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eral Court of New Hamp-
shire, 1680-84.
Stewart, Mrs. David.
Hamilton, Mrs. IV. T.

Martian, Nicholas, 1591-
1657. Member of the Vir-
ginia House of Burgesses,

Buell, Mrs. Daniel H.

Minor, Miss Mary Willis.

Martin, Colonel James.

1748. High Sherif?,
Worcester Co., 1742-45.
School Commissioner.
Colonel, Worcester Co.

Campbell, Mrs. Duncan.

Campbell, Miss Ella Calvert.

Martin, Colonel James,
1742 . Colonel of Mil-
itia, Guilford, N. C, I775-
Mercer, Mrs. Carroll.

Mason, Colonel George,
I., 1686. Justice, Staf-
ford Co.. Va.: Sheriff,
1670; Clerk of the County

Court, 1673. County
Lieutenant, 1675. Bur-
gess, 1676.

Roivland, Miss Elizabeth

Calvert, Mrs. Charles Balti-

Mason, Colonel George,
IL, 1670-1716. Captain of
Potomac Rangers. Jus-
tice, Stafford Co., Va.,
1689-92. Sheriff of Staf-
ford Co. County Lieu-
tenant, 1699-1700.

Rowland, Miss Elisabeth

Calvert, Mrs. Charles Balti-

Mason, Colonel George,
IIL, 1692-1735. Justice,
Stafford Co., Va., 1713;
Burgess, 1718, '23, '26.
County Lieutenant, 1719.
Removed to Charles Co.,
Md., 1730.
Rowland, Miss Elisabeth

Mason, Hugh, 1606-1678.
Member of General Court
of Massachusetts. Magis-
trate. Captain of Water-
town Company, 1652.
Hamilton, Mrs. Levin Mayer.

Mason, Thomson, 1733-1785.
Trustee of Leesburg, 1758.
Member Virginia House
of Burgesses, 1758-59. '61,
'67-71, '74. Member of
Assembly, 1777-79, '83-
Judge of the General
Court, 1778.
Rowland, Miss Elizabeth

Maynadier, Reverend Dan-
iel, L, 1745. Rec-
tor of St. Margaret's Par-
ish, Anne Arundel Co.,
1712. Rector of St. Pe-
ter's Parish, Talbot Co.,


Screven, Mrs. George F.
Trimble, Mrs. David C.
Sullivan, Mrs. Felix R.
Pitts, Mrs. Sullivan.

Maynadier, Reverend Dan-
iel, II., 1724-1772. Rec-
tor of Great Choptank
Parish, Dorchester Co.,

Screven, Mrs. George P.

Trimble, Mrs. David C.

Sullivan, Mrs. Felix R.

Pitts, Mrs. Sullivan.

McAllister, Colonel Rich-
ard, 1795. Justice,

York Co., Penna., 1771-
74- Member Committee
of Safety, 1775. Member
Provmcial Congress. 1775
Colonel, 3d Battalion,
i ork Co., 1775-77- Coun-
ty Lieutenant, 1777-80.
Morris, Mrs. Charles Mani-

Morris, Miss Elizabeth M.

McClintock, Reverend
Samuel, 1732- 1804. Chap-
lam, 2d New Hampshire
Regiment, June-July, 1775.

Stetvart, Mrs. David.

Hamilton, Mrs. W. T.

McKean, Thomas, 1723-1817.
Signer of the Declaration
of Independence. Presi-
dent of Congress. Three
times Governor of Penn-
sylvania. Chief Justice of
Pennsylvania for twenty-
two years.

Redivood, Mrs. Frank T.

Screven, Mrs. George P.

Sullivan, Mrs. Felix R.

McKiM, Lieutenant Thos.
1710-1784. Commissioned
by the Governor of Del-
a\yare. Lieutenant of Mil-
itia in the Upper Regi-
ment from Brandywine
Hundred, 1756. Justice of
the Peace and Judge of
the Court of Common

Pleas, New Castle, Del.,

von Kapff, Mrs. Frederick, Jr.
Wilson, Miss Mary Bowly.
Wetmore, Mrs. Russell.
Wilson, Miss Ella Chapman.
Hayes, Mrs. John S.
Heyward, Mrs. Wilson P.
Wilson, Miss Emma.
Wilson, Miss Ella C.

