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obedience to yow ; & yow are from time to time to observe all orders yow shall
receive from the Generall Court, councill of the collony, or majo^ generall.
And ordered the marshall generall to call for them to y' secretary w^'in fewer
dajes after the Court is risen, & deliuer them accordingly.

In pursuance of his majesties designe against the Dutch at the Monhatoes,
it is ordered, that Capt Hugh Mason & Cap? W™ Hudson be the cheife


comanders ouer such forces as shallbe rajsed in this jurisdiction in that 16 64.
service, & that Ensigne Thomas Noyse & Ensigne John Thaxter be their ' " '
leifteniits. ^^'^S"^*-

The Court judgeth it meet to allow some meete person to dispense the Minister & chi-
word of God to such as are intended for this expedition, & desire the honored DutcnesTgn'e.
M' Willoughby & M"^ Eussell would treat w* M"^ Graues thereabout, & if he 8: 6: 64.
be not to be obteyned, it is then left to the cheife officers to procure some
other, who is to haue meete allowance for y« same. And further, it is ordered,
that they shallbe allowed an able chirurgeon, such as they can get, furnished
w"' all things necessary for such service, & to haue meete allowance for
the same.

The Generall Court of the Massachusetts to our louing freinds Cap! Hugh Comissions for
Mason & Cap? W^ Hudson. ^^1 ^^o^^

Whereas yow & each of yow are chosen & appointed comanders in cheife
in reflference to y' forces now to be rajsed, (of voluntary souldjers,) not exceed-
ing two hundred, to asist in his majesties service in the reducing the Mon-
hatoes, as by an order of y^ Genii Court may appeare, these are in his
majesties name to comissionate & empower yow forthw"" to endeavor the
service aforesajd, and to that end yow may or shall, by beate of drume or
drumes in each of the tounes & plantations w'Mn this jurisdiction of the Mas-
sachusetts, proclajme & publish this your power and comission ; & leave vnder
yo' coinand & conduct all such persons as shall willingly lyst themselves for
that service, and also to nominate, appoint, & empower all inferio' officers
necessary for that seruice, and them to order, coinand, and prepare, so that
they, with yourselves, may be ready vpon their march by the twentieth

In answer to the motion & request of M' Thomas Broughton, humbly Court grant of

liberty to M'

craiving this Courts favo' that they may haue liberty to come to the publicke Broughton to
ordinances on the Lords days & at other times, & y* his confinement maybe to ^°^ to^uoUck
some other place, w*"" M' Chickleys consent, the Courte grants his request for
his attendance on public worship, so he be secured by the keeper, & his cred^
ito' thereby not defrauded ; also for his enlargment, so it be w"^ his credito"'^

*For the better carrying on of the present affaire referring to the setting [*449.J
out of such as shall offer themselves for his majesties service, it is ordered, „°g™^ J^^e
that the country Treasurer take care to make supply of all such things as are for y soul-





8 August.

necessary for the ends aboue mentioned, provided it exceede not fine hundred

The Generall Court of the Massachusets to Capt Hugh Mason & Cap?

W™ Hudson.

1. Yow are forthwith, by beate of drume, & all other good & lawful!
meanes, to rajse souldiers, armed, not exceeding two hundred, being such as
shall willingly lyst themselves vnder yo"^ comand, for his majesties service in
reducing the Monhatoes, & free from all legall engagements.

2. Yow shall coinand, order, & discipline those souldjers into two com-
panjes, in due & convenient time to march ; yow shall keepe them in due
order, that violenc or wrong be by them offered to none, either in their quar-
ters or march.

3. These souldjers abouesajd yow shall in due manner lead & conduct to
his majesties hono*'° comissioners at or neere the Monhatoes, and attend such
orders in his majesties service as by their appointment yow shall receive for
the space of six weekes after yo"" arriuall there, in case his maj'^'° seruice for
the reducing the Monhatoes require it so long.

