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cleansing of the skin.

"Soap cleanses the skin— cleanses the pores—
as nothing else can, and it is the basic essential
of successful beauty treatment. Much of the
work of the beauty expert is nullified by neg-
lect to follow this simple rule of complexion
care. It is, of course, important to use the right
kind of soap, because many kinds are not only
unsuitable but positively harmful to the com-
plexion. I always ask my clients to use Palmolive
Soap, which embodies the finest cleansing agents
for the skin."

Piazza di Spagna 68. Roma

PALMOLIVE RADIO HOUR -Broadcast every Wednesday night-from 8:30 to 9;30 p. m., Eastern

time; 7:30 to 8:30 p, m.. Central time; 6:30 to 7:30 p. m.. Mountain time; 5:50 to 6.30 p. m., Pacific Coast

time— over WEAF and 39 stations associated with The National Broadcasting Company.

The typical/)' Rvmaii iiunUt faaide of Atlilio's salon on the Piazza di Spagna . . .
where the patrician ladies of Italian artistic and social life consult the most distin-
guished of all Roman beauty specialists.

Attilio's distinguished colleagues, in evety
great capital of Europe, in every smart resort
. . . repeat this same advice. Madame Valentin
le Brun, Lina Cavalieri, of Paris; Pessl, of
Vienna and Budapest, adviser to crowned heads
of Europe . . . these and dozens of other experts
tell their discriminating clients this easily-
performed, twice-a-day treatment: massage a
smooth lather of Palmolive Soap and warm
water into the skin. Allow it to penetrate the
pores. Rinse, after two minutes, first with warm
water, now with cold. Then — and only then-
are you ready for make-up !

If you do not already keep your skin fresh and
lovely by the use of this simple home treatment,
take the advice of the world's greatest beauty
authorities: begin to use Palmolive today!

A priceless formula
embodying the pre-
cious oils of palm
and olive, famous
since ihe daysofCleo-
palra for prolonging
health and beauty.

The lovely Ada Fontanesi, of Attilio's staff, is a
perfect type of Italian beauty.





Get the limit of health and
pep. Eat the best bran flakes
you ever tasted — Kellogg's
Pep Bran Flakes.

So delicious! These better
bran flakes have a flavor no
other bran flakes have. The
flavor of PEP, plus healthful
elements. Much crisper too.
From the first spoonful to
the last.

For your health's sake eat
these better bran flakes.
You get the nourishment

from the wheat. Just enough
bran to be mildly laxative.
Good for children.

Ready to eat with milk or
cream. Delicious with honey.
Sold in the red-and-green
package. Made by Kellogg
in Battle Creek.





Important — Kellogg's Pep Bran
Flakes are mildly laxative, all-bran
— another Kellogg product — is guar-
anteed to relieve constipation.

Clive Brook, one of Paramount's busiest articulate actors, enjoys an after-dinner pipe
and book in the Old English and New Beverly Hills manner

/?ecipes with an English

CLIVE BROOK and Dorothy Mackaill, two talkie pioneers
who claim England as their native land, have contri-
buted to Photoplay's Cook Book the recipes for their
favorite dishes.

Mr. Brook is partial to Pear Conde, which he describes as
a dessert, but which is really a meal in itself. I don't supipose
he knows much about its ingredients or mi.xing, but he highly
recommends the finished product. Probably we have Mrs.
Brook to thank for the following list of ingredients and the
directions for making.


1 cup boiling water
Y2 teaspoon salt
J'2 cup rice

3 tablespoons sujcar

Yolks 2 eggs

Preserved pears

3 tablespoons chopped Canton ginger

XYl cups milk

Put the water and salt in the top of a double boiler. Place
on range and add rice gradually, while stirring with a fork.
Boil five minutes, place over under part of double boiler, and



i'HOTOPLAY Magazine
750 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111.
Please send me a copy of Photoplay's Cook
Book, containing 150 favorite recipes of the stars.
I am enclosing twenty-five cents.

