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By STONEHEN;E. With 70 Wood En-
gravings. Now Edition. Square crown
8vo. 10s. (j</.

The Greyhound. Ry the same Author.
Revised Edition, with 21 Portraits of Grey-
hounds. Square crown 8vo. 10*. Gd.

The Ox, his Diseases and their Treat-
ment ; with an Essay on Parturition in the
Cow. By J. R. DOBSON, M.R.C.V.S. Crown
8vo. with Illustrations, Is. Gd.

Commerce ', Navigation, and Mercantile Affairs.

Banking, Currency, and the Ex-
changes : a Practical Treatise. By ARTHUR
CRUMP, Bank Manager, formerly of the
Bank of England. Post 8vo. 6.

The Theory and Practice of

Banking. By HKXRY Drxxixc; MACLEOD,
M.A. Barrister-at-Law. Second Edition
entirelv remodelled. 2 vols. 8vo. 80s.



The Elements of Banking. By

nity College, Cambridge, and of the Inner
Temple, Barrister-at-Law. Post 8vo.

[Nearly ready.

The Law of Nations Considered

as Independent Political Communities. By

Sir TKAVERS Twiss, D.C.L. 2 vols. 8vo.

30s. or separately, PART I Peace, 12s.
PART II. War, 18s.

M'Culloch's Dictionary, Prac-
tical, Theoretical, and Historical, of Com-
merce and Commercial Navigation. New
Edition, revised throughout and corrected
to the Present Time. 8vo. price 63s. cloth,
or 70s. half-bound in russia.

Practical Guide for British Ship-
masters to United States Ports. By PIKR-
RKPONT EDWARDS, Her Britannic Majesty's
Yice-Consul at New York. Post 8vo. 8s. Grf.

Works of Utility and General Information.

Modern Cookery for Private

Families, reduced to a System of Easy
Practice in a Series of carefully-tested Re-
ceipts. By ELIZA ACTON. Newly revised
and enlarged; with 8 Plates, Figures, and
150 Woodcuts. Fcp. 6s.

On Pood and its Digestion ; an

Introduction to Dietetics. By W. BRINTON,
M.D. Physician to St. Thomas's Hospital, j
Ac. With 4.8 Woodcuts. Post 8vo. 12s.

Wine, the Vine, and the Cellar.

By THOMAS G. SHAW. Second Edition,
revised and enlarged, with Frontispiece and
31 Illustrations on Wood. 8vo. 16s.

A Practical Treatise on Brewing ;

with Formulae for Public Brewers, and In-
structions for Private Families. By W.
BLACK. Fifth Edition. 8vo. 10s. 6d

Short Whist. By MAJOR A. A tho-
roughly revised Edition ; with an Essay on
the Theory of the Modern Scientific Game
by Professor P. Fcp. 8vo. 3s. Gd.

Whist, What to Lead. By CAM.

Third Edition. 32mo. Is.

The Cabinet Lawyer ; a Popular

Digest of the Laws of England, Civil,
Criminal, and Constitutional. 24th Edition ;
with Supplements of the Acts of the Par-
i Jiamcntary Sessions of 1867 and 1868.
Fcp. 10s. Qd.

The Philosophy of Health ; or, an

Exposition of the Physiological and Sanitary
Conditions conducive to Human Longevity
and Happiness. By SOUTHWOOD SMITH,
M.D. Eleventh Edition, revised and en-
larged; with 113 Woodcuts. 8vo. 7s. 6<7.

A Handbook for Headers at the

British Museum. By THOMAS NICHOLS.
Post 8vo. 6s.

Maunder's Treasury of Know-
ledge and Library of Reference : comprising
an English Dictionary and Grammar, Uni-
versal Gazetteer, Classical Dictionary,
Chronology, Law Dictionary, Synopsis of
the Peerage, Useful Tables, &c. Fcp. 10s. Qd.

Hints to Mothers on the Manage-
ment of their Health during the Period of
Pregnancy and in the Lying-in Room. Bv
T. BuLL/M.D. Fcp. 5s".

