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la, from its 1 .-e of

T."' b\o. Quebec, \

SMITH [WILLIAM), I.! . \>.

1. 1 hctioiiary of Greek ami Roman Biography and M\th.

2. Dictionarj- of Greek and Roman Antii|ii:

V!nd l-.d. 9?o, 1 \.-l. Land., 1
8. Dictionan- of < d Komai iiv.


4. Dictionary. Latin-I-iir-rli-li. r.:i<-ilu]>on I -'on-.-lliniai!

5. Dictionary of the 6il 'l in . v -

iiy. and Natural Hi-tory. -


nville Papers: being the Correspondence of Richard Gron-
ville. Earl T.'injil.-. K.(i., and the Right Hon. George
(.n. milk-, tin ir Frii-nds and C'ontempora

b\ Lend., 1852-53.

[ 440]


Miscellaneous Works. With Life by Robert Anderson.

8vo, 6 vols. Edin., 1806.

Memoirs and Correspondence of Sir Robert Murray Keith,
Envoy at Dresden, &c., 176 ( J-'J2. 8vo, 2 vols. Land., 1

SMYTH (WILLIAM), Professor.

1. Lectures on Modern History. 8vo, 2 vols. Lond., 1848.

2. Lectures on the French Revolution.

8vo, 3 vols. Lend., 1848.

1. Sketch of the Present State of the Island of Sardinia.

t-vo, 1 vol. Loud., 1828.

2. Life and Services of Captain Philip Beaver.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1829.

3. The Mediterranean ; a Memoir : Physical, Historical, and

Nautical. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1854.


Narrative of a Journey from Lima to Para, across the Andes and
down the Amazon. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1836.


1. Two Years' Cruise off Terra del Fuego, the Falkland Islands,

Patagonia, and in the River Plate. 8vo, 2 vols. Lond., 1857.

2. British Columbia; Emigration and our Colonies considered :

Practically, Socially, and Politically.

lamo, 1 vol. Lond., 1858.

1. The Anglo-Saxon Church : its History, Revenues, and Gen-

eral Character. 2nd Ed. 8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1838.

2. The Latin Church during Anglo-Saxon Times.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1848.

Description de la Maison et du Musee du Chevalier Soane.

Folio, 1 vol. Lond., no date.



Academic des Sciences. Comtes Reudus des Sean

4 to, 50 vols. Paris, 1^

Acclimatation : Bulletins de la Societe Imperiale Zoologique d'.

8vo, 5 vols. Pans, 1854-58.

Agricultural Societies.

1. Journal, Quarterly, ana the Transactions of the Highland

and Agricultural Society of Set tlaiid.

8vo, 27 vols. Edin., 1829-67.

2. Journal of the Royal Society of England.

8vo, 19 vols. Lond., 184'

[ 441 ]

8OCI I I II -i \\l> < Ur.S. coiitmiifd].

! "M'lmied].

Lund., 1899-68.

-h A - '.

/ n '

',. Cam!.., 1-
Di nf ilif. from th- Commence-

lil, lit to ill, i'l,-, :

8vo. and 4 to, 1 vol. Loud., 1848-50.

I ami 1'hygical

Geol -d by H. II. 1'aul nd I>i.

hrilllll: 'IS.

, i i 1 1 \- . . ;

a Supjil, in. nt t. maim - I < 'h< -

in: .1 \.'l.

(im.-lin 1. I' 1 ' - "!. ll:ii!ill>ook of Chciui-lrv. I'rons-
latt.l l.\ H. Watts. 1

'i:im ('riininas). I ' ,.-:il II, jort8 and

M.-nioirs. 1 vol.

1 1< nr\ (\\ . ('. . M. I >. M. moin of ill. Lit'.- and Scioutitic-
M - <>f -lolni I >;ilt<.n. 1 vol.

^OlSte). ('!) Illiral M. tho.i.

cation, and N ur. Tian-lat. .1 l.v \\' O.lliii^'.
1 vol.

