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ing as a wallflower, he wondered at the com-
pany's entire lack of inhibitions and physical

Once more the insipid drawl of his part-
ner cut through the din.

"You gave me wrong answers on mother
fi.xations, stymies and the celibacy of the
clergy," she bleated. "Don't you know

■\>f R. MOUNTSTEPHEN eyed her danger-

"What do you know about dialogue trailers,
cut backs and Equity, if anything?" he

"Some filthy business terms, I suppose,"
husked the damsel. "I thought you were
some sort of freak when I saw you first.
You're dressed too well. You simply don't
belong, you know. "

"I'll say I don't!" cried Hubert recklessly,

He broke off as an orchestra began play-
ing, and turned his attention to a pair of
adagio dancers who glided into the square of
polished floor.

"Jolly good!" squeaked one gouty gentle-
man, the pouches falling away from his
jaded eyes. "Any more like that. Glossy, old

"Rawther, "beamed the hostess. "A regular
variety bill for you. Japanese barrel jugglers,
a woman called a 'blues singer,' I believe,
some trained seals and lastly, a guest at this
very table, Mr. Mountsoften, or something
similar, who is supposed to be famous in the
cinema. "

The pride of Stupefaction grew white.
"Just a moment," he said coldly, choking off
the ripple of amusement with a regal gesture.
"Do I understand, Mrs. Glossop, that you
invited me here to provide entertainment for
your guests?"

" A ND why not?" asked the lady, enjoying

■'•■herself hugely. ' ' You're a public person, so

kindly do not disappoint me now. I expect

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Photoplay Magazine for November, 1929


When a beginner is admired by
the leading feminine stars of her
own lot it means something —
especially if the novice happens to
look like Virginia Bruce. This
young lady, still two years on the
sunny side of twenty, appears in
Maurice Chevalier's "The Love
Parade." She is said to have a
lovely singing voice, and her eyes
— well, look at them!

you to posture a bit as you do in the films,
and before you leave you will receive a cheque
for one thousand dollars. "

Hubert kicked his chair from under him.
"I paid eighty thousand income tax last
year," he told the room, "and I earned it.
What if I did think that Baton Rouge was a
cosmetic — a fellow can't know everything.
Sorry you misunderstood me, Mrs. Glossop.
I had an idea you were being very considerate
in Los Angeles."

WHAT'S this?" cried the gouty gentle-
man. "Scandal, Glossy?"

"I never saw the creature before yester-
day," said the dowager without increasing her
chemical blush. "Too bad you must leave us,
Mr. Mountstickle. " She held out her scraggy

Hubert bowed over it like the Prisoner of
Zenda, marched stiffly to the door and dis-
appeared. All he knew was that the under-
standable Joyce would be a comfort after this
debacle, and as he drove homeward he began
to wonder whether she would be there ahead
of him.

And when Wattles unchained the door, a
screech from the library told him his hope
was realized.

"My stars!" said Mr. Mountstephen, slip-
ping out of his coat and cantering down the
hall. "What's the matter, honey, been eating
snails again or — ?"

He choked suddenly as he beheld his wife
struggling with a gaudily attired gentleman
who had pinned her on the davenport with a

"Help!" cried Joyce.

MR. RAFFERTY released her and ran his
eyes over the actor.

"So this is Willie boy," he growled. "Cheese,
what an insult to me to jungle up mth the
likes of him!"

"Don't mind what he says," said the
frightened girl, nestling against her husband.
"He used to be a steady of mine in San
Francisco, and he took me out, and I found
after all I didn't care so much for the tough
fellows. And now he's followed me down here,





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Photoplay Magazine for November, 1929

and he's been arguing ^\'ith me all afternoon
and just as you came in the door he said he
was going to compromise me. Wouldn't that
slay you? "

"Get out of here," said Hubert, pointing
to the door, "or I'll have you pin —

"Pull in your neck!" rasped Spike. "Do
you think I'd take a chanst on goin' to the
station over that red-headed two timer? I'll
go, me buttered-hair bucko, but I'll shadow
your eye on me way. "

Hubert, who in his time had faked his way
through a couple of fight pictures, squared off
despairingly as Mr. Rafferty towered above
him, but the next moment an aromatic whirl-
wind rushed between them.

"Don't you touch him!" screamed Joyce,
scratching industriously at the Rafferty fea-
tures. "You big ox — I'll teach you to threaten
my husband!"

"For the love of Dempsey!" said the gym
proprietor, backing up. "You battle
harder for him than you did for yourself. Lay
off, baby, I'm no chump."

With that Mr. Rafferty quickly gathered
up his horse blanket overcoat and lurched
toward the exit.