The Maternal Management of Children
in Health and Disease. By the same
Author. Fcp. 5s.

How to Nurse Sick Children;

containing Directions which may be found
of service to all who have charge of the
Young. By CHARLES WEST, M.D. Second
Edition. Fcp. 8vo. 2s. Gd.

Notes on Hospitals. By FLORENCE
NIGHTINGALE. Third Edition, enlarged ;
with 13 Plans. Post 4to. 18s.

Instructions in Household Mat-
ters ; or, the Young Girl's Guide to Domestic
Service. Written by a LADY for the use
of Girls intended for Service on leaving
School. Seventh Edition. Fcp. Is. 6rf.

Mary's Every-Day Book of useful

and Miscellaneous Knowledge ; illustrated
with Stories, and intended for the use of
Author of ' Mary's Geography.' 18mo. 3s. 6d.

The Law relating to Benefit

Building Societies; with Practical Obser-
vations on the Act and all the Cases decided
thereon, also a Form of Rules and Forms of
Mortgages. By W. TIDD PRATT, Barrister.
2nd Edition. Fcp. 3s. 6th

Willich's Popular Tables for As-
certaining the Yalue of LiMiold, Leasehold,
and Church Property, Renewal Fines, Sec. ;
the Public Funds ; Annual Average Price
and Interest on Consols from 1731 to 18G7 ;
Chemical, Geographical, Astronomical,
TrigoriometricalTables, &c. Post 8vo. 10s.

Decimal Interest Tables at Twenty-
four Different Rates not exceeding Five per
Cent. Calculated for the use of Bankers.
To which are added Commission Tables at
One-eighth and One-fourth per Cent. By
J. R. COULTHART. New Edition. Svo. 15s.


ACTON'S Modern Cookery 20

Afterglow (The) 19

ALCOCK'S Residence in Japan 16

ALLIES on Formation of Christianity 15

Alpine Guide (The) 16

APJOHN'S Manual of the Metalloids 9

ARNOLD'S Manual of English Literature .. 5

AESOTT'S Elements of Physics 8

Aruiidines Cami 18

Autumn Holidays of a Country Parson .... 6

AYHB'S Treasury of Bible Knowledge 14


Life and Letters, by SPEEDING . . 3

Works 4

BAIN'S Mental and Moral Science 7

on the Emotions and Will 7

on the Senses and Intellect 7

on the Study of Character 7

BALL'S Guide to the Central Alps 16

Guide to the Western Alps 10

Guide to the Eastern Alps 16

BARNARD'S Drawing from Nature 12

BAYLDON'S Rents aud Tillages 13

Beaten Tracks 16

BECKER'S Chariclcs and Gallus 17

BENFEY'S Sanskrit-English Dictionary c

BLACK'S Treatise on Brewing 20

BLACKLEY'S Word-Gossip 7


and English Dictionary 6

BLAINE'S Rural Sports 19

Veterinary Art 19

BOOTH'S Epigrams 6

BOURNE on Screw Propeller 13

's Catechism of the Steam Engine . . 12

Examples of Modern Engines .. 13

Handbook of Steam Engine .... 13

Treatise on the Steam Engine.... 12


BRANDB'S Dictionary of Science, Literature,

and Art 9

BRAY'S (C.) Education of the Feelings .... 7

Philos' >phy of Necessity 7

On Force 7

BRINTON on Food and Digestion 20

BRODIE'S (Sir C. B.) Works 10

BROWNE'S Exposition of the 39 Articles. ... 13

BUCKLE'S History of Civilisation 2

BULL'S Hints to Mothers 20

Maternal Management of Children. . 20

BUNSEN'S Ancient Egypt 3

God in History 3

Memoirs 3

B CNSEN (E. De) on Apocrypha 15

'9 Koys of St. Peter 15

BUKBURY'S Mary's Every Day Book 20

BURKE'S Vicissitudes of Families 4

BURTON'S Christian Church S

Cabinet Lawyer 20

CALVERT'S Wife's Manual 15

CANNON'S Grant's Campaign 2

CARPENTER'S Six Months in India 16

CATES'S Biographical Dictionary 3

CATS and FARLIE'S Moral Emblems 11

Changed Aspects of Unchanged Truths .... 6

CHESNEY'S Euphrates Expedition 17

Indian Polity 2

Waterloo Campaign 2

CHILD'S Physiological Essays 10

Chorale Book for England 11

Churchman's Daily Remembrancer !

