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Poetical Works


Mn Samuel Pame/,

Author of the


Vol. II.

Printed for R. G o s 1 1 M a, againft Sc Dimflah's
Church in fketflrett ; w. M e A r s, at the
Lamb, and J. B r o w n Et at the Black Sman, I
without Temple-Ear. M ucc xvin. '

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Second VOLUME.

y^/jTE Hifiorj of the Civil Wars ietwem %U
^ ^ Hiufes of York and Lancaftcr,

Book L Page 5

Book II. 45

Book in. 7p

Book IV. 108

Book V; 141

Book VL 177

Book Vn. 21^

Book Vin. 252

A 'Rmeral foem upon the Death of the Late
Noble Earl of Devonlhirc, :jop

A Fanepyrick Congratulatory , delivered to the
JSngs nwft Excellent Majefiy^ at Burleigh*
Harrington in Rutkndlhircj :j2r

An Epiffk to Sir Thomas Egerton, JO* Lord-
Keeper of the Great Seal of England, ^{42
An Epiftle to the Lord Henry Howard^ One of
His Majeflys Frivy-Council^ ?4P


d by Google


An EpiSIe to the Lady Margaret, Countefs of
Gun^berkndv 35^

A^ BpiSk to $h tody IJtcy, Couni$f4 tf Bed-
ford, 356

'An Epiftle to the La4y Anne Clifford, 55^

An EpiSIe to Henry Wriothefly , Earl of
Southampton, ^562

lie fnffon fif a Dijtteffai Maff; who being kg

• a Timpefi oM the Seay and bi^ihg in Ins Boat
Two Womefiy ( of whom he loved the one that
dif denned Hm^ and^orndtbe other^ who af
feBed him) waSy hy Comtnandment from Nep-
tune, to caft out one of them^ to appeafe tbs
Ko^e of the T*emp0 j kut i^hichy woe referred
to ois own Choice y 364

Mulbphilus : Containing a General Defence of

Sonnets ( N°. S7.> rt D&I% ??5

^nOdey 418

Atafloraly 4lp

AD^fcription of Beai^y j tranflated out of Ma-
■ ;rino, 421

To the An^el Spirk of the moft Excellent Sir
; Philip Sidney, 425

^ the Right Remnnd father in Gody James
; Montague, Ij«r4B;^^^(?/Winchefter, 426

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i tONDON.'

I T^ted ia Hie Yeat MDCCXVn.;

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\^ _-

TIT'"" ' ' /

Mil 111

.. J. J V. V l'

J I ' 7 I

*> ,.

•. Vl ^. A 1

Digitized by Google

■ \

To the Higfc and tnoft lUnftriott^
P R I N C E ^


His E X C E ^L L E N C E.

^ Refcnts to Gods tx^ere offered
fy:ibe Mands of Graces \ and
why not thoje to Great Trin-
ces\ by thofe of the Mufes ?
To Tom therefarCj Great Prince
(f Honour^ atfd Hotiour of Princes^ Ijoim-
^yj^^^Tifffy ^jtkmuftck 5 in the one the
Service of my defunS Brother •, in the other^
the Duty of my Self fruiti^ •, in hth^ the De-
Vol.11. B 2 votion

Digitized by CjOOQIC

To the P R I NL C £•
wticm cfTwo Brothers ^ your Wghnefss hum-

\ms^for^^^ ofyp^^ to

un^ftanl/ ani/MUil^/^ to

judge ofvdl Thif^s^ 1 hm^fy inme v kqf^r^
the ^o^s^%if^

chanted the Glory cf your High Name. Sa-
f^i » th^'fam cf, ?o(ts j Sam^ tU N^
i^ Frinces : lb which ^ . . ^

I A A % \\ \\ 3

Vows Kmlelf ev^ I ^

,; A. K ) \ \\\\ , ■ : •

n-J ■



\ V ■• • -s - •.•- \ v. i ,: i- . >

i' ♦ • -

ii,'.. . V**. • •'» '.': C -■' •'•• i:

1 -Li " ■..■.../

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I ; ( :>

The HISTORTof tlie

C 1 V I L WAR.

