Munster & Connaught (1892) Unionist Convention for Provinces of Leinster.

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Leinster, Minister & Connaujjhf

(JUNE, 1892.)

Report of Proceedings,
Lists of Committees, Delegates, etc.












LIST OK DELEGATES : Carlow, 31 : Clare, 31 ; Cork, 32 ;
South Dublin, 34 ; Xor th Dublin, 37 ; City of Dublin, 39 ;
Dublin University, 44; Galway, 45; Kerry, 45; Kil-
dare, 46 ; Kilkenny, 47 ; King's County, 47 ; Leitrim, 48 ;
Limerick, 49 ; Longford, 50 ; Louth. 50 ; Mayo, 51 :
Meath, 51 : Cjueen's County, 52 ; Roscommon, 52 ;
Sligo, 53 ; Tipperary, 54 ; \Vaterford, 55 : Westmeath, 55 ;
Wexford, 56 ; Wicklow, 57 - 31-58



Mr. J. M. Finny, M.P., 71; J. F. G. Bannatyne, 74 ; Earl
of Fingall, 74 and 134 ; Sir Thomas Butler, Bart.. 78 ;
Mr. J. T. Tim, 79: The Duke of Leinster, 82 ; Mr. J.
C. Colvill, 82; Right Hon. David Plunket. M.P., 85:
Professor Ed. Dowden, 97 ; Mr. Wm. Dodds, 101 ;
Rev. George Salmon, P.M., 103; Right Hon. Daniel
Dixon (Lord Mayor of Belfast), 105 : Mr. Adam Duifin,
106; Mr. II. de F. Montgomery, 110: Mr. \Y.
J. Doloughan, 112 ; Mr. John R. \Yigham, 116
and 128; Alderman J. II. Scott (High Sheriff of Cork),
120: Rev. Samuel Prenter, M.A., 124; Hon. Horace
Plunkett, 129 : Sir Henry Grattan Bellew, Bart., 133 : 69-134



Mr. T. C. Franks, 140 ; Sir Henry Cochrane. 142 ; Mr. T.
P. Cairnes, 142 and 198; Mr. W. G. Cox, 147;
Mr. Maurice E. Dockrell, 148; Lord Castletown
of Upper Ossory, 151 ; Mr. J. Malcolm Inglis, 156 ;
Mr. J. Forbes Maguire, 163; Mr. E. J. Phillips, 167;
Dr. MacCullagh (Mayor of Uerry), 170 and 192;
Mr. W. J. Hurst, 172; Mr. Frank Johnston, 174;
Right lion. David Plunket, ji.r , 177; Mr. William
Findlater, 180; Mr. Thomas Pirn, junr., 181; Rev.
H. Evans, D.D., 187; Mr. W. Kenny, q.c., 193; Mr.
George Pollexfen, 195; Sir Richard Martin, ]!art., 198.




L I S T F T O K T 11 A 1 T S .


Sir Thomas P. Butler, Bart.

The. Earl of Fin trail

Mr. .T. Mn.ireu Finny, .M.I).

Mr. J. F. (i. liannatyne, ,!.!>.

Mr. J. Todhr.uter Pirn

The Duke of Lcinster

Mr. J. C. Colvill

Riirht Hon. David Plunket. M.P.

Professor Edward Dowden, LL.D.

Mr. \V. Dodds

Rev. (Jeorsc Salmon, I). D. (Provost

Trinity College. Dublin)
Right Hon. Daniel Dixon (LordMayi

of Belfast)
Mr. Adam Duffin
Mr. II. do F. Montgomery, D.L.
Mr. W. J. Dolonirhan
Mr. John R. Witrkain, J.I 1 .
Alderman J. It. Srott (tliirk Shcrilf








Rev. Samuel Pi-enter, M.A.

Hon. Horace I'lunkett

Sir II. Grattan Hellcw. B:irt.

Mr. T. ]. Cainics. ,I.P.

Mr. T. C. Knuik>

Alderman Sir II. Cm'hran . -I.

Mr. \V. (i. C'i.\

Mr. Maurice K. I) x-kivll. ,1.1'.

Lord (.'a-itlcti.wii of l']>p r <)>;

Mr. .1. Malcolm Inglis .l.P.

Mr. .1. Forbe- .\la;,'uiiv

Mr. E. .1. Phillips

Dr. MacCulla-h (Mayor of D<

Mr. Frank Johnston

Mr. William Findlater, D.L.