McKiNNiE. Barnaby. Jus-
tice, Bertie Co., N. C,
1724-28; Edgecombe Co.,
1739. Member North Car-
olina Assembly, 1735.
Smith, Mrs. Frederick Henry.

McPherson, Colonel Rob-
ert, 1730-1789. Captain,
3d Pennsylvania Battal-
ion, 1758, and in Forbes'
expedition against Fort
Duquesne. Sheriff of
York Co., Penna., 1762-
65; Justice, 1764-75. Mem-
ber of Assembly, 1765-67;
'81-85. County Treasurer,
175s, '68. Colonel of
Pennsylvania Militia in
the Revolution.

McCrackin, Mrs. Alexander.

Rogers, Mrs. Henry W.

Merryman, John, 1737-1814.
Member Committee of
Observation, Baltimore
Co., 1774-76. Judge of
Orphans' Court, Balti-
more Co., 1784.
Black, Mrs. Charles H.

Middleton, Captain Thos.
1674 - 174 4- Prince
George's Co., Md. Cap-
tain of Rangers in Indian
disturbances, 1698.

Leakin, Miss Margaret Dob-

Sioussat, Mrs. Albert Willis.

Miller, Michael, 1700.

Burgess, Kent Co., 1685.
Chatard, Mrs. Thomas M.

Minor, Garrett. Member


of Committee of Safety,
Louisa Co.. Va., 1775.
Polk, Mrs. William Stewart.

Minor, John, 1735-1800.
Member of Committee of
Safety, Caroline Co., Va.,

PoulHiey. Mrs. Arthur E.

Minor, Miss Mary Willis.

Mitchell, William,

1685. Member of Coun-
cil of Maryland, 1649.
Spencer, Mrs. Jervis.
Mullan, Mrs. Johft.
Boone, Mrs. Daniel A.

Moale, John, I., 1697-1740.

Burgess, Baltimore Co.,

Early, Mrs. Alexander R.
Slingluff, Mrs. Fielder C.
Nicholas, Mrs. Wilson Cary.

Moale, John, II., 1731-1798.
Burgess from Baltimore
Co., 1767. Member of
Convention. 1774-75. and
of Committee of Observa-
tion, 1775. Lieutenant-
Colonel, Baltimore Town
Battalion, 1776.

Early, Mrs. Alexander R.

Nicholas, Mrs. Wilson Cary.

Monroe, President James,
1758-1831. Lieutenant Vir-
ginia Forces, 28 Septem-
ber, 1775. Aide de Camp
to Lord Stirling, with
rank of Major, 1777-78.
Member of Virginia As-
sembly. United States
Senator. President of the
United States, 1817-25.
Mclntire, Mrs. W illiam

Moore, Bernard. Member
of the Virginia House of
Burgesses, 1748.
Clark, Mrs. Frank P.

Moore, John. Collector of

the Port of Philadelphia,

Pitts, Mrs. Sullivan.
Dandridge, Miss Anne Spotts-


Moore, William, 1699-1783.
Colonel, First Associated
Regiment, Chester Co.,
Penna., 1747-48, and re-
commissioned in 1755.
Member of Assembly.
President of the County
Pitts, Mrs. Sullivan.
Dandridge, Miss Anne Spotts-

Morgan, Henry, 1663.

High Sherifif and Com-
mander of the Militia of
Kent Co., 1648. Justice,
1650-59. Burgess. 1659.

Emory, Mrs. Campbell D.

Pitts, Mrs. Sullivan.

Magruder, Mrs. John Read.

Ship pen, Mrs. Edward.

Penningtan, Miss Elizabeth

Lowndes, Mrs. Lloyd.

Sidlivan, Mrs. Felix R.

Screven, Mrs. George P.

Hozvard. Mrs. Charles.