\, ' . '■ J - ' i' "* ' , J I J ' J i i

Tht'A R G UMEN T. [

What Times f or c-gq 'Richard the Second's Ke'tin-y
The fatal Canfes of this iivil M^ff .-J
m Vncies Pride^ ffii irie^ Minions Gaim:
Ghe'iicTs Revolt^ and Dt4thy delivered arr.
Herford, accksd, ixn% halt d back cigain^
FYetends t* amend what otf^s Rule did marr*^
The King from Ireland haftesy but did no md*^
Wbiljtfiran^e prodigiw Si^ns fore-token Blood.

^ I. )^ An* 'MQo^^\^^m^.jid\stm0x%ji

^f^J^£ Whofe People haughty, proud with

Upon Aemfflvf E^ W:Af:bi^.^ir Gwi^iM'ifna

Whilft Kin thei/,J^ Br^Mfovr ihf^ SfoiherifQiJ* j. ni
Like Enfiip^.al|y;?jijik|(l l*enf^fieiiJ^^^ ; : i
Bow^ ^gauift^^^ lbcCrqwBj(^iofttI|efirftwnv i
Whilft all pretending Righc^all Right's thrown down.
B J II. What

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6 C 1 V I L W A R.

. yvhxt Fury, O wbat Madncfs held thee fa,
Dear En^lanJ^ ( ro6 coo prodigal of Blood )
To waffe fo much, and war withonc a Foej
tvhilfl framc^ to fee thy SpoHs, at Fleafiire flood f
*tew much mtghtH thou have pnrchas'd with lefk

T'have done thee Roemir, aid thy People good i
Thine might have been whatever hes baween
The Alps and us, the Pjifcnees and Rhne.


Yet now what Reafon have we to complain,.
Smee nercli^ 'came clie €<bnu wc did en)oy^
The BHfs of -Thec^ Blts^a .^ Happy Gain
For all our Loffes ; when as no other Way
The Heavens could find, but to unite again
The fatal ftrcr'd Families, that they
Might bring forth Thee ; That xh'thy Peace might

That Glory, which. &W 1(1mcs ccfUld ever (how.

.IV. ;■•;

Come, Sabred yirtHe-, I no -^//r>, but thee^
Invoke,* in this great Labour I intends
Jto thou infpire mr Tnuvgnts r 'inniie ifr mc
A Power tb bring the fame n> Happy End.
Raife up a Work for later Times to fee.
That miqr 'thy dbry ami nly Mos commend^ t
Make isle thefe Tumults ri^d y to rehearfe ;
AAdgivePMceiomyLii^ lilfe «> my Verfe.


And Thoii, aiuarks Mm}(^^ who did'fl once aK>nt
left for my FoniiMs oo tfa^ ^niet flMe; .
And cheer'd'ft me on thde Meafiires to record
Jn gmver Toms Aan I kad usM befbit-,
Behold, my Gratifiude makes good my Wdrd '
Engaged 19 Thee,, ahfaot TMm oe bo more;,

•■■-■ - . • That

Digitized by CjOOQIC

C I V I L War, 7

♦lut I, vho herctoTore have HtM by Thee,
Do gire Thee now a Rooiir to IWe with Me»

VI. ,
Aad McMORT, Pktim'refi of7Thiigi dooe.
Come thou, uttbUt die WdiMris» the Wiack, ihe

Srreal to me how all the Strife begm
Tmxt LMcafUf aid lir^, in Ages paft :
Hbw Ciujfes, Conofels, and Etoks did nov
So long as thefe unhappy Times didlail^
Uniotemnix*d with Fiftioas, Fantafics :
I Verfify the Troth, not Af//^f.


And tochecid we may with better Eafi^
iMfcern the tme Difeoitrfe, vonchftfeco fliovr
What were the Times faftgofii& near to thefi^-
That theft we may with better mfkimai.
Tell how the WcrU (aU \tmM$ Oflaie ;
And how fe great Uflemiieratiwc did grww : .
So^flttU we fte by whm (k||tafls<ii tiam^ ; t
^ How Things at fiilJ do foqo wax out of Frames

Ten Kitt^ had fromthe^/^ar^^a^iwqu'itrffaig^'d;^
With intermix'd add yariable Faee.
When &iiiand to her gMleft Height UttafnVl '
Of PowV, fkiminkm, Gbry, WeSth, and Stilt | .
After if Jiad. with much ado fuftainVI
The VioMnce of Princes, with Debate
For Tides, and tbt often Mntinies r
Of NoUei, for thcjr Aneiedt liberties. .

