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2. Darnley, Right Hon., the Earl* of. Speech on the State of

the Poor of Ireland, delivered in the House of Lords,
May 1, 1828. 1829.

3. Peel (Robert), Sir, Right Hon. Speech on his Retiring from

Office, delivered in the House of Commons May 1, 1827.


4. Peel (Robert), Sir, Right Hon. Speech in the House of

Commons, March 9, 1826, on Moving for leave to bring in
" A Bill for the Amendment of the Criminal Law," and
" A Bill for Consolidating the Laws relating to Larceny."


5. Brougham (Henry), M. P. Speech in the House of Commons,

February 7, 1828, on his Motion " That an humble Address
be presented to His Majesty, Praying that he will graciously
be pleased to issue a Commission for Inquiring into the
Defects, occasioned by Time and otherwise, in the Laws of
this Realm, and into the Measures necessary for removing
the same.

6. Brougham (Henry), M. P. Corrected Report of his Speech
in the House of Commons, May 13, 1830, on Colonial

PAMI'MI .1 I 9 I'sHi
\ I \ .

i \ .1 ii tin-. World t,. ti EL Field

9. An J ; I'll- -i-M'.

i l.-l 1

8. A Letter :.t-\l>uln

I I 1 .. tmmont (Arthur Anil>:i - .id T-. \\ ):

thru. 1

.".. r..-:iuniont (Arthur '
ti. <'hanih. :

ii. -lit (AiiK'U-t-.

',1 . iiV of I):

l.ifl Liddfll.

8. Suggestions n-luti\ i- fr IitTu-r

Know !< .!.,' am. >!),' lli.' .\Iiinr- >f tin- S

9. Suggestions rel-itivi- to thr ' iiii-liin..

iiu-tin^ rn.viiiciul Cullcges. Bv D. Li-1.1. 11. 1M86.

in. On College Education, and it > I >,f..t-. l'.\ 1 >. Li.l.l.-ll.


.1! \\.

1. ('luinri-llor U. r.r..ii','li:iiii). Tl. I. "- h in th-

House of I.-i.i-. -l.ilv .-]. 1^.,;. ,.n M.,vii,
Reading of tin- Hill to Am. -ii.l th. .vs. L884.

'^. Cli:Ulf. I H. 1'. i i i 8j .'li ill lllf

of Lord- I. upon jh.- Hill for

Aboli-liiii'-f Sul'-.-rij-tioii.

hniii (Hi-nryi. Lord. S]., ,-,-li in :]]. II ,- of Lords,

miry 24, 1835, on tlie Address of Thanks to Hi-

Mil, 1835.

nry). Lord. Sj.. .-h in the House of Lords,

M.I 15, on tin- Kdui-iitioii of thf i \vhicli i-;

ad'l - iiiuary of th Munition;.! H. tin :

r : uliaiii. nt. 1835.

Brougham (Henry), Lord. Speech in Defence of the Al.-< nt

1 .nni-^ionciN on thf Kn^li>h Muir

ll.-furm Uill, AII-UM 1 1835.

i.. G.), Secrotarj- for Inland. Sjn-i-ch in th-
J). -hat.- on tin- I)i-tur -land) Hill, in thr House of

Common-. K. l.rnary <!7. 1833.

7. Stnnl.'y (H. (I. - !i<-land.

thf Iri>h Church, in the Iloii>f of Coniinoiis. ,}n


[ 356 ]

VOLUME XIV., [continued .

8. Russell (John), Lord. Corrected Report of his Speech in

the House of Commons, February 25, 1835, upon the
Address to His Majesty. J*:>5.

9. Peel (Robert), Sir, Bart. Speech on the Second Reading of

the Third Reform Bill, December 17, 1831. 1831.

10. Peel (Robert), Sir, Bart. Speech in the House of Commons,

March 1, 1833, on the Bill for Suppressing Disturbances
in Ireland. 1883.

11. Peel (Robert), Sir, Bart. Speech in the House of Commons,

March 10, 1835, on the Motion of the Marquis of Chandos,
relating to the Repeal of the Malt Tax. 1 ;-:;.",.

12. Morpeth, Viscount, M. P. Speech on the Irish Church

Question, delivered in the House of Commons, June 28,
1835. 1835.

13. London (C. J. Blomfield), Bishop of. Speech in the

of Lords, August 24, 1835, on the Irish Church Bill.


