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MccrcK, 1882.




By Com. Kingsley :

Board of Education, Feb. 20, 1882.

Resolved^ That the Superintendent in connection with the
Law Committee, arrange and codify the by-laws of the Board
preparatory for publication, so as to include the various
changes and ameniments that have been made since they were
last published.


In pursuance of the above we hereby certify that we have
carefull}' compiled the various ainendments to the by-laws
that have been made from time to time since their last publi-
cation, and further certify that the following is a true, com-
plete and correct copy of the by-laws as amended and now in


ALFRED F. CORK, \ Law Com.


C. N. SIMMONS, Sup't.




Adopted April Uh, 1881 and including all amendments
to Maich \st, 1882.



At the first regular meeting required to be held by the citv
charter, the Superintendent of Schools shall call to order and
read the City Clerk's certificate of the election of School Com-
missioners for the currenc year; and the persons whose names
are included in such certificates, together with the members
holding over, a majorit>^ being present, shall appoint a tempo-
rary chairman from their number, and proceed^by^a mva voce
vote to elect a president, superintendent, Aschool carpenter
policeman, assistant librarian, engineer and janitor of the free
academy, and messenger. W henever a vacancy occurs in
either of the offices above named, the Board shall fill the same
bv a mva voce vote, but a concurring vote of a majority of all
the members of the board shall be necessary to make such

appointment, j-4^^ amemded, April .4;^.1£,8I,)-^






Section 1. The president shall, at the time hereinafter
specified for holding the meetings of the board, a majority of
the commissioners being present, take the chair, and maintain
the standing rules of order adopted by the board.

Sec. 2. He shall, as soon as practicable after his election,
appoint the standing committees.

Sec. 3. lie shall, at the regular meeting in March, deliver
an annual address, which, unless otherwise ordered, shall be
published by the superintendent in his annual report.

Sec. 4, He may call special meetings when he deems it
necessary; and it shall be his duty, when requested by eight
members in writing.


meetings of the board.

The regular meetings of the board shall be held on the first
and third Monday evenings of each month, at tl>e free acad-
emy building, unless a different place be designated by pre.
vious notice. The hour of meeting shall be 7^ o'clock.




1. Keading and approving ot the clerk's minutes of the
previous meeting.

2. Presentation and reference of bills and accounts, and
communications to the board.

3. Communications to the board from the president.

4. Communications to the board from the superintendent.

5. Reports of standing committees, and action thereon.

6. Reports of select committees, and action thereon.

7. Unfinished business of previous meeting.

8. Other unfinished business generally.

9. Executive business.
10. Miscellaneous business.


Every bill, account, or other paper, shall, previous to its
presentation to the board, be so indorsed as to clearly indicate
the substance of its contents, and the name of the member
presenting it ; and it shall not be in order to present any bill
or paper not thus indorsed.


All reports ot committees shall be in writing, and shall be
filed by the clerk. All special reports shall state the facts
substantially appearing before the committee ; and all reports
recommending action by the board shall terminate with a


All resolutions and amendments thereto shall be in writing
and read by the clerk before they shall be in order. All mo-


tions and amendments shall likewise be reduced to writing, at
the request of tlie presiding officer, and sent to, and read by
the clerk, betore debate.

All questions relating to the priority of business shall be
decided by the presiding officer without debate.


The cleik shall have, at every meeting of the board, a list
ot unfinished business of the previous meeting, and a separate
list of unfinished business generally, in the order of its intr»-
duction, which shall be read without motion, when unfinished
business is in order.


In all cases of the appointment of officers by the board, a
majority of the votes of the members of the board shall be
necessary to a choice. (As amended April 3d, IS76.)


The presiding officer shall decide all questions of order
without debate. From his decision an appeal to the board
may always be taken by any member, and on sucli appeal
such officer shall have the right to briefly assign his reasons
for his decisions.


No member shall speak at any meeting more than twice on
the same question, nor more than fifteen minutes at a time,
except by consent of the board.


The ayes and nays on any question before the board shall
be taken at the call of any member thereof. The ayes and
nays shall alwaj's be taken upon orders or resolutions direct-
ing the payment of money.



Every member refusing to vote on any qaestion, unless ex-
cused by the board, shall be deemed to be in contempt, and the
fact entered upen the clerk's minutes.


Each member shall be in his seat when a vote is beinsf taken
and while ballots are being counted.


In all cases of entries of resolutions and motions in the
clerk's minutes, the name of mover shall appear.


No member shall absent himsef from the board before ad-
journment for more than ten minutes at a time, without leave
ot the presiding officer.


When a blank is to be filled, and different sums or times
are proposed, the question shall be taken first upon the largest
sum or longest time.


