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in Song and Dance Numbers: Sue Carol, Lola Lane.
Sharon Lynn, Dixie Lee, Melva Cornell. Paula
Langlen. Carolynne Snowden. Jeannctte Dancey,
David Percy, David Rollins, Bobby Burns, Frank
Richardson, Henry M. Mollandin. Frank La Mont,
Stepin Fetchit. Adagio Dancers: Vina Gale and
Arthur Springer, Helen Hunt and Charles Huff,
Harriet and John Griffith. Specialty Dancers: Stepin
Fetchit, Carolynne Snowden, Jeannette Dancey.
Evans and Weaver, Mitchell and Redman, Four
Covans, Sam and Sam, Brown and Stevens.

"GAMBLERS, THE" — Warners.— From the
play by Charles Klein. Adapted by J. Grubb
Alexander. Directed by Michael Curtiz. The cast:
James Darwin. H. B. Warner; Catherine Darwin,
Lois Wibon; Carvel Emersoyi.y^sou Koha^rds; Emerson,
Sr., George Fawcett; George Cowper, Johnny Arthur;
Raymond, Frank Campeau; Isabel Emerson, Pauline
Garon; Tooker, Charles Sellon.

"GIRLS GONE WILD"— Fox.— From the story
by Bertram Millhauser. Scenario by Bculah Marie
Dix. Directed by Lewis Seiler. Photograpliy by
Arthur Edeson. The cast: Bahs Holworthy. Sue
Carol; Buck Brown, Nick Stuart; Dan Brown,
William Russell; Tony Morelli, Roy D'Arcy; Augie
St en. Mat hew Betz; Boots, Leslie Fenton; Dilly,
Louis Natheaiix; Mrs. Hohvorthy, Hedda Hopper;
Mr. Holworthy, Lumsden Hare; Judge Elliott, Ed-
mund Breese; Speed Wade, John Darrow; Grandma^
Minna Ferry.

"GUN LAW" — FBO.— From the story by Oliver
Drake. Directed by Robert De Lacy. The cast:

Tojn O'Brien, Tom Tyler; Cy Brown. Barney Furev;
Nancy, Ethlyne Clair; "Buster" Brown, Frankie
Darro; "Big BUI" Driscoll, Lew Meehan; Surveyor,
Tom Brooker.

"HOLE IN THE WALL. THE"— Paramount.—
From the play by Fred Jackson. Adapted bv Pierre
Collings. Directed by Robert Florey. The ca^st:
Jean Oliver, Claudette Colbert; Gordon Grant, David
Newell; Mme. Mystcra, NHly Savage; The Fox,
Edward G. Robinson; Goofy. Donald Meek; Jim,
Alan Brooks; Mrs. Ramsay. Louise Glosser Hale;
Mrs. Carslake, Katherine Emmet; Marcia, Marcia
Kagno; Dogface, Barry McCollum; Police Inspector,
George McQuarrie; Mrs. Lyons, Helen Crane.

"HONKY-TONK"— Warners.— From the story
by Leslie S. Barrows. Adapted by C. Graham Baker.
Directed by Lloyd Bacon. The cast: Sophie
Leonard, Sophie Tucker; Freddie Gilmore. George
Duryea; Beth, Lila Lee; Jean Gilmore, Audrey Ferris;
Jim Blake, Mahlon Hamilton; Cafe Manager, John
T. Murray.

"HOTTENTOT, THE"~Warners.— From the
play bv Victor Mapes and William Collier. Adapted
by Harvey Thew. Directed by Roy Del Ruth. The
cast: Sam Harrington, Edward Everett Horton;
Peggy Fairfax. Patsy Ruth Miller; Ollie Gilford,
Edmund Breese; Mrs. Chadwick, Gladys Brockwell;
Larry Crawford. Edward Earle; Alec Fairfax, Stanley
Taylor; Perkins, the Groom. Otto Hoffman; Swift,
the Butler. DoUglas Gerrard; May Gilford, Maude
Turner Gordon.

From the story by C. E. Andrews. Dialogue by
Ernest Vajda. Directed by Richard Wallace. The
cast: Maurice Marny, Maurice Chevalier; Louise
Leval, Sylvia Beecher; Emile Leval, Rus,-;ell Simpson;
Mons. Marny, George Fawcett; Mme. Marny. Mr?.
George Fawcett; Mons. Renard, John Miljan; Mme.
Renard, Margaret Livingston; Jo-Jo, David Durand;
Jules, Jack Luden; Musician, Johnnie Morris.