I.. Imiaim iC. G.) oral ("Mu -mi-trv. Translated

l.y Dr. (i. 1- .,ls.

Wilson i<;..M.I>. Lit', of tlx- Hon. H.-nrv

including Al - more imj-.i-iaiit N-i<-utitir

1'a}.. TS. 1 Vol.

Cli, mioal Si.rirty of London.

1. M<-ii: 8vo, 8 vols. Lond., If*

Q. (>uart< rly Journal. 8vo, 9 vols. Lond., 1849-57.

, Royal Society of, T >ns.

4to, -.'I roU. Kdhi., 1788-1857.

Kl.-.-ti-i.-al S London, Proceedings of. l..ln.,l l.v

Ch*y* i 15. \\ail 8vo, 1 vol. Luml.. 1

n Sulij.-cts CMiiiii-cU-d wit!)
tin- Duti.-s of tin- C'-.ri ,1 l-in-ii

4U>, In rols. Lund., 1844-49.
Entomological Society of London. Transact;

8vo, 5 vols. Lond., \-



Geographical Society, The Royal.

1. Journal of. 8vo, 28 vols. Lond., 1883-58.

2. Index to the Second Ten Volumes of the Journal, and

Catalogue of Library. May, 1851.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1852.

Geological Society of London.

1. Transactions of. 4to, 12 vols. Land., 1811-12.

2. Proceedings of. 8vo, 4 vols. Lond., 1834-46.

3. Quarterly Journal of. 8vo, 13 vols. Lond., 1845-57.

Geological, The Royal, Society of Cornwall. Transactions of.

8vo, 7 vols. Lond., 1818-48.

G6ologique de France, La Societe.

1. Bulletins. 8vo, 30 vols. Paris, 1830-59.

2. Memoires. 4to, 11 vols. Paris, 1833-56.

3. Histoire de Progres de la Geologie de 1834 a 1845, par

le Yicomte D'Archiac publiee par la Societe Geologique
de France. 8vo, 8 vols. Paris, 1847-57.

Horticultural Society of London.

1. Transactions of. 4to, 10 vols. Lond., 1812-48.

2. Journal of. 8vo, 9 vols. Lond., 1846-55.

Industrie Nationale. Bulletins de la Societe d'.

4to, 61 vols Paris, 1803-57.

Irish Academy, The Royal. Transactions of.

4to, 23 vols. Dublin, 1787-1855.

Linnean Society of London. Transactions of.

4to, 21 vols. Lond., 1791-1855.

Medico-Botanical Society of London. Transactions of.

8vo, 1 vol. tend., 1827-87.

Medical and Chirurgical Society of London. Transactions of.

8vo, 43 vols. Lond., 1800-58.

Meteorological Society. Transactions of.

8vo, 1 vol. Lond., 1889.

Neuchatel, La Societe de.

Bulletins de la Societe des Sciences Naturelles.

8vo, 1 vol. Neuchatel, 1844-48.

Memoires de la Societe des Sciences Nr.tmvlles. Vol. in.

4to, 1 vol. Ntin-hntil, 1845.

[44.1 1

SOC 1 1 I I ! ^ \ \ I > < '

; ntinucd].

Palceon tograpbical Soc i i y . I 1 s of.

4t. Lond., 1848-50.

' 'ph <>ii 'I,. ! - :] Malacostnt.

Busk (George)- Monograph of tlir Ko-il I'


1. I> ' Monograph* oil til

Ml] K - I!

( ! M!. 1 vol. 1S51-54-56.

Davidson (Tbonin- I'.ni.-hi-.poda.

Edward- i'..) Monograph of tli- \Iol-

lusca, 1 roL 1 II. M; . Mc.ll"'_'r;.'

thr UntiNli F,-il Cor.;l-. 2 vols.