Mr. Th'imis 1'iin, juu., .1.1'.

K. v. Henry Evans, D.D.

Mr. William Kenny, (J.C.

Mr. Heoivo Pollexfen,, I. P.

Sir Richard Martin, Hart.


The project of holding a Convention representative
of the Unionists of the Provinces of Lcinster, Munstcr,
and Connaught, was first discussed at a meeting of
the Council of the Irish Unionist Alliance, held on
the 28th of April, 1892. At this meeting, after full
and careful consideration, it \vas resolved : '' That
this Council approves of holding a Meeting or Con-
vention in Dublin for the purpose of expressing an
opinion on Home Rule, and that it be referred to the
Executive Committee to consider, as early as possible,
whether it is practicable, and if so, to carry it out."

The Executive Committee ot the Alliance met on
the 3Oth of April, and, having considered the foregoing
resolution, came to the conclusion that it was practic-
able to hold such a Convention, and decided to
summon a Conference of leading Unionists in the three
Southern Provinces of Ireland for the purpose of taking
steps to cany the project to a successful issue.

This Conference met on the iSth May, under the
presidency of the Earl of Fingall, and was very
largely attended. The decision to hold a Conference
was ratified, the Declaration to be submitted to it
(which will be found on page 61), was approved,
and General and Executive Committees were appointed
to carry cut the details.

The Executive Committee of the Convention
determined at its first meeting that the Convention
should be a gathering of the most representative
character. The largest halls in Dublin were imme-
diately secured, and special .steps were taken to

increase the seating accommodation to the utmost
capacity. The number of delegates from each Parlia-
mentary Division in the three Southern Provinces was
strictly apportioned to the estimated loyalist strength
of each constituency. The project, which had the hearty
support of the Unionist Press, was enthusiastically
taken tip by the local Unionist organizations through-
out the country, and it very soon became apparent
that the Leinster Hall premises, although the largest
that could be had, were utterly inadequate for the
accommodation of those who were anxious to be

Of the success of the Convention itself it is needless
to say anything here. That a Convention of such a
character could, at a month's notice, beheld, bringing
together the scattered Loyalists of the South and West
of Ireland, was a fact which could not but impress
itself on public attention. Its importance was
full\- acknowledged, and its purpose was ratified
in the political manifesto issued by Lord Salisbury
on the eve of the General Election of 1892.

This volume contains a carefully revised report of
the speeches delivered in support of the various
resolutions, the full text of the more important
letters received from distinguished persons who were
unable to attend, and of the numerous telegrams of
sympathy from Unionist organizations in Great Britain,
together with lists of the delegates from the various
constituencies who were present at the Convention.
It is offered by the Executive Committee to each
delegate as a souvenir of an unique and important
event in the historv of Irish, Unionism.


R. BACWEI.L, Ksi[., D.I.., Marlfield, Clonmel.

MAJOK A. \V. BAILEY, 13 Morehanipton Road.

F. ELRINGTON BALL, Es[., .I.P., Taney House, Dumlnmi.

SIR CHARLES BARRIXGTOX-, Hart., Glenstal, Murroe, Limerick.

A. L. BARLEE, Esq., Florence House. Men-ion.

SIK THOMAS P. BI:TI.KK, Bart., D.I.., Ballintemple, Tullow.

T. P. CAIKNES, Esq., J.P., Stameen. Drogheda.

W. K. CALDHECK, Esq., J.P., Eaton Brae, Shankliill.


GEORCE CHAMHKKS, Esq., J.P., 12 Stephen's (J-reen.

J. C. COLVILL, Esq., Coolock House, Raheny.

It. F. COLVILL, ESIJ., .J.V., Killester Abbey, Artanu.

SIR H. Corn KANE, D.L., Woodbrook, Bray.

C. PfiiDON COOTK, Esq., D.L., Bear Forest, Mallow.

HENRY CLEMENTS, Esq.. D.L., Lou^h Rynn, Dromol.

RAYMOND DE I.A POER, Esq., J.P., Kilcronagh, Waterford.

COLONEL (TEKALD DEASE, D.I, , The Abbey, Celbridge.

SURGKON-GEXEKAL A. DE RlCN/Y, (Mi.. 18 Clyde Road.

