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at Boston.

In ans'' to the motion of the deputjes of Wooborne, the Court judgeth it Ans'toy«dep«

.. ,. ,. _. . -j^f Wooborns

meete to grant their desires therein exprest, and that the comittee aroresajd, motion aW Mis-
according to the trust comitted to them formerly, proceed to finish the worke, ^^"^ bridge.
and declare what proportion each toune concernd is to allow for & towards
the reparation & maynteyning thereof, which is to be attended accordingly.

In ans' to the petition of Roger Clap, captaine of the Castle, the Court Cap' Clap' ai-

. , , . ■. . . f T ^ iT ■ • lowi40"p'ann.

judgeth it meet to grant the petitioner forty pounds tor this yeare m money, j^ mo^ey.
& so for tjme to come, as part of the sallery to the sajd captaine, allowed by
this Court for himself, gunner, & souldjers service.

This Court hauing, the 11*'' of May, 1670, ordered Capt Joshua Hub- Forty shillings

, T . T-.T . , (5 allowed Jnslma

bard & Leiftennant Joshua Fisher to perfect the Ijne betweene rljmouth & pisher for run-
ourselues, neere Hingham, and expending abooue fewer days time in the sajd n^)'"ijne-
service, for w""" they haue had no sattisfaction, it is ordered, that the artist for

U October.
Cap' Foster


167 2. performing^ the same, being for the children of the sajd Joshua Fisher, de-
ceased, shall haue forty shillings pajd by the Tresurer.

This Court formerly thought meete to appoint Capt Edward Johnson,
added to y together w"" other gen'°, to take care for the disposing of the charter of this

comittee to z^rT^i-iij

keepe y pat- colony. The captaine being dead, it is ordered, that Capt Foster be added to
,^"i'tV* the survivo'^s in steed of the deceased.

Cap' Johnson.

r*712.1 *Whereas seuerall persons from North Hampton & other places haue

Squakeake on presented their names to Majo"' John Pynchon, according to an order of this

R^uCTlnew Court dated May lo"", 1672, the Ijst whereof he hath returned to this

plantation 6 Court, & is on file, whereby they ingage themselues to setle a village at

Ililll6S SQU3.r6>

Squakeake, vpon Connecticot Riuer, aboue Hadley, according to proviso'* &

conditions expressed in the sajd order, this Court, considering the premisses,

doth grant vnto the sajd persons, & such others as shall joyne w"' them in

making the sajd village, such a tract of land in the sajd place as shall amount

to the contents of sixe miles square, provided it be not lajd out aboue eight

miles in length by the riuer side, and doe appoint & impower Lef ? W^

Clarke, Willjam Holton, Left Samuell Smith, Cornet Willjam Allys, & Isack

Graues, or any three of them, to be a coinittee for to lay out the sajd planta-

A farme of 300 tion, and to lay out a farme of three hundred acres of vpland & meadow in

some convenient place there neere the toune for the vse of the country, to ad-
mitt inhabitants, to grant lotts, & order all the prudentiall affaires of the
sajd village, & all at the charge of the sajd vndertakers, and to take speciall
care that a godly preacher be placed there as soone as there is twenty ffam-
iljes setled ; and this power of this coinittee is to continew vntill this Court
take further order.

At this Court, M' Edward Collings, atturney to & for D"^ Benjamin
Whichcot & Rebeckah, his wife, execcutrix to the last will & testament of the
late Mathew Cradocke, of London, merchant, came, and, according to the order
of the Generall Court, dated ll"" of October, 1670, not only made returne of
the laying out of the thousand acres of land then granted to the sajd D'
Whitchcott & Rebeckah, his wife, but also presented a dischardge in writting,
vnder the hand & scale of the sajd D'' Benjamin Whitchcot & Eebeckah, his
wife, to the GoQno', Dep' Gouerno'', &d, and is here vnder recorded w"' the
Courts approbation of the land layd out.