When a question is under debate, no motion shall be enter
tained except the following viz ; to adjourn for the previous
question, to postpone indeffinitely, to postpone to a certain
day, to lay on the table, to commit, or to amend ; and these
several motions shall have precedence in the order given,


When, on taking the previous question, the board shall de-
cide that the main question shall not now be put, the main
question shall be considered as still remaining under debate.
If the board shall decide that the main question shall now be


put, and there shall be pending amendments, the question
shall be at first taken upon such amendments in their order,
and without further debate or amendment.


The American Manual by Geo. T. Fish, of this city shall be
the authority on parliamentary law. (As amended Feb. 16th



There shall be the foilowinor standing committees of the
board, to be ap})ointed by the president, unless otherwise or-
dered, which shall consist of five (5) members each, viz :

1. Committee on finance.

2. Committee on qualification and employment of teachers.

3. Committee on examination and organization of schools
and grievances.

4. Committee on text books, library and apparatus.

5. Committee on buildings (as amended Feb. 20, 18S2.)

6. Committee on sup])lies.

7. Committee on fuel and fire fixtures.

8. Committee on printing.

9. (Committee on the free academy.

10. Committee on law.

11. Committee on Repairs (as amended February 20th 1882.)

12. Committee on the division and apportionment of the
teachers and contingent tund.

13. Unless otherwise ordered, all special committees shall
consist of three members, and shall be appointed byt he presid-
ing ofiicer, and announced at the same or next subsequent
meeting of the board.



Section 1. No committee or employee of the board shall,
on the part of the city, enter into any contract or agreement
involving the payment, by resolution, appropriation or other-
wise, by the board, of money to an amount exceeding fifty*'
dollars, without such contract or agreement having received
the previous ratification of the board (^K& amended June 4th,.

Sec. 2. All bills shall hi reporied to the board for refier-
ence to the finance committee, at the second reo-ular meetinof
in each month. Said bills shall be paid at the first meeting
in each month and at no other time. No bill shall be paid at
any meeting unless the same shall have been reported by the
proper committee at least one week previous. (Adopted
Sept. 18th, 1876.)


Upon every matter referred to a committee, such commit-
tee, or a majority thereof, shall meet for inquiry and deliber
ation ; and no report shall be entertained, unless a majority
of the committee shall have actually examined and concurr-
ed in the same, at a meeting regularly called.



These by-laws may be altered or amended at a regular
meeting of the board, by a concurrence of a majority of the
members thereof, upon giving one month's previous notice, in
writing, of the proposed alteratiou or amendment, or by unan-
imous consent of all memVjers of the board.




Section 1. Comrmtt e on Finance. — The committee on
finance shall have the supervision of all of the fiscal concerns
of the board, and report the conditions of the various funds
in Jnlj, November and February. They shall make the nec-
essary estimates of money to be raised by the Common Coun-
cil for the support uf the schools, and report the same for the
action of the Board at the first regular meeting in May. They
shall examine all accounts presented to the Board, and consid-
er and report on all matters referred to them ; but they shall
audit no bills or accounts unless countersigned by a majority
of the Committee having such bills or accounts in charge.
They shall, also, see that the school property is propeily in-
sured ; but no insurance shall be effected, nor shall any ex-
isting policies be renewed, without first reporting to the

Sec. 2. Committee on Qualification and Employment of
Teachers — The Committee on Qualification and Employment
of Teachers, shall, in connection with the Superintendent,
examine all applicants for position in the schools ; and no
person shall hereafter be employed to teach, either by the Com-
mittee or the Board, who does not hold the requisite certificate
of qualification. Hereafter, however, graduates of the Roch-
ester Free Academy who shall have completed a three years'
course of study and received a diploma, and also graduates of
either of the Normal Schools of the State of New York,
who have completed the prescribed course of study and hold
a diploma, shall be entitled to a Teacher's certificate with-
out further examination, which shall license them to teach in
all the Public Schools of the city of Rochester except the
Free Academy and the first grades as principals of Grammar


Schools. Thej shall, at the #«t regular meeting in
report to the board the names of such teachers as they deem
qualified for their respective posititions, and the amount of
salaries at which they shall severally be employed. And
such salaries shall not be increased nor diminished except by a
resolution of the board. Said teachers to be employed during
the pleasure of the Board. (As amended Jan'y 15, 1877 and
Sept. 5th 1881.)

First Grade — Applicants for the principalship of grammar
schools, before entering upon the duties of their positions shall
pass an examination in orthography, spelling and defining,
penmanship, mental and written arithmetic, English grammar,
-geography, American history, physiology, algebra, geometry,
constitution of the United States, astronomy, mental philoso-
phy, and theory and practice of teaching.

Second Grade — All others shall pass an examination in the
same branches, except algebra, geometry, astronomy and
mental philosophy.

No person under eighteen years of age shall be employed to
teach in the public schools.

