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M. Barbee, 454 Alder Street, Portland, Ore.

Woman's Occidental Board of Foreign Missions. President,
Mrs. H. B. Pinney; Treasurer, Mrs. E. G. Denniston, 920 Sacra-
mento Street, San Francisco, Cal.

Colleges and Universities

Institution Location President or Dean

Albany College Albany, Ore Wallace H. Lee.

Albert Lea College Albert Lea, Minn CJertrude S. Kingsland,

Alma College Alma, Mich H. M. Crooks.

Arkansas Cumberland College Clarks\-ille, Ark L. J. Spence.

Be]le\^e College Belle-r'.ie, Neb David R. Kerr.

Biddle University Charlotte, N. C H. L. McCrorey.

Blackburn College Carlinville, 111 William M. Hudson.

Bloomfield Seminary (College Dept.) Bloomfield, N. J D. R. Fraser (acting).

Buena Vista Collie Storm Lake, la R. D. Echlin.

Carroll College Waukesha, Wis Wilbur 0. Carrier.

86 Federal Council Year Book

InstUution Location President or Dean

Central University of Kentucky Danville, Ky W. A. Ganfield.

Coe College Cedar Rapids, la John A. Marquis.

Cumberland University Lebanon, Tenn H. A. Hill (acting).

Davis and Elkins College Elkins, W. Va James E. Allen.

Dubuque German College and Seminary. . Dubuque, la CM. Steffens.

Elmira College Elmira, N. Y J. Balcom Shaw.

Emporia, College of Emporia, Kan Henry C. Culbertson.

Geneseo Collegiate Institute Geneseo, 111 N. W. Thornton.

Grove Citv College Grove City, Pa Weir C. Ketler.

Hamilton College* Clinton, N. Y M. W. Strj^ker.

Hanover College Hanover, Ind William A. Millis.

Hastings College Hastings, Neb R. B. Crone.

Henry Kendall College Tulsa, Okla Charles Evana.

Highland College Highland, Kan W. Gilbert James (acting)

Highland Park College Des Moines, la George P. Magill.

Huron College Huron, S. D H. M. Gage.

Idaho, College of Caldwell, Ida W. J. Boone.

Illinois College Jacksonville, 111 C. H. Rammelkamp.

James Milliken University Decatur, 111 A. R. Taylor, Emer.

Jamestown College Jamestown, N. D B. H. Kroeze.

Kentucky College for Women Danville, Ky M. M. Allen.

Lafayette College Easton, Pa John H. MacCracken.

Lake Forest College Lake Forest, la John S. NoUen.

Lenox College Hopkinton, la A. S. Mackenzie

Lincoln College Lincoln, 111 J. H. McMurray.

Lincoln University Lincoln University, Pa John B. Rendall.

Lindenwood College St. Charles, Mo John L. Roemer.

Macalester College St. Paul, Minn T, M. Hodgman.

Maryville College Maryville, Tenn S. T. Wilson.

Missouri Valley College Marshall, Mo W. H. Black.

Montana, College of Deer Lodge, Mont Harris Pillsbury.

New York University New York City Elmer E. Brown.

Oswego College Oswego, Kan I. F. Mather.

Occidental College Los Angeles, Cal

Park College Parkville, Mo F. W. Hawley.

Parsons College Fairfield, la

Pikeville College Pikeville, Ky J. F. Record.

Princeton University* Princeton, N. J John G. Hibben.

Stanley McCormick School Bumsville, N. C T. U. Cheesebrough.

Texas Fairemont Seminary Weatherford, Tex J. L. McKee.

Trinity University Waxahachie, Tex Samuel L. Hornbeak.

Tusculiun College Greenville, Tenn CO. Gray.

Wabash College Crawfords\ille, Ind G. L. Mackintosh.

Washington and Jefferson College Washington, Pa Frederick W. Hinitt.

Waynesburg College Waynesburg, Pa H. P. Houghton.

Western College for Women Oxford, William W. Boyd.

Westminster College Denver, Colo W. A, Philips

Westminster College Fulton, Mo E. E. Reed.

Westminster College Salt Lake City, Utah H. W. Reherd.

Whitworth College Spokane, Wash D. D. McKay.

