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POWI.1.1. 1

1. Vn-w ..f tli.- Til, In! as nj.pli.-d I - th.- I>i-j>. r-i..n


l rol. /,<>,/.. 1841.

hriti:Uiitv witliuiit .Iinlai^ni : a Soeond Si-r'n-s of
ii^' tli.' Sub-tan.-.- i.f S.TiiKin- 1>. 1,\. I-..1 in
iith.-r 1'lacee. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1

8. Tli.- Onl.T.'f Nuture Consil. r. .1 in

of Kfvihitiou. 8ro, 1 vol. Lon<l .. \


. Law Li-t. IV.MIK.. 1 vul. /,'

IN >\\ ri; \\'i: i

.md with Pen and P-nril.

8vo, 1 vol. Land., 1
!'[IM.I> WlMTfl

W,.r New Ed. 8vo, 2 vols. Nftc York, 1


..-nil - <! iirenade et dr- rAlhain' v,,l. Paris, \


Reailv K rk.m.T f.r Timber.

l^mo, 1 vol. Hobart Toirn, no date.

Great Sermons of Great Preachers, md Mfxlern.

8vo, 2 vols. Loud., 1858.

lliniiii'-raiio Plantarum qtms in : nt.ili t t

M. ridiuiuili-Occidfiitali, Ann:-* iN-S^-ll C'->11

8vc. * roll. IJ'imb., l*i,

Notifia Linfjii:f Sini>re (Bound with Rol-rt M'>rri->n's Chincsf

1 vol. .U

[ 366 J


Eight years in British Guiana, 1840-48, with opinions on the
State and Prospects of our Sugar Colonies generally.

8vo, 1 vol. Lord., 1850.
Facsimiles of the Poniatowski Gems.

4to, 2 vols. Lond., 1857-59.

1. Biographical and Critical Essays. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1845.

2. History of the Conquest of Mexico.

5th Ed. 8vo, 2 vols. Lond., 1850.

3. Another Copy. 7th Ed. 12mo, 3 vols., 1855.

4. History of the Reign of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain.

7th .Ed. 8vo, 2 vols. Lond., 1851.

5. Another Copy. ' 6th Ed. 12mo, 3 vols. Lond., 1851.

6. History of the Reign of Philip the Second King of Spain.

8vo, 2 vols. Lond., J855-

7. History of the Conquest of Peru.

7th Ed. 8vo, 2 vols. Lond., 1855.

1. Handbuch des Preussischen Strafrechts, herausgegeben von

einem Praktischen Juristr. 8vo, 1 vol. Leips., 1830.

2. Entwurf des Strafgesetz-buchs fiir die Preussischen Staaten.

8vo, 1 vol. Berlin, 1847.

3. Die Preussischen Bergwerks Gesetze von 12 Mai, 1851.

8vo, 1 vol. Breshiu, 1852.


Stud Book of New South Wales. 8vo, 1 vol. Sydney, 1859.


Reports of Cases in the Exchequer. 54 George III., to
5 George IV. 8vo, 13 vols. Lond., 1816-28.


1. On the different Forms of Insanity in relation to Jurispru-

dent. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1847.

2. The Physical History of Mankind. 8vo, 5 vols. Lond., 1851.

3. The Natural History of Mankind; comprising Inquiries into

the Modifying Influence of Physical and Moral Agencies
on the different Tribes of the Human Family. Edited and
Enlarged by Edwin Norris.

4th Ed. 8vo, 2 vols, and Folio, 1 vol. Lond., 1855.

4. The Eastern Origin of the Celtic Nations proved by a com-

parison of their Dialects with the Sanskrit, Greek, Latin,
and Teutonic Languages. Edited by R. G. Latham.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1857.

P ! % I 1 ' I I \ \\ \' '

inn! i

vn. 1 1..1 /.

II ' .1 F. m pi iv : an II

Statistical Account t the I

l< ncies.

Vol. i. 'I'll.- Maiintiu- ami

1, uixl Statistical A. .-..uiit of Ceylon ami

n- 1>. p. ii. I. neies. 8vo, 2 vols. Lot,

Kossuth iiixl tli.- Magyar Land: or, Personal A.l\. ninr. -
iliirin_r th. NY. u in Hungary. 8vo. 1 vol. h<nd.. 1H4U.

PBHE8TLBI i I ! h.

