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n in tin- Year 1 8

5th Lond., 1826.


1. 1 ('..niniriitarin- .Juris Anglicani sub Edwardo Primo

ab Anon 4to, 1 \<>1. Lund., 1048.

3. ()]-. ni Oiniiia. tain Ktlita (juani Iii-.lita. c..ll.-^it a.
-id \\ilk. J-\ilio. li vols. L

'\\\ <;EOROE ADOCSTI-L I5i-li..ji ..f New Zealand.

t0n fi-"iu, to the So.-i. ty t'..r the Propaguti.'ii .-f the Gospel,
together with K 'ion .I..u:

Julv. 161V. to Jaiiuar -

3rd Ed. 12mo, 1 vol. Lond., 1847.

,il> liy \Vny of Abstnict. to which i- al.l-d a Discourse under
the Title f Au Aft.-r-ThoiiLrht " liv Sir Ko^.-r 1 J-.xtrange.
14th Ed. 8vo. 1 vol. Lond., I



Or, Hermeneuticol, Exegetical, and Philological Liln

I'^iiio. 4-5 vols. Edin., 1833-44.

1. Billroth (Gustav), Dr. Commentary on the Epistles of

il t<> tin- Corinthians. Translated by the Rev.

\\ . I .. ,\:. . ni'lrr. 2 vols.

2. Calvin (John). Commentaries on the Ejii>tlr> of s

to tin- (iitlutians and Kj'hr-ian-. Translated by the Rev.
W. I'rinjjle. 1 vol.

8. Calvin (.John), and Storr(D. Gottlob Chri

of the Epistles of Saint Paul to tin- IMiilij'j'ians and
Colossians. Translated by Robert Johnston. 1 vol.

4. Couard (Christian Ludwip Dr.) I^ife of Christians during
tli Fust Three Centuries of tin- Chuivh. TranslaU'<l }>\
L. J. ll.-rnay-i. 1 vol.

SERIALS, [continued].

BIBLICAL CABINET, [continued].

5. Ernestus (Johannes A.) Principles of Biblical Interpretation.

Translated from the " Institutio Interpretis," by Charles H.
Terrot. 2 vols.

6. Gess (T. W.), Dr. The Revelation of God in His Word,

shown in a Graphic Delineation of Holy Scripture for its
Friends and Enemies. Tranlated by W. Brown. 1 vol.

7. Kriimmacher (F. A.) Cornelius, the Centurion, and Life

and Character of Saint John the Evangelist and Apostle.
Translated, with a Biographical Notice of the Author, and
Dissertation on German Theology, by the Rev. John W,
Ferguson. 1 vol.

8. Lisco (Frederick Gustav). The Parables of Jesus Explained

and Illustrated. Translated bv the Rev. P. Fairbairn.

9. Liicke (Friedrich), Dr. Commentary on the Epistles of

Saint John. Translated, with Notes, by P. G. Repp.

10. Neander (Augustus), Dr. History of the Planting and

Training of the Christian Church by the Apostles. Trans-
lated by Dr. Ryland. 2 vols.

11. Pareau (John Henry). Principles of Interpretation of the

Old Testament. Translated by Patrick Forbes, D.D.
2 vols.

12. Philological Tracts. Translations from the German, by John

Brown, D.D. 8 vols.

13. Planck (G. J.) Dr. Introduction to Sacred Philology, and

Interpretation. Translated by S. H. Turner. 1 vol.

14. Rohr Ph. D. Historico Geographical Account of Palestine.

1 vol.

15. Rosenm tiller (Johann Georg.), Rev.

I. Annotation on some of the Messianic Psalms. Trans-
lated by R. Johnston. 1 vol.

ii. Mineralogy and Botany of the Bible. Translated, wit h
Notes, by T. G. Repp and the Rev. N. Moran. 1 vol.

in. Biblical Geography of Central Asia. Translated by

the Rev. N. Moran. 2 vols.
iv. Biblical Geography of Asia Minor, Phrenic! a, and

Arabia. Translated by the Rev. N. Mtran. 1 vol.

16. Semisch (Charles), Rev. The Life, Writings and Opinions

of Justin Martyr. Translated by J. E. Ryland. 2 vols.

17. Steiger (Wilhelm). Exposition of the First Epistle of

Peter. Translated by the Rev. P. Fairlmirn. 2 vols.



BII ' Mimed].