MAJOR-GENERAL DEVENISH-MEARKS, D.I... M wires' Court. Ballynacargy.

J\i:v. J. G. DuiOEs, Lough Rynn, Dromod.

HON. LTKE (r. DILLON, .I.P., Cloiibrock. Ahaseragh.

^^. E. DOCKKELL. Esq., .i.i'., Camolm, Monkstown.

I'ROK. KD. Dow DEN, LI.. D., D.C.I... 1 Ap)iian Way.

C. L. KAI.KINER, E-MJ., H.L., 36 Molesworth Stn.-et.

R. FAUKELL, ESIJ., .i.r., Thornhill, Bray.

WlLLIAJI KlNDI.A'I'ER, Ivsq., D.I.., 22 I''i t/. willialll Square.

(COLONEL. I. KKoi.I.lOT. D.L., I lollvbruok, Uoyle.

I. R. FOWLER, Ksq., .I.P., 6 Dune-urn Terrace, lira} 1 .

. I AMKs Gl.ASCO, Ksq., 4 Foyle Terrace, Fairview.

f. PERRY GOODUODY, lOsij., .I.P., Inc-hinore House. Clara.

M Alters (JooDUODY, Ivsq., .1.1'., Obelisk I'ark, lilackrock.

W. .1. (ioi I.DINC, Ksq., D.I.., Roebuck Hill, Booterstown.

REV. T. T. GRAY, M.A., F.T.C.D., Trinity College, Dublin.

JONATHAN llouc, Esq., Stratford, Orwell Road, Ratligar.

L. O, HI-TTON, Ksq.. 8 Fit/.william Place.

T. M^. INC i. is, Ksi|., .I.P., Trenton, Ball's Bridge.

W. Mc.M. KAVANACH, Ksq.. ,i.i>., D.L., Kellestown, Carlow.

A. D. KENNEDY, Esq., Gleii-na-geragh Hall, Glenageary.

\V. IVKNNI, Fsi|., g.c., 35 Fit/william Place.

PF.KCY LA TOUCHF., Ks<(., .1.1-., Xuwberry, Kilcullen.

\V. LIVINGSTON, Fs<|., T.C., Westport.

K. K. LONGFIF.I.D,| , J.P., Lon^ueville, Mallow.

PKOF. .T. p. MAMAFFY, M..\.. F.T.C.D., Trinity College. Dublin.

SIK RICIIAKD MAKTIN, Bart . iu,., 81 Merrion Square.

-I. P. MAI -NSKI.I.. Ks(,.. 49 .Mespil Iload.

TIIK L'Ki) .\roNTKAiu:, Mount Trenchard, l-'oyne^,

f'-M'^'AP- THK HON. II. I'. ^FONCK, .i.r., Cliarlfvilk-, I'.ray.

II. S. MOOUK, Ks([., .1.1'., 7 HcrV)ert Street.

L. .1. M'DoNNKi.L, Ks,,.. 38 Men-ion Square.

T. (J. Xi"i"i'iN(.. Ksi|., .i.i'., (iortnioiv, Diuulriuii.

JOSKPH I'IKK, Ksi|., .[. i'., I)unslaiul, ( Jlanmiiv.

THOMAS PIM, Ksi ( ., Jiuir., .1.1-.. Giveiikuik, Miinksto\vn.

losKrii T. PIM. Ksi|., IJinnainara. Monkstowji.

HON. HORACK I'l.i NKF.TT, Dunsaiiv Cattle, Dunsaiiv.

I. TAI.HOT I'o\vi:ii. I-'si|., D.I... Leopardstown IFoii.^e, Stillor^an

CAPTAIN L. KIAI.U D.I.., Old C'onna Hill P.ray.

W. HOBKUTSON, Ks|., 30 Fimvilliam Si|uare.

K. STAIM.KS, Ksi|., D.I... ])unniore, Durroxv.

CTKOHGK F. STKNVAKT, Fs<j., .i.r.. Sitmmerhill, Killiney.

ALDERMAN -T. .HAHI.KV-SCOIT, Park \"ie\v Terrace, Cork.

.1. A. SCOTT. KM|.. 1 Salt-in Place.

SKKFFIN<;TON SMYTH. Fsi|., D i.., Mount Henrv. Portarlin^ton.

SHAPI.AND TANDY, Fsc|., Clarinda Park, Kin^snnvn.