1. I., ttan !- tli. Author . : 1 I'nl.lic:

i\. t. th, hissenters, in ii I

8vo, 1 vol. I.-,/,'/.. 1

Q. Essay on tin- I'ir-t I'nn.-i) in. nt, ami . .11 'tin-

un- of Chil aiul llrlii,'ioii> l,il>, rtv.

i l..i. Bro, 1 rot !..,,!. . L771,

8. i. hi-iuisitions relating to Matter ami Spirit.

ii. Th. I )o ( -triix- of Piiilo-ophiral N.-, - -itv Illu^tratol : Ix-in^'

\|'l'-inlix to tin- l>i-.|Ui-itimiN iviatinu' \ M
Spirit. viixl !:.!. 81 AtfM, 1 ~, '.

4. Theological Ili-poMtory.

yn.l K.I. s'vo. I v /. ml. aixl /iimi., 1773-84.

5. History of tlie Present State of Ml. -. -tririty.

N. Lond., 1

i'.. i. Kxaiii'mation of Dr. Reid's In.|iiirv into th.- Human Miml
on the Principles of Common S. n - . it. I r. P.. -atti.- -
ESSJIV on tin- Nature and Immutahility of '1'ruth. in. l>r.
Oswald > Appeal to Common S.-n-r in h. hal: L,,H.

^n.l K.I. 8vo, 1 \.,1. L,.

7. Hartley's Theory of the Human Miml on tin- Prim-ipl. ,.f

the Association of Iileas. , 1 vol. Lond., 1.

8. Experiments and Observations on Diff.-ivnt Kinds of Air.

3rd and 1st Ed. 8vo, :\ v,.l<. /, ..81.

9. Experiments relating to Vari i<< M.-h.'S of Natural

Philosophy: being a Continuation of the Oh-ervations on
Air. 8vo, 2 vols. Lond., 177D-81.

In. Theory ami Practice of Per

2ml K.I. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1780.
11. Letters to a Philosophical rnh.-H.-v. i .

. 1 v.,1. Jlath, 1780.
1 -'. History of the Corruptions of Christianity.

13. Letters to l>r. Hoi-s],.y in Ans\v. r to his i>i, ( ns on
the History of the Corruptions of Christianity.

8vo, 1 vol. ' Jiinn., 1783.

[ 368 ]

PRIESTLEY, Dr., [continued].

14. Institutes of Natural and Revealed Religion.

2nd Ed. 8vo, 2 vols. Birm., 1782.

15. Forms of Prayer for the Use of the Unitarian Societies.

8vo, 1 vol. Birm., 1783.

16. Free Discussion on the Doctrines of Materialism and

Philosophical Necessity, in a Correspondence between Dr.
Price and Dr. Priestley. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 17b8.

17. Letter to the Rev. John Palmer, in Defence of the Illustra-

tions of Philosophical Necessity. 8vo, 1 vol. Batlt, 17$l).

18. View of the Principles and Conduct of the Protestant

Dissenters, with respect to the Civil and Ecclesiastical
Constitution of England.

2nd Ed. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., no date.

1. History of the Political and Military Transactions in India

during the Administration of the Marquess of Hastings,
1813-23. 8vo, 2 vols. Lond., 1825.

2. Note on the Historical Results deducible from Recent Dis-

coveries in Afghanistan. 8vo, I vol. Lond., 1844.

3. Thibet, Tartary, and Mongolia; their Civil and Political

Condition and of the Religion of Boodh, as there existing.
2nd Ed. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond, 1852.

Poems on Several Occasions. 12mo, 1 vol. Lond., 1713.


Opera Grammatica. Edidit A. Krehl.

8vo, 2 vols. Leips,, 1819-20.

1. Thesaurus Literatures Botanic omnium gentium, hide a

rerum botanicarum initiis ad nostra usque tempora,
quindeciin millia operum recensens.

4to, 1 vol. Leips., 1854.

2. Iconum Botanicarum Index Locupletissimus. Catalogue des

Plantes Phanerogames et des Fougeres representees dans les
ouvrages de Botanique du 18 eme et du 19 eme Siecles.

4to, 1 vol. Berlin, 1855.


Revelations of Hungary ; or, Leaves from a Diary of an Aus-
trian Officer, who served during the late Campaign in that
country. With a Memoir of Kossuth.

