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Vestiges of the historic Anglo-Hebrews in East Anglia. With appendices and an apropos essay online

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J. F. W. HERSCHEL, ]?art. M.A. Ninth
Edition, revised ; with Plates and Woodcuts.
8vo. 18*.

Saturn and its System. By RICH-
ARD A. PROCTOR, B.A. late Scholar of St.
John's Coll. Camb. and King's Coll. London.
8vo. with 14 Plates, 14s.

The Handbook of the Stars. By the same
Author. Square fcp. 8vo. with 3 Maps,
price 5s.

Celestial Objects for Common

Telescopes. By T. W. WEBB, M.A. F.ll.A.S.
Second Edition, revised and enlarged, with
Map of the Moon and Woodcuts. IGmo.
price 7s. Gd.

Navigation and Nautical As-
tronomy (Practical, Theoretical, Scientific)
for the use of Students and Practical Men.
By J. MERKIFIEI.D, F.R.A.S. and H.
EVERS. 8vo. 14*.

A General Dictionary of Geo-
graphy, Descriptive, Physical, Statistical,
and Historical ; forming a complete
Gazetteer of the World. By A. KEITH
JOHNSTON, F.R.S.E. New Edition. 8vo.
price 31s. Gd,

M'Culloch's Dictionary, Geogra-
phical, Statistical, and Historical, of the
various Countries, Places, and principal
Natural Objects in the World. Revised
Edition, with the Statistical Information
throughout brought up to the latest returns.
By FREDERICK MARTIN. 4 vols. 8vo. with
coloured Maps, 4 4s.

A Manual of Geography, Physical,

Industrial, and Political. By W. HUGHES,
F.R.G.S. Prof, of Geog. in King's Coll. and in
Queen's Coll. Lond. With 6 Maps. Fcp.7s.6d.

The States of the River Plate:

their Industries and Commerce, Sheep
Farming, Sheep Breeding, Cattle Feeding,
and Meat Preserving ; the Employment of
Capital, Land and Stock and their Values
Labour and its Remuneration. By WILFRID
LATHAM, Buenos Ayres. Second Edition.
8vo. 12s.

Maunder's Treasury of Geogra-
phy, Physical, Historical, Descriptive, and
Political. Edited by W. HUOHKS, F.R.G.S.
With 7 Maps and 1C Plates. Fcp. 10s. Gd

Physical Geography for Schools
and General Readers. By M. F. MAURT
LL.D. Fcp. with 2 Charts 2*. Gd.

NEW WORKS i-i-Bi. i-


Natural History and Popular Science.

Elementary Treatise on Physics,

Experimental and Applied, for the use of
Colleges and Schools. Translated and Edited
from GANOT'S 'Elements de Physique'
(with the Author's sanction) by E. ATKIN-
SON, Ph.D. F.C.S. New Edition, revised
and enlarged ; with a Coloured Plate and
620 Woodcuts. Post 8vo. 13*.

The Elements of Physics or

Natural Philosophy. By NEIL ARNOTT,
M.D. F.R.S. Physician-Extraordinary to
the Queen. Sixth Edition, re-written and
completed. 2 Parts, 8vo. 21*.

Dove's Law Of Storms, considered in
connexion with the ordinary Movements of
the Atmosphere. Translated by R. H.
SCOTT, M.A. T.C.D. 8vo. 10*. Gd.

Sound. : a Course of Eight Lectures de-
livered at the Royal Institution of Great
Britain. By Professor JOHN TYNDALL,
LL.D. F.K.S. Crown 8vo. with Portrait
and Woodcuts, 9s.

Heat Considered as a Mode of

Motion. By Professor JOHN TYNDALL,

LL.D. F.R.S. Third Edition. Crown 8vo.

with Woodcuts, 10*. Gd.
Light : its Influence on Life and Health. .


(Hon.) Fcp. 8vo. 6s.
An Essay on Dew, and several Ap- j

pearances connected with it. By W. C.

WELLS. Edited, with Annotations, by L. |

P. CASELLA, F.R.A.S. and an Appendix by !

R. STRACHAN, F.M.S. 8vo. 5s.

A Treatise on the Action of Vis

Inertiac in the Ocean ; with Remarks on j
the Abstract Nature of the Forces of Yis
Inertia; and Gravitation, and a New Theory
of the Tides. By W. L. JORDAN, F.R.G.S.
with Charts and Diagrams. 8vo. 14*.