Morgan, Captain Jacob,
1716-1792. Captain, ist
Battalion, Pennsylvania
Troops, 1755. Captain in
2d Battalion, 1757. Adju-
tant. 1760.
O'Fcrrall, Mrs. Frank F.

Morris. Anthony, 1654-1707.
Judge of the Court of
Common Pleas, 1692.
Judge of Supreme Court
of Pennsylvania, 1694.
Member of Provincid
Council, 1695. Mayor of
Philadelphia, 1704.
Murray, Mrs. Francis Key.

Morris, Honorable Lewis,
I.. 1671-1746. Chief Jus-
tice of New York, 1720-
38. First Governor of the


Province of New Jersey,
Morris, Miss Elisabeth M.

Morris, Honorable Lewis,
II., 1698-1762. Judge of
the High Court of Admir-
alty, Province of New
Morris, Miss Elisabeth M.

Morris, Honorable Lewis,
III., 1726-1798. Member
of Congress, 1775. Signer
the Declaration of Inde-
pendence. Brigadier-Gen-
eral, New York State Mil-
Morris, Miss Elisabeth M.

Morris, Honorable Rob-
ert, 1734-1806. Signer of
the Declaration of Inde-
Slingluff, Mrs. Fielder C.

Morton, Captain John,
1730-1779- Member of
Committee of Safety. 1775.
Captain in the Fourth
Regiment Virginia Conti-
nental Line, 19 February,
Ridgely, Mrs. John.

Moseley, Colonel Edward,
1661-1736. Colonel and
Justice of Princess Anne
Co., Va.; High Sheriff,
1707-8. Member of the
House of Burgesses.
Knight of the Golden
Horseshoe, 1710-22.
Smith, Miss Virginia Hope

Moseley, Edward Hack,
1783. Burgess, Princ-
ess Anne Co., Va., 1761-
69; Colonel and Sheriff of
the County.
Smith, Mtss Virginia Hope

Mosely, Samuel, 1641-1680.
Commissioner to treat

with Narragansett Indians.
Commander of Troop in
King Philip's War.
Hamilton, Mrs. Levin Mayer.

MoTTE, Isaac, 1700-1770. For
thirty years Treasurer of
South Carolina.
Taylor, Mrs. Winiield J.

Muhlenberg, Major - Gen-
eral John Peter Ga-
briel, 1746-1807. Colonel
of the Eighth Virginia
Regiment, December.
1775. Brigadier-General,
Continental Army, 21 Feb-
ruary, 1777. Member of
Congress, 1789-95. I799-
1801. United States Sen-
ator, 1801.

McSherry, Mrs. H. Clinton.

Hoogewerff, Mrs. John A.

Mumford, Thomas. Went to
Virginia with the First
Supply, 1607. One of the
Incorporators named in
the second charter of Vir-
ginia, 28 May. 1609.
Mason, Mrs. John Thomson.

MuRDOCK, Reverend

George, 1761. Rector

of Rock Creek Parish.
Prince George's and
Frederick Counties, 1726-

Mercein, Mrs. Thomas R.

Stokes, Miss Eliza Hughes.

MuRDOCK, William, 1769.

Burgess, Prince George's
Co., 1749-69. Member of
Committee to represent
Maryland in the Stamp
Act Congress, held in New
York, October, 1765.

Kcrfoot, Mrs. Samuel Humes.

Beckwith, Mrs. Franklin H.

Woods. Mrs. Daniel C.

Murray, Doctor William
(Cambridge), 1696-1763.
Justice, Dorchester Co.,
Pitts, Mrs. SnUiz'an.


Murray, Doctor William
(Chestertown), 1708-1769.
Justice, Kent Co., 1750.
Pitts, Mrs. Sullivan.

Nash, Colonel John. Mem-
ber of the Virginia House
of Burgesses, 1755-65.
Captain of a company in
the Indian Wars. High
Sheriff, Prince Edward
Co., 1758.
Ligon, Miss Elizabeth JVorth-
ington Dorsey.