E. H. TATI.OW, Esi|.. 10 Sunbury Gardens, Kat!nniiie>.

C. TOTTKNIIAM, KSIJ.. .I.P., Tottenham Park, Mullin^ar.

C4OHDON F. TOM UK, Fsi| , .i.i 1 ., Kildare Street (.'lub.

C. T". n"o\v\NiiKND, Fsi(.. i.i'., Hatley, Burliiigtun Koa'l.

T. COOKK TI;I:NCII. Ks<|.. D.I... Millicent, X'aas.

]>n. II. P. Tin KI.L. .i.r., Clonmamion, Ashford. Co. \\'i;-klo\\ .

W. WATSON, Fs,,.. .i.r., 25 Fitxwilliain Place.

.1. H. \\"K;IIAM. Fsi|., .i.r., Albany House, .Monksto\vn

JAMKS \\~II.SON, Fsq., D i.., C'urry^rane, Kdgeworthstown

.1. M. WII.>ON, Fs(|.. .I.P..





The Lord Ardilaun, St. Ann's, Clontarf.

The Earl of Arran, Castle Gore, Ballina.

R. O. Armstrong, Esq., J.i>., Clifton Terrace, Monkstown.

Captain E. M. Armstrong, Mealiffe, Thurles.

R. G. A. Alanson-Winn, Esq , Glenbeigh, Killarney.

Colonel W. Aldworth, Newmarket, Co. Cork.

Sir John Arnott, D.I,., Woodlands, Cork.

T. Anderson, Esq., D.L., Grace Dieu Lodge, Waterford.

C. Ambrose, Esq., u-.n., Waterford.

F. H. Armstrong, Esq., Chaffpool, Ballymoate, Sligo.

The Lord Ashtown, Woodlawn, Co. Galvvay.

Rev. T. R. Abbott, D.D., 9 Seafield Avenue, Monkstown.

S. F. Adair, Esq., J.P., 24 Fitzwilliam Square.

P. Askin, Esq., J.P., 67 Northumberland Road.

C. O. Aldworth, Esq., Tivoli, Cork.

A. H. Smith-Barry, Esq,, M.P., Fota, Cjueenstown.

Sir Thomas P. Butler, Bart., Ballintemple, Tullovv.

Lord Arthur Butler, The Castle, Kilkenny.

F. J. Bloomfield, Esq., D.L., Newpark, Waterford.

R. Bagwell, Esq., D.I.., Marlfield, Clonmel.

F. Brooke, Esq., J.P., Shillelagh, Wicklow.

Sir H. Burke, Bart., Marble Kill, Loughrea.

Sir H. W. Gore-Booth, Bart., Lisadell, Sligo.

A. L. Barlee, Esq., Florence House, Merrion.

The Right Hon. H. Bruen, D.L., Oak Park, Carlow.
I. Beckett, Esq., J.P., Altamont, Dundrum.

B. R. Balfour, Esq., J.P., D.L., Townley Hall, Drogheda.
Professor S. H. Butcher, Killarney.

Major R. H. Borrowes, D.I.., Gilltown, Newbridge.

J. W. Bond, Esq., D.I.., Farragh, Longford.

W. Browne-Clayton, Esq., D.I.., Brown's Hill, Carlow.

Captain P. Bernard, D.L., Castle Hackett, Tuam.

F. Elrington Ball, Esq., j.i>., Taney House, Dundrum.

Major A. W. Bailey, J.P., 13 Morehampton Road.

Captain Barrett-Hamilton, .J.P., Kilmanock House, New Ross.

The Earl of Bandon, Bandon, Co. Cork.

1 6

W. C. Bayly, Esq., .1.1-., Ardrishan. Carlow.

Sir Charles Burton, Bart., Pollacton House, Carlow.

E. 0. Blacker, Esq., J.P., Woodbrook, Enniscorthy.

Rev. R. C. Blacker, Do. do.

G. F. Brooke, Esq., Somerton, Co. Dublin.

R. P. Bell, Esq., j.i>., Pegsboro', Tipperary.

Colonel Biddulph, St. Kilda, 1'arsonstown.

J. L. Brinkley, Esq., D.I.., Portland Easky, Sligo.

Sir Charles B. Barrington, Bart., Glenstal, Murroe, Limerick.

W. Besuchamp, Esq., George's Street, Limerick.

The Lord Bellew, Barmeath, Dunleer.