8vo, 1 vol. Loiid. t 1851.


Dramatic Scenes, with other Poems now first printed. By Barry
Cornwall. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1857.

2 L [ 39 ]



ill > , si \ns ADBEJ.I

i . <

8VO, 1 Nol. Lun-i

3. The Elegica of

,1 th, !.,.%, K|.i>:.

l; ;. , ... an.l I:. Halhed i

Ivhi Lond., 1

of the Life of Rev. John Willia:



;i Omniu .-x Kditiunr PamiruM. CuranU- A. '

8vo, 8 vols.

: . latives au Trace des Courbes <1

8vo, 1 vol. Angers, 1840.


in Algeria. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., }


Doom ; or, the First Part of a compleat 1 1

of tin- ('.uiiiuitiiii-iit, Char^v, 'I'rvall. ('mull iiniati-.n.
execution of William Laml, late Arrhliishop of Cant. rlur\ .

Folio, 1 vol Lond., 1


> D^niiihical Di-^rrijitit.!! i.f I

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., l~

Public Characters of 1798-99-1800.

8vo, 2 vol. Lond., 1798-90.

Reports of the Tr M-ll>rmrno Pnldio Lil.rary.

I'.-lio, 1 vol. Melb., 1858.


Gen f'l >t all N< \v \Y.rks published in Groat Britain.

8vo, 2 vols. Lond., 185'.'


TheLa\\ us. Done into Kn^'li-h \>\ \\.\~\\ K. mi. tt. I;.! 1 .

Folio, 1 vol. Lond., 1717.

1. Sji.-.-iini n^ r.f flc.thir* Ar<^lii:. <-;uiv. i from various

Ancient Edifir-> in England. 4to, 2 vols. Lond., 1

2. A S, ri. ~ of Onmin^Dtnl Timber Gables, from existing exam -

pK - in lui-rlairi :iceof tli li Gentw

4to, 1 vol. Lond., 1839.

[ 370]


1. Contrasts, or a Parallel between the noble Edifices of the

Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries, and similar Buildings
of the present day, shewing the present decay of Taste.

4to, 1 vol. Land., 1836.

2. Detaile of Antient Timber Houses of the Fifteenth and

Sixteenth Centuries. 4to, 1 vol. Lond., 1837.

3. Glossary of Ecclesiastical Ornament and Costume. Com-

piled from Ancient Authorities and Examples.

4to, 1 vol. Lond., 1846.

4. Floriated Ornament, a series of 31 designs.

4to, 1 vol. Lond., 1849


1. Historical and Descriptive Essays, accompanying a series of

Engraved Specimens of the Architectural Antiquities of
Normandy. The subjects measured and drawn by Augus-
tus Pugin. 4to, 1 vol. Lond., 1828.

2. Illustrations of the Public Buildings of London. Enlarged

by W. H. Leeds. 2nd Ed. 8vo, 2 vols. Lond., 1838.


Examples of Gothic Architecture, selected from various Ancient
Edifices in England. 4to, 8 vols. Lond., 1850.


Lady's Manual of Fancy Work: a Complete Instructor on
Every Variety of Ornamental Needlework.

8vo, 1 vol. New York, 1859.


1. Tales and Traditions of Hungary. 8vo, 3 vols. Lond., 1851.

2. White, Ked, Black : Sketches of Society in the United States.

8vo, 3 vols. Lond., 1853.


Or, the London Charivari ; from the Commencement.

4to, 16 vols. Lom., 1841-58.

The Melbourne. 4to, 6 vols. Melb., 1855-61.


Denkmale der Baukunst des Mittelalters.

4to, 5 vols. Leif s., 1880-52.

I 8tw BAND und 8 ter BAND.

Das Konigreich, das Grossherzogthum und die Herzogthu-
mer Sachsen, die Herzogthiimer Anhalt, Schwartzen-
burg und Reu&s, enthaltend.

[371 J

ri i ;

.!!.! i lrf 1



,)ahr Lund- rt.

[ 372 ]


Practical Treatise on the Use of the Microscope ; including
Different Methods of Preparing and Examining Animal,
Vegetable, and Mineral Structures.

3rd Ed., with Additions. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1855.


Sur 1'Homme et le Developpeinent de ses Facultes, ou Essai de
Physique Sociale. 8vo, 2 vols. Paris, 1835.