CLOUGH'S Lives from Plutarch 2

COBBE'S Norman Kings 3

COLENSO (Bishop) on Pentateuch and Book

of Joshua It

Commonplace Philosopher in Town and

Country U

CONINGTON'S Chemical Analysis 9

Translation of Virgil's .SSneid 18

CONTANSEAU'S Two French Dictionaries . . 6
CoNYBEAREandHowsoN'sLife and Epistles

of St. Paul 18

COOK'S Acts of the Apostles 13

Voyages 4

COPLAND'S Dictionary of Practical Medicine 10

COULTHART'S Decimal Interest Tables 20

Counsel and Comfort from a Cily Pulpit . . 6

Cox's (G. W.) Manual of Mythology 17

Talc of the Great Persian War 8

Tales of Ancient Greece

(H.) Ancient Parliamentary Elections

History of the Reform Bills

Whig and Tory Administrations

CRESY'S Encyclopaedia of Civil Engineering 12

Critical Essays of a Country Parson 6

CROSS'S Old Story 19

CROWE'S History of France a

CRUMP on Banking, &c 19

CULLBY'B Handbook of Telegraphy 12

CUSACK'S History of Ireland 2

DART'S Iliad of Homer 18

D'AUBIGNE'S History of the Reformation hi

the time of CALVIN 2

DAVIDSON'S Introduction to New Testament 14

DAYMAN'S Dante's Divina Commedia 18

De:id Shot (The), by MARKSMAN 19

DE LA RIVE'S Treatise on Electricity 8



DE TOCQUEVILLE'S Democracy in America . 2

DOBSON on the Ox 19

DOVE'S Law of Storms 8

DYEE'S City of Borne 2

KASTLAKE'S Hints on Household Taste
H istory of Oil Painting

EDGINTON'S Odyssey 18

EDWAHDS'S Shipmaster's Guide 20

Elements of Botany

ELLICOTT'S Commentary on Ephesians 14

Destiny of the Creature 14

Lectures on Life of Christ .... 14

Commentary on Galatians .... 14

Pastoral Epist. 14

Philippians.&c. 14

Thessaloniaus 14

Essays and Reviews 15

EWALD'S History of Israel 14

HEWITT on the Diseases of Women 10

HOLMES'S Surgical Treatment of Children. . 10

System of Surgery 10


Flora 9

HOENE'S Introduction to the Scriptures . . 14

Compendium of the Scriptures . . 14

How we Spent the Summer 16

HOWABD'S Gymnastic Exercises 10

HOWITT'S Australian Discovery 16

Northern Heights of London .... 17

Rural Life of England 17

Visits to Remarkable Places 17

HUGHES'S Manual of Geography 7

HULLAH'S Lectures on Modern Music 11

Part Music, Sacred and Secular. . 11

Sacred Music 11

HUMPHBEYS'S Sentiments of Shakspcare . . 11

HCTTON'S Studies in Parliament 6

Hymns from Lyra Germanica 14

FAIEBAIEN'S Application of Cast and

Wrought Iron to Building 12

Information for Engineers .... 12

Treatise on Mills and Millwork 12

FAIEBAIEN on Iron Shipbuilding 12

FAEEAE'S Chapters on Language 5

FELKIN on Hosiery & Lace Manufactures. . 13

FFOULKES'S Christendom's Divisions 15


FLIEDNEB'S (Pastor) Life 3

FOEBES'S Earls of Granard 4

FBANCIS'S Fishing Book 19

FEOUDE'S History of England 1

Short Studies G

GAXOT'S Elementary Physics 8

GILBEBT'S Cadore 16

and CHUBCHILL'S Dolomite Moun-
tains 16

GILLY'S Shipwrecks of the Navy 17

GIBTIN'S House I Live In 10

GOLDSMITH'S Poems, Illustrated 18

GOODBYE'S Elements of Mechanism 12

GOULD'S Silver Store 6

GEAHAM'S Book About Words 5

GBANT'S Ethics of Aristotle 5