"MADAME X"— M.-G.-M.— From the play by
Alexandre Bisson. Dialogue by Willard Mack.
Directed by Lionel Barrymore. Photography by
Arthur Reed. The cast: Floriot, Lewis Stone;
Jacqueline, Ruth Chatterton; Raymond, Raymond
Hackett; Noel, Holmes Herbert; Rose, Eugenie
Besserer; Doctor, John P. Edington; Colonel Hanby,
Mitchell Lewis; La Roque. Ullric Haupt; Merivel.
Sidney Toler; Perissard, Richard Caile; Darrell,
Carroll Nye; Valmorin, Claud King; Judge, Chappell

"MAN I LOVE. THE"— Paramount.— From the
story by Herman J. Mankiewicz. Adapted by Percy
Heath. Directed by William Wellman. The cast:
Dum-Dum Brooks, Richard Arlen; Celia Fields. Mary
Brian; Sonia Barondoff. Baclanova; Curly Bloom,
Harry Green; Lew Layton. J^ck Oakie; D. J. Mc-
Carthy, Pat O'Malley; Carlo Vesper, Leslie Fenton;
Champ Mahoney, Charles Sullivan; K. O. O'Hearn,
WiUiam Vincent,

"MASKED EMOTIONS"— Fox.— From the
story "A Son of Anak" by Ben Ames Williams.
Adapted by Harry Brand and Benjamin Markson.
Directed by David Butler and Kenneth Hawks.
The cast: Bramdlct Dickery, George O'Brien; Emily
Goodell, Nora Lane; Will Whitten, Farrell Mac-
Donald; Thad Gilson, David Sharpc; Captain Goodell,
Janes Gordon; Lee Wtng, Edward Peil, Sr.; Lagune,
Frank Hagney.

"MOTHER'S BOY"— Pathe.— From the story
by Gene Markey. Dialogue by Gene Markey.
Directed by Bradley Barker. The cast: Tommy
O'Day, Morton Downev; Mrs. O'Day, Beryl Mercer;
Mr. O'Day, John T. Doyle; Harry O'Day. Brian
Donlevy; Rose Lyndon, Helen Chandler; Jake Sturm-
berfi, Osgood Perkins; Joe Bush, Lorin Raker; Beatrix
Townleigh, Barbara Bennett; Mrs. Apfclhaum. Jennie
Moskowitz; Mr. Apfclhaum, Jacob Frank; Mr.
Bumble, Louis Sorin; Gus LcGrand. Robert Gleckler;
Duke of Pomplum. Tyrrell Davis; Dinslow, Allan
Vincent; Evangelist, Lcolie Stowe.

— From tlie play by James Montgomery. Adapted
by John McGowan. Directed by Victor Schertzinger.
The cast: Robert Bennett, Ricliard Dix; E. M. Burke,
Burton Churchill; Frank Connelly, Louis John
Bartels; Clarence Van Dyke, Ned Sparks; Sabel
Jackson. Wynne Gibson; Mabel Jackson, Helen Kane;
Gwen Burke. Dorothy Hall; Mrs. E. M. Burke,
Madeline Grey; Ethel Clark, Nancy Ryan.

"NOT QUITE DECENT"— Fox.— From the
story by Wallace Smith. Scenario by Marion Orth,
Directed by Irving Cummings. The cast: Linda
Cunningham, June Collyer; Mame Jarrcnu, Louise
Dresser; Jerry Connor, Allan Lane; Canfield, Oscar
Apfel; Al Bergon, Paul Nicholson; Margie. Marjorie
Beebe; .4 Crook, Ben Hewlett; Another Crook, Jack


k9^ ccLTo h£^ rru/


anjoL rvoutuXaJy

. . .m£y ujhol^ cLjulj lonq

For I have found Armand Cold Cream
Powder. I take a clean puff and rub the
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Then I apply it to my skin. It blends
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This Armand Beauty Treatment will do
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It contains:
1 copy Armand s new "Ten Minutes a

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1 trial package Armand Cold Cream Pow-
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1 trial package Armand Foundation Creme
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1 trial package Armand Eau de Cologne
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1 trial package Armand Lip and Cheek
Rouge — a new creation!
1 t 1
You must try one of these new Armand
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ARMAND, 142 Des Moines St.. Des Moines, la.
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In Canada, Armand Ltd., St. Thomas. Ontario

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vanish after this amazing liquid

T3UCH the most painful corn with this amaz-
ing liquid. In three seconds all the pain is
gone. Acts like an anaesthetic. Tou wear tight
shoes, dance, walk again in comfort!

