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Historical and biographical annals of Berks County, Pennsylvania : embracing a concise history of the county and a genealogical and biographical record of representative families (Volume 1, pt.1) online

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Montgomery, Morton L.
Historical and biographical annals
of Berks County, Pennsylvania

? '? o



' i'^



. V^-/, Pt. I
















HE nrft atrempt at the compilation of local liistory in Berk? Coinny was made in IcSil by
\Vi) Stable, a -'.ciekee[)cr at Reading. lie publislicd a ?;nall volume of 6^ pages
in two editions, one in tiie iilnglish language and llie ether in the German, entitled "A
I ■ Description of the Boroiigli of Reading,"' and it r^'cted chiefiy to t'ne business affairs

of Reading. T!:e booi< was pn-pared for him by Jao'^son M. Sherman, a young lawyer, who
had shortly before boon at'.millt <; to practice in the Courts of Berks Coimty.
I The next attempt was made in 1S44 by L Daniel Rupp of Lancaster. For some years

I before; he bad. been engaged m collecting information relating to a number of counties in

f Pennsylvania which were situated to the east and west of the Susquehanna River, and the re-

{ suit of his persevering inda.>try was published in separate volumes, entitled after the several

I counties. One or them was the "History of Berks and Lebanon Counties," an octavo volume

I oi 504 pages.

I In 1S59, Amob K. Strunk. of Boyertown, publi.'^hed a small book of 12x pages, embracing

I the names of the cor.nty representatives and officials who served from 17.r? to 18G0 ; and he

j issued it in two editions, one in t;ie Engiisli language and the other in the German, for use as a

convenient bock of reference. In 7883, the author of the present work published the "Po-
litical Hand-Book of Berks County," an octavo volume of 104 pages, which was an enlarge-
'■ ' ment or Strunk'^ idea, embracing census .nformation of tl.e county, the names of the repre-

; scntatives and officials of Reading, and also census information of Reading, besides the names

of the county otticials, from 17-">" to 1S3t.
I In 1S81, Prof. David B. Brunner, a school teacher at Reading for many years, published

"The Indians of Berk- County," an octavo volume of 177 pages; Avhich related to the aborig-
ines of the county and included many cuts (17G), made by himself, of the various relics
found in the county; and a revised eiiition (2.")7 pages) was issued by him in 1897.

The author compiled the fcllowmg works on local liistory: In 1«8(', the "History of Berks
County," a royal octavo volume of lv04 pages, for the publishers. ]^>Iessrs. Everts, Peck &
' Richards, of Philadelphia, which embraced a comprehensive description and tabulated state-

\ ments of local affairs, besides numerous biographical sketches of men who were prominent

! in the industrial, financial, political and professional matters of the county; in 1889, the

I "School History of Berks County," a duodecimo volume of 300 pages, for use in the public

I schools of the county as a supplementary reader, which has been used in the local schools

i since that time; in 1S'J4, "Berks Ccjunty in the Revolution," an octavo volume of 295 pages,

I for the purpose of shov/ing what services the people of the county rendered the national gov-

ernment in the establishment of independence; and in 1898, the "Sesqui-Centennial History of
Reading," an octavo volume of 298 pages, which embraced a concise narrative of local events
and industrial affairs for 150 years, and a comprehensive description of the anniversary pro-
ceedings, as an appropriate memorial of the extraordinary occasion.

The volumes mentioned are the works of a general historical nature which have been
published of the county. After the lapse of more than twenty years from the time of pub-
lishing the large county history of ISS'l. the author was encouraged by many persons to re-
vise that work by bringing the historical detail? down to the present tiine. Arrangements
were accordingly made with the publishers of tjiis work to pubhsh it under the title of '"His-
torical and Biographical Annals of Berks County," so as to embrace, besides general history,
local biography and genealogy, which in that time had becum.e very important in the estima-

:^ •■;■■ '■•?!:v;fr:/' .vs;l!.;,;^-rr

J ::,;■->; !■■ J.'-y;- ^iA ■ V.

tion of many historical societies throughout the State of Pennsylvania, and their publication
in a convenient and permanent form was encouraged by those societies.