18. Smart (Mosen), Profess. atisc on the Syntax of th

New Testament Dial. rt. 1

10. Tl

i. 1 f Saint ] to the Romans.

Transit. .1 l.\ th. I;. I; .ols.

ii. K\]>.>-ition tit' the ! tli.- II. brews. 2

in. 1 i f the Sermon on the Mount. 2 vols.

': ;inl ('hai-art. r <if Saint I'aiil. 1 Vol.

90. Ttttnianii (.John Au^ii-tiix H.III-NJ. h l>

i. llemark-i mi th- S ti 'f the New Testai

Tran-lat.-.l 1'% tl . Cragg. 2 vols.

it. Sam <l V MS oil tin- (iojM-l of Sa

21. T' i D. I-Yi.. In. -h Wilhelm <

.f the Book of Job. ] 1 l>y the I:

Hainilt. ; ' <>

22. "W, in\^ I!.. .ma-i. Key to tli. 1 Symbolical Language of
iii'li'il on th- Pictiuiiary of l>aiihu/. ; with
Additions by Vitringn, KwaMus, and others. 1 vol.

28. V- I lennan), D. I ' -h. Ixjrd's

Prayer; with Notes l>y tho K.v. William Pringle. 1


8vo, 87 yols. Lond., 1843-50.

i. Abbott (J.) 1. Livonian Tales. 2. Philip Musgrave ;

or, Memoirs of a Chun h of England Missionary in tho
h American Colonies.

n. Borrow (George). The Bible in Spain.

TIT. Borrow (George). The Zincali ; or, an account of the
del "f Spain.

iv. Buxton (C.) Memoirs of Sir T. F. Button, Bart.

v. Caernarvon, Earl of. Portugal and Galicia, and the
Basque Provinces.

vi. Campbell (T.) An Essay on English Poetry ; with
Notices of the British Poets.

vir. Darwin (Charles). Journal of Researches into the Natu-
ral History and Geology of the Countries visited during
the voyage of H.M.S. "Beagle" Round the World, under
the Command of Captain Fitzroy, 1;

VIIT. 1. Edwards (W. H.) A Voyage up the River Amazon.
i. Mihnan (E. A.), Captain. The Wayside Cross; or the
Raid of Gomez.


SE RIALS, [continued] .


ix. Ford (R.) Gatherings from Spain.

x. 1. Gleig (G. R.) Sale's Brigade in Afghanistan, with
an Account of the Seizure, and Defence of Jellalabad.
2. Letters from Madras during the years 1886-89.

xi. Gleig (G. R.) Story of the Battle of Waterloo.

xn. 1. Gleig (G. R.) Campaigns of the British Army at
Washington and New Orleans, in the years 1814-15-
2. Acland (C.) A Popular Account of the Manners and
Customs of India.

xin. Gleig (G. R.) Life of Robert, first Lord Clive.
xiv. Gleig (G. R.) Life of Sir Thomas Munro.

xv. 1. Gordon (Duff), Lady. Mary Scwheidler, the Amber
Witch. Edited by W. Meinhold, translated by Lady Duff
Gordon. 2. Southey (Robert;. Cromwell and Bunyan.

xvi. 1. Gordon (Duff), Lady. The French in Algiers. 2.
Alexis de Saint Priest, Count. History of the Fall of the
Jesuits in the 18th Century.

XVIT. Hay, (J. H. Drummond). 1. Western Barbary : its Wild
Tribes and Savage Animals. 2. Letters from the Shores
of the Baltic.

xvin. 1. Head (F. B.), Sir. Rough Notes taken during Jour-
neys across the Pampas and among the Andes. 2. The
Siege of Vienna by the Turks. From the German of
R. A. Schimmer, and other Sources.

xix. 1. Head (F. B.), Sir, Bart. Stokers and Pokers ; or, the
London and North Western Railway. The Electric Tele-
graph and the Railway Clearing House. 2. Saint John
(Bayle). Adventures in the Lybian Desert and the Oasis
of Jupiter Ammon.

xx. 1. Haygarth (H. W.) Recollections of Bush Life in
Australia. 2. Adventures on the Road to Paris during the
Campaigns of 1813-14. From the Autobiography of
Henry Steffens.

xxi., XXIT. Heber, Bishop. Narrative of a Journey through the
Upper Provinces of India from Calcutta to Bombay,
1824-25. With Notes upon Ceylon. 2 vols.

xxm. 1. Irby (C. L.), Hon., and Mangles (J.) Travels in Egypt
and Nubia, Syria, and the Holy Land. 2. Drinkwater (.I.)
A History of the Siege of Gibraltar, 1779-^

xxiv. Irving (Washington), Bracebridge Hall.