No paring or cutting — that is dangerous.
Besides the corn then comes back. This way
loosens it. Soon you peel the whole corn off
with your fingers — like dead skin. Works alike
on corns or calluses.

Professional dancers by the score use this
method. Doctors approve it as safe and gentle.
Millions employ it to gain quick relief. There
is no other like it.

Ask for "Gets-It" at your druggist. Money
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Fastest Way










. -





Apply cooling, heal-
ing. cleansingZEMO
on the head and rub vigorously.
The way it rids you of DandruS
and stops itching scalp will de-
light you. ZEMO is also the safe,
dependable means of relieving
; Eczema, Blotches, Blemishes and Itching Irrita-
tions of the skin and scalp. Clean and conveni-
ent to use any time. 35c, 60c and $1.00, all dealers.


AND CALVESr pei-paJf

DR. WALTER'S Spenal extra
strong Ankle Bands of live Para
Rubber will support and shape the
ankle and calf while reducing

They fit like a glove. Can be worn
under any kind of hose. Relieves and varlcuse veins. You
can note the difference in shape of
ankle at once. Can be worn at
night and reduce while you sleep,
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Write fop Dr. Walter's Special
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Send Ankle and Calf ■mearure tO

389 Fifth Avenne New York

From tlie storj' by Josephine Lovett. Continuity by
Josephine Lovett. Directed by Jack Conway.
Pliotography by Oliver Marsh. The cast: Billie.
Joan Crawford; Abbott, Rod LaRocque; Gil, Douglas
Fairbanks, Jr.; Kentucky, Anita Page; Reg, Edward
Nugent; Blondie, Josephine Dunn; B, Bickering
Brown, Albert Gran.

"PAWNS OF PASSION"— Worldwide.— From
the story by Carmine Gallone. Directed by Carmine
Gallone. The cast: Anna, Olga Chekova; Paul, her
little son, Sidney Suberly; Fedor Kornilcnv, Henri'
Baudin; Gaston Lereau, Hans Stever; Lololte, Lola

From the story by John Rrinhardt. Directed by
Cliff Wheeler. The cast : Prince Casimir, Norman
Kerr>'; Prince Milan, John Rcinliardt; Nancy
Hamilton, Barbara Worth; King Alexander. George
Fawcett; Queen Marie, Julia Griffith; Prime Minister,
Hans Joby; Inn Keeper, Sam Blum.

"QUITTER, THE"— COLL^MBIA. —Adapted from
the story "The Spice of Life" by Dorothy HowcU.
Directed by Joseph Henaber^-. Photographj' by
Joseph Walker. The cast: Neal Abhoit. Ben Lyon;
Patricia, Dorothy Revicr; Duffy Thompson, Fred
Ivohler; Shorty, Charles McHugh; Nick, Sherr>'
Hall; Doris, Jane Daly; Dr. Abbott, Henry Otto;
Mrs. .Abbott, Claire McDowell.

"RAINBOW MAN, THE"— Sono-Art- Para-
mount. — From the story by Eddie Dowling,
Adapted by Frances Agnew. Directed by Fred Ncw-
meyer. The cast: Rainbow Ryan. Eddie DowUng;
Mary Lane, Marion Nixon; Billy. Frankie Darro;
"Doc" Hardy. Sam Hardy; Colonel Lane. Lloyd
Ingraham; Daredevil Bill, George "Hayes; The Dog,
Beans; Minstrel Men, The Rounders Quintet.

"ROARING FIRES" — Ellbee. — From the storj'
by A. B. Barringcr. Directed by W. T. Lackey.
The cast: Sylvia Szimmers, Alice Lake; John D.
Summers, Lionel Belmore; David Walker, Roy
Stewart; Dennison De Puyster, Raymond Turner;
Paddy Flynn. Bert Berkley, Spoitiswoode Ai'.ken,
Calvert Carter.

