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8vo, 1 vol. Loud., no date.

N APOLEON III., EinpriMir des Fran9ais.

1. *(].u Bvo, 4 vols. Paris, 1854-56.

3. *Disrour-. M. usages, et Proclamation- <! rKnijn-r'ur iu-iu'au
l".Ianvir, 1855. 8vo, 1 vol. Parit, 1855.

8. Political and Historical Works of Looii M

with an Original Mfiuoir of hi- I.

8vo, 2 vols. Land., 1852.


1. 1C LlliKAKV.


1. A iry, or Collection of \Y.,rl-. rhra-. - s Names, and

Allusions to Customs, Proverbs, &c., which I

thought to iviMiiiv Illustration in thr \\ork- of I-'.nu'li-li

Authors. 4to, 1 vol. Lond., 1822.

2. A N.-\v K.lition, with Addition^, hy J. O. Halliwell and T.

Wright. -ols. Land., 1


History of thr- ^'ar in Aff^hanistan : with an Introductory
Description of the Country ami it- Political State.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1843.

NASH (D. W.)

Tnliesin ; or, the Bards and Druids of Britain. A Translation
of the Remains of the Earliest Welsh Bards, and an
Examination of Bardic Mysteries.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1858.


The Mansions of England in the Olden Time.

Folio, 2 vols. Lond., 1839.


Researches on the Development, Structure, and Diseases of
the Teeth. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1849.


1. Lessons on Christianity. 12mo, 1 vol. Dublin, 1850.

2. On Christian Evidences. 12mo, 1 vol. Lond., 1853.

'{. Lessons : First Book, Second, Third ; Supplement to the
Fourth and the Fifth Book of Lessons, with its Sequel.

12mo, 6 vols. Dublin, 1853-57.

4. Lessons on Money Matters. 12mo, 1 vol. Lond., 1853.

5. Old and New Testament Lessons. 12mo, 1 vol. Dublin, 1854.

6. Agricultural Class Book. 12mo, 1 vol. Dublin, 1854.

7. Biographical Sketches of British Poets.

12mo, 1 vol. Dublin, 1854.

8. Sacred Poetry. 12mo, 1 vol. Dublin, 1854.
0. Introduction to Reading. 12mo, 1 .vol. Dublin, 1854.

10. Elements of Geometry. 12mo, 1 vol. Dublin, 1854.

11. Compendium and Epitome of Geography.

12mo, 2 vols. Dublin, 1854.

12. Selections from British Poets. 12mo, 2 vols. Dublin, 1856.

13. Directions in Needle Work. 4to, 1 vol. Dublin, 1856.

14. Reading Book for Female Schools.

I2mo, 1 vol. Dublin, 1856.

15. Treatise on Arithmetic. 12mo, 1 vol. Dublin, 1856.

16. Elements of Book-keeping ; with Koy.

12mo, 2 vols. Dublin, 1856.

17. Mensuration and Appendix. 12mo, 2 vols. Dublin, 1856.

18. Arithmetical Tables. 12mo, 1 vol. Dublin, 1857.

10. First Book of Arithmetic ; withKrv.

K'mo, 2 vols. Dublin, 1857.

20. English Grammar and Key. 12mo, 2 vols. Dublin, 1858.

21. Lessons on Reasoning. 12mo, 1 vol. Lond., no date.

[ 307

N\I I EtAOUS, ftn.1 tl.o -CUM. I.!

1. A ii h\ hit-

v Diary of the \\re.k ,.f H M tin- West

Cou .:h America. in Ma\. 1HJ5.

.1. L'n.l , 1^'T uii'l 1835.


menta \(> Italia M. DHOin of 1 '

: I. v A New Kditioii. with N'ntes ami .V
th.- Author. 8vo. 1 \..l. Lund., l-


-i- d'Analyst- domiecs a <|ii'-.

suivi de Not, s M. Lioiiville. 8vo, y \"N. /

l . DAW

1. II N I iiLrl.'ind : ront:iiniir.' rui Ar.Miint of thr-

("nil iiinl l-;.-.-l. Afiiun of the Conntrjr, t th>

of inn- 1.4-r.l ITnii ; (,, \\hii-h i-, mlil.'.l, t ;
N i , r l;iiitl, with MM A|'i>-n<li\ of their 1'r. -s, nt Charii-r,
their I'irrli^ia-tical l>i,-ijiliiii', ami thfir Municijial J_.