Jones (T. Kn|H-rt'. 1. Monograph of tin- Kntoniostraca of

ill. * ia I-'.-nualKiH ot Kni:'.;iii'l. 1 -

gru]>h ot' tlir 'I'ci-tiury Kmnino^trai-ii !' |-'.ir_'l:nl. 1856.
8 1 '! '. Molio-_ r r:ipli of tin- Krliii.

riKita of the IJriti-h 'I'rrtim ;

(III Ml on tin- Dl . illlio-

L r ; ir: 1 vul.

King (William). Monograph of the Permian

1 vol. 1850.

Morris(J.), an<l I.y<-, tt (John). M.'iio-jr.iph of tli<- Moll

X part> in 1 vol. lb50-58.

Owen (Ui.-liunl). Moiiou'rsipli of the Fc -ilia of tlie

l-'orinati 1 \ol. ;

Owen (Richard). Monograph of the Fo>-il K.-prilia of tlie
den Clays and I'urhrck Lii

urta in 1 vol. 185

Owen (RiclmnK M..H, -nii'li on the Fo>sil Reptilia of the

\\ - .I 'I- ;i l-iM-iiKiiion. 1'art iv. and Supp]i-m-nt No. 1.

1 vol.

Owrn <Iti.-li:ir-l'. and Bell (Thomn^K Monograph of the
1 lii-itilia of the London Clav.

V parts in 1 vol. 1849-50.

Wood (Searles V.) Monograph of the Crag Mollusca.


Jit (Thomas). Monograph on the British Fossij
KchinodiTinata. 1'arts n. and in., in 1 vol. 1856-59



Polytechnique, L'Ecole. Journal de L'Ecole.

4to, 21 vols. Pans, 1800-56.

Kay Society, The Publications of the, from the Commencement
to the Present Time.

8vo, 18 vols; Folio, 12 vols. Lond., 1840-59.

Agassiz (L.), Professor. Bibliographia Zoologies et Geo-
logise : a general Catalogue of all Books, Tracts, and
Memoirs on Zoology and Geology. Edited by H. L.
Strickland. 8vo, 4 vols. 1848-54.

Alder (J.) and Hancock (A.) A Monograph of the British
Nudibranchiate Mollusca, Avith Figures of all the
Species. 7 parts. Folio, 1845-55.

Allman (G. J.) Monograph of Fresh-water Polyzoa.

Folio, 1 vol. 1856.

Baird (W.) Natural History of the British Entomostraca.

8vo, 1 vol. 1850.

Burmeister, Dr. The Organization of Trilobites, deduced
from their Living Affinities, with a Systematic Pevirw
of the Species hitherto described. Edited by Profes-
sor Bell and Professor Forbes. Folio, 1 vol. 1846.

Darwin (C.) Monograph of the Sub-class Cirripedia.

2 parts. 8vo, 1 vol. 1851-54.

Forbes, Professor. A Monograph of the British Naked-
eyed Medusae, with Figures of all the Species.

Folio, 1 vol. 1848.

Henfrey, Professor. Botanical and Physiological Memoirs.

1. The Phenomenon of Rejuvenescence in Nature.
By Dr. A. Braun. Translated by Professor Henfrey.

2. On the Animal Nature of .the Diatomese. with an
Organ ographical Revision of the Genera. By Profes-
sor G. Meneghini. Translated by C. Johnson. 3.
Natural History of Protococcus Pluvialis. By Dr. F.
Cohn. Translated by G. Busk. 8vo, 1 vol. 1853.

Huxley (T. H.) The Oceanic Hydrozoa observed during
the Voyage of H.M.S. Rattlesnake. 1S46-50.

Folio, 1 vol. 1859.

Leighton (W. A.) The British Species of Angio-carpous
Lichens, elucidated by their Sporidia. 8vo, 1vol. 1851.

Meyen, Dr. Outlines of the Geography of Plants.
Translated by M. Johnson. 8vo, 1 vol. 1846.