"SATURDAY'S CHILDREN"— First National.
— From the story by Maxwell Anderson. Con-
tinuity by Forrest Halsey. Directed by Gregory' La
Cava. The cast: Bobby. Corinnc Griffith; Jim. Grant
Withers; Mengle, .\lben. Conti; Florrie, Alma Tell;
Willie, Lucien Littleficld; Mr. Halvey. Charles Lane;
Mrs. Halvey, Ann Schacffer; Mrs. Corlick, Marcia

"SHIP MATES" — EDUCATioxAL.^Directed by
Henry W. George. Photography by Jay Turner and
William Hyer. The cast; The Sailor. Lupino Lane;
The Ensign, Stanley Blystone; The Cook, Wallace
Lupino; The Girl. Charlotte Ncrrian; The Male,
Francis J. Martin; Another Mate, Tom Wliitley.

"SQUALL. THE" — First National.— From the
play by Jean Bart. Adapted by Bradley King.
Directed by Alexander Korda. The cast: Nubi.
Myrna Ley; Josef Lajos, Richard Tucker; Maria,


How to banish thetn

A simple, safe home treat-
ment — 16 years' success in my
practice. Moles (also Big
Growths) dry up and drop
off. Write for free Booklet.

WM. DAVIS. M. D., 124-D Grove Ave^ Woodbridge, N.J.

his wife, Alice Joyce; Paxil, Carroll Nye; Irma,
Loretta Young; Peter, Harry Cording; l^na, ZaSu
Pitts ; El Mora, Nicholas Soussani n ; Uncle Dani,
Knute Erickson; Niki, George Hackathorne.

Paramount. — From the story by The Edingtons.
Dialogue by Frank Tuttlc. Directed by Frank
Tuttle. The cast: Tony While, Neil Hamilton;
Rupert Borka. Warner Oland; Richard Hardell.
Frederic March; Blanche Hardell, Florence Eldridgc;
Hcleyi MacDonald, Doris Hill; Detective Dirk. Eugene
Pallette; Gateman, Chester Conklin; Martin, Lane
Chandler; Ted MacDonald. Gardner James; Mac-
Donald. Guy Oliver; Goff. E. H. Calvert; Captain
Coffin, Donald Mackenzie.

play by Milton H. Gropper and Edna Sherry.
Directed by John G. Blystone. Photography by
Ernest Palmer. The cast: Viola Manning. Mary
Duncan; Harvey Manning, Edmund Lowe; Jack
Winfield. Warner Baxter; Frances Thornton, Natalie
Moorehead; Hcnvard Thornton. Earle Foxe; Spencer,
Donald Gallaher; Myrtle. Florence Lake; Valerie
Briand. Sylvia Sidney; Marston, District Attorney,
Purncll Pratt; King, Defense Attorney. Selmer Jack-
son; Anna. Dolores Johnson; Maynard, Nigel de
Brulier; Maid, Lola Salvi; Janitor, Stcpin Fetchit.
Reporters: Paducah, DeWitt Jennings; Crane, Arthur
Stone; Traynor. George Lament; Aline Craig,
Natalie Warfield; Jst Reporter, Jack Jordan; 2nd
Reporter, Marian Spitzer; 3rd Reporter, Stan Blystone;
4lh Reporter, Stuart Erwin.


— Warners. — From the play by Frank R.Adams and
Will Hough. Continuity by Robert Lord. Directed
by Herbert Brethcrton. The cast: Jim Crane,
Grant Withers; Doris Ward. Betty Compson; Pete
Ward, John Davidson; Mae Ellis. Gertrude Olmstead;
The Professor, James R. Kirkwood; Bert Holmes,
Bert Roach; M/s. Davis. Vivian Oakland; Mrs.
Winters, Gretchen Hartman; Mrs. Parks, Irene
Haisman; Radio Announcer, Gerald King.

"TOMMY ATKINS"— World Wide.— From the
play by Ben Landeck and Arthur Shirley. Directed
by Norman Walker. The cast: Earl of Petherlon,
Jerrold Robcrtshaw; Rulh, his ward. Lillian Halt-
Davis; Victor, his son. Hcnrj* Victor; Capi., the Hon.
Eric Wilson, Walter B>Ton; Harold, his son. Walter
B.\Ton; Mason, a servant, Shayle Gardner. The
children: Harold. Alfred Leonard; Ruth. Pat Court-
ney; Victor, Leslie Thompson.

story by Oliver Drake. Continuity by Oliver Drake.
Directed by Louis King. The cast: Dave Hepner,
Buzz Barton; Hank Robbins, Frank Rice; Bob
McDonald, Sam Nelson; James Sykes. Al Ferguson;
Pete Hogan, Bill Patton; Dan Morgan, Milbourne
Morante; Jutte Morgan, lone Holmes.

