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to the Foreign Legion, mates, with William Collier,
Jr. and .A.lma Bennett. Part Talkie. {Sept.)

TWO SISTERS— Rayart.— Twin sister stuff.
Silent. {Aug.)

TWO WEEKS OFF— First National.— A fluffy
little varn ot seaside vacation love, with Jack Mul-
hall and Dorothy Mackaill. Part Talkie. (5*:^/.)

UNHOLY NIGHT, THE— M-G-M— Swell mys-
ter>' stor>'. arlisticalh' directed b\' Lionel Barr>'more.
Roland Young and Dorothy Sebastian are great. All
Talkie. {Oct.)

VAGABOND CUB, THE— FBO.— Mostly just
cowboy stunts. Silent. {July.)

VERY IDEA, THE — Radio Pictures. — Broad
farce with Frank Craven in the r61e he created on
the stage. All Talkie. {Oct.)

• VIRGINIAN, THE— Paramount. — Good
Owen Wister's novel gone vocal and presenting
Gary Cooper in his first full-dialogue appearance.
All Talkie. {Oct.)


stuff, written and directed by Willard Mack and
acted by Mr. and Mrs. Willard Mack. All Talkie.

UNTAMED JUSTICE— Biltmore Productions.—
Enough animals — and action — for a circus. Not bad.
Silent. {Aug.)

WAGON MASTER, THE— Universal.— And now
the Westerns have learned to talk! Ken Maynard
shyly reveals an excellent voice. AU Talkie. {Oct.)

WHEEL OF LIFE, THE— Paramount.- The
romance of a handsome officer and his Colonel's lady
in India. All Talkie. {Aug.)

Chancy bed-time story, with a touch of Kipling and
Poe. Silent. {June.)

WHY BRING THAT UP?^Paramount.— Study
in black and white of the world's most famous bru-
nettes — Moran and Mack. All Talkie. {Oct.)

WHY LEAVE HOME— Fox.— Story about duck-
hunting husbands and fun-hunting wives, based on
"Cradle Snatchers." All Talkie. {Nov.)

• WILD PARTY. THE— Paramount.— Clara
Bow's first talkie. Clara is a smooth contralto.
It's a collegiate story — and that's what they want.
AU Talkie. {June.)

WISE GIRL — M-G-M.— Reviewed under title
"Kcmpy." High water mark in talking comedies.
Unpretentious stor>' of the love life of a youthful
plumber. All Talkie. {Oct.)


tame drama linked to a wild title. Sound. {Aug.)

English production with a slow and sentimental
story. Silent. {June.)

• WOMAN TRAP — Paramount. — Another
crime yarn, above the average, with Chester
Alibi Morris, Evelvn Brent and Hal Skelly at their
superb best. AU Talkie. {Oct.)

WONDER OF WOMEN— M-G-M.— Strong, emo-
tional drama of a misunderstood genius, a dutiful
wife and the "other woman." played superlatively
bv Lewis Stone, Peggy Wood and Leila Hyams. Part
Talkie. {Oct.)

WRECKER, THE — Tiffany-Stahl. — Mediocre
British film presenting Carhie BlackwcU. Sound.

YOU CAN'T BUY LOVE— Universal.— An orgy
of bad gags. Part Talkie. {July.)

Casts of Current Photoplays

Complete for every picture reviewed in this issue

"BEHIND THE MAKE-UP"— P.-vr.\mount. —
From the story by Mildred Cram. Adapted by
George Manker Watters and Howard Estabrook.
Directed by Robert Milton. The cast: Hap Brown,
Hal Skelly; Gordoni, William Powell; Marie. Fay
Wray; Kttty Parker, Kay Francis; Dawson, E. H.
Calvert; Boris, Paul Lukas; Chef, Agostino Borgato.

" BLACKM.A.IL " — Soxo Art— World Wide.—
From the play by Charles Bennett. Directed by
Alfred Hitchcock. The cast: .Anny Ondra, John
Longden, Donald Calthrop, Cyril Ritchard, Sara

Prod. — From the story by Ma.'dne Alton. Con-
tinuity by Jack Townlej-. Directed by Frank
O'Connor. The cast: T/ie A/an. Francis X. Bushman;
The Woman. Ethel Cla^'ton; The Girl, Joan Wynd-
ham; The Boy. William (Cotton) Kirby; The Girl-at-
the-Well, Dorothy Gay; The Shadow, Sunburnt Jim.

