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Lt.-Col. Vise. Maitland, «. — Thirlestane
Castle, Lauder, N.B. C.

Lawrence, 2nd Bar. (cr. 1869). J. H.

Lawrence; b. 1846; sue. 1879; Barrister;

Yeo.; Ld.-in-Waiting since 1896; H. Hon.

A. G. Lawrence, «. — Chetwode Manor.

I Bucks. L.U.

Leconfield, Srd Bar. <er. 1869). Lt.-CoL

C. H. Wyndham; b. 1872; sue. 1901; Army;
Impl. Yeo. (S. Africa) ; H. Capt. Hon. W. R.
Wyndham, 6r.— Petworth House, Sussex. C.

Leeds, 10th D. of (cr. 1694). G. G.
Osborne; b. 1862; sue. 1896; Yeo.; M.P.
Brixton Div. 1887-95; Tr. of H.M. House-
hold 3896-6; H. *M. of Carmarthen, a.—
Hornby Castle, Bedale, Yorks. C.

Leicester, 2nd E. of (cr. 1837). T. W-
Coke. K.G. ; b. 1822 ; sue. 184-2 ; Ld.-Lt-
Norfolk; H. Col. Vise. Coke, C.M.G.,M.V.O.,
A.D.C., «.— Holkham Hall, Wells, Norfolk.


Leigh, 2nd Bar. (cr. 1839). Hon. Col. W-
H. Leigh, P.O.; b. 1824; sue. 1850; Ld.-Lt
Warwickshire; Yeo.; Mil. ; H. Maj. Hon.

F. I \ Leigh, «. — Stoneleigh Abbey, Kenil-
wortb. L.

*Leinster, 6th D. of (cr. 1766, Ir.).

G. Fitzgerald; b. 1887; sue. 1893; Vise.
LeiuHter (U.K., 1747); H. *Ld. Desmond
Fitzgerald, br. — Carton, Maynooth. —

Leitrim, 5th E. of (or. 1795, Ir.). C.
Clements; b. 1879; sue. 1892; Army (S.
Africa) ; Impl. Yeo. ; sits as Bar. Clements
(1831) ; H. *Hon. F. P. Clements, 6r.— Mul-
roy. Milford, Co. DoiiegHl. C.

Leven, 13th E. of (or. 1641), and Mel-
ville, 10th E. of (or. 1690). Sco. Rep.
Peer. R. R. Leslie-Melville, P.C. ; b. 1835;
sue. 1889 ; Banker; H. *Ld. Balgonie, «.—
Roehampton House, S.W. C.

Lichfield, 3rd B. of (cr. 1831). T. F.
Anson ; b. 1856; sue. 1892 ; H. *Vi8c. Anson,
8, — Shugborough Park, Stafford. L.U.

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Lichfield, 92nd Bp. of (666). Hon.
Augustms Leurge, D.D.; b. 1839; Vicar of
Lewisham 1879-91 ; cons. 1891.— The Palace,
Lichfield. C.

Lilford, fith Bar. (or. 1797). Capt. J.
Powys, b: 1863; sue. 1896; Mil.; H. *Hon. T.
A. Powys, a. — Lilford Hall, Onndle,
Northerns. C .

Limerick, 4th E. of (cr. 1803, Ir.).
W. H. E. de V. S. Pery ; b. 1863 ; sue. 1896 ;
sits as Bar. Foxford (1816) ; Army ; Mil. ;
H. *Visc. Glentworth, s. — ^Dromore Castle,
Pallaskenry, Limerick. C.

Lincoln, 88th Bp. of (cr. 678). E.
King, D.D. ; b. 18*29 ; cons. 1885 ; Canon of
Christ Church, and Regius Prof, of Pastoral
Theology, Oxford, 1873-85.-~01d Palace,
Lincoln. C«

Lindley. Bar. (Life Peer, cr. 1900.). N.
Lindley,P.C.; b.l828; Judge of Com. Pleas
1876-81; Ld. Justice 1881-97; Master of the
Rolls 1897-1900 ; Ld. of Appeal in Ordinary
since 1900.— 19, Craven Hill Gardens, W. C.

Lindsey, 12th E. of (cr.l626). M. P-
A. Bertie ; b. 1861 ; sue. 1899 ; Mil. ; H. E. of
Abingdon (peer). — Uffington, Stamford. C.

Lingen, 1st Bar. (cr. 1885). R. R. W.
Lingeu, K C.B. ; b. 1819 ; Sec. to Education
Dept. 1849-70; See. to Treasury 1870-86.
—13, Wetherby Gardens, S.W. L.U.