A Treatise on Electricity, in

Theory and Practice. By A. DE LA RIVK,
Prof, in the Academy of Geneva. Trans-
lated by C. V-. WALKER, F.R.S. 3 vols.
8vo. with Woodcuts, 3 13*.

A Preliminary Discourse on the

Study of Natural Philosophy. By Sir
Jons F. W. HERSCIIEI,, Bart. Revised
Edition, with Vignette Title. Fcp. 3*. 6d.

The Correlation of Physical

Forces. By W. R, GROVE, Q.C. V.P.R.S.
Fifth Edition, revised, and Augmented by a
Discourse on Continuity. 8vo. 10*. 6d.
The Discourse on Continuity, separately,
price 2*. Gd.

Manual Of Geology. 13 v S. HAVGHTON,
M.D. F.R.S. Fellow of Trin. Coll. and Prof,
of Geol. in the Univ. of Dublin. Second
Edition, with 6G Woodcuts. Fcp. 7*. Gd.

A Guide to G-eology. By J. PHILLIPS,

M.A. Prof, of Geol. in the L T niv. of Oxford.
Fifth Edition. Fcp. 4s.

The Student's Manual of Zoology

and Comparative Physiology. By J. BUR-
XEY YKO, M.B. Resident Medical Tutor
and Lecturer on Animal Physiology in
King's College, London. [Aiw/y rKiilij.

Van Der Hoeven's Handbook of

/nor.ofiY. Translated from the Second
Dutch Edition by the Rev. \\ . CLARK,
M.D. F.K.S. 2 voh. 8vo. with _' I- Plate;? of
Figures, 60s.

Professor Owen's Lectures on

the Comparative Anatomy and Physiology
of the Invertebrate Animals. Second
Edition, with 235 Woodcuts. 8vo. 21*-.

The Comparative Anatomy and

Physiology of the Vertebrate Animals. Bv
1,472 Woodcuts. 3 vols. 8vo. 3 13*. Gd.

The First Man and his Place in

Creation, considered on the Principles of
Common Sense from a Christian Point of
View ; with an Appendix on the Negro.
.Post 8vo. 8*. Gd.

The Primitive Inhabitants of

Scandinavia. Containing a Description of
the Implements, Dwellings, Tombs, and
Mode of Living of the Savages in the North
of Europe during the Stone Age. By SVEN
NILSSON. Translated from the Third Edi-
tion ; and edited, with an Introduction, by
Sir JOHN LUBBOCK. With 16 Plates of
Figures and 3 Woodcuts. 8vo. 18*.

Homes without Hands : a Descrip-
tion of the Habitations of Animals, classed
according to their Principle of Construction.
By Rev. J. G. WOOD, M.A. F.L.S. With
about 140 Vignettes on Wood (20 full size
of page). New Edition. 8vo. 21*.

Bible Animals; being an Account of
the various Birds, Beasts, Fishes, and other
Animals mentioned in th? llnlv Scripture*.
By the Rev. J. G. Wo.>i>. M.A. F.L.S.
Copiously Illustrated with Original Design?,
made under the Author's superintendence
and engraved on Wood. In course of pub-
lication monthly, to be completed in Twenty
Parts, price ONE SHILLING each.




The Harmonies of Nature and

Unity of Ovation. l!y Ur. G. HARTWIG.
8vo. with numerous Illustrations, 18*.

The Sea and its Living "Wonders. By
the same Author. Third Edition, enlarged.
8vo. with many Illustration.*, 21$.

The Tropical "World. By the same Author.

With s ( 'hroiu.i.\yl.'. - r;q.hs and 172 Wood-
cuts. *vo. 21*.

The Polar "World : a Popular Description of
Man and Nature in the Arctic and Antarctic
Regions of the Globe. By the same Author.
With 8 Chromoxylographs. :5 Map-:, and 8.">
Woodcuts. 8vo. 21s.

K.C.S. LL.D. 5th Edition ; with Maps, &c.
and 90 Wood Engravings. 2 voK 8vo.
2 10*.

Manual of Corals and Sea Jellies.

