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DECEMBER 17, 19 12

State Board of Examiners:

Edwin L. Norris, Governor, President

Albert J. Galen, Attorney General

T. M. Swindlehurst, Secretary of State, Secretary


Final Report of the State Board of Examiners
as a Capitol Commission*

Helena, Montana, December 17, 1912.
To the Honorable Edwin L. Norris, Governor,

To the Thirteenth Legislative Assembly of the State of ]\Ion-

tana :
Gentlemen : —

Report has heretofore been made to the Legislative Assem-
bly respecting the progress in the construction of the additions
to the Capitol, and also relative to the interior alterations made
in the old building; and the work now being finished, it is not
thought advisable at this time to submit more than a brief
summary of the work and expenditures. The first report was
made at the Special Session of the Eleventh Legislative As-
sembly, December, 1909, and the second was put forth at the
regular session of the Twelfth Legislative Assembly. The
first of such reports dealt more particularly^ with the building-
stone controversy, and the second reviewed all the work and
expenditures to January 2nd, 191 1.

The additions are now completed, decorated and furnished,
and all the necessary alterations of the old structure made ;
and careful examination of the same is invited by all who may
be interested. The work now shows for itself and by it credit
or discredit must be reflected upon those having immediate
charge thereof. The work complete is delivered to the State of
Montana, and an examination of it constitutes a more effective
and lasting report concerning the work of this Board than any
which might now be reduced to writing. However, to the end
that the results accomplished may be fully understood and ap
predated, a detailed statement of expenditures is incorporated
herein. Having in mind the funds available and that which
was expended in the accomplishment of the work, those having
occasion to examine the same will have a better understanding
of the value received by the State.

By Chapter 63. Laws of 1909, provision was made for the


issuance and sale of bonds amounting to the sum of $500,000,
the money so raised to be used in the erection and furnishiuj^
of the additions to the Capitol. This law was amended at the
Special Session on December 27th, 1909, by Senate Bill No.
I, authorizing the issuance of additional bonds to the extent
of $150,000 so as to permit of the use of granite in the con-
struction work. Thus the total amount available for the erec-
tion, decorating and furnishing of the additions, the restaurant
building and for the changes in the old building, was the sum
of $650,000.00. All contracts were most carefully considered
by this Board before the same were let, and in each instancy
it is believed, that full value was received at minimum expen-
diture. This Board has conserved the money provided for the
work, and it is pleased to report that it has finished its under-
taking without deficiency. Out of the funds provided, effective
and costly interior re-arrangement of the old building has been
made, a separate restaurant building has been constructed,
equipped and furnished; and the additions have been com-
jiletcd, furnished, decorated and mural paintings put in place.
It is believed that the construction work of the additions is
not equaled b}' any building in the northwest, the exterior
being of suitable architectural design with granite surface.
The additions are fire proof, except as to the small amount of
wood work necessary to be used in finishing. All the walls
are twenty-four inches thick, and all the floors are re-inforced
concrete from six to ten inches thick. The wood work con^sts
of solid mahogany and quarter-sawed oak, and where wood
flooring is used the same is made of maple or oak laid on ce-
ment. All of the marble used on the floors, in the columns and
as wainscotting. is solid and genuine, and the best quality
obtainable from the Vermont quarries. The mural paintings
arc ricli and all appear to harmonize. The furniture, rugs,
cari)ets. and draperies are of the very best quality, and in al-
most every instance seem to be suitable for the rooms in which
the same is placed.

The design, plans and specifications for these additions and
for the interior alterations in the old building, were prepared
by Architects ]•'. M. Andrews c^ Co.. of New York City, and
Link & Haire. of this city, were selected as associate architects
to liKik after the details of construction.

The cxcavatiiin inr the foundations for the additions were
made midt-r cuilract 1)\- Adanii I'.ros.. of this citv. and th^*


concrete foundations for the additions were constructed under
cotnract with Louis Johnson, of this city. The general con-
tractor for the construction of the additions was Gagnon &
Co., of BiUings, Montana, and this work was done under the
supervision of Frank Hebb, as superintendent, representing the
contractor. The cut granite was provided by T. Kain & Sons,
of Helena, under special contract. All these contracts have
been satisfactorily executed, and special credit is due to the
general contractor and the stone contractor for the character
of the work.

The decorations in the additions were made by The Hennes-
sy Company, of Butte, Montana, and that company also pro-
vided all the furniture, carpets and draperies. All of this work
was done by the Hennessy Company under contracts, which
have been executed satisfactorily, and in view of the excellent
character of such furnishings it is not thought any profit could
have been made by that company.

The principal and most expensive mural painting contracted
for and placed in the additions was that executed by Charles
Russell, "the Cowboy Artist," of Great Falls, Montana. This
picture represents the Lewis & Clark Expedition meeting the
Flathead Indians at Ross' Hole in the western part of the
State. The mural paintings in the lobby of the House of Rep-
resentatives were executed by E. S. Faxon, of Missoula, Mon-
tana. They are six in number and all represent early matters
of history, the subject of each beiiip- as follows: "Surrender of
Chief Joseph," "After the Whiteman's Book," "The Border
Land," "Pierre de la Verendrye," "Lewis at Black Eagle Falls,"
and "Lewis and Clark at Three Forks." The mural paintings
which were placed in the Law Library were executed by Ralph
De Camp, of Helena, Montana. They are six in number and
all represent landscape scenery at different points in the State.
The scenes represented by them are as follows : Lake Mc-
Dermott in Glacier Park ; The West Gallatin in Gallatin Coun-
ty ; The Gate of the Mountains in Lewis & Clark County ;
Mission Creek on Flathead Reservation, Flathead County; The
Bitter Root River in Ravalli County, and Early Placer Min-
ing in Last Chance Gulch, Lewis & Clark County.