Sir R. L. Blosse, Bart., Athavalle, Castlebar.

Sir H. Grattan Bellew, Bart., Mount Bellew, Ballinasloe.

E J. Beaumont-Nesbitt, Esq , j.i>., Tubberdaly, Edenderry.

J. F. Bannatyne, Esq., Summerhill, Limerick.

H. L. Barnardo, Esq., 5 Auburnville, Rathgar.

Rev. F. H. Bernard, K.T.C.D., 6 Trinity College.

H. C. Bloxham, Esq., Glenone, Terenure Road, Rathgar

Captain R. Boyd, 4 Leinster Square, Rathmines.

H. Brown, Esq., ,i.r., T.C., 10 Herbert Place.

G. F. Brunskill, Esq., 2 Grosvenor Square, Rathmines.

M. Burke, Esq., n.i,., 107 Lower Baggot Street.

Dr. J. G. Burne, 28 Westland Row.

Rev. C. Brown, Edgeworthstown.

Major H. L. Barton, D.I.., Straffan.

Rev. W. Brennan, Ballisodare.

C. M. Bury, Esq., J.P., Prosperous, Naas.

The Earl Belmore, Castlecoole, Enniskillen.

W. H. Bible, Esq., P.L.U., Diamond Hill, Cork.

William Bannister, Esq., IM..<;., Victoria Lodge, Cork.

\V. Cooper, Esq., Cooper Hill, Carlow.

The Earl of Carysfort, Glenart Castle, Arklow.

The Earl of Courtown, Courtown House, Gorey.

A. Congreve, Esq., D.I.., Mount Corigreve, Waterford.

Colonel H. T. Clements, .1.1-., D.I.., Killadoon, Celbridge.

Colonel R. A. G. Cosby, J.P., D.L., Stradbally Hall, Stradbally.

The Marquis of Conyngham, Slane Castle, Meath.

T. P. Cairnes, Esq., ,i.r., Stameen, Drogheda.

C. Purdon Coote, Esq., D.L., Bear Forest, Mallow.

Colonel E. H. Cooper, D.I.., Markree Castle, Collooney, Sligo.

J. C. Colvill, Es<}., Coolock House, Raheny.

Sir R. Cusack, D.I.., Furry Park, Raheny.


J. Chambre, Esq., Mespil House, Mespil Road.

The Lord Castletovvn, Granston Manor, Abbeyleix.

Colonel H. D. Garden, D.I. , Knightstown, Portarlington.

Right Hon. \V. H. F. Cogan, D.I.., Tinode, Blessington, Wickljw.

E. H. Carson, Esq., Q.C., M.I'., 80 Meirion Square, Dublin.

"W. E. Calclbeck, Esq., .1.1-., Eiton Brae, Shankhill.

Sir John Colomb. K.C.M.C;., Dromguinna, Kenmare.

Sir H. Cochrane, D.I.., 45 Kildare Street.

M. C. Cramer, E=q., D.I.., Rathmore. Kinsale.

Sir G. Colthurst, Bart., D.I... Blarney Castle, Cork.

The Lord Carew, Casileboro', Enniscorthy.

N. N. Cookman, E-q.. D.I.., Monart House, Enniscorthy.

Sir J. Garden, Bart., D.I.., Templemore Abbey, Templemore.

Captain A. Cooper, .I.P., Killenure Castle, Cashel.

Captain R. T. Carew, .I.P., Ballinamona Park, Waterford.

Colonel J. H. Co^er, D.I.., Dunboden, Mullingar.

Colonel Coddington, Oldbridge, Drogheda.

C. P. Coghill, E-q., -i.r., Rushbrook, Kells.

R. Caldbeck, Esq., J.P., Bullacolla House. Balhcolla.

The Hon. C. Crofton, .i.i'., Moate Park, Ballymurry.

Major Campbell, Oranmorc, Sligo.

The Lord Clarina, Elm Park, Limerick.

Colonel R. Caulfield, .).!>., Camolin House, Camolin.

Colonel J. Crosbie, D.I.., Ballyheigue Castle, Tralee.

The Lord Cloncarry, Lyons, Ilaz ehatch.

Lt. -Col. The Hon. C. K. Crichton, .i.r., Mullaboden, Ballymore Eustace.

Major J. H. Connellan, D.I.., Coolmore, Thomastown.