Linlithgow, Ist M. of (or. 1902). Col.
b. 1860 ; sue. as 7th E. of Hopetoun 1873 ;
Impl. Yeo. ; Vol. ; Ld.- in -Waiting 1885-6 and
1886-9; Govr. of Victoria 1889-96; Paymr.-
Genl. 1895-8; Ld. Chamberlain 1898-('0;
Gov.-Genl. of Australia 1900-2; H. *E. of
Hopetoun, a. — Hopetoun, Queensferry,
N.b. C.

Lister, 1st Bar. (cr. 1897). Joseph Lister,
P.C., LL.D.; b. 1827; Ex. Pres. Royal Soc;
Serjt. Surgeon to the King; Emeritus
Prof, of Clinical Medicine at King's Coll.
Hospl. ; Order of Merit, 1902.— 12, Park
Crescent, N.W. C.

Listowel, 3rd E . of f cr. 1822, Jr.). Capt.
W. Hare, K.P. ; b. 1833 ; sue 1856 ; sits as
Bar. Hare (1869); Army (Crimea, wounded) ;
Ld.-in-Waiting 1880-1 ; H. Capt.Visc. Ennis-
more. s. — Kingston House, Prince's Gate,
S.W. L.U.

Llandaff, 1st Vise. (cr. 1896). Henry
Matthews, P.C., K.C. ; b. 1826; M.P. Dun-

farvan 1868-74; E. Birmingham 1886-96;
Lome Sec, 1886-92.— 6, Carlton Gardens,
S.W. C.

LlandafF, 93rd Bp. of (cr. 522). R. Lewis,
D.D.; b. 1821; cons. 1883; Archdn. of St-
David's 187.5-88.— The Palace, Llandaff. C.

Llangattock, 1st Bar. (cr. 1892). Hon.
Col. J. Allan Rolls; b. 1837; Yeo.; Vol.;
M.P. Monmouthshire 1880-6; JBT. Capt. Hon.
J. M.Roll8,».—The Hendre. Monmouth. C.

Loch, 2nd Bar. (or. 1896). Major E. D.
Loch, D.S.O., M.V.O.; b. 1873; sue. 1900;
Army (Soudan 1898; S. Africa).— Stoke
College, Stoke-by-Clare, Ipswich. —

Londesborongh, 2nd E. of (cr. 1887).
Hon. Col. W. P. H. Denison; b. 1864; sue.
1900; Yeo.; Vol.; H. *Vi8c. Raincliffe, a —
Londesborough Lodge, Scarborough. C.

London, 110th Bp. of (cr. 604). A. F.
Winnington-Ingram, P.O., D.D. ; b.l858;
cons. 1897; Head of Oxford House 1889-97;
Canon of St. Paul's and Suffr. Bp. of Stepney
1897-01; Bp.ofLondon since 1901; Dean of
the Chapels Royal.-Fulham Palace, S.W. C. .

Londonderry, 6th M.\>f (cr. 181H, Ir.).
Lt.-Col. C. S. Vane-Tempest-Stewart, K.G.,
P.CG.C.V.O.; A.D.C.,V.D.; b. 1862; sue.
1884 ; sits as Earl Vane (1823) ; Ld.-Lt. Co.
Down ; Mil. ; Vol. ; M.P. Co. Down 1878-84 ;
Ld.-Lt. of Ireland, 1886-9; Postmaster-
Gen. 1900-2; Pres. Board of Education
since 1902, and Lord Pres. of Privy Council
since 1903 ; H. Vise. Castlereagh, M.V.O., «.
— Wynyard Park, Stockton-on-Tees. C.

Longford, 6th E. of cr.l785,Ir.). Lt.-Col
T. Pakenham, K.P.; b. 1864; sue. 1887; sits
as Bar. Silchester (1821); Army ; Impl. Yeo.
(S. Africa) ; Ld.-Lt. of Co. Longford ; H,
Ld. Pakeuham, a. — Pakenham Hall, West-
meath. C.

Lonsdale, 6th E. of (cr. 1807). Hon. Col.
H. C. Lowther; b. 1857; sue. 1882; Impl.
Yeo.; Mil. ; Vol. ; H. Hon. L. E. Lowther,
hr. — Lowther Castle, Penrith. C.

Lothian, lOrh M. of (cr. 1701, Sco.).
R. S. Kerr, b. 1874; sue. 1900 ; sits as Bnr.
Ker (1821); Mil.; H. Maj. - Gen. Ld. Ralph
D. Kerr, C.B., ti.— Newbattle Abbey, Dal-
keith. —

Loudoun, 11th E. of (cr. 1633, Sco.). C.
B. H. Rawdon-Hastings ; b. 1865; sue. 1873 ;
sits as Bar. Botreaux (1368) ; Yeo. ; H. Maj.
Hon. P. F. C. Rawdon-HaKtings, hr. —
Willesley Hall, Ashby-de-la-Zouch. C.