I I .1 ■■!> Ill ' 1 I i l i^fNtii— Wi^^— »

^ Wbicb wasmJbe Spuu ^l%6o.TuatA >^

E.4^- IX* Fop-

Digitized by CjOOQIC

,• ■;■ ,'/ !./.: ,vi.i ,-, :...T, .: .-'./ .\-, r

For firft, the N(^man*M:6nq\iYmg all by Mighi^
By Nfighb w:is iarc)d to kcqD'jnrittc.Jiei4iiik^orf '
tnlxiog Que CuftQni&aiid'the-FQiDAitQfi /(/^/t j.t.
<Wii^io|reign Conflicutions he had brought ;
MaftVing the Mighty, hiimbfingtthcipboncit WftghTfT
By all feveneft •Meaofi^thait jtaaldi be wrougbc v^ - . '
And, maJting^He diioGdnan.doubt6il,>rea6 :. j / f
Jhis ncW'gcM&^i and leftittitthiiteiC: a - -

t WiOiam his Son tracin^liis Father's WayaJ
(The Great Men ^[)dniIiJtt.Praoc,. orQaiaii «i^)
Upon dcpuefltad.Mrrfaknefs^tinly preys, : n::u. la
And oiafeei his Force maiotaH) hi9 QoublTttl ftightiv
His Elder Jtodier^6 Claim vsexing W» Days,! . . j : .
His Anions atid.KKaai«is..(mUiK:i6e v j ? . j • 1 ; .
And giving i^e^ «iiat;-4tdrtttf}iaeft.p(e^Bifnv o 1 L.: ^
(Took for a ficaft>ihisiifj^iaLthkQd w^^iOirD o/.

^ . * iQ^f I • Wifl^anii.L/Tfir^^wft/ the Conqttcror,-<i&e
BafeSon to Robert ri^ Vlth JDi^i&f o/ Nprmapdy, rej^gfi-
edio Te^^B M^lii'^ andl^p {bp Cr'mvi^^ ]^n^

of Succeffion. :, u- f .:' , . ,. ^ .r^ ,, '^^'.d ,; ., „♦ •

f 1087. WiiiviimiUhal^Wiiriffrf/iih^^
tber, Robert Du^teff ^imn^y^ v^tlf iphmh$i^^ff
cle Otho, and many of the Nobility of England tooi
Fttt^ M e w m fimn Jliukii^4t^4kcJk»J ^ e fi, by ^ r
Walter Tyrrell /)!wf/n(^ aP a Deer^ when he bad reigth
edi^Teatf. A :^:: \ v.{. 1 '/A r. ^■: -r v! *

' ^ /:■ ^ ^ XL His

Digitized by CjOOQIjS

I'v'l L' WVrV ^

" • • • . ill* j'^ '-'^f .,- f» • •• « f- **..' tj
His Brother. *'i5faB7 acxc commjtuls the Statfc i ' .

Who, Xfl^rr/'s tjitl^bctccr tp ^cjc^,' ' \''^\,\ ! ^
Seeks ta rcpacUy !tJijc teQpJc|s. JHa tc •, / ' ' ' *

And with fair;Sncws, rather than iir Effcft,, ' ^ - ^
Alhys thofi; Gricyances that heavy- fat i i . / .

Refbrins the L^ws, which loon he did/neglrfti :^ ' j.
And 'reft of Soai^'fo^ whpm he did prepare, ' '* ; . ,.
Leaves Crown and .Strife tojW2«i hisDaBrfrecrti


Whom f Stephen i Ws NcphcW, (falfifying,Hi87

Rrercots ; aflails thf,|lealm> pbtaias the CVo^ti.j / ;
Skdi Tnmul^ raifiiig as. liorcpcn^ tfi^ro both, "' : *
Whilft'botR heia;jaoa^^^ '^ ^.'X

Th' Afflifted Stafe (Svae\m.tHdr.trotti,; ./'? '^
And Partial Faiths moft milcrable growti,- :"* " •"^-'
Riidiire&.die^3irhik^ ±il] Peace, and ^fip^Ws Dcatfil-^
Gave fome calm Leifure to recover Bireadu.

Sbn/; '( William' <«;r<^ Richard)* bcm^'drownei In the ■
Seas^ he leaves the Crown to Maud , Jfrj! friaWiid 'to'^'
the Emperor Heary the l\t\i^^ani after fo Gjcoffrcy
Pknugcnet,;if4r;«/ Aniou.. ,,^^u.' ,.,l ^.