8vo, ^ \oN. L (II

2. History of the Puritnn or Prot. nconf-n-inists, from

the ReformntioM in l."17. t" th. ll.-v.ilutiun in 1088.

Edit. (1 hy l>r. ToiilMiin ; \\ith H I/ifc of the Authoi

an Accovuit of his Writings. 8vo, 5 vols. Lond., 1823.

NFM.r. Em

'ie Duk"> of Kent; with f-".\tr:ii'ts from his Corr<
dtnce. 2nd Ed. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1850.


History of the Afglmns. Translated by Bornhnrd Dorn.

4to, 1 vol. Lond., 1

NEAMf K CArorsT'

1. AllgemeineGeschichtPdrr C'hristliohen Religion

r.l l-'A. 4 to, 3 vols. Goth.i,

2. (J n.-ral History of the Christian Religion and the Church.

Translated hy J. Torrc-y ; Kdited hy A. Morrison.

8vo, 8 vols. Lond., 1851-52.

3. Memorials of Christian. Life in the Marly and Middle Ages:

including his " Light in Dark Places." Translated 1>\ ,1.
Rylaml. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1852.

4. History of the Planting and Training of the Christian

Church hy the Aj<i-.tles. Al-o. his " Antignostikua or,
Sjiirit of Tortulliaii." Translated hy J. Rvland.

8vo,"x! vols. Lon.l., 1

M i KKR (L. A.)

Ktudt-s Geologiques daais les Alpes. 8vo, 1 vol. /'<///.-. 1811.

[ 308 ]


1. Melbourne Directory. 8vo, 1 vol. Melb., 1856-57.

2. People's Free Press. 8vo, 1 vol. Melb., 1857.


Systema Laurinarura. 8vo, 1 vol. Berol., 1836.

Genera Plantarum Floras Gernmnicte.

8vo, 5 vols. Bonn., 1835-45.

Das System der Pilze. 8vo, 1 vol. Bonn., 1837.


Contributions to Vital Statistics : being a Development of the
Rate of Mortality and the Laws of Sickness, from Original
and Extensive Data. 4to, 1 vol. Lond., 1857.

NELSON (HORATIO), Viscount, Vice-Admiral.

Despatches and Letters ; with Notes by Sir N. H. Nicolas.

8vo, 5 vols. Lond., 1845-46.

Reports of Cases in Chancery in the Reigns of Charles I. and
II. and William III. 8vo, 1 vol. Land., 1717.


Vitse Excellentium Imperatorum ex Editione J. F. Fisheri.
Curante A. J. Valpy. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1822.


1. French Grammar. 8vo, 1 vol. Melb., 1857.

2. Themes. 8vo, 1 vol. Melb., 1860.
8. The Silk Worm : a Pamphlet. 8vo, 1 vol. Melb., 1861.


The Salmon Fisheries of the St. Lawrence and its Tributaries.

12mo, 1 vol. Montreal, 1857.

Dictionary of the Spanish and English Languages. Enlarged
by M. Seoane. 7th Ed. 8vo, 2 vols. Lond., no date.

NEUMAYER (GEORGE), Professor..

Results of the Magnetical, Nautical, and Meteorological Obser-
vations, made at the Flagstaff Observatory, Melbourne, and
at Various Stations in Victoria, March, 1858, to February,
1859. Folio, 1 vol. Melb., 1859-60.


Saxon Obsequies Illustrated by Ornaments and Weapons dis-
covered in a Cemetery near Little Wilbrahum.

Folio, 1 vol. Lond., 1852.

[ 309 ]

: dace*, MI.
. Malayan "-

8vo Lund., 1

M:U i 'Mi: '

-.milieu u-t as a Divine Instru.

, ML L-

M.V, '.i 1. 1 1 AM).

1. 11. ll>me: an Inti-mliictum to Roman History.

8v. 'Lond., 1852.

'. 1 Hebrew M. .nnn-hy, from tin- A-lmini-i

tli.- iJubyluiii'b <

8v. Lond., 1853.

M:\VM \N (.1 ra 11 1>.D.

1 I ..M tin- I'mjilit -tii-iil Ottii-.- inm-h. viewed

-in iiii.l r...jnilar I'; in.

roL h.n,l., 1887.