Lovat, 16th Bar. (cr. 1450, Sco.). Major
S. J. Fraser, C.B , D.S.O. ; b. 1871; sue.
1887; sits as Bar. Lovat (1837); Army;
Impl. Yeo. (S. Africa); Vol. ; B. Capt. Hon.
H. J. Fraser, fer.— Beaufort Castle, Beauly,
Inverness. L.U.

Lovelace, 2nd E. of (cr. 1838). R. G. N.
Milbanke; b. 1839; sue. 1893 (to barony
of Wentworth, 1862); H. Capt. Hon. L.
F. King-Noel, ;j,a?/-6r.— Ockham Park,
Ripley, Surrey. L.

Lucan, 4th E. of (or. 1795). Ir. Rep.
Peer. Lt.-Col. G. Bingham, K.P. ; b. 1830 ;
sue. 1888; Ld. Lt. Mayo; Army (Crimea) ;
M.P. Mayo, 1866-74; H. Lt.-Col. Ld. Bing-
ham, 8. — Laleham House, Staines C.

Ludlow, 2nd Bar. (or. 1897). H. L.
Lopes; b. 1865 ; sue. 1899 ; Barrister; Impl.
Yeo. — Hey wood, Westbury, Wilts. C.

Lurgan, 3rd Bar. (or. 1839). W. Brown-
low, K.C.V.O.; b. 1858; sue. 1882; Army;
State Steward to Ld.-Lt. of Ireland ; H.
*Hon. W. G. E. Browulow,8.— 21, Lowndes
Square, S.W. C.

Lytton,2nd E. of (cr. 1880). V. A. G. R.
Lytton; b. 1876; sue. IS91; H. *Viso.
Kneb worth, s.-32,Queen Anne's Gt.,S.W. C.

Lyveden, 3rd Bar. (cr. 1859). C. R. P.
Vernon; b. 1857; sue. 1900; Mercantile
Marine; Mil. ; H. *Hon. R. F. Vernon, a.—
The Moat, Eastbourne. —

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«MaoclMfl6ld, 7th B. of (or. 1721).
G. L. W. H. Parker ; b. 1888 ; suo. 1896; H.
Hon. C. T. Parker, u.— Shirborn Castle,
Tetsworth, Oxen. —

Macnaffhten^Bar. (Life Peer, or. 1887)-
£. Maouaghben, P.O., G.C.M.G. ; b. 1830;
M.P. Co. Antrim 1880-5, N. Div. 1886-7;
Ld. of Appeal in Ordy. since 1887.— 198,
Queen's Gate, S.W. C.

Maffheramonie, 8rd Bar. (or. 1887).
D. S. McGarel-Hogg ; b. 1868; sue. 1908;
Army ; Yeo. ; E. Hon. R. T. McGarel-Hogg,
hr — MagUeramorne. Antrim. —

MalmesDury, 6th £. of (or. 1800). Capt.
J. K. Harris; b. 1872; sue. Itty9; Yeo.;
Mil.; H. Hon. A. 0. Harris, 6r.— Heron
Coort, Cnristchnrch, Hants. C

Manchester, 9th D. of (cr. 1719). W.
A. D. Moutogu ; b. Ib77 ; sue. 1892 ; Mil. ; H.
*Visc. Mandeville, a. — Kimbolton Castle,
St. Moots, Hunts. C.

Manners, 3rd Bar. (cr. 1807). Capt.J.T.
Manners; b. lo62; sue. 1864; Army ; Mil.;
H. Hon. J.N. Manners, «.— Avon Tyrreli,
Ringwood, Hants. C.

Mansfield, 6th E. of (cr. 1792). W. D.
Murray; b. Ib6u; suo. 1898; Army;
if. Hon. Alan D. Murray, br. — Scone
Palace, Perihbhire. C

Manvers, 4th E.(cr. 1806). C0I.C.W. S.
Pierrepout, V.D.; b. 1864; sue. 1900; Army;
Yeo.; Vol.; M.P. Mewark Liv. NotU
1886-96, and 1898-1900; H. *ViBC. Newark, «.
— tiolme Pierrepoint, Nottingham. C.

Mar, 33rd E. of (cr. ante 1404, Sco.),
Sco. Kep. Peer. J. F. E. Goodeve-Erskine ;
b. lOiJb; suo. Ib66; if. Lil. Garioch,
9. — Sunnington Rise, Bournemouth. C.

Mar, 12th barl of (or. i665, Sco.) and
14tti E. of Kellie (cr. Ibl9, Sco.), Sco. Kep.
PcOi. Hon. Col. W. J. F. Erskine; b. 1806;
suo. I860; Ld.-Lt. Clackmannan; Army;
Vol. ; JJ. *Ld. Erskme, «. — Alloa Hou^^e,
Clttckmaunaii, N.B. C.

