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"I heai you. 1 can heai
now ai Well ai anybody.
How'? Wilh (be MORLEY

PHONE. I've a pair in tnv eai
now, but ihey are invisible. I
would not know I had them in
myself, only thai J hear alt ns!

The MORLEY PHONE for th.


I tolheean whatglaues
are to the eya. In
visible, comfottablcweiBhl-
less and harmless. Anyone
ODattJastiL Over lOO.llOO sold. Wrile for booklel anil testimonials.
THE MORLEY CO.. Dept.789.10S. 18th Sl.,Phiia.


'^Why suffer when skin troubles yield
so easily to the healing touch of


Casts of Current Photoplays

Complete for every picture reviewed in this issue

"BIG REVUE, THE" — ^All-Star.— Written by
Ethel Mcglin. Dialogue by Barney Williams.
Directed by Dallas Fitzgerald. The cast: The Meglin
Wonder Kiddies.

"BIG TIME" — Fox.— From the elory "Little
Ledna" by Wallace Smith. Adapted by Sidney
Lanfield. Directed by Kenneth Hawks. The cast:
Eddie Burns, Lee Tracy; Lily Clark. Mae Clarke;
Sybil. Daphne Pollard; Gloria, Josephine Dunn; Eli,
Stepin Fetchit.

From the screen play by Norman Houston. Dialogue
by Norman Houston. Directed by George Archain-
baud. The cast: Betly Forrester, Ruth Taylor; Tom
Marion, Wm. Collier. Jr.; Doris Marlo^we, Jobyna
Ralston; Coach Harvey Porter, John Holland; Elhel
Forrester, Adda Glcason; Mrs. Marlowe, Gretchen
Hartman; Edna, Frances Lyons; SUm, Edward Piel,
Jr.; Ted, Edward Clayton; Jimmy Doolittle, Morris
Murphy; Boy with Uke, Billy Taft.

"DARK SKIES" — Biltmore.— From the stor\-
by John Francis Natteford. Directed by Harry
Webb. The cast: Juanita Morgan, Shirley Masrn;
Capi. Pedro Reol. Wallace MacDonald; Mr. Morgan,
William V. Mong; Senor Marino, Josef Suickard;
Pete, Tom O'Brien; Capt. Nelson, Larry Steers.

" DRAKE C.^SE. THE " — Universal.— From the
story by Charles Logue. Adapted by Edwaid
Laemmle and Charles Logue. Directed by Edward
Laemmle. The cast: Lulu Marks, Gladys Bruckwell;
District Attorney Caldwell, Forrest Stanley; Roger
Lane, Robert Frazer; Hugo Jepson, James Crane;
Mrs. Drake, Doris Lloyd; Capt. Condon. Bill Thorne;
Edmonds, Eddie Hcarn; Bill Bond, Tom Dugan;
Judge Morris, BiTon Douglas; Lieut. Morrison.
Francis Fc^-rd; Dr. Thorndyke. Henry Barrows; Nellie
St. Clair. Amber Norman.

"FAST COMPANY'"— Paramount.— From the
play "Elmer the Great" by Ring Lardncr. Adapted
by Patrick Kearney and Walton Butterfield. Directed
b>* Edward Sutherland. Dialogue by Joseph L.
Mankiewicz. The cast: Evelyn Corey, Evelyn Brent;
Elmer "Hurry" Kane. Jack Oakie; Bert Wade. Richard
"Skeets" Gallagher; Rosie Le Clerq. Gwen Loc; C. of
C President. Chester ConkHn; Dave Walker. Sam
Hardy; Barney Barlcnv, Arthur Housman; Mrs. Kane,
Eugenie Besserer; Piatt, E. H. Calvert; Hank Gordon,
Bert Rome.

"F.'\ST LIFE"— First National.— From the
play by Samuel Shipman and John B. Hymer. Screi-n
version by John F. Goodrich. Directed by Jnhn
Francis Dillon. The cast: Patricia Mason, Loretta
Young; Douglas Siratlon, Douglas Fairbanks. Jr.;
Paul Palmer. Chester Morris; The Governor. William
Holden; The Warden. Frank Sheridan; Rodney Hall,
Ray Hallor; Mr. Hall, John Sciinpolis.

"FROZEN JUSTICE"— Fox.— From the novel
by Einar Mikkel>cn. Scenario by Sonya Levien.