: !

\ I

I A'lishington). Tales of a Ti

Irvin ih A i

II. Mil): M! EMftJS.

.in. Muli of Conde.

Sir. Skftchrs of Persia.

xxx. Mihill. (li Omoo: a Nurrutive of A

in :!n- S-iitli Seas.

xxxi. M nan). Typee : a vo of a i

ngM the Natives of a Valley of the
u-quesas IshunU.

It 1 Meredith (K.). Mr*. Notes an<l

r^'os, and K\> <>\' > i I > rake.

xxxin. 1. Praii'li . I-'ortunato). M.-iu..:r- \ I ;.;i, during

thirteen Court of P< km. 'I

1 t'rum tin- Itiiliiui. '.'. I. . ,- >l ' .riisil of a

Residence in th< \\<-t Ii

N.-rti'ii. Hon. Mrs. A II. -ir - .-rra Leono. I

Letters written to Friends at Home.

xxxv. Ruxton (G. F.) Adventures in Mexico and tin* Rocky

- tint John (Charles). Short S of the Wild

rt> and Nutunil Ilismry of tin-

xx\ ;Je and S. n< I, th-

of Lil'.Tiition in (jeriiiaiiy. Tran-i

CABINET LIBRARY. Edited l>y HuL'h Murray.

l^nio," :<s fols. /;.//;!., 1880-44.

i. - or; Jameson, Professor: and Murray (Hugh).

Discovery and Adventure in the l',,lar I;.-u'i>n- : with
Illu- .>f their Chi; ' in] 1 1>

tory, and an Account of the Whale J- 'i-i.

n. Leslie, Professor: W. nes): and Murray (Hugh).

Dis. i Adventure in Africa; with Illustrations of

the Geology, Mineralogy, and Zoology.

in. Russell, Dr. View of Ancient and Modern Egypt; with
an Outline of its Natural History.

iv. Russell, Dr. Palestine and the Holy Land.

SERIALS, [continued].


v. Drake, Cavendish, Dampier, Lives and Voyages of; inclu-
ding an Introductory View of the Earlier Discoveries in the
South Sea, and the History of the Buccaneers.

vi., vii., vin. Murray (Hugh); Wilson (James); Greville, Dr.;
Jameson, Professor; Ainslie, Dr.; Rhind (William); Wallace,
Professor ; and Dalrymple (C.), Captain. Account of British
India; with Illustrations of the Zoology, Botany, Cliinutr,
Geology, Mineralogy, &c., &c.

ix. Tytler (P. F.) Progress of Discovery on the more Northern
Coasts of America ; with Descriptive Sketches of the Natural
History of the North American iiegions, by James Wilson ;
with Remarks on a late Memoir of Sebastian Cabot, and a
Vindication of Richard Hakluyt.

x. Macgillivray (W.) Humboldt (Alexander von), Baron,
Travels and Researches of: being a Condensed Narrative
of his Journeys in the Equinoctial Regions of America,
and in Asiatic Russia ; together with Analyses of his more
important Investigations.

xi. Tytler (P. F.) Raleigh (Walter), Sir, Life of.

xii. Russell, Dr. Nubia and Abyssinia ; comprehending their
Civil History, Antiquities, Arts, Religion, and Natural

xi ii., xiv. Crichton (Andrew). History of Arabia, Ancient and

xv. Fraser (J. B.) Account of Persia, including a Descrip-
tion of Afghannistan and Beloochistan.

xvi. Macgillivray (W.) Lives of Eminent Zoologists, with
Remarks on the Study of Natural History, and Observations
on the Progress of Zoology.

xvn. Russell, Dr. History and Present Condition of the Bar-
bary States.

xvni., xix., xx. Murray (Hugh), Crawford (John), Lynn
(Peter Gordon), Wallace (William), and Burnett (Gilbert),
An Account of China.

xxi. Account of the Circumnavigation of the Globe and of th.
Progress of Discovery in the Pacific Ocean, from th.>
Voyage of Magellan to the Death of Cook.

xxn. Tytler (P. F.) Life of Henry VIII.

xxiii., xxiv. Crichton, Dr., and Wheaton, Dr. Scandinavin,
Ancient and Modern; being an Account of Denmark,
Sweden, and Norway.