"YOU CAN'T BUY LOVE"— Universal.— From
the stor>' by Beatrice Van. Directed by Arch B.
Heath. Photography by Jerrj* Ashe. The cast:
John. Charley Chase; Renault, Jean Hersholt;
Patricia, Kathryn Cra%vford; Weston, Edward Mar-
tin del.

The members of Our Gang go high hat and demand their own
chairs. Everyone who is anj^one around a studio rates a labelled
chair. Our Gang made their own signs and if Farina should
absent-mindedly sit in Wheezer*s chair, this serious breach of
etiquette would have to be settled outside

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Love's immortal melodies — in the enchanting
atmosphere of moonlit desert nights ....
Romantic wild Riff horsemen — weird, fleeting
shadows in a land of mystery and fascination.

Hauntingbeauty of desert vistas — scenes — ac-
tion — romance — stirring martial airs— that get
into your blood— hold you entranced through
every glorious moment of song and story.

'The Desert Song" thrills you with its chorus
of 132 voices. 109 musicians add their match-
less harmonies. Exotic dancing girls charm
you with their grace and loveliness.

'TJie Desert Song" is Warner Bros, supreme
triumph— the ^rst Music-Play to be produced
as a complete talking and singing picture.

See and hear"I7ie Desert Song"\ia VITAPHONE.



You See and Hear VITAPHOM only in Warner Bros, q^jf/ First National VidureS^j

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Nina F. McClary
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MelUn's Food— A Milk Modifier

The Taste of the Baby's Food

If the baby could talk he would say that his mother's milk makes
a strong appeal to his taste. He would also, if able, express verbally
his distaste for some mixtures which are forced upon him in spite of
his physical protest.

If the baby is fortunate enough to have human milk his taste is
satisfied as well as his needs for nourishment. It may happen, however,
that his mother cannot nurse him and some substitute for human milk
becomes necessary.

The taste of Mellin's Food is so appealing that the baby takes the
mixture eagerly, and rarely if ever is it necessary to force or urge
nourishment prepared from Mellin's Food and milk. The baby's
nutritive demand will also be satisfied if he is fed upon milk properly
modified with Mellin's Food; therefore to force the baby to take dis-
tasteful mixtures is a needless and unwarranted procedure.




Especially suitable

when it becomes time to wean

the baby from the bottle




A sample box sent free, postage paid, upon request.

Mellin's Food Company - - - -

Boston, Mass.

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famoHs skin specialists said:

«*" Those 2S2 Chicaslo girls liAve the
right idea about coinple:«:ions''


ID you really

come all the way

from New York

just for that?" a

young Chicago

housewife asked

me in utter sur-

. She could hardly be-

I had traveled a thou-

miles just to ask her

several hundred other

girls about their complexions
and this fragrant new Camay !

But I had! I knew all about
Camay's gentleness, of course,
from my own complexion.
And I loved its delicate wild-
flower fragrance.

But just my experience
wasn't enough, I felt. So,
among other things, I went
out to Chicago and talked to
women and girls — 282 in all,
my note book reminds me.

What Chicago girls
told me

"There just never was a soap
like Camay for my skin," one
girl out in Evanston said. "It
makes my complexion look so
smooth and fresh."

"Camay feels gentler on
my skin than any other soap
I ever used," and the head of
the toilet goods department
of a well-known shop who
told me this, has a very wide
soap acquaintance!

I met enthusiasm like this


for Camay's gentleness from
girl after girl, in every part
of town. Then I decided to
go farther. I took my idea
to the editor of the official
journal of the dermatologists
of the United States, himself
one of the best-known skin
specialists in the country.

He agreed to have Camay
analyzed, and to test it thor-
oughly in use.

Why 71 dermatologists
approve Camay

He did this, and Camay came
through without a single ques-
tion-mark. And he did much
more! He sent copies of
Camay's analysis to 70 derma-
tologists whom he regards as
outstanding in their profes-
sion today and asked them to
examine it and test Camay,

71 leading American skin specialist.-; ijarr Cninu/ ninnu-
moiis approval as the kind of soap they would recuminend for the
daily cleansing of the most delicate complexions — something no
other complexion soap in history has ever had!


too. Most of these men are
heads of the department of
dermatology in the largest
universities and hospitals in
the country.