Marlborongh, 9ih D. of (or. 1702).
C. li. J. bpei.cer- Churchill, K.G., P.C. ; b.
Ib71; suo. 18^2; Imp!. Yeo. (S. Africa);
Paymr.-Geul. ltt99-0:4; Under Sec. for
Colonies 8ince»l9U3; E. *M. of Bland-
f.^rd, 8. — Blenheim Palaoe, Woodstock. C.

Masham, 1st Bar. (cr. 1891). S. Cun-
lifte-Lisier ; b. 1815; Manufr. and Colliery
Propr. ; H. Hon. S. Cunliffe-Lister, a. —
Swinion Park, Masham, Yorks. C.

Massereene and Ferrard, lUh Vise.
(or.lb50,lr.). Lt.-Col.C.J.E.F.SkeffiuKton;
b. 1542; sue. 1»63; sits as Bar. Onel (1821);
Mil. ; Ld.-Lt. Louth lb79-98 ; H. Capt. Hon.
O. J. C. SkeMngton, «. — Antrim Castle,
Antrim. C.

Massy, 6th Bar. (cr. 1776, Ir.). Ir. Hep.
Peer. J. T. W. Massy; b. 1836; sue. 1874;
H. Hon. 11. S. J. Massy, «.— Hermitage,
Castle- Connell, Limerick. C.

Mayo, 7th E. of (cr. 1786, Ir.). Ir. Rep.
Peer. D. R. W. Bonrke, P.C. ; b. 1861 ; sue
1872 ; Army ; H. Hon. A. H. Bourke, hr.—
Palmerstown House, Straffan, Kildare. C.

Meath, 12th E. of (or. 1627. Ir.). Hon
Col. R. Brabazon, P.O. ; b. 1841 ; suo. 1887;
sits as Bar. Chaworth (1831) ; Ld.-Lt. Dublin
Co. and City ; Mil. ; Dipl. Serv. ; E. Capt
Ld. Ardee, «.— 83, Lancaster Gate, W. L. U .

Melville, 6th Vise. (or. 1802). H. Dun-
das ; b. 18a5 ; suo. 1886 ; E. Hon. C. S. Dun-
das, br. — MelyiUe Castle, Lasswade, N.B. C.

Methnen, 8rd Bar. (or. 1838). Lt.-
Genl. P. S. Methuen, G.C.B., K.C.V.O.,
C.M.G. ; b. 1845; suo. 1891; Army
(Anhanti, Egypt, Bechuanaland, Tirah
Expdn., S. Africa); Mil.; Vol.; H.*Hon.P. A.
Methuen, a. — Corsham Court, Wilts. L.TJ.

Middleton, 9th Bar. (or. 1711). Hon.
Coi. D. W. B. Willoughby, V.D. ; b. 1844 ;
sue. 1877; Army; Vol.; E. Capt. Hon.
G. E. P. Willoughby, fer.— WoUaton Hall,
Nottingham. C.

Midleton, 8th Vise. (cr. 1717, Ir.). W.
Brodrick; b. 1830; suo. 1870; sits as Bar.
Brodriok (1796); Ld.-Lt. Surrey; M.P. Mid
Surrey 1868-70; jS. Rt. Hon. W. St. J.
Brodriok, M.P., a. •— Peper Harow,
Godalmiug. C.

Milner, 1st Viso. (cr. 1902). A. Milner,
P.C, G C.B., G.O.M.G. ; b. 1864; Under See.
for Finance, Egypt, 1889-92 ; Ch. of Board of
Iiil. Revenue 1892-97 ; High Commr. for S.
Africa since 1897; Gov. of Cape of Good
Hope 1897-01 ; Gov. of Transvaal and
Orange River Colony since 1901; cr. Bar.
1901.— Pretoria, Transvaal. t.TJ.

Minto, 4th E. of (cr. 1813). G. J. Elliot-
Murray- Kyuynmound, G.C.M.G., V.D. ; b.
1846: suo. 1891; Army fN. W. Canada,
Afghanistan, Egypt); Vol.; Gov.-Gen. of
Canada since 1898; E. *Vi8c. Melgund, *.
— Government House, Ottawa. L.U.

Monck, 6th Viso. (cr. 1800, Ir.). Capt.
H. P. C. S. Monck; b. 1849; sue. 1894; sits as
Bar. Monck (1866); Army (Egypt, Suakin);
E. Hon. C. H. S. Monck, a.— Charleville,
Wioklow. C.

MoncreifF, 2nd Bar. (cr. 1874). H. J.
Moncreiff ; b. 1840; suo. l895 ; Vol. ; Ld.-Lt.
of Kinross; Lord of Session 1888-9; Ld.
Ordinary-in-Exohr., Scotland, since 1889;
H. Rev. Hon. R. Monoreiff, br. — 15, Great
Stuart Street, Edinburgh. L.U.