Sir C. Cuffe, Bart., Lyrath, Kilkenny.

II. Sharman Crawford, Esq., .37 Raglan Road.

R. T. Callow, Esq., .i.r., Ardnachree House, Dalkey.

Serjeant Campion, Esq., o,.c., 13 Hatch Street.

Ur. \V. Carte, .i.r., Royal Hospital, Kilmainham.

G. Chamber;, l^scj., .i.r., 12 Stephen's (ireen.

A. Cleary, Esq., ^.c., 46 Lower Leesoa Street.

J. W. Craig, Esq., q.c., 94 Lower Leeson Street.

E. P. Culverwell, Ksq., K.T.C.D., 40 Trinity College.

Rev. Dr. Coulter, Manorhamilton.

Rev. J. Cook, Glene&ly.

C. C. Clarke, Esq., (Jr.iiguenoe Park, Thutles.

C. M. Doyne, Esq., D.I.., Wells, Gorey.

M. E. Dockrell, E-q., .i.i'., Camolin, Monkstown.

Raymond De la Poer, Esq., j.r., Kilcronagh, Waterford.



The Hon. L. G. Dillon, .i.i 1 ., Clonhrock, Anascragh.

Colonel G. Dease, .J.r., The Abbey, Celbridge.

Alexander Deane, Esq.. 56 Upper Mount Street.

Professor E. Powden, I.L.D., D.C.I... i Appian Way, Leeson Park.

R. Digby, Esq., J.P., The Castle. Gcashiil.

Major P G. De l>urgh, i.i.., Oldtown, Xaa-.

The Earl of Desart, Desart Court, Kilkenny.

The Lord Dunally, Kilboy, Xenagh.

F. P. Dunne, Esq., .1.1*., Bal I\v>r, Binagher.

Edmond Count De li Poer, D.I... Gurteen le Poer, Kilshelin.

The Viscount De Vesci, Abbeyleix.

Captain T. A. Drought, n.r... Letty brook, Kinnetty, King's County.

The Earl de Montalt, Dundrum. Cashel.

James Dobson, Fsq., .;.!>., Cambridge House, Kathmines.

W. \Vestropp Da\vson, Esq.. D.I... Charlesfort, Ferns.

The Right Hon. W. W. F. Dick, D.I... Humewood. Kiltegan.

Captain G. K. S. Massey Dawson, D.I... Ballinacourte, Tipperary.

Major-General \V. L. Devenish-Meares, D.I.., Meares Court, Uallv

nacaryy, Co. Westmeath.

Surgeon-General A. C. C'. De Renzy, r.,{., 18 Clyde Road, Dublin.
Sir J. F. Dillon, Bart., D.I.., Lismulien, Carlow Cro^s, Navan.
R. II. P. Dunne, Esq., J.P., Brittas, Clonaslie.
The Lord De Freyne, French Park. Roscommon.
Rev. J. G. Digges, Lough Rynn, Dromod.
The Earl of Dunraven, Adare Park, Adare.
Colonel J. H. Dopping, J.P., Derrycassin. Dring, Granard.
II. J. Dudgeon, Esq., .i.r., The Priory, Stillorgan,
The Honourable S. Daly, Kildare Street Club.
R. M. Dane, Esij., M.P., 7 Percy Place.
Wellington Darley, Esq.. Violet Hill, Bray.
Colonel A. V. Davoren, J.P., .; Seaview Terrace, Donnybrouk.
T. Davy, Esq., I.I..D.. 85 Merrion Scjuare.
W. Deverell, Esq., 26 Leeson Park.
D. LJrummond, Escj., .i.i 1 ., Dur.filan, Rathgar.
J. F. Duncan, Esq., M.D., S L'pper Merrion (Street.
The Lord Dunsany, Dunsany Castle.
R. A. Duke, Esq.. i> i.., New Park, Ballymote.
Robert Day, Esq., IM..I;., 3 Sydney Place, Cork.
Rev. H. Evans, D.D., Charles Street, Dublin.
The Lord Emly, Tervoe, Limerick.
Major X. T. Everard, D.I.., Randalstown, Xavan.
The Hon. L. G. F. A. Ellis, D.I, , Gowran Castle, Gowran.

R. Fowler, Esq., n.r.., Rahinstown, Enfield.

The Hon. D. F. Fortescue, D.L., Summerville, Dunmore, E. Water-

Captain M. Fox, u.x., n.r.., Annaghmore, Tullamore.

