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polite invitation had been received from , son.s engaged in this celebration were as
that gent'.eiuan, to partake of a collation '^ fully imbued with the spirit of true patriot
which he had provided for the occasion. ism and love of country as any of those
Maj. Tenney made a happy and humor- j who find fault with their proceedings, he
cus .speech of welcome to his guests, which ' ""^^- ^'"'''''^' ^^'«' ^'^^^ '^'^^

b!es were passed through the entire lenjrth ' "^'S^'fy '' ^'^"' "omised, or hi-s position in

of the procession; after all had become sat ' ^'^^'^'^^ '"'^ '^='.V-^ damage.], if he will hand

isfied, the military and ha.d performed''" '^'" '^'" to the committee of arrange-

th«cerem ny of a military salute, to the ' '"*'"*•"*• '^ ^'" "'^ ^^""^^'* '-eeeivethcir,

generous ent^ertainer in a handsome man- f^'^tinguished consideration.

ner after which three cheers were given ) ^^he President then introduced the read-

foi tlie patriotic and whole .souled Major, : ""^ "^' ^'^'^ DecIarafio7i of independence.

and the procession moved to the square in ; ^^'- Q«^ittlcbum, irom the "other side of

front of the Pontucket Hou.'^, where a ; J^'"*^'^" "

! these poor pilgrims were almost shin-

ballad , r r o 1

'',,,.,, . r^M A'i.,;,,n,r ^ wrecked, havins- but one shirt en their

Oh! I wish I was in Old V ir;:;mny, ) .

Oh! I wish I was in Old Virginny, ^ backs, and also having lost their way, had

Eating of the corn cak^ and the homiEy, ) to steer with a pair of compasses. In ad-

And a picking on the old-banjo. r ^^j^j^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ privations, their stock of

Fourthly^By the most barbarous ( j,.j,j,. f^H gj^^^.^^ ^^^^^ ^j^^^. ^^^^.^ ^^^^ ^,^ ,^,,

measures he has caused the rise of sugar { allowance of a half pint of water per day.

and molasses to such an extent that none j p^.h^ps some before me, may think th it

ofthecoloP.ists, but of the wealthy j ^j,^^ ^^^^ „^^^,,^, that quantity :.misuc>

class can obtain them. The various meth- j ^^^^ ^^H^ ^^^ C^l,^^^, ^^-^^^^ -^ ;^^^^ ., ^^^^

ods which he has taken to render it impos- ) lYatcr "

siblefor his people to obtain thom, drew S^ Secenthly, — Then ho has obliged us to
forth the ridicule and sarcasm of the va- ^ build a great structure, all at our own ex-
rlous poets of the day. I>r. Duckwortt ^ pcnsc, and carried his tyranny .so far that
thus alludes to it, < when the cold winter set in, and his poor

"When Daniel Tuckrti- came to town, ', subjects had all they could do to thrash

He swallowed a hogshead of Masses down." ^, their hands and keep warm, even then
Such tampering with the appetites, call \ they were obliged to toil a few hours eve-
upon all lovers of sweetened water and , ry day and do nothing, and when it was
molasses gingerbread, to fight, bleed and ! all over, compelled them to return to
die for their dearest rights, r their destitute families with the small

F/JWtj,—To guard ourselves against ; sum of two dollars a day, and farther in-
the inroads of bloody minded savages, vre, I suited them by saying that tho money
at a great expense.had provided ourselves ;• had best be kept all in the colony,
with a 44 i)0und Princeton gun, back ac- ^i FJ(/htJdy,—\N\\\\(i England has been
tion. 0.1 the fourth of July, 1775, a ' steadily at work in her nefarious de. igns
company of Briti.-fh soldiers took posses- (, to injure our country as a whole, she has
sionofa pink stern gondola, lying at ; ere/iiVeZy w^//Zec^e(i the /ocaZ interests of the
an3hor in Rowley river.first sotting adrift < different colonies.


In the province of Massachusetts Bay, ^ tic, and immediately proceed across the
the General Court have had to prolong ^ track,

their session to such great letijth, that the ( Sec; 2. Any persons violating this act
like has not been known within the mem- ( shall pay a fine often pounds, four shil-
ory of the oldest inhahitant. For five (lings lawful money. This wise and bcne-
Zo?ij/ ???o?2/J/?.?, on an average ot two hours t ficial enactment was denounced as the
per day that pi^rscrfr//?.^ and indomitahle ^\^. N. station act. and was violently
body of legislators were compelled to sit, / opposed by the Tory members of the As-
to make the necessary laws for that coIo- ' senibly at the head of which was "Brown
ny. Where is the man, womin or child, , of Tolland,'' but the party of the people
that has not read and nhnired the dis- ' triumphed and after passing many other
plays of oratonjy Tiwi thrillinrj strains of '^ wholesome laws, the patriotic members
eZo(7Me«ce that for Zc?? successive days were ^ voted ?^ew?se/y(?s the paltry pittance of
manifested, while that important bill was (three dollars a day, and returned home to
pending, as to whether the inhabitants of ^ their gratified constituents.
Tyngsborough should catch smiked her- \ Ninthly, — Not content with encroach-
rlng in Taunton ricer on Tuesdays or


Online LibraryNational Society for the Study of EducationReport of the fantastical celebration in Georgetown, Mass., July 4, 1857 → online text (page 2 of 2)