Monk Bretton, 2nd Bar. (cr. 1884). J.
W. Dodson, C.B.; b. 1869; suo. 1897; Dipl.
Service. -Conyborough, Lewes. L.U.

Monkswell, 2nd Bar. (cr. 1886). R. Col-
lier . b 1845 ; suo. 1886 ; Barrister ; Official
Examiner to High Court of Justice 1884-6;
Ld.-in- Waiting 1892-5. Under-Sec. for War
189.» ; Ch. of London Co. Council, 1903-4 ;
E. Hon. R. A. H. Collier, s.— 7, Chelesa
Embankment, S.W. L.

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Monson, 9th Bar. (or. 1728). A. D. J.
Monson ; b. 1868 ; sue. 1900 ; Dipl. Service ;
H. Rt. Hon. Sir E. J. Monson, G.C.B.,
G.C.M.G., G.C.V.O., w.— British Embassy,
Paris. —

Montagu of Beaulieu, Ist Bar. (or.
1886). Hon. Col. H. J. Douglas-Scott-
Montagu; b. 1832; Yeo.; Vol.; M.P. Sel-
kirkshirel861-8, S. Hams 1868-84; H. Hon.
J. W. E.D. Scott-Montagu, M.P., a.— Palace
House, Beaulieu, Southampton. C

Monteagle, 2nd Bar. (cr. 1839). t!
Spring-Rice, K.P.; b. 1849; sue. 1876; H.
♦Hon. T. A. Spriog-Rioe, «.— Mount Tren-
chard, Foynes, Limerick. IL.TJ.

Montrose, 6th D. of (or. 1707, Sco.). Col.
D. B. M. R. Graham, K.T., A.D.C.; b. 1862;
sue. 1874; sits as Earl Graham (1722) ; Ld.-
Lt. Co. Stirling; Ld. Clerk Register of
Scotland; Army; Yeo.; Mil. (S. Africa) ;
H. M. of Graham, «.— Buchanan Castle,
Glasgow. C.

Moray, 16th B. of (cr. 1661, Sco.). Lt.-
Col. F. J. Stuart; b. 1842; sue. 1901;
Army ; sits as Bar. Stuart of Castle Stuart
(1796); H. Hon.M. G. Stuart, 6r.— Doune
Lodge, Doune, Perthshire. C.

Morley, 3rd E. of (cr. 1816). A. E.
Parker, P.C.;b. 1843; sue. 1864; Lord-in-
Waiting 1869-74; Under Sec. for War
1880-5; First Commr. of Works 1886;
Cb. of Com. of H. of Lords since 1889 ;
Ch. of Devon Co. Council ; H. Vise. Boring-
don, 8. — Saltram, Plympton, Devon. Ii.U.

Morton, 2lst E. of (cr. 1468). Sco. Rep.
Peer. S. G. W. Douglas ; b. 1844 ; sue. 1884 ;
Yeo. ; H. Capt. Ld. Aberdour, a. — Conaglen,
Ardgour, N.B. C.

Mostyn, 3rd Bar. (cr. 1831). L. N. V.
Lloyd- Mostyn ; b.l856; sue. 1884; Mil.; H.
♦Hon. E. L. R. Lloyd-Mostyn, a. — Mostyn,
Holywell, N. Wales. C.

Monnt-Edgcnmbe, 4th E.of (cr. 1789).
Hon. Col. W. H. Edgcumbe, P.C, G.C.V.O.,
V.D.; b. 1832; sue. 1861; Vol.; M.P. Ply-
mouth 1869-61; Ld.-Lt. and Vice-Adm. of
Cornwall, and Chn. of Co. Council; Ld.
Chamberlain 1879-80; Ld. Steward 1886-6
and 1886-92; H. Capt. Vise. Valletort, a.—
Mount Edgcumbe, Plymouth. C.

Mount-Stephen, Ist Bar. (cr. 1891).
G. Stephen ; b. 1829 ; late Pres. of Canadian
Pacific Rly.— Brocket Hall, Hatfield. C.

Mowbray, 24th Bar. (cr. 1283), Se-
grave, '26th Bar. (cr. 1296) and Stonrton,
2l8t Bar. (cr. 1448). C. B. J. Stourton ; b
1867; sue. 1893; Mil.; H. *Hon. W. M.
Stourton, «. — AUerton Park, Knares.
borough. C.

Mnncaster, 6th Bar. (cr. 1783 Ir.). Hon.
Col. J. F. Pennington, V.D. ; b. 1834 ; sue.
1862; sits as Bar. Mnncaster (1898) ; Army;
Yeo.; Mil.; Vol. ; Ld.-Lt. Cumberland ; M.P.
W. Cumberland 1872-80, Egremont Div.
1886-92; H. Hon. A. J. Pennington, fer.—
Muncaster Castle, Ravenglass. C.