Directed by Allan Dwan. The cast: Talu, Lenore
Ulric; Lanak, Robert Frazer; Duke, Louis Wolheim;
Capt. Jones. Ullrich Haupt; Douglamana, Laska
Winter; S'toede, El Brendel; Dancer, Tom PatriCola;
Little Casino, Alice Lake; Mooschide Kate, GcTtrude
Astor; Boston School Ma'am. Adele Windsor; Yukon
Lucy, Neyneen Farrell; Bartender, Warren Hymer;
Proprietor. Lou Morrison; French Sailor, Charles
Judel?; Jewish Character, Joe Rochay; Harmony Duo,
Meyers Sisters; Singer, George MacFarlanc; Mate
Moore. Landers Stevens; Medicine Man, Jim Spencer;
French Pete, Arthur Stone; English Eddie, Jack
Ackroyd; Talu's Mother, Gertrude Chorre.

the story by John Stone. Dialogue by Edwin H.
Burke. Directed by Benjamin Stoloff. The cast:
Joan Ayiders, Lola Lane; Allan Grant, Paul Page;
William Dane, Kenneth Thomson; Lona Martin,
Natalie Moorehead; Spike Howard, Warren Hymer;
Dougherty. Joseph W. Girard; Babe Hanson. Adele
Windsor; Sally Green, Marcia Chapman; Toots Nolan,
Dorothy Brown; Detective, Juan Sedillo; Joe Barker,
Raymond Lopez.

Warners. — From the story by Avery Hopwood.
Scenario b> Robert Lord. Directed by Roy Del
Rutli. The cast: Jerry. Nancy Wclford; Stephen Lee,
Conway Tcarlc; Mable, Winnie Light ner; Ann Collins,
Ann Pennington; Eleanor. Lilyan Tashman; Wally,
William Bakewell; Nick. Nick Lucas; Violet, Helen
Foster; Blake, Albert Gran; Topsy, Gertrude Short;
Stage Manager, Necly Edwards; Cissy Cray, Julia
Swaync Gordon; Dance Director, L«e Moran; Barney
Barnett, Armand Kaliz.

"HAPPY DAVS"—M-G-M.— Directed by Sam
Wood. The cast: Sally Starr. Elliott Nugent, Robert
Montgomery-. Phyllis Crane, Cliff Edwards.

" H.\RD TO GET " — First NATioxAL.^From the
stor>' "Classified" by Edna Ferber. Adapted by
James Grucn. Directed by William Beaudine. The
cast: Bobbie Martin, Dorothy Mackaill; Jerry Dillon,
Charles Delaney; Paid Martin. Jimmie Finlayson;
Ma Martin. Louise Fajzenda; Marty, Jack Oakie;
Dexter Cortland, Edmund Burns; Mrs. Cortland^
Clarissa Selwi'nne.

story by Leo LTrvantzov. Adapted by Herman
Bernstein. Continuity by Francis Edward Faragoh.
Directed by Paul Slein. The cast: Vera Kessler, Ann
Harding; Judge Kessler. Harry Bannister; Carl
Weild. John Loder; Julia. Sturm, Kay Hammond;
Michael Sturm, Arthur HoM; Dr. Zeigler, William
Orlamond; Grimm. Elmer Ballard; Arnold Hart-
mann, Lawford Davidson; Slate's Attorney, Frank
R( icher.

mount. — From the story by Hans Sz*kcly. Directed
by Hans Schwartz. The cast: Camilla. Lil Dagover;
Franz, Willy Fritsch; Marika. Dita Parlo; Her Father,

A month or two ago PHOTOPLAY printed a picture of the living
billboard, the sensational advertising stunt which was used to call
attention to the **Hollywood Revue" when it opened in Hollywood.
Here you see the New York version which tied up traffic on Times
Square and caused policemen to fall fainting to the ground

Erery advertisement in PIIOTOPLAY MAGAZINE is guaranteed-

Photoplay Magazine for November, 1929


When the news got round that
Farina was leaving the Gang for
good, the fans set tip such a
clamor that Hal Roach hastened
to Mr. Allen Clay Hoskins with a
bright, shiny new contract. "Who
is this fellow Hoskins?" sez you.
"Farina!" sez we

Fritz Greiner; Her Mother, GisL-lla Bathory; Gen.
Hoffman, Erich Kaiser-Tiet; Baron Barsody, Leopold