Neale, Captain James, 161 5-
1684. Member Provincial
Council of Maryland, 1643-
44, and 1660-61. Burgess,
1666. Commissioner of
the Treasury, 1643. At-
torney of Lord Baltimore
at Amsterdam to protest
against the seating of the
Dutch and Swedes on the
Delaware River and Bay.
Commissioned Captain by
Lord Baltimore (1661) to
raise troops against the
Dutch on Delaware Bay.

Keyser, Mrs. William.

Mackubin. Miss Florence.

Coolidge, Mrs. Charles Austin.

Bateman, Mrs. lames M. H.

Tilton, Miss Elizabeth.

Hunt, Mrs. Dunbar.

Hunt, Miss Anita Dunbar.

Brent, Miss Nanine Maria.

Brent, Miss Ida S.

Sullivan, Mrs. Felix R.

Roman, Miss Louisa Lozvndes.

Lough, Mrs. Ernest St.

Liirman, Mrs. Theodor G.

Tilghman, Miss Mary.

Lowndes, Mrs. Lloyd.

Paca, Miss Juliana TilgJiman.

Turnbull, Mrs. John 0.

Woods, Mrs. Daniel C.

Washburn, Mrs. Charles W.

Preston, Mrs. J. Alexander.

Trimble, Mrs. David C

Pitts, Mrs. Sullivan.

Stokes. Miss Eliza Hughes.

Milnor, Miss Mary JVorth-

Magruder, Mrs. John Read.

Liirman, Mrs. Gustav IV.

Beall, Mrs. Edward Sinclair.

Beall, Miss Louisa Ogle.

Winn, Miss Mary.

Shippen, Mrs. Edward.

Pennington, Miss Elizabeth

Williams, Mrs. Charles

Manly, Mrs. L. Tyson.

Carroll, Miss Sally Wethcred.

Marshall, Mrs. Charles.

Merritt, Mrs. J. Alfred.

Presstman, Mrs. Benjamin.

Denman, Mrs. H. B.

Redwood, Mrs. Frank T.

Earle, Miss Mary Isabel.

Calvert, Mrs. Charles Balti-
more. ^

Emory, Mrs Campbell D.

Screven, Mrs. George P.

Penniman, Mrs. George Dob-

Hozvard, Mrs. Charles.

Norris, Mrs. Owen.

Dandridge, Miss Anne Spotts-

Mackenzie, Miss Mary G. M.

Semple, Mrs. Percy.

Baughman, Mrs. Mary Jane.

Jones, Mrs. George Alphonzo.

Nelson, Major John, 1750-
1827. Captain, 7th Vir-
ginia, 28 October, 1776;
retired, 4 September, 1778.
Served subsequently as
Major in a Virginia State
Ober, Mrs. Robert.

Nelson, Roger, 1735-1S15.
Second Lieutenant, 5th
Maryland, 1779, and ist
Lieutenant, 1780. Wound-
ed and taken prisoner at
Camden, 1780. Trans-
ferred to Baylor's Dra-
goons, 1782, and served to
the end of the war. Mem-
ber of Congress, 1804-10.

Steele, Miss Rosa.

Bcckwith, Mrs. Franklin H.

Nelson, Secretary Thomas,


1716-1782. Member of the
Council of Virginia, 1764.
President of the Council.
Secretary of State. One
of the Governors of Will-
iam and Mary College.
Ober, Mrs. Robert.

Nicholas, Doctor George,
1680 - 1734. Represented
William and Mary Col-
lege in the Virginia
House of Burgesses, 1730.
Randall, Mrs. Alexander Bar-

Nicholas. Robert Carter.
1 728-1780. Member of the
Virginia House of Bur-
gesses. 1758, '66-74. Speak-
er, 1764-70. Treasurer of
Virginia. Member of t-he
various revolutionary con-
ventions, and President,
pro tern., of that of 1775.

Carter, Miss Mary Coles.

Nicholas, Miss Cary Ann.

Nicholas, Miss Elisabeth Cary.