.* njs: . Stephen, '4b» /a /A^'£/ir/p;^.K^^
dcfi, Dfaighter^tf,y^\\Xiin\ >*< Conqiieroi, Irrya^i'tJ^f}
Kingdom^ contends with Maud tbe^prefs ffthh^iii^''^
cefion^ and reigned tumHltuarilji Bghteen TeaU; W ten r

RJ ^m. Whci»!

„^ Digitized by CjOOQIC

lo C r r r K W A


WKea ^UttttT-^ ^ » MauJeint Emfrtfir vaiigfas^
And Bnghnd into Foni» and t}rcaaids'broug^t>
Adds JreUad co this Sce^^e, anS obaihs
large Provineas in Btanocy^ nmch Treafuce gpf».
Ana from' Exaftiobs here at ffdme abftains :
And had not his ReBellibusChild^en fought
Tcmbioil biy" Age: with Tumulti,. he had been:


Him f Riehard fellows \Jt the Gbvemmcnt >
Who much the deiy of our Arms increas'd't,
ibid all His Fachei's Mighty Treafiire fpenc^
III chat Devotti^l Aftion cf the Kaft :
Whereto whilflf Hc^ his Fpr^s wholly bcnti '
Deipke and Trealbn his De/i^fr of^pcds'd ^
A Faithlcfi Brother, and affatal Ring,
Cutoff his Growth (^ Gloisyiii chewing.

* 1154. Henry IL Jin of Geoffrey Photagoiet^
tirrrofTnjRjr, amtm AuA ilk Bmpffiy dffmlMied ft ir
ift/i, Jf^jory In $he Grm» and ^aucmt^n$ \ which tumtd*
Uhjsffr^at mfiwrb^aiU. anitet a^bk Au" (Hctory^^
Richard; Geoffipcy and John^) aj^^ biri. Mt rnifh^
td^Kariy amty JUMhJ^ '

f 118^ "RlcbsaAi^entPdtteUlfWar^ ynasIUng
$f J6i\i)falem ^ wbHJt bk Brothtr]€hn^ fytbe Help 0/
the Kingof France, i^uffii the Cmmrf &i^aaA Jte ^
wasdepgintd^ Fttfoner in Auftria, fe^cmtdy andieiffKi* '

X% wiicK

Digitized by CjOOQIC


winch wkkejt Brother^ contrary to Giarff,
FtQe * Jfim ufiirps his tfoibetf Artbufi Rtght ;
Gets to the Cram by Crsdt by Wroog, by Votet^.
R«ks if wkhLuft, Opj^MSxMy Rigor, Might v
Murders the Lawfkl Heir without Rcokm^ :
Wherefore procuring all the World's Defpite; :
A Tyrant loath'd, a Homicide Cmventei^
fojum*d he dies, difgrac'd aBd'onIanKn«e&>

f Htfiry his Son is ehofen King, thoT yooDg,;'
And JLnr/x of Ptance (eiefted ftrfl) beguil'd ^
After the Miehty had debated long.
Doubtful CO <±fiie a Stranger or a Child .*
With him the Barons (in riiefe Times mmn ftoogV
War for their Ancient Laws fb lon| exif'd^
He grants the Chayter^ that preceided Eafe ;
Yet kept hb own, and did his State appeafe*

II Edm^nl, his Son^ a Martial Xing^ fiicceedi ^
Juft; Prudent, Grave, Religions, Fortunate;
Whofe Happy-order*d Reign moft fertile breeds.

Plenty of imghty Spirits^ to ftreagrti hit Stale V
And worthy Minds, to uMnage worthy OmIs,
Tb' Experience of diofe Times ingfnimte ;

^ 1199* Hiv Jfthli i^m^ tie MiihP ^ Arthur,
Sm to Geoffiney, hu BUer Bntkn x Md reigns Seven"
teenTegrs^ M had Wars wHbhiiBamu^^ who eieS^d^
Jbcwis, 5^a t0'tbe lUni ^ France.

f I2I& Hcary IK. ai Nan tim cf Ait wai
CvfinW tLli^^ dtdfeigjued $^ Tears.