Said committee shall also, when vacancies occur, fill the
same, and shall make such transfers of teachers as they shall
■deem necessary, and report their action to the Board at the
next meeting. They shall have power, and it shall be their
duty, to suspend any teacher who shall repeatedly violate the
rules of the Board, or whose example or influence is prejudi-
cial to the cause of public; education in the city.

Sec. 3. Cominittee on Examination and Organization of
Schools and Grievances. — The Committee on Examination
and Organization of Schools and Grievances, shall attend the
annual examination of the several schools ; prepare, in con-


nection with the Superintendent, and submit to the Board,
fiiich special rules as they shall deem necessary to secure the
most effective instruction and discipline of the schools,
especially in reference to the arrangement of classes, the course
of study, the order and decorum of the pupils, and their
constant and punctual attendance.

They shall see that the standard for promotion be such as
will equalize the numb3r of pupils under each teacher.

They shall consider and decide all cases of discipline report-
ed to them by the Superintendent, arising from the enforce-
ment of the rules of the Board, or ot the teachers. They
shall have power to restore, suspend, or expel refractory pu-
pils, from any school, as the necessity of the case may demand ;
and, during suspension, or after expulsion, no pupil shall be
admitted to any public school, without the consent of said com-
mittee, except by resolution of the Board.

Sec. 4. Committee on Text Books, Library and Appa-
ratus. — It shall be the duty of the Committee on Text Books,
Library and Apparatus, to report to the Board any ciiange
they may deem necessary in text books for the schools, and
such books as they may deem proper to be added to the libra-
ry, and after the approval of the Board, to purchase the same ;
and, in connection with the Superintendent, exercise a general
supervision over the central library and school apparatus ;
and, in February, make a general report of the condition and
number of volumes in the library.

Sec. 5. Committee on Buildings. — The Committee on
Buildings shall have the general supervision of the construc-
tion of new buildings and of enlarging any of the old school
buildings, and also the improvement of sites ; and it sh:^ll be
their duty from time to time to report to the Board upon the

12 BY- LA Wei.

expediency of, constructing new buildings or enlarging any of
the old ones, and also in relation to purchasing or improving
sites. They shall also, at the last regular meeting in March
each year, make a detailed report in writing of the condition
of the buildings, of the improvements made during the year ;
also to recommend any building or improvements which they
maj' deem necessary or expedient for the ensuing year, (As
amended February 20th, 1882.)

Sec. 6. Committee on Supplies. — It shall be the duty of
the Committee on Supplies to purchase and keep in repair all
desks, tables, and other school furniture, and provide all nec-
essary supplies for the schools, not specially in the care of
some other committee ; but they shall not authorize the pur-
chasino; of any supplies or school furniture to exceed in
amount, in any one month, the sum of SlOO, without lirs^
having obtained the consent of the Board ; nor shall said com
mittee alter any school furniture, or re-seat any school room
or building, without the consent ot the Board.

Sec. 7. CoTnmittee on Fuel and Fire Fixtures. — It shall
be the duty of the Committee on Fuel and Fire Fixtures, to
advertise for and receive proposals for the necessary fuel for
the ensuing year, and report the same to the Board for con-
sideration, and, when authorized, contract for the same. They
shall also provide the necessary fire fixtures for the schools ;
but they shall not exceed in all their purchases, in any one
month, the sum of $100, without first obtaining the consent
of the Board. They shall, during the summer vacation, ex-
amine the heating apparatus of the several schools, and report
its condition, and recommend any changes or additions they
may deem necessarv for the consideration of the Board.

Sec. 8. Committee on Printing.— It shall be the duty ot

BY-LAW.'*. 13

the Commitrce on Printing to report to the Board all matter
that, in its judgment, shmild be printed, and shall sui»eriiitend
all printing ordered by the Board.

Sec. 9. Committee on Free Academy. — This committee
shall be the special guardian ot the interests of the Free
Academy. It shall recommend suitable candidates to fill all
vacancies that may occur in its corps of teachers, and shall, in
connection with the Superintendent, examine all applicants
for positions in the school. It shall, at the first regular meet-
ing in August, report to the Board the names of such teach-
<^rs as are deemed qualified for their respective positions, and
the amount of salaries at which they shall severally be em
ployed. It shall annually report such changes in the course
of study, in the method of discipline, and in the general regu-
lations, as it may deem expedient. It shall have power, and
it shall be their duty, to suspend any teacher who shall re
peatedly violate the rules of the Board, or whose example or
influence is prejudicial to the interests of the school' It shall
have power to suspend or expel refractory pupils of the school,
oi- restore, as the necessity of the case njay demand ; and dur-
ing suspension, or after suspension, no pupil shall be reinstat-
ed without the consent of the committee, or by resolution of
the Board. It shall, at sueh times as it may deem proper,
consider and report upon the expediency ot erecting, altering
or insuring the school building, or improving the grounds, and
shall have the superintendence of any alterations that may be
authorized by the Board. The standard for admission of pu-
pils to the schools shall be fixed by the committee, in connec-
tion with the Superintendent. It shall be its duty to pur-
chase and keep in repair all desks, fire fixtures and other
school furniture, and provide all necessary supplies for the
school. But they shall not authorize the purchasing of any
supplies or school furniture to exceed in amount, in any


one month, the sum of one hundred (100) dollars, witliout
having obtained the consent of the Board All by-laws, reso-
lutions, or orders of the Board, in conflict herewith, are hereby

Sec. 10. Committee on Law. — It shall be the duty of this
committee to consider and report upon all legal questions aris-
ing in the administration of the schools, and all other questions
that may be referred to them.