M' Edw. Col-
lins returne of

D'Whitchcotts Know all men by these presents, that wee, Benjamin Whitchcott, of

, . ^./'^ ^ London, doctor in divinitie, and Rebeckah, my present wife, execcutrix of the

his wife release ' •> ' ' J r '

& dischardg to ia,st wiU and testament of Mathew Craddock, hir first husband, late of Lon-

Gou. & Dep«

Gon., &5. don, merchant, deceased, for good and valluable considerations, vs herevnto

11 October.


mooving, haue remisedj released, and quitt claymed, and by these presents 1 G 7 2.

for vs, our heires, execcutors, administrators, and assignes, and euery of us,

doe remise, release, and for euer q^ultt clajme vnto the GoQno'', Deputy GoQno',

the seuerall magistrates and gouernment of the colony of the Mackachusetts

in New England, of and from all clajmes, demands, and pretentions whatso-

euer, especially referring to the contents of a petition deliuered the sajd Court

on their behalfe, by Edward Collins, vpon which an order was granted in

their favour by the sajd Court, the eleventh day of October, 1670. In wittnes

whereof, wee, the sajd Benjamin Whitchcott and Rebeckah his wife, haue here-

vnto set our hands & seales this fiueteenth day of July, anno Dom 1671,

and in the three & tweiitjeth yeare of the reigne of our soueraigne loi-d. King

Charles the Seccond, &5.

Signed, sealed, & deliuered REBECKAH WHITCHCOTT, & a seale.
in the presence of us,

Richard Martyn,

Thomas Clearke,

Abf Jesson,

Mathew Cradocke.

Quod attesto' rogatus.

J. WRIGHT, No* Pub™«.
Grd: 15: 1: a: 1671.

13 6 &, 1672.

*Layd out to Benjamin Whitchcott, d' of divinity, (by virtue of a grant [*713.]
of the hon'''''^ Generall Court,) bearing date the 11"' of October, 1670, one D'Whitchcotta

, 1/.TT farme lajd out.

thousand acres of land m the wildernes, lying vpon a branch of Piscataqua
Riuer, called Newitchawanack, at some distance aboue the head of Doner
Bounds, lying wholy on the west side of the sajd riuer, begining at a place
called the Round Meadowes, there being an island of vpland & narrow skirts
of meadow runing round about it, and so goeth vp the riuer fower hundred &
sixteene pole vpon a streight Ijne vnto a basse wood tree, standing in a valley
neere the riuer below a steep hill ; and from thence it runns west south west
fewer hundred and eighty pole, vnto a pine tree standing in a great pine
swamp ; from thence it runns south and by east three hundred and twenty
pole, vnto an oake standing in a pine plajne ; from thenc it runns east & by
north, one degree northerly, fower hundred pole, vnto the riuer, which is the
closing Ijne, taking in. a smale quantity of meadow lying w*out this streight

11 October.


16 7 2. Ijne, to the value of two or three acres, joyning to the rest of the meadowes.
The Ijnes were all runne, the trees well bounded, the corner trees marked w""
B. The exact forme thereof may appeare by a plott taken of the same, 13, 6 ifi,
1672, by


Allowed 8 0c- The Court doe allow & approove of this returne of the ffarme lajd in

tober, 1672. , . , ^ . „,

this pJott, w"" IS one tile.

Ans« to M' In ans'' to the petition of seuerall proprietors of land in the Pecquod

yn s 'o ers g^^jj^j-y^ ^]^g Court judgeth it meet to grant their desires, and orders the secre-
tary by the first oppertunity to write letters to the Generall Court of Connec-
ticott in the name of this Court, w"*" letter, passed by the Court, is as fol-
loweth : —

Courts letter Much honoured Gen'° :

in behaife of Yow may please to remember that one part of the Pecquet country, on

M' Lynde & (;}jg g-^gt gf Mistick River, was, by order of the coinissioners of the Vnited