11272. Uw^AL bad the Dominkirwertbh whole
^and of l^aiu j and rei^fiedihrkaff JHrfyfrnTearsi
SifvenAMbs^ - ^ ■



Digitized by CjOOQIC


lit C I V I* L W A Ri-

For, ever Great Employ^^if nt for the Greac,^
Quickens the Blood* and Hohour dptfa t>c£eu

And had not his ftiiaed;*i^?(^ijrious 5olL '/ V; '\ . ^
* EdiPord the Second, intermjtted fo : . '\ " '^ '/ '
The Courfe of G;Iory happily begun, " - 5 w J.-

(Which brought Him and his Favourites to Woe^
That Happy Current without Stop had run
Unto the Full of his' Son Edward:^ Plow : ' /-
But who hath often feen, in fiich a State,
Father tfni.^b/j.likc Good, likife Fortunate ?. , .^ .v

^ •' - • ' XIX. ■. - •/■'•/ .'.

But now this f Great Sucqeeder all repairs, ,
And reinduc\i that dilcontinu'd Qood 5
He builds up Strength, and Greatoefs for his Heifs^
Out of the Virtues that tidorn'4 his Blood. ; ,
He makes.his Sub^fts tf>rds o£ more thap fheirs,
Aud fets thcii' Bounds far wider than they ftood.
His Pow'r and Fortune bUd flfficient wrought.
Could but che Sacc Ibte kepc what He had got.

J XX.-

And had his || Heir furviy'd him in due Courfe,-
What Linritt', Englaniy had'ft thou found ?'^ wfcttt-
' ' - ••'-•' • £iajr?*
What World could have refifted fo great Force ;

O more than Men ! (Two Thunderbolts of War^
Why did HOC Tiflie^ur jowediVortli'divorcei » "^
Thave made your ftveral Glories greatar fiir ? .

bauched by i


dhd^n^as murthered in FrifM.

t 1325. Edward III.

II Edward Ibe Black Frince^ who ditd hefmt bis Fa-
tier. Too

Digitized by CjOOQIC

too prodigal was Nature tbP^co do,

to li»d in one Agp whirftdtild fcrycfor jtwa

'.'■:: •^: rf; ;/} -^^t/^j -K .. -. .^i j -^..r
But now the ^ccftic,; ^ Ai* v;p|ipi|g5|itij,.v./r' •.
Supported wiich ftroi^:Pp^> aaA Vi(6^ocy^ ! .. / .
Was left uptQ ft "^ chiJ4 5 r<v4aJ9f by Fw : i • - -:
To ftay the Coorfe of whac^mtgiui gip^i^tob Wgb :.
Here was a .Stopjlvi? Or^m^&Aii:^h»^J, i a ^ ; .:
When Pbw*r upon fo weak a Bafe did lie.
For, left Great Fortun?/bo«Hd prefume too far,
Such^C^pi8(^i^'ilM«i^^;IW^ •; ! ^j^.b to

Never this J^fefrf better pepprdftobd-^ • ' ' '- •
Never more- Men of Might, aad^ Minds addre£'d ; '
Never raor^PHhccs of the FWyal BIdod, - ^' '^' '■' ' -'
(If rioe%bd ttany for the PtiWidk Reft) . ^r ': • ..: i
Nor ever was more Tr^nre^,^ W«rfth^in€ QooS;' ^ ^'
Than when this Rkhard firA the Crown poOefi'd,
The Second of that Nanle - in Two.accu^s'd •,.
And wril we migfa hiv^ toifs'd alf but the Firft. '' '

' ••^ofxto, - ■•'••'■ - ' v/'

In thi^ Mill's Rei^' began tWs Fatirsprifci^ • ; '
fTheBIoody Ai»gtitalf lit' whencdftrt treaty ;'^ '
That dearty cbft fo mlttly* frtino* hfe L^fev " v '^ '
And fpoiiy -the W^kiinA" Wti 'cdtimM^ the

That, wherein all Confufion was fo rife.
As M e m ory cv'tr grieves her to repeat : " '
And would that Time might now this Knowledge
• i . '• / M ipofe,

fine that *ds goddc6\kahi'l>y otfteri Wo^. ^ '^

" * RichAfff^IIl king )>t(f'Ekiien ttdrs if 'Aiiy^rt^at
Crom^ed Kirij^ of Uigkndf 1377.^ : ' "^

»*.-•'* X'XIV; JW-.

Digitized by



C I V I t W . R#

Edmard Ait tbiri beios dead^ l»d left diis ^ChiU
(Son of hfe worthy Son deceas'd of lace)
Hie Crown and Sceptre of this Realm to wield ^
Apfonn^ the PkoccOors of bhSktce '
Two of hirSons, to be. his better Shield ;
Suppofing Uncles, ffce fipon Guile or Hate,
Would ordefaM Things fbt his better Goodt
In the Refpeft und Honour of their Blood.