>n. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1840.

8. The Church of the Fathers. 1,'n..., 1 \..l. Loud., 1842.

\. l''. - :iv mi It-s of the Early A

. 1 roL o.rfurd, 1843.

5. Sermons on Subjects of the Day. 8vo, 1 vol. Lund., 1844.

6. Sermons on the Theory of Keligiou-

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., is J l.
', I'aro. Sermons. 8vo, vols. Lond., It

8. Essay on the Development of Cli n >t in 1 1 Dr.. trin.-.

8vo, 1 vol. Lvml., 1846.
'.'. 1 ' . - ourses to ? ngregations.

1 rd Lond., 1850.

10. Lectures on the Present Position of Catholics in KH^IMII.!.

8vo, 1 voL Lond., 1851.

11. Discourses on the Scope and Natun -of I'niv. r-ity Kdn,

Al.ln-c.l to the Catholics of Dublin.

8vo, 1 vol. DidAin, 1852.
I joss and Gain ; or the History of a Con

li'nio, 1 vol. Dublin, 1853.
18. Verses on Religious Subjects. 24mo, 1 vol. Dublin, 1858.

1 1. The Arians of the Fourth Century.

8vo, 1 vol. 7/mJ., 1854.

15. Lectures on the Story of the Turks in its R*-lati..n t..
Christianity. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1854.

16. Calista: a Sketch of the Third CVntury.

K'nn.'. 1 v.,1. Lond., 1856.



Memoirs of John Montagu ; with a Sketch of Public Affairs
connected with the Cape of Good Hope, 1843-53.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1855.


1. Acts and Ordinances. Folio, 5 vols. Sydney, 1846-55-60.

2. Government Gazette.

Folio, 56 vols., and Index, 1856. Sydney, 1830-01.

3. Journal of the Legislative Council.

Folio, 5 vols. Sydney, 1858-61.

4. Votes and Proceedings of the Legislative Council.

Folio, 29 vols. Sydney, 1843-60.

5. Votes and Proceedings of the Legislative Assembly.

Folio, 6 vols. Sydney, 1857-60.
C. Papers relative to the Geological Survey of N. S. Wales.

Folio, 1 vol. Sydney, 1851-55.

7. Parliamentary Documents. Folio, 2 vols. Sydney, 1844-45.

8. Parliamentary Returns. Folio, 1 vol. Sydney, 1858.

9. Parliamentary Petitions. Folio, 1 vol. Sydney, 1858.

10. Reports on Crown Land Grievances.

Folio, 1 vol. Sydney, 1847.

11. Reports on the Gold Districts of New South Wales.

Folio, 1 vol. Sydney, 1851-58.

12. Reports of the Health Officer.

Folio, 1 vol. Sydney, 1851-58.

13. Reports of Select Committees. Folio, 1 vol. Sydney, 1858.

14. Revenue and Estimates. Folio, 1 vol. Sydney, 1844-60.

15. Statistical Returns. Folio, 1 vol. Sydney' 1836-58.

16. Statistics of New South Wales.

Folio, 1 vol. Sydney, 1848-57.

17. Statistics of Schools. Folio, 1 vol. Sydney, 1859.


1. Sydney Morning Herald. Folio, 80 vols. Sydney, 1882-61.

2. Sydney Directory. 8vo, 1 vol. Sydney, 1858.

3. Sydney University Calendars, 1852-53-56.

8vo, 2 vols. Sydney, 1853-56.

4. Sydney University, Catalogue of the Library.

8vo, 1 vol. Sydney, no Title Page.

5. Draft of the Deed of the Bank of New South Wales.

8vo, 1 vol. Sydney, 1H50.

6. Heads of the People. 4to, 1 vol. Sydney, 1847-48.

7. Pamphlets, connected with or published in New South Wales.

8vo, 3 vols. Lond. and Sydney, V. Y.

I WALES, .-ontinuedj.

b. Past, Prr-

8vo, 1 .

9. Present State and Future Prospects of.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1837.

!'. Spirit of the Age. 4U>, 1 vol. Sydney, 1840.

11. S\,ln,\ 1'rotestant Magazine. .^y, 1840.


1.0 extant oumia. < illustrabat Sa:

-. vols. Lond., 1779-85.

v!. Maili. n.iiliriil I'rin.-ipl.-of S

8ru Lond., 1808.

