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pack in your eSorts to appear at your best.

These Come First

We beauty experts approve the arts of make-
up. But we know that they fail unless a basis
is created, and that basis is this:
A radiant glow A cl&ar, skin
An animated look A soft, smooth skin
The skin must be cleansed to the depths. The
causes of blackheads and blemishes must be
removed. Dead skin and hardened oil must
be taken out. Enlarged pores must be reduced.
Blood must be drawn to the skin to nourish
and revive it. That's the only way.

With older women, there are little lines
to eradicate, there are wrinkles to combat. Per-
haps sagging muscles must be strengthened.

The best ways known to do all these things
are combined in Boncilla clasmic pack. The
most famous beauties, the greatest beauty ex-
perts, seem to agree on that.

BUSTER KEATON presents arms
at the ^vrong time in a comical scene
with Dorothy Sebastian in Metro-
Goldwyn-Mayer's "Spite Marriage."

A Test for Tonight

If tonight you are to mingle socially, do this in
preparation. Apply Boncilla clasmic pack. For a
few minutes, let it serve its wondrous purpose.
Then add what make-up you desire.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Listen to what
your friends say. Never again will you start a glori-
ous evening without this matchless help. If you are
young, your beauty will glow. If you are older, new
youth will appear. We promise deUghtful results.

All .toilet counters supply Boncilla clasmic pack.
Tubes, 50c and $1 — jars, $3.50. Or send the coupon
with 10c for a complete beauty packet —a week's
supply of the four Boncilla aids, including two
creams and the powder. It will be a revelation.
Clip coupon now.


newest stars
awakening her
skin with Bon-
cilla clasmic

This photo-
graphic testi-
menial of
Miss Sebas-
tian is ten-
dered by her
vo I u n t a r i I y .
Boncilla Lab-
ors t o r i e s ,
Inc., filadly
w e I c o m e s
but neither
offers nor
pays money
for them.




Professional treatments

in smart beauty and

barber shops



BONCILLA— Indianapolis. Indiana P.-S29

Send me your four quick aids to beauty — the pack,
two creams and new hyray powder. I enclose a dime.




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Can be Secretly Removedl

"you can remove those annoying,
■*- embarrassing freckles, secretly
end quickly, in the privacy of your
Own home. Your friends will wonder
bow you did it.

Stillraan's Freckle Cream bleaches
them outwhile you sleep. Leavesthe
skin soft and white, the complexion
fresh, clear and transparent, the face
rejuvenated with new beauty of
natural coloring. The first jar proves
its magic worth. At all druggists.

Still man's

Freckle Cream

Removes T "Whitens
Freckles i TheSKin

32 Rosemary Lane
Aurora, Illinois

Please send me Free book*
let "Goodbye Freckles".


"Don't Shout"

"I hear you. 1 can hear
now as well at anybody.
'How? Wilh ihe MORLEY
PHONE. I've a pair in mv eais
now. but they are invisible. I
would not know 1 had them in
myself, only thai I heat all Hl

The MORLEY PHONE (or the


, lolheeais what slastes
are to the eyes. In-
visible, comfortable, weight-
less and harmless. Anyone
canadiuslil. Over 100,000 sold. Write for booklet and leslimoniaU
THE MORLEY CO.. Dept.789.10S. 18th St.Phila .

V™_^"^ii Ultrn-modfrn Piano Jail tniicht by mail. Note or
ftjf Fj / ^ ^^^^(^ pur Euay rtipid leaeone for adult becMinero. Also
\. t:±-4iiy\^y / gpK.jnatruction Byatem foradvunced pionieta. Learn
'i58 Bas-H Stylcn, 976 Jam Brcaka, hundreds o( Trick
Endince, Hot Rhythms. Sock. Stomp ond Dirt
Effpcts; Symphonic and Wicked Harmony in lateat
EUdio and Record Style. Write for Free Booklet.


1634 W. Adams St. Los Angslos, Calif.

f y f f i f f '


Ciitieura 8oap

restores the normal action of the
pores by its wonderfully eflfective
cleansing and purifying qualities.

Fifty Yearg of Service

Soap 25c. Ointment t25o. and 60c.

'■'■•■'■ A,..xA>

If you haven't had many opportunities to
meet people of larger experience than yourself,
don't be discouraged if you are a little shy with
them. That's a normal reaction and it mil
soon wear off. Let them lead the conversation
and you will be drawn into it naturally.

AND finally, cure yourself of the self-con-
scious person's worst fault, over-sensitive-
ness. True sensitiveness is an aid to social
intercourse, as it is in every phase of living.
But so-called "touchiness" has spoiled many a
promising social and business career. Don't
look for trifling sHghts and slurs. Don't put the
most uncomplimentary construction on every-
thing that is said and done to you.

