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mess' first talkie, with the star as a reformed
convict. A popular sensation. Part Talkie. {April.)

WHEEL OF LIFE, THE— Paramount.— The
romance of a handsome officer and his Colonel's lady
in India. All Talkie. (Aug.)

has been going on for years. Blue-grass racing
stor>'. with Helene Costetlo and Rex Lease. Silent.

Chaney bed-time story, with a touch of Kipling and
Poe. Silent. (June.)

• WHY BE GOOD?— First National.— Colleen
Moore at her naughtiest and nicest. Peppy and
entertaining. Sound. (April.)

WILD BLOOD— Universal. — Rex, the wonder
horse, gets a rough deal in a particularly childish
Western. Silent. (April.)

• WILD PARTY, THE— Paramount.— Clara
Bow's first talkie. Clara is a smooth contralto.
It's a collegiate story — and that's what they want.
All Talkie. {June.)


Gibson gives up his pony and takes the air, with Ruth
Elder his flying partner. Vague plot. Silent. (May.)

WOLVES OF THE CITY— Universal.— Action
thriller, with Bill Cody saving Sally Blane from the
rascally ransom-crooks. Silent. (April.)

tame drama linked to a wild title. Sound. (Aug.)

WOMAN I LOVE. THE— FBO.— Mad husband
sets out to murder man for making love to wife.
Excited? Neither are we. Silent. (May.)

English production with a slow and sentimental
story. Silent. {June.)

YOU CAN'T BUY LOVE— Universal.— An orgy
of bad gags. Part Talkie. (July.)

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Photoplay Magazine for October, 1929





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Casts of Current Photoplays

Complete for every picture reviewed in this issue

"AWFUL TRUTH, THE"— Pathe.— From the
story by Arthur Richman. Adapted by Arthur Rich-
man and Horace Jackson. Directed by Marshall
Neilan. The cast: Z,MO'H''a>'^i"tr. Ina Claire;A''orman
Warriner, Henry Daniel; Edgar Trent. Theodore Von
Eltz; Dan Lceson, Paul Harvey; Mrs. Leeson, Blanche
Frederick; Josephine Treril, Judith VosseUi; Jimmy
Kempster, John Roche.

"BLACK MAGIC"— Fox.— From the play by
Walter Archer Frost and Paul Dickey, Adapted by
Beulah Marie Dix. Directed by George B. Seitz.
The cast; Katherine Bradbroke, Josephine Dunn;
Hugh Darrcll, Earle Foxc; John Ormsby. John Hol-
land; Dr. Bradbroke, Henry B. Walthall; Ann Brad-
broke, Dorothy Jordan; James Eraser, Fritz Feld;
Wiich-Doclor. Sheldon Lewis; Zelig, Ivan Linow;
Unit, Blue WasliingLon.

From the story by Andrew Bennison. Directed by
David Butler and Alfred Wcrker. The cast: LiJida
Terry. Sue Carol; Dick Slallings. NickStuart; Phineas
Merrill. Gustav V^on Seyffcrtitz; Don Merrill, Ga\in
Gordon; Louis Herriott, E. Alyn Warren.


the story by Laurence Stallings and Max^vell Ander-
son. Scenario by Raoul Walsh. Directed by Raoul
Walsh. Tlie cast: Top Sergeant Flagg. Victor
McLaglen; Sergeant Harry Quirt, Edmund Lowe;
Eleniia, Lily Damita; Olga. Leiia KarncUy; Olson,
El Brendel; Co7ino/s, Bobby Burns; Katinka, Jean-
ette Dagna; Brmvnie, Joe Brown; Buckley, Stuart
Erwn; Sanovich, Ivan Linow; Fanyiy. Jean Bary;
Inn Keeper. Solidad Jiminez; O'SulHvan, Albert
Dresden; Jacobs. Joe Rochay.

"DYNAMITE"— M.-G.-M.— From the story by
Jeanie MacPherson. Directed by Cecil B. DeMille.
Photography by Peverell Marlcy. The cast: Roger
Towne. Conrad Nagch Cynthia Crothers. Kay John-
son; Hagon Derk, the ' Fire Boss," Cliarles Bickford;
Marcia Towne, Julia Favc; Katie Derk. Muriel Mc-
Cormac; Marco, the "Shetk." Joel McCrea; Three
Wise Fools. Robert Edeson, William Holden, Henry
Stockbridge; I'oMKg Vtdtures, Leslie Fenton, Barton
Hepburn; Good Mi.xers, Ernest HiUiard, June Nash,
Nancy Dover, Neely Edwards, Jerr>' Zier, Rita
LeRoy; The Life of the Party. Tyler Brooke; Officers,
Clarence Burton. James Farley; The Judge. Robert T.
Haines; Bobby, Douglas Frazer Scott; His Mother,
Jane Kecklcy; Neighbors. Blanche Craig, Mary Gor-
don; Ynes Scaburv; Radio Announcer, Scott Kolk;
The Doctor. Fred Walton.