14. Buxton (Thomas Fowell), M. P. Speech on the Irish Tithe

Bill, delivered in the- House of Commons June 2, 1830.

SECOND SERIES. Relating to Great Britain and Ireland.

Land., Edin., Dublin, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 8vo, 13 vols.


1. Bayley (L. PI.) The Public Prosecutor ; or, Observations on

the Report from the Select Committee of the House f
Commons. 1857.

2. Wilmot (J. E. Eardley), Sir. A Letter to Lord Brougham

on some of the Legislative Requirements of the Coming
Session. 1857.

3. Elton (A. H.), Sir. The Ballot : a Conservative Measure.


4. Tancred (T.), Sir. Suggestions for the Treatment and Dis-

posal of Criminals. 18,") 7.

5. Aislabie (W. J.) Rev. The Ticket-of-Lcave System in Aus-

tralia and in England. no date.

6. Brougham, Lord. Speech on the Property of Married

Women, in the House of Lords, February 13. 1*57.


^ 7. Adderley (E. B.) A Tract on Tickets of Leave. ]-:,7.

8. Humphreys (W. C.) Observations on the Inutility of Grand

0. Fran Win (Lady). A Letter to Lord Palmerston. l*r>7.

2j [ 337 ]

|-\MI'I1!.I. Ts, ^i OOKD SKIUES, >iod].



1 1. Stapl. ton \

1'.'. \\ilkni-, -I \ an. I (i

;it- :ili<l I

. I iv it> '

i i. : i' I b

]:,. A l: the Ca-' of ih<- Civil fi

with n !< -ion ul' lli'

.itor. I>."i7.

\ II.

I . ! < >ii tin- Sn.-/ Ship Canal. 1857.

V>. 1..,: I' . \ I'jiliHrr.-ti.ii., and th :ial.

I . I . \\' n. 1850.

i. The RightB of Women to the Krunchisr. I'.v .Fu-titia. 1855.
l; K-ni.irk^ on tli- ' ;rls.


inlxi (George) Strular Kiluration.

7. Comix GK National M-lin-.r 1848.

B. An-l'T-.-n D. J, -I. wi-h Miiiain-ipalioii.
9. Coi;. Capital l'iini>liiii-iit.

in. ( Q hiM-iplin.-.

11. A 1 TOB Bill of 1850.

Vol.! Ml 111.

1. I'Ynwirk ( 1'homa-'. l'..ur I'l - a\^ on I'racMical Mn-hauics.

Tin- Miraculous Cui-r of . \niir .MiinniiiL,'-
.",. l;,,-kwitli Hoiiu'hton-h-Spriii^. A I'.M-HI. :

nl (William C.) V'u-tonai>iii ; QiaatiOD of

tin- P.-opl.-. L84S.

5. Brydges (Egerton), Sir. Human Fate: Poems. 1840.

0. Gihhons (Thoiua>). ]). I). Knu'li-h V.T-ion of tin- Jjitin

Kpitaph-N in th<- Noiu-onfoniiist->' .Memorial.

7. l-jiu'laml. I'irtuiv-'pK- \"ii\v-<anil Plans of thr K..a.l-;^f.

You m iv.

1. 'I'lvatnifiit - -f tin N, ,-, - ituii> hv N'ariou- Nations.

[ 338 ]

VOLUME IV., [continued].

2. Cobileu (Richard). Speech on the 12th of March, 1844. on
Protective Duti. -. 1*14.

8. Taylor (Isaac). Man Responsible. 1840.

4. Campbell (Francis), M.D. On the Culture of Fin

Hemp. tiydn.'y, 1815.


1. Hubbard (J. G.) Letter to Sir C. Wood on the Monetary

Pressure, and Commercial Distress of 1847. 1848.

2. Rickards (G. K.) The Financial Policy of War : Two Lec-

tures on the Funding System. 1855.

3. Hagen (C. H.) System of Political Economy. 1844.

4. Knight (J.) Review of the Private and Joint Stock Banks

in the Metropolis. 1847.

6. Sugden (E. IB.) Considerations on the Rate of Interest,
Redeemable Annuities, &c. 1817.

6. Browne (E. H.) A Few Words on the Gold Question.

7. Petition of the Merchants, Bankers, and Traders of London

against the Bank Charter Act. 1847.

8. On the Public Debt : with a Plan for its Final Extinction.


9. Risks of Life Assurance, suggested by a History of the Case

of Geach v. Ingall. 1848.