Colonjes, setled vnder our jurisdiction, (as the other part, to the westward, was
to the colony of Connecticott,) as may appeare by the reccords. In pursuance
whereof, our Court, for divers yeares, tooke care of & order for the gouernment
of Southerton, and made grants of seuerall tracts of vacant lands in those parts
to the colledge, & to particular persons, some of which haue been possessed &
emprooved by the proprietors, vnder the protection of our government, and
continued vndisturbed till yourselues, having procured a patent, (which wee
hoped, and had some assurance should not prejudice our rights,) made your
clajme to the jurisdiction of those parts w* so much pressure, and at such
a season, that it was judged by vs more dangerous to the cofaon cause of
New England to oppose then, by our forbearance and yeilding, to endeavour
to prevent a mischeife to us both, neuer doubting but you would finde your-
selues obliged to majnteyne & defend all the grants made by us to the pro-
prietors & their assignes, and that they should receive fi-om you the same en-
couragement and protection that they might haue expected from us had they
continued vnder our jurisdiction, (whereof for the reason aboue sajd wee were
not ambitious,) but being contrary to our expectation, now informed by the
proprietors that they are, & haue binn injured in their possessions & rights,
and also requested by them to intercede w* yourselues, who now haue the
jurisdiction & gouernment, that their grants may remajne firme, and them-
selues defended in their rights, wee could not deny their most just & sequita-

11 October.


ble petitions, the honor of this colony being also conceraed therein, but doe 167 2.
coiiiend the same to yo' wise considerations, not doubting but yo' justice and
candor lyill oblige yow to take effectuall care & order therein, w* willbe very
acceptable to

Yo"^ loving ffreinds & confoederates,

By order of the Generall Court.

The Court approoves of this letter to be sent to Connecticott.

*Aprill 7, 1659. [*714.]

In obedjence to the order of the Generall Court to the now inhabitants Lancaster
of Lancaster, lajd out the bounds of Lancaster according to the sajd grants.
Wee began at the wading place of ISTashaway Eiuer, and runne a Ijne thi-ee ^^
miles vpon a west northwest point, one degree westerly ; and from the end
of the three miles wee runne two perpendiccular Ijne, being five mile in
length each Ijne, the one Ijne runing north north east, one degree northerly,
the other line runing south southwest, one degree southerly ; wee made eight
angles, at the end of the tenn miles line runing two perpendiccular lines,
runing both of them vpon an east southeast pojnt, one degree easterly ; one of
the sajd Ijnes, being the north Ijne, wee did runne at eight miles in length ; the
other, being the south Ijne, wee did runne it sixe miles and a halfe in length,
and there meeting w* the midle of the Ijne, which is the Ijne of the planta-
tion granted to the petitioners of Sudbury, whose plantation is called Whip-
sufferage, and so runing their Ijne fower mile, wanting threescore perches, to
the end of their Ijne, at the northwest angle of Whipsufferage plantation ;

And from the sajd angle of Whipsufferage plantation runing six miles
and three q^uarters, there meeting w"^ the aforesajd east end of the eight mile
Ijne, and to period all the sajd Ijnes and bounds of Lancaster, w* sajd grant
runns eighty square miles of land.

This by me, THOMAS NOYES.

A faime of 640
acres to be lajd

The Court approoves of this returne, provided that a farme of a mile out for y« coun-

trys vse w'i'in

square, or sixe hundred & forty acres, be lajd out by Majo'^ Willard, Ralph y' bounds.
Haughton, & John Prescot, wU'in this bound, for the countrys vse, in such f^gj^^™^
nlace as is not ah-eady appropriated to any. Hutchinson &

Tho. Fuller,
&c, for majn-

In ans'' to the petition of the farmers of Salem, Richard Hutchinson, *«"^"'= °f y"

•^ ministry & a

Thomas Fuller, &6, the Court judgeth it meete that all persons Ijving w'i'in village.

VOL. IV. PAKT 11. 69

1 1 October.