Wilson College for Women Chambersburg, Pa E. D. Warfield.

Wooster, College of Wooster, J. Campbell White.

• Haa had historical connection with Presbyterianism.

Theological Seminaries

The twelve following Seminaries report a total of S7 professors,
with 42 instructors, lecturers, etc. Their students in 1916 num-
bered 840, of whom 192 graduated. Their libraries contain 324,-
709 volumes, their total assets amount to $12,678,538; income,
$546,487; disbursements, $698,102, including $120,665 for per-
manent equipment.

Constituent Bodies — Presbyterian (So.) 87

Insiituiion Location President

Auburn Theological Seminary Auburn, N. Y George B. Stewart.

Biddle University, Theological Dept Charlotte, N. C H. L. McCrorey.

Bloomfield Theological Seminary Bloomfield, N. J Da\id R. Fraser.

Dubuque German College and Seminary. . . Dubuque, la Cornelius M. Steffena.

Lane Theological Seminary Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, 0. .William McKibbin.

Lincoln University, Theological Dept Lincoln University, Pa John B. Kendall.

McCormick Theological Seminary Chicago, 111 James G. K. McCiure.

Presbyterian Theological Seminary Omaha, Neb A. B. Marshall.

Princeton Theological Seminary Princeton, N. J J. Ross Stevenson.

San Francisco Theological Seminary San Ansehno, Cal Warren H. Landon.

Theological Seminary of Kentucky Louisville, Ky Charles R. Hemphill.

Western Theological Seminary Pittsburgh, Pa James A. Kelso.

A list of ministers and addresses will be found in the
Minutes of the General Assembly, published by the Stated
Clerk of the General Assembly, Witherspoon Building, 1319
Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.


Presbyterian Hospital, Madison Avenue and Seventieth Street,
New York City, President, Frederick Sturges; Presbyterian Hos-
pital, Thirty-ninth and Filbert Street, Philadelphia, Pa., Presi-
dent, Charles H. Mathews; Presbyterian Hospital, Congress and
Wood Streets, Chicago, III, President, Albert M. Day; Presby-
terian Hospital, Montgomery and Sherman Avenues, Pittsburgh,
Pa., President of Association, F. W. Sneed; President of the
Trustees, J. J. Mathews; Presbyterian Hospital, 13-23 South
Ninth Street, Newark, N. J., President, Davis W. Lusk.

Note. — More than one million patients are annually reached by
medical missionaries of the Mission Boards through over one
hundred and seventy Hospitals and Dispensaries maintained in
Alaska, Porto Rico, Africa, China, India, Chosen (Korea), Persia,
the Philippines, Siam, Central America, and Syria.


Assembly Herald (mionthly), organ of the ^Mission Boards,
1329 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa., Business Manager, Mr.
Horace P. Camden; Presbyterian Advance, Nashville, Tenn.;
Continent (weekly). New York City and Chicago, III; Presby-
terian (weekly), Philadelphia, Pa.; Presbyterian Banner, Pitts-
burgh, Pa.; Herald and Presbyter (weekly), Cincinnati, O.



The General Assembly, annual, will hold its next meeting
at Birmingham, Ala., May 17, 1917.
There are 16 synods; 85 presbyteries.

88 Federal Council Year Book

Officers of the General Assembly. Moderator, Rev. C. W.
Grafton, Union Church, Miss.; Stated Clerk and Treasurer,
Rev. Thomas H. Law, Spartanburg, S. C. ; Permanent Clerk,
Rev. J. D. Leslie, Cisco, Tex.

Executive Committee of Foreign Missions, 154 Fifth Avenue,
North, Nashville, Tenn. Executive Secretary, Rev. Egbert W.
Smith ; Secretary Foreign Correspondence and Editor, Rev. S, H.
Chester; Field Secretary, Rev. H. F. Williams; Educational
Secretary, Rev. John I. Armstrong ; Treasurer, Edwin F. Willis.

Executive Committee of Home Missions, 1522 Hurt Build-
ing, Atlanta, Ga. Executive Secretary, Rev. S. L. Morris ; Secre-
tary Field Work, Literature and Publicity, Rev. Homer McMillan ;
Treasurer, A. N. Sharp.

