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body out of alignment. If anything, they
accentuate shortness.

Viola Dana, May McAvoy, Dorothy Janis
and Barbara Kent are all just your height,
4 feet 11, and I am sure you'll agree that their
popularity has not suffered as a result of their
being under five feet. So don't let the lack of a
few inches worry you so much.

OuiD.-v B.:

Your coloring is very attractive and you can
wear most of the hues that are becoming to a
fair blonde. Bronze brown; dark brown;
peacock, na\-)' and delft blues; pale and dark
green; mstaria; hght yellow; palest pink, and
oyster white should all look weU on you.

June C. :

Silky, straight hair is rather a problem,
especially when permanent waves and marcels
are financially impossible. I think if you will
change barbers, and keep on changing until
you find one who can shingle your hair to suit
its texture and the shape of your head and face,
you will find that there is a cut that will solve
your hair problem. Don't go to a barber who
cuts everyone's hair alike, regardless of type
of hair or of individual.

Wear a brassiere that does not constrict your
body but gives you some support without loss
of freedom. Any good corset shop or depart-

ment store ^N'ill show you the bandeau tj^pe of
brassiere, which is probably all you require.
Remember that most of them shrink a little
when washed.

Trifle :

You sound attractive enough to be a suc-
cess on the stage, if attractive appearance were
all that is necessary for success. But a dancer
must be thoroughly trained before she is ready
to try her luck professionally. Unless you
can persuade your mother to let you take a
course in stage dancing, I think you had better
plan to do some other work for which your
education has equipped you.


It seems to me there is just one thing for you
to work for, and that is to make your husband
so happy, to be such a satisfactory mfe and
companion to him, that he vnU forget this
"other girl" and be glad he has married you
instead. Don't let him get the idea you are
jealous and petty, but show him all the sweet-
ness and love you can. Be patient, and I think
time will make everything come out right.


In order to gain weight one must cultivate
a calm disposition, a good appetite, and get
plenty of rest and sleep. Outdoor exercise
is essential, but the less strenuous forms are
better for the too-thin person. Brisk walking
is healthful and increases the appetite. Don't
overeat, but choose the foods that your
stouter sisters avoid. Cream soups, gravies,
potatoes, vegetables ser\'ed with cream sauce,
cereals, puddings and custards, ice cream,
cocoa and chocolate are all valuable foods for
putting on weight. Don't neglect to eat the
leafy vegetables and the fruits that everyone
needs to maintain good health, whether stout
or thin. Drink plenty of water, at least six
glasses daily. If you are in good health it
isn't necessary to worn,' about the lack of a
few pounds, but following these brief rules
should help you to gain.

ViOL.4 v.:

Since you are still in grade school I think it
is a little early for you to make any decision
about a stage career. Keep your mind on
your studies for a few more years, and then it
will be time enough to think about the future.
If you like to act, why don't you join a class
in amateur dramatics? If there isn't one in
your town, you might start a little dramatic
club. That would give you a great deal of
valuable experience in acting, in organizing,
and in executive work.


I can't understand a girl who is willing to
give up the man she loves because he is a little
shorter than she. You ask me, "Should I go
by love or height?" Doris, now that you see
your question in print, doesn't it strike you
as being utterly foolish? I'm sure you haven't
the least idea of giving up this boy because
he lacks a few inches of your height. Cuban
heels are good for general wear, and you can
reserve high heels for dancing.

Confessions of a Press Agent


suspect me of a secret passion. No secret at
all: I love Pola and ha%'e no fear of saying
so — now that she's divorcing the prince!

As for the honesty of confessions without
benefit of press agent: Pola gave me her life
story which I WTote with painful exactness,
even to brushing up on Polish expletives.
When she had finished after many appoint-
ments of many hours each I said, "Now, Pola,
I'd love to hear your real life story."

"Ah-h — most interesting," said Pola, and

straightway could have launched another as
romantic as the original, for Pola is a creative,
an imaginative artist, and hasn't the slightest
idea of the truth about herself.

The motto, "Know Thyself," was not
adopted by those old Spartans for its ease.
The favorite life story of all classics, excepting
possibly Pola's, is Benvenuto Cellini's, and we
love him for being such a swell liar. Benvenuto
wisely chose to do his own publicity rather
than have it done out.

Ihe smartest
looking girl on
campus • •

but always
alone !

TN 1

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offend people unless you
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ration Odorono gives.