10. Lange (D. A.) Isthmus of Suez : the Canal Question.



1. Miiller (George). Narrative of Facts relative to the

Orphan House, Ashley Down, Bristol. 1851.

2. De la Beche (Henry T.), Sir. Report on the State of Bristol

and other Large Towns. 1845

3. Hale (Matthew B.), M. A. The Transportation Question ; or,

Why Western Australia should be made a Reformatory
Colony, &c. 1857.

4. Urquhart (Thomas). Letters on the Evils of Impressment :

with the Outline of a Plan for Doing (hem A\vav. >Y.'.. \c.


Vol.rME VII.

1. Royal Institution. Lectures. Reports. List of Members of.


2. Williams (Charles \Y\v). On Increasing tin- Evaporative

Power of Boilers, Ac.

[ 339 ]

AMPIN.! ''11111. -.1 .



\\iPi - : nihutioii


Oil til'" I < >|ij. n - -

tin- 'I tins* (.'mum.

3. C Til. \\. lai.l I.. tl

( >| '

MM. 1 \\lliiall:.. lliicjj ECODOI .lll.l.

5. C ! t.. ill. Karl of 1 . -von oil tln

'I be 1

Moiintmrllick ill \:ilil;iti..n ;ilid I

of hi- Farm to tin- T. -limit.

' ami P. r]> tuity

on tli- iM-oj.. i-. .1 !'. of \Valtli:iiii

H.iinliaiilt l-'.in-sts. r,y :in O|,I liili:il.i<:mt. L818,

9. Knclosun- of Waltham For, at, c.-mmonlv call. ,1 1


lit. Victor i.\ll..Tt -I.) Horror- of l!u ian Kill.', ami < Yu.-lti.-*
of ili.' (iraml I>nkr ; nip. ror of li

I'oll-l, F.Xllr.

11. 1 i'aiTiaiiifiitarv : I ^ ' . \\ilh tlif Prin s

l. tor U

Vol. I".!' IX.

1. .1 ' Narrative of lii- SntT.> aii

inchiiliii'4 an Account of the Atrocitir> Coiuinittcil l.v the

Iri-h Rebela in w.-xf,.!,!, i, :,th

> l'..nii-i. r iTlionia-). Our Military Sy-i.-m at Home and
Al.roal. in a Lrtti-r to tin- l>ukr <>f Caml>riilge.

:inl K,l.

3. Popham (Hoiiit- 1 . Sir. Con - -ment of Fa<-ts fbl

to th<- 'I'l-fatnifiit Kxpfi'i* nct-.l ly.

1. \Val-h (John). Sir. Chapters of C'oiit. in]" r : \ f[

3rd K.!. " 1836.

-,'. Tli.- Wurlil in tin- Y.-ar Isjn < hi. f

lit- of tl 1-11.


1. Sala! <\ . U< ileotions on the Recent Pr

th. Monej Mari

[ 340]

VOLUME XI., [continued],

2. Palmer (J. Horsley). The Causes and Consequences of the

Pressure upon the Money Market ; with Statem<-ni ot the

i on of ihe Bank of England from October 1, 1833, to

December 27, 1830. 1837.

3. Joplm (Thomas). On the Cause and Cure of our Coinmcr.

cud Embarrassments. 18J1

4. Palmer (J. H.) Reply to the Reflections, &c., of S. J. Loy.l.


5. Loyd (Samuel Jones). Reflections suggested by a Perusal

of J. Horsley Palmer's Pamphlet, &c. 1837.

C. Bell (i Robert). A Letter to J. W. Gilbart, Esq., on the
Regulation of the Currency by the Foreign Exchanges.


7. Leatham (William). Letters on the Currency, addressed to

William Rayner \\ood, containing lie-marks on the Evidence
of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce. 1841.

8. Leaiham (William). Letters on the Currency, addressed to

C. Wood, M.P. 1840.

U. Joplin (T.) On our Monetary System. 1839.

10. Mercator. A Few Words to the Merchants and Manufac-

turers of Lancashire and Yorkshire. 1830.

11. Liverpool Merchant. A Letter to the Right Hon. T. S.

Rice, containing a New Principle of Currency. 1837.


1. Joplin (T.) Examination of the Report of the Joint Stock

Bank Committee. 2nd Ed. 1837.

