, Jefferson
County. A transcribed report cf the presentations made at this first annual business meeting
is now being developed and will be available in the immediate future for anyone wishing to
read it.



HELENA HOSPITAL BOARDS A joint meeting of Helena's St. Peter's, St. John's and
MEET TO LEARN ABOUT CHP Shodalr Hospital boards was held the first of September to

inform the boards of Montana's comprehensive health planning
efforts. Following a discussion of comprehensive health planning and questions relating to
the program, a resolution was presented to the various board members by the CHP staff. The
resolution , now being considered by the indi vidua', boards, would establish a liaison com-
mittee consisting of members from the three boards.


The Eastern Montana Community Health Association and the State
Department of Health conducted a joint meeting in Glasgow
October 8. The purpose of the meeting was to have members of
the Department of Health and local residents sit together in workshop sessions to explore
means of solving four specific health needs in a five-county area consisting of Roosevelt,
Valley, Sheridan, Daniels, and Phillips counties. Earlier, members of the EMCHA committee
had selected four priority areas consisting of immunization needs, environmental problems re-
lating to m.osquitoes, care to the aged, and the heaith needs of mothers and children as the
areas in which assistance from the Department was desired. Roland Prart, Helena, and Merle
Fitz, M.D., Scobey, chaired the workshop session dealing with the creation of on-going, long-
range immunization programs, ^ern Siouiin, Helens, and a sanitarian, Lloyd Lundquist, Wolf
Point headed the session dealing with environmental problems; Mary Soules, M.D., Helena, and
Miss Delcie Schartner, Valley County PubSic Heaith Nurse, headed the session dealing with
the health needs of mothers and children; and Mel Lindburg, Helena, and the Rev, Thomas Boe,
Wolf Point, chaired the session dealing with the delivery of quality care to the aged.


The transcribed material of the Governor's Conference on Heaith
Care Delivery, held in Helena this last April, has arrived in
Helena and will be ready for distribution in the near future.

OPTOMETRISTS ENDORSE CHP . A member of the State CHP staff was on hand at the annual

meeting of the Montana Optometric Association when it met in
East Glacier this past July to discuss the State CHP program
and to solicit endorsement of the program. The MOA went on record as endorsing the phil-
osophy and intent of the program and sought to become actively involved in the program. A
member of the MOA, Dr. Jim Wilkins of Helena, was later appointed to the State Advisory
Council's personal health services committee.


Pete Frszier has been hired by the State CHP Office to serve
as coordinator of comprehensive health planning activities
for District !!. Mr, Frazier, who will reside in Fort Benton,
will spend 40p of his time providing sanitarian services for Liberty and Chouteau counties
and 60^ of his time as coordinator for the State CHP Program in District 11.

SOUTH CENTRAL GROUP The South Central Heaith Planning Council met in Billings

HOLDS ANNUAL MEETING Thursday, October 1, to conduct its annual meeting. Presenta-

tions relative to a "crisis center" program for Billings,
planning efforts of fillings hospitals and emergency health planning were delivered, Coivin
Agnew, M.D., Billings, was re-elected as Council President,


of the program.

Some 35 people, mostly nurses and physicians, attended a
meeting August 29 in Butte to discuss with persons in the
University of Washington's Medex program some of the details
Following a presentation by members of the Medex program staff, a private

physician, who is using one of the University-trained corpsmen In his private practice,
related his experiences. This preceptor, who practices in a rural Wasnington community,
relayed that following his initial interest in the program, he went and sold the program to

members of his coronunity. The Medex person working with him was doing, among other things,
part of the school physicals, surgical assists, minor emergencies and dally nursing home
visits. "His presence hasn't cut down at all on our office hours, but we are taking better
care of our community," the preceptor said. When quesxioned about community acceptance, the
preceptor relayed that "there was obsoluteiy no problem."

DISTRICT I ANNUAL The annua! business meeting of the Northwest Areawide Health

MEETING OCTOBER 17 Planning Council wi I i be held Saturday, October 17, beginning

at 6:00 p.m. in the Pine Room of the Florence Hotel in Mis-
sou la.

* * *

EHC CONTRACTS WITH The Environmental Health Commfttee of The Montana Advisony

UNIVERSITY OF MONTANA Council on Comprehensive Health Planning has contracted
FOR SITE PERMIT STUDY with the University of Montana to conduct a study to inve3-

tigate the fiscal, administrative and envi ronmenta i feasi-
bility of a statewide system of environmental site permits. Dr. Christopher Field, Pro-
fessor of Geography at the University of Montana, wlii conduct the research program, to be
completed by October, 1971.

EHC COMMENDS GOVERNOR The Environmental Health Committee of the Montana Advisory
ANDERSON FOR HiS ENDORSE- Council on Comprehensive Health F'ianning recently commended
MENT OF MEPA OF 1971 Governor Forrest H. Anderson for his endorsement of The pol-

icies contained within the proposed Montana Environmental
Policy Act of 1971. The letter concluded, "Your action In adopTing and impsementing these
policies can place Montana in The forefront among her sister states In providing a health-
ful, invigorating environment for each of its residents." !n a separate ietter, the EHC
urged the Natural Resources Council to act to adopt the recommendations of Governor Anderson.

