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Laura Hamilton.

When Norma Terris, stage and screen star, heard the name of her
first all-talking picture, she rushed right out and said **yes" to Dr.
Jerome Wagner over the long distance telephone. Dr. Wagner lost
no time in getting to the coast, and on August 20, 1929, the two
were married in Hollywood. The name of the picture? **Married
in Hollywood!"

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Photoplay Magazine for November, 1929






With Jasoa Robards,
Zasu Pitts, and Louise
Closser Hale. A Clar-
ence Badger produc-
tion. Based on the
play by Mart in Brown.

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Photoplay Magazine for November, 1929

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Brickbats and Bouquets


The Talkies Have Taken

London, England.

Your talkies have conquered London, in
spite of tile prophecies of the critics that
.Vmerican accents would spoU the interest.

"The Broadway Melody" has been the
prime favorite, running for nine weeks at tlie
Empire Theater.

The American accent, which has been the
great bone of contention, is, after all, quite
correct when the picture is of modern America,
and the slang is catching, and is becoming
quite a craze.

A costume or period play would not be
convincing abroad, and in this field your
silent, spectacular films will always appeal.
However, your country has a wonderful oppor-
tunity to present the U. S. A. today.

Mrs. C. M. Brydon.

Barthehness Fan Leaps
to Rescue

La Fayette, Ind.

After reading all the hullabaloo that has
been written since Richard Barthehness had
a voice double in "Weary River," it's time
someone came to the rescue.

What if he isn't gifted with a singing voice?
If he can act, as critics admit, shall we scrap
him? Why is it worse to have a voice double

than any other? We know the stars use
doubles for dangerous stunts, and nobody
stays away because of it. No one objects to
trick photography.

Yet we read that Barthehness has cheated
the public and that he shouldn't be allowed
to do such a thing. How have we been cheated
when we have known from the first that a
double was used? Let's not turn them down
because they can't sing.

Mrs. Pearl Sutton.

Mr. Champion Champions
Film Players

Oakland, Calif.

Hollywood is the home of the motion pic-
ture and New York is the home of stage stars.
So give us more Hollysvood talking pictures
and less of the stage people.

We don't want so many pictures that have
a cast of players unknown to us movie fans.

We pay our money to see our favorite screen
stars, like Buddy Rogers, Nancy Carroll,
Clara Bow, Richard Arlen, Bessie Love and
others, and not to see a group of unknown
stage actors.

George I. Champion.

We Want More Curves,
Cry Girl Fans

Twin Falls, Idaho.
W^here are the types of the good old days?
Like Clara Kimball Young, Katherine Brown

What a break! Tough luck follows Beverly Bayne, the erstwhile
Mrs. Francis X. Bushman and an old time picture favorite. With
the advent of talking pictures the stage was set for a comeback for
Beverly. She looks like a million, has a fine voice and stage train-
ing. Three of the big studios offered her leading roles, but due to
her long membership in Equity she was unable to accept any
picture offers. She returns to Broadway to play in "Escapade," a

stage play

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Photoplay Magazine for November, 1929


MacDonald, Theda Bara, Bessie Barriscalc,
Margarita Fisher?

These girls were really beautiful. They had
enough meat on their bones to make lovely
figures. The girls in pictures today are so
skinny they look like shadows of the beautiful
beings they could be if they were not starved.

It is pitiful and deplorable. If directors
think that is beauty they certainly lack good
taste! Agnes Lyons.

Bristol, Conn.

I wish to express my opinion about pro-
ducers who insist on making the poor stars
starve only to gain pitiful figures.

1 believe Joan Crawford a very good actress,
but I never enjoy her pictures her ause of her
sickly appearance.

Instead of admiring her, as rr.any do, I only
pity her. The same thing happens whene\cr
I see Mary Philbin, Myrna Loy, Dolores del
Rio and many otliers.

Please give us more healthy looking girls
like Clara Bow, Anita Page, Thelma Todd
and others. Do not spoil the health, not only
of picture stars, but of all the women in the
world !

Mrs. Q. R.

Give Us More Laughs!

Washington, D. C.