Acknowledgement is made of the great assistance and saving
rendered to the State by the Northern Pacific Railway, the
Great Northern Railway, and the Chicago, Milwaukee & Puget
Sound Railway, in the construction of the additions in giving


the State good service in shipment of all freight and reduced
charges on such shipments. Reduced rates or rebates on
freight charges are permitted under the Inter-State Commerce
Law on shipments made for the construction of public build-
ings, and these railroad companies accorded to the State the
benefit of the exception thus allowed by law. The saving thus
made amounted to the sum of $5,525.77 and enabled the Board
to provide greater values for the amount expended.

As the work neared completion it became apparent from
actual test that the old smoke stack at the power house was
not of adequate capacity for the heating system and this occa-
sioned w.ork and expenditures not theretofore contemplated.
From all information which the Board had been able to secure
from the architects and contractors prior to August, 1912. the
Board felt confident that the heating plant provided for by
the sj)ecifications would be entirely adequate and that no
change in the smoke stack would be necessitated. The height
of the east addition and its proximity to the old stack has shut
off the draft to considerable extent and thus the construction
of a new stack was found necessary.

In August a contract was let on the recommendation of
Architects Link & Haire to the Carl Weber Company, of Chi-
cago, Illinois, upon plans and specifications submitted and
approved by said architects. So much delay was occasioned ia
commencing this work, that the Board instituted investigation,
and on November 19, 1912, for the first time learned that the
Carl Weber Co., had become insolvent and that it had attempt-
ed to make an assignment of its contract to the Weber Corn-
pan}-, of Chicago, and that this situation was accountable for
the fact that the work was • not started earlier. This action,
on the part of the Carl Weber Company, was not satisfactory
to the Hoard, and ilierefore; on November 20th, 1912, its con-
tract with the State was revoked, and on the 25th day of No-
vember, 1912, contract was made and entered into with the
Weber Company, of Chicago, for the construction of the smoke
stack. The Board appreciated that this was not the best sea-
son of the year to erect a concrete smoke stack, however, the
necessity therefor appeared great and the contract was ex-
ecuted upon condition that a five-year maintenance bond should
be furnished by said CoiU])any. It is to be hoped tliat the
stack will 1)0 complete by the first of the year so that the
Legislative Assembly and other occupants of the building will


not in any way sufifer inconvenience because of the lack of
sufficient heat and ventilation.

On the 26th day of x\ugust, 191 1, and during the progress
of this construction work, Secretary of State, A. N. Yoder,
who was a member of this Board, died. He had at all times
exhibited the keenest interest in the work, and his untimely
death was felt as a distinct loss to the State and to the Board.
His services were untiring and his high character and integrity
is best proven by his official record in connection with the
construction of the additions and other ofifilcial duties devolving
upon him during his tenure of office. He was succeeded by
the Honorable T. M. Swindlehurst, of Livingston, . and since
then the work has continued with Mr. Swindlehurst as a mem-
ber of the Board, pleasantly and satisfactorily.

The following is a statement of account showing the amount
available to this Board for the construction work, furnishing
and decoration of the additions to the Capitol together with a
statement of expenditures :

CEMBER 17, 1912.


Proceeds Capitol Building Bonds, 2nd issue $500,000.00

" " " " 3rd issue 150,000.00


Excavations $ 5.043.10

Foundations 13,109.00

Gagnon & Co., General Contract 304,125.00

Gagnon & Co., Extras 6,612.32

Kain & Sons, Granite 192,320.00

F. E. Baker & Co , 2,582.75

Elevator 4,412.00

Electric Fixtures 9,496.50

Hardware 2,097.01

Hennessy Company, Furniture and

Decorations 48,900.93

Hennessy Company, Furniture and

Decorations 1,508.03

Mural Paintings 8,362.00

Counters, etc., Treasurer's office 2,515.80

A'ault Fixtures, Treasurer's office 6,485.00

Architect's Fees 27,228.74

Superintendent Construction, expense. . 3.907.33

Advertising 2,977.71


Eixpenses of Board 1,448.74

Restaurant and Furnishing.s 6.087.55

Morreau & Co., Electric Fixtures 578.50

Paid on Chimney Contract 1,453.32

• Outstanding.

Gagnon & Company $ 1,967.04

Kain & Sons 500.00

Link & Haire, Architects' Fees 1,574.74

Intercommunicating Telephones (Court

Chambers) 293.00

Chimney Contract, remainder to be paid 726.68

Due for chimney connections 200.00


Freight Refunds ^5'5^5-77

Transfer from appropriation
for furnishing Law Libra-
ry, acct' moving library. . 1,000.00 6,525.77

Balance Transferred to Capitol Build-
ing and sinking fund 12.78

$650,000.00 $650,000.00

Since the work is now fully complete, this brief summary
of the work is respectfully submitted for 3'our examination
and consideration, and should any persons desire 'to inquire
more in detail with reference to the work and contracts in
connection therewith, an inspection of the contracts upon file
in the office of llie Secretary of State, and of the minutes and
correspondence of the ])roceedings of the Board on file in the
office of this Board, and that of the Attorney General, is re-
spectfully in\ited.

Yours respectfully,



Attorney General.

Secretary of State.


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