2. Farren (G.) Hints, by way of Warning, on the Difficulties

attending the Foundation, ifce., of Joint Stock Banks. 1830.

3. Monumethensis. The Bank of England Exposed, in a

Letter to the Proprietors and Directors of Joint Stork
Banks. 1830.

4. Observations on Banks of Issue and the Currency, addressed

to M. ihillips, M.P. 1841.

f>. Vindex. Letter to W. Clay, M. P., containing Strictures on
his late Pamphlet on the subject of Joint Stock Banks.

. IMii.

6. Defence of Joint Stock Banks and Ciinvm-y Issues. By the

Author of Money and its Vicissitudes. 1840.

7. Lo\\nde> (M. D.) Review of the Joint Stork Bank Act>. in

a Letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer. 1810.

8. The Safety ami Advantages of Joint Stock Banking. 15y an

Accountant. 1833.

[ 311 ]


\ \i i

to the 1 i . : -

X'n.l l..i 1
\ Mil.

1 * 'iKill^' \\:


'I. Hiking.

.in. ii <.r tin I'.IIM;

1 !., Han! iti. I. and

..ii tin- < ieu, ral 1'riii'

ill Knu'lalid :in.l S,

; Bd M22.

0. S ' :j>.'ii the

aid. 1840.


Tin 9 B ting to Great Britain and Inland.

8vo, 8 vols.

1. I'.ri. t' History of the O] n in

Manrli, Maivh. :

2. ( .liil.itii.n of tl t-irtlir llhi>tniti-n

mid I-',iic..urau'riin'iit <if 1'ract:

Ii (ll.i Ilm.k of tii.-,-l I'arliain.'iit.
1. Kii^lan.l -ia. and Turkey. l*:\l.

5. C.l'd.n (I; rs on tlic Duke of Wellington and the

.-li \\ar.

'.. II. . onciliatioii between th. Middle and Labouring Classes.

-:i II.
1. < 3.) The Sue/ and Nicaragua Canal Plans (

del", d.

-'. Johnson (A.) Gnnenej rriiu-iplfs -. Banking Principles.

: a>a Whole, in its r< 1
to Tim.-. .M :nd Moi.

4. A South Carolinian. Kcon<>iui i ! -, the

I'nited ^ to Al.olition.

".. lli-k-. to 1 -,, tin I'.




1. Wordsworth (Christopher), D. D, Ecclesiastical Commission

of the Universities. I:j7.

2. Foy (M. W.). Rev. Antiquity of the Church of England.


3. Carmen Canine-Anglo Latinum-Auctore Jacobulo Corvo.

1. The Freshman, Xos. n. and iv., and the Fellow, No. v. 1836.

5. Exeter Hall. Protestant Meetings. 1835.

6. Soames (W. A.), Rev., and Ainger (T.), Rev. Two Sermons

Preached at Greenwich. 1836.

7. Glover (F. A.), Rev. Letter to the King to induce His

Majesty to Withhold his Assent to the Established Chiuvh

8. Combe (George). Outlines of Phrenology. 6th Ed. 1836


Curante A. J. Valpy. 8vo, 4 vols. Land., 182S.


Idiomatic Sentences in English and Panjahi.

12mo, 1 vol. Lodiana, 1840.

Museums, Libraries, and Picture Galleries ; their Establish-
ment, Arrangement, and Architectural Construction.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1853.


Opera Omnia. Folio, 3 vols. Geneva, 1658-59.


Opere. 8vo, 2 vols. Milano, 1825.


English History of; from A. D. 1235 to 1273. Translated 1> v
J. A Giles. 8vo, 1 vol. Loud., 1852.


Buenos Ayn-s, and the Provinces of the Rio de la Plata, from
their Discovery to I tie Establishment <>1 tlieir Independence:
Avith a Description of the Geology and FoiU ol tin-
Pampas. 2nd Ed. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., \


Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa. IT 1 .',") Iso:, ; to which
i- adiled, tin- Liife of M. Park, and GeogTaphieal Illustra-
tions of Africa, by Major lleinn-ll.

4to, 2 vols. Lond., 1815-10.

inflated '


Dg ill- l:

., 1 \..i.


i . , ttdEi lial i /



- nth St ;is in II. M. S. Fn.l<-a\oiir."



f tllr ( \ of Pol I' of til.'

h . \iii.-ri. -:in Trilif, a^aiu-t th.- Fn.u'li-h <
th- ' ' 'aliaila. 8vo.