"ILLUSION" — Paramount. — From the stor>- by
Arthur Train. Adapted by E. Lloyd Sheldon.
Dialogue by E. Lloyd Slieldon. Directed by Lothar
Mendes. The cast: Carlee Thorpe. Charles "Buddy"
Rogers', Claire Jernigan, Nancy Carroll; Hilda
Schmiltlap, June CoUyer; Mrs. Jacob Schmitllap,
Eugenie Besserer; Mr. Jacob Schmiltlap, Knute
Erickson; Zelda Paxton, Kay Francis; Queen of
Dalmatia, Maude Turner Gordon; Eric Schmiltlap.
Regis Toomey; Mr. X, \Vm. McLaughlin; Mrs. ZZ,
Katherine Wallace; Mr. Z, William Austin; Mrs. Y.
Frances Raymond; Gus Bloomberg, Eddie Kane;
Equerry, Micliael Visaroff; Consuelo, Bessie Lyle;
Mother Fay, Emelie Melville; Count Fortuny, Paul
Lukas; Jaram (Butler), Col. G. L. McDonnel.

"IN OLD CALIFORNIA" — Audible Film
Corp. — From the storj' by Fred Hart. Adapted by
Arthur Hoerl. Directed by Burton King. The cast:
Dolores, Helen Ferguson; Don Pedro DeLeon, Henr>-
B. Walthall; Lieut. Tony Hopkins, George Duryea;
Pedro DeLeon, Ray Hallor; OUie Radanell, Larry

"KIBITZER" — Paramount. — From the stage
play by Jo Swerling and Edward G. Robinson.
Adapted by Viola Brothers Shore and Sam Mintz.
Directed by Edward Sloman. The cast: Ike Lazarus
Uhe Kibitzer), Harry Green; Josie Lazarus, Mary-
Brian; Eddie Brown, Neil Hamilton; Bert Livingston,
David Newell; Yankel, Lee Kohlmar; Kikapoupolos,
Henry Fink; Meyer, Tenen HolLz; McGinty, Guy
Oliver; James Livingston, Albert Gran; Phillips, Eddie

"LIGHT FINGERS" — Colltmbia. — From the
screen play by Jack Natteford. Dialogue by Jack
Natteford. Directed by Joseph Henabery. The cast:
Light Fingers, Ian Keith; Dorothy Madison, Dorothy
Revier; Donald Madison, Carroll Nye; Edward
Madison, Tom Ricketts; Kerrigan, Ralph Theodore;
London Tower, Charles Gerrard; Butler, Pietro Soso.

"LOVE DOCTOR, THE" — Paramount. — From
the play " Boomerang" by Winchcll Smith and Victor
Mapes. Adapted by J. Walter Ruben and Guy
Bolton. Directed by Melville Brown. The cast: Dr.
Gerald Sumner, Richard Dix; Virginia Moore, June
CoUyer; Bud Woodbridge, Morgan Farley; Grace
Tyler, Miriam Seegar; Mrs. Woodbridge, Winifred
Harris; Preston De Will, Lawford Davidson; Lucy.
Gale Henry.

"LUCKY IN LOVE" — Pathe. — From the story
by Gene Markey. Dialogue by Gene Markcy.
Directed by Kenneth Webb. The cast: .Michael
O'.More, Morton Downey; Lady Mary Cardigan,
Betty Lawford; Capt. Brian Fitzroy, Colin Keith-
Johnston; Earl of Balkerry, Halliwell Hobbes;
Connors, J. M. Kerrigan; Tim O'More, Edward
McNamara; Paddy. Ricliard Taber; Rafferty, Edward
O'Conrior; Kate, Mar^' Murray; Cyril, Mackenzie
Ward; .\be Feinberg, Louis Sorin; Lulu Bellett', Sonia
Karlov; Potts, Tyrrell Davis; Landlady, Elizabeth
M urray.

From the storj- by Mark Canfield. Scenario by Ray
Doyle. Directed by Michael Curtiz. The cast;

Eyelashes • . «

can be grown

And You too, can groiv again those
thick. Curling Eyelashes of Youth


THE eyes of youth are well protected — made beauti-
ful and expressive by long, thick lashes — lashes kept
luxuriant, glossy, soft by the natural secretions of the
tiny cells located at the roots of the eyelashes.