Mnnster, 4th E.of (or. 1831). A. Fitz
Clarence ; b. 1862 ; sue. 1902 ; JET. Hon. H.
E. FitzClarence, fer.-— 79a, Elizabeth Street,
S.W. _

Muskerry, 4th Bar. (cr. 1781). Ir. Rep.
Peer. H. M. T. F. Deane-Morgan ; b. 1864 ;
sue. 1868; Royal Navy; H. Hon. H. Deane-
Morgan, «.— Springfield Castle, DrumcoUo-
her, Limerick. C.

Napier, 11th Bar. (or. 1627, Sco.), and
Bttriok,2ndBar. (or. 1872, U.K.). W. J.
G. Napier; b. 1846; sue. 1898 ; sits as Bar.
Ettrick; Dipl. Serv. ; H. Hon. F. E. B.
Napier, Master of Napier, a. — Thirlestane,
Selkirk, N.B. L,

Napier of Magdala, 2nd Bar. (cr.
1868). Col. R. W. Napier; b. 1846; sue.
1890 ; Bengal Army (Abyssinia) ; H. Lt.-
Col. Hon. G. C. Napier, C.I.E.,6r.— Carlton
Club, S.W. C-

Nelson, 8rd E. (cr. 1806). H. Nelson ;
b. 1823; sue. 1836; Yeo.; H. Vise. Trafal-
gar, s.— Trafalgar House, Salisbury. C-

Newcastle, 7th D. of (cr. 1766). H. P
A. D. Pelham-Clinton; b. 1864 ; sue. 1879 ;
H. Ld. H. F. Pelham- Clinton-Hope, hr.—
Clumber Park, Worksop, Notts. C.

Newlands, 1st Bar. (cr. 1898). W. W.
Hozier ; b. 1826 ; Army ; Yeo.; Vol. ; H. Hon.
J. H. C. Hozier, M.P., s.— Mauldslie Castle,
Carlisle, N.B. C.

Newton, 2nd Bar. (cr. 1892). Major T.
W. Legh; b. 1867; sue. 1898; Dipl. Serv. ;
Impl. Yeo.; M.P. Lancashire, Newton
Div., 1886-98; H. *Hon. R. W. D. Legh, s.—
Lyme Park, Stockport. C-

Norfolk, 16th D. of (cr. 1483). Premier
Duke and Hered. Earl Marshal of England ;
Hon. Col. H. Fitzalan-Howard, KG., P.O.,
V.D.; b. 1847; sue. 1860; Impl. Yeo. (S.
Africa) ; Vol. ; Postmr.-Genl. 1896-1900 ; H.
Lord Edmund B. Talbot, M.P., D.S.O., hr.
— Arundel Castle, Sussex. C.

Normanby, 3rd M. of (or. 1888). Rev.
C. C.H.Phipps ; b. 1846; sue. 1890; Vicar
of Worsley 1872-90; Can5n of Windsor
since 1891 ; if. G. A.C. Phipps, n. — Cloisters,
Windsor Castle. L.IJ.

Normanton, 4th E. of (or. 1806, Ir.).
S. J. Agar; b. 1866; sue. 1896; sits as Bar
Somerton (1873); H. Hon. F. W. A. E
Agar, hr. — Somerley, Ringwood. C

North, 11th Bar. (cr. 1664). Hon. Col.
W. H. J. North; b. 1836; sue. 1884; Army;
Yeo. ; Vol. ; H. Capt. Hon. W. F. J. North,
8. — Wroxton Abbey, Banbury. C-

Northampton, 6th M. of (cr. 1812).
W. G. S. S. M. Compton ; b. 1861 ; sue. 1897 ;
Dipl. Serv. ; M.P. S. Warwickshire
1885-6, Barnsley Div. Yorks 1889-97 ; H.
♦Earl Compton, ». — Castle Ashby, North-
ampton. Xi,

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Northboume, 2nd Bar. (or. 1884).
Hon. Col. W. H. James; b. 1846; sue.
1893; Vol ; M.P. Gateshead 1874-93. H.
Hon. W. James, a.— Updown Park, Sand-
wich. Jm

Northbrook. Ist E. of (or. 1876). Hon.
Col. T. G. liaring, G.C.S.I., P.C; b. 1826
snc. to Barony 1866; Impl. Yeo.; lid.-U.
Hants and Chn. Co. Council; M.P. Penryn
and Palmouih 1857-66; Ld. of Admiralty
1867-8; Under-Sec. for India 1859-64; for
War 1861, 1868-72; for Home Dept. 1864-6;
Gov. Gen. of India 1872-6; First Ld. of
Admiralty. 1880-5; H. Vise. Baring, ».—
Stratton, Micheldever Station, Hants. L.U.