"DARK STREETS" — First Natioxal.— From
the story by Richard Connell. Adapted by Bradley
King. Directed by Frank Lloyd. The cast: Pat
McGlone. Jack Mulhall; Danny McGlone, Jack Mul-
hall; Katie Dean. Lila Lee; Mrs. Dean, Aggie Herring;
Cunco, Earl Pingree; Police Captain, \Vill Walling;
Police Lieutenant, E. H. Calvert; Beefy Barker,
Maurice Black.

"D.ARKENED ROOMS" — Paramount.— From
the novel hy Sir Philip Gibbs. Adapted by Patrick J.
Kearney and Melville Baker. Directed by Louis
Gasnicr. Tlie cast: Ellen, Evelyn Brent; Emery
J ago, Neil Hamilton; Joyce Clayton, Doris Hill;
Billy, David Newell; Mme. Silvara, Gale Henrj';
Bert Nelson. Wallace MacDonald; Mrs. Foearly,
Blanche Craig; Mr. Clayton, E. H. Calvert; Sailor,
Sammy Bricker.

tures. — From the story "A Woman Decides" by

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Wallace Smith. Adapted by Wallace Smith. Directed
by Leslie Pcarce and Lynn Shores. The cast: Lasiro.
Rod La Rocque; Nydra, Rita La Roy; Harry Beall,
Charles Byor; MacDougal, Kd Brady; llymie, Harry
Semcls; Junipcro, Sam Blum; Nielson, Bert Moore-

"DISR.\ELr'— Warners.— From the play by
Louis N. Parker. Adapted by Julian Joseph?on.
Directed b\' Al Green. The cast: Disraeli. George
Arliss; Lady Beaconsfield, Florence Arliss; Clarissa,
Joan Benni'tt; Mrs. Trovers, Doris Lloyd; Manager of
Bank of England, David Torrence; Charles, Antliony
Bushnell; ,\lt'yers, Ivan Simpson.

" DOCTOR'S WOMEN. THE '—World WroE.—

From the story by Paul Merzbech. Directed by
Gustav Molander. The cast: Niia DuV'al, Margit
Manstad; Jeanne DuVal, Ruth Meyher; Armand de
Marny, Miles Mander.

"EVIDENCE"— Warners.— From the play
"Divorce Evidence" by J. Du Rocher MacPlierson.
Dir(_ct''d by John G. Adolfi. The cast: Myra Slati-
hope, Pauline Frederick; Cyril Wymbome. William
Courtenay; Harold Courlenay. Conway Tearle; Nor-
man Pollock. Lowell Sherman; Harbison. Alec B.
Francis; Ktnyon IVymhorne, Freddie Burke Fred-
erick; Mrs. Debtnham, Madeline Seymour; Peahody,
Ivan Simpson; Native Girl. Myrna Loy; Innkeeper,
Lionel Belmore.

"F.ARO NELL" — Paramount-Christie. — From
the story by Willis Steell. Directed by William Wat-
son. The cast: Faro Nell. Louise Fazenda; The
Hero. Jack Luden; The Sheriff. Frank Rice; The
Heavy, Harr>- Woods; The Bar-keeper, Charlie Mack.

"FLIGHT" — CoLLTHBiA. — -From the story by
Ralph Graves. Dialogue by Frank R. Capra.
Dirt.-cted by Frank R- Capra. The cast: Panama
Williams. Jack Holt; Elinor. Lila Lee; Lefly Phelps,
Ralph Graves; Major. Allan Roscoe; Sieve Roberts,
Harold Goodwin; Sandino, Jimmy De La Cruze.

al. — From the story by Katharine Brush. Continuity
by Carey Wilson. Directed by William Seiter. Tiie
cast: Mile. Fiji d'.\uray. Colleen Moore; Gregory
Pyne. Frederic March ; Jim my IVillet. Raymond
Hackett; Chandler Cunningham. Edward Martind-.l;
Claire, V^irginia Lee Corbin; Jo. the maid. Adrienne
d'Ambricourt; Stage Manager, Sidney Jar\'is; Call
Boy, Mickey Bennett.