Sec. 11. Conim^ittee on Repairs. — The Committee on Re-
pairs sliall have the general supervision of the school carpen-
ter ; the purchasing of the lumber and materials required in
making the repairs of the school buildings, and to have the
general charge of leasing, altering, improving and repairing
the school houses and their appurtenances.

And at the last regular meeting in March in each year they
shall make a detailed report in writing of the expenditures
during the year, and a statement as near as may be of the re-
pairs that will be required the ensuing year.

Sec. 12. Comm,ittee on the Division and Apportionm,ent
of the Teachers and Contingent Fund. — The Chairmen of
the Finance and Teachers Committees, together with the
Chairmen of the several committees having charge of the ex-
penditures out uf the Contingent Fund, shall be a Standing
Committee on the Division and Apportionment of the Teach-
ers and Contingent Fund, and it shall be their duty imme-
diately after the annual appropriation by the Common Coun-
cil of the school moneys, to divide and apportion the funds
then in the treasury for the payment of teachers' wages and
contingent expenses, by setting apart a portion lor the pay-
ment of teachers' and janitors' wages. Superintendent's salary
and the salaries of the other employees of the Board (except
school carpenter), which division and apportionment shall be


subject to the approval of the Board. A corresponding ac
count shall then be opened by the Superintendent in the led-
ger, and the amount thus set apart shall be passed to the
credit of said account, to be termed the " Teachers and Em-
ployees Account."

The funds in this account shall be under the general charge
of the Committee on Qualification and Employment of Teach-
ers, and if at any time said fund in said account shall become
exhausted the schools shall then be closed until the next an-
nual city appropriation or until the fund is again repU-nished^

After the above amount has thus been set apart for the pay-
ment of teachers' and employees' wages, the balance then re-
maining in the contingent fund shall in like manner be equit-
ably apportioned among the Committees on Supplies, Fuel
and Fire Fixtures, Free Academy and any other committees
having charge ot expenditures out of the contingent fund.

Separate and corresponding accounts shall h'kewise be
opened and for each of said committees, in the manner above
specified for the '' Committee on Qualification and Employ-
ment of Teachers."

Any funds received during the }ear creditable to the con-
tingent fund, viz.: tor the tuition of non-resident pupils, or
from any other source, shall also be aivided and apportioned
in like manner. The Board, by a vote of two-thirds of all its
members, may transfer from one account of the contingent
tund to another (except from the Teachers' and Employees'
Account), but no member of the Board shall contract for any-
thing or vote to pay for anything out of any of the said con-
tingent fund accounts, unless there shall be funds therein to
pay the same.


No funds shall be drawn for any payment out of any of said
accounts except by a vote of the Board upon orders signed by
the President of the Board and Superintendent and in the
manner now provided by the charter for funds in the city
treasury to the credit of the Board of Education.

The orders to be drawn on each of said accounts shall be
distinguished by being printed on different colored paper
(each account having a distinct color of its own), and shall be
so worded that the Treasurer shall know to what fund they
are chargeable.



The Superintendent, in the capacity as Clerk of the Board,
shall keep a faithful record of its proceedings, with the names
of the members present and absent, and publish the same in
such papers in the city as the Board shall, from time to time,
direct; give reasonable notice of all special meetings; make
out and submit to the Board all reports required by
law to be made to the Common Council, or to the
Clerk of the County, or to any other body or person, in
such time that the same may be acted upon and com-
pleted by the Board at the periods prescribed by law, and
transmit the same, and perform such other duties as may
from time to time, be imposed upon him by the Board.



The superintendent, under the direction of the board, shall,
at all times, have and exercise complete supervision over the
public schools of the city; also over the several school houses,
premises and appurtenances, and over all school property con-
nected therewith- and shall faithfully perform such duties


connected with the administration of the free school system as
are, or shall be, required of him by law, or by the authority
of the board, among which are the folio wing :

Section 1. He shall, out of office hoars, devote himself
exclusively to the visitation and supervision of the public
schools. He shall give particular attention to the classifica-
tion of the pupils, and shall see that the rules and regulations
of the board are unitormly and faithfully observed in all the

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