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seperate, and then in equal proportions to the respective num-
bers of each party are the law-givers of the land placed at the
head of national affiiirs. This way of reasoning would not give
any advantage to the minority, but would place in check the
majority from placing burdens upon the minority in electing
a president. Count all the electoral votes of the majority
party, and then count all the electoral votes of the minority
party ; subtract the minority votes from the majority,
then add the minority and majority together, in which
sum, divide the votes that was over and above the minority,
and as many times as it goes, those are the votes to take
out of the whole number of votes in the majority party ; and
then count the balance in the said party ; also count the
whole number in the minority, and then the candidate that
has the highest number of votes is the President. The reason
I lessened the majority was in order to bring in the minority.
Had I not have done so, it would have had no power in
the choice of presidents ; this question of majority and mi-
nority will in some future day shake the Union to its center.
I will illustrate and see how far my opinion is true, as it is
generally conceded that minorities do not rule.

Should the State of Kentucky hold a convention to frame
a new State constitution excluding the domestic institution of
slavery, here the minority could no longer hold slaves, as it
would be unconstitutional, and would be forced to the alter-
native of being robbed by wholesale of slave property, and
tamely submitting to injured wrongs, or sell the slaves and
move out of the State. Philanthropic men of Kentucky with
its salubrious clime, do yon call this the rights to which the
God of nature entitled that freeman should enjoy ?

L 18 ]

This is calleil a free Republic, but wliat will all its bles-
sings of civil liberty amount to ^ when the risini^ generation
takes the place of its predecessors, the slave holding States
is the minority in Congress, what assurance then has our pos-
terity, that Southern slavery will become a permanent institu-
tion as lasting as the decrees of the Almighty, which will remain
unalterable until the ordeal of His sublime law is consummated,
heaven will protect Southern planters in holding on to their slaves
with a tenacious grasp, bordering upon despair, who were given
to them in order to christianize benighted and heathen Africa.
Notwithstanding Southern slavery may cause the unenlightened
public mind to be swallowed up in a vortex of succeeding rev-
olutions, still the Guardian Protector and Governor of the
Universe, will eventually sustain the Southern slave planters,
until contending Northern factions have become obedient to Di-
vine law, but before this unction takes place, it is very evident
that a Black Republican President will be elected to a seat in
the White House in Washington City, then will commence an
era fraught with the most important events in our nation's his-
tory that will shock the refinement of the civilzed world. Then
a Southern united element will absolve from further allegiance
to a Northern revolutionary element, then the very flood-gatea
of human blood will be opened, the repeated wrongs of Southern
rights, which forbearance has ceased to be a virtue, will
vindicate its honor. Although the South may be weak in the
number of able-bodied men and its maritime defence, still it*
glorious cause will be sustained by Heaven, in contending
against Northern legions.

The Northern hosts will cower beneath the displeasure of tho;
Almighty when discovering that the Southerners will conquer
or die upon the battle-field, while Black Republicanism is in
power, and the slave-holding States remains in the minority.
What assurance is there in the security of slave property when
the general government uses its powerful engine to extinguish
Southern slavery, which it will attempt to do as soon as it has
ihe power by Congress to commit a M'holesale robbery of tho

[19 J

entire South and its slave property, including all the slave-hold-
ing States. This national robbery will betiuconstitutional, and
where is the right of government to rob its subjects, or even
to dictate what kind of property the citizens shall hold, if gained
by honesty and true justice.