Be sure to write name and address plainly.
You may send either stamps or coin.

steam until kernels have absorbed water. Then add milk,
and continue the steaming until kernels are soft. ."Vdd sugar
and egg yolks, slightly beaten. Mound on a serving dish in
conical shape. Then place on the rice the halves of pears
which have been cooked in their own syrup (to which one-
third cup sugar has been added) until soft. Sprinkle all with

FOR a breakfast that starts the day right, Dorothy Mackaill
prescribes a plate heaped high with light, golden popovers.
Her recipe calls for:

1 scant cup flour J/4' teaspoon salt

1 cup milk 2 eggs

1 tablespoon melted butter

Sift together the flour and salt, and mix with the milk.
Add the two eggs, well beaten, and the melted butter. Then
beat with egg beater for five minutes. Pour into hot, greased
popover pans (the heavy iron sort). Bake for twenty or
twenty-five minutes in a very hot oven. Do not open door for
the first fifteen minutes of baking. After that reduce the heat
in the oven.

EVERY housewife wants new recipes and new ideas to keep
her menus from becoming monotonous. The latest edition
of Photoplay's Cook Book contains 150 favorite recipes of
the stars. There are many nourishing dishes which are easily
prepared, and there are elaborate desserts for party dinners.
There are new ways of preparing vegetables and novel ideas
for salads. Simply fill out the coupon on this page, enclose
twenty-five cents, and the Cook Book will be sent to you
promptly. Carolyn Van Wyck



Photoplay Magazine — Advertising Section

"The loveliness of soft smooth skin

Janet Gaynor, Fox star, in
the charming paneled bath-
room built in Hollywood just
for her adorable loveliness.
She says enthusiastically:
" There's a caressing quality to
Lux Toilet Soap that I have
never found before except in the
finest French soaps — my skin
feels so delightfully soft and
smooth after usiftg it."

Photo by W. E. Thomas, Hollywood

Phyllis Haver, charming Pathe star, is one of the 442
important screen actresses who use Lux Toilet Soap.
She says: "No star can hope to look lovely unless she has
a velvety smooth skin. Lux Toilet Soap leaves my skin
so gently smooth that I have no fear of the close-up."

Lux Toilet

Every advertisement in PHOTOPL.AT MAGAZINE is suaranteed.

Photoplay Magazine — Advertising Section


never fails to touch the heart/'
say 39 Hollywood Directors

9 out of \^ screen stars keep their
skin lovely this way • • •

A LITTLE FLUTTER of emotion always creeps
into one's heart at the sight of a really fresh
and lovely skin.

Every girl must have petal-smooth skin if she is
to be truly attractive, Hollywood says. "People
respond instantly to the loveliness of beautiful
skin," says F. W. Murnau, Fox director — and sums
up the experience of leading Hollywood directors.

"All screen stars know this — they take the ut-
most care of their skin," he goes on to say. " For in
the close-up only the complexion of naturally flaw-
less beauty can stand the pitiless search of glaring
lights. Even slight make-up is apt to show. Girls
who attain success in the films have skin of amaz-
ing smoothness."

It is because of this that 442 of the 45 1 important
actresses in Hollywood, including all stars, use Lux
Toilet Soap. They have found that it keeps the skin
at its best: clear and smooth as a gardenia petal.

Remember: nine out of ten screeri stars use Lux
Toilet Soap — and all the great film studios have '
made this daintily fragrant white soap official for
dressing rooms.

Are you using Lux Toilet Soap? You'll love
the way it gives your skin such gentle care.

Marion Davies, famous star,
says: "Deliciously smooth skin is
such an asset. I am delighted
with Lux Toilet Soap."


Bebe Daniels, lovely Radio Pic-
tures' player, says: "Lux Toilet
Soap is a great help in keeping
the skin smooth and lovelv."

Photo by O. Dyar, Hollywood

Esther Ralston, Paramount star, in the charming
and luxurious bathroom built for her in Hollywood.