EHC PRESENTS PROGRAM George Darrow, Chairman of the Environmental Health Committee,

TO ACPL acting on behaif of the EHC, addressed the Advisory Council

for Planning LeglsiaTlon, a committee advising the Depart-
ment of Planning and Economic Development, on Friday, SepTembsr 18, in Helena. Mr. Darrow
informed that body of the goals and programs of the EHC.

NURSE PRACTITIONER PROGRAM The State CHP Office's effort to test the effectiveness of a
LAUNCHED IN SEELEY LAKE • public health nurse in a medically isolated area material-
ized in September with the placement of Miss Elsie Toavs, a
highly-Trained public health nurse from the Department of Health, in the Seeiey community.
Physicians C. G. "Pat" McCarthy, Missoula, and W. F. Bennett, Columbia Falls, serve as the
community nurse's advisory committee. Prior to his resignation as public health officer for
Missoula County, Dr. Kenneth Lampert also served on this board. The advisory board has re-
cently been enlarged to include representatives of the nursing profession. This represen-
tation includes representatives of The nursing associations, nursing education, and public
health nursing. The next meeting of this advisory committee :s scheduled for November 12.

IMPROVED LIAISON SOUGHT Dr. Sidney Pratt, Director of the Regional Medical Program in

Montana, and Russ Hegiand, Executive SecreTary of the Montana
Medica! Association, have been contacted by CHP in an attempt
to improve comimunication and promote better understanding between the related programs and
associations. Agreements have been reached which will increase the amount of informaTion
and comimunication provided by each organization. St Is anticipated that future speaking en-
gagements will be traded on a much more frequent basis. • The CHP program is presently at-
tempting to improve its communications work in order that understanding and participation
will be assured for any group or individual who may be Interested in CHP's program goals
and objectives.

'm c-

Montana Stale Ubrary

3 0864 1004 9701 8


«3U east lyndale A,
eleno, AA-.nt-


Comprehensive Health Planning



No. 5


I I th Avenue

Helena, Montana 59601 449-3121 December 30, 1970


The Montana State Advisory Council for Comprehensive
Health Planning approved a motion to merge the Hill-
Burton and State CHP Councils into one at its December
3rd semi-annual business meeting in Helena. The idea of the merger was proposed in an
effort to bring the two health department divisions involved directly in planning under more
singular direction, and to reduce the financial outlay necessary to maintain two separate
counci I s.

MASTER OF MEDICINE The physician's assistant feasibility study has been

STUDY IS TERMINATED terminated due to the resignation of Dr. Charles

Parker, project director. Earlier this month, the
State Advisory Council requested a re-evaluation of the study which was instituted at
the University of Montana this fall. Early project findings revealed the need for a new
direction for the study, and at a recent meeting of representatives of the U of M, the
CHP staff and the Advisory Council it was agreed that to continue the project to its con-
clusion would be impractical.


The President recently signed new legislation extending
CHP. There is one significant change. It will now be
possible for the State CHP agency to apply for funds to
conduct areawide planning programs or, more specifically, in support of areawide programs,
in those areas of the State where an application has not been sought or would not likely
be sought. Another change would mandate VA representation and RMP representation on the

State CHP Counci I
Counci I .

Montana's CHP agency has long had the involvement of RMP in its State


The Board of Directors of the Southwestern Areawide Health
Planning Council met in Butte November 19 and elected of-
ficers for the coming year. Gerald Leavitt, Helena, St.
Peter's Hospital administrator, was elected president of the organization. Other officers
elected include Mr. Harold F. Morris, Anaconda, vice president; Dr. Wayne Thompson, Bozeman,
treasurer; and Zack Stevens, Lincoln, secretary.


Planning districts, created by the State Department of
Planning and Economic Development, have been announced by
the Governor who has urged State agencies to use the dis-
tricts in their planning efforts. Fortunately, the 12 districts fit well into the five dis-
tricts created by the State Advisory Council. It will be possible, according to the DPED,
to combine, but not to split, districts. Therefore, the impact on areawide planning regions
will be minimal. The State CHP office is now in the process of communicating with the DPED
about the possibility of a joint meeting with the state areawide committee on the roie area-
wide planning and state health planning will play in the planning district concept.



Recently, the CHP staff discussed the CHP concept with
board members from three hospitals in Helena. Following
the formal discussions a letter of mutual intent was dis-
n essence, the letter asked that the undersigned hospitals create a liaison committee

consisting of members from each of the hospitals to meet regularly for the purpose of ex-
ploring cooperative long-range planning, support of areawide planning and mutual coopera-
tion. Thus far, the letter has been signed by the president of the board of trustees of
St. Peter's Hospital and it is hoped that board officers of the other two hospitals will sign
the agreement shortly.

WORKII\IG COMMITTEES The five working committees named by the North Central

SELECTED IN AREA II Areawide Health Planning Council are manned and ready to

begin work, according to Pete Frazier, Area II coordinator.
The committees and their members are: Environment Committee: Vincent J. Bosch, Great Falls;
Robert A. McCormick, Shelby; Joe H. Preputin, Brady; Ruth Ensley, Great Falls; John Tovson,


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