:\Iuch time has been devoted to the careful preparation of this work in order to pro-
duce a compilation which should be recognized for its thoroughness in covering every section
of the county. The table of contents relating to th.e historical annals is comprehensive and the
ojig list of personal sketches evidences patient inquiry in securing the biographical and genea-
logical annals; and these tak-n together will be appreciated by the public generally as well
as by the patrons of the work, as of incalculable value to the people of the countv and to
the numerous descendants of the First Families who were located in the county before the
Revolution. Many ot the sketches contain items of history which woul.,1 not be preserved in
any other way. In nearly every instance the data were submitted to those immediately inter-
ested for revision and correction.

"Family Reunions" has been a subject of importance to many persons of the county for
upward ot ten years, and descendants of different families have assembled at certain pe-
riods m dirterent places of the county to show respect for their ancestors and to collect bio-
graphical and genealogical data. Some of them have been vcrv successful. A chapter on the
subject (XIII) has been included in this work, and it is the first attempt in the colIecMou of
this particular kind of information. It is to be regretted that many others of the "TTirst
Families," of equal prominence, have not also in this time formed reunions and held meet-
ings so as to increase their beneficent social influence in the county and to assist in preserving
distinct family records and genealogies.

November, 1909.



Chapter I — Erection of County

Physical Geography 1-4

Mountains, 1 Relative Elevations, 4

Valleys, 2 Iron Ore. 4

Streams, 3 Copper Ore, 4

Scliuyll.ill. 3 Minerals, 4

Latitude and LonRitude, 4 Geulostj, 4

Conditions of Tekritopv 4-6

Pftittons for County 6-16

Districts at Erection, 7 First Assessment, S

Boundaries of County, 7 First Taxabies, Nacies of

in 2C Townships, 8-lf>


Swedes, 16 Welsb, 19

Gentians, 17 Irish, 19

Huguenots, 17 Hebrews, 19

French, 18 Negroes, 19

English, 18

FiKST Occupants, Indians 20-23

Origin, 20 Retreat of Indians, 22

Delaware Trilies, 20 Indian Names, 22

Ganawese, 21 Villages, 23

Manners and Customs, 21 Indian Relics, 23

Purchase of Territory 23-24

Reductions of Tekritory 24

Northumberland County, 24 Other Counties Propot,ed, 24

Schuylkill County, 24

Chapter II — Industry of County
Agricultupe . . 25-26

General Condition and Aip-icu!tural Society, 26

Progress, 25 Farmers' Union, 20

Iron Industries 27-28

Furnaces and Forges, 27 General Industiies, 2o

Industrial Statistics, 27 Memorial for National

Iron-masicrs, 27 i-'oundry, 28

Internal Improvements 2S-44

S'chuvlkill River, 28 Canals, 34

Fishing and Navigation, 28 Railvvavs, 36

Freshets, 29 Post-Offices, 40 i .

Bridges, 29 Telegraph, 43

Roads and Turnpikes, 31 Telephone, 43

State Highways, S3 Oil Pipe Lines, 44

Stages, S3

Political Sentiment 68-71

Political Parties. 63 Vote for Prohibition, 89

Vote for Governor, 68 Election of 1876, 69

Vote for President, 69 State Conventions at Read-
Vote for Constitutional ing, 69