Try to look your best, act your sweetest, and
use your sense of humor at least as often as you
do your powder puff.


Vou have diagnosed your own case. You
are not popular mth boys because you play
practical jokes on them and make them appear
ridiculous; you say, " I talk a lot," which prob-
ably means you talk so much that no one else
can edge in a word. You are not honest in your
friendships — you tell petty lies in order to get
out of awkward situations which you yourself
have brought about. You add, "When I meet
the right man I will cahn down." But can't
you see that when you meet the right man he

won't know you are the right girl for him, if his
first impression of you is wrong? You'll have
to calm down a little before you meet him —
not do a sudden, right-about-face afterwards.

I know it's the fashion to be a little reckless,
but you will find as you grow older that funda-
mental standards have not changed. Be as gay
and light-hearted as you please, but don't make
your friends the butt of your jokes. Don't
monopolize the spotlight. Its constant glare
•will become monotonous both to you and to


Five feet, eight inches tall and slim. And
you ask what you can do about it! Nothing,
except thank your lucky stars. That's a lovely
height. I'm glad you haven't fallen into the
error of slumping, of bending your shoulders in
a misguided attempt to hide your height.
That's the biggest mistake a tall girl can make.
Height is considered a queenly attribute, and
one should carry it like a queen.


Sly book of reducing exercises will give you
some arm movements that will slenderize your
upper arms. Yes, you are over-weight, about
ten pounds. I wouldn't advise any system of
reducing for a girl of sixteen. Just cut down on
ice cream sodas, candy and cake and get plenty
of outdoor exercise — tennis is ideal for the

Carmel Myers and her husband, Ralph Hellman Blum, a Los
Angeles attorney. Miss Myers was married on June 9th. Instead
of wearing the conventional white, Miss Myers' wedding dress was
of beige chiffon, trimmed with old lace from Mr. Blum's mother's
wedding dress. She wore no veil, but a lace cap fashioned from
Mrs. Blum's wedding handkerchief. She carried a bouquet of white


Bveu advertisement In PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE la euaranteed.

growing girl who is inclined to be stout,
plenty of water.

Photoplay M.voazine — Advertising Section

Drink \


A. W.:

If you have never had long hair and have
weathered that first stage of growing out, why
not let it get long to put up becom-
ingly and decide whether you prefer it to a
bob? Then if you don't like it, you can always
have the long hair snipped off in a jiffy.


Bending and squatting e.wrcises which make
the muscles rigid in the right direction are
helpful in correcting bow legs. If possible, go
to the Y.W.C.A. or some other g>'mnasium in
your city and take a course in corrective


Since the young man has written to you
first I do not think you will make any mistake
by answering him. I should write him a casual
but friendly letter, just as if you had been
hearing from him right along. INlake the
letter short, but write in a natural manner.
It is always well to avoid taking an injured or
neglected attitude with a man, for nothing
annoys him so much — especially if he is in
the wrong! It is a promising sign that the
young man has found you "wear well" and
stand comparison favorably, since he has
grown tired of the other girl and come back
to you. Perhaps your friendship will be
stronger because of this temporary lapse.


You write me. "my nose is my ugly
feature." Then e.\periment with various ways
of arranging your hair and decide which one
makes your nose seem less prominent. Wear
hats with soft, graceful brims. Make yourself
as attractive as possible, physically and
mentally, and then go ahead and enjoy your
youth. You will find that happiness does not
depend much upon a shapely nose. Its roots
go much deeper than that.

LuELi..^ C:

You don't have to do anything you feel is
undignified or not in accordance with your
ideas and ideals in order to be popular. You
do have to cultivate an agreeable personahty
and make yourself companionable to boys. 1
think my article in Photoplay of last March
will help you. Read it.

Marg.\ret M., CoLtTMBUS:

If your mother objects to your entering a
dramatic school and you feel you have talent
for writing as well as acting, why don't you
interest yourself in a short-story or journalistic
course? You will find several such courses
advertised in the pages of this and other repu-
table magazines or there may be a good
school in your own town.


I think you are going with the wrong crowd.
You needn't drop them entirely, but stop being
so intimate with them. You ha\e the right
ideas for a girl of your age and these other girls
are making you older than you should be, and


For your age and height your weight
should be about 116 lbs. Your height is about
normal for a girl in her late teens. The May
issue of Photoplay carried an article chock-
full of splendid advice for the brown-haired
girl. It will answer all your questions about
what colors to wear and what shades to choose
in cosmetics.