Oken (Lorenz), Dr. Elements of Physio-philosophy.
Translated by Alfred Tulk. Bvo, 1 vol. 1847.

8OC! D CLUBS, eanttaMd



I K ~>;:illli, l!al

111- Itll:

STO, 1 rol. 1846.

Ray (Jo! Correspondence of. < ^elec-
.TS in tii
tor. bvo, 1 vol. :

Report on the Progress of Zoology and Bota

1 rot

1. ft tb i / .as regard - tin- \

1 :

2. Progress !oor

Progress of Phy Biological Botany <lnrin_r I 1 * II

Reports and Papers on Botany. 8vo, 1 vol. 1 - ir,.

1. On tin- Morphology of tin- ("onilVrse. By Dr. Zucca-

rini. T run-hit. ! l>y (i. I5u-k.
On Botanical Geography, i lach.

m-l;it. <\ l.y \\ ioii!ill a: -k.

8. On V, ./ r, IN. I'.y Carl .\a - li. '1 nmslated

l.y A. H. nlr. jr. I'.nt I.
4. 1 D IJ..i;niy. By Dr. Link. Translated l.y

J. iludsou.

'.>rts on Zoology f.r 1>J" 11. Translated from th-

L '1 ulk. and A. H. Ha.
8vo. 1
1848. 1. Miuinnalia, Prof->sor ^^

1 iniithol., .ner.

M. H rpetology, Dr. Trosclu-1.
I -hlliyuloLry, Dr. Tro.-i:hel.

5. I 'r. l-'.ri.-li

6. Arachnida, Dr. Kr'n -h^on.

ustacea, Dr. Kri<
8. L'ntoinostraca, Dr. Ki i-hson.

'.*. M..11-; ii.'l.

1844. In. Mammalia, lY<.f< - >r Wanner.

11. Ornithul. :n-r.

1'J. i I >r. Krici

13. M(.llu-ra. ir. Troschel

11. Helminthology, Profa - 'Id.

15. WuriiK. /o'.i'liy:.-. .\( .. 1'rofessor Siebold.

16. Rrptilia. Dr. 'jV.-.-!!.-!.

17. Ichthyology, Dr. Tro.-<-hel.

.ut ]



Reports and Papers on Botany. Translated and Edited by
Professor Henfrey. 8vo, 1 vol. 1849.

1. On the Structure of the Palm Stem. By Professor

H. Von Mohl.

2. On Vegetable Cells. By Professor C. Nageli. Part H.
8. On the Utricular Structures in the Contents of Cells.

By Professor C. Nageli.

4. Report on Physiological Botany, for 1844-45. By

Professor Link.

5, 6. Report on Geographical Botany, for 1844-45. By

Professor Grisebach.

Steenstrup (John Japetus). On the Alternation of Genera-
tions, or the Propagation and Development of
Animals through alternate generations. Trans-
lated from the German Version of C. H. Lorengen,
by George Busk. 8vo, 1 vol. 1845.

Williamson (W. C.) Recent Foraminifera of Great Britain.

Folio, 1 vol. 1858.

Royal Academy. Catalogues of the Exhibitions of the Royal
Academy, from its Foundation.

4to, 8 vols. Land., 1769-1860.

Royal Society of London. The Philosophical Transactions of.

4to, 120 vols. Lond., 1794-1857.

Smithsonian Institution. Contributions to Knowledge.

4to, 10 vols. Washington, 1848-58.

i. Squier (E. G.), and Davis (E. D.), M. D. Ancient
Monuments of the Mississippi Valley.

IT. 1. Walker (J. C.) Researches relative to the Planet

2. Lieber (F.), Dr. On the Vocal Sounds of Laura


3. Bailey (J. W.), Professor. Microscopical Examina-

tion of Soundings made by the U. S. Coast Survey.

