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Fa-ntasV\ta-\ celeW s^tion




eoTc■eLo^^in , l^VasS





who were by dispositioa and habits uearly Countries, have attended its debates, and
allied to that animal. But, Fellow Citi- questions of the greatest moment to
zens, it gives me great pleasure to say that mankind have been decided. During the
this disorder is going off, hogs a.ivd all past winter a Zo?i^ a/trZ instrxictive course
and 80cn health and happiness will reign -, of lectures have been delivered under the
triumphant through the land. 'j auspicei of this Insitution, and it is hoped

The National Grog shop is in a flourish- >', that it will become a bright and shining
ing condition. The Sales during the past John Huntington and Perly Conant.
j^ George Boynton, ZiCiie -»ua vjnaries ana
/ Fighting about somebody's will.
^ Luther Perley, Gil, and Put,
s Alf, Bate man peddling hallibut,
? John Morse, Nat and Jeremiah
) Dave Dummer dancing on a wire
) Trus, Brown and Edwin; Lewis Lake
I Charles Dickinson and^his brother Jake,
) James Hornpr right from Carthagena
'} Eustica Clark and Moody Cheney.
>) Next with their faces black as coal

Came Moody , fJalph and Lincoln Dole,
Jonathan, and Ebenezor Spiller,
The Fillmore men, witli one umbrella,
I Iko Wilson marshalled this platoon

> With butcher knife and great horn s'^

) Then in a basket filled with s^•
) Was the queerest sight I e-
\ The chairman of the Selet
/Did represent a setting hen,
) Ho clucked, and crowed, and p
S And — counted the chickens yet unhu.
f Then followed in a crockery crate
/ Oar pussey Treasurer of State,

> Flanked right and left and every w.iy
' By tho Byfiold Rifle company,



A noisy crew T next did soe
Led on by ono Julian Lovoo
Followed by Ilsley.—Charles P. Low,
Georgo MorriU, John and Uncle Joe,
(311, Pierce, Cl)arles Mason, J. B. Giles,
George Tenney, Mit, and E P. AVildea,
D. M. Winter gnifl'and hurley
With C. C. C. C. P. P. Perley,
Next fastened together with u strap,
John Davis, leading Johnny Knapp,
Bill Parsons with a load of yeast
Thumping his poor old worn out boast,
Long Ed, Jewett, short IL Dale,
Riding together on a rail,

R. Tenney riding a horse with wings
And playing upon a tliousanJ strings,
Sam Weston seated en a harrow,
Ben, Pfrley Poor with liis wheelbarrow.
Charles Ilarriman, Mosjs, Hiram, Kim
All in tall hats >vith out a rim,
A Perkinp boy drawn by a pup,
Ijurpr-e on Iiorsebjck, wrong end up,
Bill W'allace, in his very host,
_ The.Pliiloniatheaus. ono fil^>'r>
A cart drawn dy a flaming steed
Contained tiie dentist Dr. Reed,
IIo ?t)pped quite oft, the crowd to tuli,
ile'd second handed teeth to sell,

Ni'xt Doctors Moody, Cog and Root,

With patients lollowing on foot.

Each loaded down with pukes and j ilia.

Rhubarb and soda, salts and squills,

But I'av tho largest plaao did swell

With opioao and c;;lomel,

Eigor behind this sickly clan,

Came the sexton and the grave stone man,

'I'lien in a small one wheel barouche,
Rode Petor Maloy and Doctor Couch,
■irriod a spado to dig the soil,
' er, ft jug of Crolon Oil.
"■ on an old tin pan,
ninth par/ of a man,

And for bin predecessor's sake,

He beat as though his heart would break,

Proflessor Emery then passed by,
With giant forui and liisliing eye,
And carried in his trousers pockets.
Near fifteen dollirs worth of rockets.
With squibs, and wheels of various kinds.
To please the young and tender minds,
Jeiikins, a scamp on mischief bent.
Touched Emery off and away he went,

Not half the train had by me passed,

When Kendall blew a horrid blast

And Hull began to ring the bell

Which woke me up, and broke tho spell,

If e'er agaio to sleep I go,

I'll dream the rest and let you know.

Mr, Osgood, both in his inimitable style
of delivery, and in the keenness and pith
of the admirable and humerous local and
personal hits, drew forth unbDunded shouts
•of applause from the vast audience, and


Awarding of Prizes- — The decision of
of the judges chosen to award the prises
and gratuities, was the read, as follows:

1st prizR, $10, to the frigate "Constitution."
2d " 5,'" * 'Moral Suasion Locomotive,"

3il ''• 3, " "Return from Kansas "

'I'^'j " 2, " "Southern emigration to Kiin


Gi!\TuiTiES.— Pilot Engine, $2; New England
r.arl>-er Poet, S2; Walker r.nd Secretary, 2 dollars
Wheelbarrow Man, one dollar; Longfellow, one
dollar; Two. faced Man, one dollar; Lady with
enormous hoops, one dollar: Gentleman and lady
one dollar.

The ceremonies concluded w'ith three
cheers for our National Independence, and
every 6ody seemed to be pleased and satis-
fied with the entertainment.