If the man has left your firm and docs not
get in touch with you himself, I don't believe
there is anything you can do but forget him.
He evidently isn't as interested in you as you
are in him. If you will senc' me a self-addressed
stamped envelope I shall be glad to send you
my leaflet on the care of the skin.



Not only Removes « ^ Destroys!

Now hair growths can be effectively destroyed.

Only by removing the cause, can you be free of unsigfatly
growths. ZIP gently and harmlessly eliminates the cause, and
eflfectively destroys the growth. Money-back guarantee.

It is so simple, so quick, so delightfully fragrant, so pleasant,
this one-minute application of ZIP. It has been universally
praised by Beauty Editors, and by the Medical Profession, as
well as by stage and screen stars for destroying hair on face,
arms, legs, underarms, and back of neck. That's why hundreds
of thousands of women gladly pay $5.00 for this Epilator.

Call to have


Sold Everywhere
by the package
Authorized Genuine ZIP
Treatment in New York Only
at my Salon. Beware of spu-
rious imitations in New York
Beauty Salons— and elsewhere

specialist ■'


New York
{EnL on 46 St.)

Madame Berthe, specialist (i68)
Please send me, in plain envelope, full in-
formation about ZIP, and your guarantee.



City & State .

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o o


(ml &i3\hM^

"X/O man or woman should
*^ V_, permit armpit perspira-
tion with its disagreeable, of-
fensive odor and ruinous, dis-
coloring stains to embarrass
them personally nor destroy
their clothing.

You can rid yourself of arm-
pit perspiration. A few drops
of NONSPI (an antiseptic
liquid) applied to the under-
arms will keep them dry, od-
orless and sweet and protect
your clothing.

'NO'NSPl destroys the odor and
diverts the underarm perspiration
to parts of ihe body where there
is belter evaporation — and need
be used on an average of but
two nights each week.

NONSPI is an old, tried and
proven, dependable prepara-
tion — used, endorsed and rec-
ommended by physicians and

More than a million men and
women use NONSPI the year
around — spring, summer, fall,
and winter — to keep their
armpits dry and odorless and
protect their clothing.

Get a bottle of NONSPI to-
day. Use it tonight. Your
Toilet Goods Dealer and
Druggist has it at 50c (several
months' supply) or if you

Accept our lOc trial offer
(several weeks' supply).

The Nonspi Company
2641 Walnut Street
Kansas City, Mo.


Address .


For the enclosed roc (coin
or stamps) send me a trial
_ size bottle of hlOhiSPl


in 3 minutes this new way

ONE drop of this amazing liquid and you
can wear tight shoes, dance, walk in com-
fort. Then soon the corn or callus shrivels up
and loosens.

You peel it off with your fingers like dead
skin. No more dangerous paring.

Professional dancers by the score use this
remarkable method. Acts instantly, like a lo-
cal anaesthetic. Doctors approve it. Removes
the whole corn, besides stopping pain at once.

Ask your druggist for "Gets-It. ' ' Satisfaction
guaranteed. Works alike on any corn or callus
— old or new, hard or soft.


Fastest Way

Questions and Answers


V. M. W. OF Long Isl.^nd. — Sally Blane
was born in Salida, Colorado, July 11, 1910.
She did not appear on the stage prior to her
movie debut. Richard DLx and Gary Cooper
are still single.

-Arthur Ely, Chicago, III. — Joan Craw-
ford's real name is Lucille Le Sueur and she
hails from San Antonio, Texas. She is twenty-
three years old. Gary Cooper's real name is
Frank J. Cooper. He is twenty-eight years old
and claims Helena, Montana, as his home-

Jeanette Freer, Rochester, N. 'i'. — Tell
your brother to smoke a herring. I really think
he is jealous of the handsome Gary, who is
twenty-eight and not forty, as your brother
claims. Richard Barthelmess is thirty-two
and Bessie Love is one year younger.

M. R., Philadelphia, Pa. — Dorothy Mack-
aill was born in HuU, England, March 4, 1904.
She is divorced from Lothar Mendes. Her
next picture will be "Hard to Get." Davey
Lee is four years old and his next picture \i ill
be "Little Pal." Buddy Rogers' next wiU be
"A Man Must Fight."

Shirley Andry, New Orleans, La. —
Perseverance always wins. Here I am to the
rescue. Carroll Nj'e was born Oct. 14, 1901,
and is married to Helen Lynch. His latest
picture is "The SquaU."

Ellen Burns, Milwaukee, Wis. — The
theme song of "A Woman of Affairs" is
" Love's First Kiss."

