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add a great deal to the fun of the world.
But if you are the type to whom flippancies
do not come easily, your efforts to be witty
will sound forced.

Remarks that are intended to be funny,
but aren't, soon pall.

A fund of general information, some
definite interests along educational, business
or social lines, or in sports; a genuine interest
in other people and their problems — all these
things make contact -with others the simple,
natural relationship it should be.

Betty Lou:

You neglected to enclose the list of cosmetics
you have selected. However, judging from
your description of yourself, I suggest you
use a fine rachel powder, a touch of geranium
or perhaps carmine lipstick and no rouge.
You may have to experiment a little before
you decide which shades are most becoming.

E. D.:

Perhaps you don't try hard enough to win
friends. Reticence and modesty are fine
qualities, but in these days of many casual
social contacts it is often necessary to make
it plain to the people we meet that we are

Photoplay Magazine for December, 1929

interested in them in order to draw their
attention to us. There are dignified ways of
showing a young man that you want his
friendship, without being bold. You have the
advantage of living in a town where strangers
come to spend their vacations and you can
invite them to your home and make them
remember you and your hospitality with a
keen sense of pleasure. Some of them are
quite likely to come back again, if they leave
with that memory.


M. A. F.:

With your height and your attractive color-
ing you can make yourself into a stunning
person. You can wear all shades of brown
beautifully, and brown is one of the loveUest
of this season's popular colors. You can also
wear certain shades of green, and the midnight
blue that is so fashionable. The latter color
would be a splendid choice for a velvet after-
noon or evening frock. There's all sorts of
help for you — and most of it is help you can
give yourself, with a little intelligent thought,
a little e.xperimenting, and a determination
to make the most of whatever good points
you have.

Betty N.:

The boy is right, Betty. You have no right
to "lead him on," as he expresses it. If
you want him to behave, and I know you do,
then you wiU have to be more careful of your
own conduct. It's foolish to do things just
because "everyone else does them."

Imitate the girls who have the same ideals
you have, not those of whose behavior you
are ashamed. If you want to attain real
popularity remember that WTong methods
never bring right results.


You are from five to eight pounds under-
weight. Your question, "How can I keep
my eyes from looking too large?" is certainly
unusual. My answer is, don't. Large eyes
are very attractive, especially when they
express intelligence and kindness. That's
more important to think about than size.

If you use rouge, apply it high on the cheeks
and well in towards the nose to add length to
your face. V neckhnes wHl also give length.


Your weight is just about correct, although
a gain of a few pounds would probably improve
your figure. Perhaps you are not aware of
the fact that as most blondes grow older their
hair darkens somewhat. There are a number
of simple preparations which are widely
advertised that will tend to keep the hair light,
if used regularly. If the freckle cream you
have been using is not effective, I certainly
should not continue with it. Perhaps it does
not agree with your skin, or you have not
followed directions carefully. There are a
number of excellent freckle removers on the
market, but you may have to experiment a
little to find the one that is most effective
for you.

Emily G. :

Your weight is normal for your height and
age. My reducing booklet contains some
simple hip-reducing exerciises and if you will
send ten cents and a stamped, self-addressed
envelope I shall be glad to send it to you.

Maiiie S. :

A brunette of your type with good color can
wear black, especially with touches of color
in the trimming; cream and ivory-white; buff;
dark bro\vn; pale blue; silver-gray; clear red;
all yellows; coral; old rose; flesh pink.

Cut Picture Puzzle Fans !
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in the January Photoplay, on sale about December 10.


Yes, Grow Eyelashes

and Eyebrows like this

in 30 days

'T'HE most marvelous discovery has been made — a
^ way to make eyelashes and eye"brows actually
grow. Now if you want long, curling, silken lashes,
you can have them — and beautiful, wonderful eye-

I say to you in plain English that no matter how
scant the eyelashes and eyebrows, I will increase
their length and thickness in 30 days — or not accept
a single penny. No "ifs," "ands," or "maybes." It
is new growth, startling results, or no pay. And you
are the sole judge.