Northcote, 1st Bar. (cr. 1900). H. S-
Northoote, G.C.I.E., K.C.M.G., C.B.. S. of
1 st £. of Iddesleigh ; b. 1846 ; Foreign OflBce ;
Dipl. Serv. ; Finl. Sec. to War Office, 1886-6;
Surv. Genl. of Ordnance 1886-7; M.P.
Exeter 1880-99 ; Govr. of Bombay 1900-3 ;
Govr. Genl. of Australia since 1903.—
Sydney, N.S. Wales. C.

Northesk, 10th E. of (cr. 1647). Sco
Rep. Peer. Major D. J. Carnegie ; b. 1866 ;
sue. 1891 ; Mil. ; H. *Ld. Rosehill, s.— 6,
Hans Crescent, S.W. C.

Northnmberland, 7th D. of (cr. 1766).
Hon. Col. H. G. Percy, K.G., P.C, A.D.C.,
V.D. ; b. 1846; sue. 1899; Mil.; Vol.; Chn.
of Northumberland Co. Council; M.P. N.
Northumberland 1868-86; Treas. of House-
hold 1874-6 ; called to H. of Lords 1887 ; JB".
Earl Percy, M.P., ».— Alnwick' Castle.
Northumberland. C.

Norton, 1st Bar. (cr. 1878). C. B.
Adderley, K.C.M.G., P.C; b. 1814; Yeo.;
Pres. Bd. of Health and Vice-Pjes Council
of Education 1868-9 ; Under-Sec. Colonies
1866-8 ; Pres. Bd. of Trade 1874-8 ; M.P. N.
Siaflfordsh. 1841-78 ; H. Hon. C L. Adderley,
8. - Hams HhII, Birmingham. C.

Norwich, 89th Bp. of (1088). J. Sheep-
shanks, D.D. ; b. 1884 ; ecus. 1893; Vicar of
St. Margaret's, Anfield, Liverpool, 1873-98.
— The Palace, Norwich. L.

O'Brien, Ist Bar. (cr. 1900). P. O'Brien,
P.C. ; b. 1842 ; Solr.-Gen. for Ireland, 1887-8 ;
Atty.-Gen. for Ireland, 1888-9 ; Ld. Ch. Jus-
tice of Ireland since 1889. — Newlands,
Clondalkin, Co. Dublin. C.

O'Hafiran, 3rd Bar. (cr. 1870). M. H.
I. T. O'Hagan; b. 1882; sue. 1900.— 2,Upper
Belgrave Street, S.W. L.

O'Neill, 2nd. Bar. (cr. 1868). E. O'Neill ;
b. 1839; sue. 1883; M.P. Antrim 1863-80;
H. Capt. Hon. A. E. B. O'Neill, a.— Shane's
Castle, Antrim. C.

Onslow, 4tb E. of (cr. 1801). W. H.
Onslow, P.C, G.C.M.G. ; b. 1863 ; sue. 1870 ;
Ld.-in- waiting 1880 and 1886-7; Sec. to
Bd. of Trade 1888-9 ; Gov. of New Zealand
1889-92; Under-Sec. for India 1896-1900;
for Colonies 1887-8 and 1900-3; Pres. of
Bd. of AgricultTire and Fisheries since
1903. H. Vise. Cranley. «.— Clandon Park,
Guildford. C.

Oranmore and Browne, 3rd Bar.
(cr. 1836). Ir. Rep. Peer. G. H. hrowne-
Guthrie ; b. 1861 ; sue. 1900 ; Mil. ; H. *H(>n.
G. D. E. Browne-Guthrie, s.— Castle Mac-
garret, Clanmorris, Mayo. C.
Orford, 6th E. of (cr. 1806). R. H
Walpole; b. 1854; sue. 1894; Royal Navy;
, Mil ; H. C H. Walpole, br. - Woiterton
I Park, Aylsham. q^

I Ormatbwaite, 2nd Bar. (cr. 1868).

Hon. Col. A. Walsh ; b. 1827 ; sue. 1881 ;

I Ld.-Lt. Radnorshire 1876-96 ; Army • Mil •

! ?J^?*o^^®^^''^**'^ 1856-68; Radnorshire
I 1868-80; JET. Hon. A. H. J. Walsh, ,.-

Strettington House, Chichester. C.

Ormonde, 3rd M. of (cr. 1826, Ir )

I Hon. Col. J. E. W. T. Butler, K.P., P.C. •'

I b. 1844; sue. 1854; sits as Bar. Ormonde

j (1821); Army; Yeo.; Mil.; Hon. Lt.