But time, neglect, ill-health rob these little cells of
their natural food. Lashes dry out, become colorless,
break off or fall out. And the effect upon beauty is
devastating — for it has been said that half a woman's
charm depends upon her eyelashes.

Medical science says that daily care — the right
nourishment — can bring back those thick, curling eye-
Kishes of youth. The first step is to secure the correct

The new Winx Eyelash Grower was ongmated for
just such conditions as thinned, dried or colorless
l.ishes. It is a pure, rich cream made of the mildest
ingredients — tested in the laboratory — tried by thou-
sands of women and always found successful.

241 West 17th Street, New York


Winx Eyelash Grower comes in black and brown
fur daytime use — or colorless, if you prefer. Sold at
leading department stores. Priced at $1.

Winx Beautifiers — in Solid or Liquid form — come in
two colors: black and brown. Priced at 75c. Sold


One of America's most noted beauty
specialists says:

"Hair eel! structure of eye-
lashes 13 similiir to that of the
scalp. Cells can be re-stimu-
lated, re-iiourished and new
lash growth encouraged by
correct care and treatment."

Every Freckle
and Blemish
Gone . • . Skin
Now Radiantly

Here is an amazing rejuvcndtor
that performs its miracles by an
entirely new method. It succeeds
where other methods have failed

because it employs a famous healing and
purifying agent to neutralize the dermal
elements that normally age and darken the
skin. It starts to work the instantit touches
your face. Whether your skin worries are
big ones or little ones — anything from off-
color dullness to stubborn freckles, black-
heads and blemishes — you'll find a quick,
safe remedy in Golden Peacock Bleach
Crerae. There is nothing else like it. One
application will show you.

Trial jar free . . . Ask for Golden Peacock
Bleach Creme by name at drug or depart-
ment stores. . .or we will send you. absolute-
ly FREE, a generous sample that will show
you the quick, modem way to radiant skin
be^.uty. Just mail your name and address to

25 Oak St. , Paris. Tenn.

10 laree
loan firms

combined (world's

oldest, largeet association
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uuiae oiaLmoods free at our risk. Lists Jimited-wnte at once.

Unpaid Loans-Low as $60 per Carat

Address - — -

For Fr«« LImt clip this now, fill in and mail to -

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Tap Dancin<i^


SiiKiv at lumie under tlie direct inn i^f
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Photoplay Magazine for November, 1929


usually starts from tender

GUMS that bleed
easily — are ten-
der or soft — warn
that pyorrhea may
be developing. Py-
orrhea's infection
attacks the peri-
dental membrane
in the root sockets
that hold the teeth
in place.

Extraction of the teeth is often necessary,
no matter how perfect they may be. Your
teeth are not safe unless the gums are firm,
pink and healthy.

Pyrozide Powder was formulated for the
special purpose of stimulating and harden-
ing the gums. It is medicated with Dentinol,
used for many years by thousands of den-
tists. The wide use of Pj'rozide for gum pro-
tection is largely the result of dentists' pre-
scriptions. While Pyrozide is a superior
tooth cleanser, it should be brushed on the
gums daily, no matter what other tooth
preparation is habitually used.

Your druggist can supply Pyrozide. Its
regular use costs only 4c a week. Mail cou-
pon below or a post card for free sample.


The Dentinol & Pyrozide Co.. Inc. (Sole Distributors)
Dept. R-9. 1480 Broadway. New York City
Mail free sample of Pyrozide Powder and booklet on
care of the gums.

Name .


NO On delivery pay postman onIy$2. 00. There-

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How to bantah them

A simple, aafe home treat-
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Growths) dry up and drop
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WM. DAVIS, M. D^ 124-D Grove Ave« Woodbrldge, N. J.

Maria, Dolores Costello; Slim. Grant Withers; Arch
Duke. Douglas Gerrard; Georgia Morton, Louise
Dresser; Monk, Otto Hoffman; Gus, Lee Moran.

"MARIANNE" — M-G-M. — (Talkie Version)
From the story by Dale Van Every. Dialogue bj'
Gladys Unger and Laurence Stallings. Directed hy
Robert Z. Leonard. The cast: Marianne, Marion
Davies; Andre, George Baxter; Slagg. Lawrence Gray;
Soapy, Cliff Edwards; Sam, Benny Rubin; Lieut.
Franc, Scott Kolk; The General, Robert Edeson; Pere
Joseph, Emil Chautard.