Randall, Mrs. Alexander Bar-

Nicholson. Colonel Joseph,
1709-1787. High Sherif?
of Kent Co., 1763-68;
Colonel of the County
Militia; Deputy Commis-
sary for many years.

Shippen, Mrs. Edzvard.

Magriider, Mrs. John Read.

Nicholson. Joseph, Jr., 1734-
1786. Justice. Kent Co.,
1760. Member of Mary-
land Convention, 1775.
Magruder, Mrs. John Read.

NicoLL, Matthias, 1621-1687.
Captain in the British
Army. 1664. Secretary of
the Province of New
York, 1664-80. Member
of the King's Council,
1667-80. Speaker of Pro-
vincial Assembly, 1683.
Judge of the Court of Ad-

miralty, 1686. Mayor of
New York, 1672.
Mason, Mrs. John Thomson.

NicoLL, Honorable Will-
iam, 1657-1723. Member
of Council, New York,
1691-98. Speaker of Pro-
vincial Assembly. 1702-18.
Attorney - General, 1687-
Mason, Mrs. John Thomson.

NicoLS, Reverend Henry,
1678-1748. Rector of St.
Michael's Church, Talbot
Co., 1708-48.

Marshall, Mrs. Charles.

Merritt, Mrs. J. Alfred.

NoTLEY, Honorable Thos.

1679. Burgess, St.

Mary's Co., 1665-71, and
for St. Mary's City, 1671-
74. Member of Council.
1676-79. Deputy Gover-
nor, 1678.

Denman, Mrs. H. B.

Williams, Mrs. Charles

Jones, Mrs. George Alphonso.

Ogden, John, 1610-1681 (Eliz-
abeth Towne). Magis-
trate. 1656. Of Upper
House, General Court.
1660-61, Colony of Con-
necticut. Patentee, 1662.
Member of King's Coun-
cil, Province of New Jer-
sey. 1665. Schout and
Acting Governor of the
English Colony in East
Jersey, 1673. during the
Dutch occupation.
Caviak, Miss M. Annie.

Ogle, Governor Samuel,
1694-1752. Governor of
Maryland, 1732, 1735-42,

Lezuis, Miss Virginia Tayloe.

Beall, Miss Louisa Ogle.

Shawhan, Mrs. Charles S.

Owen, Robert, 1697. Jus-


tice, Merion, Pa., 1695-97.

Member of Pennsylvania

Assembly, 1695-97.
Blackford, Mrs. Eugene.
Poultmy, Mrs. Arthur E.

Paca, Aquila. 1721. High

Sheriff, Baltimore Co.,
1702-03; Burgess, 1708.
Paca, Miss Juliana Tilghnan.

Paca, William, 1740-1799.
Signer of the Declaration
of Independence, 1776.
Governor of Maryland,
Paca, Miss Juliana Tilghman

Page. Colonel John, 1627-
1692. Member of the
Council of Virginia, 1683-
92. Colonel of York Co.

Oher, Mrs. Robert.

Minor, Miss Mary Willis.

Keyser, Mrs. R. Brent.

Randall, Mrs. Alexander B car-

Gary, Miss Jane Margaret.

Page, Governor John, 1744-
1808. Member of the Vir-
ginia House of Burgesses,
1771. Member of Coun-
cil, 1773. Member of Con-
gress, 1789-97- Governor
of Virginia, 1802-03.
Minor, Miss Mary Willis.

Page, Honorable Mann I.,
1691-1730. Member of
the Council of Virginia,

Ober, Mrs. Robert.

Minor, Miss Mary Willis.

Keyser, Mrs. R. Brent.

Randall, Mrs. Alexander Ba-

Gary, Miss Jane Margaret.

Page, Honorable Mann H.,

1718 . Member of the

Virginia House of Bur-
gesses, 1762-65. Visitor of
William and Mary Col-
lege, 1750.
Minor, Miss Mary Willis.

Page, Honorable Mat-
thew, 1660-1704. One of
the original Board of
Trustees for William and
Mary College, 1693. Mem-
ber of the Council of Vir-
ginia, 1699.