By J. R. GKEEXK, B.A. Edited by J. A.
GAI.HKAITII, M.A. and S. H.u-Ginox, M.D.
Fcp. with 39 Woodcuts. .">.<.

Manual of Sponges and Animalcules ;
with a General Introduction on the Princi-
ples of Zoology. By the same Author and
Editors. Fcp. with 16 Woodcuts, _>.

Manual of the Metalloids. By J. APJOHW,
M.I). F.R.S. and the same Editors. 2nd
Edition. Fcp. with 38 Woodcuts, 7x. Gd.

A Familiar History of Birds.

By E. STANLEY, D.D. late Lord Bishop of
Norwich. Fcp. with Woodcuts, 3s. Gil.

Kirby and Spence's Introduction

to Entomology, or Elements of the Natural
History of Insects. C'rown 8vo. 5*.

Maunder's Treasury of Natural

History, or Popular Dictionary of /oology.
Revised and corrected by T. S. ('<>I>.B<U.I>,
M.D. Fcp. with 900 Woodcut-. !".. >>d.

The Elements of Botany for

Families and Schools. Tenth Edition, re-
vised by THOMAS MOORE, F.L.S. Fcp.
with 154 Woodcuts, 2s. Gd.

The Treasury of Botany, or

Popular Dictionary of the Vegetable King-
dom ; with which is incorporated a Glos-
sary of Botanical Terms. Edited by
assisted by eminent Contributors. Pp.
1,274, with 274 Woodcuts and 20 Steel
Plates. Two PARTS, fcp. 8vo. 20*.

The British Flora; comprising the

Phamogamous or Flowering Plants and the
Ferns. By Sir W. J. HOOKER, K.II. and
with 12 Plates, 14s. or coloured, 21*.

The Rose Amateur's Guide. By

THOMAS RIVERS. New Edition. Fcp. 4s.

London's Encyclopaedia of Plants ;

comprising the Specific Character, Descrip-
tion, Culture, History, &c. of all the Plants
found in Great Britain. With upwards of
12,000 Woodcuts. 8vo. 42*.

Maunder's Scientific and Lite-
rary Treasury ; a Popular Encyclopaedia of
Science, Literature, and Art. New Edition,
thoroughly revised and in great part re-
written, with above 1,000 new articles, by
J. Y. JOHNSON, Corr. M.Z.S. Fcp. 10*. Gd.

A Dictionary of Science, Litera-
ture, and Art. Fourth Edition, re-edited
liy the late W. T. BRANDS (the Author)
and GEORGE W. Cox, M.A. 3 vols. medium
8vo. price 63*. cloth.

The Quarterly Journal of Science.
CROOKES, F.R.S. Published quarterly in
January, April, July, and October. 8vo.
with Illustrations, price 5s. each Number.

Chemistry, Medicine, Surgery, and the Allied Sciences.

A Dictionary of Chemistry and

the Allied Branches of other Sciences. By
HENRY WATTS, F.C.S. assisted by eminent
Scientific and Practical Chemists. 5 vols.
medium 8vo. price 7 B.

Handbook of Chemical Analysis,

adapted to the Unitary System of Nutation.
By F. T. CONINGTOX, M.A. F.< '.S. Post
8vo. 7*. Gd.

Conington's Tables of Qualitative
Analysis, to accompany the above, 2.. >'d.

Elements of Chemistry, Theore-
tical and Practical. By WILLIAM A.
MILLER, M.D. LL.D. Professor of Chemis-
try, King's College, London. Revised Edi-
tion. 3 vols. 8vo. 3.




A Manual of Chemistry, De-

-"riptive and Theoretical. By WILLIAM
ODLING. M.B. F.R.S. PART I. 8vo. 0*.
PART II. nearly ready.



A Course of Practical Chemistry,

for the use of Medical Students. By
W. ODLING, M.B. F.R.S. New Edition, with
70 new Woodcuts. Crown 8vo. 7s. <></.
Lectures on Animal Chemistry Delivered
at the Royal College of Physicians in 1865.
By the same Author. Crown 8vo. 4s. Gd.

Chemical Notes for the Lecture

Room. By THOMAS WOOD, F.C.S. 2 vols.
crown 8vo. I. on Heat, &c. price 3s, 6d.
II. on the Metals, price 5s.