167 2. the tract of land mentioned in the tounes grant to the peticSners, together w"'
all lands & estates lying w^in the sajd bounds, shall contribute to all charges
referring to the majntenance of a ministry, or erecting of a meeting house
there, and that they shall haue liberty to nominate & appoint persons amongst
themselues or toune of Salem, not exceeding the number of fiue, who are
hereby empowred, from tjme to tjme, for the making & gathering of all rates
& levyes for the ends aboue exprest, & that in case of refusall or non payment
of the same by any person or persons amongst them, that then the constables
of Salem shall & hereby are empowred to make distresse vpon the goods of any
that shall so neglect or refuse to afford their help in that case, & the same to
deliuer to the persons aforesajd, to be improoved accordingly, & that when a
ministry shall be so setled amongst them, they shallbe freed from contributing
to the maintenance of the ministry of Salem.

Cap'Waldernes Laid out to Capt Richard Walderne, for the vse of Cap? Thomas Lake

laid out in ' ^ partners, by virtue of an order of the Generall Court, held at Boston, the
case, &c. gj^th ^^j pf May, 1671, one thousand two hundred & eighty acres of land on

the southwest side of the Eiuer of Newitchawanacke, & about a mile aboue
the head Ijne of the touneship of Doner, as followeth, viz' : beglning at a
certaine elbow of the sajd riuer knoune by the name of the Great Eddy,
neare to a point of land called Goljabs ISTeck ; & from the sajd Great Eddye
six hundred & forty rods west & by south in the length of the sajd land ; and
from the sajd Great Eddy three hundred rodds north and by west for the
breadth of it. ApriU 26, 1672.

Pme, JOHN WIN COLL. Y" plott on file.

The Court allowes of this returne as a pt of the fower or five thousand
acres granted them by this Court, prouided this grant intrench not in the least
on the land confirmed by this Court to D"^ Benjamin Whitchcott, or his suc-
cesso''s, & that this land be liable to pay country rates as other tounes.

[*715.] *Whereas this Court granted to the Inhabitants of Portsmouth land for a

Portsmouth village the last session, & having now brought in a platt of a tract of land

grant for a vil-
lage cm condi- above Douer bounds, the sajd land so lajd out is hereby confirmed to the

■ g inhabitants of Portsmouth, prouided a farme of tln-ee hundred acres of vpland

& meadow be lajd out in some convenient place for the vse of the country by

Ensigne Dauis, of Douer, & M' WincoU, as also that the sajd plat entfnch not

on any former grants lajd out, and that the sajd land be improoved for a


village in five yeareSj w"* twenty familjes, such as sliall mainteyne an able & 167 2.
approoved ministry, and that this land & village be Ijable to country rates as ^~ "^ '

, . , . , -yr 1 • fi 16 October.

other tonnes in this colony are. x° plat is on hie.

In ans"^ to the petition of M' Edward & John Jackson, in behalfe of 18.

themselues & others on the south side of Charls Eiuer, the Court judgeth it ^^ng yiu^g po
meete that Cambridge, together w"^ the petitioners, appeare before the Court *'°°""

Y" CQ.S6 to be

the last day of y° weeke, in the morning, at nine of the clocke, to give in their heard on y 3'
reasons on either side referring to the contents hereof, & that Cambridge ^^^ °^ '^ '^'^^^

° ' ° affy'next

deputjes give due notice to such as are concerned to attend the same. The election,
partjes appeared before the whole Court at the tjme, and the Court ordered
the case to be heard on the first Tuesday after the next election day, at nine
of the clocke, & all partjes concernd take notice thereof & appeare according-
ly, vnless they agree in the meanetime.

In ans' to the peticon of John Turner, humbly desiring the favo'' of this 18.

A jjgr to Jn*'

Court to grant him a parcell of land to joyne to w* he purchast adjoyning to Turners peti-
Groaten bounds, &&, the Court judgeth it meete to grant the peticoner one '^°"' ' '^"'^


hundred & fifty acres of vpland in the place mentioned as desired. lum.

