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Council of Planning Librarians exchange bibliography

March 1974



A Selected Bibliography of Non-Technical Materials

Nan C. Burg, Librarian

Pennsylvania Department of Community Affairs

Mrs. Mary Vance, Editor
Post Office Box 229
Monticello, Illinois 61856

COimCIL OF FLAMING LIBRARIES Exchange Bibliography #5^0



Nan C. Burgj Librarian
Pennsylvania Department of Community Affairs


P. 0. Box 155

Harri-sburg, Pennsylvania 17120


1. Current nature 2

2. Background on energy resources; economical,

environmental and political considerations 9

3. Surveys and estimates of energy deposits and

reserves 23


1. Federal policy level 27

2. State, industrial and citizen response 3li


1. Long-term conservation and environmental impact 1^3

2. Fuel for transportation; need, allocation and

environmental impact $1

3. Energy reserves in Alaska and the Artie 52
U. Fiining of coal, oil and gasj econondc, social

and environmental aspects $^

5. Nuclear and thermal energy 59

2. CPL Exchange Bibliography #5^0



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h. CPL Exchange Bibliography jiS^O

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