Amendments, 69 Mass-Meetings, 70

Political Festivals 71-72

Hiesfer Festival of 1820. 71 Tildcn Festival of 1876, 72

Harrison Festival of 1840, Cleveland Festivals, 72


Offices by Special Legislation 72-73

National Representati\'es 73-74

Con,;re3s:nen, 72 U. S. Commissioners, 74

Foreign Ministers, 74 Registers iu Bankruptcy, 74

Foreign Consuls, 74

State REPRLSENTATa-Es 74-75

Delegates to Conventions,

State Officials 75

Senators 75


County On icers 77-87

Commissioners, 77 Suri-eyors. 82

Auditors. 73 Poor Directors, 82

Controllers, 79 Steward?, 83

Treasurers, 79 Prison Inspectors, 83

Sheriffs, 79 ' Prison Wardens, 85

Coroners, 80 Jury Commissioners, 85

Prothonotaries, 80 Mercantile A,ipraisers, 85

Recorders. 81 License Comn-issioners, 86

Registers, 81 Oii Inspectors. 86

Orphans" Court C:erk5, 81 Sellers of WL-i^hts and
Quarter Sessions' Clerks, 81 Measures, d6

District Attorneys, ."Z Superintendents of Common
Special Detectives, 82 Schools, S7

County Buildixog 87-90

Court-Houses, 87 State-House, 89

Prisons, 89 Poor-House, 90

Chapter III — Education in County
Religion 45-54

Denominations Described, 45 Sunday Schools of Berks

Pastors Long in Service, 48 County, .^1

Churches in Townships, 49 Sunday Mails, 53

General Education 54-58

Early Encouragement, 54 Tabular Statement of 1903,

Teachers Before 1752, 54 56

Charity Schools, 51 Lecture on Conrad Weiser.

Common Schools. .^5 '►7

System Accepted by Dis- Purpose of Lecture. 58

tricts, 55 Teachers' Institutes. 58

Newspapers 59-61'

Weekly Newspapers, 59 Daily Newspapers, 60

Language, Manners and Customs 61-65

Chapter IV — Government and Officials

Election Districts 65-n')

Prominent Rf.pp.esentativt: Men 66-63

Chapter V — Bench and Bar

Judges — 1752 to 1790 91-92

Judges — 1790 to 1909 92-93

President Judges, 92 Orphans' Court Judges, 92

Additional Law Judges, 92 Associate Judges, 92

Attorneys at Law 93-95

Chapter VI — Medical Profession
Medical Faclt,ty of Berks County 96-105

Berk»5 County Medical So- Reading, 08

ciety, 96 Boroughs. 100

Reading Medical Associa- Manatawny Sccti'in, TOO

tion. 98 Ontelauncc .Srction. 101

Allopathic Practitioners, 98- Tulpehncken Section. 101

101 Schuylkill Section. 301

Homoeopathy 101-103

Homoeopathic Practitioners Homoeopathic Medical and

Association of Reading, Surgical Hospital of

102 Reading, in-j

Homoeopathic Practitioners,

Osteopathy 103

Osteopathic Practitioners, - -


Dentistry 103

Dental Practitioners, 103

Veterinary 104

Veterinary Prjctitioners,

.<.■■•:. i'cO v;r ■^•■c.




Market Commissioners, 527

■ L'.ian! of PiitHc Health. 227
Mer.bers oi Boird, i.:7
Kcaltli Conim.r.bioners, £"7
Plun^hing Inspectofs. :!L'7
Trustees of Pub'.]'; Library,

Jjsi-ccs 01 tne Peace, 22.S
Aldt-r.n»n, 2i9
Cous^alJies, 22!)

Census . .

Ccnsrs Table— 1?50-10J0,

Se.xis of Pop'j'.ation. 23-1
Populption North a-.-l South

ot Street. 23*
Colored pDpulation. 234
Comparative Statistxs. C34
Assessment for 1?9S, 2?4

School Coiitroliors, 230
Presidents of School Koard,

Sccrrfarits of School

Board. 233
Treasurers ■! School

Board. 2JS
City S'jL.erintendents, 234
Meat and Milk Inspectors,



A£scs>,racrt for 190S, 235
Presidential Vote. 190S, 235
CompT'ativ*; Statement, 2jr.
Number oi Buiidinss, 235
Lunior Licenses ior ISO!',

Table of Industries in

1900, 237

Chapter XI — Boroughs



Statemsnt Or Banks

Mercantile License -^

Liquor Lk— N3f:s




state^f of p. o. s. of a

East of Schcjyikill

Kutztovn, 24(1 Tcpton. 261

Hamburg, 247 Leidiartsville. 2';3

Boycrtuwn, 252 Eechtelsville, 2C4

Fleetwood, 259 Mount Penn, 2t,0

West of SrnuYLKiLL

Womelsdorf. 203 Wvom.ssin?, 281

Bernville. 2T1 Mohnto-, 2S3

Bir-.'sborc, 274 V<est Rcadinc. 23

Ccntrei'irt, 279 bhillington, 293
West Leesport, 2S0


Chapter XII — Townships

Four Sections

Erection or To"'NStiips

De\t.lovm;:ni or Sections

Govern m f.nt

Rail\va\ and Telecuaph

!NDUsrRt.\L Situation ,

Rf.lig;on /nd Etiuc^tion

St-vtistics ,


Towns og^

Mercantile Licenses ogg

Liquor Licenses 09^

P. O. S. OF A. CA.\iPS 298

M.A.N atawny Section 208-303

Names of Townships, 298 L-on Ore Mines, 301

Derivation nf Names, 299 Hiehways, 3'il

Boroughs. 2';9 .\dditioMil Taxab'es fD-jug-
Names of Tow. ,3. 300 lass. Rockland, and

First Settlers, 300 Districtl. 301

Industrial Prominence, 300 Noteworthy Enterprises, 302

Ontelaunee Section 303-30(i

Names of Tr.wnsh'ps. 30:; Blue Rocics. 304

I>erivation of Names. 30? Iron O.-c Mines. 304

BorouRhf. 304 Htch-.vavs. 304

Names of Towf-s. 304 Karly Ircti Works. 3n5

First Settlors, ?,04 Noteworthy Enterprises, 30.5

Indian Atrocities, 304


Names of Townships, 306 First Settlers. 306

Derivation of l\imci, S06 Hii^hways, 306

Boroughs. 3'^fl Notewoithy Enterprbes. 307

Names of Towns, 306 Berkshire Country Club.


Schuylkill Section 308-311

Names of Townships, 308 Hiehways, 30!>

Derivation of Nc^.mes, 308 Early Industries. SO!)

Borouphs, 309 Suburban Towns. 309

Names of Town;. SOU Noteworthy Enterprises. 310
First Settlers, 300

Chapter XIII — Family Reunions

First Families of County.

Baer. 313
B-rtolct. 313
Rov?r, 314



lie Lorsc, 314
Dierolf,' 315
Dierricu. 315
Dries^ 315

Fisher Kartmai!, 316
Furrv, 316
Gerv, 310
Grim. 316
Hafer. 317
Haitman-Fisher, 016
lU'ftner, 317 317
Kistler, CIS

Kline. 31 S
Srick. 318 ~
Levongcod. 313
Ludwie. 319
Lutz. 319
Reedy. 31!>
Ritter. 31>)
Roh'-Larh. 320
Saul, 320
Schaeffer, 320 •
Seaman. 321
Sehneider. 321
Strai-Fs, 321
Trexle;. 321
Wanisher. 322
Yeich. 323


Biographical 323


Nicolls, Giistavus A 520

Nolan, Edward C 576

Nolan, James 456

Nolan, VVillium 448

Nolan, William, Jr 57G

Nclde, JacoU 600

Old Swede Building (.First House in County) 17

Otto, Henry M 920

Patents, Early, Reading 153

Peif er, Peter 152S

Penn Hardware Con^pany 666

Penn Street (.Harrisburp) Bridge, Old 29

Pioneer Homesteads, Tulpehocken Valley, 1723,

Map 306

Printz, Daniel F 640

Prutzman, Asaph 808

Reading, Adminstralion Building of School Dis-
trict 55

Reading, Boys' Hig^n School 202

City Hall 196

Early Patents 153

" Federal hin 155

" First Pi'.Mic School 202

" First School-bouse 202

" Free Lihrary 55

" Girls' High School 202

" Home for Friendless Children 214

" " " " " Play Grounds 214

Hospital 212

" Penn Square, looking east trom '>th St... 192
" Penn Square, looking west from 5Lh St... 192
" Penn Sqrare, looking e:ist from 4th St... 103
" Penn Square, Nortlj Side, looking east

from 5th St 200

Reading, Penn Square, N'orth Side, Ic^oking west

from 5th St 200

Reading, Penn Square, Soutli Side, lookins: west

from 5th St 193

Reading, Penn Square, South Si ie, looking west

from 6th St.. 198

Reading, Plan of Roads to 32

Post-Ofuce 195

" Public School Bjildir.g, 5th and Spring

Sts 203

Reading. Piihlic School Buildinty. Hth and Pike Sts. •^03

" Sesqui-Centennial, Executive Conr.nittee 166

" Sesqui-Centennial, Head of Civic Parade 167

" Sesqui-Centennial, Division of Industrial

Parade .167

Reading, Town Plan 154

View of City from West 153

" Widows' Home 213

Rhoads, Henry W 1335

Richards, Louis 512

Rick, Cyrus 544

Rick, George A 603

Rick, William 552

Ritter, Louis 657

Rocks of Rockland 300

Rotherniel, Abraham H 44\

Rotherniel Coat of Arms 441

Savior. Benjamin 672

Schaetfer, Charles H 368

Schall, David 785

Schall. William A 786

Schofer, Henry 1208

Seidel. Franklin 1416

Seiders, Henry 1490

Seltzer. Jonathan R. 824

Smink, F. C 432

Smith, Frederick L 464

Smith, Levi B 416

Smith, William D 424

Spat - :, Isaac S 1048

Spatz, John G 104S

Speidel. John G 1064

Spinning Wheel 63

Stage Coach 197

State .Asylum (Wernersville) 103

State House <«)

State Xormai School (Kutztown) 245

Staufer, William M 1032

Strunk. John M 1016

Tuipchocken Valley, Pioneer Homesteads, 1723.

Map „306

Turner, Newton R 1272

Volunteer Firemen, Monument 196

Walter, Dr. Robert 504

Wanner, Peter D 1096

Vv'tisf r, Conrad, Grave of 331

Weiser, Conrad, Store of 155

Whitner, Calvin K 408

Willson. Gile J 680

Wool Wlicel 62

Wunder, W. W 1320


Additional Law Judges 93

Agricultural Societies of County 26

AKfici'l'iire of C^'unty 2'i

Albany, First Taxables of S

Albany Township 303

Ahlcrmen cf Readincr 229

Allopathic Practitioners ...9S-1C1

Alsac-?. First Taxable^ of 8

Albace Township 293

Amish Denomination in County 47

Amity, F:r.=t Taxables of 9

Amity Townshio 298

Area of County 7

Armory at Hamburj;- 252

Arm.ory at Reading 205

Army Supplies from County in

Revolution 116

Asscnuilymen from County... 7S

Assessment of County, First 8

Assessment of Reading, 18'jS, 1908


.■\sse5=.ors of Reading 219

Associate Judges 92

A>soc'aiions at Reading 204

Associators in Revolution ....112

Attorneys at Law 93

Auditors cf Co'inty 7S

Auditors of Reading 218

2aer Family Reunion 31?.

Pai-ds at Resding 211

Rank at Birdsboro 277

Bank at Fleetwood 261

P.anI - at Leecport 3i).)