The next time you see her in a close-up, notice how
smooth Lux Toilet Soap keeps her skin.

Esther Ralston says: "In their close-ups stars are
more closely observed than women in any other profession. .
Their popularity largely depends on the beauty of their
skin. Lux Toilet Soap is excellent for keeping the skin
delightfully smooth."

L,uxury such as you nave found only in £ vench soaps
at 50^ ana $1,00 the cake . . now


When you write 10 advertisers please mention PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE.


Read This Before
Asking ^estions

You do not have to be a
reader of Photoplay to have
questions answered in this De-
partment. It is only necessary
that you avoid questions that
would call for unduly long an-
swers, such as synopses of plays
or casts. Do not inquire con-
cerning religion, scenario writ-
ing, or studio employment.
Write on only one side of the
paper. Sign your full name and
address: only initials will be
published if requested.

Casts and Addresses

As these often take up much
space and are not always of in-
terest to others than the in-
quirer, we have found it neces-
sary to treat such subjects in a
different way than other ques-
tions. For this kind of informa-
tion, a stamped, addressed
envelope must be sent. It is
imperative that these rules be
complied with in order to insure
your receiving the information
you want. Address all inquiries
to Questions : nd Answers.
Photoplay Magazine, 221 W.
57th St.. New York City.

Julia Dolinsky, Gasfield, N. J.
— Sorry to contradict you but you
have your companies mixed. It was
Fox and not Paramount that made
"Spealceasy." Paul Page, who had
the male lead, was born in Birming-
ham, Ala., May 13, 1903, and Lola
Lane, his leading lady, came from
Indianola, Iowa. She is five feet,
two inches tall; weighs 120 pounds
and has light brown hair and violet
eyes. She appeared on the stage
before going into pictures.

Joe Hembera, Cedar Rapids,
Iowa. — Bob Steele was born in
Portland, Ore. He is five feet, ten
inches tall; weighs 165 pounds and
has dark brown hair and blue eves.

A. R., Norwood, Ohio. — Esther Ralston is
married to George Webb. Lilyan Tashman
and Kathryn Car\-er claim New York City as
their home town and Betty Compson claims
Beaver City, Utah.

P. M., Paris, France.— How did you find
your way over here? Marian Ni.xon is her real
name. She is twenty-four years old and stands
five feet, two inches in height. Before going
into the movies she was a dancer. Charles
Rogers is being kept very busy so I don't think
he will see Paris for a while.

A. S. E., HA^^LTON, Ont., Canada. — Jack
Oakie was born in Sedalia, Mo., Nov. 12, 1903.
He has sandy hair, blue eyes and is five feet,
ten inches tall. Shhhh! He's still single.

J. M., Chicago, III. — Maurice Chevalier is
thirty-six years old and was born in Menil-
montant, near Paris, France. He is five feet,
eleven inches tall; weighs 165 pounds, has
brown hair and blue eyes and is married. His
last name is pronounced "Sha-vahl'-yay." He
is busy making a new picture tided '" The Love

James Bow, Butte, Mont. — Any relation
to Clara? Bet you're a forty-second cousin.
Clara was born in Brooklyn, New York, July
29, 1905. Anita Page was born in Flushing,
Long Island, N. Y., Aug. 4, 1910.

J. K., New York City. — Both Vilma Banky

■ and Greta Garbo reached our shores in 1925.

Vilma is twenty-six years old and is married to

Rod LaRocque. Greta is three years younger

than Vilma and is still single.

L. H., Brooklyn, New Y'ork. — Marie Pre-
vost and Harrison Ford played the leads in
"The Girl in the Pullman" and Glenn Tryon
and Patsy Ruth Miller played the leads in "A
Hero for a Night." Conrad Nagel and Myrna
Loy did not appear in "Chicago After Mid-
night." I think you have " State Street Sadie"
in mind.

"pHOTOPLAY is printing a list of studio
•*■ addresses with the names of ihe stars
located at each one.

Don't forget to read over the list on page 126
before writing to this department.