4. The abouesajd time of sixe weekes being expired or his maj'^^ service
in reducing the Monhatoes, before the expiration thereof being accomplished,
yow shall mooue for yo' pay of such arrears as shall then be due to yow, &
returne home w* yo' souldjers w"'out further delay, vnlesse in the meane
time yow shall receiue order from the Gouerno'^ & councill of this collony for
yo"^ longer continuance, & on yo'' ariuall backe yow shall imediately disband
yo' soldjers.

5. In case yourselues & souldjers be not payd by his majestjes coiiiisslon-
ers, yow shall bring in yo' accounts to ihe Treasurer of the country, who is to
sattisfy the same.

Warrant to
raise volun-

9 : 6 : 64.

To all sarjants, corporalls, & di'ummes in the respectiue companjes w'Mn
this jurisdiction. Yow & euery of yow are hereby required, in his majestjes
name, vpon the request & desire of Capt Hugh Mason, or Cap? Willjam
Hudson, or either of their officers, to asist them to publish such proclama-
tion w"'in yo"^ toune as they shall coinunicate to yow for the raysing of vol-
untary souldjers for the seruice of his maj'^" against the Dutch at Monahatoes,
& to returne to them a list of the names of such as offer themselues willingly
to that seruice ; hereof yow & euery of yow are not to faile.



The General! Coiurt of tlie Massachusets collony in New England to Hugh "^ v '

Mason, Captaine. ^^^ '

Wee doe hereby constitute & appointe yow captaine of a fFoote company Coinission for

.,.,... T . , , ™, /.I • ^^P' Mason &

to be rajsed in this jurisdiction, as volunteers, by beate of drum, for the asist- cap« Hudson
ance of the honoi-i'i^ Colonel Rich Nichols, S'^ Eobert Carr, &6, his maiesties ^^ke to leiften

' ' ' •' "' a«s, &c, muta-

comissioners, in reducing the Dutch at the Monhatoes vnto the obedjence of tiset mutandis.

his majestje. These are therefore to will & requhe yow forthw"' to attend

that seruice, in raysing of an hundred men for souldjers, & they being raysed,

yow are to take the charge of them as their captajnes, & dilligently to intend

that sendee, and excercise your inferio' oiScers & souldjers in armes, comand-

ing them to obey yow as their captaine for the service aforesajd, & yow to obey

such orders, directions, & instructions as yow shall receiue from time to tjme

from this Court & the honor'*'' comissioners, according to the discipline of

warr. Giuen vnder the hand of the Gouerno' & secretary, w* the scale of the

colony affixed, the D"' August, 1664.

Itt is ordered by this Court, that the Treasurer procure to the value of Treasurer to

. ,, , Dili.!, provide & rayse

one hundred pounds m ready money vpon the best termes ne can, 6c tnat he loo" for comi"
be allowed for the same, both for tjme & difference, in spetie ; and the sajd ™ '=^^'^^' *"•
money to deliuer to the coinand's in cheife for the purchasing of what is
necessai-y, & furnishing both themselves & their souldjers w"^ such things as
cannot otherwise be obteyned.

The Court, having sent for M'' Jacob Greene, of Charls Toune, to be a Jacob Greene

n /I -I. 1 ' T T_* *fv * coinissary.

comissary for this present service, & finding his readynes to serve his maj'^ m
that imploy, doe hereby order & appoint the sajd Jacob Greene for a supply
of that place, for w* he is to haue due allowance.

*In ans' to seuerall proposalls of the comanders in cheiffe, who are now [*450.]
to attend his maiesties service, in refference to their instructions, — Courts re-

•^ *' solves to

1. Whither such souldjers as appeare w^'out armes shall be refused ; comand's

_ qusestions.