8. Correspon -sor Cotes; inclu<l rs of

8vo, 1 \ ^50.


Ion in the Old.-n Time: with n Map of the City in the
tin. v Y1I1. Folio, 1 vol. Lond., 1855.


Natural History of New York State.

4to, 19 vols. Albany, 1*43-52.

Tart i. Zoology. 1. Mammalia, by J. E. de Kay. 1 vol.

2. Ornithology, by J. E. de Kay. 1 vol.

3. 1 tn-1 Amphibia, by J. E. de

4. Molhisea, by J. E. de K

1'art n. Botany. Flora, by Dr vols.

1'art in. Mineralogy, by L. C. Beck. 1 vol.

: iv. Geology. 1. Comprising the Geology of the 1st
Geological District, by W. W.
Sangster. 1 vol.

2. Survey of the 2nd Geological Dis-
trict, by Dr. Eramons. 1 vol.

8. Survey of the 3rd Geological Dis-
triet. by I^ardner Vanu.

4. Survey of the 4th Geological 1
trict, by James Hall. 1 vol.

Tart v. Agriculture, by Ebenez. r Kminons, 6 vols.
Part vr. Palaeontology, by James Hall. 2 vols.

C 312]


NEW ZEALANDERS (Aborigines).

1. New Zealanders. From the Library of Entertaining

Knowledge. 12mo, 1 vol. Lond., 1830.

2. Observations on the State of the Aboriginal Inhabitants of

New Zealand, by F. D. Fenton ; with his Statistical Tables
of the Maori Population. Folio, 1 vol. Auckland, 1849.

3. Ko Nga Ture Ingarani. The Laws of England, Compiled

and Translated into the Maori Language, by direction of
His Excellency Colonel Thomas Gore Browne, C. B.,
Governor of New Zealand. Folio, 1 vol. Auckland, 1858.


1. British Colonization of New Zealand ; being an Account of

the Principles, Objects, and Plans of the New Zealand
Association. Published by the New Zealand Association.

12mo, 1 vol. Land., 1837.

2. New Zealand Company. Documents appended to the

Twelfth Report of the Directors of the New Zealand Com-
pany, April 20th, 1844. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1844.

3. New Zealand Company's Letters Patent and Acts ; with the

New Zealand Constitution Act, passed 30th June, 1852.
The 15th and 16th of H. M. Victoria.

8vo, 1 vol. No Title Page.

1. Auckland, the Capital of New Zealand, and the Country

Adjacent ; including some Account of the Gold Discovery
in New Zealand. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1853.

2. Brief Account of the Province of Canterbury ; published by

Order of the Government of Canterbury, for the Informa-
tion of Persons intending to Settle in that Country.

8vo, 1 vol. Sydney, no date.

3. Revised Sailing Directions, &c., &c., for the Northern Part of

the Colony of New Zealand. By Captain Drury, H. M. S.
" Pandora." 12mo, 1 vol. Auckland, 1854.


1. Letters from the Bishop (Selwyn) to the Society for the

Propagation of the Gospel ; with Extracts from his
Visitation Journal, from 1842-47.

12mo, 1 vol. Lond., 1842-47.

2. Annals of ; by the Society for Promoting Christian

Knowledge. 12mo, 1 vol. Lond., 1847.

8. Maori Reading Lessons. 12mo, 1 vol. Auckland, 1850.

4. Prayer Book. 12mo, 1 vol. Auckland, 1852.

5. Scripture Book. 12mo, 1 vol. Auckland, 1855.

[ 213 ]

1 ; \ i . \ s I > i .

. . .-.!.-.. >.-.: S. .::-; -.

l < 'r. finances of New Zen! M th.:


of tin- ami other Art-

'1 with N( \v /.aland.

8vo, 1 vol. N" I itl'

Ceiieral Asseml' j-.i - l in the

years 1854-57. .:,.. J v,.l. Auckland, 1854-55-56-58.

t-sed the 21-t un<l -J^n-l of H. M.
^eeond Se-^ion ul" the
Second Parliament of Ne\\ .

;... l rol nd t 1858.

h ..!' 11. M. th.- ,-

IM-IIIU' th. Thii ; - '.-1 1'arliu-

int nt Of New /. alan.l.

6. Legislative Council >1 ProeeedingBof theydoiiii

I of thr \.-ar-; 1 s " '> fob, d, 1855-56-58.