In writing to the stars for photographs
Photoplay advises you to enclose twenty-
five cents, to cover the cost of the picture and
postage. The stars, who receive hundreds of
such requests, cannot afford to comply with
them unless you do your share.

Bunny, Charleston, W. Va. — Mary Dun-
can is twenty-four years old and has dark
brown hair and blue eyes. Before going into
pictures she appeared in numerous stage

Beautiful But Dumb, Moscow. — Beheve
me, I'd never admit it. In "Little .\nnie
Rooney" Walter James played the part of
Officer Rooney; Gordon Griffith was his son
Tim, and William Haines played the part of
Joe Kelly. Greta Garbo is five feet, six inches
tall and weighs 125 pounds. Lon Chaney is
forty years old, is five feet, ten inches tall.

Honey, Bellingham, Wash. — Your friend
is mistaken. It was Richard .Arlen who played
with Clara Bow in "Ladies of the Mob."
Anita Page is eighteen years old, has blonde
hair and stands five feet, two inches in height.
.Alice White is three years older and two inches
shorter than Anita. Nancy Carroll has red

Lon DeMille, Detroit, Mich. — How
much did you bet? Dolores Costello is an
.American of Irish-Spanish descent. Her
grandfather, Thomas CDStello, was born and
raised in Ireland. His ancestors, three genera-
tions before, came from Spain. Her grand-
mother, Helen Fitzgerald Costello, was also
born and raised in Ireland, and her ancestors
were Irish as far back as they can be traced.

Maxint; Scotton, Mercedes, Tex. — Rex
King has just faded out of the picture. Rex
BeU was picked to replace liim and his latest
picture is "Joy Street."

Norma Jackso.n, Ione, Wash. — William
Austin was born in British Guiana, South
America, and came to the United States in
1915. He has been on the stage and screen
since 1919. He is six feet tall, weighs 170
pounds and has light brown hair and gray eyes.
He married Dora Mae Howe in May, 1929. His
next picture \vill be "Sweetie." John Darrow
played the part of BUI in "The High School

B. Randall, Wollaston, Mass.
— Yep, Ramon is a very smart young
man. It was his voice you heard in
"The Pagan.''

Ruth Friedland, .Alexandria,
Minn. — The man you refer to in
" Beggar on Horseback" •was James
JIason. He played the part of
Homer Cody.

A. E. N., Arnold, Pa. — Oh, no, I
am never too busy to WTite to the
girls! Ralph Graves was born in
Cleveland, Ohio, June 9, 1900. He
is married to Virginia Goodwin.
Josephine Dunn was born in New
York City and is divorced from Wm.
P. Cameron.

(iRETCHEN Neff, .Apollo, Pa. — Buddy
Messinger played the part of Tuffy and Wil-
liam Bakewell played the part of Mack Moran
in "Hot Stuff."

Mary Alice Tucker, Meridian, Miss. —
^'ou certainly know how to pick 'em, Mary.
Ben Lyon is twenty-eight years old and hails
from .\llanla, Ga. He has dark brown hairand
stands six feet in altitude. William Haines and
James Hall are both one year older than Ben.
Bill is the same height as Ben but he has black
hair and hails from Staunton, Va. James is
fi\'e feet, ten inches tall and has dark brown
hair. He comes from Dallas, Texas.

Robert Belinko, Edwardsville, Penna.
— Margaret Quimby was the young lady who
played the part of Eleanor in " Lucky Boy."

R.\y, -Atlanta, Ga. — How did you make out
in the e.xams? Baclanova is about twenty-nine
years old. Laura La Plante had a double do
the singing for her in "Show Boat." Ramon
No\arro did his own talking and singing in
"The Pagan," but a double sang for Dorothy
Janis. It was Warner Baxter's own voice you
heard in "InOld -Arizona." No, Monte Blue and
Rod LaRocque are not related to each other.
George Lewis is twenty-five years old and has
been married since March, 1928.