2. What are legall engagements, &3, —

The Court declares, that such as want armes be furnished in parte of
their wages, & not at the charge of the country ; otherwise, that such as are
apprentizes, servants, or sonnes vnder the goQnment of their parents, are le-
gally engaged, and such others as are vnder any legall restrajnt.

And that a letter of recomendation of the gent'' to the hon'"' coiiiission-

^ , , J. p Jl Cap' Clarke &

ers, according to their quallity & trust comitted to them, be sent, (SC. ^ap' Pinchon

Itt is ordered by this Court & the authority thereof, that Cap? Thomas ^'^^'^°f ^"^°.
Clarke & Cap? Jn" Pinchon doe speedily repajre to the hon'^ble CoUonell sics.



1664. Eichard Nichols & Colonell George Cartwright, & other his maj'^^ comission-
ers, at their randevous, as messengers from this Court.

9 August.

Letters to y
hou"8 comis-

Hono"'* Gent" : —

Wee haue sent the bearers hereof, Capt Thomas Clarke & Capt Jn° Pin-
chon, as our messengers to acquaint jow w*'' the motions of this Court con-
cerning yo"^ propposition left for raysing & sending souldjers for his majestjes
service in reducing the Dutch at Monhatoes, whom wee pray to credit in all
things they are instructed to comunicate vnto yow, and to dispatch them back
w"* all convenient speed. So, w* our due respects presented, we remajne
Your loving freinds,

EDW: RAWSON, Secret, in y« name & by order, &(3.

for Cap'
Clarke, &c.

Instructions for the sajd gent", Capt Tho Clarke & Capt Jn° Pinchon.

First, yow are to present the respects of this Court to his maj"^= comis-
sioners, & informe them that the Generall Court mett according to appoint-
ment the third instant, and in answer to the propposition left w'^ them
touching raysing forces, haue ordered & comissioned two captaines, i. e..
Cap? Hugh Mason & Cap? Willjam Hudson, forthwith to rayse two hundred
souldjers as volunteers for that service, to be vpon their march by the tjme
appointed, which worke the sajd officers are prosecuting.

2'y. That this Court hath ordered taking vp provissions, armes, & other
necessarjes for the furnishing of the sajd souldjers, in expectation & confidence
that his majestys comissioners will reimburse the same.

3. Lastly, that yow speedily returne or acquaint the Gouerno' or councill
w* his majestjes comissioners resentment.

A priuat in-

Aditionall instructions to Capt Tho Clarke & Capt Jn° Pinchon.

That yow present to the hono'''* comissioners that wee desire their advice
& order how the souldjers raysed amongst vs should haue their passage vnto
them, & prouission made for them whilst they are there, and for the way of
theire returne, the service being performed.

Yow are, in case yow see that the action is in such a way as that there
may be no neede of our men, to advise vs thereof; otherwise that yow perceive
the honorable comissioners insist vpon their march, yet may be taken of by
the granting them asistance by prouissions to the value of fine hundred
pounds, & rather then fayle, to one thousand pounds, yow may ingage the
same to them on the behalfe of this Court.


Honored friends & confederates : — 16 64.

His majestjes service calling vs to send our beloued Cap? Tho Clark & "" ^' '
Capt Jn° Pinchon to attend his majesties hono^'^ comissioners at Long Island, ,. ,, "/"^ '

■" •* D ' Letter to Con-

or the Monhatoes, or elsewhere in the westerne part, & not knowing what federats Co-

, necticot &

occasions they may haue for the forwarding of them in their jom-ney by horse New Hauen,
or men, boate or vessell, as they shall see occasion to make vse of, wee desire
yow to be helpfuU to them therein, & wee shallbe ready at all tjmes to comply
w"" yow in the like, & remajne

Your loving friends & confederates.

EDW: EAWSON, Secret, in the name & by order.

*It is ordered, that Cap? Thomas Clarke & Capt John Pinchon, or either [*451.]
of them, during their present imploy, shall & is hereby irapowred to impresse Cap' ciarks, .