And now I am very happy
to tell you that all these skin
specialists approved Camay's
formula and Camay's gentle
way of cleansing even the
most delicate complexions.

So every time you cleanse
j'our face with Camay's snow-
flake lather, you can know
that you are using just the
kind of soap these skin spe-
cialists would recommend to
you if you asked their best

advice about a soaj) for your

Free! For you — All the

things I learned about com-
plexions from the famous der-
matologists I consulted about
Camay. Dry skins; Sensitive
skins, are all discussed. Care
in Winter and in Summer;
Diet; Exercise; Rest; Sleep;
Way to Use Cosmetics, and
many other important sub-
jects. Write for Booklet A to
Helen Chase, Dept. YV-79,
509 Fifth Ave., New York.



Reach for a Ladrr^ instead of a sweet



Billie Burke
Popular American Actress

Toasting takes out

every bit of bite

and throat



It's toasted

No Throat Irritation - No Cough.

) 1929, The American Tobacco Co., Manufacturers




The National
Guide to
k Pictures



yet your



rouge stays on

and you look


Summer . . . ?/'j7/i oJd ocean heck-
unini) down llie white saitds . . .
limpid lakes mirroring forth joy
. . . slim young bodies Jlashing into
caressing waters . . . Summer call-
ing you to a thousand activities . . .
whispering of romance in night
silence . . . thrilling you with the
joy of living every golden hour

Ah, ^es! But there must be no
pale cheeks after the swim ... no
over-flushed appearance of exer-
tion 'neath the sun's ardors . . no shiny
nose. Adorable sunmier tan, if >ou
like; for that is the mode. But >ou
nnist remain serenely, coolly beautiful
under alt conditions, to fiJly enjoy
sunmier . . . and with Princess Pat
beauty aids you may.

"Summer-Proof" Make-up

Princess Pat beauty aids, if used to-
gether, give a marvelous summer-proof
make-up. ^^ hy, you can actually go
in swimming and come out with color
perfect — or dance through the evening
divinely assured of absolutely lasting

For this wonderful make-up that wiU
last, you first apply Princess Pat Ice
Astringent — ^just as you would ordinary
vanishing cream. Only, you see. Ice
Astringent cools the skin for hours,
keeps pores of normal fineness, and im-
parts supremely beautiful smoothness
to skin texture. After Ice Astringent,
apply Princess Pat rouge for color that
moisture simply cannot ajfect. Then


use Princess Pat almond base powder —
the softest, most clinging ever made.

And Joy of Joys is
Siim,mertan Rouge

Just think! Make-up that is summer-
proof, lionge that instantly gives more
glorious Ian than the sun ever did. Not
one woman in a thousand actually sun-
iurns beautifully.

Every U'oman — whether blonde or bru-
nette — acquires marvelous sun tan
loveliness from Princess Pat Summer
tan liouge. Gi\es any degree of tan
you want — from pale honey amber, to
richest tints of golden dusky glow.
Really, it is positively thrilling.

Too, Princess Pat has for you Princess
Pat Summertan Powder ... an original
and beautiful of all powders for
the fashionable sun tan effects.

I\oiv in Brilliant W eek End Set

Princess Pat Sum/nertan-Rouge — and

Summertan powder — in generous
amounts come to you in the famous
Princess Pat Meek End Set. Also Ice
Astringent, Cold Cream, Tissue Cream,
and Lip Rouge ... lip rouge to harmo-
nize with the new vogue. This is your
opportunity. The new creations in the
Week End Set will give you the most
stunningly beautiful make-up of the
fashionable world . . and summer proof
make-up at that.

PRINCESS PAT, LTD., chigago, u s a.

Tho very popular Princess Pat Week-End Set ia offered
for a limited time for -itiia coupon and 25c (coin). Only
one to a customer. Set contains easily a month's supply
of Almond Base Powder and SIX other delightful Princess
Pat preparations. Packed in a beautifully decorated
boudoir box. Pleaae act promptly.

Week W'\'0M1
End r^^f^m^K^^^

Sef— ^^^ SPECIAL


2709 S. Welle St., Dept. No. A-5fiS Chicago.
Enclosed find 25c for which send me the Princess Pat
Week End Set.

Name (print)


City and State

Photoplay Magazine — Advertising Section

^::^ niau mou /Hiant to reau

The Tragedy of Neglected Gums

Cast of Characters :
Your Dentist and Yon

you: "My gums are responsible for this

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