Proved Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt

Over ten thousand women have tried my amazing
discovery, proved that eyes can now be fringed with
long, curling natural lashes, and the eyebrows made
intense, strong silken linesl Read what a few of
them say. I have made oath before a notary public
that these letters are voluntary and genuine. From
Mile. Hefflefinger. 240 W. "B" St., Carlisle, Pa.:
"I certainly am delighted ... I notice the greatest
difference ... people I come in contact with remark
how long and silky my eyelashes appear." From
Naomi Otstot, 5437 Westminster Ave.. W. Phila.,
Pa.: "I am greatly pleased. My eyebrows and
lashes are beautiful now." From Frances Raviart,
R. D. No. 2, Box 179, Jeanette, Penn.: "Your eye-
lash and eyebrow beautifier is simply marvelous."
From Pearl Provo. 2954 Taylor St., N. E., Minne-
apolis, Minn.:*'! have been using your eyebrow and
eyelash Method. It is surely wonderful." From
Miss Flora J. Corriveau, 8 Pinette Ave., Biddeford,
Me.: "X am more than pleased with your Method,
My eyelashes are growing long and luxurious."

Results Noticeable in a Week

In one week — sometimes in a day or two — you
notice the effect. The eyelashes become more beau-
tiful — hke a silken fringe. The darhng little upward
curl shows itself. The eyebrows become sleek and
tractable — with a noticeable appearance of growth
and thickness. You will have the tiirill of a life-
time — know that you can have eyelashes and eye-
brows as beautiful as any you ever saw.

Remember ... in 30 days I guarantee results that
will not only delight, but amaze. If you are not
absolutely and entirely satisfied, your money will
be returned promptly. I mean just that — no quibble,
no strings. Introductory price $1.95. Later the
price will be regularly S5 .00. ^

Grower will be sent C. O. D. or you can send
money with order. If money accompanies order
postage will be prepaid.

£■ """ "— "" ■ s-


i 856-C Lucille Young Building. Chicago. III. ■

S Send me your new discovery for growing eye- »

■ lashea and eyebrows. If not absolutely and ■

■ entirely satisfied, I will return it within 30 days J
S and you will return my money without question. ■

■ Price C. O. D. is SL95 plus few cents postage. ■
S If money sent with order price is 51-95 and post- ■

■ age is prepaid. ■
5 State whether money enclosed or you want ■
S order C. O. D 5

: :

S Name ■

S5.00.^ ^7

St. Addresa_

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Photoplay Magazine for December, 1929



Give a

Gorgeous blue
white Diamonds;
solid 18 -k white
gold mountings.
best Christ-
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Rings I

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The Old





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ture camera
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thing new— different. Not sold in stores. Save
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make money in full or spare

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>american Products Co.

6821 Monmouth Avq., Cincinnati, Otiio

^rkafiy. new method of oil coIorinR ov*r photoirrapha anu
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' tfntr work for anyone. 335-5100 weekly and more. Free
Emol 'yment Service. EarnwhilelearninKathoroe. Complete

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These New Faces

BETTY LAWFORD ("The Big Pond," Paramount) is the pretty young
daughter of that excellent stage actor, Ernest Lawford, an
Englishman long active in the American theater. Miss Betty
debuted in talking pictures in "Gentlemen of the Press," playing
the leading ingenue, and will next be seen with Maurice Cheva-
lier in "The Big Pond," soon due.

CHARLES RUGGLES ("The Lady Lies," Paramount) is one of Broad-
way's sure-lire character comedians. He has appeared in in-
numerable musical shows, most recently in the short-lived but
beautiful "Rainbow," and in "Spring Is Here." Charlie is a
brother of Wesley Ruggles, the film director, and is noted as a
delineator of comical stage drunks.

CLAUDETTE COLBERT ("The Lady Lies," Paramount) is one of the
most beautiful and talented of the theater's younger leading
women. Last season she was leading woman in the Theater
Guild production of Eugene O'Neill's ill-fated "Dynamo." She
is the wife of Norman Foster, young stage actor who was seen in
the filmed "Gentlemen of the Press."

SIDNEY BLACKMER ("A Most immoral Lady," First National) is the
new husband of Lenore Ulric. He has been prominent as a
leading man in the theater for some years, and last season was
his wife's leading man in David Belasco's production of "Mima"
on Broadway. Blackmer's work opposite Leatrice Joy in "A
Most Immoral Lady" marks his film debut.

LlLLLrVN KU 1 rl ("The Vagabond King," Paramount) has been before the
eyes of the amusement world a comparatively brief time. She
came to New York's attention in the summer of 1928 as leading
'^ ~^g| singing and dancing soubrette in Earl Carroll's "Vanities," the

famous revue. A short term in vaudeville, and she went West to
catch on nicely in pictures.