2o [ 417 ]


XX \

:li Illn-r- !

i.-ssor Truill.

.-nl ui.|. ;n .1 tli.- Faroe Islands,


!' (William). Ibily ami th,- Italian

.'.i. I'm- i I I'.. M i tuiiii and Assyria, with Illustra-

tion^ "1" th. ir Hi-;

.in. Russi-11. Dr. Polynesia; or, an A

in tin- S..uth S-a. iiu-luili! aland.

\\. Yo\a'_r< - Iloiiinl tin Worlil, from the Death of Cai
Cook t.i th. pn-M'ta time.

xx\ .vit. Mil

ricu : tl v, \vitli lllutrations of the- Natural Hi

, l.v .laim - Nifol.

xxxvin. Marco 1' '' '1 rind Knlar^t-d fn>iti

Valiialilf MSS. n (uMv pilltli- h < i.-ogTft-

j.liical S .1 in Italy l.v Count Hall-lli 1'.


I ' n r riirc[.'".it \t. LIBRARY.

in tin- Commencement to tl ; Time.

8vo, 55 vols. Edin., lft46-58.

1. Bttomguton, Dr. The Acts of i -s, or tin- History

AM Cliuivli in tin- Aj-.-tolir vols.

< h.). Dr. Compendium of Ecclesiastical

ry. :,

: 'n K. II.), Dr. Compendium of the Histon of

8 vols.

4. Havernick H. A. C.), Dr. Historico-Critical Introdu
to the lVnuit-ui-h. 1 vol.

.".. Hav, rnick (H. A. C.) Gen- ral II istorico-Critical Introdu
to tlie New Testament 1 V"l.

6. Hen^- Dr. Christology of the Old Testa-

ment. ainl a Commentary on the M-.-iani<* Pivdi. -
Tnn>lat-d hy T. M. y. r. 1 \i>N.

7. Hengstenberg I \V I>r. Commentary on the Psalm-.

3 vols.

R. H. ii'_r-t. nlH-rjj (F.. W.i. Dr. Tho Rovolation of Saint John.
Translatnl !>y P. Fairhairn. ^ vols.

[41- ]

SERIALS, [continued].


9. Keil (K. F.), Dr. Commentary on the Book of Joshua. 1 vol.

10. Keil (K. F.), Dr. Commentary on the Book of Kings. Sup-

plemented by Commentary on the Books of Chronicles by
Professor Bertheau. 2 vols.

11. Miiller (J.), Dr. The Christian Doctrine of Sin Exhibited.

2 vols.

12. Neander (Augustus), Dr. General History of the Christian

Religion and Church. 9 vols.

13. Nitzsch (C. J.), Dr. System of Christian Doctrine. 1 vol.

14. Olshausen (H.), Dr. Biblical Commentary on the New Tes-

tament : The Gospels. 9 vols.

15. Stier (Rudolf), Dr. The Words of the Lord Jesus. 8 vols.

16. Ullmann (C.), Dr. Reformers before the Reformation, prin-

cipally in Germany and the Netherlands, Depicted. 2 vols.


1. Geological Survey of, and the Memoirs of the Museum of

Economic Geology. 8vo, 3 vols. Loud., 1846.

2. Mining Records of the Geological Survey.

8vo, 2 vols. Loud., 1852.


1. Devon and Cornwall, Handbook for Travellers in.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1859.

2. Kent and Sussex, Handbook for Travellers in

8vo, 1 vol. Land., 1858.

3. Surrey, Hampshire, and the Isle of Wight, Handbook for

Travellers in. 8vo, 1 vol. Loud., 1858.

4. Wiltshire, Dorsetshire, and Somersetshire, Handbook for

Travellers in. 8vo, 1 vol. 1859.


1. Continent, Handbook for Travellers on the ; being a Guide

to Holland, Belgium, Prussia, Northern Germany and tin-
Rhine from Holland to Switzerland.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1858.

2. Europe, North of, Handbook for Travellers in the.

8vo, 2 vols. Lond., 1858.

Part i. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland.
Part H. Finland and Russia.

sIKIU.S, [continued].

MURRAY'S HANDBOOKS, [continued].

I in 11 k i "..r Travellers in; being a Guide to

::\ . tli.- KIV.T- S. in.-. I... 11. i . and

I'.iui'li nee, and the


8vo, 1 v..!. foul., 1*59.

