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tired feet slide into comfy house

slippers of soft leather in two

contrasting colors

TJ/'ITH negligee and lingerie of the sheerest

^'^ lace and crepe de Chine, Dixie Lee wears

mules of Chinese print material, lined with crepe

de Chine and having a full Louis heel




lo b^

/ »7

The femininity of this

crepe de chine Mule rs

enhanced by a crepe

flower ornament.

<^in these glorious slippers
by Daniel Green

Would you like a swagger little pajama
boot to accentuate smartly the domi-
nant color in your lounging suit ....
or an exquisite crepe de chine mule
to complement the pastel tones of
your favorite, filmy negligee ....

You may have such slippers, de-
signed by distinguished stylists,
on a fashion plane worthy of the
most fascinating Parisian negligee or
pajama ensemble.

Daniel Green, slipper maker to
the world for 47 years, offers this
captivating array — gleaming satins,

The clever hack-strap gives
a graceful line and snug fit
to this attractive kid Mule.


A velvet bow provides

a smart finish to this

embroidered satin

bridge slipper.

rich leathers, velvets, crepes and metal

Here are soft quilted Boudoir slip-
pers into which to curl your toes
before the bath, smart D'Orsays for
a comfortable morning; sophisti-
cated, semi -formal Bridge and
Hostess slippers in a wealth of
colors to harmonize with any
daytime frock.

Daniel Green Slippers retain
their dainty shape, look better,
and are more comfortable because they
fit so well. Only these slippers, style-
marked with the name of Daniel Green,
give such assurance of unusual value.
Daniel Green Slippers, Dolgeville,N.Y.

$2.50 to $6.50
and upwards


Sold in every country
in the world




A long run and a fast fox . . . then back for coffee and bacon, talk and cigarettes ! Spud is a great cigarette when

the talk is high ... a clean-mouth, nimble-tongue smoke the cigarette for swift smart banter and lengthy

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Gossip of All the Studios


marriage will stick," Anita told the Associated Press. "You know I was
just a girl of eighteen when I eloped and married before, and I didn't
have much sense. But I'm so happy now!"

She gave her age as twenty-eight, and the groom confessed to twenty-
nine. They went merrily off on a Honolulu honeymoon, and a shipload
of good wishes from the whole film colony went with them.

How drolly dolh llic microphone

Improve each shining hour!
It turns the sourest voices sweet — ■

And then a sweet one sour!

■pjUSIXESS note of the month.

^ Clara Bow has bought herself a gold mine located near Alleghan)',


Added comment would be superfluous. Please don't say the obvious
thing, or we'U all scu-ream!

A little plumper, but
at peace and very
happy, Alice Terry re-
cently came home
from France and hus-
band Rex Ingram for
a short business and
pleasure visit. Alice
says she is through
with the picture thing

The late Gladys
Brockwell as she ap-
pears in her last
movie, "The Drake
Case," a Universal all-
talker. Death took
this beautiful woman
and fine artist just as
her work on the
audible screen was
bringing fortune and

Director George Fitzmaurice, an astute picker, says these are the

ten most beautiful extras in the talkies. Well, maybe. They

appear in his next picture, "The Locked Door"

TVAN LEBEDEFF, the handsome Russian
-••actor, has always been mentioned in Holly-
wood as one of the leading social hand
kissers in the mad and merry business of
making mox'ies.

That is, where an ordinary crude Amer-
icano walks up to the girl friend and says,
"Hi, kid!", Ivan is apt to bend over her
paddy with the quintessence of Continental
grace and kiss the hand, madame. And it has
always gone big in Hollywood.

So imagine our hilarity when in "Street
Girl," Betty Compson's new picture, we see
Betty kneel down and kiss Lebedeff 's hand — ■
perhaps saying, under her breath, "See how
you like it!"

Well, it's a poor hand-kiss that won't work
two ways.

"LJER Hollywood woes seemingly forgotten,
-'■ -'•Pola Negri is busy and happy at work in
a British picture for Charles "Whittaker Pro-

Paul Czinner, an Austrian director, is mak-
ing it, and the film wUl be part talkie, with
Pola singing.

It opens in a Marseilles dive on the water-
front, and Pola, her producer and her
director roamed those vilest of all slums in
search of local color. Pola wore a long
mackintosh, a [ please turn to page 104 1


Photoplay Magazine for October^ 1929

These New Faces

Watch for This Each Month

IRENE BORDONl ("Paris," First National) has been for years the leading
oo-la-la French girl on the American stage, and successor to
Anna Held as owner of misbehaving eyes. She sings naughty
little songs. Her husband, at present, is E. Ray Goetz, stage
producer. It is reported that there's a divorce on.




your assurance of

MEEKER designers and crafts-
men have created a number
of strikingly effective bags for the
Fall and Winter season. The
modern woman appreciates and
knows that the hanJbag she
carries must be more than a
dainty trinket. With all of her
personal accessories, such as
powder compact, lipstick, and
many others, she needs a bag
to hold them convenientl.\- and
she wants sometliing beautiful as
well as practical. Meeker-Made
Steerhide bags are her choice for
utility, quality and style. Meeker-
Made Steerhide billfolds and
other articles are equally high
grade and stylish. Made by The
Meeker Co., Inc., Joplin.
Missouri, the largest manufac-
turers of Steerhide leather goods
in the U. S. A.

a decidfd touch of
M'iractfr to anv Fall oul-
fit, Utnuine SUtr hide
oo.-e leather Uned.
DtfOraCivt, gold finUked
turn lock frame.
Maderiiirticallt/, arttJti-
eali u looUd nrid ha nd-
colorrd. Hand-iaced
len!her tdgts and atrap.
A icide range of Mtyles
and mod'tt thown bif
btUer dcateri evtrymhere.


ANN HARDING ("Paris Bound," Pathe) is the most beautiful ash-
blonde in the American theater. Her first great hit was in Gilbert
Emery's "Tarnish," and her outstanding success was "The
Trial of Mary Dugan," which Norma Shearer screened. Her
husband is Harry C. Bannister, leading man, who wiU appear in
a film with her.

PAUL MUNI ("The Valiant," Fox) was famous in the Yiddish theater in
New York as Muni Weisenfreund. Though in his twenties, he
has always specialized in bizarre character roles. His one stage
^3* #Bfl role on the English-speaking stage, which made him famous, was

in " Four Walls."

HELEN KANE ("Pointed Heels," Paramount) is the most imitated baby-
talk singer in America just now. Paul Ash discovered her in
New York, and she scored at the Paramount Theater. In the
musical comedy," Good Boy, "she was a tremendous hit singing
"I Want to Be Loved by You," and founded the "poo-poo-
poo-doo" school. Pretty, plump, big-eyed.

KENNETH McKENNA ("Pleasure Crazed," Fox) is one of the best
known young leading men on the American stage. He has played
in dozens of Broadway hits, and won fresh fame opposite Helen
Hayes in revival of Barrie's " What Every Woman Knows." Good
looking, with a fine talkie voice.

EDDIE LEONARD ("Melody Lane," Universal) is about the last of the
great minstrel men, though for the last ten years he has been
headlining in vaudeville. Still sings his famous hits, "Ida" and


Senuine <Stee7'kide

FRANK FAY ("Under the Texas Moon," Warners) is one of the greatest

vaudeville favorites in New York, often playing one theater for
three and four weeks at a stretch. Has a mop of reddish hair,
blue eyes, affects a drawling style. His greatest achievement was
marrying Barbara Stanwyck.


J^^^m^ ft^3?



BARBARA STANWYCK (-The Locked Door," United Artists) who
became famous on the stage as leading woman of "Burlesque"
opposite Hal Skelly. Before that she had been a little night club
entertainer at Texas Guinan's places. A remarkably beautiful
girl, with a lovely voice.

Addilioiial new faces will be found on page 102

Every advertisement in PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE is guaranteed.

Photoplay Magazine foe October, 1929

Beautiful teeth, firm and white

—with a minimum of brushing

BEGIN today using Listerine Tooth
Paste and see how quickly it rids
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So they quickly remove the former and
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Carried by your brush, they pene-
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After you have used Listerine Tooth It must be evident to you that ListerineTooth

Paste note how clean, fresh, healthy, and Paste is exceptional else it would not have

invigorated your entire mouth feels — leaped from obscurity to leadership in 4.

something like the sensation given you by years. Try it yourself. Lambert Pharmacal

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Buy a hat with
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The saving averages about J3 per year per
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When you trrite to advertisers please mention PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE.


Read This Before
Asking Questions

You do not have to be a
reader of Photoplay to have
questions answered in this De-
partment. It is only necessary
that you avoid questions that
would call for unduly long an-
swers, such as synopses of plays
or casts. Do not inquire con-
cerning religion, scenario writ-
ing, or studio employment.
Write on only one side of the
paper. Sign your full name and
address: only initials will be
published if requested.

Casts and Addresses

As these often take up much
space and are not always of in-
terest to others than the in-
quirer, we have found it neces-
sary to treat such subjects in a
different way than other ques-
tions. For this kind of informa-
tion, a stamped, addressed
envelope must be sent. It is
imperative that these rules be
complied with in order to insure
your receiving the information
you want. Address all inquiries
to Questions and Answers,
Photoplay Magazine, 221 W.
57th St., New York City.

I. M. C, New Durham, N. Y. —
Sue Carol is five feet, two inches, tall
and weighs 105 pounds. Lupe is the
same height but is seven pounds
heavier. Nancy Carroll' is five feet,
four inches, tall and weighs si.x pounds
morethanLupe. Now figure that out.

Helen of Troy and Points
East. — Arthur Rankin played the
part of Tom Ford, Jr., in "The Fall
of Eve. " He was born in New York
City on August 30, 1900, is five feet,
ten inches, tall, weighs 150 pounds
and has black hair and green eyes.
He is a nephew of John, Ethel and
Lionel Barrymore. Someone has
been kidding the old Answer Man.
Bessie Love is really only five feet
tall. Anita Page is three inches taller.

Marion Sarrels, Tucson, Ariz. — I won't
hold out on you. Charles Delaney was born
in New York City on August 9, 1897. He is
five feet, eleven inches, tall, weighs 162 pounds
and has dark brown hair and brown eyes.
Yep, he's married.

Mrs. Harold Young, Ashemlle, N. C. —
Marion Davies hails from Brooklyn, New
York; Anita Page from Flushing, L. L, New
York; BUUe Dove from New York City and
Florence Vidor from Houston, Te.xas. Not a
bad record for I'il Old New York.

J. G., White Plains, N. Y. — Marceline
Day and Betty Compson played \vith Lon
Chaney in "The Big City."

Geo. McAllister, Chicago, III. — George
O'Brien was born in San Francisco, Calif.,
about twenty-nine years ago. He is five feet,
eleven inches, tall and weighs 176 pounds.

Marie H., Belleville, Ont., Canad.-v — .\
rather large order, but here goes — The heroes
in the following pictures were — William Bake-
well in "Hot Stuff"; Kenneth Harlan in "The
Ice Flood"; Francis X. Bushman, Jr., in "The
Understanding Heart"; Donald Reed in
"Naughty But Nice " ; Ivan Petrovitch in "The
Magician" and Einar Hanson in "Fashions
for Women." Norman Kerry and Claire
Windsor had the leads in "The Claw." Nils
Asther is twenty-seven years old and divorced.

Irene Martin, TAtmioN, Mass. — Sue
Carol's real name is Evelyn Lederer and Nancy
Carroll's is La Hiff. You win. Conrad Nagel
is married to Ruth Helms.

E. F. K., Michigan City, Ind.— Welcome
to our midst. Marion Davies is twenty-nine
years old. Antonio Moreno was her leading
man in "Beverly of Graustark. " For a photo,
write her at the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Stu-
dios, Culver City, Calif., and enclose twenty-
five cents to cover cost of mailing.


•*- addresses with

printing a list of studio
the names of the stars
located at each one.

Don't forget to read over the list on page 142
before writing to this department.

In writing to the stars for photographs
Photoplay advises you to enclose twenty-
five cents, to cover the cost of the picture and
postage. The stars, who receive hundreds of
such requests, cannot afford to comply with
them unless you do your share.

Mrs. L. R. R., Providence, R. I. — Richard
Barthelmess is five feet, seven inches, tall,
weighs 140 pounds and has brown hair and
brown eyes. He was married to Mrs. Jessica
Sargent on April 20, 1928. Mary Hay was his
first wife.

Louis V. Pick, D.^llas, Texas — Charles
Girard played the part of Silk Sliirl Harry in
" Caught in the Fog, " and John Miljan played
the part of Paul Fontaine, in "The Desert
Song. "

V. D., Detroit, Mich. — Gary Cooper
played the part of Abe Lee in "The W'inning
of Barbara Worth. "

Mrs. Florenze Derbyshire, Waterloo,
Iowa — You and your husband are both wrong.
Sally O'Neil was born on October 23, 1908.