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The regular use of Odorono keeps the under-
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faces where evaporation occurs more quickly.
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greasy there is no messiness or rubbing off on
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embarrass you.

Odorono Regular Strength for twice a week
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COi, and^l.OO, Creme Odorono (deodorant) 25j*.

Odorono Regular Strength
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arm dry with two appli-
cations a week, used last
thing at night.

Odorono No. 3 Mild (color-
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for frequent use. UseDally.
Night or morning.


New lOi OFFER:

Mall coupon and
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One of the largest laughs I've ever had \vas
when Mabel Normand, in her happy days,
insisted she wanted me to do publicity. I
knew Mabel as a publicity dodger. Trying to
get her to talk about herself is like trying to
get one of the pigeons of St. Mark's to roost
for a picture with you. Just about the time
you coax her into line she flies away and you
find on getting home that you have flattering
pictures of everyone but Mabel.

I never dared write the truth about Mabel
because it would only be credible as fiction.

Only now that she is iU, and perhaps dying, W/ITH these stars out of the way all the

he greatness of ^^ crowned heads and society dames leaped

gifted in publicity genius. They have to be
interpreted to the press. Incidentally, very
few stories written or conceived by press agents
are ever printed. The agent serves only as
the contact.

Some time ago some of our biggety stars
decided pubUcity was vulgar. They would be
conservative like kings and queens, and
informed their press agents that no longer
would their star names be given to advertising

is the world ready to know the

this girl who happened to be a motion picture


Of all the stars I've known Mabel remains
supreme in greatness in the truest and most
infinite sense, and so she has suffered most.
There have been more stories deprecating her
than ever were invented to glorify all the stars
of Holly\vood.

The greatest publicity experts of this age are
the Misses Aimee McPherson, Te.xas Guinan
and Peggy Joyce. None of them possessesmuch
talent for anything else, though .Aimee and
Texas are power stations of energy and person-
ality. I'm a fan of both; both hypnotize me.

Aimee, the evangehst, has grown rich and
famous through headlines implying she was a
bad girl.

TEX.\S, the night club siren, gets hers by
shouting she never took a drink in her hfe
and going on the witness stand with a copy of
The Life of St. Anthony.

Peggy, though neither an evangelist nor
personal prohibitionist, features free-will offer-
ings, chiefly diamonds.

Aimee has been termed the siren of the
pulpit, while Texas frankly heralds herself as
the Joan of Arc of Broadway.

Press agents would mess everything with
their lies. Tex used to be featured in cos-
metic advertisements as God's Masterpiece.

Honesty pays, so shun the press agent. .\t
least, Tex, Aimee and Peggy have been heavily
rewarded and no dishonest press agent gets a

But people talented in other lines are not so


into the vacated space with yipping testimoni-
als. Publicity is what has kept the world
kissing the hands of royalty, and when the film
stars began hogging it the royal stars realized
they'd have to get better press agents or all the
love and kisses would go to Holly^vood.

AU the world loves pubUcity, but no one
loves a publicity man (of course there have been
exceptions). It is very discomfiting to feel
that part of one's success may be due to
another's talent. (Maybe I'm unduly sensi-
tive, but I can't help wondering where I'd ever
got to without Bull Montana.)

Yet there is compensation for the noble
publicity man that a fiction WTiter never can
have. The p. a. sees his heroes and heroines
reaping rewards, while those of tlie fiction
writer end in the waste basket. Of course, the
p. a.'s sometimes end there, too. Great qualities
that stir the scribe's enthusiasm so often
wither in the limelight. Publicity which
extols virtues automatically gives license to
that which it does not extol. Therein lies the
secret of stars' decline and the reason press
agents are called liars.

Of course all my subjects have gone marching
on to glory because my activities always
grew out of friendship and all were exceptional
geniuses. That was my story and I stick to it.

.As for myself, I modestly refer you to Mr.
Montana, for, as I've said, one never can be
trusted when one starts talking about oneself,
and while I find confession exceedingly good
for my sold, it may not be so good for it here-
after, and so get the truth from my press agent.
. . . He's honest, but won't tell all.

How do you like your alphabet — blonde or brunette? The living
signboard is the very latest thing in Los Angeles advertising
methods. It is the neplus ultra, the vox populi— in short, the nuts.
It looks to us as if the gal sitting in the nice comfortable V is getting

all the breaks

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' HE tt'orld has come to look

whether they are silent pictures or talkies. M-G-M has gone so far
ahead in the talking picture field that other sound pictures in comparison
seem old-fashioned. The greatest talent, the greatest genius in the amuse-
ment world today is concentrated on the production of M-G-M pictures.
Stars, directors, authors, composers, technical experts — the real Who's*
Who of screen and stage today are working on the M-G-M pictures you
will see in coming months.