National. — From the story by George Kibbe Tur-
ner. Screen version by James Gruen. Directed by
Ralph Dawson. The cast: Gladys Cosgrove, Lorctta
Young; Terry Pomfret, Carroll Nye; Carlos. George E.
Stone; Doc Striker, Mathcw Betz; Sheik Smith. Lucien
Littlefifld; John Cosgrove, Ralph Lewis; Mrs. Pom-
fret, Julia Swayne Gordon; Dan Jackson, Charles
Sellon; Attoryiey Fellcnues, Robert Haines; The Judge,
William Holden.

"HALF MARRIAGE"— RKO.— From the story
by George Kibbe Turner. Directed by William

Cowan. The cast: Judy Page, Olive Borden; Dick
Carroll. Morgan Farley; Charles Ttirjier, Ken Murray;
Ann Turner. AnnGrcenway; TomStribbling. Anderson
Lawler; Sally, Sally Blane; Mrs. Page. Hedda Hopper;
George Page, Richard Tucker; James Bradbury, Jr.,
Jack Trent. James Eagle, G. Pat Collins. Will Staun-
ton, John Beck and Gus Arnheim's Cocoanut Grove

"HALLELUJAH"— M.-G.-M.— From the scena-
rio by Wanda Tuchock. Dialogue by Ransom Ride-
out. Directed by King Vidor. The cast: Zeke,
Daniel L. Haynes; Chick. Nina Mae McKenney;
Hot Shot, William Fountaine; Parson, Harry Gray;
Mammy. Fannie Belle DeKnight; Spunk, Everett
McGarrity; Missy Rose, Victoria Spivey; Johnson
Kids, Milton Dickerson. Robert Couch, Walter Tait;
and the Dixie Jubilee Singers.

versal. — From the story by George H. Plympton and
Wm. L. Wright. Directed by Henry MacRae. The
cast: Rex. the King of Wild Horses, Rex; Sergt. Jack
Cordoti, Jack Perrin; Mary Horlon. Helen Foster; Jud
Regan. Al Ferguson; Starlight, Starlight; Markee,

"KEMPY"— M.-G.-M.— From the story by J, C.
Nugent and Elliott Nugent. Directed by E. Mason
Hopper, The cast: Kempy. Elliott Nugent; Kate.
Norma Lee; Duke Merrill, Roland Young; Mr. Bence,
J. C. Nugent; Mrs. Bence, Clara Blandick; Rulh
Bence, Marion Schilling; Jane Wade, Leora Spellman;
Ben Wade, James Donlan.

"KITTY"— World Wide. — From the novel by
Warwick Deeping. Directed by Victor Saville. The
cast: Kitty Greenwood, EstcUe Brody; Alex. St,
Georne, John Stuart; Mrs. St. George, Dorothy Gum-
ming; Sarah Greenwood. Marie Ault; Furnival, Win-
ter Hall; Leaper, Olaf Hjtten; Reuben. Charles
0"Shaughnessy; Dr. Dazeley, E. F. Bostwick; Dr.
Drake, Rex Maurice; The Artist. Jerrold Robertshaw;
The Electrician, Gibb.McLaughlin.

— From the stage play by Frederick Lonsdale. Con-
tinuity by Hans Kraly and Claudine West. Directed
by Sydney Franklin. The cast: Mrs. Cheyncy^
Kormo.Shca.TQr; Lord Arthur Ditling, Basil Rathbone;
Charles, George Barraud; Lord Elton, Herbert Bun-
ston; Lady Maria. Hedda Hopper; Joan, Moon
Carroll; Mrs. Wynton, Madeline Seymour; Willie
Wynton, Cyril Cliadwick; George, George K. Arthur;
William, Finch Smiles; Mrs. Webley, Alaude Turner.

"LUCKY LARKIN"— Universal.— From the
stor>* by Marion Jackson. Directed by Harry J.
Brown. The cast: "Lucky" Larkin, Ken Maynard;
Emmy Lou Parkinson, Nora Lane; Martin Brierson,
James Farley; Bill Parkinson, Harry Todd; Pete
Brierson, Paul Hurst; Colonel Lee, Charles Clary;
"Hambone," Blue Washington; Tarzan, Tarzan.