R. N. Reserve; Ld.-Lt. Co. Kilkenny; H.

Ld. J. Arthur W. F. Butler, 6r.— Kilkenny
' Castle, Kilkenny. ^

I Oyertonn, 1st Bar. (cr. 1893). J

Campbell White; b. 1 843 ; Manufacturer ;

! Convener of Dumbartonshire.— Overtoun*

I Dumbarton, N.B. f,*

i D Jf ®®^i H^.Y^'^'o (^^- ^Q9^^- -^- W. Peel,

I P.C; b. 1829; Sec. to Poor Law Bd

I 18r8-71; Bd. of Trade 1871-3; Pari. Sec

I to Treasury, 1873-4; Under-Sec. Homo

I Dept. 1880 ; M.P. Warwick 1865-86 ; War-

! wick and Leamington 1886-96 : Speaker of

H. of Commons. 1884-96; ff. Hon W

R. W. Peel, M.P., «.— The Lodge, Sandy'

Beds. j^.|jr»

Pembroke, 14th E. of (cr. 1661), and
llth E. of Montgomery (cr. 1605). S.
Herbert, P.C, G.C.V.O. ; b. 1863; sue. 1896 •
Yeo. ; Ld. of Treas. 1886-6 and 1886-92 '
M.P. Wilton 1877-86; Croydon 1886-96-
Ld. Steward since 1895; H. Ld. Herbert
M.V.O., ». -Wilton House, Salisbury. cl

Penrhyn, 2nd Bar. (cr. 1866). Hon. Col.
G. S. G. Douglas-Pennant; b. 1836; sue.
1886; Mil.; Vol.; M.P. Carnarvonshire
1866-8, and 1874-80; H. Maj. Hon. E. S.
Dou^'las-Pennaut, ».— Penrhyn Castle, Ban-
{,'or, N. Wales. q^

Peterborongli, 28th Bp. of (1641). Hon-
E. Carr-Glyn, D.D.; b. 1843; cons. 1897-
Vicar of St. Mary's, Beverley, 1872-6; Don-
caster, 1876-8 ; St. Mary Abbots, Kensing-
ton, 1878-96.— Palace, Peterborough. L.U.

Petre, 14th Bar. (cr. 1603). B. H. P
Petre; b.l858; sue. 1893; Army; ^. Hon
P. B. J. Petre, fer.— Thorndon Hall, Brent-
wood. Q^

Pla^fair, 2nd Bar. (cr. 1892). Col. G. J.
Playfair; b. 1849; sue. 1898; Army; H.
*Hon. L. G. H. Playfair, ».— Uffington
House, Stamford. q^

Plnnket, 6th Bar. (cr. 1827). W. L
Plunket,K.CV.O.; b. 1864; sue. 1897; Dipl.
Serv.; Priv. Sec. to Ld.-Lt. of Ireland*
H. *Hon. T. C Plunket, «.— Old Con-
naught House, Bray, Co. Wicklow. C

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Poltimore, 2nd Bar. (or. 1831). A. F.
G. W. Bampfylde, P.O.; b. 1837; sue. 1868;
Teo.; Tr. of Household 1872-8; H. Hon.O.
B. R amply lde,«.—Poltimore Pk., Exeter. C.

Portland, 6th D. of (or. 1716). Hon.
Col. W. J. A. C. J. Cavendish-Bentinck,
K.G., P.O., G.C.V.O.; b. 1867; sue. 1879;
Army; Mil.; Vol.; Ld.-Lt. Caithness and
Notts; Master of the Horse 1886-92, and
since 1896; fl. *M. of Titohfield, «.— 3,
Grosveuor Sq., W. C,

Fortman, 2nd Vise. (or. 1873). Hon.
Col. W. H. B. Portman ; b. 1829 ; sue. 1888 ;
Impl. Teo.; Chn. of Dorset Co. Council;
M.P. Shaftesbury 1862-7, Dorset 1857-86;
R. Major Hon. E. W. B. Portman, a.— 22,
Portman Square, W. t.U.

Fortsmouth, 6th E. of (or. 1743); N*
Wallop; b. 1866; sue. i891; M.P. Barn-
staple 1880-5; N. Devon 1885-91 ; H. Hon.
J. F. "Wallop, 6r. — Hurstboume Park,
Whitchurch, Hants. L.

^Poulett, 7th E. (or. 1706). W. J. L.
Poulett, b. 1883 ; claim admitted 1903. —

Powersconrt, 7th Vise. (cr. 1743, Ir.).
Ir. Rep. Peer. M. E. Wingfield, K.P.. P.C. ;
b. 1836 ; sue. 1844 ; sits also as Bar. Powers-
court (1886) ; Army; H. Hon. M. R. Wing-
field, M.V.O., a. — Powerscourt Castle,
Bnniskerry, Wicklow. L.U.

Powis, 4th E. of (cr. 1804). Hon. Col.
G. C. Herbert; b. 1862; sue. 1891 ; Ld-Lt.
Salop; Mil.; H. *Visc. Clive, «.— Powis
Castle, Welshpool. C.

Kadnor, 6th E. of (cr. 1766). Major J.
Pleydell-Bouverie, b. 1868 ; sue. 1900 ; