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resources. Talented and determined, she sets out to be an opera singer,
but the way is long and rough and she is obliged to pay the full price
before success crowns her efforts. "Little idea is conveyed in a brief
outline of the terseness and vigor of the story. It is a very
significant book for a variety of reasons." - _Philadelphia Press_. "It
is a question whether among the dozens of flesh and blood people whom
David Graham Phillips has created there be one more genuinely real than
this Mildred Gower. Again the marvel of the man is upon us in the full
measure of his realistic artistry." - _Washington Star._

THE FAVOR OF KINGS. By Mary Hastings Bradley. Illustrated. Cloth, $1.30
net. Postpaid, $1.42.

The most spectacular romance of English history - the story of beautiful,
proud, ill-fated Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII and mother of
Queen Elizabeth. "There is no moment when the long, thrilling tale, well
constructed, well characterized, crammed with rapid action, fails to
interest and convince." - _Chicago Record-Herald._

THE SHERIFF OF BADGER. By George Pattullo. Illustrated. Cloth, $1.25
net. Postpaid, $1.37.

A vigorous romance of the cowboy country. A story of the modern cowboy
of the Southwest, the man who does not live with a gun in his hand, but
who fights to a finish when necessity demands it. The Sheriff of Badger
is a flesh and blood individual of pluck and quiet daring. His breezy
adventures will keep you keenly interested and highly entertained.

THE MAKER OF OPPORTUNITIES. By George Gibbs, author of "The Bolted
Door," "The Forbidden Way," etc. Illustrated. Cloth, $1.25 net.
Postpaid, $1.37.

A bright, breezy story about a young club man, who spends all of his
time and most of his comfortable income in providing matrimonial and
other opportunities for his friends. "Very entertaining, full of dash
and vivacity and of cleverness." - _Richmond Times Dispatch._

THE DIARY OF A FRESHMAN. By Charles Macomb Flandrau, author of "Viva
Mexico," "Prejudices," etc. New edition. 12mo. Cloth, 75 cents net.
Postpaid, 87 cents.

This classic of undergraduate life relates the adventures and
misadventures of a youth fresh from a Western home, who is suddenly
dropped into the turmoil of his opening year at a great Eastern college.
From the moment that "Mamma left for home" right up to Class Day, the
author chronicles minutely and most amusingly the experiences of his
freshman hero.

HALCYONE. By Elinor Glyn, author of "The Reason Why," "His Hour," etc.
Cloth, $1.30 net. Postpaid, $1.42.

Mrs. Glyn's new novel is a very modern love story in which the
principals are a dreamy little girl - a finished product of Greek life
and thought - and a rising young politician, with a fine old professor as
the god in the machine. The scenes are laid in a beautiful park in
England, and on the Continent. It is an up-to-date idyll, rich in
romance, rapid in action, pure, clean, wholesome, inspiring. The host of
readers of "The Reason Why" will find this new story exactly to their

SHARROW. By the Baroness von Hutten, author of "Pam," "Our Lady of the
Beeches," "He and Hecuba," etc. Cloth, $1.30 net. Postpaid, $1.42.

"Sharrow" is a story of complicated plot woven around the possession of
a wonderful old estate owned by the Sharrows since the Middle Ages. "It
is a book of flesh and blood and character, of individuality and power.
Real people walk through its pages and real motives and emotions direct
the movement of the story." - _New York Evening Sun_. "The spell of
Sharrow is cast over the reader before he knows it." - _Baltimore News_.

FAITH BRANDON. By Henrietta Dana Skinner, author of "Espiritu Santo,"
"Heart and Soul," etc. With Frontispiece. Cloth, $1.30 net. Postpaid,

Mrs. Skinner's new novel has for its heroine a most piquant and
delightful American girl, who, at the age of sixteen, falls in love with
a Russian prince. He is a man of lofty character with a serious purpose
in life and devotes his energies to political journalism. The course of
true love runs anything but smoothly. The story is full of action and
incident, and has especial interest through its warmth and color, its
pictures of life in Russia and the humanness of its characters. "A novel
of purpose as well as an enchaining romance." - _Springfield Union_.

_Appleton's Recent Books_

* * * * *


By Rufus Gillmore. Illustrated with Pen-and-Ink Sketches by Herman
Heyer. 12mo. Cloth, $1.25 net. Postpaid, $1.37.

Bertrand Newhall, a scheming Boston banker, gets control of an old,
reliable trust company, wrecks it to bolster up another business, and
disappears. Police and reporters hunt him in vain. As Ashley, a
reporter, is "combing" the neighborhood of Newhall's home for evidence,
a young girl draws him inside a house, where he finds the banker dead, a
pistol beside him. The police call it suicide, but Ashley thinks
differently, and ultimately he solves a problem quite new in the annals
of crime.

THE NAMELESS THING. By Melville Davisson Post, author of "The Gilded
Chair," etc. Illustrated. 12mo. Cloth, $1.25 net. Postpaid, $1.37.

A thrilling mystery story. The queer death of a recluse in his library
is the main theme. There is absolutely no clue, and the mystery is
doubled by the fact that, although the room is shot up and in the
greatest disorder, both windows and door are found locked on the
inside - the man dead in a pool of his own blood. The clearing up of this
mystery leads the reader through many exciting adventures. "Something
exceptional in the way of detective stories. It is such stories as these
that dignify the art of fiction writing." - _Boston Transcript_.

THE TREVOR CASE. By Natalie S. Lincoln. Illustrated by Edmund Frederick.
12mo. Cloth, $1.30 net. Postpaid, $1.42.

One of the most ingenious and exciting detective novels of recent years.
The scene is Washington. The beautiful young wife of the
Attorney-General is found murdered. A burglar is caught leaving the
house, but incriminating evidence points to other people high in
official and political life. There is a bewildering conflict of clues
and a series of startling climaxes before the case is cleared up. Not
one reader in fifty can guess the ending.


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