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"Quite presentable. Bring him along to

So the quaking Hubert made his first
acquaintance with the high numbers of the
Four Hundred. ,

Mrs. Glossop, who was waging a successful
battle with the ravages of time, had the eye of
a buzzard and the tact of a subway guard, but
succeeded somehow in making those virtues
seem smart. Mr. Mountstephen, hypnotized
by her name, hung on her words.

" Do you polo or tennis, or whatnot? " asked
the Glossop. "Swim, or chase a silly white

"/^H, absolutely," mumbled Hubert, who
'^possessed complete equipment for all
sports and practically no ability for them.
"That is, in moderation, you know."

" Delighted to have you come down to my
place at Coronado next Sunday," invited the
dowager. "You'd fit in with our guests and
really I need you dreadfully. I'm having a
sort of a Uon hunt, you know; all kinds of
notorious writers, professors and financiers."

" Chawmed, " gulped Hubert.

"Top hole," beamed Mrs. Glossop, "and
in what my broker calls the interim, suppose
you squire me about a bit. You may take me
to supper this evening."

JSlr. Mountstephen accepted with alacrity
and in due course found himself steering her
around the Cocoanut Grove while other stars
hid their envy beliind sarcastic remarks, for
Mrs. Glossop, while dancing, had the knee
action of a blue ribbon trotter.

As the evening trickled by, Hubert, though
slightly confused by the proximity of greatness,
discovered that the upper stratum is able to
dispense almost entirely wnth the brittle code
of manners prescribed for ordinary persons.
He marvelled as his companion gossiped, drank
and used cuss words.

"You may kiss my hand," said Mrs.
Glossop as they parted beneath a fan palm,
"and I'll be delighted to have you take me to
the Bowl tomorrow. You're quite an interest-
ing speci — •, er, person, Mr. Mountsomething.
You won't disappoint me on Sunday? "

"I'm living for then," responded the dazzled
escort. "I've always longed to enter society.
To pass one's days surrounded by good books,
the dull gleam of ex-pensive glass against a
dimly lit background! The quiet distinction
of people who know how to live!"

^Irs. Glossop regarded him queerly. "Do
you, by any chance, read society novels?"

"Oh, quite," said Hubert, recalling some
patter from the latest. "Quite, quite, dear

"So do I," remarked the dear lady drily,
"and I've always wondered where those writer
chaps get their material. Peculiar tribe,
what?" _

"Terrible," agreed Hubert, feeling the
ground grow firmer. " My story man won't do
me any high class things at all; insists I play
common Uttle clerks and husbands. Dis-
tressing, isn't it?"

"F'yawful," sympathized Mrs. Glossop,
"and tell me, do you think Blue Larkspur is
a better horse than Clyde Van Dusen?"

The surprised actor mumbled an ambiguous
reply, received a roguish glance, and was
driven homeward in an ecstatic stupor. Sitting
before the fireplace in his most uncomfortable
dressing gown, he conjured up pictures of his
acceptance into the holy of holies. And not
until he climbed to the first floor did he realize
that the tantalizing Joyce had left for location
that morning.

For five days he ushered the rampant Mrs.
Glossop about town, growing more and more
enthralled with things he didn't comprehend.
Then on Saturday came the pilgrimage to the
Promised Land!

MR. SPIKE RAFFERTY elbowed a path
through the lobby hounds at the Hotel St.
Francis, directed a gniff inquiry at the informa-

Every advertisement In PnOTOPLAT MAGAZINE is guaranteed.

Photoplay Magazine for November, 1929


tion desk, and a few seconds later was hang-
ing on to a house telephone with expectation
stamped all over his stylish features.

Mr. Rafferty was one of those tall, dark,
personable young men who, until they speak,
arouse tremors in the feminine heart. Now he
postured to advantage and tossed winks at
the telephone operator until a "hello" aroused
him to the business in hand.

""LJELLO yourself, kid!" he bawled, '-an'
•tJ-welcome home to the Golden Gate! This
is your old sidekick. Spike. I was readin' in the
paper this afternoon an' what do I glimpse but
that you're makin' pitchers down in Chink-
ville. How about supper, if you ain't too

" Why, Spike, " cooed Joyce. " I'd be thrilled
to death! I'll be down in five minutes."

" Kayo, baby, " said Sir. Rafferty, and after
receiving a fluttering eyelash from the bashful
operator, he swaggered to a pillar and in-
spected the passing parade with a cool and
insolent stare. When the glo^^^ng Joyce arrived
in a cloud of jade green chiffon he greeted her
with a grin.

'■ The same old kid, " he announced, "except
with maybe a bit more gloss than when you
was high pressuring needles an' pins. Re-
member old times, like when I socked that guy
on the ferry for tryin' to make you? I'll bet
you wouldn't blush like that now, baby. "

His words went unheeded. The girl was too
busy admiring his hard, lean face and the
rakish set of his shoulders.