In ans' to the motion of Majo'' AV™ Hauthorne, that whereas this Court, Ans' to Major

Hathorns peti

in Mfiy, 1661, granted him five hundred acres of land seuerall yeares since, & con.
not yet lajd out, that he may haue liberty to lay it out a mile square at or
about Penecooke, the Coui't judgeth it meet to grant his request, provided it
hinder not a touneship as is exprest in the grant, and that it interfere not w"*
any former grants.

Whereas it appeares that Majo' John Pynchon, in the yeare 1667, in is.

T-xfr^oD T • Comittee to

compliance w"" an order from the Gouerno', Dep' Uoiin'', & sundry magis- procure pay-
trates, w<='^ was printed August the 9% 1667, & coniended to the seuerall p™'j^*°„*^fi8
inhabitants of this colony, did, amongst others, not only by his oune voluntary barreiis of

T J. . /. T . porke, &c.

contribution expresse his sence of the then present distressed condition of his
maj*^^ fileet in his plantations in the Caribby Islands, but for the more speedy
accomodating of that affaire, did put on board sixteen barreiis of pork, in not
only expectation of being pajd, but taking for that end the countrys receite
for his repayment, notw'^'standing this Courts order, that their coinittee should
take care & bring in an account of the seuerall tonnes contributions that were
pajd in, or left vnpajd, which not being don, this Court therefore judgeth it
meet to order, that Capt Thomas Savage & Cap? John Hull for Sufi"olke, M'
Henry Bartholmew & M'' Joseph Gardiner for Essex & Norfolke, be a coinit-
tee, & hereby impowred to call & receive the former coinittees account of what
they haue don, & effectually to take such course as may bring in what yet
remajnes, and to make sattisfaction to Majo'' Pynchon what yet remajnes due




^— Y — '

18 October.
Tres' accounts
for 70, 71, &c,


Courts confir-
m.'icon of od &
46 acres & ^ of
l-iud to Tho.
llolbrook on
tonnes, &c.

Ans' to Nath.



Ans' to M'
John Paynes
peticon, 12
miles granted
him, &c, \v*^
priniledg of
trade, &c, on

Ans' to Alice
Thomas peti-

V,^" Allic leP,
Joseph Whi-
ting comet, to
the troope in

to him, & make their report to this Court in May next, that so they may de-
termine what is yet further to be donne thereabouts.

The coinittee appointed brought in the Tresurers accounts by them
auditted, which is on file.

*Thomas Holbrooke hauing presented a coppie of this Courts grant to
him Octob' 8'\ 1659, for a smale corner of land lying & adjoyning to a
parcell of land he purchased on the north side of Charls Kiuer, not exceed-
ing fiuety acres, nor interfering w* former grants, nor the Indjan plantation,
■which sajd fiuety acres formerly granted being now lajd out, & presented in
a plott, together with forty sixe acres & a halfe remayning of the countrys
land, the Court judgeth it meet to grant & confirme the fifty acres so lajd
out to the sajd Holbrooke, also the forty sixe acres & a halfe of country land,
being vneven land, sajd Holbrooke agreeing for the price w*'' Deacon Parkes
& M' Peirpoint, for the vse of the treasury.

In ans"" to the petition of Nathaniel Chickering. Whereas Lef? Joshua
Fisher, Ensigne Daniell Fisher, & Thomas Aldridge were the persons formerly
deputed to set out the parts to the seuerall partjes concerned in the late
Samuell Judsons estate, & that Left Fisher is now dead, and the diuission not
yet perfected, the Court judgeth it meet to order, and heereby appoint Timothy
Dwight, of Dedham, to be in the roome of Joshua Fisher, deceased, & any
two of them shall haue power to put a fFynall issue to the case.