Bank st ^^ohnto^ 287

Bank at Topton 2C3 in Berks County ...151
Bankruptcy, Registers in, from

County 74

Barks at Boroughs, Statement

of 239

B.mks ?.t Bovertown 256

Baiik.i at Hamburg 250

Hanks at Kutztown 243

Banks at Reading 209

Baptist Denomination in County 46
Battles. Summary of, in Civil

War 127

n-.-hirl-'ville. Poronrrh of 2f)4-2<'.G

T'.rlt Line in Schuylkill Section 310

Bell Lme of P. & R. R 39

Bench and Bar of County 91

Berks and Dauphin Turnpike... 32

Berks County Law Library 210

Berks County Medical Society

96, 210

Berkshire Country Club 307

Ben. Fir^; Taxables of 9

r.(rn T'T.vrship 306

I'rrrvillc. f'nrough of 271-::;T4

BcrnviHe Hand in Civil War ..131
Hcrnville. Cleveland Parade at 72

IVrtnlct Family Reunion 313

Bethany Orphans' Home 106, 307

Brtbel. Fir-t Taxables of 10

Pethfl Townshin 306

Heulnh .Xiichorage 214

r.-,r.',,'.,>rri. Boroi-rrh cf 274 - ;rS

Bird br>ro Band in Civil War .132

Black Spot on Mount Penn ... 2

IViuc Mountain 1

Blue Rixks 264, ^04

Board of Health of Reading ..227
Board of Public Works of Read-
ing 219

Board of Trade of Reading ...203

Boroughs of County 233

Boundaries of County 7

Boyer Family Reunion 314

Hoyertown, Borough of 2."2-25T

Eoyertown Opera House F-re


Brecknock, First Taxables of . 10

Brecknock Township 303

Bridges in County 29-31

Bridges and Ferries at Reading 195
Brooke Furnace ir. Manatawny

Section 302

Brooke Iron Works at Birds-
boro 2~fi

Brunswick, Firs: Ta.xables of . 10
Building Inspectors of Reading 219

Buildings at Reading 236

Bureau of Employm.ent at Read-
ing 212

Burgesses of Reading 217

Caernarvon. First Taxables of 10

Caernarvon Township 308

Canals in County 34

Canals, Lottery Privileges for 25
Captains of County in Revolu-
tion 116

Carsonia Park 302

Cemeteries at Reading 196

CeTisus of County 146

Census of Reading 234

Census Table of County, 1800-

1900 147

Centre Township 306

Centre Turnpike 32

Centreport. Borough of 27S-2T0

Chapel Rock 303

Charitable Associations at Read-
ing 212

Charity Schools of County .... 54

Charming Forge 307

Chiefs of Police of Reading ...218

Churches in Townshins 49

Churches of Borouchs 239

Churches of County, First .... 45

Churches of Reading 200

City Clerks of Reading 227

City Hall at Reading 196

Civil War of 1S61-G5 123

Clavs of County 4

Clerks of Common Council of

Reading 226

Clerks of Orphans' Court 81

Clerks of Quarter Sessions ... 81
Clerks of Select Council of

Readine 221

Cleveland Festivals in County . 73
Ch-mor ^L^s.s-Meeti^gs in 18'ir,.. 70
Colebrookdale, First Ta.xables

cf 10

Colebrookdale Iron Works 3"2

Colebrookdale Mines 302

Colebrookdale Railroad 39

Colebrock'iale Township 298

Colonels of Associated Battal-

^ions. 1775 113

Colonels of County in Revolu-

lion lie

Colonial Forts in County iOS

Colored Population of Ctmnty . . ..■.'34
Comm.issioners cf Ccuiitv ..... 77
Commissioners of Public Works