" MARIANNE " — M-G-M. — ( SQent Version )
From the story by Dale Van Every. Directed by
Robert Z. Leonard. The cast: Marianne, Marion
Davies; Stagg, Oscar Shaw; Andre, Robert Castle;
Soapy. Robert Ames; Lieut. Frane, Scott Kolk; The
General, Mack Swain; Major, Oscar Apfel.

"NEW YORK NIGHTS"— United Artists.—
From the play "Tin Pan Alley" by Hugo Stanislaus
Stange. Scenario by Jules Furthman. Directed by
Lewis Milestone. The cast: Jill Det-erne, Norma
Talmadge; Fred Deverne, Gilbert Roland; Joe Prividi,
John Wray; Peggy. Lilyan Tashman; Ruthie Day,
Mary Doran; Johnny Dugan, Roscoe Karns.

"NIGHT CLUB"— Paramount.— From the story
by Katherine Brush. Directed by Robert Florey.
The cast: Fannie Brice, Ann Pennington. Tamara
Gcva, Bobbe Arnsrt, Minnie Dupree, Pat Rooney, Pat
Rooney, Jr., Jimmy Carr, Donald Ogden Stewart.

"OH. YEAH!"— Pathe. — From the stor>- "No
Brakes" by A. W. Somcrville. Adapted by Tay
Garnett. Dialogue by James Glcason. Directed by
Tay Garnett. The cast: Dude, Robert Armstrong;
Dusty, James Gleason; Pinky, Patricia Caron; The
Elk. ZaSu Pitts; Pop Eye, Bud Fine; Hot Foot, Frank
Hagncy; Splinterr, Harry Tyler; Superintendent. Paul

World Wide. — Directed by Max Ncufeld. The cast:
Mile. Elisa Corelli, Dina Gralla; The Arch-Duke
Sixtus, Albert Paulig; Count Paul Paladin (his A. D.
C), Werner Pittschau; Madame Spalanzoni, Carmen

"PUSHER-IN-THE-F.\CE" — Paramount. —

From the story by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Directed b\-
Robert Florey. Tlie cast: Lester Allen. Estelle
Taylor, Lillian Walker, Raymond Hitchccck.

AIR" — F. P. G. Production. — Directed by D.
Kortesz and Peter Joseph. Photography by Com-
mander D. Otto Phillipp and Lieut. Karl Osterkamp.
Tlie cast: M. de Val, George Burghardt; Yvonne,
Sj'bil Morell; Charles, Arnc Molander; Susan ne,
Helga Thomas; Alphonse, Angelo Ferrari; Werner
Dewall. Egon V. Jordan; Baron von Richlhofen. Carl
W. Myer.

"RIO RITA"-RKO.— From the Ziegfeld musical
play by Guy Bolton and Fred Thompson. Directed
by Luther Reed. Stage direction by Russell Mack.
The cast: Rita Ferguson, Bebe Daniels; Capt. Jim
Ste^vart, John Boles; Roberto Ferguson. Don Alvarado;
Dolly, Dorothy Ix-e; Chick, Bert Wheeler; Lo-jett,
Robert Woolsey; Ravinojf, Georges Renevant; Mrs,
Bean, Helen Kaiser; Davalos, Tiny Sandford; Parone.
Nick de Ruiz; McGinn, Sam Nelson; Wilkins, Fred
Burns; Carmen, Eva Rosita; Cafe Proprietor, Sam

"SILVER KING. THE"— British.— Directed by

T. Hayes Hunter. The cast: Wilfred Denver, Percy
Marmont; Nellie Denver. Jean Jay; Capt, Skinner.
Bernard Ncdell; Olive. Cliili Boucliier; Jaikes, Harold
Huth; Selwyn, Phillip Lord; Dickey. Raymond ElUs.

Artists. — From the story by William Shakespeare.

Adapted by Sam Taylor. Directed by Sam Tavlcr.
The cast : Katherine. Mary Pickford ; Petruchio,
Douglas Fairbanks; Hortensio, Geoffrey Wardwell;
Baptisla. Edwin Maxwell; Bianca, Dorothy Jordan;
Gretnio, Joseph Cawthorne; Grumio, Clyde Cook.

the story by Homer Ci oy. Scenario by Sonya Levien.
Directed by Frank Borzage. The cast: Pike Peters,
Will Rogers; Mrs. Peters, his wife, Irene Rich;
Opal Peters, his daughter. Marguerite Churchill;
Ross Peters, his son. Owen Davis, Jr.; Claudtne.
Fifi Dorsay; Marquis de Brissac, Ivan Lebcdeff;
Marquise de Brissac. Marcelle Corday; Grand Duke
Makiall, Theodore Lodi; Clark McCurdy. Rex Bell;
Fleurie, Christiane Yves; Ed Eggers, Edgar Kennedy;
Tup per. Bob Kerr; Miss Mason, Marcia Manon;
Valet, Andre Cheren; Prince Ordinsky, Gregory Gay.