It appears evident from the nature of our political system
that the governing power does not own slave propert}^ only as
it degenerates into barbarism, and enslaves its white inhabitants
in a monarchical despotism which this government is fast ap-
proaching upon ; a political tyrany more direful than the fabled
furies when human reason gives waj^ and the combined elements
are rising and falling like ocean tide; no power but that of
heaven can stay the bloody attrocities of civil war ; still it is
better for the South rather than submit to lose its slave property
and come under the iron rule of Northern despotism, to
absolve all obligations, allegiance and sovereignty, and estab-
lish a Southern confederacy independent of Northern oligarchy,
instituting internal combinations, proclaiming its position a-
mong the enlightened nations of the earth.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that whenever a
majority ignores the prosperity, welfare and happiness of the
minority, and tramples upon its rights with impunity, that it is
the inalienable rights of the minority no longer to tolerate a
government, that by its majority refuses to protect the minority
in person, property, and in the pursuit of happiness. Heaven
grant the right to the minority to absolve all allegiance with
the majority and establish a government commensurate with
the laws of nature and nature's God that is implanted within
the human soul by the wisdom of Deity. These truths can not
be confuted by the dogma of the most notorious demagogues or
the blindest skepticism. You may pore over the musty volumes
of the heathen mythology,, and what do you discover but a fable
of heathen superstition : you do not discover the attitude in which
man stands to government, and government to the Supreme
Ruler of nations.

I make still another statement : Amend the United States


constitution so as to give the minority the right to elect one-half
of the officers of go^Tnraent, whicli constitutes the law-making
power throughout every department of tliis confederacy, or in
other words, as there consequently will be but two opposing
political parties, that each party shall share equally in the gov-
erning power, and in order to give slave-holders some assurance
in the safety and the protection of their slave property, I will
mention the names of two national parties, free-soil and pro-
slavery ; this will furnish an equilibrium of national sovereignty
in the elective franchise. There will be a sufficient Northern
Union element to unite with Southern, that no misgiving in the
rupture of the government seed be apprehended with the co-
operation of the Union, I have concluded to let Black Kepub-
licanism sink into eternal infamy. I would have recommended
a distinct Union party, but it does not culminate at this time.
February, 1860, with Southern sentiment, as the wound has
not been healed, inflicted by Old Brown and his Northern con-
spirators at Harper's Ferrry, Virginia; and until Congress
passes a law to protect Southern rights, and pay Virginia one-
hundred and fifty thousand dollars the expense of executing the
abolition conspirator, before the South would unite with the North
in organizing a party styled National Union. But I consider
the pro-slavery under the cognizance as National Union, nor
do I sincerely believe that the South would withdraw from the
North, providing that Congress guaranteed ample protectioii
and insured Southern institutions upon a firm basis, that
would stand until -abrogated by heaven's supreme law,
that slavery shall remain in force until divine power sees cause
to remove it from the face of tlie earth. When fanaticisin seti^
itself up as an arbitor of heaven's law, then the Union is in
danger of tumbling down and becoming a pile of smoldering
ruins. When a nation's virtue and Christianity is acknowledged,
then a nation's welfare is progressing and the sunshine of hope
will again illume the public mind that the rubicon is past, and
the vampires are no longer preying upon religous liberty.

[ 21]


I will give a brief abstract of my position to keep the Union
together at all hazards, and to give slavery the same powers
that is bestowed upon freedom, drawing no geographical line to
confine slavery to certain limits. It is entitled by the Constitu-
tion to all the rights that freedom enjoys, and I pledge my
sacred honor that I shall give my suffrage and influence in sup-
port of Southern institutions, that slavery may not be trampled
upon by Northern despotism ; that a territory is not a sovereign
power ; that slavery may be tolerated, and a territorial legisla-
ture has no power to exclude slavery ; that a territory is the
common property of the nation, and when it becomes a State
admitting slavery, that for Congress to reject receiving it into
the confederacy, is unconstitutional ; that the people of a terri-
tory, in forming a State constitution, have the right and sover-
eign power to receive or reject slavery ; that Stephen A. Douglas
is the only available candidate for President, to take his seat on
the 4th of March, 1861. The Honorable Stephen A. Douglas
is the only wise statesman at this juncture that can reconcile
Northern rabid abolition element with Southern fire-eating
element, and four years of his presidential term will give slave-
holding States time and opportunity to investigate a subject,
which, in a measure, concerns the future destiny of slavery and
the welfare of slave-holders. The momentous question is to be
settled by the slave-holding States holding a general Convention
at some central point, Nashville, Tenn., or Atlanta Ga., to remain
in the Union or withdraw, and declare its independence by estab-