"GREAT GABBO. THE"— James Cruze Prod.
— From the story bj' Ben Hecht. Continuity by
Hugh Herbert. Directed by James Cruze. The cast:
The Great Gabbo, Eric Von Stroheim; Mary, Betty
Compson; Frank, Don Douglas; Babe, Margie (Babe)
Kane; Olio Gabbo, Otto.

"HANDCUFFED"— Rayart. — From the story
by Arthur Hoerl. Dialogue by Arthur Hoerl.
Directed by Duke Worne. The cast: Gloria Ran-
dall, Virginia Brown Faire; Tom Bennett, Wlieeler
Oakman; Gerald Morely, Dean Jagger; Billy Hation,
James Harrison; John Randall, Broderick O'Farrell;
Detective, George Cheseboro.

"HONOR" — SovKiNO. — Directed by A. Shirvan-
zada. The cast: H. Appfelian, Elsie Hasnick,
TaLiezan Shandoodakian, L. Hajinian, Mme. May-

" JE.^LOUSY" — Paramount. — From the story by
Louis Verneuil. Adapted by Eugene Walter. Dia-
logue by John D. Williams. Directed by Jean de
Limur. The cast: Yvonne, Jeanne Eagels. Pierre,
Fredt.ric Marcli; Rigaud, Halliwell Hobbcs; Renee,
Blanche Le Clair; Clement, Henry Daniel; Charlotte,
Hilda Moore.

"KISS, THE"— M-G-M.— Directed by Jacques
Feyder. The cast: Irene. Greta Garbo; Dubail. Con-
rad Nagel ; La Salle, Holmes Herbert ; Guarry.
Anders Randolf; Pierre, Lew Ayres; Durant, George

"LADY LIES, THE"— Paramount.— From the
story by John Median. Adapted by Garrett Fort.
Dialogue by John Meelian. Directed by Hobart Hen-
ley. The cast: Robert Rossilcr, Walter Huston; Joyce
Roamer, Claudette Colbert; Charlie Tyler, Charles
Ruggles; Jo Rossiler, Patricia Deering; Bob Rosstler.
Tom Brown; Hilda Pearson, Betty Garde; Ann
Gardner, Jean Dixon; Henry Tuttle. Duncan Pen-
warden; .Amelia Tuttle. Virginia True Boardman;
Btrnice TuiUe, Verna Deane.

"LOVE P.-\RADE, THE" — Paramount. — From
the play "The Prince Consort" by Jules Chancel and
Leon Zanrof. Story by Ernest Vajda and Guy Bol-
ton. Directed by Ernst Lubitsch. The cast: Count
Alfred, Military Attache, Maurice Chevalier; Louise,
Queen of Sylvania. Jeanette MacDonald; Jacques,
Alfred's Valet. Lupino Lane; Lulu. Queen's Personal
Maid, Lillian Roth; Master of Ceremonies. Edgar
Norton; Prime Mitiisler, Lionel Belmore; Foreign
Minister, Albert Roccardi; .Admiral. Carleton Stock-
dale; Minister of War, Eugene Pallette; .Afghan .Am-
bassador, Russell Powell; First Lady in Wailing, Mar-
garet Fealy; Second Lady in Waiting. Virginia Bruce.

the operetta by Oscar Strause. Dialogue by Harlan
Thompson. Directed by Marcel Silver. The cast:



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Prince Nicholai, J. Harold Murray; Mary Lou Hop-
kins, Norma Terris; Miizi Hofman, Norma Terris;
Joe Clitner, Walter Catlctt; Annushka, Irene Pal-
asty; King Alexander, Lennox Pawle; Mahai, Tom
Patricola; Queen Louise, Evelyn Hall; Slage Prince,
John Garrick; Adjulanl Oclaviaii, Douglas Gilmore;
Charlotte, Gloria Grey; Captain Jacobi, Jack Stam-
baugh; Herr Von Herzen, Bert Sprotte; Mrs. Von
Herzen, Lelia Karnelly; Herr Director, Herman Bing;
Namari, Paul Ralli.