"LUCKY STAR"— Fox.— From the story by
Tristram Tupper. Scenario by Sony a Levien.
Directed by Frank Borzagc. The cast: Timothy
Osborn, Charles Farrell; Mary Tucker, Janet Gaynor;
Martin Wrejin, Guinn "Big Boy" Williams; Joe.

Pauline Frederick found that next to the site of her beach house
was one resembHng a ship. So Polly built herself one in the form
of a lighthouse, which she calls *'Strandlight/* So now the ship
sails safely along the beach past the Frederick home, for a light
burns in the forty foot tower

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Photoplay Magazine for October, 1929



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Paul Fix; Mrs. Tucker, Hcdwiga Rcicher; Milly,
Gloria Grey; Pop Fry, Hector V. Sarno.

"MELODY L.ANE"— Unu-ersal.— From the
story by Joe Swirling. Adapted by J. G. Hawks,
Directed by Robert Hill. The cast: Des Dupree,
Eddie Leonard; Dolores Dupree, Josephine Dunn;
Dantiy, George Stone; Rinaldi, Huntly Gordon;
Nurse, Blanche Carter; Orchestra Leader. Jake
Kern; Stage Manager. Monte Carter; Conslatice
Dupree. Jane LaVerne, Rose Coe.

"OPPRESSED. THE"— Wm. Elliott Produc-
TioN. — From the stor>' by Henry Asselin. Directed
by Henry Asselin. The cast; Philip of Horn. .Andre
Roanne; Don Ztiniga V. Requesense. Marcel \'ibart;
The Duke of Alva, M. Shultz; Don Ruy. Albert Bias;
Conception, Raquel Mcller.

" PICCADILLY ■■—World Wide.— From the
screen play by Arnold Bennett. Directed by E. A,
Dupont. Photography by Werner Brandes. The
cast: Mabel Greenfield, Gilda Gray; Valentine Wil-
mot, Jameson Thomas; Shosho, Anna May Wong;
Jim. King Ho-Chang; Victor Smiles, Cyril Ritchard;
Bessie, Hannah Jones; A Night Club Hawk, Charles

"PLEASURE CRAZED"— Fox.— From the play
"Tlie Scent of Sweet Almonds'^ by Monckton Hoffe.
Scenario by Douglas Z. Doty. Directed by Donald
Gallaher. The cast: A^oro Westhy, Marguerite
Churchill; Capt. Anthony Dean, Kenneth MacKenna;
Ahna Dean. Dorothy Burgess; Gilbert Ferguson,
Campbell Gullan; Nigel Blain. Douglas Gilmore;
Colonel Farquar, Henry Kolker; Holland. Frederick
Graham; Peters. Rex Bell; Maid. Charlotte Merriam.

"RIVER OF ROMANCE" — Paramount. —
From the play "Magnolia" by Booth Tarkington.
Adapted by Dan Totheroh and John V. A. Weaver.
Screen plav by Ethel Doherty. Directed by Richard
Wallace. The cast: Tom Rumford. Charles " Buddy"
Rogers; The Notorious Colonel Blake, Charles
" Buddy ■' Rogers; Lucy Jeffers, Mary Brian; Elvtra
Jeffers. June Collyer; Gen. Jeff Rumford; Henry B.
Waltliall; Gen. Orlando Jackson, Wallace Beery;
Captain Blackie, Fred Kohler; Mexico. Natalie Kings-
ton; Major Patterson. Walter McGrail; Joe Patterson.
Anderson Lawier; Madame Rumford, Mrs. George
Fawcett ; Rumbo, George Reed.

"SAILOR'S HOLIDAY"— Pathe.— From the
story by Joseph Franklin Poland. Adapted by Joseph
Franklin Poland and Ray Harris. Directed by Fred
Newmeyer. The cast: Adam Pike, Alan Hale;
Molly Jones, Sally Filers; Shorty. George Cooper;
Jimmylegs, Paul Hurst; Mrs. Pike, Mary Carr;
Captain, Charles Clary.

"SALUTE^"— Fox.— From the story by Tristam
Tupper and John Stone. Screen| play by James
Kevin McGuinness. Directed by John Ford. The
cast: Cadet John Randall, George O'Brien; Midship-
man Paul Randall. William Janney; Midshipman
Albert Edivard Price, Frank .Albertson; Nancy Wayne.
Helen Chandler; Marion Wilson, Joyce Compton;
Mai. Gen. Somers, U. S. A., Clifford Dempsey; Rear-
.Admiral Randall, U. S. N., Lumsden Hare; Smoke
Screen. Stepin Fetchit; Navy Coach, David Butler;
Cadet, Rex Bell; Midshipman, John Breeden.