Renee Adoree
George K. Arthur
Nils Asther
George Barraud
Lionel Barrymore
Wallace Beery
Jack Benny
Charles Bickford
Edwina Booth
John Mack Brown
Karl Dane

Mary Doran
Josephine Dunn
Cliff Edwards
Gus Edwards
Julia Faye
Rayinond Hackett
Leila Hyams
Zita Johann
Kay Johnson
Carlotta Kin^
Charles King

Gwen Lee
Bessie Love
George Marion
Nina Mae McKinney
Polly Moran
Robert Montgomery
Anita Murray
Joyce Murray
Conrad Nagel
Edward Nugent
Elliott Nugent


Lionel Darrvmore
Harry Beaumont
Charles Brabin
Clifford Brooke
Clarence Brown
Tod Browning
Jack Conway
Cecil B. DeMille
William DeMille
Gus Edwards
Jacques Feyder
Sidney Franklin
Nick Grinde
Bertram Harrison.
George Hill
E. Mason Hopper
Robert Z. Leonard
Willard Mack
Edgar MacGrcgor
Fred Niblo
William Nigh
J. C. Nugent
John S. Robertson
Chas. F. Riesner
Edward Sedgwick
Edgar Selwyn
Ha&sard Short
W. S. Van Dyke
King Vidor
Sam Wood


Among the Productions Yow
WcH See Starting I^^our —

'Madam* X"



(Atl-taltdng, tingine.
Alio a litent produciiant


(Alt-tafictTtg, AUo t* litent pToduaion}

"Eva the Filth"



"Anna Christie"

"The Thirteenth Chair"

"College Life"

(Att'lolfcinc, tinging)
g And many, many more of M-Q'M's
H Qreatest Shows on Earth


J. C. Nugent
Robert Ober"
Anifa Page
Basil Rathbone
Duncan Renaldo
Dorothy Sebastian
Sally Starr
Lewis Stone
Ernest Torrence
Raquel Torres


Vincent Voumana
Martin Brooncs
Milt Ager
Jack Yellen
Jesse Greer
Reggie Montgomery
Fred Ahlert
Lois Leeson
Arthur Lange
Fred Fisher
Dave Dreyer
Raymond Klages
Ballard MacDonald
George Ward
Nacio Herb Brown
Arthur Freed
Joe Trent
Jack King
Joe Goodwin
Lou Alter
Roy Turk
Vincent Bryant
Herbert Stotharl
Gus Edwards

JOAN <<^






a L D W Y N - M A Y E R

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to Palmer Institute" Harry M. Lawley

. , . "/« the Cecil DeMille Screen Book Motion Pic-
ture Contest, ivhich just closed^ I 'won third prize ...
a matter of $200.00." Heather McClecry

Such testimonials speak for themselves. Under Palmer Train-
ing you can learn the professional touch in writing — eiiher
photoplays or shon stories. Mail the coupon below for book-
let describing ether Palmer successes and for full informa-
tion on Palmer Courses.



Dept IZ'W Palmer Building, Hollywood, Calif.

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yill correspondence strictly confidential.
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Questions and Answers


Mildred Crater, Kansas City, Kan. —
William Bakewell was born in Los Angeles,
Calif., May 2, 1908. He is five feet, eleven and
one half inches tall; weighs 145 pounds and has
brown hair and grey eyes. His latest appear-
ance is in "On With the Show."

Dolly, Fergus Falls, Minn. — Heights,
nothing but heights. Alice 'W'hite is five feet
tall; Anita Page is five feet, two inches; Joan
Crawford and Nancy Carroll are five feet, four
inches. BiUie Dove is five feet, five, and Greta
Garbo is five feet, six inches tall. Now for the
he-men. Richard Barthelmess is five feet,
seven inches; Charles Rogers and Neil Hamil-
ton are si.x feet and Nils Asther is one-half inch

Irsla Mickler, St. Augustine, Fla. — Your
friend is off his trolley. Myrna Loy is not
Chinese. She is an American of Welsh, Scotch
and Swedish extraction. Her real name is

IMyrna Williams and she hails from Helena,

Mildred H., Scranton, Penna;— Yes, Clara
Bow uses her own name in pictures. Her next
will be "Dangerous Curves." Buddy Rogers'
next will be "Illusion." Indeed, Bessie Love
and Anita Page are not sisters. Anita's real
moniker is Pomares and Bessie's is Juanita

D. M. J., Idaho. — Sure, I like to hear from
httle girls in Idaho. In fact, I like to hear from
little girls everywhere. Mary Pickford was
born in Toronto, Canada, April 8, 1893. She is
five feet tall and weighs 100 pounds. Her real
name is Gladys Smith. Her first husband was
Owen Moore, whom she divorced in 1920.