"- . Represent tea and I'I.M-.. dings of tli- He. u


8. K. |-i- -.-ntativ.'. Journal of th<- House of, in th. Wl->t and
1 \ ..f H. M. ti \'ictoria: h.-inu' ti

I rariiani.nt of N< \v /.. -aland : with
an Ajijn ndix to thu Juiirn

Folio, r> vnls. Auckland. \

i icncral Go\. rnni..-nt Gazette of the Colony of N, \\ /.aland.
imencing with the 4th Y,.!um. . A.D., 1856-57-58-.".

:o. ."> \ols. Auckland, 1856-60.
in. Statistics of New Zealand for 1853-54-55-56

Iild from OHi.-ial Records, and j.r both Houses

of ill.- (i. !i, ral AM lill'lv.

Folio, 4 vols. Am-M'iml. 1858-59.

11. Otago, Pn>\inc-i- of. Ordinances of tin- Ivv.'cutiv.- Council,
from l*.-,i to 1860. ;.-. 1 v.,1. Otcujo, \

I'-'. Wellington, TroNinceof. Acts and Prcx^eodings of the Pro-
vincial Council of Wellington. S. - ">8.

Folio. 1 vol. IT, llin.i!..,!. 1858.

1:;. Wellington, Province of. F-timate of the iVohaMe F\jM-n-
diture of the, for the \. n 1-f.l.

Folio. 1 vol. Wellington, 1861.

1. New Zealander, Tli per.

o. -^ Auckland, 1858-60.

2. Otego Colonist, Th


NEW ZEALAND, [continued].

1. New Zealand Almanacks.

12mo, 8 vols. Various places, 1846-61.

2. New Zealand Pamphlets.

8vo, and 12mo, 8 vols. Auckland and Wellington, 1848-60.


1. Report (First) of the Commissioners to Enquire into and

Report upon a System of Procedure suited to the Supreme
Court of New Zealand, 19th January, 1852.

8vo, 1 vol. Wellington, 1852.

2. Rules (General) of the Supreme Court of New Zealand, of

Practice and Procedure. 8vo, 1 vol. Auckland, 1856.

3. Report of the Judges of the Supreme Court, respecting

Criminal Prosecutions and Justices of the Peace.

Folio, 1 vol. Auckland, 1859.
NEY (MICHEL). Prince of Moscowa.

Memoirs of. Published by his Family; with Portrait, Maps,
and Plan. 2nd Ed. 8vo, 2 vols. Lond., 1834.


1. Thoughts on Important Points relating to the System of the

World. 8vo, 1 vol. Edin., 1846.

2. Cyclopeedia of the Physical Sciences.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1857.

The Forest of Dean : an Historical and Descriptive Account of.

12mo, 1 vol. Lond., 1858.


1. History of the English Poor Law in connexion with Legis-

lation, and other circumstances affecting the Condition of
the People. 8vo, 2 vols. Lond., 1854.

2. History of the Scotch Poor Law in connexion with the

Condition of the People. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1856.

3. History of the Irish Poor Law in connexion with the Con-

dition of the People. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1856.


1. Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century; comprising

Biographical -Memoirs of William Bowyer (Printer), and
many of his Learned Friends : an Incidental View of the
Progress and Advancement of Literature in this Kingdom
during the Last Century, and Biographical Anecdotes of a
considerable number of Eminent Writers and Ingenious
Artists. 8vo, 9 vols. Lond., 1812-15.

2. The Progresses and Public Processions of Queen Elizabeth.

Illustrated, with Historical Notes.

4to, 2 vols. Lond., 1823.

[ 315 ]

\ 1 1 i UN), [continued].

! , : 1 M

[in-* I., i .rnily, and t'.

Pageants. nuiu> .

tats* and Knight*, who VMtivwi tl H uours

tlii' .- !>. lllu -!i Notes,

ii'.il, Topograpl, ;u

pin /

4. Collectanea Topographi :.-alogica.

8vo, 8 vols. Land., 1884.

I. I us >f th.> Lit. niry II - enth

f Autli.-iiti.- I

Mm. nt r. i-.ii-,; aM'l intended M * bequcl to

rary An 0, H \ u lb. Loud., 1-1".