. 1 1 « , . . &c, poAver to

either men or horses lor their vse in this imploy in any part of this impresse, &c.

It is ordered, that the souldjers raysed be not sent forth on theire march lo : 6 : 64.
vntill advice for the direction of them therein be sent from his maiesties "^^^ °^ ^°"^"

•^ "^ djers march.
comissioners, or some returne made by our messengers sent to them for that

end, any former order of this Court notw^standing.

It is ordered by this Coiirt & the authority thereof, that the pay for Souidjersrec-
the comon souldjers that doe lyst themselues as volunteers for his maj'^^ ompeno.
service, against the Dutch, shall be eleven shillings p weeke, and whateuer
prouission, cloathing, or arnies they shall receiue from the comissary shall be
deducted out of their wages, at such indifferent prises as such things are
coinonly vallewed in the country.

This Court, hauing past sundry orders jnjoyning their Tresurer, M' Tresurers se-
Richard Russell, to disburse in money & goods to a considerable quantity, "^"^ ^'
doe heereby, for his indemnity & encouragement, that no damage may come
to the publick by the neglect thereof, declare & engage that, at the next meet-
ing of the Generall Court, they will impouer him to levy so much of the
country as shall be by him expended, w* full & meete allowance for all dam-
ages that he shall susteyne by diiference of specie or laying out the same
before he be imbursed againe.

In pursuance of an order of this Court for raysing & furnishing two Comitteeto
hundred volunteers for his mai'^ service against the Dutch, vnder the coinand ," "^^ ^ !°"

JO ' djers march,

of Cap? Hugh Mason & Cap? Willjam Hudson, it is ordered, that M' Francis ^^■■
Willoughby, M' Richard Russell, Edward Rawson, & M' "W" Dauis be a
comittee of this Court, or any three of them, to remoove any obstruction that
may impede the motion of the sajd souldjers, according to the sajd order, and


16 6 4. also to order & appoint tlie tjme when they shall beginn their march towards
'^ ' the MonhatoeSj & what euer they shall doe in the premisses this Court doeth
rattifify & allow.
Dep' Gou. It is ordered by this Court & authority thereof, that the Dep*y GoQn'^ be

allowed a man or two to wayte vpon him, such as himself shall choose ; and
the Treasurer of the country is to sattisfy his bill to him or his order, though
Iris expenses in y^ case & behalfe should exceed tenn pounds.
Keepers allow- It is Ordered, that the prison keeper be payd the prison fees, & be

Douglas im- allowed for the diet of Cap? Douglass,' &6, as by lawe is here established, &
P'sonm'. ^.j^j^j j(. ^Q payd by the gent™ betrusted w"^ the Blew Done & the goods be-

longing to hir.

Whereas a ship coming from Jamaica into Piscataq, Riuer, Cap? Jn°
Douglas coinander, on pretence of wood & water, on whose arriuall, together
w"' the behauiour of the sajd John Douglas & his company, complaints on
publick fame multiplying & coming to the Gouerno'' & other magistrates, that
the sajd John Douglas & his company had illegally & vnduely, w"^ violence,
seazed the sajd ship, called the Blew Done, & dispossessed the master, Robert
Cooke, & his company, being then in possession in a q^uiet & legall way from
gr "^m Dauidson & other English merchants, and outing the sajd Robert
Cooke & his company, & possessing hlmselfe, the sajd Douglas, w'*" the sajd
ship & goods, on which complaints the Goiino' & magis'^ judged it their duty
to make due inquiry after the same, that so his majesty & his good subjects
due rights may be preserued, in ptirsuance whereof judged it meete to im-
power Capt James Olliuer & Capt Edward Hutchinson, w''' others, to inquier
duely into the same, & as they found, to take due course for the seazing of
the sajd John Douglas ship & company, & order their being brought to
Boston, in order to a due trjall, as in the sajd coinission may appeare, & on the
sajd Douglas a^hention & coming before the Goilno'' & magis'% they ordered
Capt Hutchinson to impleade the sajd master & ship before the councill,
[*452.] which having binn donne, & the *council, by their order, after pervsall of all
Courts order & evidences by the sajd Hutchinson & Douglas produced, appointed the sajd