The Diagnosis, Pathology, and

Treatment of Diseases of Women ; including
the Diagnosis of Pregnancy. By GRAILY
HEWITT, M.D. &c. President of the Obste-
trical Society of London. Second Edition,
enlarged; with 116 Woodcut Illustrations.
8vo. 24s.

Lectures on the Diseases of In-
fancy and Childhood. By CHARLES WEST,
M.D. &c. 5th Edition, revised and enlarged.
8vo. 16s.

On the Surgical Treatment of

Children's Diseases. By T. HOLMES, M.A.
&c. late Surgeon to the Hospital for Sick
Children. Second Edition, with 9 Plates
and 112 Woodcuts. 8vo. 21s.

A System of Surgery, Theoretical

and Practical, in Treatises by Various
Authors. Edited by T. HOLMES, M.A. &c.
Surgeon and Lecturer on Surgery at St.
George's Hospital, and Surgeon-in-Chief to
| the Metropolitan Police. 4 vols. 8vo. 4 13s.

Lectures on the Principles and

Practice of Physic. By Sir THOMAS WAT-
SON, Bart. M.D. Physician-Extraordinary
to the Queen. New Edition in preparation.

Lectures on Surgical Pathology.

By J. PAGET,F.R.S. Surgeon-Extraordinary
to the Queen. Edited by W. TURNER, M.B.
New Edition in preparation.

On Chronic Bronchitis, especially

as connected with Gout, Emphysema, and
Diseases of the Heart. By E. HEADLAM
GREENHOW, M.D. F.R.C.P! &c. 8vo. 7s. Gd.

A Treatise on the Continued

Fevers of Great Britain. By C. MURCHISON.
M.D. Physician and Lecturer on the Practice
of Medicine, Middlesex Hospital. New
Edition in preparation.

Clinical Lectures on Diseases of the
Liver, Jaundice, and Abdominal Dropsy.
By the same Author. Post 8vo. with 25
Woodcuts, 10s. Gd.

Anatomy, Descriptive and Sur-
gical. By HENRY GRAY, F.R.S. With
410 Wood Engravipgs from Dissections.
New Edition, by T. HOLMES, M.A. Cantab.
Royal 8vo. 28..

The House I Live in; or Popular

Illustrations of the Structure and Functions
of the Human Body. Edited by T. G. GIRTIN.
New Edition, with 25 Woodcuts. 16mo.
price 2s. 6rf.

Outlines of Physiology, Human

and Comparative. By JOHN MARSHALL,
F.R.C.S. Professor of Surgery in University
College, London, and Surgeon to the Uni-
versity College Hospital. 2 vols. crown 8vo.
with 122 Woodcuts, 32s.

Physiological Anatomy and Phy-

siologv of Man. By the late R. B. TODD,
M.D. F.R.S. and W. BOWMAN, F.R.S. of
King's College. With numerous Illustra-
tions. VOL. II. 8vo. 25s.

VOL. I. New Edition by Dr. LIONEL S.
BE ALE, F.R.S. in course of publication ;
PART I. with 8 Plates, 7s. Gd.

A Dictionary of Practical Medi-
cine. By J. COPLAND, M.D. F.R.S.
Abridged from the larger work by the
Author, assisted by J. C. COPLAND, M.R.C.S.
Pp. 1,560, in 8vo. price 36*.

The Works of Sir B. C. Brodie,

Bart, collected and arranged by CHARLES
HAWKINS, F.R.C.S.E. 3 vols" 8vo. with
Medallion and Facsimile, 48s.

The Theory of Ocular Defects

and of Spectacles. Translated from the
German of Dr. H. SCIIEFKI.ER by R. B.
CARTER, F.R.C.S. With Prefatory Notes
and a Chapter of Practical Instructions.
Post 8vo. 7s. Gd.

A Manual of Materia Medica

and Therapeutics, abridged from Dr.
PEREIRA'S Elements by F. J. FARRK, M.D.
assisted by R. BENTLEY, M.R.C.S. and by
R. WARINGTON, F.R.S. 1 vol. 8vo. with
90 Woodcuts, 21s.