"But anyways," he said plaintively, "you
done me a dirty trick. You told me you
didn't care for him, an' now look at you
mushin' over him. It's enough to make a guy faith in hooman nature. S'long, kid.
I'm off a you for good. "

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THE bust of Xapoleon seemed to wear a
smirk of contentment as it contemplated its
supposed double. Mr. Abraham Zoop, smiling
happily, put an extra flourish into his sig-
nature, ripped the lavender oblong from its
fellows and stretched it across the desk.

" Five thousand, " he grinned, "and may my
arches fall if it ain't a bargain. "

"Glad you feel that way," responded the
magnificent Mrs. Glossop. "It -wasn't so
difficult with such a young idiot as your Hubert.
Of course, if I hadn't met you last winter
when we started that cpmpaign raising money

Anita Page's new bathing cap,
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Photoplay Magazine for November, 1929

for the wounded veterans, I don't believe I'd
have taken it on. I've always remembered
your generosity, I adore Brenda Berkeley, and
besides, people should stay on their own
level. "

"If I'd done that, I'd still be jumpink up
and down on a pressink machine," said Abie.

"I was alluding only to snobs, " advised the
lady. "You're far from that, Mr. Zoop; I
should say you were the most real person in all
Hollywood. Wost of us are snobs, I suppose.
We snub the climbers, your stars snub the
extras, and so forth. By the way, your
cheque will go to my favorite charity, thanks
to your suggestion."

"There's enough snobs in business without
playink with 'em on the outside," chirped
Abie, ushering her to the door. "Without you
this Hubert would have had me loony like a
geese, so a thanks from the heart, Mrs.
Glossop. "

WITHIN another minute he was peering
at the becheckered Mr. Rafferty.

"So you're the little guy who wired me five
hundred smackers to dally with that Cleary
dame, hey? " asked Spike. " Believe me, mister,
I earned it and the other five hundred you
promised when the job was done. Say, I left
them clinchin' so I thought they was a couple
of these kind-hearted heavyweights we got

"I seen them this mornink," beamed Mr.
Zoop. " Cooink like doves, or you can sue me.
Say, how did you get them stripes on your

" She put 'em there, an' it's got me worried,
because — "

" For an extra five hundred you should quit
worryink," said Abie, growing reckless.
"Here's a thousand; if she sharpened her
nails on you it's a sure sign the cure is perma-
nent. Don't look so nervous, Rafferty!"

"It ain't that," whined Spike, rubbing his
smarting face. "It's explainin' how I got
trademarked that's got me groggy. It looks
just hke a woman's work, see, an' me wife is
awful jealous. Why, believe it or not, she
won't leave me stay out after eleven bells. "

Mr. Zoop walked to the window as a sign
of dismissal, wigwagged a hand. "Don't go
yet, Rafferty," he whispered. "They're pass-
ing by the office right this minute. Oi, but my
temperature is raisink!"

THE Mountstephens waved him a greeting
as they crossed the greensward and headed
for the car park.

"Well, honey," said Hubert, "we'll have
to tell Abie that he doesn't need to worry any
more. "

"And tell him we're sorry, too," cooed
Joyce. " I like Abie a lot and I really believe
I couldn't get along without him. "

" You'n' me both, " said Mr. Mountstephen,
as he kissed her again.

Cordova, Alaska.

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movies mean to us in Alaska? What
a dry, monotonous time we would
have up here without them!

Going to a picture show is just like
taking a trip outside. We come out
of the theater with a feeling of in-
tense gratification that we can keep
in touch with the rest of the world.
They most assuredly are our salva-

Mrs. H. S. Scott.

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Brief Reviews of Current Pictures


SAP, THE — Warners. — Good comedy with lots of
laughs. All Talkie. (Aug.)

It was a Puhtzer prize stage play, but the movie ver-
sion is slow. And Corinne Griffith is miscast. Part
Talkie. {July.)

A melodrama of the French Revolution from
England, unusually well acted. Silent. {Sept.)

SHANGHAI ROSE— Rayart.— A rewriting of the
old Madame X angle, with Irene Rich, as the mothah,
fighting vainly to save it all from the bow-wows of
boredom. Silent. (May.)

SHE GOES TO WAR— United Artists.- Eleanor
Boardman gives a superb performance of a society
girl who turns fighter. And the battle scenes are
wonderful. An excellent, but not great, picture.
Sjund, (June.)

SHIP MATES— Educational. — In the Nav>* with
Lupine Lane. Plenty of laughs as the pies and dishes
go whizzing by. All Talkie. iJtdy.)

• SHOW BOAT— Universal.— Lavish produc-
tion of a colorful novel that deserved less
obvious direction. Part Talkie. (June.)

SIDESHOW, THE— Columbia.— Hold on to

something! An original circus yarn! Little Billie
plays the lead in this story of a midget's battle for

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