Mrs. H. H, Lisle, Schenectady, N. Y. —
Caroline Van Wyck referred your letter to me.
Polly Ann Young was born in Denver, Colo.,
Oct. 25, 1908. She is five feet, four and one-
half inches tall; weighs 117 pounds and has
brown hair and brown eyes. Her two sisters,
Loretta Young and Sally Blane, are also in the
movies. Does this information help you?

S. R. A., Streator. III. — .■\ntonio JMoreno
was born Sept. 26, 1888, in Aladrid, Spain.
Both his father and mother were Spanish.

Rallee, Indiana. — What a question bo.x
you turned out to be. Here goes for the
answers. T/tc Rabbi in "Abie's Irish Rose"
was played by Camillus Pretal. Larr\' Steers
played the part of Jo/ni Walton in "Redskin."

"Dad" Taylor is the oldest extra in Hollywood. He is one hundred
and one years old and doesn't believe in all this cry for young faces.
"Dad" was born in Brownsville, Texas, on July 9, 1828, before the
Lone Star State was a part of the Union. He went to Hollywood
while the movies were still young, to grow up with the infant in-
dustry. Edwin Carewe makes it a point to find seme "bit" for the
veteran in each of his productions

Every adTertlsement In PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE Is guaranteed.

Photoplay Magazine — Advertising Section


Robert .\mes plaj-ed the part of Bohhy in
"The Voice of the City." Gary Cooper is six
feet, two inches tall and weighs 180 pounds
NeU Hamilton is six feet taU and Eddie Nugent
is one inch taller. Each weighs 155 pounds.

M. L. B., Oklahom.\ City, Oicla. — In

"Stella Dallas" Ronald Colnian played the
part of Slcphcii Dallas. Hare you seen him in
"Bulldog Drummond"? His next will be
"The River Gambler." When you hear his
voice, you'll like him more than ever.

A. B., West Liberty, O. — In "The Shep-
herd of the I^ills" OHie was played by Joseph
Bennett and T/ic Artist was played by John
Westwood. Leatrice Joy and John Gilbert were
divorced Aug. 19, 1924. Mary Nolan is
twenty-four years old and still single

Jack Sho^vers, A. & JM. College, Miss. —
It was really Lupe Velez who did the singing
in "Lady of the Pavements."

J. G., Newark, N. J. — Philippe De Lacy has
chestnut hair and blue eyes. He claims
Nancy, France, as his birthplace. I agree with
you, he's a great little fellow.

Donald G. Strong, London, England. —
Thanks for aU the nice compliments. \l
Jolson is married to Ruby Keeler. This is his
third marriage. His latest picture is "Little
Pal." Better drop another line to Nick and
remind him of your request for a photo. Come
again sometime.

GwEN L., Jacksonville, Fla. — Your fav-
orite, Corinne Griflith, is live feet, three inches
tall; weighs 120 pounds and has light brown
hair and blue eyes. Did you read the story
about her in the June issue?

A. D., Albant, N. Y. — Betty Compson is
thirty-two years old, five feet, two inches tall
and has blonde hair and blue eyes. Her next
picture will be "Skin Deep." Richard Barthel-
mess and .\lice Day will be seen in "Drag."
Leroy Mason was the handsome bandit in

Delphin'e M., Brooklyn, N. Y. — The boys
who played in "Four Sons" were James Hall.
Charles Morton, Francis X. Bushman, Jr., and
George Meeker. Now don't quarrel anj-more.

E. W., Detroit, Mich. — Harry Carey's
first wife was .\lma Fern. His second wife is
Olive Golden and they have two children.
Louis H. Fontaine was Helene Chadwick's
first husband. Marguerite Clark was born
Feb. 22, 1887, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Florence Sethmann, Brooklyn, N. Y. —
Gwtn Lee is twenty-three years old and hails
from Hastings, Neb. She is five feet, seven
inches tall and weighs 135 pounds. Her real
name is Gwendolyn Le Pinski.

C.atherint; Greene, Alb.\n"y, Ga. — Grant
■Withers played opposite Corinne Griffith in
"Saturday's Children." Frederic March was
Clara Bow's leading man in "The Wild Party."
George Lewis is married to Mary Louise Loh-
man. Dorothy Gulliver is ilrs. \\'illiam Dc
Vito. Al Jolson's next picture will be "Little
Pal." You guessed it. Da\ey Lee pla\-s with
him. Buddy Rogers* last picture was "Close
Harmony" and his next one will be "A Man
Must Fight." Ramon Novarro, Nick Stuart
and Lois Wilson are still single. Nick e.xpects
to marr>' Sue Carol when her di\-orce becomes

Irent: Schofield, Elizabeth, N. J. —
Richard Arlen is married to Jobyna Ralston.
He has a seven-year-old daughter by a former
marriage. Dick's latest pictures are "The
Man I Love" and "Four Feathers." Jackie
Coogan will be fifteen years old in October.
He is appearing in vaudeville now.

r^ rank facts about


that everyone should know

THERE is no denying that
man>' of the present day
methods of reducing are extremely
injurious to the health. Starvation
diets not only make the face and
body look drawn and haggard but
they sap the strength and often
impair the health. Chemical baths
usually effect only temporary re-
ductions and are very weakening.
Medicines and pills that act on
the glands are also dangerous —
they frequently tend to throw the
whole svstem out of balance.