"SMILING IRISH EYES"— First National. —
From the scenario by Tom J. Geraglity. Directed by
William A. Seiter. Photography by Sid Hickox and
Henry FreuHch. The cast : Kathleen O'Connor. Col-
leen Moore; Rory O' More, James Hall; Michael
O'Connor, Claude Gillingwatcr; Shamus O'Connor,
Robert Homans; Granny O'More. Agpie Herring;
Frankie West, Betty Francisco; Goldie Devore,
Julanne Johnston; Sir Timothy, Robert Emmett
O'Connor; Sir Timothy's Butler, Jolin Beck; Ralph
Prescott, Edward Earl; Black Barney. Tom O'Brien;
Max North. Oscar .\pfel; County Fair Manager, Fred
Kelsy; His Assistants. Barney Gimore, Charles
McHugh; Izzy Levi, Otto Lederer; Moe Levi, William
Strauss; Scotch Barker, Dave Thursby; The Trouble-
Maker, Dan Crimmins; Fortune Teller. Madam
Bosocki; Taxi Driver, George Hayes; Landlady, Ann

"SPEEDWAY" — M.-G.-M.— From the story by
Byron Morgan. Continuity by Byron Morgan.
Directed by Harry Beaumont. The cast: Bill.
William Haines; Patricia, Anita Page; Ralph De
Palma. Ernest Torrence; Steve, Karl Dane; Cliff
Durant, John Miljan; Mrs. De Palma, Jane Keckley.

"STREET GIRL"— RKO.— From the story
"The Viennese Charmer" by W. Carey Wonderly.
Adapted by Jane M urfin. Directed by Wesley
Ruggles. The cast : " Freddie " Joyzelle, Betty
Compson; Mike. John Harron; Happy. Ned Sparks;
Joe. Jack Oakie; Pele, Guy Buccola; Keppel, Joseph
Cawthorn; Prince Nicholaus, Ivan Lebedeff; Club
Manager, Eddie Kane.

screen story by Sonya Levien. Directed bv Erie C.
Kenton. The cast: Oliver Mcnvbray, Norman Kerry;
Constance Banjiister, Sally Filers; Thorvald Ware.
Jason Robards; Grace, Thelma Todd; George Baniiis-
ler, Charles Clary; Mrs. George Bannister 1st, Naomi
Childers; Mrs. George Bannister 4lh, Rosemary
Thcby; Prudence. Gertrude Short.

"TWIN BEDS^' — First National.— From the
play by Salisbury Fields and Margaret Mayo.
Directed by Al Santell. The cast: Danny. Jack
Mulhall; Elsie Dolan. Patsy Ruth Miller; Ma Dolan,
Edj'the Chapman; Pa Dolan, Knute Ericksen;


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order C. O. D



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Photoplay Magazine for October, 1929

"My Skin Nearly
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Pain sfnp3 nlmnst Instantly! THEN PERMANENT
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f pans of the other s*i? Stop beiog? shy of strangers. Conquer
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fident of your future! Your fautti easily overcome 90
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When Writing Advertisers
Please Mention PHOTOPLAY

Maizie Dolan, Jocelyn Lee; Bobby Dolan, Nita Mar-
tan; Monty Solari, Armand Kaliz; Mrs. Solari,
Gertrude Astor; Jason Treejohn, Carl Levinus; Mrs.
Treejohn. Alice Lake; Pete, Ben Hendricks, Jr.; Red,
Eddie Gribbon.

the story by Ben Hecht. Adapted by Edwin Justus
Mayer. Directed by Lionel Barry more. The cast:
Dr. Ballou, Ernest Torrence; Lord Montague, Roland
Young; Lady Efra, Dorothy Sebastian; Lady Vi,
Natalie Moorehead; The Butler, Sydney Jarvis; The
Maid, Polly Moran; The Orderly, George Cooper; The
Mystic, Sojin; Sir James Rtimsey, Claude Fleming;
Inspector Lewis, Clarence Geldert; Major Mallory,
John Miljan; Col. Davidson, Richard Tucker; Capt,
Dorchester, John Loder; Lieut. Williams, Phillip
Strange; Lieut. Savor, John Roche; Major Endicott,
Lionel Belmore; Capt. Bradley, Gerald Barry; Major
McDougal, Richard Travers.

"VERY IDEA. THE"— RKO.— From the play by
William Le Baron. Stage direction by Frank Craven.
Pictorial direction'^by Richard Rosson. The cast:

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