- XXV.
Of theie, f yolmlhskcof LoKaJkf'mn oat ^
f Too |reat a Sub)eft grown for f uch a ^ce ;
The Title of a ftnig, and Glorv won
In great Explmts^hii Mind did elevase -
Above Pro|N)rtion Kingdoms (land ttpon v.
Which made lymmfb at what his tffttC gs^
The other, || Lsmghy } whofe n^d X^mp^i^Wieft
Did 1004 nn«> a calmer <;tuictne& >

Widlk thefe did v W<ndft^k iniespofe his Pir^ ^
A Man for Adion violently bent.
And of a Spirit averfe and over-thwart.
Which conjd not iuit a Peaceful GoTermieot ;-
Whofe ever-fwcUing and tumukuoas Heart
Wrought his ownlJ^ and 9thers Ptfconcenft.
Aji4 thefe lud aJI tb^ Maiwge of ^^&iiib
Durii^.ihe time the Ring was under Years.^

^ Ridiard H. Son ^ the Black Ptincci.
' t the Di^if l;^«cafkr, ctt^thd KiM^fOAii^
m the Bight of bis Wife Conftance, EUe^ DaugbPer t^
K/v; Peter. • " • • • -

II Edmond Langley^ E4ri af C;mll^nigf{y,j0f4e9^
treaPal Biii^ of Xork^ \ j

•/ Thomas of Woodftbclt, ^/cr miuie We of
Gloceftcs: XXVUt

Digitized by CjOOQIC

Civil War. i$

Afld in ditt fim' Yctft of his Gofftnuntutf
Things pafi'd as firff : The Win in FroKe proceed^
Tho* not witli that iinie Forcuae and Event,
Being nov^ not ibUow*d wi^ fiich cavtful Hecit t '
Our fieople heie at Home gfown Bircoifttm^
Thro^ gf eat KzadiMi Mnrreftions breed :
f rivate Rcfpefts hinder'd the Gommoii*¥rtal ^
And idle Eaie d^th u die Mighty ileal..

Too many Kng^ 4>reci FaWom in-tHr tamtj
The He^ too weak, the Members |rown coo great?
Which evermore doth happen in this Sort
When Children rale •, the Plague which God doih

Voto thoft Ringdoim^ which he will tFanQ;MJ!rt. '
To odier Lines, ot nttcrly deficit.
'^ For,, die Ambidcws once inured to RrigS'^
^ Can nevef'bi^oilc a Ptivate State a)pin^


^ And Kingdoms ever fufier this Diftrefn
*^ Where One, or Mai^ guide the Infiint Ktng^
^ Whidi One, of Many f taffing tlds Excels
« Of 6)reaawit and CoAunand^ can never bring;
« Their.TbPttghia anin € Obey^ or to be Left t
« From> hence diefe Infolcttcies ekr ^ng,
'^ Contempt <^ others^ whon they leek to foil ^
^ Then felloe Leagues, Oeffanftioay. Auin, SpoiL


And whether They which underwent diis Charge
lenmt die King tt>iakc a itoutWfol Vein,
That They thfcir Private better raiiht enlarge t
Or whedier W himftlf would fimher fttam,.
fThinkijDg his Y^rs^iMcient to dilehar^e
TbeGovcfliamJ aBdl^^l^^

Digitized by CjOOQIC

i^ c'i V r'L vir i k.

Or howfocver, now his JEipHC'Jentfs
To^youthfttiqoBiifck^ini^ilUI^ v f :.,

/,- i I'. XXXS'j :V 7ir!i r!? './ 3on 'c .IT
AndC$^cptyi^reoeY«nbafreii jMtf^-thofe^r, t .-^
Which coi^i with fubde Train^ and. apt Advice»>. ? . )
Work on the Prince's WcaKocfi^ a^il 4i)Q^' :
©£ fccblq Frailty, cafyvtQ cn^kc . . ,: .• ,^

And fuch no doubt about this King alP&, . i c! F
Whofc Flattery f the dahgVous Nurfc of Viccjl.
Got Hand upon his Yom]p^iQ:9kafures bent,
Whiclv,.}i?f^byithci% dWQt|i«-Si4^ip*Wew<fr <y r

" - . XXXU; . ,. ....