judgm"' ab'

ship Blew ship & goods to be securra, & an inventory thereof exactly taken, by two or
Douglass ^'' three meete persons, on their oathes, & by Capt Francis Norton, Capt James
Olliuer, & Capt Edward Hutchinson secured & preserved in kinde, as much
as maybe, & kept from imbezlement, wast, or spoyle, only dischardging the
necessary expences & chardges that hath binn or shall be expended there-
abouts out of the cargoe, giving sufficjent security to the secretary for the re-
sponding the sajd ship & remayning goods to the right owners, as in the Id
act, w""" referd only to this Courts final determination, may appeare, and


10 August.

tkerevpon the sajd John Douglass, heing sent for ont of prison, appearing 166 4.
before this Court w"' the sajd Edward Hutchinson, who impleaded him, after
the sajd Douglas his comission, being truely interpreted, was read, w"^ all the
euidences in the case produced, this Court finds that the sajd Douglas his
coiiiission granted to Charles de Bills by the King of Portingall, bearing date
the 8"^ of September, 1662, & by him assigned to the sajd John Douglas the
SO"' of the same moneth, doe judge that the sajd ship, Blew Doue, was il-
legally seazed by the sajd Douglas, his sajd coinission not warranting the
same, and doe therefore order, according to the act of the council aboue men-
tioned, that the sajd Capt Francis Norton, Capt James OUluer, & Cap? Edward
Hutchinson secure the sajd ship aboue mentioned, and all the goods taken in
the same, as they haue already in their hands, who are hereby required & im-
powred to recouer, by all lawfull wayes & meanes, any other of the goods
belonging to the sajd ship now in the possession of any person w'Mn this
jurisdiction, or the true value thereof, & the same to keepe in their possession,
excepting such as are liable to perishing, them only to make sale of, keeping
the effects, they giving in a true inventory of all the goods now & that shall
come into their hands, by the oathes of such as tooke the same, to the secre-
tary, & giving him sufficient security to respond the same ; and that the secre-
tary take the first oppertunity to signify to the gent" ounors or proprietors in
England, or elswhere, of the Courts actings heerein, who, vpon due prooffe
made, w'Mn one yeare after the date of this order, of a right therevnto, the
sajd ship & goods, or effects thereof, to be deliuered to such ounor or ounors,
they paying & allowing all just charges arising in & about the same, & that in
the interim the sajd John Douglas giue his bond to the secretary, to the value
of two thousand pounds, for the payment of one thousand pounds, in case he
make not his appearance at any Court, from tjme to tjme, w^in the tjme pre-
fixt, to be kept in Boston to answer what shall be fui-ther objected against him
in or about the premisses ; and that he, the sajd John Douglas, deliuer into
thi? Court the bond he tooke of M' Kellond & M"^ Gibbs for the goods he
sould to them belonging to the ship Blew Doue, and that he remajne in prison
till he deliuer the same, any thing in this or any order notw*standing.

This Court, being informed that diuers goods belonging to the ounors & Order ab' ship

T • 1 T>i T-v ■ 1 Blew Doue &

merchants of the shipp & goods that were taken m the Blew Doue are m the seamen.
hands of seuerall persons vndiscouered, that the right ounors may haue right
don to them, this Court doeth order, that Cap? Francis Norton, Cap? OUiuer,
& Capt Hutchinson shall & hereby are impowred to enquire out & examine
all such persons for the finding out such goods, and that they, discouering
where any such goods be, or moneys due for any of these goods which.