Thomson's Conspectus of the

British Pharmacopoeia. Twenty-fifth Edi-
tion, corrected by E. LLOYD BIRKETT, M.D.
18mo. 6s.

Manual of the Domestic Practice

of Medicine. By W. B. KESTEVEN,
F.R.C.S.E. Third" Edition, thoroughly
revised, with Additions. Fcp. 5s.

Essays on Physiological Subjects.
of Exeter College, Oxford. 8vo. 5s.

Gymnasts and Gymnastics. By

JOHN H. HOWARD, late Professor of Gym-
nastics, Comm. Coll. Ripponden. Second
Edition, revised and enlarged, with 135
Woodcut^ of Apparatus, &c. Or. 8vo. 10s. Gd.


The Fine Arts, and Illustrated Editions.

Materials for a History of Oil

LAKE, sometime President of the Royal
Academy. VOL. II. 8vo. M..

Half-Hour Lectures on the His-
tory and 1'rautkv of the Fine and Orna-
mental Arts. By. W. B. SCOTT. Second
Edition. Crown 8vo. with 50 Woodcut
Illustrations, 8s. 6rf.

Lectures on the History of Modern

Music, delivered at the Royal Institution.
Chronological Tables, post 8vo. 6s. 6d.
SECOND COURSE, the Transition Period,
with 26 Specimens, 8vo. 16s.

The Chorale Book for England;

a complete Hymn-Book in accordance with
the Services and Festivals of the Church of
England: the Hymns Translated by Miss
C. WINKWOKTH ; the Tunes arranged by
SCHMIDT. Fcp. 4to. 12s. 6d.

Congregational Edition. Fcp. 2s.

Six Lectures on Harmony. De-
livered at the Royal Institution of Great
Britain before Easter 1867. By G. A.
MACFARREN. 8vo. 10s. 6<f.

Sacred Music for Family Use ;

a selection of Pieces for One, Two, or more
Voices, from the best Composers, Foreign
and English. Edited by JOHN HULLAH.
1 vol. music folio, 21s.

Hullah's Part Music, New Edition,

with Pianoforte Accompaniments. Just
completed, an entirely New Edition of
HrLLAn's Two Collections of Part Music,
Sacred Series and Secular Series, for Soprano,
Alto/Tenor, and Bass.with PianoforteAccom-
paniments, now first supplied. Each SKHII:-,
Sacred and Secular, may now be had in T\v<
VOLUMES imperial 8vo. price 14s. cloth.
The Score and the Voice Parts of each of
the 133 pieces of which the Two Collections
consist may also be had separately.

Lyra Germanics, the Christian Year.
with 125 Illustrations on Wood drawn by
J. LEIGHTON, F.S.A. Quarto, 21s.

Lyra Germanica. the Christian Life.
with about 200 Woodcut Illustrations by
J. LEIGHTON, F.S.A. and other Artists.
Quarto, 21s.

The New Testament, illustrated with

Wood Engravings after the Early Masters,
chiefly of the Italian School. Crown 4to.
63*. cloth, gilt top ; or 5 5s. morocco.

The Life of Man Symbolised by

the Months of the Year in their Seasons
and Phases. Text selected by RICHARD
PIUOT. 25 Illustrations on Wood from
Original Designs by JOHN LKIGHTON,
F.S.A. Quarto, 42s. "

Cats' and Farlie's Moral Em-
blems ; with Aphorisms, Adages, and Pro-
verbs of all Nations : comprising 121 Illus-
trations on Wood by J. LEIGHTON, F.S.A.
with an appropriate Text by R. PIQOT.
Imperial 8vo. 31s. 6<f.

Shakspeare's Midsummer Night's

Dream, illustrated with 24 Silhouettes or
Shadow Pictures by P. KONKWKA, engraved
on Wood by A. VOGEL. Folio, 31s. Gd

Shakspeare's Sentiments and

Similes Printed in Black and Gold, and illu-
minated in the Missal style by HENRY NOEL
HUMPHREYS. In massive corers, containing
the Medallion and Cypher of Shakspeare.
Square post 8vo. 21s.