4. Ellet (C.) Physical Geography of the United States.

5. Gibbs (R. W.) Mosasaurus and the like Genera.

6. Agassiz (Louis), Professor. Classification of Insects.

7. Hare (R.), Dr. On the Explosiveness of Nitre.

8. Bailey (J. W.), Professor. Microscopical Observa-


9. Squier (E. G.) Aboriginal Monuments of the State

New York.

[ 4*7 ]

II . I II ^


in. 1. I.
2. s

I resh-

4. ' 'ia.

5. <

7. \Vliittl.-s,., !

in < 'liio.
iv. R. . |(8. B (Jraiiimar ait'l I '


v. ) 1 ' Animals.

nioir upon an I s of


us System of


r>. < . !-. riantjf Wright ian* Texano

M.-xicana;, Part n.

vt. 1. Torrey (J.) PlantieFi- :SB.

On the I>a ma.


4. Stini] On tin; Marin- In\.-rt<-lirata of

ml M:ir

5. Coffin (J. H.) On the Winds of the Northern


6. I Ancient Fauna of Nebraska,

vii. 1. Cli i|'p. i-miili >-]<>\ni). Account of a Tornado near

. Hi. mil
2. l'> on N.-w S|>. (!> of Microsco-

])ic:i! ' '

8. Lap)i:> Antiquities of WiseooahL

4. J On the K.\tm<-t Sl.-th 1'ribe of North

nn. 1. I Archfeolojry of thf I'nitfd States.

2. ()lin?.t*-iiil 1 1>.) On the I. KK! of the

oi na.

3. Alv.ii (1 of Spheres.

4. Jones (J.) Researches concernin<; N.rtlj American


ix. 1. M-:!-}i (I.. \V.. On tli. Iiit.n-.ity of the Heat and

! itf til.- SiHI.

!iir!n-orK f Stirface Ge<

3. Meyer (Hrantz). On Hi-t..ry jn.

4. (' an 1 ('i.iit!, K ,\.) Researches on the

Ammonia Cobalt B:i-

Ml ]




1. Harvey (W. H.) Nereis Boreali Americana, Part in.

2. Kane (Elislia Kentj. Magnotical Observations in

the Arctic Seas. Reduced by C. A. Schott.
8. Bowen (T. J.) Grammar and Dictionary of the
Yoruba Language.

Social Science, National Association for the Promotion of.
Transactions of. 8vo, 2 vols. Lond., 1858-59.

Society for the Encouragement of Arts. Transactions of.

8vo, 57 vols., and 4to, 1 vol. Lond., 1783-1847.

Statistical Society of London. Journal of the.

8vo, 22 vols. Lond., 1839-59.

Statistical Congress, The International.

1. Programme of the Fourth Sassion of the Congress held

in London on the 16th July, I860, and on the five
following days. 4to, 1 vol. Lond., 1861.

2. Report of the Proceedings of the Congress held in

London on the 10th July, 1860, and on the five
following days. 4to, 1 vol. Lond., 1861.

Sydenham Society, Publications of the.

8vo, 89 vols., and folio, 1 vol. Lond., 1844-57.

i. Sydenham (Thomas), M. D. Opera Omnia. Edidit

Dr. Greenhill.

IT. Louis (P.), Dr. Researches on Phthisis. Translated
by Dr. Walshe.

in. Erichsen (J. E.) Observations on Aneurism.

iv. Hecker f J. F. C.) Epidemics of the Middle Ages.
Translated by Dr. Babington.

v., vi., vn. Paulus ^Egineta, Works of. Translated by
Francis Adams. 3 vols.

viii., ix. Simon (F.), Dr. Animal Chemistry ; with refer-
ence to the Physiology and Pathology of Man.
Translated by G. E. Day. 2 vols.

x. Hasse (C. E.), Dr. Anatomical Description of the
Diseases of the Organs of Circulation and Respiration.
Translated by Dr. Swaine.

xi. Hewson (William), Works of. Edited, with an In-
troduction and Notes, by E. Gulliver.

xii. Dupuytren, Baron. On the Injuries and Diseases
of the Bones. Translated and Edited by F. Clark.