lishing a Southern North American Republic, assuming its posi-
tion amons: the nations of the earth. 1 do not advocate so extreme
a measure as the South withdrawing from tlie North, only upon
the principles of right and justice, to which every rational being
is created with. In the sense to which this paragraph is writ-
ten, I make no allusion to the descendants of Ilam and tlie kind
of slavery that the God of Heaven has instituted as a Divine Law,
that no edicts of Northern amalgamation can abrogate. That
the last council fires of Union has gone out and extinguished
forever by Northern despotism, and the last expiring hopes of a
united nation buried in one common tomb ; that is, a nation
that was once united, but now upon the eve of a mighty revolu-
tion that will distinguish the ninteenth century in the annals of
the world. Were these my dying words, and 1 expec;ted soon
to be in my grave, I would say to the South, bear, for a time,
indignity and insult before a final separation from the North as
the last alternative, which is necessity, the mother of invention
and self-preservation is the first law of nature. But never,
while warm Southern blood runs within your veins, suffer
Washington's tomb to be desecrated by Northern despotism.
Let his tomb remain sacred forever as his soul is mourning over
the ruins of an enlightened republic, which is upon the eve of
making ineffectual attempts to establish an empire subject to a
despot's iron will.

The North is about to forfeit every claim and every honor in
the protection of Washington's tomb; and when the thunderings
of cannon shall reverberate over his tomb in the conflict of
civil war, and the very flood-gates of disunion will be opened
as a sacrilige upon Washington's memory, and _^no palliation of
Northern inroads can appease Southern honor auel heal the
wound of union, unless Black Republicanism becomes a sacri-
fice to save*a nation from pillage, rapine and murder; that is,
the entire disbanding of Black Republicans in rank and file,
and to be cast to the four winds and no longer cumber the earth
with a dogma that resembles a charnel-house of putrification,
fit inmates of pandemonium.


Should "black republicanism cease its eternal hostility upon
Southern institutions, by the election of Stephen A. Douglas to
the presidency, there will be some just grounds for remaining
in the Union; by the continued agitation of black republic-
anism the conflict would come sooner or later, and this is no
way for an enlightened people to live, in a painful suspense that
estranges our happiness, and prevents agriculture and commerce
from becoming true sources to a nation's welfare. But in the
case of the impending conflict coming to pass, instigated by the
notorious Helper in his infamous book known as the " Impend-
ing Crisis;" and what can sustain the author from sinking int¬ї
eternal intamy ? A nation's apathy and the world's credulity
cannot save him from oblivion's gulf. I will advocate a measure
that has a tendency to civilization and to enlighten a continent :
the North and South to hold separate conventions, irrespective of
party entangling alliances, and each convention to appoint
twenty-four of its wisest statesmen, to meet in a general ratify-
ing convention, with full powers to draft a treaty stipulation to
a peaceable separation of the North and South, from all entang-
ling alliances forever, and to be two distinct nations, the North
to be called the North American Republican Monarchy, under
the influence of British gold, and in treaty stipulations with the
Black Republics of Liberia and Hayti. The South to be styled the
Southern North American Republic, dependent upon its own re-
sources and treaties of amity and commerce with all civilized na-
tions, excluding all negro republics until the entire continent of
Africa becomes enlightened and Christianity prevails throughout
that benighted land of barbarism; and then, when slaves havebeen
ransomed by the Disposer of human events and supplanted up-
on African soil, which, should it ever take place, will be by
Divine Power, and no power on earth can prevail aj,ainst
Heaven's irrevocable commands ; where will bo the inconsis-
tency of extending a national courtesy to what God has acknow-
ledged as a supreme unction ? Who would be the gainer to fall
out and get into civil war? Would it make us better christians
or more loyal subjects to the power that enslaved us, after


thousands of brave men were slain in battle? Who would
wipe awaj the tears of mourning widows and orphans who
were weeping in heart-rending anguish for the loss of father
and friends ? I wish to be a peacemaker, and not an instiga-
tor of civil war. Let the laws of nature and nature's God be
carried out in every department of government.