Sacred and Legendary Art. By

Mrs. JAMESON. With numerous Etchings
and Woodcut Illustrations. 6 rols. square
crown 8vo. price 5 15s. Gd. cloth, or
12 12s. bound in morocco by Riviere. To
be had also in cloth only, in FOUB SERIES,
as follows :

Legends of the Saints and Martyrs.
Fifth Edition, with 19 Etchings and 187
Woodcuts. 2 vols. square crown 8vo.
31s. Gd.

Legends of the Monastic Orders. Third
Edition, with 11 Etchings and 88 Woodcuts.
1 vol. square crown 8vo. 21s.

Legends of the Madonna. Third Edition,
with 27 Etchings and 165 Woodcuts. 1
vol. square crown 8vo. 21.

The History of Our Lord, as exemplified
in Works of Art. Completed by Lady
EASTLAKE. Revised Edition, with 13
Etchings and 281 Woodcuts. 2 vols.
square crown 8vo. 42s.


Arts, Manufactures, fyc.

Drawing from Nature; a Series of

Progressive Instructions in Sketching, from
Elementary Studies to Finished Views,
with Examples from Switzerland and the
Pyrenees. By GKORGE BARNARD, Pro-
fessor of Drawing at Rugby School. With
1* Lithographic Plates and 108 Wood En-
gravings. Imp. Svo. 25s. or in Three Parts,
royal Xvo. 7s. Gd. each.

Gwilt's Encyclopaedia of Archi-
tecture. Fifth Edition, with Alterations
and considerable Additions, by WYATT
PAPWORTH. Additionally illustrated with
nearly 400 Wood Engravings by O. JEWITT,
and upwards of 100 other new Woodcuts.
8vo. 52s. 6d.

Italian Sculptors : being a History of

Sculpture in Northern, Southern, and East-
era Italy. By C, C. PERKINS. With 30
Etchings and 13 Wood Engravings. Im-
perial 8vo. 42*.

Tuscan Sculptors, their Lives,

Works, and Times. By the same Author.
With 45 Etchings and 28 Woodcuts from
Original Drawings and Photographs. 2
vols. imperial 8vo. 63s.

Original Designs for Wood-Carv-
ing, with Practical Instructions in the Art.
By A. F. B. With 20 Plates of Illustra-
tions engraved on Wood. Quarto, 18s.

Hints on Household Taste in

Furniture, Upholstery, and other Details.
With about 90 Illustrations. Square crown
8vo. 18*.

The Engineer's Handbook ; ex-
plaining the principles which should guide
the young Engineer in the Construction of
Machinery. By C. S. LOWNDES. Post 8vo. 5s.

Lathes and Turning, Simple, Me-
chanical, and Ornamental. By W. HENRY
XORTIICOTT. With about 240 Illustrations
on Steel and Wood. 8vo. 18$.

The Elements of Mechanism.

By T. M. GOODKVK, M.A. Prof, of Me-
chanics at the K. M. Acad. Woolwich.
Second Edition, witk 217 Woodcuts. Post
8vo. 6s. Gd.

Handbook of Practical Tele-
graphy, published with the sanction of the
Chairman and Directors of the Electric
and International Telegraph Company, and
adopted by the Department of Telegraphs
for India. By R. S. CI'LLKY. Third Edi-
tion. Svo. 12s. Crf.

lire's Dictionary of Arts, Manu-
factures, and Mines. Sixth Edition, chiefly
re-written and greatly enlarged by ROBERT
IlrxT, F.R.S. assisted by numerous Con-
tributors eminent in Science and the Arts,
and familiar with Manufactures. With
2,000 Woodcuts. 3 vols. medium Svo.
Jc ! 1 Is. M.

Treatise on Mills and Millwork.

By W. FAIRBAIRX, C.E. F.R.S. With 18
Plates and 322 Woodcuts. 2 vols. Svo. 32s.

Useful Information for Engineers. By
the same Author. FIRST, SECOND, and
THIRD SERIES, with many Plates and
Woodcuts. 3 vols. crown 8vo. 10s. Gd. each.

The Application of Cast and Wrought
Iron to Building Purposes. By the same
Author. Third Edition, with 6 Plates and
118 Woodcuts. Svo. 16s.

Iron Ship Building, its History

and Progress, as comprised in a Series of
Experimental Researches on the Laws of
Strain ; the Strengths, Forms, and other
conditions of the Material : and an Inquiry
into the Present and Prospective State of
the Navy, including the Experimental
Results on the Resisting Powers of Armour
Plates and Shot at High Velocities. By W.
FAIRBAIRN, C.E. F.R.S. With 4 Plates
and 130 Woodcuts. Svo. 18s.