oi Reading 219

Commissioners of United States

from County 74

Common Councilmen of Read-

^ ing 221-2'26

Common School System Accept-
ed by Districts 55

Common School System in

County 55

Common Schools, Tabular

Staternent of County 56

Companies from County in Civil

^'v^ar 128

Companies from County in Rev-
olution 113-115

Conditions of Territory at time
of First Settlement in County 4

(congressmen of County '. 73

Con';olidated Telephone Com-

, pany 44

Constables of f\eading 229-';0

Constitutional .\mendmcnt?,

Vote for in County 09

Constitutional Conventions, Del-
egates from Co'.n-ity 71

Continental Paiu r .Money 117

ConrroIIers of Countv ._ 79

Conlrolle'-s of Reading 21S

Copper O-e in Coimty 4

Coroners of Countv 30

Country Homes in Schuylkill

Section 311

County Bridges. Statement oi 31

County Buildings 87

Countv Charitable Institutions 106

County Commissioners 77

Countv Officers 77

County, Petitions for 6

Countv Surveyors S2

Court-Houses of County ....S7-88

Croll Family Reunion 314

Crystal Cave 821

Cumru. First Taxables of 11

Cumru Townsbin 308

Crstoms. Languacre. Manners in
County 61-65

Daily Newspapers 60

D''-larntion of Independence

1 'ad in Countv 113

Decline of Staces in County .. 34
Deii^her Indian Relic* at Kutz-

town 247

Dela vare Tribes of Iiid'ai's . . 20
Delegates to Con^t'trtional

Convention"; from ("ountv . . 74
Delegates to Provinci.-l Con-
ference from County 74

^.^. ,. ' . J w. ^..-jy. '?



DeLonff Family Reunion 314

Dental Practnioncrs in Coun-
ty 10;i-04

Dentistry in County lO:?

Department Stores at Reading 184
Detect! vti. bpccinl of Countv.... 8:J

Deysher Stock Farm 311

Dierolf Family Reunion 31a

Dietrich Family Reunion ai5

District Attorneys of County .. 82

District Township 299

District Township Taxables ...301
Districts of County at Erection 7
Districts of County in lT7f; ...113
Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart De-
partment Store 185

Douglass. First Taxables of ..301

Etouglass Township 203

Drafted Militia of Countv in

Civil War ^ .136

Drafts of Berks County in Civ-
il War 126

Dries Faniily Reunion 31.'5

Drum Corps at Reading 213

Dunkard Denomination in

County 47

Durell's Battery in Civil War.. 135

Earl Township 299

Earl Mountain 2

Early Furnaces and Forges 27

Early Roads to Reading 32

Early Settlements of County . . 5

East Penn Railroad 33

Eastern .State Penitentiary ...106

Education at Reading 202

Education. Early Encourage-
ment of 54

Education, First Teachers 54

Education in County 15

Election Districts of Count> . . 65
Election of 1376 in Countv ... tJ9
Electric L.ight at Reading . ...199
Electric Plant in Schuylkill

Section 310

Electric Rs.ilwa3's in Countv . . 40
Elevations at Reading above

Sea Level 200

Elevations of Places in Countv 4

Embargo of 1S07 121

Engineers of Reading 227

English, Early Immigrants in

Conntv 18

English "War of 1312-15 121

Enrollment of County for Mili-
tary Service in 1908 144

Erection of County 1, G

Evangelical Denomination in

County 48

Exeter, First Taxables of 11

Exeter Township 293

Fair Ground in Manatawny Sec-
tion 303

Family Reunions 311-322

Farmers' Union 26

Ferries and Bridges at Reading 193
Fertilizer Works in Schuylkill

Section 310

Festivals, Political, at Reading. 71
Festivals, Political, in Countv.... 71
Filtration of Reading Water

Supply 194

Financial Associations at Read-
ing 209

Fire Companies at Reading ...205
First Officers from County

in Revolution 112

First Assessment of County ... 8

First Cliurches of County 43

Online LibraryMorton L. (Morton Luther) MontgomeryHistorical and biographical annals of Berks County, Pennsylvania : embracing a concise history of the county and a genealogical and biographical record of representative families (Volume 1, pt.1) → online text (page 1 of 104)