Executive Committee of Christian Education and Minis-
terial Relief, 122 South Fourth Avenue, Louisville, Ky. Execu-
tive Secretary, Rev. Henry H. Sweets; Treasurer, John Stites,
Fifth and Market Streets, Louisville, Ky.

Executive Committee of Publication and Sabbath School
Work, Publishing House, 6 and 8 North Sixth Street, Richmond,
Va. Executive Secretary and Treasurer, Mr. R. E. Magill.

Permanent Committee on the Bible Cause. Chairman, Rev.
M. B. Porter, Richmond, Va.

Permanent Committee on Systematic Beneficence. Secre-
tary, Rev. R. E. Vinson, Austin, Tex.

Permanent Committee on the Sabbath and Family Religion.
Chairman, Rev. Robert Hill, Tyler, Tex.

Superintendent of Evangelism, Rev. W. H. Miley, Atlanta, Ga.

Superintendent Sunday School Young People's Societies, Rev.
Gilbert Glass, Richmond, Va.

Campaign Committee on Stewardship. Secretary, Rev. R.
L. Walkup, Jackson, Miss.


Institution Location President or Dean

Agnes Scott College Decatur, Ga F. H. Gaines.

Alabama Presbyterian College for Men Anniston, Ala W. A. White.

Alabama Synodical College for Women Talladega, Ala J. R. Thompson.

Arkansas College Batesville, Ark E. D. Brown.

Austin College Sherman, Tex T. S. Clyce.

Central University of Kentucky Danville, Ky

Chicasaw Female College Pontotoc, Miss

Chicora College for Women Columbia, S. C S. C. Byrd.

Daniel Baker College Brownwood, Tex T. P. Junkin.

Davidson College Davidson, N. C William J. Martin.

Davis and Elkins College Elkins, W. Va James E. Allen.

Flora McDonald College Red Springs, N. C C. G. Vardell.

Hampden-Sidney College Hampden-Sidney, Va. . .Henry Tucker Graham.

King College Bristol, Tenn Tilden Scherer.

Mississippi Synodical College Holly Springs, Miss T. W. Raymond.

Constituent Bodies — Presbyterian (So.) 89

Institution Location President or Dean

Oklahoma Presbyterian College for Girla. .... Dxirant, Okla W. B. Morrison.

Palmer College De Funiak Springs, Fla . W. M. Kemper.

Presbyterian College of South Carolina Clinton, S. C D. M. Douglas.

Queens College Charlotte, N. C J. R. Bridges.

Rogersville Synodical College Rogersville, Tenn (Not open this year.)

Sayre College Lexington, Ky J. M. Spencer.

Southwestern Presbyterian University Clarksville, Tenn

Statesville Female College Statesville, N. C

Stonewall Jackson College Abingdon, Va

Synodical College Fulton, Mo Lawrence L MacQueen.

Texas Presbyterian College Milford, Tex R. C, Somerville.

Westminster College Fulton, Mo

Theological Seminaries

Institution Location President

Austin Theological Seminary Austin, Tex N. L. Anderson,

Columbia Semmary Columbia, S. C Thornton Whaling.

Divinity School, Southwestern Presbyterian

University Clarksville, Tenn

Presbyterian Theological Sem. of Kentucky. .Louisville, Ky Charles R. Hemphill.

Union Theological Seminary Richmond, Va W. W. Moore.

For list of ministers with addresses see Minutes of the
General Assembly, published at 6 North Sixth Street, Rich-
mond, Va.

Orphans' Homes and Schools

Orphans' Home of the Synod of Alabama, Talladega, Ala.,
Superintendent, Geo. Dunglinson; Grundy Presbyterian Orphans'
Home, Springfield, Ky., Superintendent, W. A. Waters; High-
land Orphans' Home, Clay City, Ky., Superintendent, Miss
Clementina Stamps; Louisville Presbyterian Orphanage, Anchor-
age, Ky., Superintendent, Miss Margaret F. Shaw; Palmer
Orphanage, Columbus, Miss., Superintendent, W. V. Frierson,
Sr. ; Mountain Orphanage, Balfour, N. C, Superintendent, A. H.
Temple; Presbyterian Orphans' Home, Barium Springs, N. C,
Superintendent, W. T. Walker ; Thornwell Home and School
for Orphans, Clinton, S. C, Superintendent, W. P. Jacobs;
Monroe-Harding Children's Home, Nashville, Tenn., Superin-
tendent, Miss E. J. Fuller; Southwestern Presbyterian Home
and School for Orphans, Itasca, Tex., R. F. D. No. i. Super-
intendent, J. D. McLean; Presbyterian Orphans' Home, Lynch-
burg, Va., Superintendent, C. R. Warthen.