("Her Private .\ffair," Pathe) is far more than


the husband of beautiful Ann Harding, who is starred in this
picture. He has been a well-known leading man in the theater
for some time, having appeared in the leading role of Channing
Pollock's famous play-preachment, "The Fool." He's made
good, and will be with Pathe for some time to come.

ANN PENNINGTON ("Gold Diggers of Broadway," Warners) became
nationally famous years ago as a dancing sprite in Ziegfeld's
"Follies." She then appeared in George White's "Scandals"
as featured dancer for several years. Her press agents sold her
to the public as the possessor of the prettiest dimpled knees in
the world. And they still are.

HENRY DANIEL ("The Awful Truth," Pathe) is a young English actor

who came to this side a few years ago, and has been working
in America ever since, except for one brief return to the London
stage. His last and greatest Broadway hit was as Lord Ivor
Cream in the dramatization of "Serena Blandish," opposite
Ruth Gordon and Constance Collier.

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Photoplay Magazine for December, 1929


^^Tliat talking eoniedy is a gem -^ the
finest tiling on a good program.^'

** Yes. It's easy to see wiiy tliey always
have a eoniedy in tlie slioiv noMV.^^










Jack White Productions


Always looking for something new in screen
entertainment! Of course you are. And

Coronet Talkiixg Comedies are the

newest of the neiv — smart, modern farce, en-
tirely different from anything in the old
silent films.

A splendid example of the great revival of
screen humor that is so well typified in all of
Educationai's Talking Comedies.

You will find them regularly on the best
theatres' programs. For they are among the
finest entertainment the screen offers in this,
its greatest year.








Jack White Productions




E. W. HAMMONS, Prcident
Executica Offictts 1501 Braadtcay, New York, N. Y.

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Photoplay Magazine for December, 1929


A Sure Way to End It

There is one sure way that never fails to re-
move dandruff completely, and that is to dissolve
it. Then you destroy it entirely. To do this,
just apply a little Liquid Arvon at night before
retiring; use enough to moisten the scalp and
rub it in gently with the finger tips.

By morning, most, if not all, of your dandruff
will be gone, and two or three more applications
will completely dissolve and entirely destroy
every single sign and trace of it, no matter how
much dandruff you may have.

You will find, too, that all itching of the scalp
will stop instantli' and your hair will be lustrous,
glossy, silky and soft, and look and feel a hun-
dred times better.

You can get Liquid Arvon at any drug store,
and a four ounce bottle is all you will need.

This simple remedy has never been known to


Don't worry longer withltch-
ing Skin, Dandruff, Rashes,
Blemishes, Pimplesandoiher
a bottle of cooling, healing,
antisepticZemo— thesafcdependablewaytore-

-—does not show. All druggists, 3 5c, 60c, S 1 .00.

Questions and Answers


Marian Yearick, Dayton, Ohio. — 'W'hy
make poor Joe Cobb an old man before his
time? He's only fourteen. Molly O'Day will
make believe that she is Sally O'Neil's sister in
"The Show of Shows" — which won't be hard
because she is! I don't know why Clara
doesn't reduce — guess she wants to keep those
dangerous curves.

Camilla Daugaard, Miles City, Mont. — '
Ramon Novarro is Mexican, Mademoiselle.
And you? The picture to which you refer was
"The Air Circus" and David Rollins played
the part of the son.

O. R., Granite Falls, Minn. — Both Bessie
Love and Anita Page claimed five feet, two
inches as their height until "Broadway
Melody" proved that one or the other was
cheating. Now the ghastly truth comes out :
our Bessie is a modest five feet and Anita is
five feet, three. Raymond Keane and Mar-
garet Morris appeared in "The Magic Gar-

Donald Lever, Loveland, Ohio. — Some
name your home town has! "Dancing
Vienna" was released in February, 1929.
Believe it or not, Al Jolson's next picture is
titled "Mammy." Marion Davies is another
one of the Brooklyn Queens. (Ouch !)

D. S., Sarnia, Ont. — "Adrienne Lecouv-
reur" was released in 1928 under the title
"Dream of Love." Nils Asther and Joan
Crawford played the leads Nils is studying
English at the University of California. Just
another sinister result of the talkies.