From the play "The Showoff" by George Kelley.
Scenario by Herman J. Mankowicz. Directed by
Frank Tuttle. The cast: Aubrey Piper, Hal Skelly;
Amy Fisher, Doris Hill; Pa Fisher, Charles Sellon;
Ma Fisher, Clara Blandick; Joe Fisher, Morgan Far-
ley; Clara Hyland, Helene Chadwick; Frank Hylatui,
William Davidson; Traffic Cop, Eugene Pallette;
Rogers, Gordon DeMain; Superintendent^ E. H. Cal-

"MIGHTY, THE"— Paramount.— From the
stor>' by Robert N. Lee. Dialogue by William
Slavens McNutt. Directed by John Cromwell. The
cast: Blake Greeson, George Bancroft; Louise Patter-
son. Esther Ralston; Sterky, Warner Oland; Dogey
Franks, Raymond Hatton; Mayme, Dorothy Revier;
Jerry Patterson, Morgan Farley; J. K. Patterson, O. P.
Hcggie; The Mayor, Charles Sellon; Major General,
E. H. Calvert; Mr. Jameison, John Cromwell.


— -From the storj' by Karl Brown and Leonard Fields.
Adapted by Edward P. Lowe, Jr. Directed by
Reginald Barker. The cast: Jack Ashland, Joseph
Schildkraut; Lucy Blackburn, Joan Bennett; Julius
Blackburn, Alec B. Francis; "Tiny" Beardsley, Otis
Harlan; Suzette Richards, Carmelita Geraghty.

"MISTER ANTONIO"— Tiffanv-Stahl.— From

the play by Booth Tarkington. Adapted by Frederic
and Fanny Hatton. Directed by James Flood. The
cast: Mister Antonio, Leo Carrillo; June Ramsey,
Virginia Valli; Joe, Gareth Hughes; Milton Jorny,
Frank Reicher; Mrs. Jorny, Eugenie Besserer; Earl
Jorny, Franklin Lewis; Pearl, Betty Francisco.

"NIGHT PARADE "—Radio Pictures.— From
the play by George Abbott, Edward Paramore and
Hyatt Daab. Continuity by James Gruen and George
O'Hara. Directed by Mai St. Clair. The cast:
Bobby Murray, Hugh Trevor; Tom Murray. Lloyd
Ingraham; Doris. Dorothy Gulliver; Paula Vernoff,
Aileen Pringlc; John Zelli. Robert Ellis; 5i5 Durhan,
Lee Shumway; Dancer, Ann Pennington; Huffy,
Charlie Sullivan; Jake, Walter Kane; Bennie, Barney
Fur>'; Artie. James Dugan; Phil. Nate Slott; Ethel,
Marie Astair.


From the stor>' by Reginald Denn^■. Scenario by
Reginald Denny and Earl Sncll. Directed by William
James Craft. The cast: Napoleon, Reginald Denny;
Josephine. Nora Lane; Wellington. E. J. RatclilTe;
Dr. Hayden, Henr>' Otto; Salome. Joj'zelle; Paganini,
Fritz Feld; William Tell, JuK-s Cowles; Robin Hood,
Slim Summerville; Claude Bixby. Rolfe Sedan;
Arthur Bixby. D. R. O. Hatswell; Paul Revere, Walter
Brennan; Warden, Heno' Herbert.

"R.ACKETEER. THE"— Pathe.— From the
ston.- by Paul Gangclin. Adapted by Paul Gangelin.
Directed by Howard Higgin. The cast: Keene,
Robert Armstrong; Rhoda. Carol Lombard; Tony.
Roland Drew; Millie. Jeanette Loff; Mrs. Lee. Hedda
Hopper; Jack. John Loder; Gus. Kit Guard; Squid.
Al Hill; Mehaffy. Paul Hurst; Mr. Simpson, Winter
Hall; Mrs. Simpson, Winifred Harris.

"RED HOT RHYTHM"— Pathe.— From the
story by William Conselman. Adapted by Earl Bald-
win and Walter De Leon. Directed by Leo McCarey.
The cast: Walter, Alan Hale; Sam, Walter O'Keefe;
Mary, Kathr>'n Crawford; Claire, Josephine Dunn;
Mabel, Anita Garvin; Mrs. Fioretta, Ilka Chase;
Singe. James Clemmons.