Christian Observer, Louisville, Ky., Editor, Rev. D. M. Sweets;
Presbyterian Standard, Charlotte, N. C, Editor, Rev. J. R.
Bridges; Presbyterian of the South, Richmond, Va., Editor, Rev.
W. S. Campbell; Presbyterian Journal, New Orleans, La., Rev.
George Summey.

90 Federal Council Year Book



General Synod, annual; next session in Philadelphia, Pa.,
May i6, 1917.

Officers of General Synod: Moderator, Rev. W. P. Harri-
man. Industry, Pa.; Stated Clerk, Rev. James L. Chesnut,
Cedarville, Ohio.

Board of Foreign Missions. Secretary, Rev. James L. Ches-
nut, Cedarville, Ohio; Treasurer, A, B. McMillan, Sparta, 111.

Board of Home Missions. Treasurer, W. J. Imbrie, New
Galilee, Pa.

Sustentation Fund. Treasurer, W. J. Imbrie, New Galilee, Pa.

Disabled Ministers' Fund. Treasurer, F. A. Jurkat, Cedar-
ville, Ohio.

Theological Seminary, Cedarville, Ohio. Dean, Rev. James L.

College, Cedarville, Ohio. President, Rev. W. R. McChesney.


The General Assembly, annual; next session in Boston,
Mass., May 23, 1917.

There are 75 presbyteries.

Officers of the General Assembly: Moderator, Rev. W. B.
Smiley, Oneonta, N. Y. ; Stated Clerk, Rev. David F. McGill,
Ben Avon, Pa.

Board of Foreign Missions, Philadelphia, Pa. Corresponding
Secretary, Rev. W. B. Anderson, 200 North Fifteenth Street,
Philadelphia, Pa. ; Treasurer, Mr. Robert L. Latimer, 24 North
Front Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

Board of Home Missions, 703 Publication Building, Pitts-
burgh, Pa. Corresponding Secretary, Rev. R. A. Hutchison;
Treasurer, Mr. J. Allison Reed, 519 Wood Street, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Board of Freedmen's Missions, 701 Publication Building,
Pittsburgh, Pa. Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer, Rev.
J. W. Witherspoon, 1703 Buena Vista Street, N. S., Pittsburgh,

Board of Church Extension, 701 Publication Building, Pitts-
burgh, Pa. Corresponding Secretary, Mr. J. J. Porter, 209 Ninth
Street, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Treasurer, Mr. George C. Arnold,
Monongahela National Bank, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Constituent Bodies — Presbyterian, United 91

Board of Education, Monmouth, 111. Educational Secretary,
Mr. Ralph D. Kyle; Treasurer of Income Funds, Mr. Hugh R.
Moffett; Treasurer of Permanent Funds, Mr. R. L. Wray.

Board of Publication, Publication Building, 209 Ninth Street,
Pittsburgh, Pa. Business Manager, Rev. E. M. Milligan; Corre-
sponding Secretary, Rev. John McNaugher; Editor of Sabbath
School Periodicals, Rev. R. J. Aliller; Chairman of Sabbath
School Committee, Mr. T. J. Gillespie; Treasurer, Mr. John D.

Board of Ministerial Relief, Philadelphia, Pa. Corresponding
Secretary, Rev. J. C. Scouller, 2441 Carpenter Street, Phila-
delphia, Pa.; Treasurer, Mr. James Walker, 1508 Christian Street,
Philadelphia, Pa.

Women's Board, Publication Building, Pittsburgh, Pa. Secre-
tary, Mrs. John S. Crawford, 95 Trenton Avenue, Wilkinsburg,
Pa.; Treasurer, Mrs. J. B. Hill, 5630 Bartlett Street, Pitts-
burgh, Pa.