R. U. P. Fitzgerald, Esq., M.P., Oueenstown.

Colonel J. ffolliott, n.r.., Hollybrook, Boyle.

E. J. Figgis, Esq., Glen-na-Smoil, Upper Rathmines.

The Earl Fitzwilliam, Coolattin, Co. Wicklow.

R. Farrell, Esq., J.P., Thornhill, Bray.

C. L. Falkiner, Esq., B.L., 36 Molesworth Street.

J, R. Fowler, Esq., j.r'., 6 Duncairn Terrace, Bray.

B. Fitzgerald, Esq., Listowel, Kerry.

Captain C. French, n.r.., Castle Bernard, Kinnetty.

Lord M. Fitzgerald, Johnstown Castle, Wexford.

W. Fitzmaurice, Esq., Kelvingrove, Carlow.

J. Fenton, Esq., ,).!>., Butler's Grange, Tullow.

Savage French, Esq., J.P., Cuskinny, Queenstown.

Professor Fitzgerald, F.T.C.D., Trinity College, Dublin.

G. Frend, Esq., ,i.i>., Silverhills, Cloughjordan.

The Earl of Fingall, Killeen Castle, Tara.

R. R. Fitzhetbert, Esq., n.r.., Blackcastle, Navan.

Colonel II. Taaffe Ferrall, n r.., 73 Merrion Square.

W. De S. Filgate, Esq., D.L., Lisrenny, Ardee.

Sir T. O. Forster, Bart., Ballymascanlon, Dundalk.

J, Findlater, Esq., J.P., Melbeach, Albany Avenue, Monkstown.

W. Findlater, Esq., n.r,., 22 Fitzwilliam Square.

Henry Fitzherbert, Esq., J.P., Millbrook, Abbeyleix.

Marcus Goodbody, Esq., J.P., Obelisk Park, Blackrock.

W. R. F. Godley, Esq.,j.i>., Fonthill, Chapelizod.

James Glasco, Esq., 4 Foyle Terrace, Fairview.

R. Grubb, Esq., J.P., Castlegrace, Llogheen, Tipperary.

R. E. Gibson, Esq., Allenswood, Lucan.

G. Goold, Esq., 42 Grand Parade, Cork.

Rev. T. T. Gray, F.T.C.D., Trinity College, Dublin.

General Sir C. Gough, K.C.B., Innislough, Clonmel.

W. G. GofT, Esq.,j.r>., Glenville, Waterford.

N. ff. Gyles, Esq., J.P., Lismore.

Surgeon-General F. L. G. Gunn, J.P., Rockdale, Orwell Road,

T. Gerrard, Esq., n.r.., Boyne Hill, Navan.

Archibald Godley, Esq., n.r.,., Killegar, Killeshandra.

J. R, Garstin, Esq., D.L., Eraganstown, Castlebellingham.

The Viscount Gort, Gal way.

The Viscount Gough, Loch Cutra, Galwp.y.

Toier R. Garvey, Esq., .i.i>.. Parsonstown.

J. P. Goodbody, Esq., .i.r.. Inchmore House, Clara.

Sir P. Grace. Bart., n.i.. Holey, Monkstown.

P. C. Gaussen, Esq.. ij Warrington Place.

Jonathan Goodbody, Esq.. Pembroke House, Blackrock.

Joseph Gough, Esq., 101 Leinster Road. Rathmines.

Sir Howard Grubb, 51 Kenilworth Square, Rathmines.

II. Guinness, Escj.. .i.r.. Burton Hall, Leopardstown Road, Stillorgan.

W. J. Goulding, Esq., n.i.., Roebuck Hill, Booterstown.

J. Gibbs, Esq.,.j P., 56 Pembroke Road.

Rev. \V. Godley, Carngallen.

Rev. J. Galbraith, Knocknarea, Siigo.

Colonel Fox Grant, .i.r.. 41 larinda Park. Kingstown.

Colonel Graham, Castlecrin, County Clare.

J. V. Gregg. Esq., r.i..<;., Marlborough House, Cork.

Colonel V. La Touche Hatton, n.i... Wexford.

II. A. Hamilton, Esq.. D.I.., Hampton, Halbriggan.

The Marquis of Ileadfort, Headfort House, Kells.

The Earl of Howth, The Castle. Ilowth.