"RICH PEOPLE"— Pathe.— From the story by
Jay Gelzer. Adapted b5' A. A. Kline. Directed by
Edward H. Grifhtli. The cast. Connie Hayden.
Constance Bennett; Jeff MacLean. Regis Toomey;
Noel Neving, Robert Ames; Beverly Hayden, Mahlon
Hamilton; Alargery Mears, Ilka Chase; Captain Dan-
forth. John Loder; Sally Vanderwater, Polly Ann

mount. — From the storj- by George Abbott and John
V. A. Weaver. Adapted by Llo\'d Corrigan and Ed-
ward Paramore. Jr. Directed by Edward Sutherland.
The cast: Mayme. Clara Bow; Bill, James Hall;
Janie, Jean Arthur; Lem Woodruff, Charle:, Sellon;
Ma Woodruff, Ethel Wales; Ken. Frank Ross; Miss
Streeter, Edna May Oliver; Ginsberg, He>'men Meyer;
Jim. Eddie Dunn; Pearl, Leone Lane; Hazel, Jean

"SEA FURY" — SijpREME. — Produced by Tom
White. Directed by George Melford. The cast:
Bill. George Regis; Mary, Mildred Harris; Red, Frank
Campeau; Captain, Bernard Seigel; George Washing-
ton III, George Godfrey.

"SENOR AMERICANO"— Universal.— From
the story by Helmer Bergman. Adapted bv Bennett
Cohen. Directed by Harr>' J. Brown. The cast:
Michael Banning. Ken Maynard; Carmelita. Kathryn
Crawford; Ramirez. Gino Corrado; Maddox, J. P.

McGowen; Manana, Frank Yaconelli; Don Manuel,
Frank Beale; Tarzan, Tarzan.

"SIDE STREET "—Radio Pictures.— From the
story bj' Mai St. Clair and George O'Hara. Directed
by Mai St. Clair. The cast: Jimmy O'FarreU. Tom
Moore; Joh7i O'FarreU. Matt Moore; Dennis O'Far-
reU. Owen Moore; Kathleen Doyle, Kathrj'^n Perry;
Mr. O'FarreU. Frank Sheridan; Mrs. O'FarreU, Emma
Dunn; "Silk" Ruffo, Arthur Houseman; "Bunny,"
Mildred Harris; Maxee, Charles Byer; Mac, Edwin
August; "Slim," Irving Bacon; Patric Doyle. Walter
McNamara; " Blondie," Al Hill; "Drunk," Heinie
Conklin; "Pinkie," Dan Wolheim.

"SONG OF KENTUCKY, A"— Fox.— From the
story by Frederick H. Brennan. Adapted b^' Fred-
erick H. Brennan. Directed by Lew Seller. The
cast: Jerry Reavis, Joseph Wagstaff; Lee Coleman,
Lois Moran; Nancy Morgan, Dorothy Burgess; Kane
Pitcairn, Douglas Gilmore; Jake Kleinschmidt , Her-
man Bing; Mrs. Coleman, Hedda Hopper; Mr. Cole-
man, Edwards Davis; Steve, Bert Woodruff.

"SUNNY SIDE UP"— Fox.— From the storj- by
B. G. De Sylva, Lew Brown and Raj' Henderson.
Adapted by David Butler. Directed by David
Butler. The cast: Molly Carr. Janet Gaynor; Jack
Cromwell. Charles Farrell; Jane Worth, Sharon Lynn;
Eddie Rafferly, Frank Richardson; Eric Swenson. El
Brendel; Bee Nichols, Marjorie White; Joe Vitlo, Joe
Brown; Mrs. Cromwell, Mary Forbes; Raoul, Alan
Paull; Lake, Peter Ga^\'thorne.

"SWEETIE"— PARAMOUNT.^From the stor>' by
George Marion, Jr., and Lloyd Corrigan. Dialogue
by George Marion, Jr., and Lloyd Corrigan. Directed
bv Frank Tuttle. The cast: Barbara Pell, Nancv
Carroll; Biff Benlly, Stanley Smith; Helen Fry, Helen
Kane; Freddie Fry, Joseph Depew; Tap-Tap Thcrmp-
son. Jack Oakie; Percy {Pussy) Willow, William Aus-
tin; Axel Bronstrup, Stuart Ervvin; Bill Barringtori,
Wallace MacDonald; Dr. Oglethorpe, Charles Sellon;
Miss Twill, Aileen Manning.