C. S., Chicago, III. — You're just a cradle-
snatcher, that's what you are. Philippe
DeLacy is only twelve years old and lives with
Mrs. Edith DeLacy who adopted him. The
little boy in "Innocents of Paris" was David
Durand. And Doug Fairbanks, Jr., will be
twenty this month.

Billy Brimmer, Biloxi, Miss. — Rudy's
brother calls himself Albert Valentino. He
recently brought his thirteen-year-old son
Jean over to America and is grooming him to
take his famous uncle's place. Don't \\Tite,
Tom Boy — come in person.



NEIZON. e Farlelenne beaaty eecret,
stops ehlne Instantly, hides blemishes
and lasts for hours. Nothing like NEZON
ever before. Not a cream, lotion nor
an astringent. Abaolutely harmless,
can't cloi? the pores or cau3e blackheads.
You will be amazed. NEZON will im-

Erove your skin and make powder stick.
leliRhtfol purse-vanity fl.OO postpaid.
Money-back guarantee. Send today.


Dept.12-58 327 S. La Salitt St., Ctilcago I






z tniiEht bv


Eaey rapid Ipsaoiii for iiduli
S'?lMnptruc(ioil eyetem for ndvcmced pionipte. Lenrij
3r.SBaBBStyleB. 976JBIZ Breoks. hundreds of Trirk
EndincB. Hot Rhyt)imB. Sock. Stomp and Dirt
Effects; Symphonic and Wicked Harmony in tntcBt
Radio and Record Style. Write for Free Booklet


1834 W. Adams St. Los Angalas. Callt.

John A. Spangenburg, The Hague, Hol-
land. — "The Nervous Wreck" was taken
from the stage play of the same name by Owen
Davis. In the film version Chester Conklin
played Mart, a cowboy. Sally Phipps' latest
picture is "Joy Street." Is the food at the
Restaurant Royale as good as ever?

N. L. H., Council Bluffs, Iowa. — George
Duryea is six feet tall, has black hair and blue
eyes and wiU be twenty-six this month. He
has appeared in "The Godless Girl," "Marked
Money," "Tide of the Empire," and "Honky
Tonk." Renee Adoree was born in Lille,
France. Besides "On with the Show," Joe
E. Brown has played in "Hit of the Show,"
"The Circus Kid" and "The Ghost Talks."
Eddie Dowling's next is " Blaze O'Glory."

E. N. H., Los Angeles, Calif. — Take it
from me, Gloria Swanson is still very much
alive. With an imagination like that your
friend ought to be a scenario writer. Betty
Compson is thirty-two years old, Harold Lloyd
is thirty-six, Jackie Coogan is fifteen and
Frankie Darro will be ten this month. As for
me — dunt esk!

Claud Minton Whitley, SinTHFiELD, Va.
— Gosh, I feel like the birth certificate bureau.
Mary Duncan was born in Luttrelville, Va.,
August 13, 1905. Olive Borden first saw
light in Richmond, Va., in 1907. Dothan,
Ala., first got excited over John Mack Brown
on September 4, 1904. And Mary Eaton
made her first squawkie in Norfolk, \'a.
twenty-three years ago. You're loyal to the
Old South in your tastes, aren't you?

Margaret Hutchins, Portland, Ore. —
Richard Dix is thirty-four years old and one
of the screen's most elusive bachelors. His
last picture was "The Love Doctor." Jean
.•\rthur doesn't use a voice double.

U. W., Ft. Wayne, Ind. — Mary Pickford's
first husband was Owen Moore, handsomest of
the Irish brothers Moore. Mary was divorced
from him in 1920 and married Doug Fairbanks
three weeks later. Lewis Stone was born
November IS, 1879. He is separated from his
wife, Florence Oakley. They have two

Harry Langdon gets into trouble among the icebergs. Harry is up
in the tail of that plane, which seems to have crashed on the Roach
lot while Harry was making his new talking comedy, "Sky Boy"

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Photoplay Magazine for December, 1929

Movie Fan, Cottonwood, Calif. — Irene
Rich is thirty-five years old, five feet, six inches
tall and weighs 138 pounds. One of her
daughters is now attending Smith College,
which may or may not mean that she will be
an actress like mother. Dorothy and Elsie
Janis are not related, Dorothy's real name
being plain ordinary Jones and Elsie's being
Bierbower! Kay Francis is a brunette — anci
what a brunette!

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