[ 449 ]

SOcn I D runs. .<!].


Mil. I i

l: \\ ilhs.

M. dical I ; '

I '

roseopical Researches

th. ' mals

ami PI. nits. tod by H. Smith.

xvi. I!

I I'M Xaranya Ar-ra/.i. Trans-
la! 11.

xvu. Oltli-y (P.) (1 !! tin- Surgical PiseiS

of tin- id :i'l an-.

XVMI.. \l\. Syd.'iiham i 1 . Work* .f. 'I

In. in t!ir Latin Kdition of Pr. ( i iv.-nhill ; with
of lln' Anthur 1'V Pr. l^itham. VJ \

\\i. Ilii ' mine \\'orks of. Tnin-<]ati<l,

vitli a Pivlimiiiary Piscourse and Annotation-. 1

A'l.uu-. ~ \

xxn. Churchill iK.i, Dr. Essays on Puerperal Fever ami
1 >: Women*

xxin. tn \\\i. K'.kitaiisky (C.) Manual of Pathological

Anatomy. -1 \oN.

r iJ. A.I Principles of Physiology: run! n

ion on tin- l-'um-fion> of tin- NYrvoii- Sy-t.-m :
1>\ ' ! . dated l>y Pr. I.a%cock.

:n. Thomi'son !. . I >r. Annals of the Jntlu.-n/a in
itain. from 1510 to 1-^

x\i\.. \\\. 1 1- ml. <!<_' M. 11.), Dr. Manual of tl.

ases of Man. Translated and Edited by Dr.
Sieveking. 2 vols.

.. \\\n. Ko Hiker (A.) Manual of Human Hist. '.
Tran-lat.d l.y (i. J5u>k and T. Huxl.-y. 2 vols.

M. Piipuytnn, Baron. Ou L.-ion of the Vascular

in. Pis,- MX, ^ of the lIiTtum, ainl othi-rSin.
::l'laints. Traiislatr.1 hy I-'. Clark.

xxxiv. Wi-dl (C.i. Pr. Piidiuu-nts of Pathological Histology.

.n-Iatr.l l.y C.. r,u-k.

xxxv. O [),. Mr.lioal Logic. Translate <1 1 v

Dr. G. Whir




xxxvi. Aretseus. The Extant Works. Translated by F.

XXXVTI. Velpeau (A.) Diseases of the Breast. Translated
by M. Henry.

XXXVITI., xxxix. Kuchenmeister (F.) Animal and Vegetable
Parasites of the Human Body. Translated by E.
Lankester. 2 vols.

XT.. Hunter (William). Anatomy of the Human Gravid
Uterus. Folio.



Abbotsford Club, Publications of the.

4to, 28 vols. Edin., 1885-49.

1. Ancient Mysteries, from the Digby MSS. in the Bodleian


2. Arthour and Merlin. A Metrical Komance.

3. Balfour (James), Sir. Letters and State Papers during the

Reign of James VI.

4. Cameron (Ewen), Sir, of Locheill, Memoirs of; with an

introductory Account of the History and Antiquities
of that Family, and the neighbouring Clans.

5. Chartularies of Balmerino and Lindores.

6. Compota Domestica familiarum de Buldngham et D'An-

gouleme MCCCCXLIII., LII., and LXIII., quibus annexre
expensae cujusdam comitis in itinere, MCCLXXIII.

7. Ecclesiastical Records. Selections from the Minutes of the

Presbyteries of St Andrew and Cupar, MDCXLI.-


8. Ecclesiastical Records- Selections from the Minutes of the


9. Ecclesiastical Records. Selections from the Registers of

the Presbytery of Lanark, MDCXXTII-MDCCIX.