Mickey of Cixcy — If you pop in here with
a twenty page letter, I'll pop out there with
my little shotgun. Arthur Lake was born in
Corbin, Kentucky, about twenty-four years
ago. He is si.x feet tall and has light hair and
blue eyes. Before going into the movies he
appeared in vaudeville and musical comedy.
Some of the pictures he has appeared in are
"Walking Back," "Harold Teen," "Lilac
Time" and "On with the Show."

Diana Cherwood, Caldwvell, N. J. —
Thanks for all the lovely compliments on
Photoplay'. Dolores Del Rio was born on
August 3, 1905, and Nils Asther was born on
January 17, 1902. "Lady Divine" is the
name of the theme song from "The Divine
Lady. "

Gen'e D., M.aplew'OOd, N. J. — Lily Damita
was born in Paris, France, on July 10, 1906.
She is five feet, one and a half inches, tall,
weighs 112 pounds and has blonde hair and
blue eyes. Betty Bronson is five feet tall and
weighs 100 pounds. Ben Lyon is six feet tall
and weighs 160 pounds. Buddy Rogers is the
same height but weighs five pounds more.

Pauxine Ostrin, Charleston,
W. Va. — Walter Byron played the
part of Lien I. Karl Von Hagen in
"The Awakening."

E. L. W., Tasmania, Australia
— It is sad but true. .Arnold Kent
passed away on September 30, 1928.
He was thirty years old, five feet,
eleven inches, tall, weighed 155
pounds and had black hair and blue
eyes. He was a nati\e of Florence,
Italy. Some of his pictures were
"Hula," "The Showdown," "Beau
Sabreur, " "Easy Come, Easy Go"
and "The Woman Disputed."

Mary Peck, Mountain Lakes,
N. J.— Here's your R. S. V. P. Rex
Bell was born in Chicago, 111., on

October 16, 1905, and christened George

Beldam. He is still single.

Ella Mae, Detroit, Mich. — I won't tell
you my name, but I assure you it is not
Horatio Ignatius. With a name like that how
could I keep my mind on my work? Fanst
was played by Gosta Ekman and Mcphislo
was played by Emil Jannings. Ah! The
weekly allowance is sa\'ed.

E. H., Natchez, Miss. — Joseph Schildkraut
was born in 'Vienna, Austria, on October 9,
1896. He is five feet, eleven inches, tall and
is married to Elsie Bartlett. He has appeared
in "The Blue Danube," "His Dog," "Tenth
Avenue" and "Show Boat." That's his real

B. Ulmer, S.^ranac Lake, N. Y. — The cast
of "The Wedding March" consisted of Eric
Von StroheLm, Fay Wray, George Fawcett,
Maude George, ZaSu Pitts, George Nichols,
Hughie Mack, Slathew Betz, Cesare Gravina,
Dale Fuller and Syd Bracey.

J. H. Lyon, Cajipbells\tlle, Ky. — I see
3'ou are quite a cowboy fan. Ken Maynard
was born in Mission, Texas. He is five feet,
eleven and three-quarter inches, tall, weighs
180 pounds and has black hair and gray eyes.
Hoot Gibson is five feet, ten inches, tall,
weighs 160 pounds and has light brown hair
and blue eyes. He hails from Tekemob, Neb.
Tim McCoy is five feet, eleven inches, tall,
weighs 170 pounds and has light brown hair
and blue eyes. He claims Saginaw, Michigan,
as his home town. Phyllis Haver was born in
Douglas,- Kansas. She is five feet, six inches,
tall, weighs 125 pounds and has blonde hair
and blue eyes.

I. S., Arnold, Pa. — Lina Basquette was
born in San Mateo, Calif., on April 19, 1907.
She is married to Peverell Marley. Jacqueline
Logan is twenty-seven years old and Charles
Delaney is five years older.

[ please turn to page 152 ]

Photoplay Magazine for October, 1929


C^ .=X^/^^/z ^4^/^^a/^//^ h a ckcu^to teach uou wIuj

^^^^^„V SK.X C^^ ^^^^



CJmiices {=^jmnim



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You, yourself, know that your health
has much to do with your spirits from
one day to another. And it is the same
with your skin — its loveliness or lack
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I have starred on my mannequin the
six places where the health of your skin
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the places where imperfections come
first— where lines trace on the skin
untruthful testimonials of the years.
Protea these places — guard well their
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face your mirror with joy.