Marion and Alice, Coatesville, Penna. —
Get ready. Here goes — William Haines is
twenty-nine years old and hails from Staimton,

International NewsreeU

All the retakes in Hollywood are not confined to the studio lots.
For example, the one above, which shows Edwin Carewe, the
director, and his pretty ex-wife and re-wife, Mary Aiken Carewe.
What we want to know is: does wife the second get jealous of wife

the first?

Every advertisement In PHOTOPLAY MAOAZINH Is guarajiteed.

Photoplay Magazine — Advertising Section


Va. He is six feet tall, weighs 172 pounds and
has black hair and brown eyes. That's his own
name. His next picture will be "Speedway."
Ramon Novarro, who is thirty years old, came
from Durango, Mexico, where he was known as
Ramon Samaniegos. He is five feet, ten inches
tall; weighs 100 pounds and has dark brown
hair and brown eyes. His latest picture is
"The Pagap." Davey Lee was born in Holly-
wood, Jan. 3, 1925.

CtraDLES Ross, HoLYOKE, Mass. — Ohhhh!
What I know about you. Nils Asther cele-
brates his birthday on January 17. He is
twenty-seven years old. He was married and
divorced several years ago. Did you read his
life story in the February and ]\Iarch issues of

E. Thum, Bayonne, N. J. — -Philippe De
Lacy played the part of Petite in "The Re-
deeming Sin." He is twelve years old, has
chestnut hair and blue eyes and comes from
Nancy, France.

Melville C. Johnston,
Canada. — Ruth Chattcrton
Ralph Forbes. Yes, it was H.
saw in "The Doctor's Secret,
Rio is a Mexican.

Cakey, Man.,
is married to
B. Warner you
" Dolores Del

Nancy W., Baltimore, Md. — So you go
with Ben Lyon's nephew. Now isn't that nice?
Ben is twenty-eight years old and celebrates
his birthday on February 6. In "The Pagan"
Donald Crisp played the part of Joranson.

D. B., Utica, N. Y. — Billie Dove was born
in New York City twenty-six years ago and
christened Lillian Bohny. She is married to
Irvin Willat. Edmund Lowe is thirty-five
years old, hails from San Jose, Calif., and is
married to Lilyan Tashman. He uses his own
name in pictures.

Marjorie Diet/, Milwaukee, Wis. —
When Alice White first went into pictures she
was a brunette, but now, my dear, she's a

Brief Reviews of Current Pictures


MAN I LOVE, THE— Paramount,— A slight
story, but ■\'ou'!l like Richard Arlen's work. All
Talkie. {July.)

MASKED EMOTIONS— Fox.— Good melodrama
of adventure and brotherly love. Silent. {July.)

MOTHER'S BOY— Pathe.— Just another Jolson
plot, only this time the singer is an Irishman, Morton
Downey. All Talkie. (Jw/y.)

MOULIN ROUGE— World Wide.— Paris boulevard
piece made in Paris and London by A. E. Dupont,
with a Russian star, Mile. Chekova. Sound. {April.)

• MY MAN — Warners. — A chance to hear Fan-
nie Brice sing all her best songs. Not much on
storv, but a good Vitaphone novelty. Part Talkie.


Paramount. — Fantastic mystery yarn, with Oriental
deviltry. All Talkie. (Aug.)

Beautiful and thrilling all-color production
based on Jules Verne's story. Entertaining fantasy.
Sound. {May.)

NAVAJO — Goodwill. — Lives and habits of the
Navajo Indians, shot among them. Very educational.
Just a little longer news reel. Silent. {May.)

NEW YEAR'S EVE— Fox.— Dripping with senti-
mentality and sticky with melodrama. Sound.

NO MORE CHILDREN— Broughton.— Tasteless
and worthless birth control propaganda. Don't be
fooled, it's just stupid. Silent. {June.)

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