"TANNED LEGS" — Radio Pictures.— From the
ston,' by George Hull. Adapted by Tom Geraghty.
Directed by Marshall Neilan. The cast: Peggy Rey-
nolds, June Clyde; Bill, Arthur Lake; Janet Reynolds,
Sall\' Blane; Roger, Allen Kearns; Mrs. Reynolds,
Nella Walker; Mr. Reynolds, Albert Gran; Clinton
Darrcnv, Edmund Burns; Mrs. Lycms King, Dorothy
Revier; Toolie, Ann Pennington; Pudgy, Lincoln
Stedman; Hosiery Model, Helen Kaiser; Hosiery
Model. Kay English.


the story by Homer Croy. Scenario by Sonya
X-exnen. Directed by Frank Borzage. The cast:
Pike Peters. Will Rogers; Mrs. Peters. Irene Rich;
Opal Peters, Marguerite Churchill; Ross Peters, Owen
Davis, Jr.; Claudine. Fifi Dorsay; Marquis de Bris-
sac. Ivan Lobcdcff; Marquise de Brissac, Marcelle
Corday; Grand Duke Makiall. Theodore Lodi; Clark
McCurdy. Rex Bell; Fleurie, Christ iane Yves; Ed
Eggers. Edgar Kennedy; Tupper, Bob Kerr; Miss
Mason, Marcia Manon; Valet, Andre Cheron; Prince
Ordinsky. Grcgorj' Gay.

"THREE LOVES"— Moviegraph.— From the
novel by Max Brod. Directed by Kurt Bernhardt.
The cast: Dr. Karoff, Fritz Kortner; Stasha, Mariene
Di< trich; Henry Leblanc, Uno Henning; Charles he-
blanc. Oscar Stimma; Their Mother. Freda Ricliard;
Poitrier. Karl Ettlinger; Angele, Ekiith Edwards.

"TRESPASSER. THE"— United Artists.— From
the storj' by Edmund Goulding. Directed by Ed-
mund Goulding. The cast: Marion Donnell. Gloria
Swanson; Jack Merrick. Robert Ames; Hector Fergu-
son. Purnell Pratt; John Merrick, Sr.. William Hol-
den; Fuller. Henrj- B. Walthall; Jackie. Wally Al-
bright; Catherine "Flip" Merrick. Kay Hammond;
Miss Poller, Blanche Frederici; Blanche, Marcella

"UNTAMED"— M-G-M.— From the story by
Charles E. Scoggins. Adapted by Sj-!via Thalberg
and Frank Butler. Dialogue by Willard Mack,
Directed by Jack Conway. The cast: Bingo, Joan
Crawford; Andy, Robert Montgomery; Ben Murchi-
son, Ernest Torrence; Howard Presley, Holmes Her-
bert; Bennock, John Miljan; Marjory, Gwen I^ee;
Paul. Edward Nugent; Gregg. Don Terr>'; Mrs.
Mason. Gertrude Astor; JoUoP, Milton Farney;
Dowling. Lloyd Ingram; Milly. Grace Cunard;
Moran, Tom O'Brien; Btllcombe, Wilson Benge.

the ston' by Ted Wilde, Lex Neal and Felix AdIer.
Directed by Clyde Bruckman. The cast: Harold
Bledsoe. Harold Lloyd; Billie Lee, Barbara Kent;
Patrick Clancy. Noah Young; John Thorne. Charles
Middleton; Captain Walton, William Walling.

' "WOMAN TO WOMAN" — Tiffaky-Stahl. —
From the play by Michael Morton. Adapted by
Nicholas Foder. Directed by Victor SaWlle. The
cast: Lda, Betty Compson; David, George Barraud;
Vesta, Juliette Compton; Florence. Margaret Cham-
bers; Hal, Reginald Sharland; LilUe David, Georgie
Billings; Dr. Gavron, Winter Hall.

"YOUNG NOWHERES"— First National.—
From the storj' by Ida A. R. Wylie. Screen storj* by
Bradley King. Directed by Frank Lloyd. The cast:
Albert Whalen, Richard Barthelmess; Annie Jackson,

Online LibraryMoving Picture Exhibitors' AssociationPhotoplay (Volume 36 – 37 (Jul. - Dec. 1929)) → online text (page 144 of 145)