1' \i.

in Al'y - inia. (lurini; Tin
in that Country. 8vo, 2 vols. Lond., 1

r.\i:i.l \Mi.\ r OF BNGLAB

.if th. 1 i ('nin ..... i- :i-<.-!iilil.-il in I'arliatn.-nt :

b Instructions fur taking tli- L ' nit

1 r<)l Lund.. 1


l'\ ;c8.

lio, '24 vols.

itisticsil, and tin- \V-t In-li"-. Folio, 45 rols.
On 1'ui' . H. alth, Ac. i . ; 8vo., 8 vols.



1. < - of I >. -].:i!,-li-S of til' T^ of tin-

A-i-tr.ilian Col.-ni. s : \vi:h tin- !

Al Lond., 1


1. Australian Colonies QovernmeDl Hill. Copi. - or i-; \n-acts of
on. . 1 vol. Lond, It

9. V ITthi r I ::ttiv- to th.- A a in th,- Coi.

ti.:i- of th.- An>tralian Colon.

Folio, 1 vol. Lond., 1856.

[ 344]

SECTION I., [continued].

1. Reports for 1845 to 1855, in Continuation of the Reports

annually made by the Governors of the British Colonies;
\vlih a view to exhibit generally the Past and Present State
of Her Majesty's Possessions. Transmitted from the Blue
Books. Folio, 4 vols. Lond., 1846-56.

2. Colonization : South and West Australia and Van Diemen's

L:iud. Folio, 1 vol. Lond., 1836-41.


1. Reports of the Commission of Inquiry into the State of New

Son ;h Wales. Folio, 1 vol. Lond., 1822.

2. Reports from the Committee of Transportation.

Folio, 2 vols. Lond., 1837-38.

1. Report from Committee on the Disposal of Crown Lands in

the British Colonies. Folio, 1 vol. Lond., 1836.

2. Papers relative to Crown Lands in the Australian Colonies.

Folio, 2 vols. Lond., 1845-56.

1. Papers Relative to Emigration to the Australian Colonies.

Folio, 2 vols. Loud., 1847-48-49-50.

2. Indices to the Reports of the Commissioners of Emigration

for 1828 to 1847. Folio, 1 vol. Lond., 1847.

3. Despatches relative to Emigration to the Australian Colonies,

presented in 1853-54-55. Folio, 1 vol. Lond., 1854-55.


Correspondence relative to the Recent Discovery of Gold in
Australia. Folio, 3 vols. Lond., 1852-53-54.


Papers relative to the Affairs of New Zealand.

Folio, 1 vol. Lond., 1850.

1. Six Annual Reports of the Colonisation Commissioners of

South Australia to the Secretary of State for the Colonies
for 1836. Folio, 1 vol. Lund., 1836.

2. Papers relative to South Australia.

Folio, 1 vol. Lond., 1843.

SECTION II. Banking, Statistical, Ionian Jsl >, Slavery, and the
West and East Indies.


Report from the Committee of Secresy on the Bank of England
Charter; with Minutes of Evidence.

Folio, 1 vol. Lond., 1832.

l'\Kl.l\Mi:vi OF .i:i \ I l.i:i I \l\ AND il

1 1


i: :

.i-t iv. .in f the B i th.

h id. Mi


i ,< ,i I' - : - : . I.

lh. |,.;i:..n 1-1. in. U '

annually mail.- 1>\ tin- ( i..\. i n-.r- >J ll
Col. l-'.'i

-.. rt .f lli' Committee "ii 1 - '.-I. 1 " I 1

.. 1 \,,1. 1841.

I. Finance AecoontB, i. to vm. t of the United K'mir.loi.

r.ritimi ami In-lfiml. 1'i.r tli- Y.-;ir I'- I".. I'.-r tli

\vith. I. ,1, u;. r\. 184 Polio, : N

.:.]... rt on tin- Navv Kstiiiuit.-:. from Oommitl

. Arm\. :in<l ( >nlnaii.-.- I'.^l iinai. ii r with
Minut.^ of K\iili lie. . ami A]'i>.-mlix.

Foil. p. 1 \..l. /."-"'.. L848.

( iii :

II. port. !.-_'. :h.'i- with Min from

th- ( "inmitt.-r. on tin- Hiirli 1'ric.' of (ioll UulliMii.