R. R., Petersburg, III. — Here's where you
get fooled. What made you think that none of
the marriages lasted in Hollywood? Edythe
Chapman, who plays the mother role in " The
Idle Rich," has been married to the same
husband for thirty-one years. Thomas
Meighan and his first and only wife have been
married for nineteen years. Jack Holt and his
wife have been married thirteen years. And
there are others.

Jack Prewitt, Plant City, Fla. — Hugh
-Allan was born in Oakland, Cahf., Nov. 5,
1903. He is six feet tall, weighs 165 pounds
and has black hair and brown eyes.
[ please turn to page 136 ]


Photoplay Magazine — Advertising Section






\Jnm a

OF all the rules in the primer of
beauty, the most important is this
— keep your skin healthy if you want it
to stay young.

On my little mannequin 1 have star-
red the six spots most difficult to care
for. These are the six places where im-
perfections come most quickly and where
lines form to strike fear to every mortal
woman's heart.

But treat your skin wisely — guard
well its health at the six vital spots —
and your complexion will tell only flat-
tering fibs about your birthdays.

Milkweed Cream will help you mar-
velously in caring for your skin. It is
ever so slightly therapeutic, and does
things for your skin that no other cream,
however expensive, can possibly do. It
is a splendid cleanser but, to me, its most
appealing virtue is the way it brings
smoothness to the skin. Roughness van-
ishes — blemishes disappear. Tiny wrin-
kles are discreetly smoothed away. Your
skin becomes smooth — clear — alto-
gether lovely.

Today, buy a jar of Milkweed Cream.
Mark on the label the date you start
using it and notice how your skin im-
proves in a single month.

I wish you would send the coupon
for my booklet on skin care. And, if
you have any special beauty questions,
feel perfectly free to write me for advice.


j/ii/?2 c^t^n Jifau ?jauna

p. S. Milkweed Cream is marvelous against
sunburn. It soothes away the redness and
smarting. And, should you acquire a tan, it jf.
will encourage a lovely, even effect, keeping ^
the skin soft and supple and preventing the
bum from coarsening its texture. © 1929

^^ The Forehead . . Lines and wrinkles are all
^ too likely to form here prematurely unless
the skin is kept soft and pliable— and this
Ingram's does with marvelous effect.

^^ The Eyes . . Puffiness and crows' feet are
'^ so very aging and unbecoming — so traitor-
ous. To keep the skin smooth and supple,
turn to the soothing and softening services
of Ingram's Milkweed Cream.

.^W The Mouth . . To prevent drooping lines at
corners of the lips, tone the skin and keep
the muscles firm by using Ingram's. It is
amazingly helpful for invigorating cir-

The Throat . . Guard against a crepey throat
if you value your youth. Ingram's, with
its trace of medication, keeps it lovely,
smooth and rounded and without a trace
of flabbiness.

The Neck . . Finely etched, circular lines are
signs of accumulating birthdays. Be faith-
ful to your use of Milkweed Cream. It
wafts well-established lines to obscurity
and guards against new ones.

The Shoulders . . Eve.y woman who would
proudly wear evening gowns or sleeveless
dresses should cleanse her arms and
shoulders and keep them blemish-free
with Ingram's.

Frances Ingram, Consultant on Care of the Skin.
Dept, A-99, 108 Washington St., N. Y. C.
Please send me your free booklet, "Only a Healthy
Skin Can Stay Young" which tells in complete detail
how to care for the skin and to guard the six vital
spots of youth.



Ingram's Milkweed Crecun

When you write to advertisers please mention rHOTOPLAT MAGAZINE.

Gossip of All the Studios


The screen is outdoing the stage in eye-catching spectacles, as witness this Garden of Love scene from
"Glorifying the American Girl." It is typical of the new trend in pictures, which is to out-Broadway


ALTHOUGH he left his company
maimers at home, Karl Dane
was the sensation of Indianapolis
during his location jaunt to that
city. WilUam Haines, Anita Page
and other members of the M.-G.-M.
"Speedway" company took a back
seat. It was a rush from one soirSe
to another. Dane and John Miljan
dropped in at the home of an Indi-
anapoUs society woman on their way
to another party.