This is a plea for pie throwing and slap-
stick! Where are the good old rip-snorting
comedies of yesterday? Only the smallest
provincial theaters sliow them. The large
houses are overloaded with talkie novelties,
movietone specialties and vaudeville — with
never a thought for the side-splitting, rela.xing
comedies that used to accompany the big

I saw "Evangeline" recently. I can't feel
uplifted or purified by a good cry over her
sorrows. I felt that aftenvard we ought to
have an extra good comedy. Did we have
one? We did not! We had a lot of jazz songs
and a sad one or two by a lot of personality-

Maybe I'm all wrong. Maybe producers
are now busy making extra funny comedies,
1929 style. But I sure do wish they'd hurry!
Helen Gunner.

That Fatal "Star" PoUcy

Juneau, Alaska.

My pet grievance is directed against the so-
called "starring vehicle" written by hack
writers around the personality of some star,
either to save the star the necessity of acting,
or to cash in on the personal popularity of an

The plots of such operas are invariably trite
and time-worn, on the principle that anything
new might not be understood by Main Street.
The members of the supporting cast are chosen
with Uttle or no consideration of their fitness
for their respective roles; and even if the star is
capable, it is hopeless to expect him or her to
carry such an unleavened mess. It is
merely an attempt of the producers to pare
enough from the legitimate expenses of pro-
duction to pay the e.xorbitant salaries of the

Denzel Piercv.

Are the Sun-Kist Peaches

Middletown, Penna.

I think the movies take in too much territory
when they boast of their beautiful women.
True, there are some attractive actresses, but
not one that can be classified as beautiful.

What HoUy^vood needs is more sleep and
less make-up.

There is a young girl in my home town whom
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proved herself a capable actress in all homc-
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Photoplay Magazine for November, 1929




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Why Not Sit Midway?

Berkeley, Calif.
Being possessed of all my faculties, I feel
that I can quite justly lodge a "complaint"
against the talkie invasion.

In order that I may hear the lines spoken,
I must sit in or near the first row. But in
order to protect my eyes I must sit well to
the rear. What's the answer?

Jacqueline Collier.

Delaware Goes Boles

Claymont, Del.

Tliis is a great big bouquet full of beautiful
posies for John Boles of "The Desert Song."
What a find! And where has he been all the
time? I never got such a kick out of screen
love-making, and I've been seeing movies all
my life. Oh, his expression — his voice — his
singing! And everybod}' feels just the same
about him.

Happy days to John Boles.

Trix Shaw.

(Johnny's fan mail in Photoplay's office is
enormous. There are evidently a hundred
million others like Tri.x. — Ed.)

He's Laughing Off Stan and

Kansas City, Mo.
Hah hah hah! Hee hee hee! Yes sirec,
Stan Hah hah! Laurel and Oliver Hah hah!
Hardy are positively Hah hah! Riotous!

The two greatest short reel Hah hah!
comedians on the screen today, bar none. Hah
hah hah!

Harry Krug.

A Kind Word for Voice Doubling

Huntington Park, Calif.

I am one of the many mo\ie fans who prefer
familiar faces on the screen, even though we
are assured that all the voice reproduction is
not their own. These screen people have been
very satisfactory as to acting ability, so docs it
matter that they have doubles do their singing
and playing?

There have been no more touching scenes
filmed than Richard Barthelmess singing in
"Weary River," and what more divine than
Corinne Griffith in "The Divine Lady.'' It
seems to me the most wonderful progress in the
picture industry when we can see the beauty
of face and form of old friends, combined with
the beauty of voice we like to think theirs.

After all, movies are all the romance the
majority of us get out of life, so why not let
the actors remain ideal in our hearts and
minds? Even though the stage voice is beliind
the scenes, let us continue to look upon the
loveliness of the screen stars.

Nina Suiton.

Shall We Have Both?

New York City.

I have been a movie fan ever since the days
of Maurice CosteUo, Florence Turner and the
late .Arthur Johnson. Stars of yesterday, and
shining stars they were.

Having recently gone to hear and see the
much talked about "talking pictures," I admit
I enjoyed several; but there is a handicap.
The audiences in most picture palaces do an
immense lot of talking and running here and
there for better seats. And along with them
can be heard the ushers calling out sweetly (?),
"More seats in the balcony."

Now I ask you, what chance have the
patrons to enjoy talking pictures under these
conditions? After all, the motion picture
houses were built for the masses, not for the

There is room in this vast country for both

talkies and the silent drama. Let's have our
choice, the same as in the legitimate theaters.
Where one is playing musical comedy and
another is playing drama, both are well

Trudy Halperin.


New York City.
"The talkies may make the actors talk.
But they can't improve our Charlie's walk."
Don't you agree that you can't improve a

GEETEtTOE A. Mendel.