The intelligent reader may have some curiosity to know what
induced an illiterate author to present himself to the public
mind, and selected from the world of authors in which criticism
will cast an odium upon my name and character, unless by
Christianity and virtue, I can vindicate my honor before the
world, I will say to the learned critic that while he is getting
the beam out of my eye, to not forget and remove the mote out
of his own eye, as none are perfect, no, not one. My answer is
in worshiping God with a true christian spirit, and the love of
virtue, the greatest of all causes combined together, with the
love of country which buoys me up amid the most groveling
sensuality, and the disunion disorganizers of our country. I
will stand to the Union until the relics of independence are vio-
lated, and the Union demolished in a funeral pyre of smoldering
ruins, which the abolition conspirators are fast hastening to
bury our liberties in one common tomb, and this will be the in-
evitable result, whenever Congress attempts to use its power oi
civil war to enforce the slave-holding States to abolish slavery.
Then again the power of government may be futile as its armed
legions may refuse to war upon fathers, brothers, and friends.
Then I consider the Constitution broke and the government a
wreck, foundered upon the political sea of commotion; then the
first steps to be taken in periling our lives, and our sacred hon-
or, is to found and establish a Southern confederacy, commen-
surate with the advancement and progress of the nineteenth
century, to which the signs of the times are tending. The old

[ 26]

world 13 upheaving- like a volcanic cauldron. England is
marching its army to the capital of China, and peradventure
may quarter its soldiers in the palace of the Emperor of the
Sun ; while at home it is trembling in fear of Louis Napoleon
the III, to avenge the cruel treatment of his Uncle upon the
Island of St. Helena.

Spain is carrying on an exterminating war with Morocco.
Italian affairs are unsettled. Hungary is upon the eve of a
revolt, and universal liberty, like an infection, is catching; and,
by the time that tlie Hon. Stephen A. Douglas retires from the
arduous duties as President, the influence of liberty will be
wafted across the Atlantic, and the culminating point in the
future destiny of half a continent will have arrived, the slave-
holding States to come under the vascillatiug bondage of North-
ern despotism, or like the immortal Patrick Henry, " Give me
liberty or give me death !" Should there be no possibility of
the North and Soutli living together in a harmonious Union,
would it not be wise policy to divide the Union, separate in
peace and form two distinct governments. Upon a more exten-
sive view of this august question, Christianity demands it, as
there is not a union of christian denomination. North and
South; civilization demands an extension of religious liberty
throughout the imbecile government of Mexico; and it is fast verg-
ging to become an easy prey to be annexed to a Soutliern re[)ublic,
and then those armed bands of robbers and murderers would be
arrested and brought to justice; there would then be some
degree of protection and safety to person and property. This
is the only way that the intestine factions of Mexico will ever
be settled upon a firm basis. Also, enlightened progress de-
mands a civil government in the Central American provinces,
including Yucatan and Isthmus of Darien. As long as the
North and South remain together in an incessant broil upon
the question of slavery without coming to ultimate results, a
barrier will be placed upon any further extension of Southern
territory in the shape of waning and declining governments upon
our south-western border, which, under the protecting wing of

L 27]

the bird of Jove, will contribute to an embryo nation in wealth
and prosperity, which the slave holding States will eventually
establish upon a firm basis guaranteeing all the inalienable
rights which man is created with, and obeying the laws of God
as paramount to those of man, or nations; and no government
can prosper that ignores the divine mandates of Heaven. The
commands and laws of our Creator should bear an impress to
the tomb, that our lineal descendants may transmit to posterity
an admiring awe of the Great Architect of the universe. When
barbarism seeks to impugn an enlightened people in a chimera
of delusive phantasma, its virulence recoils back in the sources
from whence it came. Thus it is with the Northern abolition
conspirators in the Harper's Ferry insurrection, more vindictive
in its horrors of human atrocity than a Cataline, in attempting
to arm the Virginia slaves with pikes and weapons of death, to
commit rapine and murder upon innocent virgins. O, Hu-
manity ! where is thy blush ? Oh ! Indignation, where is thy
victory ? Oli ! Justice where is thy avenging power, when in-
carnate fiends in the shape of Northern negro-worsliippers, John
Brown as chief, must have either been insane or a dupe to the
influence of British gold, to have the audacity to embroil an
empire in a civil war. I endorse the brave patriotism of Gov-
ernor Wise, in executing a retributive justice upon the doomed
victims that polluted Southern soil. Still I am inclined to some
mitigation, but martial law demanded the sacrifice, as the Gov-
ernor of Virginia had established marshal law in the inlected dis-
trict, at the time of John Brown's execution, as an alarm had
reached the Honorable Mr. Wise that an army of one thousand
men from Ohio, were marching to rescue the prisoners; but it
was a false alarm, and the sequel will fill up the results of those
Northern vampires, and recoil back in thundering tones upon
Northern commerce, and shake New England to its center, as
the cotton mills of Lowell will share in the common ruin, in a
blight of mill dew, and when the streets of Boston are grown up
in grass negro shepherds can find employment in herding goats
and swine upon Boston common, while the charitable institu-