Folio. 1 %..!. /. 1810.

I 1 '

K. p..rt from tin- "

Imj.ort lutif>: with th.- .Min . \pp mlix.

ami In i '/.. 1^11.

i A.

t from thf Commit:.-.- ..f Indian T,

.. 1 roL L

M \ <

JI. -port from tin- Select Committee <>n Manufactures, Comx
ami Shipping. .. 1 \.1. Loud., I

Mi- !

>rt. with Appendix fr. 111 the S< ! : Mi-

cellaiie..ii- |-.\p. luiiture : t.-u'. th.-r with the Minn
F\i.i J7th -lulv. 1

Folio, 1 vol. I;,n<l.. 1848.


SECTION II., [continued],


1. Report from the Committee on Promissory Notes in Scotland

and Ireland. Folio, 1 vol. Lond., Is-Jfj.

2. Report from the Committee of the Lords, to Enquire into

the State of Circulation of Promi>sory Notes under the
Value of 5, in Scotland and Ireland.

Folio, 1 vol. Lond., 1827.

1. Papers on the Abolition of Slavery. Part iv.

Folio, 1 vol. Lond., 1837.

2. Report on Slavery in the British Colonies. Part v.

Folio, 1 vol. Land., 1838.

1. Correspondence on the Slave Trade with Foreign Powers,

parties to Treaties, under which Captured Vessels are to
be Tried by Mixed Tribunals; from January 1st, 1847, to
March 31st, 1848. Classes B, C, D.

Folio, 3 vols. Lond., 1848.

2. Correspondence with the British Commissioners at Sierra

Leone, Havanna, Rio de Janeiro, Surinam, Cape of Good
Hope, Jamaica, Loaiula, and Boa Vista; Proceedings of
the British Vice-Admiralty Courts ; and Reports of Naval
Officers relating to the Slave Trade, from 1847 to 1848.

Folio, 1 vol. Lond., 1848.

Statistics of the Population, c., of England and Wales in 1700,
compared with the Number in 1831, and the Number of
Houses assessed to the House Tax in each County in each
of the Five Periods, 1(300, 1708, 1781, 1823, 1830; with
the Statistics of Scotland since 1755 to 1831, and the Sta-
tistics of Ireland from 1813 to 1831.

Folio, 1 vol. Lond., 1882.


1. Revenue, Population, Commerce, &c., of the United Kingdom

and its Dependencies. Part i., from 1820 to 1S;>1, both
inclusive. Folio, 1 vol. Lond., 1833.

2. Revenue, Population, Commerce, &c., of the I'nited Kingdom

and its Dependencies. Part \i., for IN:;O. \\itli Supple-
ment of the Colonies, 1836. Folio, 1 vol. Loiul.. i

3. Revenue, Population, Commerce, &c., of the United Kingdom

and ils Dependencies. Part xni., Section B. R \iime
and Commerce, lsi:5. Folio. 1 vol. Loin/., 1MI.

4. Revenue, Population, Commerce ( vc., of the Tinted Kingdom

and il> Dependencies. Part MI., tor 1844, Supplement
Statements relating to Foreign Coiintrii B.

I'.ilio. 1 vol. Lond., Is I I.

[ 34? ]

' !

8. i - \. for IMS. \ol. Land., I

\ /. . ; 1848.

\ Is

1. <

I ii. I;.-. ;n. . Land., :

9. l: "in th.' ]'. itisli \\ ; i Pos-

8. l: 0686 Immi^nition

l.i.l. .,, 1 v..l. Lv,

1 ' OF.

1-1 1. .I:ii:

vol. 1;

'!. 1 Hi tli.- (' Iji.lia ('.,], ,ni.-> : with

thi- .Mill:. ;ill-l Ili-i.

8. 1: ill.- I'.rili-li Col..:


uii'i i n tin- 1 ! C,,ni ( >i

passH'ii 1>\ the Colonia; iree in 1844-44-46. Part m.

>ol. Lond., ]

4. Ik'tums from th.- W.-t In-li. - :in.) Miiiritiu>. IN;

5. l: -h.- Connniit.

i llrili-h (iuiaiiii. l>th .M..

0, 1 \ol. Loud., 1849.
SKI- i ION IH. Piil>li<- W..rk<. &e.

1. Oil tin- Hi^'lllilll.l lloiuls ;U1.1 i

Foli... :; \,.U. Loud., 1- .

tbiu \\ork-, in In

3. On Harboii

1'oho. 1 vol. /.. .-55.