. 'For iipw:jnk.Uncks-gfew,much,to.nHflikiP':
Thcjfc III Proceedings ; Were it that they faw
That othcipfewWd, didafpinogrfc^k^ . :: '? r ;
Their Nephew fjrom.tb<(ir^oiMliir]^1» \viAb#4W^. . .
( Seeing him qfeji^iH^Mf/e flc$y3ile.*rt:«»^^ > ;i ^^ ? •
BecaufcThey^Iy,WMW,kefB{iHfeAw«iv.: i.^j -
Or that indeed They found the King and State „
Abus*d by fuch as now ntf^cc fat..


^ ■. . .r, XXXIJL. :. • • . :0 •;. /.
Or rather, elfetfcfyatt .w^re in th^f^r^irf ./ »*
Th' A^bici^i^ ili^tesy ifer J»}ifcDcet y©W8«i^^ ) ->
The Grcf dy Cqh«oU) andftfih^Mi^on* Naught,^-: :t *-»
And All tqge|^didjtbjS)T«lPpeftibwag,,f.; n; - j .^
BefidesthfT^Wi^^i«ii|8tfUWutocfri«gh^i , . :3 *
Concurr'd witjj fuph fpi^'4 Wifgoflrcfningls; r : i •
That w6 may truly fay. This ipoii'd the State,
" Youthful Counfel, Priv,atc<5iin, Partial Hate. .
\ • -.'J .••1 :::. -*:>.';• -i /'i .!x''^''i* '"''-'••■' i'tA

And>haftAeKi|ig.r,bpfid^i^ Jf^l^u/ie«„ f r .^,\ /
Which nowiJh'd7Wiw> ba^vfte^ bc-i^r/.;.;,/ 1-»
TodoubthifillMteiQ/ritiHiir.lpyaltte^^^ : .: *.;i:,,, .-fl ^
Since /o^a pf Qffitfff: (}k% i^rH^ ^ifc^yered) ,;./ . i^ r , -^
Had praftifed his Death in fecret wife ;
And QhcSer openly becomes the Head

Digitized by VjOOQIC


Q i V 4 Li W A- ti i-t

Unto a Leagoe, who all in Anns were beoc
T'oppofe agsiinft the ftc&nt Go?eriiineiic -y , ,

• FlwaidiiigitamiibYdfilKfh Mcn'as'.WWe '^* '" J
A^on&eed to abttfe theHlteahd State.' '* ^ '•
Of whom the chkPUtt^ did iccrifo wis «* ^etr^ ^ "

Andi t ^^^^^ ^Ift,' ^lK>ftr tije. Place' they beai* :,
OiMiMious^aPe, tfl'd*fiib)e^ttiitdHit^: '~' ' '
And there muft be fcaueftcr'd with all fpeed.
Or elfe they vow'd tMdi' 'Si^rfs Ihoiild do the Dfci,

TO grant tnerti'ifh^Reyitirft nocwcft rtfulfe' ^
Foritlikher af#n\^d tfiej carte, and folly bent v /,

And heretheyTdid'acW^ffplTM their Tbte'net^* " ;: ,
Wherc.jiWlt^'didhASi^*, «iot'fiJailce^'W^^ '
For even tliat Sacred Place they violate,
Arre(lin£ all the JudgJitef ik^ fac .,

, fliiy r.i in .-.rii .. r i^! rihT'ir '1 f

;t-i AlMOtleg; I r. - PhY'Dkke'hp^diici^cTy'yitft the
Earls 0^ liwSyi' AfUhdei,'' Ndftihgham(' W^v*rcki
<i^J^>»*iXi(N^^^ fe f »^\^(?w 'few

aUbisOjficers of Coitrt at this Partiamenty caufed moft
<f them to be executed y\if ]ohxi Be;^uchan^i\, ^jord
Steward ofiW iro»j>/'5lr 'Slmon Burlcf ; tctd'ChamT
ierfmiy nflibmany iftlferr^'Aifk- the Lard Chief JuS'ic^
was -bei^ ^emfeit and^ aB ihe '■ W[^^s condhmed h
Deathy f<xr nuuntiMn^ 'fh&Wii!^' Pf Amative'- azainfi
tbefeLordSf Witibe<Co1l^litms'ffihe'ld»:nrl}
Ann.I0^ :.j:.' ^:;iiJ a :;»; .^h ,=■...../.:'/ o . .1

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