Ober, Mrs. Robert.

Minor, Miss Mary Willis.

Keyser, Mrs. R. Brent.

Randall, Mrs. Alexander Bar-

Gary, Miss Jane Margaret.

Parke, Honorable Daniel.
Member of the Council of
Virginia, 1692. Captain-
General and Governor of
the Leeward Islands.
Goldsborough, Mrs. George

Parke, William, 1595-1685.
Member of the Ancient
and Honorable Artillery
Company, 1638. Repre-
sented Roxbury, Mass.,
in the General Court,
1635-67. the longest known
term of service under the
old charter.
Williams, Miss Sue Gamp-
Mackenzie, Miss Mary G. M.

Parsons, Major - General
Samuel Holden, 1737-
1789. Member of Con-
necticut Assembly eight-
een consecutive sessions.
King's Attorney, 1773.
Major, 1770, Connecticut
Forces. Major-General,
Winchester, Mrs. H. Gar roll.

Partridge, Reverend Ralf,

1658. Pastor of the

Church at Duxbury,
Mass., 1 636- 1 658.
Pozvell, Mrs. William S.

Partridge. Samuel, 1645-
1740. Quartermaster, ^la-
jor John Pvnchon's Troop,
1688. Deputy, 1683, '85,


'86. Assistant. Associate
Judge, Hampshire Coun-
ty Court, 1685. Judge of
the Court of Common
Pleas, 1692-1740, Colony
of Massachusetts Bay.

Jacobs, Mrs. Jesse Elliott.

Wood, Mrs. Joseph C.

Peabody, Lieutenant
Francis, 1614-1697. Lieu-
tenant in the Militia,
Topsfield, Mass., 1668.
Powell, Mrs. William S.

Peale, Charles Willson.
1741 - 1827. Captain of
Pennsylvania Volunteers,
1776, and served in the
battles of Trenton and
Germantown. Member of
Pennsylvania Legislature,

Atkinson. Mrs. Robert.

Gamble, Mrs. Robert Howard.

Iglehart, Mrs. C. Iredell.

Robinson. Miss Louisa Hall.

Pearce. Captain Daniel.
Burgess, Kent Co., 1709-
Merritt, Mrs. J. Alfred.

Pearce, William, 1720.

Burgess, Cecil Co., 1694,
1706-07. Chief Judge,
Kent Co., I7i4-i5-
Turnbiill, Mrs. John
Preston, Mrs. J. Alexander.
Carroll, Miss Sally Wcthcred.

Pearson, Robert. Burgess
of Trenton, N. J., 1746.
Thorn, Mrs. J. Pembroke.
Duke, Mrs. Basil.

Pemberton, Doctor Thos.,
1653-1693. As Surgeon,
accompanied expedition to
Canada, 1690.

Hall, Miss Elisabeth Ward.

Hall, Miss Mary Stickney.

Pengilly, L I e u t e n an t
John, 1709. Ensign,

Massachusetts Militia,
1692; Lieutenant, 1700.

Fisher, Mrs. William A.

Woodruff, Mrs. George C.

Penhallow, Samuel, 1665-
1726. Deputy to the Gen-
eral Court. 1698. Speaker
of the House, 1699. Treas-
urer, 1699-1726. Assistant,
1702. Secretary. 1704.
Judge of Superior Court,
1714-17. Chief Justice,
1717-26. Commissary-
General. 1712. Colony of
New Hampshire.

Hall, Miss Elizabeth Ward.

Hall, Miss Mary Stickney.

Pennock, Joseph, 1677-177}-
Member of Pennsylvania
Assembly, 1716-28.
Martin. Mrs. Frank.

Pepperrell, Lieutenant-
Colonel William, 1654-
1754, Kittery, Me. Cap-
tain of the company of
Provincial Militia _ (1714)
Commandant of His Maj-
esty's Fort at Kittery
Point, 1714. Subsequent-
ly Lieutenant-Colonel of
the Provincial Militia of
York Co., Me. Justice of
the Court of Common
Pleas, 1715-30. Deputy to
the General Court of Mas-
sachusetts, 1696 .