Graver Thoughts of a Country Parson 6

Gray's Anatomy 10

GEEENE'S Corals and Sea Jellies 9

Sponges and Aniinalculae 9

GEEENHOW on Bronchitis 10

GHOVE on Correlation of Physical Forces . . 8

GWILT'S Encyclopaedia of Architecture .... 12

Hare on Election of Representatives 5

HABTWIG'S Harmonies of Nature 9

Polar World 9

Sea and its Living Wonders .... 9

Tropical World 9

HATTGHTON'S Manual of Geology 8

HAWKEE'S Instructions to Young Sports-
men 19


HEESCHEL'S Outlines of Astronomy 7

Preliminary Discourse on the

Icelandic Legends, SECOND SEEIES 17

INGELOW'S Poems is

Story of Doom 18

Instructions in Household Matters 20

JAMESON'S Legends of Saints and Martyrs . . 11

Legends of the Madonna 11

Legends of the Monastic Orders 11

Legends of the Saviour 11

Study of Natural Philosophy

JEN-SEE'S Holy Child 18

JOHNSTON'S Geographical Dictionary 7

JOEDAN on Vis in Ocean 8

JUKES on Second Death 15

on Typi'S of Genesis 15

KALISCH'S Commentary on the Bible 5

Hebrew Grammar 5

KEITH on Destiny of the World 14

fulfilment of Prophecy 14

KEEL'S Metallurgy, by CEOOKES and


KESTEVEN'S Domestic Medicine 10

KIEBY and SPENCE'S Entomology 9

LANDON'S (L. E. L.) Poetical Works 18

LATHAM'S English Dictionary 5

River Plate 7

LECK;Y'S History of European Morals 3

Rationalism 3

LEIGHTON'S Sermons and Charges 13

Leisure Hours in Town 6

Lessons of Middle Ace &

LEWES'S Biographical History of Philosophy 3

LicDELLand SCOTT'S Greek-Engiish Lexicon 5

: Abridged ditto 6

Life of Man Symbolised 11

LINDLEY and MOORE'S Treasury of Botany 9

LONGMAN'S Edward the Third 2

Lectures on History of England 2

LOUDON'S Encyclopedia of Agriculture IS

Gardening 13

Plants 9

8 LOWNDES'S Engineer's Handbook 12



Lyra Domestica 15

Eucharistica 15

Germanica 11, 15

Mcssianica 15

Mystica 15

MACAULAT'S (Lord) Essays 3

History of England . . 1

Lays of Ancient Rome 18

Miscellaneous Writings 6

Speeches 5

Works 1

MACFARREN'S Lectures on Harmony 11

MACLEOD'S Elements of Political Economy 4

Dictionary of Political Economy 4

Elements of Banking 20

Theory and Practice of Banking 19

McCuLLOCH's Dictionary of Commerce .... 19

Geographical Dictionary .... 7

MAGUIRE'S Irish in America 17

MAGUIRE'S Life of Father Mathew 3

MALLESON'S French in India 2

31 AN x ING'S England and Christendom 15

MARSHALL'S Physiology 10

MAESHMAN'S History of India 2

Life of Havelock 4

MARTINEAU'S Endeavours after the Chris-
tian Life 16

MARTINEAU'S L'.-tters from Australia 16

M AS8E Y'S H istory of Eu.L'land 1

M \-<SINGBERD'S History of the Reformation 3

MAUNDER'S Biographical Treasury 4

Geographical Treasury 7

Historical Treasury 3

Scientific and Literary Treasury 9

Treasury of Knowledge 20

Treasury of Natural History . . 9

31 AURY'S Physical Geography 7

31 AY'.S Constitutional History of England. . 1

3lKiss.\ER's Biographical and Critical Essays 4

31 ELI A on Virgin Mary 14

MELVILLE'S Dip>y Grand 17

General Bounce 17

Gladiators 17

Good for Nothing 17