In ans' to the peticon of M'' John Pajne, this Court grants to him & such
persons as shall joyne w* him, provided their names be presented to the next
Generall Court, & there accepted, a tract of land in the westerne parts of our
colony, at or neare Hudsons Eiuer, to the contents of tenn miles square, pro-
uided it be not lajd out aboue twelue miles in length, as also the priviledge of
free trade w*'' the natives in these westerne parts of all goods & things allowed
by lawe ; this free trade w*'' the Indians for twenty one yeares, & the land as
an inhseritance for euer, prouided the setling and planting there be at their
oune cost, and w*out any charge to this colony, and that after they haue
setled twenty farailjes on the place, to procure & majntejne a godly & ortho-
dox ministry there.

In ans'^ to the peticon of Alice Thomas, humbly desiring this Courts
favour to grant hir liberty & freedom from hir restrajnt, &S, the Court judgeth
it meet to grant hir request, prouided she inhabit not in Boston.

Cornet "VV"' AUis is appointed to be leiftennt to the troope in Hampshire,
vnder the coinand of Majo"^ John Pynchon, & M"^ Joseph "Whiting is appointed
& allowed to be cornet to the sajd troope, & that the secretary issue out comis-
sions vnto them accordingly.


Majo' Bryan Pendleton, on his request, is dismist from that service, and 16 7 2.
the care of that res:Iinent is left to Jn" Leueret, EsqS maio'' senerall, who is '*' '

° . . ' i' J s 23 October.

hereby authorized to appoint an adjutant, or meet person to execute that place ]vi;jjr pendie-
p tempore till this Court shall take further order. *°"> "",!'''' ^^-

quest, disiuist

M"^ Thomas Daniel, being at the last Court appointed lefl to the troope y« service.

CsirG of v^ rC"

of horse vnder the conduct of Robert Pike, captaine, is so infirme in his body gj„,, i^f^ ^^

as renders him vncapable of that service. M'^ "W" Vaughan is appointed lef ? *^^J' °''"' ^^^

in his roome. M- w Vaugh-

In ans' to the peticSn of Edward Naylor, Q. Whether Edward Naylor ^^^"^^"y"

shall, vppon good security given to the secretary to the Court of Asistants Cap« Pike con-
for the good behauiour towards all persons, in speciall towards his late wife, 3 „^^^^t ans'd.

be released from his bannishment from Boston, & w*in twenty miles thereof : 1 qutcs., as to

Edward Nay-

The Court resolves this qussstion on the affirmative. Whither Edward Naylor lois peticon.
shall haue deliuered to him all the estate propperly & legally belonging to 2 quiest.
him, together w"^ his bookes & papers : This quass? is resolved on the affir-
mative. Whither Edward Naylor shall haue his children to dispose of accord- 3 qtitest.
ing as he shall see meet for their further good : This qutestion is resolved on
the afEi-mative, provided the sajd Naylor give good security to the County
Court next in Boston, that the children be well educated & provided for
according to his abillity : & this is also resolued on the affirmative.

*Whereas there hath binn a complaint exhibbited to this Court by many [*717.]
of Newbery, whereby it is euident that the council agreed to, & sent in May Comittee ab»

Newbery case.

last to be attended to by them, hath not binn so attended as the Court expect-
ed, and for that the persons more especially informd against as obstructing
the same haue not appeared personally before the Court, that they might
answer for themselues, this Court doe further coiiiend the sajd advice vnto
them to be attended by both partjes professing their readines thereto, and that
the distemper of their contentions may not obstruct in the manner of their
coming to the vnderstanding of themselues and one another therein, this Court
doeth appoint M" Thomas Danforth, M"" Willjam Staughton, M' Vrian Oakes,
D"^ Leonard Hoare, Cap? Thomas Clarke, M"^ Henry Bartholmew, M"" John
Eljot, & M"" Joshua Moody a coiiilttce, and that the majo'' part of the whole
meeting there shall be a quorum, who are to repaire to Newbery, & call both
partjes. together, and perswade w"' them to attend the same in loue & Christian
submission one to another, according to God ; and in case there shall appeare
any refractorines in any amongst them that the persons so sent cannot prevajle

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