10. Extracta e variis Cronicis Scocie.

11. Gardyne (Alexander). 1. Garden of Grave and Godlie

Flowers. 2. Theatre of Scotish Kings. Lundie
(John). 3. Miscellaneous Poems.

12. Hay (Gilbert,), Sir. Buke of the Order of Knyghthood.

Translated from the French.,

SOt i <!].


; Memoir-

aud * portion of '
\ I

14. ! ' Fumil

15. 1 les Documents relatifs & 1

i. lil\-s .; . ;rue 4

10. .i -poii'li-ii Alholl Family ilunng the

: V 1 .

17. ( -, r um.

18. Hcialis Sam ti Ai...

10. Metros ( i 1 of. State Papers and Miscellaneous

i nee of. 2 vols.

80. Miml. Will, uiitl Cmli-rstanding: A Morality.

21. Miscellany of the Abl !ub.

22. Morton Legend of St Katherine of Alexandria.

28. Presentation in th> Temple: A :<> ori^iimllv i

1 ry.

24. Roman cK - Av.-ntun s ! I-'n ^us, par Guillaunn

25. Romances of Sir Guy of Warwick, and Rembrun his

26. Romances of Rouland, and Vernogu and Otuel.

Bin I 1 'inance of the Thirt


28. \Villiiini- Account of the Monastic Treasures

:ion of the various Houses


jElfric Society. PiiMioations by. STO, 4 vols. Land . 1-

1. Cod' With an English Translation by

.1. M .1 vol.

2. Homilies of /Klfric ; with an English Translation by

11 Thorjie. 1 v.-l.

3. Homilies of the Anglo-Saxon ChtiTch. 1. vol.

4. Dialogue of Salomon and Saturnus. 1 vol.

American Ethnological Society, Tr - of the.

8vo, 2 vols. Xev York, 18 :

American Oriental S-

bvo, 5 vols. Boston, 1849-56.



Archrcologia, The. Published by the Royal Society of Anti-
quaries, of London. 4to, 39 vols. Loud, 1804-57.

Archacologia. Vetusta Moriumenta qute ad reruni Britannica-
ruiu Memoriain coaservandani &umtu suo edenda curavit.
Vol. in. Folio, 1 vol. Loud., 1796.

Archseologia JEliana. Tracts published by the Society of Anti-
quaries of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

4to, 4 vols; 8vo, 2 vols. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1822-58.

Archseologia Cambrensis : A Record of the Antiquities of
Wales and its Marches, and the Journal of the Cambrian
Archaeological Association. 8vo, 16 vols. Lond., 1846-59.

Archteologia Scotica. Transactions of the Society of Antiqua-
ries of Scotland. 4to 4 vols. Edin., 1792-lbiJl.

Archaeological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, Memoirs
of. 8vo, 2 vols. Lond., 1853.

1. History and Antiquities of Wiltshire and Salisbury.

2. History and Antiquities of Bristol and the Western


Archaeological Irish Society, Publications of the, from the Com-
mencement in 1841, to its Amalgamation with the Celtic
Society, in 1853. 4to, 15 vols. Dublin, 1841-51.

i. Tracts relating to Ireland.

1. The Circuit of Ireland, by Muircheartach

MacNeill : a Poem, written in 1442, by Cor-
niacan Eigeas ; with Translation by John

2. Brife Description of Ireland, made by J. Payne

in 1589. Edited by A. Smith.

n. Tracts relating to Ireland.

1. A Treatice of Ireland, by John Dymmok. Edited

by R. Butler.

2. Annales de Monte Fernandi (Annals of Multifer-

nnn.) Edited by Dr. A. Smith.

3. A Statute of the Fortieth Year of Edward III.,

enacted in a Parliament held at Kilkenny, A.D.
1367. Edited by James Hardiman.

in. Jacobus Grace Kilkenniensis. Annales Hiberniee ;
with Translation by R. Butler.

iv. The Banquet of Dun na n-gedh, and the Battle of
Magh Rath ; with Translation by J. O'Donovan.

v. The Tribes and Customs of Hy-many, commonly called
O'Kelly's Country; with Tra^^tion by J. O'Donovnii.