Young People's Work. General Secretary, Rev. C. R. Steven-
son, igi2 Leland Avenue, Chicago, 111.

Missionary and Efficiency Committee, Pittsburgh, Pa. Chair-
man, Rev. W. I. Wishart, 2333 Perrysville Avenue, N. S., Pitts-
burgh, Pa. ; Executive Secretary, Rev. J. H. White, 209 Ninth
Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. ; Treasurer, Mr. J. Allison Reed.

Committee on Temperance and Other Reforms. Chairman,
Rev. T. McCrory, 77 North Rodgers Avenue, Bellevue, Pa.


Institviion Location President

Assiut Training College Assiut, Egypt R. S. McClenahan.

Cooper Memorial College Sterling, Kan Rosa T. Campbell.

Gordon Mission College Rawalpindi, India E. L. Porter.

Knoxville College Knoxville, Tenn R. W. McGranahan.

Monmouth College Monmouth, 111 Thomas H. McMichael.

Muskingimi College New Concord, J. Knox Montgomery.

Tarkio College Tarkio, Mo Jos. Addison Thompson.

Westminster College New Wilmington, Pa W. C. Wallace.

Theological Seminaries

Institution Location President

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Pittsburgh, Pa John McNaugher.

Theological Seminary Cairo, Egypt Andrew Watson.

Theological Seminary Gujranwala, India J. A. McConnelee.

United Presbyterian Theological Seminary . . .Xenia, Joseph Kyle.

For list of ministers with addresses see Minutes of the
General Assembly, published by the United Presbyterian
Board of Publication, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Christian Instructor (weekly), Pittsburgh, Pa., Editor, Rev.

92 Federal Council Year Book

R. J. Miller; United Presbyterian (weekly), Pittsburgh, Pa.,
Editor, Rev. D. R. Miller.


General Assembly, triennial; holds its next meeting at
Lake Crystal, Minn., September, 19 17.

There are 6 synods.

Officers: Moderator^ Rev. William E. Evans, Mankato,
Minn.; Secretary^ Rev. R. E. Williams, 56 North 53d Street,
Philadelphia, Pa.; Treasurer, E, J. Jones, M.D., Oak Hill, O.

Board of Home and Foreign Missions. President, Mr. W.
Owen Jones, 40 Miller Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. ; Secretary, Rev.
Edward Roberts, 408 Jackson Street, Oshkosh, Wis.

A Year Book containing names and addresses will be published
soon it is expected; when ready, copies may be had of the


"Y Cyfaiir (The Friend), Utica, N. Y., Editor, Rev. Joseph
Roberts, 519 West 152nd Street, New York City.


(For other Reformed Bodies, not constituent members of
the Federal Council see Directory of other Religious Bodies,
pages 149-151-)

General Synod, annual ; next session at Asbury Park, N. J.,
May 31, 1917.

Four particular synods; 37 classes.

Officers > President, Rev. Peter Moerdyke, Holland, Mich.;
Stated Clerk, Rev. Henry Lockv;?ood, East Millstone, N. J.;
Treasurer^ Frank R. Van Nest, 25 East Twenty-second
Street, New York City.

Board of Foreign Missions and The Arabian Missions, 25

East Twenty-second Street, New York City. Foreign Secretary,
Rev. W. I. Chamberlain; Home Secretary, Rev. E. W. Miller;
Treasurer, Howell S. Bennet.

Woman's Board of Foreign Missions, 25 East Twenty-second
Street, New York City. Corresponding Secretary, Miss Olivia
H. Lawrence; Treasurer, Miss Gertrude Dodd, 159 West Fiftieth
Street, New York City.

Board of Domestic Missions, 25 East Twenty-second Street,

Constituent Bodies — Reformed, in U. S. 93

New York City. Office Secretary, Mr. William T. Demarest;
Treasurer, Mr, Charles W. Osborne.

Women's Board of Domestic Missions, 25 East Twenty-
second Street, New York City. Corresponding Secretary, Mrs.
John S. Allen; Treasurer, Mrs. E. H. Peters.