4, Germany, Southern, Handbook for Travellers in; being a
(iui.l. n. \\urt. ml.. -iv rol, 8*1*1

i and Bavarian Alps, and th<-
Danube from Mm to the Black Sea.

8vo, 1 v,,l. Lond., 1858.

. : '<>. 1 1 iindbook for Travellers in ; descriliii :u:m

Islai "''' ' '!" I-dainU ol' the/Kgean

Sea, with Alliani.i, Th..'swaly, and Maced

STO. 1 </., 1854.

6. Italv, Northern, Handbook for Travel UTS in.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1858.
Part i. ('oiitin.-iitnl States, and I-land of Sard and Yi-nice.
Part n. I Mirlii.-, ,,f I'arnm, Piacenza, Modena, North

Tuscany, and Florence.

7. Italy, Central, Handbook for Travellers in.

8vo, 2 vols. Lond., 1857-58.
Part i. Southern Tuscany and Papal States.
Part ii. Rome and its Environs.

8. Italy, Southern, Handbook for Travellers in ; being a Gnil.-

for the Continental Portion of the Kingdom of the Two
Sicilies. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1858.

9. Portugal, Handbook for Travellers in.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 185R.

10. Spain, Handbook for Travellers in. By R. Ford.

8vo, 2 vols. Lond., 1855.

11. Switzerland and the Alps of Savoy and Piedmont, Hand-

book for Travellers in. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1858.

11. Travel-talk, Handbook of; being a Collection of Questions,
Phrases, and Vocabularies, in English, German, French,
and Italian, intended to serve as Interpreter to English
Travellers abroad, or Foreigners visiting England.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1858.


1. Egypt, Handbook for Travellers in ; including Descriptions
of the Course of the Nile to the Second Cataract, Alexan-
dria, Cairo, Pyramids, and Thebes, the Overland Transit
to India, the Peninsula of Mount Sinai, the Oases, <tc.
Condensed from " Modern Egypt and Thebes," by Sir J. G.
Wilkinson. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1858.

[ 1

SERIALS* [continued].

MURRAY'S HANDBOOKS, [continued].

2> India, Handbook for Travellers in; being an Account of
the Three Presidencies and of the Overland Route;
intended as a Guide for Travellers, Officers, and Civilians ;
with Vocabularies and Dialogues of the Spoken Languages
of India. 8vo, 2 vols. Lond., Ib59.

Part i. Madras.

Part ii. Bombay.

3. Syria and Palestine, Handbook for Travellers in ; including
an Account of the Geography, History, Antiquities, and
Inhabitants of these Countries, the Peninsula of Sinai,
Edom, and the Syrian Desert ; with Detailed Descriptions
of Jerusalem, Petra, Damascus, and Palmyra.

8vo, 2 vols. Land., 1858.


Edited by Sir William Jardine, Baronet

12mo, 40 vols. Edin., 1843.

i. Introduction to Mammalia. By Lieutenant-Colonel C.

H. Smith.

IT. Mammalia, Vol. i. Natural History of Monkeys. By
Sir W. Jardine, Baronet.

in. Mammalia, Vol. n. Natural History of Felinae. By
Sir W. Jardine, Baronet.

iv., v. Mammalia, Vol. in., iv. Natural History of Dogs;
Canidse, or, Genus Canis of Authors. By Lieutenant-
Colonel C. H. Smith. 2 vols.

vi. Mammalia, Vol. v. Natural History of the Amphibious
Camivora, including the Walrus and Seal; also of the
Herbivorous Cetacea, &c. By Dr. Hamilton.

vii. Mammalia, Vol. vi. Natural History of the Ordinary
Cetacea, or Whales.

vni. Mammalia, Vol. vn. Natural History of Marsupialia ;
or, Pouched Animals. By E. R. Waterhouse.

ix. Mammalia, Vol. vni. Natural History of the Pachy-
dermes, or Thick-skinned Quadrupeds; consisting of the
Elephant, Rhinosceros, Hippopotamus, Tapir, Hog, &c.
By Sir W. Jardine, Baronet.

x., xi. Mammalia, Vol. ix. ,x. Natural History of the Ruminating
Animals; containing Deer, Antelopes, Camels, &c. By Sir
W. Jardine, Baronet. 2 vols.

xn. Mammalia, Vol. xi. Natural History of Horses, the
Equidre, or Genus Equus of Authors. By Lieutenant-
Colonel C. H. Smith.