H. Hendrick-Aylmer, Esq. ..7. p., Kerdiffstown, Xaas.

The Right Hon. I. T. Hamilton, r.c., D.I... Abbotstown. Castleknock.

R. Huggard, Esq., .i.r., Nelson Street, Tralee.

Captain E. C. Hamilton, .I.P., Innistioge, Kilkenny.

Mitchell Henry, Esq., .i.r., Kylemore, Clifden.

J. Hogg. Esq., Stratford, Orwell Road. Rathgar.

T. G. Palmer Hallett. Esq.,.i.i'., Galway.

R. Hassard, Esc}., Summerville, \\"aterford.

II. Harden, Esq., i.i.. n., 84 Lower Gloucester Street.

S. M. Uussey, Esq., .1.1-., Edenburn, Tralee.

Captain R. C. Halpin, .I.P., .'I inakelly House, Rathnew, \Yicklo\\.

Rev. I). Hanan. D. D., Rectory. Tipperary.

Colonel R. \V. Ilartlev, .i.r., IJeechpark. Clonsilla.

Sir R. Ilodson. Bart., D.I.., Ik'llybrook, Bray.

The Lord Harlech. Derrycove, Dromocl, Leitrim.

R. \V. Hall-IJare. Esq.,.i.i-., Xewtownbarry.

^fajor Ileighington, .I.P., Donard House, Baltinglass.

Vere Hunt, Esq., .).!'., High Park, C'appawhite.

Colonel G. E. Hillier, D.I.., Mocollup Cattle, Lismore.

\V. E. Iloimes, Esq., .i.r., Carrarowe Park. Roscommun.

S. L. Hamilton, Esq., J.r., Grosvenor I'ark, Rathmines.

2 I

G. Healy, Esq.,.i r., Hughenden. Castle Avenue, Clontarf.
L. O. Ilutton, Esq., X Fitzwilliam Place.
Rev. T. G. Heffernan, Newport, Tipperary.
V. G. Ilines, Esq., Stradbally.
R. R. Hayes, Esq., Achill.
R. Hadden, Esq., Granard.

Rev. S. E. Hoops, D.D., Fenagh Rectory, Carrick-on-Shannon.
Edwin Hall, Esq..!. p., Yinehurst, Blackrock, Co. Cork.
George L. Heard, Esq., Lehanagh, Cork.
W. B. Ilartland, Esq., Ardcairn, Cork.
J. M. Inglis, Esq., .LI-., Trenton, Ball's Bridge.
The Lord Inchiquin, Dromoland, Newmarket-on-Fergus, Clare.
J. K. Ingram, Esq., I.I..D., K.T.C.D., 34 Trinity College.
T. Dunbar Ingram, Esq., 13 Wellington Road.
W. Irvine, Esq., j.c., Prospect Hill, Carrickmines.
The Lord Iveagh, St. Stephen's Green, Dub in.
Henry Jones, Esq., jun., Efl'ra Road, Rathmines.
A. S. Jackson, Esq., ^.c., 45 Lower Leeson Street.
Lieutenant-Colonel W. Johnson, Castle Lyons, Fermoy.
St. G. R. Johnston, Esq., ,1.1-., Mount Prospect, Kinloch.
John Jameson, Esq.. .J.P., 5 Upper Merrion Street.
H. W. Jackson, Esq., 44 Fitzwilliam Square.
The Earl of Kingston, Kilronan Castle, Keadue, Carrick-on-

Sir R. Keane, Bart, Cappoquin, Waterford.
W. Kenny, Esq., o..c., M.r., 35 Fitxwilliam P. ace.
Colonel C. II. Knox, .i.r., Creagh, Ballinrobe.
The Lord Kilmaine, Killucan.
W. Kingsman, Esq , 4 Banna Villas, Ranelagh.
The Earl of Kenmare, Killarney House, Killarney.
W. M'M. Kavanagh, Esq., D.I,., Kellestown, Carlow.
T. Kemmis, Esq., D.I.., Shaen, Maryboro'.
Sir G. King, Bart., D.I.., Charleston, Drumsna.
U. A. Knox Esq., D.I... Mount Falcon, Ballina.
Thomas Kough, Esq., .1 i\, Xewtown Villa, Kilkenny.
W. de V. Kane. Esq., .1 i 1 ., Sloperton Lodge, Kingstown.

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