Belknap, Mrs. Charles.

Brozvne, Mrs. Samuel Tracy.

Asshcton, Mrs. William Her-

Perry, William, 1746-1799.

Justice, Caroline Co., 1774.

Receiver of Alienation

Fees for the Proprietary of

Markoe, Mrs. Frank.
Sibley, Mrs. Clarence.
Dugan, Mrs. Hammond.

Peters, William, circ,

1790. Came to Pennsyl-
vania, i7z6-7. Justice of


County Court, of Court of
Common Pleas, and of
Orphans' Court. Deputy
Secretary of Province of
Pennsylvania, and Clerk
of the Provincial Court,
1757. Member of Penn-
sylvania Assembly, 1752-
Buchanan, Mrs. Roberdeau.

Peyton, Francis, 1808.

Member of the Virginia
House of Burgesses, 1769-
1774: Member of Con-
vention, 1775.
Luckett, Miss Mary Stacker.

Peyton, Valentine, 1686-
1751. Justice, Prince
William Co., Va., 1743.
Sheriff, 1749; Burgess.

James, Mrs. Norman.

Luckett, Miss Mary Stacker.

Macgill, Miss Louisa.

Gibson, Mrs. George T. M.

Gary, Mrs. E. Stanley.

Gibson, Mrs. Charles H.

Cottman, Mrs. Clarence.

Pozvell, Miss Sarah Harrison.

Phelps, William, 1599-1672.
One of the eight Commis-
sioners appointed by the
Bay Colony, 3 March,
1636, " to govern the peo-
ple of Connecticut." Mem-
ber of Court, in 1637, at
Hartford, that declared
war against the Pequots.
Assistant, 1638-43.
Franklin, Mrs. Fabian.

Ppiilpot, Brian, 1695 вАҐ

Justice, Baltimore Co..

Ridgely, Mrs. John.

Philpo't, Miss Mary Dennisoii.

PiiiLPOT, Ensign Brian,
1748-1812. Ensign. Small-
v^^ood's Regiment, 14 Jan-
uary, 1776.
Philpot, Miss Mary Dcnnison.

Pile, Honorable John.

Member of the Council of

Maryland, 1649-50.
Brent, Miss Ida S.
Keyser, Mrs. William.
Hunt, Mrs. Dunbar.
Hunt, Miss Anita Dunbar.

Plaistead, John. 1660 .

Judge of the Superior
Court of New Hampshire,
1699. Chief Justice, 1716.
Speaker of Assembly,
169s, 1718, '27.
Franklin, Mrs. Fabian.

Plaisted, Lieutenant Rog-
er, 1675. Deputy,

1663-64, '72,. Lieutenant,
Captain Charles Frost's
Company, 1670. Killed
(1675) in a fight with the
Franklin, Mrs. Fabian.

Plater, Attorney-General
George, 1707. Attor-
ney-General of Maryland,
1691, '95-96.

Pitts, Mrs. Sullivan.

Magruder, Mrs. John Read.

Shippen, Mrs. Edward.

Pennington, Miss Elizabeth

Lowndes, Mrs. Lloyd.

Howard, Mrs. Charles.

Plater, Honorable George,
1695-1755- Member of
Council, 1732-55. Deputy
Secretary of Maryland,

Roman, Miss Louisa Lowndes.

Lough, Mrs. Ernest St.

Pennington. M i s s Elizabeth

Lozviides, Mrs. Lloyd.

Emory, Mrs. Campbell D.

Screven, Mrs. George P.

Trimble, Mrs. David C.

Sullivan, Mrs. Felix R.

Pitts, Mrs. Sullivan.

Magruder, Mrs. John Read.

Shippen, Mrs. Edward.



Hozvard, Mrs. Charles.
Shawhan, Mrs. Charles S.
Tilton, Miss Elisabeth.

Plowden, Sir Edmund, 1590-
1659. Founder, Gover-
nor, Captain-General, and
Earl Palatine of New Al-
bion (now New Jersey).
Charter granted by
Charles I.