Holmby House 17

I nter pretcr 17

Kate Coventry 17

Queen's Maries 17


MERIVALE'S (H.) Historical Studies 1

(C.) Fall of the Roman Republic 2

Romans under the Empire 2

Boyle Lectures 2

MERRmEi.n and EVERS'S Navigation 7

MILES on Horse's Foot and Horse Shoeing. 19

on Horses' Teeth and Stables 19

MILL (J.) on the Mind 4

3IiLL ( J. S.) on Liberty 4

on Representative Government 4

on Utilitarianism 4

's Dissertations and Discussions 4

Political Economy 4

System of Logic 4

Hamilton's Philosophy 4

Inaugural Address at St. Andrew's . 4

MILLER'S Elements of Chemistry 9

Hymn Writers 15

MITCHELL'S Manual of Assaying in

3I(xlern Ireland 2

MONSELL'S Beatitudes 15

His Presence not his Memory. . 15

' Spiritual Songs ' 15

MOORE'S Irish Jlelodies 18

Lalla Rookh is

Journal and Correspondence 3

Poetical Works 18

(Dr. G.) First Man 8

Power of the Soul over

the Body 15

MORELL'S Elements of Psychology 7

Mental Philosophy 7

3IorNTFiELD on National Church 14

MULLER'S (Max) Chips from a German

Workshop 7

Lectures on the Science of Lan-
guage 5

(K. O.) Literature of Ancient

Greece 2

MURCHISON on Continued Fevers 10

on Liver Complaints 10

3IuRE's Language and Literature of Greece 2

New Testament Illustrated with Wood En-
gravings from the Old Masters 11

NEWMAN'S History of his Religions Opinions 3

NICHOLAS'S Pedigree of the English People 6

NICHOLS'S Handbook to British Museum.. 20

NIGHTINGALE'S Notes on Hospitals 20

NILSSON'S Scandinavia 8

NOHTHCOTE'S Sanctuary of the Madonna . . 14

NORTHCOTT on Lathes and Turning 12

NORTON'S City of London 17

nimal Chemistry 10

Course of Practical Chemistry . . 10

Manual of Chemistry 9

Original Designs for Wood Carving 18

O\vi:Vs Comparative Anatomy and Physio-
logy of Vertebrate Animals g

OwEJi's Lectures on the Invertebrata 8

PACKE'S Guide to the Pyrenees ie

FACET'S Lectures on Surgical Pathology . . 10

Palm Leaves ig

PEREIRA'S Manual of Materia Medica 11

PERKINS'S Italian and Tuscan Sculptors . . 12

PIIII.LIPS'S Guide to Geology 8

PHILLIPPS'S Horse and Man 19

Pictures in Tyrol ie

PIESSE'S Art of Perfumery 13

Chemical, Natural, and Physical Magic 13

PIKE'S English and their Orhnn 6

Playtime with the Poets 18

PLOWDEN'S Abyssinia 17

POLKO'S Reminiscences of Mendelssohn .... 4

PRATT 's Law of Building Societies 20

PRESCOTT'S Scripture Difficulties n

PROCTOR'S Handbook of the Stars 7

Saturn 7

PYCROFT'S Cricket Field 19

Quarterly Journal of Science 9

QUICK'S Educational Reformers 4



RAYMOND on Fishing without Cruelty
Recreations of a Country Parson ..........

REILLY'S Map of Mont Blanc ..............

REIMANN on Aniline Dyes ................

Religious Republics ........................

RICHARDSON'S Life, by M'llwraith ........

RILEY'S Memorials of London ............

RIVEES'S Rose Amateur's Guide ..........

ROBBINS'S Cavalry Catechism ..............

ROGERS'S Correspondence of Greyson ......

- - Eclipse of Faith ................

- - Defence of Faith ................