Health of Prominent Movie Stars
Wrecked by Unwise Reducing Methods

In a recent magazine article, a'well-known
West Coast Physician says:

"The weight reduction craze has become
a national problen-, in fact a menace.
Tuberculosis, anemia, and nervous dis-
orders have been counted among the tolls
wliich voluntary' starvation for a slender
figure and cinema stardom has exacted."

In another article, this same doctor con-
tinues as follows:

"Right now five young women of national
prominence in motion pictures are griev-
ously undernourished because thsy have
ignored the demands of their bodies for
fuel to burn. Two are said to be on the
verge of tuberculosis. One is suffering from
a severe anemia, another is a nervous
wTeck and the fifth one has so affronted
her stomach that it now returns to her
^cverj'thing slie eats." j

Lose 2 to 6 pounds a week . . .
easily . . . sensibly

BUT now it is no longer necessary to resort to
these dangerous reducing nietliods. For
through a remarkable new kind of reducing
garment, many overweight men and women are
losing from 2 to 6 pounds a week in a safe, natural,
healthful way.

Vou simply wear these garments a little while
each day — while doing your morning setting-up

exercises — pla>-ing golf — or even \Vhile working
around the house. Every minute, the gaiments
are helping to take off e-xcess fat. And soon vou
are on your way to a slim, graceful, youthful figure.

How Fat Is Banished

Fat is the fuel that keeps the body going. As we
move about, this fuel is burned up (oxidized). But
due to the foods we eat or to lack of exercise, fat is
often produced faster than it is consumed. Naturally
it accumulates on the body.

In order to get rid of this excess fat, oxidation
must be speeded up. Formerly this was accom-
plished through strenuous exercise. But this
method was slow and tiring and often overtaxed
the heart.

But while wearing the Olympic Reducing Gar-
ments, mild exercise and activity have the same
reducing eiTect as strenuous exercise — without any
of its harmful consequences.

The garment excludes air from the body and
circulation is stimulated. As a result, more
oxygenated blood is rushed to the fatty parts and
thus fat is oxidized more rapidly. The solid
residue is then carried off in the blood stream while
the moisture is given oU through the pores.

Liberal Trial Offer

To introduce the Olympic Reducing Garments
to the public we are making a special trial offer
which allows you to trv them out right at home —
without a penny's risk on your part. Send for
details and free illustrated booklet today. Simply
fill out tlie cou,Jon and mail now! No obligation
whatever. The Olympic Reducing Garment Co.,
Dept. 158. 116 Crown St.. New Haven. Conn.

This safe, sensible Olympic Method of reducing and

controlling weight is approved by noted Health

Authorities and is used in leading Health Institutes

and Gymnasiums.

Olympic Reducing Garment Co.,
Dept. 158. 116 Crown St.,
New Haven, Conn.

Without obligation, please send me details
of your generous TRI.AL OFFER, together
\v\lh iuUy illustrated book on the new OLYM-

Address .


When you write to advertisers please mention PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE.


Photoplay Magazine — Advertising Section

FcUcw the new fashion-'




The vogiie for delicately coloreil pillow
slips and fcheets of linen, crepe de chine
or cotton can be easily followed at
great savings by tinting your white ones.
Just dissolve a package of Putnam Dye
in a pint of boiling water and bottle
it. This Tinting Fluid can be used like
blueing, a few drops at a time for succes-
sive washings to keep the tint uniform.
At your druggist's — 15fi per package.




/or Tinting or Dyeing

Send for new Revised Edition,
"The Charm of Color," a
beautifully illustrated ^uide
lo Dyeing, Tinting, Bleach-
ing. Cleaning, etc.


Monroe Chemical Co.,
Dept. 0-8, Quincy, 111.
Please send your free booklet to




The choice of Sousa and
leading artists. The key tc
success for beginnt-rs. Eaaj
to blow, responsive in action,
crysial clear in tone. Special
patented features and more
than 50 years* experience are

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