That's an Idea, Too!

Forest Park, 111.
Some think the mo\'ing pictures are bad, but
they do not stop to think that the players must
make a li\ing some way.

Margaret Goodman.

From Many Readers

Houston, Te.x., reports! ESTELLE WADE
writes that her town votes 50 per cent for
talkies, 25 per cent for sound, and the other
quarter for the silent kind. She pleads that
all three be kept going, to take care of such
diversified tastes.

From Hongkong, China, FRED K.
NICHOLSON thanks us for the story on Lew
Cody and Mabel Normand, printed months
ago, and prays for their recovery.

MARY ANDERSON, Olympia, Wash.,
sends a nice bouquet to Edith Chapman and
James Neill for their work in "The Idle Rich."

This is what BESSIE GLOVER of Mont-
gomery, Ala., thinks of talkies: "A silent pic-
ture makes you feel like you are having a
wonderful dream, but when you hear a voice
you awaken, and that spoils it all."

Speaking for Wichita, Kan., D. DAVID
WINTERS says, "We of Wichita will always
be glad to see Nils Asther, accent and all!"

Will Bessie Love please come up to the
platform and get this nosegay? MRS. C. C,
of Trenton, N. J., says, "I think she is keen,
peachy, and fifty-seven other varieties of nice

.\nd OCCO ORBAAN, of New York City,
tosses a goodbye nosegay at Phyllis Haver, who
says she has left the screen for housekeeping.

The little town of Exeter, Neb., gets an
enormous thrill out of such peppy Broadway
pictures as "The Singing Fool" and "The
Broadway Melody," according to ESTHER

GEORGE ATTIN, writing from the Island
of Trinidad, says that the public wants moral
pictures, particularly those relating to in-
cidents of real life.

This is for producers. "Give us bigger and
better talkies, but add a little more story
and don't over-emphasize the theme songs,"
says EUGENE GILLESPIE, of Atlanta, Ga.

JULIAN LA THORRE, of Manila, Philip-
pine Islands, is peeved at harsh critics. "Those
movie fans who are always grumbling about
stars and pictures make me tired. If they don't
like a certain star, why go to see him?"

The lovely and talented Ruth Chatterton
continues to build up a sohd army of devoted
admirers. " Happiness always to our beautiful,
patrician star, Ruth Chatterton! May she
shine on forever!" is the wish of ADELE L.
SIIklONDS, of HoUy^vood.

Senorita CARIMEN LALLYE, of Cape
Girardeau, Mo., wiU soon be all set. "I have
never heard Garbo. But I'm waiting, and
when I do I shall be completely happy,"
says the senorita.

EDWARD FLETCHER, of Chicago, says
that Dolores Del Rio and Greta Garbo are
our leading actresses, and hates to hear them

Hey, Johnny Mack Brown! MARY J. C,
of Boston, says you should "learn to throw
your voice out." In "Coquette" she could
hardly hear you.

Every advertisement in PHOTOPLAT MAGAZINE is guaranteed.

Photoplay Magazine for November, 1929
nil. Jllllllli limnii lillllir nil ' iilllllP""'l|l



Hear these spark-
ling song hits: *^Tip
Toe Through the
Tulips," ^'Painting
tho Clouds with
Sunshine,'* "In a
Kitchenette" and
'"Go to Bed."

r^ crea/es



Picture a profuse procession of revue spectacle
scenes in amazing settings . . . superbly staged
chorus dancing numbers . . . the flashing wit of
Winnie Lightner . . . the charm of Nancy Welford
. . . the astounding dancing of Ann Pennington
. . . the crooning of Nick Lucas . . . love scenes as
only Conway Tearle can play them ... a story
that had New York gasping and giggling for one
solid year . . . and you have only begun to imagine
the treat that is in store for you.

One hundred per cent Color, an additional feature
of Vitaphone all-talking pictures,
doubles the "life-likeness" of this
most vivid and enjoyable of all
talking pictures.

Look for the thriU of a lifetime
the day you see "Gold Diggers
of Broadway" ... And look
for the Vitaphone sign M'hen
you want talking picture enter-
tainment — always !


You see and hear Vitaphone onlij in Wdrner ^xos.and First Mdtional Picturef


When you write to advertisers please mention PHOTOPLAT MAGAZINE.


Photoplay Magazine for November^ 1929


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