10 August.

1664. haue binn sold, they are to seize & take possession thereof & keepe, according
to another order of this Court ; and fui-ther, it is hereby ordered, that they
see to the security of the goods in the hands of M' Eobert Gibbs & M'
Thomas Kellond, for which he gaue bond ; as also that the seuerall seamen
that seized the ship giue in their bonds of twenty pounds a man to the secre-
tary to answer for what they haue donne therein when they shallbe called
thereto, & the marshall, or his deputy, to giue them notice thereof.
Order to deliU It is ordered, that Capt John Douglas his originall comission be deliu-

coffiistioTto'' ^^'^^ "^P *'° ^™ ^y ^^^ secretary, when he hath writt «fe signed a true copie
Cap' Douglas, thereof vnder his hand & seale, and attesting it to be a true copie of what he
only deliuered into the councill, & by virtue whereof he tooke the ship Blew
Doue, to be kept in steede of the originall on this Courts file.
[*453.] *It is ordered, that Capt Francis Norton, Cap? James Olliuer, & Capt

Seamen of ship Edward Hutchinson, when Cap? Douglas & seamen haue giuen their bonds to

Blew Doue to

haue20'apeece the Secretary, according to the judgment of this Court, deliuer the capt forty

inoase°&c shillings, & each seaman twenty shillings, to preserve them aliue till they can

provide some honest imploy for themselves, & that their particcular cloathes,

so cleerely prooued to the sajd gen?n, be by them deliuered to them.

Ans' to M' In ans'^ to M'^ Robert Gibbs & M"^ Thomas Kellonds peticSn, it is ordered,

Keiionds peti- ^^^^ ■'^' Thomas Kellond & M' Eobert Gibbs forthwith deliuer vp the forty

^°°- eight caske of sugar, fiue barrells of cole, the wax cakes, the twenty fower

hides, & all other goods they had out of the ship Blew Doue, plate, Jewells,

&<5, to Capt Francis Norton, Capt James Olliuer, & Capt Edward Hutchinson,

to be secured by them as the other ; & on the deliuery thereof, both the bonds

of sajd Kellond & Gibbs to be deliuered to them, together w* so much to be

repayd them as they shall make appeare they haue payd to the sajd Douglas,

or any of his company, before the ship was seized by Capt Olliuer &

Hutchinson, w"' their charges in bringing the sajd goods to Boston as ordinary

freight; & in case of the sajd Kellond & Gibbs refusall to deliuer vp the

goods, they shall pay vnto the country Treasurer the full value of fheir


The whole Court met together ordered, that the secretary deliuer a true
copie of his majestyes letter & comission to the Hono'*''^ Colonel Rich
Nicholls, &(3, w"" the instruction to Capt Clarke & Capt Pinchon, members of
this Court, but not signed by him.
Adjou'ment This Coiut is adjourned to the first Wendsday in Nouember next, vnlesse

the GoQno' or Deputy Gouerno'^, or any three Asistants, see cause to call
it sooner.


*Att a Generall Court, called hj Order from the Gourf, Dep'^ GovT, 16 6 4.
8c other Magistrates, Sf held at Boston, 19"' of October, 1664. ' ^^~'

•^ 19 October.

XT being put to the q^uestion, whither this Court will at this sessiou mate ■■ '■'

1 • 1 i_i 11 1 ■ • Quicst. ab'

their humble addresse to his majesty, the whole Court being mett sending ad-
together resolved the question on the affirmative, & was : — J^a^ resoivd

To the Kings most Excellent Maj'^.
The humhle supplication of the Gen"^!! Court of the Massachusets colony in

New England.
Dread Soueraigne : —

If your poore subjects, who haue remooved themselves into a remote
corner of the earth to enjoy peace w"' God & man, doe in this day of theire
trouble prostrate themselues at your royal feete, & begg yo"^ favor, wee hope
it will be graciously accepted by your majestje, and that as the high place
you sustejne on earth doeth number you here among the gods, so you will

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