1. Lives of Vasco Nunez de Balboa and Francisco Pizarro.

Translated by Mrs. Hodson. 12mo, 1 vol. Edin., 1832.

2. Lives of Celebrated Spaniards, comprising: i. The Cid

Campeador. IT. Guzman the Good. in. Roger de Lauria.
iv. The Prince of Viaua. v. The Great Captain, Gon-
zalode Cordova. Translated by T. R. Preston.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1838.

De Institutione Oratoria, Libri Duodecimo, ad Codicum Veterum
Fidem recensuit et Annotatione explanavit Georgius
Ludovicus Spalding. 8vo, 6 vols. Leips., 1798-1834.


Dental Anaesthesia: Painless Tooth Extraction by Congelation.

4th Ed. 8vo, 1 vol. Loiid., 1886.


Post-Homericorum Libri Quatuordecim nunc primum ad
Librorum Manuscriptorum Fidem et Virorum Doctorum
Conjecturas recensuit, restituit, et supplevit. Thomas
Christian us Tychsen. Accesserunt Observations C. Gottlob
Heynii. 8vo, 1 vol. Argcntorati, 1807.

C 373 ]



1. (JEuvres de. Nouvelle Edition ; avec une Notice Historiquq,

sur la Vie et les Ouvrages de Rabelais, par L. Jacob.

12mo, 1 vol. +Paris, 1856.

2. The Works of; with an Account of his Life, and Explanation

of Difficult Passages, by Sir T. Urquhart and P. Motteux.
Revised by J. Ozell, with Variorum Notes from the Edition
of Du Chat. 8vo, 4 vols. Lond., 1807.

RABUTIN (ROGER), Comte de Bussy.

Lettres de. New Ed. 12mo, 6 vols. Amst., 1788.


1. CEuvres de, publiees par M. Petitot, et Precedees des Memoires

sur sa vie. Par Louis Racine. 8vo, 5 vols. Paris, 18U7.

2. Another Edition. 8vo, 1 vol. Paris, 1854.


Expedition to the Shores of the Arctic Sea, 1846-47.

8vo, 1 vol. Land., 1850.
RAE (JOHN), Rev.

The Book of the Prophet Isaiah rendered into English
Blank Verse ; with Explanatory Notes.

8vo, 1 vols. Sydney, 1853.


1. History of Java. 4to, 2 vols. Lond., 1817.

2. Memoirs of the Life and Public Services of, particularly in

the Government of Java 1811-16, and of Bencoolen and its
Dependencies 1817-24 ; with Details of the Commerce and
Resources of the Eastern Archipelago, and Selections from
his Correspondence, by Lady Raffles.

4to, 1 vol. Lond., 1830.


Notes on the Revolt in the North-Westem Provinces of India.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1858.

Portion of the Journal kept by, 1881-47.

8vo, 4 vols. Lond., 1856-57.

n (O.)

111'., till- <',(!!>. lit tl.


I'.'IIKI. 1 \ul.
1. 1 ild.

\ tiiM i'.,l|e-teil ; t. \vl. .OS of

the Author l.\ < li.

8 vols. 1 899.

1. i iboM of Pwliaments, io ricil I';- >urte8.

8vo. Ismd., \

;ui.l<i.. i :h an In of the Reigus

, I. Hll'l .1.11'!. - I I

Land., 1744-40.
KAMMI.I>r: RQ ((

1. AnfangSgniinl' .1- r ( ( >uantitativi-n Min nil".' '. -.-li uinl M

\n;il\li-cli. n ( li- inif. Mn, 1 \.l. lii-ilin, 1B45.

2. 1.'.i.-ii <1> i '

8vo, 1 vd. lit-, I'm, 1850.

Po- 4 to, 2 vols. Edin. , 1 7 v; 1 .


Ti inciples of Psychology. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1857.

JIAMSAV (MirnAFi, AXDHIKU), Cli<-\:ili. r

Histoire de Vicomte de Turenne. 4to, 2 rols. Parit, 1785.


of Ijitin Synonyines. 8vo, 1 vol. Land., 184S.

1 ; \ \ ' i . I' : VRD).

NatiiH'llr .!.-, Ai'ly-ii-ns. Folio, 1 vol. Parit, 1828.


llistoire Natun 11. il. s Mollusques Pt6ropodes.