JULY 4, 1857.


Printed at the Essex Banner OflSce.



Several meetings were previously held
in MechaniciL' Hall by those interested in
celebrating the day in a sportive manner,
for the purpose of making the necessary
arrangements. The meetings afforded an
ample field for the display of that wit and
humor,in wbgx^ manty citizens of the town_
excel. One of these ^vatherings was made
particularly interesting by the presence
i)f the renowned Prof i^]inery. the PnH
technist, who made proposals for gptf^g
up Fireworks for the occasion — i. e he
proposed to exhibit them during the day
for the convenience of the vromon and
children — but, unhappily one "■Jenkhis of
Andove)''' came in and underbid the Pro-
fessor, and the meeting unable to decide
between the rivals, the whole matter was
lett, to be carried out by Young America
in his own way.

At the first meeting, Isaac Wilson was
choson Chairman, and Solomon Nelson,
Secretary, and at other meetings, the fol-
lowing Officers of the day —

Chief Marshal,
Maj. Gen. Geo. W. Boynton.

Asst. Marshals,
Col Fred 0. Raymond,

Maj. Chaplin G.Tyler,
Capt. George H. Carleton,
Lieut. Henry McLaughlin,
Corp'l. Kendrick W. Picket.
Quart. Master, Sherman Nelson,
Pay Master, Henry S, Moody.

President of the Dajj,
^ Capt. Joseph HerVc} .
Reader of the Declarati-jti.
Solomon Nelson.
Lsaae Wilson.
Stephtn Osgood.
Committee on Premi^ims,
H P. Chaplin, A B. Noye.s,

Charles Boynton, Tristani liiown,

J. K. Harrini:in, S. E. Clark.


A few days previcus lo (he occasion a
company of citizens organized themselves
into a ':' Veteran Association," and acted
as eseort to the procession, the corps num-
bered forty-five. Officers, Maj. Wm. Ken-
dall, Capt. Joseph Hervey.

They attracted much attention by
their excellent evolutions and marching,
having had but three hours previous dril-
ling, their uniform, citizens dress, black,


with belt, sword and chapeau. Upon the, , Orders having been issued by the Com

parade of the company in the morning , niittee of arrangements that the proceSM«!i

they proceeded to the residence of Major J K-ould form at 5 o'clock on Havcihili

Kendall, were drawn np in line before the ^ street, its right resting near the rai Iroad

house, in optiu order, when the Major ap- ^ crossing, at the earliest dawn of the d;iy

))eared and was received with a salute — • the vjhicles, horsemen, and fbotiiicii intiu

He was dressed in the uniform of a Field < ding to take part in the proceedings, be-

Officer, and mounted on a handsome char- > gan to assemble themselves together as

ger. fully equipped, On assuming the '( per order; some delay was caused by its

(onnnand, he marched the company to ^ requiring more time for the Cliief Mar-

the place of rendezvous of the procession. , shal and his \ids to encase themselves

At the close of the "performances" of | in their armorial trappings, than was prev-

tiio day, the company after marching < iously allowed, and also some difficulty in

throui;h several streets of the village, re- ^ procuring horse.-, that had sufficient cour

turned to 3Iaj. Kendall s residence, and < awe to allow themselves to be mounted by

were entertained with bountiful refresh- ( officers of such a terrific and warlike as-

ments. After resting, they were again Pmdipior.s ear., enormous tails

j^ . Some moustrou* large, some thin as rails,
grand combination of human, horse, and ^ '

steam power, is calculated to be used on ■ There was a large number of laughable
common roads, and to eventually super- • specimens of humanity on horseback,
sedc the necessity for railroads. Banner ',' among which was one measuring ten feet
-^'•Great triumph of American skill " ; in height, and far aloft upon his shoul-
Another large carri.igfi represented > ders we could read the motto -"Longfel-
"Walker's return,' in the rear of which > low."

was a private carriage containing the re- < Also a double man, who was always
nowned fillibuster and his secretary; the \ ready to bestow a smile and nod of recog-
whole was well supplied with "rations" J nition upon the spectators, both in front
and defended by a huge piece of wooden ? and rear ; also another representing a
ordnance. Motto— 'Olanifest destiny " ) barbar's pole, supposed to indicate where
Next followed Pilot engine, attached ^ "cutting and shaving" could he done at
to which was a hose carriage, hook and [^ short notice

ladder cart, and a general assortment of ^' The fashions of the day were well cari-
fire apparatui=; the whole was as beauti- > by several persons on foot. Some
fully adorned with evergreens nnd vegc- \ ot our most lashionable ladies were heard
tables as could be expected, considering ho '-woud-n- where hoops of such an at-
tho backwardness of the reason. ] tiactive diameter could be procured."

Music adapted to the occasion. After the procession had marched

\nother feafure that attracted consider I through the principal streets of the town


tlicj word "lLili"was given ilircvtlj in front ., bring our niitioiuil independence into con-
of the residence of lion. 3Ioses Tenne}', tempt — he would I»cg to inform this ever
Jr., when it was announced that a very .sensitive chiss of individuals tlmt the per-


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