TWO years fell away, and she felt again the
jaunty courage that twelve dollars a week
makes so necessarj'.

"Spike," she said softly, "I was thinking
of ringing you up. I'm so glad to see you,
Spike; you're so different from the men I've
known lately. "

"Yeah?" asked Mr. Rafferty unimpressed.
"You hooked up with one of 'em, didn't you?

Just let anyone dare say anything
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A little Willie boy, too. I went to one of his
pitchers just so I could hiss him. But why
spoil the evenin' talkin' about him? Let's put
on the feedbag."

"T DON'T seem to get on so well mth Hu-
■'• bert," confided Joyce. "He's a big star,

"Cheese," said Mr. Rafferty. "Don't start
tellin' me he don't understand you because I
know what's the matter. He's afraid of you,
that's what, or he'd have put you in your
place. A rea:l man like me would do it, but
all them actors is gilligaloos an' it serves you
right for not pickin' me when you had the

The once carefree Miss Cleary explored her
fruit salad in silence, secretly enjoying his
dictatorial twang.

A driving force like that was foreign to

" You're such a relief. Spike, " she murmured.

"Well," said Mr. Rafferty, "seein' you're
funny that way I'll leave you sign the check
for the meal. It wouldn't look right, any-ways,

Hollywood's bad boy. King Vidor
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Photoplay Magazine for November. 1929

for a poor gym owner to be stakin' a movie
queen. Listen, baby, there's a swell pitcher
over in Oakland I been wantin' to see. What
do you say we hop the ferry an' pretend we're
back in 1927?"

Joyce's black eyes crackled assent, and dur-
ing the trip she forgot there were such things
as perfumed limousines.

Spike's sinewy arm was around her all
evening, and after smiling at him across a
couple of drug store hot chocolates, she felt
that very little remained before she recaptured

I'LL kiss you goodnight now," said Mr.
Rafferty when they returned to the hotel.
"That won't be hard to take, hey?"

" No-o-o, " faltered Joyce, a bit irritated that
he didn't think it necessary to beg for that

" Hurry up, then, " said Spike. " It's gettin'
close to me bedtime an' I'm glad the old gym
ain't far away. Now, get this, baby; you're
dated for the entire week, see? There's plenty
doin' over in Oakland; the Garbage Removers'
Ball, the Frothblowers' Ladies' Night, an'
^ there's lotsa swell creep joints and chop suey

" But why Oakland? "

"San Francisco ain't what it used to be,"
said Mr. Rafferty briefly. "Times is changed,
you know."

He kissed her fiercely and unprofessionally,
rasping his blue-black stubble of beard against
her cheeks.

"You'll need a lot more practice," he re-
marked as he sauntered away. "Sweet dreams,
baby. "

The week rolled by quickly in a series of
hectic evenings, marked by sundry fights, poor
food and the atUetic lovemaking of the

By Friday the restless Joyce was wishing for
the comfort of Beverly Hills, although no
thought of Hubert had sifted through her
mind until that particular night.

Feeling the need of sustenance after much
strutting in a creep joint, Mr. Rafferty herded
her into an armchair lunch and hailed the
counterman, a pale, studious youth.

"Service, Percy!" he yelled. "Slip us a
couple of Denver san'wiches and go heavy on
the onion. Come on, shake it up."

"Yes, sir," said the pale youth, in all

Something flamed in the actress' brain.
"Don't you dare shout at him like that!"
she shrilled. "The poor boy probably is
working nights and studying, too, trying to
climb up. For all you know he may get to be
a banker or a movie star, or something, so cut
out that Simon Legree stuff."

Mr. Rafferty registered blank astonishment.
"What's eatin' you?" he inquired. '! heu a
look of infinite wisdom slowly crossed his face.

"So it's the old runaround, hey? Pickin' a
row after waltzin' around with me all week.
Well, it don't go, sister. When you grab the
rattler for Los Angeles tomorrow night I'll
be right on it just to show you that you can't
trifle with my self respeck."

squirmed in his chair, fidgeted with his
wine glass and wished that an act of Provi-
dence would destroy the pert young lady he
had taken in to the Sunday dinner party. For
twenty hours he had been a guest at the
sprawling plant of forty-two rooms which
Mrs. Glossop insisted on calling a cottage, and
for nineteen hours and a half he had lived
in a state of exasperation and shame.

People either looked through him when they
spoke, or ignored him altogether. Nobody
seemed to know who he was, and if the con-
versation touched the movies it concerned
only the efforts of the foreign studios. These
were considered ART.

Try as he would, Hubert was unable to
shed his acquired manners, and now, bloom-



beaviiy^ shops

OU who frequent smart beauty salons
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