[421 ]

si KIM - nu. 'I


MII m Biitory of ]

U. VoL i . ii. i:\ s " NV '

\\i. Omit!

\Y. -I.,;.;

\\n. Ornitli

\\ . v

\\iii. Ornitl Natural II

P. .1. Belby. "


r. .1. n.y.
Ornil Vol. TO. Natural History of Gallina

I*. \Viih a M- n. < 'richton. By

Sir \\ . ' in t.

\\i. Ornithology. Vol. vm. Natural Hi~torj' of Game 1

Sir W. .lar.l'.iu-. I'.aioiut.

\*n., xxni. Ornithology, Vol. ix., x. Natural Hi-tory of the-
of NVr-t.-rn Africa. 1 '.y \\

xxiv. Ornithology. \\. xi. Natural I' In of

i Iivlaml. I'urt I. l;ii.;
\V. .'

Ornitholoi:y, ^"ol. xn. Natural I: ; tin Uirds of

i Iivlan-1. 1'art II. Inc. -

xxvi. Ornithology. \'ol. xm. Natural 1 .Is of

t Britain JIIK! livlaii.l. Tart in. Ua>?oi > . riillii-


xxvn. Ornithology. Vol. xiv. Natural Hi-tory of the Birds of

dr. at I'.ritain ami Jn-laml. 1'art iv. Natal-

xxviii. Ii-hthvolo.u'v. Vol. i. Natural History of Fishes. By
1 >r.

x\i\. Ichthyoloiry. Vol. TI. Natural History of Fi-hes of the
!i Family. 15y Sir W. -lanlinr.

:. Irhtli;. V,,l. m., iv. Natural Hi>tory of the

l-'i-ht s of (luiana. 11. 1 1. S'hoinhur.^k.

\\\n.. xxxiii. Ichthyology. \ ol. \.. vi. Natural History of Bri-
l>r. It. Hamilton. '2

\\\i\. l'jitomolo-_.y. Vol. i. Introduction to Ent ...... l-'.u'y. By

Jam. > l>un.

SERIALS, [continued].


xxxv. Entomology, Vol. n. Natural History of Beetles. By
James Duncan.

xxxvr. Entomology, Vol. in. Natural History of Foreign
Butterflies. By James Duncan.

xxxvn. Entomology, Vol. iv. Natural History of Exotic M<.th>
By James Duncan.

xxxvin. Entomology, Vol. v. Natural History of Bees. By
James Duncan.

xxxix. Entomology, Vol. vi. Natural History of British
Butterflies. By James Duncan.

XL. Entomology, Vol. vn. Natural History of British
Moths, Sphinxes, &c. By James Duncan.


Edited by a few Well-wishers to Knowledge.

lamo, 22 vols. Loud., 18 I

i. Philosophical Theories, and Philosophical Experience.

By a Pariah.

H. Connection between Physiology and Intellectual Philo-

in. On Man's Power over Himself to Prevent or Control

iv. Introduction to Practical Organic Chemistry.

v. View of Greek Philosophy up to the age of Pericles.

vi. View of Greek Philosophy, from the age of Socratos to
the Coming of Christ.

vn. Christian Doctrine and Practice in the Second Century.

viir. Exposition of Vulgar and Common Errors, adapted !>
1845 by " Thomas Brown Kedivivus."

ix, Introduction to Vegetable Physiology, with reference to
the Works of De Candolle, Ac.

x. Principles of Criminal Law.

xi. Christian Sects in the Nineteenth Century.

xn. General Principles of Grammar.

xiu. Sketches of Geology.

xiv. State of Man before the Promulgation of Christianity.

xv. Thoughts and Opinions of a Statesman.

[ 423 ]

:l M

OKS ON GKF.AT Sc&rccn, [continued].

< in (In- U< ^|>oiiMl'ilitn - of Kinployers.

XMI. Chn-tian Doctrine and 1 ;u tin- TV .uu-\.

xviu. Phil" ,;ed Schools.

xix. t. \\n. < -Inn Subs. 'In l'i niulga-

tloll .'I' < .ll\. I \.

LlliKMc : lVlii.. V>.", \ols. Lmd., 1856.

j. 1. S\\i - Men Mini Swiss Mountains. By Ro!

ill' MIlllll.