Board of Publication and Bible School Work, 25 East
Twenty-second Street, New York City. Business Agent, Louis
E. Turk; Treasurer, John F. Chambers; Educational Secretary,
Rev. Theodore F. Bayles.

Board of Education, 25 East Twenty-second Street, New
York City. Corresponding Secretary, Rev. John G. Gebhard;
Treasurer, Mr. John F. Berry.

Disabled Ministers' Fund and Widows' Fund, 25 East
Twenty-second Street, New York City. Field Secretary, Rev.
Denis Wortman, 40 Watson Avenue, East Orange, N. J.


Institution Location President

Hope College Holland, Mich Ame Vennema.

Rutgers College (non-sectarian) New Brunswick, N. J W. H. S. Demarest.

Theological Seminaries

Institution Location Stated Clerk or Principal

Arcot Theological Seminary Arcot Mission, India J. H. Wyckoff.

Theological Seminary New Brunswick, N. J Jasper S. Hogan.

Western Theological Seminary Holland, Mich Peter Moerdyke.

For list of ministers with addresses see Acts and Proceed-
ings of the General Synod, 191 5, published by the Board of
Publication and Bible School Work, 25 East Twenty-second
Street, New York City.

Christian Intelligencer (weekly), New York City, Editor, Rev.
A. DeWitt Mason.
Leader, Holland, Mich., Editor, Rev. James F. Zwemer.
De Hope, Holland, Mich., Editor, Rev. M. Kolyn.


The General Synod, triennial; next session to be held at
Dayton, O., May 16, 1917.

There are 9 district synods, and 61 classes.

Officers: Vice President, Rev. C. E. Miller; Stated Clerk,
Rev. J. Rauch Stein, 359 East Broad Street, Bethlehem, Pa.;
Treasurer, E. A. Rice, York, Pa.

94 Federal Council Year Bcx)k

Board of Home Missions, Fifteenth and Race Street, Phila-
delphia, Pa. President, Rev. C. E. Miller, Tiffin, O. ; Recording
Secretary, Rev. J. Harvey Mickley; Treasurer, Mr. Joseph S.
Wise, Fifteenth and Race Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.

Board of Foreign Missions, Fifteenth and Race Streets, Phila-
delphia, Pa. President, Rev. James I. Good, 3260 Chestnut
Street, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Secretary, Rev. Allen R. Bartholomew ;
Treasurer, Rev. A. S. Bromer.

Publication and Sunday School Board, Fifteenth and Race
Streets, Philadelphia, Pa. President, Rev. C. Clever, Hagers-
town, Md. ; General Secretary, Rev. Rufus W. Miller; Treasurer,
Calvin O. Althouse, Reformed Church Building, Philadelphia, Pa.

Board of Ministerial Relief of the Reformed Church in the
United States. President, Dr. Philip Vollmer, 15 Seminary
Avenue, Dayton, O. ; Secretary and Treasurer, Dr. J. W. Mem-
inger, 138 East Chestnut Street, Lancaster, Pa.

Officers of the Society for the Relief of Ministers and their
Widows. President, Rev. H. N. Bassler, 15 18 Green Street,
Harrisburg, Pa. ; Secretary, Rev. D. N. Dittmar, Mann's Choice,
Pa. ; Treasurer, Rev. Simon S. Miller, Frederick, Md.

Officers of the Society for the Support of Indigent Ministers
and Teachers. President, Rev. C. J. Walenta, Reesville, Wis. ;
Secretary, Rev. A. Muehlmeier, Monticello, Wis. ; Treasurer,
Rev. J. W. Grosshuesch, R. F. D. 29, Plymouth, Wis.

Board of Directors of the Central Publishing House, 2969
West Twenty-fifth Street, Cleveland, O. President, Dr. J. H.
Stepler, 1366 Sloan Avenue, Lakewood, O. ; Secretary, Rev. F.
W. Leich, 3305 Franklin Avenue, Cleveland, O. ; Business Man-
ager, Rev. A. Becker, Cleveland, O.