F..lio, 1 vol. Paris, 1852.

1. lli-tory of tln^ Popes of Rome during the Sixteenth and

Seventeenth Centuries. Translated by Sarali Austin.

8vo, 8 vols. Lond., 1840.

2. History of the Reformation in Germany. Translated by

S rail Ail-tin. 8vo.

ili>ti'i-y <>f S, rvia ami tin- S.-r\iaii 1!. -volution. I
Original M S S. ami Documents. Translated \>y
A!, \ainl. r K.-rr. >. 1 vol. Lond., 1848.

4. Memoirs of the House of Brand. nl>nr^. ami HUtory of
IVu^-ia iluriii',' tin- Seventeenth an<l Ki^litreiitli Centuries.
Translated by Sir Alexander ami Lady I Miff (Jonl.'ii.

8vo, 8 vols. Loud.. 1

6. Civil Wars and Monarchy in France in the Sixteenth and
Seventeenth Centuries. Tran-late.l l.\ M. A

8vo, 2 vols. Lvnd., 1852.


1. Manual of Applied Mechanics. 12mo, 1 vol. Lond., 1858.

2. Manual of the Steam Engine, and other Prime Movers.

12uio, 1 vol. Loud., 1859.

Wars and Sports of the Mongols and Romans.

4to, 1 vol. Land., 1826.

Epigrammatum Historicus Liber. 4to, 1 vol. Antwerp, 1581.


Choix de Plantes de la Nouvelle-Zelande.

Folio, 1 vol. Paris, 1846.
RAPER (HENRY), Lieutenant, R. N.

Practice of Navigation and Nautical Astronomy.

4th Ed. 8vo, 1 vol. Land., 1852.

Post-Biblical History of the Jews, from the year 420, B.C. E., to
70, C.E. 8vo, 2 vols. Philadelphia; 1856.


History of England. Translated by N. Tindal, with the Acta
Regia; being the account which Rapin de Thoyras pub-
lished of the History of England, and grounded upon the
Records collected in Rymer's Foedera.

3rd Ed. Folio, 6 vols. Lond., 1743-4*.


1. A Grammar of the Icelandic ; or, Old Norse Tongue.

Translated from the Swedish, by G. W. Dasent.

8vo, 1 vol. Land., 1843.

2. Danish Grammar. Edited by F. G. Repp.

2nd Ed. 8vo, 1 vol. Copenhagen, 1846.


The Pastime of People ; or the Chronicles of Divers Realms,
and most especially of the Realm of England.

4UT, 1 vol. B Lond., 1811.


1. History of the 16th and 17th Centuries. Illustrated by

Original Documents. 8vo, 2 vols. Lond., 1835

2. England in 1835 : being a Scries of Letters written to Friends

in Germany, during a Residence* in London, and Excur-
sions into the Provinces. Translated by Sarah Austin.

8vo, 8 vols. Lond., 1836.

3. Contributions to Modern History, from the British Museum

and the State Paper Office. Queen Eli/..-il'i tli and Mary
Queen of Sjjpots. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1886.

4. Contributions to Modern History, from the British Museum

and the State Paper Office. Frederick II. and his Times.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1837.

T 377 ]

U, (Fnr.iiK.nirK VOH), [continued].

teeutli, u aunt - .. -

.iml the- Italians. E

l;\l MER

lu-.lml 8vo, 4 Vols. Slutt'/nit, I?*.'.. .

i;\\ \\l !l I'li.'tlirni s Did jrof tli.- Hi I;

piK-.l cli .in. 'lit ami "tli

8vo, 2 vols. l *06.

KA\l.l:n II 'it. ii. int.

:li.- 1'uklito. 1'ii-lito. <>r Language of tlu
\\nli H.iii:irl, language, Literatim . an. 1 1 ,-,-.

th. AI-I..IH Tni 1 \ol. < 155.

KAYO II! ! :,n.l VOCKi: I

llamlliiirh .l.T Cliinu-i'' un-l Akiurgie.

8vo, 1 vol. //i-iYi'/i, 1859.

lli->ti.rii-;il K\i.l.'ii.v^ of tli.- 'l'rntli..f tlu-Scriptu to tin- Doiilii-; ami Di-c..\. rii - <-t' .M .ines:

The Bwnpton Lecture for 1859. b\.., i \ol. Ay/ui.,1859.