Jenkins, Mrs. Michael.

Jenkins, Mrs. Edmund Plow-

Hinckley. Mrs. Robert.

O'Donnell, Mrs. Columbus.

Polk, David, 1705-1778. Jus-
tice, Somerset Co., 1763.
Polk, Miss Anna Maria.
Carter, Mrs. Gosse Onno.
Jenkins, Mrs. E. Austin.

Polk. Thomas, i73S-i793-
Member of Provincial As-
sembly of North Carolina
and signer of the Meck-
lenberg Declaration of In-
Brown, Miss Lisinka Camp-

Pope, Nathaniel, 1660.

Member of Maryland As-
sembly, 1642. Lieutenant-
Colonel of Militia, West-
moreland Co., Va.
Minor, Miss Mary Willis.

Powell, Colonel Levin,
1738-1810. Member Com-
mittee of Observation,

1774. Major of Militia,

1775. Lieutenant-Colonel
Grayson's Additional
Continental Regiment.
1777 - 1778 ; Presidential
Elector; member Virginia
Convention, 1788.

Gibson, Mrs. Charles H.
Cottman. Mrs. Clarence.
Powell, Miss Sarah Harrison.
Semple, Mrs. Percy.

Price, Colonel Thomas,

1795- Justice, Frederick

Co., 1762-1776. Captain of
Riflemen, I775- Major,
1776. Colonel, 2d Regi-
ment, Maryland Line,

King, Miss Virginia.

Pearre, Miss Mary Smith

Phenix, Miss Florence.

Blackiston, Mrs. A. Hoot on.

Smith, Miss Clementine.

Smith, Miss Sallie Cox.

Prince, Governor Thomas,
1600-1673. Assistant, Ply-
mouth Colony, from 1635.
Governor, 1634-38, and
1657-72. Member of the
Council of War, and
" went forth against the
Pequot Indians," 1637.
Commissioner for the
United Colonies, 1645, '50,
Green, Mrs. William.

Provost, David, I., 1608-1656.
Commander at Fort Good
Hope. 1642-47. First of
the " nine men," 1652.
Sergeant, Blue Flag Com-
pany, Burgher Corps, New
Amsterdam, 1653. First
separate Schout at
Breuckelen, 1655. Schout
and Secretary of Breucke-
len, Amersfoort and Mid-
wont until his death.
Lurmmi, Mrs. Gustav W.

Provost, David, II., 1670-
1724. Captain in Colonel
Abraham de Peyster's
Regiment, New York
City, 1700. Major, 1710.
Lieutenant-Colonel, 1716.
Member of General As-
sembly, 1702-11. Member
of Council, 1708-10.
Lurman, Mrs. Gustav W.

Quincy, Lieutenant-Colo-
nel Edmund, 1627-1698,
Braintree. Deputy to the
General Court. Major.
Lieutenant - Colonel in


command of the Suffolk
Regiment, 1698, Colony of
Massachusetts Bay.
Woods, Mrs. Daniel C.

QuiNCY, Colonel John, 1689-
1767, Boston, Mass. Mem-
ber of the House of Rep-
resentatives, 1717, 1719-41;
Speaker. 1729-41; Member
of His Majesty's Council,
1742, 1747-53; Colonel of
the Suffolk Regiment.
Woods, Mrs. Daniel C.

Ramsay, David, 1749-1815.
Surgeon of the Charleston
Artillery Company at
siege of Savannah, 1781.
Member of South Caro-
lina Legislature, 1776-
1781. Member of Council
of South Carolina. Mem-
ber of Congress, 1782, '85.
Ramsay, Miss Martha

Randolph, Isham, 1687-1742.
Member of Virginia
House of Burgesses, 1738-
40. Colonel of Militia,
1740. Adjutant-General of
Virginia, 1738-42.

McLean, Mrs. Thomas Chal-

Gordon, Miss Margaret

Keyser, Mrs. R. Brent.

Buchanan, Miss Esther Sid-

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