- Essays from the Edinburgh Re-

Reason and Faith

ROGET'S Thesaurus of English Words and


Roma Sotterranea

RONALDS'S Fly-Fisher's Entomology

ROWTON'S Debater

RUDD'S Aristophanes

RUSSELL on Government and Constitution

SANDARS'S Justinian's Institutes 5

SCUEFFLER on Ocular Defects 10

SCHUBERT'S Life, translated by COLERIDGE 3

SCOTT'S Lectures on the Fine Arts 11

SEEBOHM'S Oxford Reformers of 1498 2

SENIOR'S Journals &e. relating to Ireland. . 2

SEWELL'S After Life 17

Glimpse of the World 17

History of the Early Church 3

Journal of a Home Life 17

. Passing Thoughts on Religion . . 15

Preparation for Communion 15

Principles of Education 15

Readings for Confirmation 15

Readings for Lent 15

Examination for Confirmation . . 15

Stories and Tales 17

SIIAKSPEARE'S Midsummer Night's Dream,

illustrated with Silhouettes 11

SHAW'S Work on Wine 20

SHEPHERD'S Iceland 16

SHIPLEY'S Church and the World 11

Invocation of Saints 16

Short Whist 20

SHORT'S Church History 3

Smart's WALKER'S English Pronouncing

Dictionaries 5

SMITH'S ( SOUTHWOOD) Philosophy of Health 20

(J.) Paul's Voyage and Shipwreck 13

(SYDNEY) Miscellaneous Works .. 6

Wit and Wisdom 6

SOUTHEY'S (Doctor) 5

Poetical Works 18

STAFFORD'S Life of the Blessed Virgin .... 14

STANLEY'S History of British Birds 9

STEBBING'S Analysis of MILL'S Logic 4

STEPHEN'S Essays in Ecclesiastical Bio-
graphy 4

STIRLING'S Secret of Hegel 7

STOKES'S Life of Petrie 4

STONEHENGE on the Dog 19

on the Greyhound 19

STRICKLAND'S Tudor Princesses 4

Sunday Afternoons at the Parish Church of 6

a Scottish University City o

TAYLOR'S (Jeremy) Works, edited by EDEIT 15
(E.) Selections from some Con-
temporary Poets 13

TENNENT'S Ceylon 9

THIRLW ALL'S History of Greece 2

TIMBS'S Curiosities of London 17

THOMSON'S (Archbishop) Laws of Thought 5

(A. T.) Conspectus 10

Three Fountains (The) 19

TODD (A.) on Parliamentary Government .. 1
and BOATMAN'S Anatomy and Phy-
siology of Man 10

TRENCH'S Realities of Irish Life 2

TROLLOPE'S Barchester Towers 17

Warden 17

Twrss's Law of Nations 20

TYNDALL'S Lectures on Heat 8

Lectures on Sound 8

Memoir of FARADAY 4

Uncle PETER'S Fairy Tale 17

URE'S Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, and

Mines 12

VAN DER HOEVDN 's Handbook of Zoology . . 8

VENTOUILLAC'S French Poetry 18

WABBURTON'S Hunting Songs 19

WATSON'S Principles and Practice of Physic 10

WATTS'S Dictionary of Chemistry 9

WEBB'S Objects for Common Telescopes 7

WEBSTER & WILKINSON'S Greek Testament 14


WELLS on Dew 8

WEST on Children's Diseases K)

on Nursing Children 20

WHATELY'S English Synonymes 5

Life and Correspondence 3

Logic 5

Rhetoric 5

on Religious Worship 16

Whist, what to Lead, by CAM 20

WHITE and RIDDLE'S Latin-English Dic-
tionaries 5

WILCOCKS'S Sea Fisherman 19

WILLICH'S Popular Tables 20

WINSLOW on Light 8

WOOD'S (J. G.) Bible Animals 8

Homes without Hands 8

(T.) Chemical Notes 10

WOODWARD'S Historical and Chronological

Encyclopaedia 3

WRIGHT'S Homer's Iliad 18

YEO'S Manual of Zoology 8

YONGE'S English-Greek Lexicons 5

Two Editions of Horace 18

YOUATT on the Dog 19

on the Horse 19

ZK I.LER'S Socrates 3


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