Dane looked around and couldn't
see much whoopee in progress.
Turning to Miljan he remarked in a
voice that was distinctly audible in
Terre Haute — "We're wasting a lot
of good time here. There's a better
party down the street."

"Isn't he an adorable brute,"
gushed the admiring hostess.

■NTOW that the three Bennett girls, Con-
■'■^ stance, Barbara and Joan, are all in
Hollywood you might imagine that you'd see
idyllic photographs of the devoted sisters arm
in arm. But you won't. Not by your old

The daughters of the famous Richard are
npt as chummy as they might be. Joan and
Barbara get along well enough, but Constance
is not given any sisterly confidences. Sophis-
ticated as they are, they have never quite
approved of Constance. And, besides, word
came to Joan that, at the opening of "Bulldog


Drummond " in New York, Constance paraded
about the lobby of the theater and was thereby
suspected of trying to take Joan's glory.

A LTHOUGH Colleen Moore and John
-'^■McCormick \W11 tap you Ughtly over the
head with a shUlalah if you even suggest that
they're anything but Irish, they've instituted
an old German custom in their new home.
The theater (wired for sound) which is a
part of the house, is equipped with long tables
in front of the divans. Here the guests may
eat and drink while they're watching a picture.
The munching of a pretzel adds to the Vita-
photte sound effects.

A CCORDING to a story carried in a
-* "-theatrical publication, Douglas Fairbanks,
Jr., receives an allowance of §20,000 a year
from his father, with payment to cease when
he is twenty-one. This sounds pretty good,
but his friends say that the young man gets
$75 a week from Doug, Sr., and that stopped
when he was given a First National contract.
The statement that young Doug would re-
cei\'e $200,000 when he reaches the age of
twenty-five is also regarded as unfounded.
So, if you're foolish enough to think Joan
Crawford married Junior for his money, just
put the thought right out of your head.

"We'll see yoti in the news reels!"

Said all the fliers, frantic —
And then they climbed into their planes

Atidfcll in the Atlantic.

ipiTY the poor writers! They no sooner get
■'- through sinking the swan song of a foreign
star in American films before she turns up
again on another boat, all bright and smiling.

We had just finished saying ta-ta to Lj^a di
Putti when in she popped again, posing for
leggy pictures on the boat deck and announc-
ing that she was so glad to be back again in
that dear America, where the pay checks ,
bloom big and often.

She had just finished one picture in England.
And Lya, with her nice little accent, was '
cocking her ears for a taUde offer from some
American producer with one of those nice
checkbooks and a self-cocking fountain pen.

OOMETIMES it is advantageous for a star
'-'to marry her publicity man — but not always.
Harry Wilson (now press agent for United
Ardsts) was divorced from Marion Aye shordy
after their marriage. The story goes that she
agreed to take part of her alimony in pubUcity,
but that didn't last long.

Janet Gaynor was engaged to Herbert
Moulton but broke the engagement on the
eve of the opening of " Seventh Heaven, " and
now Gladys McConnell has divorced her press
agent husband, Arthur Hagermau.

T UPE VELEZ excitedly shouted to the
■'-'world, "Oh, darling, I am going to move
into a grand new house in Beverly Hills. I'm
going to have a swimming pool and beeg
rooms and I'm going to have a beeg party and
everybody mus' [ please turn to page 88 ]

Photoplay Magazine — Advertising Section

"T'TJ 1h C Get a generous sample tube of Colgate's Ribbon
l^JEvJ-^t^ Dental Cream — the cleansing dentifrice — simply
mail the coupon below and be convinced.

^^^^^^^^HP^^^ '^^^^^^^^H




^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^HHji^V^;-^ '


*Hoa» Colgate's Cleans Crevices Where Tooth Decay May Start

Greatly magnified

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