II i riantnnun. ^p.-.-ies hactenus cditas aliasquc multas

novit -r iiivnitas ft il.-i-ri|!a- .-iiin]

1 .ilu). :t vuls. Lond., 1680, 1",
l;\\M()Nl> ,<ii. .HOE).

M.-iiioirsof llol>rrt William I-'.lli-ton. Cmuc.lian.

,'ml 11.1. Hvo, 2 vols. Lond., 1846.
\\\\ I:RT), Lor.l.

ri- in ill.- Kiii'_ r '- li.-uch ami ('.uniiiiHi IM.-a-. in ill.' II
..f \ViHiain. Ann.-, George I. ami 11.: with ad.liiional re-
ncesbyJolin I Ithlkl Bvo,8vols. Lond., 1790.

K>M> I .MAS), Sir.

Kit- .>(' Special Cases adjudged in tli . h. Com-

mon Pleas, and Exchequer, in tin- K.-i^n ot' char' - - II.

:)r.l Ed. 8vo, 1 vol. JjM'm, 17 '.'3.

1. Grammaire Romano; ou, Gramraaire delaLangue des Trou-

badours. 8vo, 1 vol. Paris, 1816.

2. Lexique Roman, ou Dirtionuairo de la Langue des Tniuha

di'iirs, compar. MV.V !,< Autr. - l.aiigues de I'l-lm-opr
I. in': pi-.'cede de Nouvrll.-^ Hcrh. -r.-li. - Hi-t.>ri(jue8 et
l l hilol.\i;i(pi^. d'un H.-unif .!. la (irammair.' Hoinanc;
il'mi Nouv.-aii Clioix - Trouba-

dours; <! <1 llxtrait- de J IVivurs.

8vo, 6 vols. Paris, 1844.
KI.A (JonN).

Flora, Ceres, and Pomona. Folio, 1 vol. Lond, 1665.

f 378]


Memorials of the Northern Rebellion. 4to, 1 vol. Lond., 1840.


History and Description of Modern Wines.

3rd Ed. l^mo, 1 vol. Lond., 1851.

Opere. 8vo, 5 vols. Venez., 1742-45.


Les Liliacees decrites par De Candolle, De la Roche, et
A. Raffeau Delille. Folio, 8 vols. Paris, 1807.

REES (L. E. Ruuxz).

Personal Narrative of the Siege of Lucknow.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1858.
REES (W. J.), Rev.

Lives of the Cambro-British Saints of the fifth and immediately
succeeding centuries. From Ancient Welsh and Latin
MSS. in the British Museum and elsewhere: with English
translations and explanatory notes. (Welsh MSS. Society.)

8vo, 1 vol. Handover y, 1853.

History of the Church from its first establishment to the pre-
sent century. 12mo, 1 vol. Dublin, 1851.


1. Diseases of the Stomach aad Duodenum.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1856.

2. Diseases of the Spinal Cord and its Membranes.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1858.
8. Acute Cerebral Meningitis or Hydrocephalus.

8vo, 1 vol. Olas. 1858.

Twentieth Report of the Births, Deaths, and Marriages in
England. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1859.


The Shipmasters' Guide. 12mo, 1 vol. Lond., 1855.


Cours Elementaire de Chemie.

2nd Ed. 12mo, 4 vols. Paris, no date.

1. Researches on Magnetism, Electricity, Heat, Light, Crystal-

lization, and Chemical Attraction, in their relation to Vital
Force. Translated and Edited, with I'lvt-ire, Notes, and
Appendix, by Dr. W. Gregory; with Plates and Woodcuts.

8vo, 1 vol. Land., 1850.

2. Physico-Physiological Researches on the Dynamics of Mag-

netism, Electricity, Heat, Light, Crystallization, and
Chemism, in their relations to Vital Force ; with a Preface
and Critical Notes by Dr. Ashburner.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1851.

[ -179 ]

; i


inn:. b>u, 1 vol. Loud., 1

111 :il> (iKOROB).

..a of Eu^ange of Su-rlm ' >llurs r.-,i

into each other. '^n.. ro, 1 vol. A"/i/., i

111 ID I

lotheca Scoti^ < ' v,.unt <>f nil the Books thm

hav,- IM-.-M punt, d in lie Language.

. 1 roL GUu., 1882.