Milkweed Cream will help you marvel-
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You will find Milkweed Cream at any
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on skin care. Also, if you have any special
beauty questions, write me for advice.

P. S. If yoii are weary of your suntan or if
exposure to the stimmer sun has left your
skin a little thickened and rough. Milkweed
Cream will help you wonderfully in restor-
ing your complexion to its natural smooth-
ness and creamy whiteness.

Jk. The Forehead.. Lines and wrinkles are all ^ TheNeck..Finely etched, circular lines are
« foo likelv to form here prematurely unless X signs of accumulating birthdays. Be taith

too likely to form here prematurely unless
the skin is kept soft and pliable— and this
Ingram's does with marvelous effect.

ful to your use of Milkweed Cream. It
wafts well-established lines to obscurity
and guards against new ones.

_A_ The Eyes . . Puffiness and crows' feet are , , r^ u „ u

W so very aging and unbecoming-so traitor- a The Shoulders . . Every woman who would


I'ery aging and unbecoming— so traitor- JL 1 he btiou.- -■-,

ous. To kee; the skin smooth and supple, ^f proudly wear evening gowns or sleeveless
turn to the soothing and softening services dresses ^^ould cleanse her arms and

oflngram's Milkweed Cream. shoulders and keep them blemish-free

with Ingram s.

The Mouth . . To prevent drooping lines at
corners of the lips, tone the skin and keep
the muscles firm by using Ingram's. It is
amazingly helpful for invigorating circu-


The Throat . . Guard against a crepey throat
if you value your youth. Ingram's, with
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Frances Ingram, Consultant on Care of the Skin,
Dept. A-I09. ]08 Washington St., N. Y.C.
Please send me your free booklet, -Only a Healthy
Skin Can Stay Young" which tells in complete detai
how to care for the skin and to gujid the six vital
spots of youth.


1 1929 Addreii_

Ingram's ^llkioeed Cream

■■Vhen you write to advertisers please mention nlOTOPLAY MAG.4ZINE.

Photoplay Magazine for October, 1929

How do ijoti
choose your

There are several things to consider
in selecting a face powder — -purity,
merit, odor, texture, tint, clinging qual-
ity, and price. Elaborate packages and
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Plough's Black and White Face Pow-
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We ask j^ou to try this fine face pow-
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Ten Years Ago in Photoplay

THIS is Envy -the -Editor Month, this
October of 1919.
Because this month the learned editor
of Photoplay has the privilege of sitting down
in his sanctum, pulling reflectively at his fa-
vorite pipe, and writing an inspired and inspir-
ing review of George Loane Tucker's "The
Miracle Man,", star-maker and grand

.•\s "The Birth of a Nation" signalized the
first growth of the movie, "The Miracle Man"
brought it to maturity as a separate and great
art. It made Lon Chaney, Thomas Meighan

Kay Laurel, the most beautiful
girl ever glorified by Ziegfeld, was
in pictures in 1919. She died in
Paris a few years ago, her stage and
screen careers almost forgotten

and Betty Compson stars — and such sound
stars that all three, ten years later, still have
firm and enviable places in the picture world.

And the Editor goes at his piece with
all stops pulled out, the muffler cut and 36
cylinders roaring. He is thrilled by the picture,
and he gets the whole throb into his review.
And as usual he is the inspired prophet. He
says, "If any picture ever made stars, this one

And look what happened.

Any month that brought such a film goes
clanging into history. The untimely death of
Director Tucker, some years later, was prob-
ably the greatest single loss the shadow world
has ever suffered.

CO important was the-Tucker lilm that Grif-
'-'fith's chopped-up masterpiece, or that sec-
tion of it called "The Fall of Babylon," has
to be content to scrape second fiddle.

TheEditor, however, pays it his respects. He
names, in that colossal cast, Connie Talmadge,
the late George Siegmann, Elmo Lincoln — and,

in one harem scene, Ahna Rubens, Mildred
Harris and Pauline Starke.

T OIS WEBER, in 1919 our only lady di-
•'-'rector, has trotted over to Paramount, ac-
companied by husband Phillips Smalley . . .
Helen Holmes, the railroad girl of so many
Kalem serials (gosh, she was pretty!) is about
to start another 15-chapter thriller . . . James
Young is directing Elsie Janis in her picture,
"Everybody's Sweetheart" . . . David

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