..ipliK-al An. rdotes of William Hogurth ; with a Catalogue

lii^ Woii. ynl i.'l

.1 M.N 15..U

NN'illiain IIn.L,':irtli. \vrittrn lv Hiin^-lf: to wliich
is added, a Catalogue of his Prints, raintin'_r.s, Ac.

bvo, 1 vol. Lond., 1833.
M< EOLSON < sir.

dogue of Egyptian Antiijiiities. 8vo, 1 vol. Land., 1858.


Guidt- Book for Carpentry and Joinery.

4to, 3 vols. Ljnd., 1852.

N U t > I . I : i:*), Professor.

1. (Juide to the 'Geology of Scotland : with a Geological Map.

r^in.i. i vol. j-:dm.. i-ti.

8. Manual of Mineralogy; or, tlie Natural Hi-t..ry .if tin-
Mint-ial Kingdom. 8vo, 1 vol. Edin., 1849.

3. Elements of Mineralogy. K'm... 1 vol. Edin., 1858.

N ]< ' 'I. , - HARBTS), Sir.

1. Life of William Davison, Secretary of State to Qu. . n

l-:ii/al..-th. 8vo, 1 vol. Is-tnl.. 1 -

W. 'r - ,tanifnta Vt-iusta : being Illustrations from Wills, of
. n.-rs, Customs, &c., as well as of tic i and

M> of many Distinguished Famili. - . tVoin the
Keign of Henry II. to th n PJli/ul..

8vo, V \oN. Loud., 18-.J6.

8. Privy Purse Exj>onses of Henry VIII., from 152U to 1532.

8vo, 1 vol. Loud., 1 B

4. Journal by One of th.-> Snito of Thomas Beckington, during

an Embassy to Negociate n Marriage between lit my \ I.
and a Daughter of the Count D'Armagnac.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1828.

[316 ]

NICOLAS (NICOLAS HARRIS), Sir, [continued].

5. The Siege of Carlaverock, in the xxvm. Edward I., A. D.

MCCC.; with the Arms of the Earls, Barons, and Knights,
who were present on the Occasion ; with a Translation, a
History of the Castle, and Memoirs of the Personages
Commemorated by the Poet. 4to, 1 vol. Lond., 1828.

6. Privy Purse Expenses of Elizabeth of York, and Wardrobe

Accounts of Edward IV. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1830.

7. Memoirs and Literary Remains of Lady Jane Grey.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1832.

8. Battle of Agincourt, in 1814 ; with the Roll of the Men at

Arms in the Army. 3rd Ed. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1833.

9. History of the Royal Navy, from the Earliest Times to the

Wars of the French Revolution.

8vo, 2 vols. Lond., 1847.

10. Memoirs of the Life and Times of Sir Christopher Hatton.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1847.

11. Historic Peerage of England, exhibiting under Alphabetical

Arrangement the Origin, Descent, and Present State of
every Title of Peerage which has existed in this Country
since the Conquest. Edited by W. Courthope.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1857.

Record of the Royal Marine Forces. 8vo, 2 vols. Lond., 1845.

NICOLAY (C. G.), Rev.

Physical Geography. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1858.

NICOLSON (WILLIAM), Bishop of Carlisle.

English, Scotch, and Irish Historical Libraries ; giving a Short
View and Character of most of our Historians, either in
print or M S. ; with an Account of our Records, Law Books,
Coins, &c. 4to, 1 vol. Lond,, 1776-


1. Vortrage iiber Romische Geschichte, herausgegeben von M.

Isler, Ph. D. 8vo, 2 vols. Berlin, 1846.

2. Vortrage iiber Alte Geschichte, herausgegeben von M.

Niebuhr. 8vo, 3 vols. Berlin, 1847-51.

3. Vortrage iiber alte Lander-und Volkerkunde, herausgegeben

von M. Isler. 8vo, 1 vol. Berlin, 1851.

4. Romische Geschichte. 8vo, 1 vol. Berlin, 1853.

5. Lectures on Ancient History, from the Earliest Times to the

Taking of Alexandria by Octavianus, comprising the
History of the Asiatic Nations, the Egyptians, Greeks,
Macedonians, and Carthaginians. Translated by Dr.
Schmitz. 8vo, 3 vols. Lond., 1852.

6. Life and Letters of, and Selections from. his Minor Writings.

Edited and Translated by S. Winkwoi-th; with Essays on
his Character and Influence by the Chevalier Bunsen,
Professor Brandis, and Professor Loeboll.