Women's Missionary Society of General Synod. President,
Mrs. W. R. Harris, 434 Biddle Avenue, Wilkinsburg, Pa. ;
Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. B. B. Krammes, Tiffin, O. ; Sta-
tistical Secretary, Mrs. Homer Miller, 98 South Avenue, Pough-
keepsie, N. Y. ; Treasurer, Mrs. Lewis L. Anewalt, 814 Walnut
Street, Allentown, Pa.


iTistitvtion Location President or Principal

Catawba College Newton, N. C J. D. Andrew.

Claremont College Hickory, N. C Joseph L. Murphy.

College for Women Allentown, Pa William F. Curtis.

Franklin and Marshall College Lancaster, Pa Henry Harbaugh Apple.

Heidelberg University Tiffin, Charles E. Miller.

Hood College Frederick, Md Joseph H. Apple.

Massanutten Academy Woodstock, Va Howard J. Benchoff.

Mercersburg Academy Mercersburg, Pa William Mann Irvine.

North Japan College Sendai, Japan D. B. Schneder.

Ursinus College Collegeville, Pa George Leslie Omwake.

Constituent Bodies — Reformed, in U. S. 95

Theological Seminaries

Institution Location PrmderU or Principal

Central Theological Seminary Dajiion, Henry I. Chrietman.

Mission House (Theological Seminary

and College Academy) Plymouth, Wis E. A. Hofer.

Theological Seminary Lancaster, Pa John C. Bowman.

Hospital, Homes for Aged, and Orphans' Homes

German Hospital, Cleveland, O., Superintendent, F. W. Leich;
Treasurer, Mr. P. Wetzel, 2069 West Twenty-fifth Street, Cleve-
land, O. ; Phoebe Deaconess Home, Allentown, Pa., Superin-
tendent, Secretary, and Treasurer, Rev. Robert M. Kern; Ger-
man Protestant Home, Lawndale, Pa., President of Board of
Trustees, F. W. Berlemann, 341 Fairmount Avenue, Philadel-
phia, Pa. ; Deaconess House and Training School for Chris-
tian Workers of the Presbyterian and Refortned Churches, 1122
Spruce Street, Philadelphia, Pa. ; President, Rev. Wm. H.
Roberts, Philadelphia, Pa.; Secretary, Mr. S. T. Kerr, 1907
Spruce Street, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Treasurer, Mr. Thos. R. Pat-
ton, 1713 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Bethany Orphans'
Homes of the Reformed Church in the United States, Womels-
dorf. Pa., Superintendent, Wilson F. More; Treasurer, Christ.
G. Gross, 879 North Forty-first Street, Philadelphia, Pa. ; St.
Paul's Orphans' Home, Greenville, Pa., Superintendent, A. M.
Keifer; Treasurer, Rev. Lewis Robb, Wilkinsburg, Pa.; Fort
Wayne Orphans' Home, Fort Wayne, Ind., Superintendent, J.
F. Winter; Treasurer, H. H. Kattmann, Berne, Ind.; Nazareth
Orphans' Home, Crescent, N. C, Superintendent, J. W. Bell ;
Treasurer, Geo. H. Moose, Gold Hill, N. C. ; The George W.
and Agnes Hoffman Orphanage, Near Littletown, Pa., Superin-
tendent, J. Stewart Hartman; Treasurer, C. S. Slagle, West-
minster, Md.


English: Reformed Church Messenger (weekly), Philadelphia,
Pa., Editor, C. J. Musser; Christian World (weekly), Cleveland,
O., Editor, J. H. Bomberger; Reformed Church Review (quar-
terly), Philadelphia, Pa., Editors, Theo. F. Herman and John S.
Stahr; Reformed Church Record (weekly), Reading, Pa., Editor,
I. M. Beaver; Reformed Church Herald (weekly), Tipton, la..
Editors, D. F. Boomershine, J. F. Hawk, F. S. Bromer, D. H.
Fouse, W. D. Marburger, S. S. Brown, S. R. Neiman ; Reformed
Church Standard (semi-monthly). Crescent, N. C, Editors, J. M.
L. Lyerly and W. W. Rowe; Heidelberg Teacher (monthly).
Editor, Rufus W. Miller; Way (weekly), Philadelphia, Pa.,
Editor, R. L. Gerhart; Leaves of Light (weekly), Philadel-

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