[ 453]


\ :. i

( Inn. h

iMihlin. Kdit.-.i

MI. < '

hy .l.iini () 'I i. .11..-.

vni. Omnium ililm.

hard liutU-r.

IX. my.

1. :itllil.l|t. Illhkillr.

.h.i Ilih ' ioi illiu-

in-ill.-, rdu .1 i

8. tli.- Tolholl


Colledge of Saint 'l'li..ina- <>t' Aipim. in tin-
' .lie. A.D. 107 i. Edii.-d ]. '

5. iVrm hy < iratiaiin- Liiriu-. alia- ]>r. .Tohii Lvnch.
in r. ply to tli.- ^iiir-tiuii. Cm in j-atriain :

Militnl l.v .1. Hunliii
r. ..f BolconnicL K.lit. .1 1 Id.

..i, in 'I'r-tanii-nt-. I i ted l.y I >r. A. >niitli.

8. i : i'. ' > I! i'i'. . 1

Dr. T.,dd.

9. Aiit..-,'i-;ti>ii Letter of Oliver Cromwdl in hi- ^~

Harry ( '\\.-Il. i>y I>r. A. Sniitli.

n in tin- i

l.y .1. ( I I '

11. Original Cliart.-i l.y Lr.rd <'

land, to the Abbe/ of MeUifonl i l-v IM-.

A. Smith.

12. Journey to Connau^ht. April. ITd'.i.hy Dr. Thomas

Molyii.-ux. Kdit.-d hy Ir. A. Smith.
18, ( ..Iialit Ix-tuicli .M. in and ill- I

\\iih N..(i.-.-> ..f th.- Tuo l-'amili' -. Kdit d hy
I. (i DoQi '.all.
1 I. AiinaN of In-land. from M i:{ to 1 \i\*.

lat.-d from tli. Iri-h l>y Dudl.-y Kirbi. - .-. Edited
hy ). i > 1). '1I-. van.

x. Chorograph Description of \V. si or Il-Iar Connnu.irht.
written A.n. Itisj. hy llod.-ri<- < ) l-'lah< rty. I
.1. Hardiiiiiin.

M. Til.- Iri-h V. r-i"i) "!';: ' oinnn of N". nniii-.

a Translation, hy i



xii. Annals of Ireland, by Friar John Clvn and Thady
Dowling ; with the Annals of Ross. Edited by Dean

XIIT, Acts of Archbishop Colton, in his Visitation of the
Diocese of Deny, A.D. MCCC.XCVII. ; with a Rental of the
See Estates at that time. Edited by Dr. Reeves.

xiv, Macarise Excidium ; or, the Destruction of Cyprus :
being a Secret History of the War of the Revolution
in Ireland, by Colonel Charles O'Kelly. Edited by J.
C. O'Callaghan.

xv. History of the Survey of Ireland, commonly called
the Down Survey; by Dr. William Petty; A.D. 1655-56.
Edited by T. A. Larcom.

Archaeological Journal of the British Archaeological Association
and Institute of Great Britain and Ireland.

8vo, 13 vols. Lond., 1845-50.

Archeologie de la France. Annales Archeologiques dirigees
par Didron Aine. 4to, 19 vols. Paris, 1844-59.

Ardueological Society of Kilkenny and the South East of
Ireland, Transactions of. 8vo, 5 vols. Dublin, 1853-59.

Archaeology of Ulster. The Ulster Journal of Archaeology.

4to, 7 vols. Belfast, 1853-59.

Asiatic Society, The Royal, of Great Britain and Ireland.

1. Transactions of. 4to, 3 vols. Lond., 1827-35.

2. Journal of. Folio, 1 vol. 8vo, 16 vols. Lond., 1834-56.

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