From tlic play by Baj'ard Veiller. Directed by Ted
Browning. The cast: Richard Crosby, Conrad Nagel;
Helen O'Neill, Leila Hyams; Madame Rosalie La
Grange, Margaret Wycherly; Mary Eastwood, Helenc
Millard; Sir Roscoe Crosby, Holmes Herbert; Lady
Crosby, Marj- Forbes; Inspector Dehante. Bela Lugosi;
Edward Wales, John Davidson; Dr. Philip Maso?t,
Charles Quartermaine; Helen Trent. Moon Carroll;
Brandon Trent, Cyiil Chadwick; Howard Standish,
Bertram Johns; Grace Standish, Gretchen Holland;
Professor Feringee. Frank Leigh; Commissioner Grim-
shaw, Clarence Geldert; Chotee, Lai Chand Merra.

"THIS MAD WORLD"— M-G-M.— From the
play "Tcrre Inhumaine" by Francois de Curel.
Adapted by Clara Berangcr. Directed by WilUam de
Millo. The cast: Paul. Basil Rathbone; His Mother,
Loui.-e Dresser; Victoria, Kay Johnson; Anna, Veda
Bucklana; Emile, Louis Nathcaux.

"THREE LIVE GHOSTS "—United Artists.—
From the stage play by Frederick S. Isham. Adapted
by Max Marcin. Directed bj' Thornton Freeland.
The cast: Mrs, Gubbins, Ber>-1 Mercer; Peggy Woofers,
Hilda Vaughn; Bolton. Harrj' Stubbs; Rose Gordon,
Joan Bennett; .-llice. Nanci Price; Jitnmie Gubbins,
Charles McNaughton; WilUam Foster, Robert Mont-
gomery; "Spoofy." Claud Allister; Paymaster, Arthur
Cla>-ton; Crockery Man, Tencn Holtz; Briggs, Shayle
Gardner; Benson, Jack Cooper; Lady Leicester,
Jocclyn Lee.

"TONIGHT AT TWELVE" — Universal. —
From the stage play by Owen Davis. Directed by
Harry Pollard. Tlie cast: Jane Eldredge, Madge
Bellamy; Jack Keith, Robert Ellis; Naii Stoddard,
Margaret Livingston; Barbara Warren, Vera Rey-
nolds; Professor Eldredge. Norman Trevor; Bill
Warren, Hallam Cooley; Mary. Man' Doran; Tony
Keith, George Lewis; .-Mice Keith, Madeline Seymour;
Dora Eldredge, Josephine Brown; Tom Stoddard. Don
Douglas; Joe, Nick Thompson; Ellen, Louise Carver.

" WREC KER, THE"— Tiffany-Stahl. — From
the play by Arnold Ridley and Bernard Merivale.
Directed by G. M. Bolvar>'. The cast: Ambrose
Barney, Carlyle Blackwell; Mary Shelton, Benita
Hume; Sir Gervaise Bartlett, Winter Hall; Roger
Doyle. Joseph Striker; Rameses Ratchet t, Leonard
Thompson; William, Gordon Harker; Beryl Matchley.
Pauline Johnson.

"WHY LEAVE HOME? "—Fox.— From the play
"Cradle Snatchers" by Russell Medcraft and Nor-
man Mitchell. Adapted by Robert S. Carr. Music
by Conrad, Mitchell and Gkjttler. Directed by Ray-
mond Cannon. The cast: The girls: Mary, Sue Caiol;
Billie, Dixie Lee; Jackie. Jean Bary. The boys: Dick,
Nick Stuart; Jose, Richard Keene; Oscar, David
Rollins. The husbands: Elmer, Walter Catlrtt;
George. Jed Prouty; Roy, Gordon De Main. The
wives: FJhcl, Ilka Chase; Susan, Dot Farley; Maude,

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