1. On th> S ;.-,.

rob. Lond., is.ii -i5.

[ 3J

SECTION III., [continued].

5. On Tidal Harbours, 1845-47-48.

Folio, 8 vols. Lond., 1845-48.

G. i. On the Improvement of the Health of the Metropolis,
ii. Tenth Report of the Inspectors appointed to Visit
Prisons (Home District), 1845.

Folio, 1 vol. Lond., 1845-47.

7. Of the Commissioners of the Application of Iron to Railway

Structures. Folio, 2 vols. Lond , 184'J.

8. On the Metropolitan Water Bill, 1851-52

Folio, 3 vols. Lond., 1851-52.

9. On the New York Industrial Exhibition, 1854.

Folio, 1 vol. Lond., 1854.

1. On Quarantine, 1849-52. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1849-52.

2. On Metropolitan Workhouses. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1850-51.

3. On Extramural Sepulture. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1850-51.

4. On Supply of Water to the Metropolis.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1850.

5. On the Cholera Epidemic, 1848-54.

8vo, 3 vols. Lond., 1850-55.

6. Of the Board of Health, 1848-54. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1854.


Of England and Wales, Ireland, and Scotland ; with tli 1 Stalls
of the Census of 1841. 8vo, 9 vols. Edin., 1843-48.


Applied Chemistry in Manufactures, Arts, and Domestic
Economy. 8vo, 2 vols. Lond., 1844.


Treatise on Roads ; wherein the Principles on which Roads
should be made are Explained, and Illustrated by Plans,
Specifications, and Contracts, made use of by T. Telford
on the Holyhead Road. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1838.


The Grasses of Britain. 8vo, 1 vol. Ed in., 1845.


Metaphysical Tracts, by English Philosophers of the Eighteenth
Century. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1857;

i. Clavis Universalis. By Arthur Collier,
n. Specimen of True Philosophy. By Arthur Collier.
in. Conjectures queedam de sensu, motu et ideaium

iv. Inquiry into the Origin of Human Appetites and

v. Man in quest of Himself.

[340 ]

PAH Ph l'

IK \ I" A ..... ' I


l.-s an. I I 1

.th, fr.'iu llir
-:ir tn l!i- 1'rii n.l.


the Country and P.oj'le. 1 \..|.

P\i;i;Y El w in i-nii-.i! Bii

itli Ed , rol /


'I'lu- Caml'i-ian Pltita

.>hiii.n, from tlu- Karl;.-! Inn. - I., tin- Pre-ent.


I ar-Adm:
i I'm- tin- I'i- V t Passage from

the Atlantic t" tin- Pa.-ifu-." n- ..... U. /.


mi. ui Kniiiii: . l rot /."/,./.. 1

I'A^t'Al. i P.I

1. P.-n mriix. ,.t L'-in-t ^. jir Pn>-|. re.

8vo, 't voU. J'.tri*. 1

J. Provincial I. tten of; \vitli MO ^n Pa-csil, l'\ M.

N'illi-niain. 'I'raii-latrd. with Memoir. Noi< - . an-l A|-|>. n.lix.
l'\ (i. P, 8vo, 1 \ol. Lnnd.. 1849.

8. Miscrllaiirous Writings of; cinisi>tin^ of 1..

I'ollV.T-ationx. ;i|j(l .\Pl-,-,-!l;i]|, .,!!- Tin.:,'il,

with Introduction un-i

. 1 \..l. Lnnd.. 1849.

1. Tlionu'lit^ on lli-li^'ioii. and V.\ id.-nc.-^ ot" ( 'hri-ii.inily.
'PraiiNlaT.-il from tin- l-'ivm-h I'Mnion of M. P !
with Introdiictioi

. 1 \ol. Land., 1850.
PASHLEY i: . . HT).

Trav. Ifl in ( 8vi, 2 VoU I'.unl.. 1


Service of tin- Fir-t Two Nights of I

1 Vol. Lint'f.. !i


or. I.l.'M- K. BOftttod. l^mu. 1 M.I. Land., 1828.


1. The Old l,u vv. Not Arrived.

N, w I ^Ol8. /.

[ 3 '


Report of the Cornd^^fcners of Patents for 1851. Part i. Arts
and Manufacturer 8vo, 1 vol. Washinjton, 1852.

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