1:1.1 I I : MK8).

l o Voyages to New South Wales. 8vo, 1 \\. Lond., 1822.


itise on Clock and Watch Makin and Practical.

7th K.I. 8vo, 1 vol. (,l,u., 1859.
Ill-ill' ^), D. D.

1. K ;iv> on the Powers of the Human Mind.

8vo, 8 vols. Edin., 1812.

The Works of, now fully collected ; with Ndt<-s ami Disserta-

^, l.y Sir William ihunilton. 8vo, 1 vol. l.din., 1846.

REID (W.), Licutoiuint

Alt. nipt to D.-vclop t^e Law of St<.nn>. l.y m.-an-; of !

arranged according to Place and '1'imr ; and h.-no: to jioint
out a Cause for the Variable \\inds with tin; vi,-w to
Practical Use in Navigation.

3rd Ed. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1850.


1. Domestic Life. 12mo, 1 vol. Lond., 1841.

2. Ancient Devotional Poetry. 4to, I vol. Lond., 1846.


1. Description du Rnyaume de Gamboge. T;ir un Voyairfur

Chinois du I3 m * Siecle. 8vo, 1 vol. Paris, 1819.

2. Melanges Asiatiques ou Choix dc Morceaux Critiques et de

.M.-nioii-fs n-hitifs uux Rt-li^ioii-, aux Sciences, Ac., dos
Nations Orientales. ttvo, 4 vols. Paris, IN


Liturgiarum Orientalium Collectio.

2nd Ed. 4to, 2 vols. Pari$, 1847.

1. Memoir of a Map of Hindoostan ; to which is added, an

Account of the Ganges and r.un-ai:ijo<'t.-r Kivere.

3rd Ed. 4to, 1 vol. L, ,id.. 1

2. Geographical System of ! tammed ftnd Expli

2nd Kd. t*vo, :i vols. Lond., 1880.


British and Foreign Harbours.

Folio, 21 parts in case. Lond., 1854.

Lexicon Linguee Finnicae ; cum Interpretatione duplici, copio-
siore Latina, breviore Germanica. 4to, 2 vols. Abate, 1826.


Travels and Memoirs of: the Former Exhibiting a View of the
Governments and Society in the Principal States and Courts
of Europe during the Time of Cromwell's Usurpation ;
the Latter containing Anecdotes and Secret History of the
Courts of Charles II. and James II.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1813.

Madagascar, Past and Present, by a Resident.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1847.
RETZ, Cardinal de.

Memoires de. New Ed. 12mo, 4 vols. Geneva, 1777.


Athenaeum, The. Journal of Literature, Science, and the Fine
Arts. 4to, 31 vols. Lond., 1832-60.

Asiatic Journal, and Monthly Register for British and Foreign
India, China, and Australia.

8vo, 68 vols. Lond., 1815-43.

Bentley's Miscellany. 8vo, 46 vols. Lond., 1837-59.

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine.

8vo, 87 vols. Edin., 1817-59.

British Magazine : a Monthly Register of Religious and Eccle-
siastical Information. 8vo, 32 vols. Lond., 1832-47.

British Quarterly Review. 8vo, 8 vols. Lond., 1859-60.

Calcutta Review. 8vo, 32 vols. Calcutta, 1844-59.

Cambrian Journal. Published under the Auspices of the
Cambrian Institute. 8vo, 6 vols. Lond., 1854-58.

Cambrian Quarterly Magazine, and Caledonian and Celtic
Repository. 8vo, 6 vols. Lond., 1829-33.

Classical Museum : a Journal of Philology.'

8vo, 6 vols. Lond., 1844-49.

Dublin University Magazine : a Literary and Political Journal.

8vo, 53 vols. Dublin, 1833-59.

Edinburgh Review ; or, Critical Journal.

8vo, 118 vols. Edin., 1808-60.

Education : American Journal of Education. Edited by Henry
Barnard, L L. D. 8vo, 7 vols. Hartford, V. S. t 185 6-5 U.

[ 381 ]

Kl.\ ii W8, M \- I IO0BM kLS, [contii

11! : > 1 -ITF.IUKT, [continued].

igozinu: . and

8vo, a vols. Loru*., 1848-19.

ign and Colonial Quurt-rly K \

8vo, 5 vols. Lorn*., 1^

Foreign Quar 8vo, 87 vols. Land., 1897-46.

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