;nt lUanr. By J. Auldjo. :l. Ski-trhr-
tln- Alp-. I'.v 1'. v,.n T-flnnli.

a. 1. ' ii its 1'u tmvsque, Social, and Historical

A-ji'-rts : tin- I1 - I-.T.1- "t M Tour in tin- SUIIIIIHT ol 1859.

: ( .iv^oruMii-. '1'nui-lati-il liy K. .Martin.-au. 'i.
on th- (.\nitiin-nt in tlu- Suinuier of 1852. By J. Barrow.

in. 1. I ou nial of a Residence in Norway, during tin

. :iti. I'.y s. I .aii - trailer ..ii tin-

.ml Political Mat.' ot' the t 'ontiin-nt, during the
l.r. - i'nt f.-ntury. I'.y >. l.ain^.

iv. 1. Nor.lurtari : or, Rambles in Iceland. I!y I'liny Milt-^.
2. l{anil>lr> in Norway anion-^ tin- |-'j.-l,ls ami Fjord.-, ol" tin-
('. utral and \\V-ti-rn l>i-tnct^. I !\ I I ster.

v. al.rnl'^ d from tin- Fn-iu-h of tin- Marquis De


\i. 1. Ku^ia and Turk. v. I'.y .1 . II. M.'Culloch. 2. 1'i, -

tun-s from St. I'l.-t. r~lnn-_r. I'.y K. .1,-rrmann. Tran-lat.-d
hv K. Hardiuan. a. The Ku - ian> ol' tin Ninth. By
Shirl.'V Brooks.

vu. 1. Liritannyand the Bible; with Remarks on the French
People and their Affairs I'.y I. Hope. 2. Britanny ami
the Chase; with Hints on l-'n-m-h Affairs. By I. Hope.

\ \i-it to tin Vaudois of Pii-diinmt. By Kdward l.aint s^

viii. 1. Eotln-n. 15 y N\'. l\iii'_ r lak''. a. Rrcollcctions of a
Joiirn.'y through Tartary, Thilirt. and China, during the
yrai-N l>li-Ui. 15y M. Hue. Translated by Mr-. Sinnett.
8. Twenty Year- in tin- Philippines. By P. de la Gironiere.
Translated by F. Hardiuan.

i.\. 1. Life \\ith the /ulu^ of Natal, South Africa. By G. H.
Mason. 2. Narrative of tin- Ni-_'t-r. T-hadda, and Binur
Exploration : including a Report on the Position and
pects of Trade up those Rivers; with Remark- on the
Malaria and Fevers of Western Africa. By T. -I. Hutclun-

[421 ]

SERIALS, [continued],


x. 1. The Present State of Morocco: a Chapter of Mussul-
man Civilization. By Xavier Durrieu. 2. African Wan-
derings ; or, an Expedition from Sennaar to Taka, Basa,
arid Beni-amer; with a particular glance at the races of
Bellad Sudan. By F. Werne. Translated by J. R.

xi. 1. Brazil Viewed through a Naval Glass : with Notes on
Slavery and the Slave Trade. By Edward \Vilberforce.
2. Pictures of Cuba. By W. H. Hurlbut.

xn. 1. Adventures in the Wilds of North America. By C.
Lanman. Edited by C. R. Weld. 2. Sketches in Canada,
and Rambles among the Red Men. By Mrs. Jameson.

xiu. 1. The Australian Colonies : Their Origin and Present
Condition. By W. Hughes. 2. A Lady's Voyage Round the
World : a selected translation from the German of Ida
Pfeitfer. By Mrs. Sinnett.

xiv. 1. Memoir of the Duke of Wellington ; from the Times.
2. Life of Marshal Turenne. By T. O. Cockayne. 8. The
Leipsic Campaign. By G. R. Gleig. 4. Schamyl, the
Sultan, Warrior, and Prophet of the Caucasus. Translated
from the German of Dr. Wagner and F. Bodenstedt, by
L. W r raxall.

xv. 1. An Essay on the Life and Genius of Thomas Fuller;
with Selections from his Writings. By Henry Rogers.
2. Turkey and Christendom : An Historical Sketch of the
Relations between the Ottoman Empire and the States of
Europe. 8. Ferdinand I. and Maximilian II. of Austria :
an Essay on the Political and Religious State of Germany,
immediately after the Reformation. By L. liauke. Trans-
lated by Lady Duff Gordon.

xvi. 1. Daniel de Foe. By John Forster. 2. Ctfarles
Churchill. By John Forster. 8. Anecdotes of Dr. John-

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