Encyclopaedia of Civil Engineer-
ing. Historical, Theoretical, and Practical.
By E. CRESY, C.E. With above 3,000
Woodcuts. Svo. 42s.

The Artisan Club's Treatise on

the Steam Engine, in its various Applica-
tions to Mines, Mills. Steam Navigation,
Railways, and Agriculture. By J. BOIKNI;,
E.C. New Edition ; with Portrait, 37 Plates,
and 546 Wcodcuts. 4to. 42s.

A Treatise on the Screw Pro-
peller, Screw Vessels, and Screw Engines,
as adapted for purposes of Peace and War :
with notices of other Methods of Propulsion,
Tables of the Dimensions and Performance
of Screw Steamers, and Detailed Specifica-
tions of Ships and Engines. By the same
Author. Third Edition, with 54 Plates and
287 Woodcuts. Quarto, 63s.

Catechism of the Steam Engine,

in its various Applications to Mines, Mills,
Steam Navigation, Railways, and Agricul-
ture. By JOHN BOURNK, C.E. New Edi-
tion, with 89 Woodcuts. Fcp. 6.


Handbook of the Steam Engine.

By JOHN BOURN K, C.E. forming a KEY to
the Author's Catechism of the Steam Engine.
"With 67 Woodcuts. Fcp. 9s.

Examples of Modern Steam, Air,

aud Gas Engines of the most Approved
Types, as employed for Pumping, for Driving
Machinery, for Locomotion, and for Agri-
culture, minutely and practically described-
Illustrated by Working Drawings, and em-
bodying a Critical Account of all Projects
of Recent Improvement in. Furnaces. Boilers,
and Engines. By the same Author. In
course of publication. Monthly, to be com-
pleted in Twenty-four Parts, price 2s. Gd.
each, forming One Volume, with about 50
Plates and 400 Woodcuts.

A History of the Machine-
Wrought llo.sierv and Lace Manufactures.
3 Steel Plates. 10 Lithographic Plates of
Machinery, and 10 Coloured Impressions of
Patterns of Lace. Royal 8vo. _'!.>.

Mitchell's Manual of Practical

Assaying. Third Edition, for the most part
re-writteu. with all the recent Discoveries
incorporated. By W. CROOKES, F.R.S.
With 188 Woodcuts. 8vo. 28,.

Keimann's Handbook of Aniline

and its Derivatives; a Treatise on the
Manufacture of Aniline and Aniline Colours.
Revised and edited by WILLIAM CROOKES,
F.R.S. 8vo. with 5 Woodcuts. 10s. 6d.

Practical Treatise on Metallurgy,

adapted from the last German Edition of
Professor KKRL'S Metallurgy by W.
CROOKES, F.R.S. &c, and E. ROHRIG,
Ph.D. M.E. VOL. I. comprising Lead, Silver,
Zinc, Cadmium, Tin, Mercury, Bismuth,
Antimony, ^Ticket, Arsenic, Gold, Platinum,
and Sulphur. 8vo. with 207 Woodcuts,
pries 31s. Gd.

The Art of Perfumery ; the History

and Theory of Odours, and the Methods of
Extracting the Aromas of Plants. By Dr.
PIESSE, F.C.S. Third Edition, with 53
Woodcuts. Crown 8vo. 10s. Gd.

Chemical, Natural, and Physical Magic,
for Juveniles during the Holidays. By the
same Author. Third Edition, enlarged with
08 Woodcuts. Fcp. Gs.

London's Encyclopaedia of Agri-
culture : comprising the Laying-out, Im-
provement, and Management of Landed
Property, and the Cultivation and Economy
of the Productions of Agriculture. With
1,100 Woodcuts. 8vo. 31s. Gd.

Loudon's Encyclopedia of Gardening :
comprising the Theory and Practice of
Horticulture, Floriculture, Arboriculture,
and Landscape Gardening. With 1,000
Woodcuts. 8vo. 31. Gd.

Bayldon's Art of Valuing Rents

and Tillages, and Claims of Tenants upon

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