tions of modern Athens, hurries off an envoy by Adams &
Co.'s Express to confer witli the corporated authorities of New-
Orleans, arrives at the Mayor's office, enters, hat in hand,
makes a low bow, gets down upon his knees, your most obedient
servant. " Dear Sir : have I the honor of addressing the au-
gust mayor of this cotton and sugar metropolis ?" " You have
that honor." " I am sent here by the City of Notions as a
minister on a humane mission. I have fourteen dollars in clear
cash, and that is not my own. I want to purchase one-eighth
of a cotton-bale to take on to the spindles and looms of Lowell,
to get it manufactured into relics as memorials of the past, as
our prosperous days are gone forever, and succeeding revolu-
tions will swallow up the past in oblivion. Still, we wish to
transmit some memento of our doom to posterity." The Yan-
kee ambassador, not having the money to bear his expenses to
his cold northern liome wanders about the city and strolls into
a Cumberland Presbyterian Ciiurch, where a large and respect-
able congregation were taking up a donation to send to the
starving operatives of Lowell. The Yankee's mission becoming
known to the officers of the Church, he was entrusted with the
funds, and was soon on his way to Louisville, Ky., and laid in
a supply of provisions, proceeded on to gladden the hearts of
famishing females, caused by a northern intestine faction of
deluded men, whose fate is sealed, and no monument remain-
ing; and the only monument remaining in the destruction of
Sodom, is Lot's wife in a pillar of salt.

In a few years there will be withdrawn one hundred millions
of dollars, which will cause the Yankees to open their eyes and
shake the dust from their garments ; and it is to be hoped by all
that's sacred upon earth in heaven, that a Northern convention
will have the wisdom to let the slave-holding States alone and
remain in peace, by signing a treaty to a Southern confedercy.

In conclusion, I will add, that, in order to gain the public
confidence of my Southern compeers and Northern conserva-
tives, who will stand up in defense of southern rights and
institutions, I am willing to be placed under oath, and solemnly


make the statement that not one drop of abolition blood runs
through my veins. I am as clear of the foul leprosy as the
most zealous conservative pro-slavery planter of Louisiana,
who owns five hunpred slaves. I have not aimed my indig-
nation as personal. It is true, I have mentioned the name
of John Brown, which will sink in eternal infamy.

The reader will please to take my views in the broadest
sense of the word, as national, which the liberty of speech
and of the press are the main pillars in the temple of human
liberty. It is strange, passing strange, that intelligent men
will, with tenacity, cling to blind opinions, which warp
their judgment and doom them to continual error. It requires
the clue of an Ariadne in all the love she could bestow on

Thesus. Americans, come out of this Cimerian darkness

disentangle yourselves from these murky clouds that envelope
you in a charnel-house of putrifaction.

Should this illiterate treatise be rejected by the American
people, and after I have gone " to that undiscovered countrv
from whose bourne no traveler returns," do not dishonor mv
name. All I ask of the world, is the charity of its sileace.


The author does not come before the ])iiblic with a view t<t
gather hiurels around liis brow, or to enshrine his name in th**
empty bubbles of fame, but to instill into the minds of the peo-
ple, a taste for pure literature, that is interwoven with truth,
that i;i;norc8 hobgoblins in tales of fiction, which leaves th(^


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