Svo, :l vols. Lond., 1852.

[ 317 ]

MI:I:I HI; i: i i

. Geography, com-

I ii

urea <> t! <m th. I rimes

t.. thr l-'illl t>t" til. V.


I'V -I. ('. Hal. HI,

Thiriuall. /- ' I!K ' L*

1. 1 '. -,-i ;|.:i.'M <!> r.\>:. . d .ijires Ics Observations et

:i.-ivhi's lait. - (Inn-. 1. :u-.

4U> Copenha<j<

2. Voyage en Arabic and t n <i

Ift. Amit., 1776-80.

3. Rivu< il (!> (, . proposees a ui . -

.(in Danoise font 1 \'<.\.i^e de

1'Arahii'. M. Mi.-Ii.r . 1 \-l. Am


ttze der Er/irhuuij und des I'nt. rriohts.

8th Ed. 8vo, 8 vols. Rtutlingen, 1

HisttTv of the Pope's Nephews. English' ! 1-y \N . \.

i, 1 vol. L'it'1.. Ifi69.

i. niary Sul-tanr^s Originating and'
throughout tli- Worlil. . 1 v..l. Mtll,.. 1-

Nl\i)\ ! \\ ;^ ! Bishop of Tasmania.

1. Charges to lh- Clt-rgy of Tasmania, for l v

. 1 vol. JJol, H rt Tom 1841

2. Cruise of the " Beacon :" aVi.-it to tli l>lan<l> in t:

Str;i l^nio, 1 vol. Lond., \

No\I BiOTtl M . M. I'.

1. ( li.mi^try in connection with Agriculture: a Course of
ires. 8ro, 1 rol. Lond., 1 -

<!. < h. inical Manipulation and Qualitative

Mtitativi'. N.-w V.<\. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1

lanual of KltTtricity.Cialvaiii-ni.Ac.: th.' F.I. . : raph.

4th K.l. Hvo. 1 vol. Lond., 1859.


Mi-inoirs of the 1' ' ronnv. 11. d. .luced from

and continued to the 1'n'Srut Tinu- :
also th< Familit s Allied to, or Descended from th. in.

8vo. vi vo]>. Lond., 1

NOBLE (SAM.), ii.

Ai>i>eal in behalf of the New Church.

:ird Ed. 8vo, 1 vol. /. / 1855.

[ 31


Essay on the Union of Church and State.

80, 1 vol. Lond., 1848.

Attempt to Demonstrate a Central Physical Law in Nature.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1850.

Dionysiacorum Libri XLVIII. Gr. Illustravit F. Graefe.

8vo, 2 vols. Leips., 1819-26.

Travels in Egypt and Nubia. Translated by Dr. Peter
Templeman. Folio, 1 vol. Lond., 1757.


General Principles of Banking, Bills of Exchange, British
Funds, and Foreign Exchanges. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1845.


Seaman's New Daily Assistant.

18th Ed. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1857.

Nouveau Parallele des ordres d'Architectui-e des Grecs et des
Romains. Folio, 1 vol. Paris, 1819.


1. Commercial Hand-book of Chemical Analysis.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1850.

2. Farmer's Manual of Agricultural Chemistry.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1853.

3. Dictionaries to the Chemical Atlas of Simple Substances ;

with the Atlas. 8vo, 1 vol.; folio, 1 vol. Lond., 1857.


Collection of Miscellanies : Essays and Poems, &c.

8vo, 1 vol. Oxford, 1687.

Life and Times of Madame de Stael. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1853.


Catholic Series, Extracts from. 8vo, 2 vols. Lond., 1846.


1. Examen ; or, an Enquiry into the Credit and Veracity of a

Pretended Complete History (Bishop Kennet's Collection,
8 vols., folio); shewing the Perverse and Wicked Design
of it, and the many Falsities and Abuses of Truth con-
tained in it. 4to, 1 vol. Lond., 17 to.

2. Lives of Francis North Baron Guildford, Hon. Sir Dudley

North, and the Hon. and Rev. Dr. John North.

New Ed. 8vo, 3 vols. Lond., 1826.

3. Memoirs of Musick. Edited from the Original MS., with

Copious Notes, by Dr. Rimbault. 4to, 1 vol. Lond., 1846.

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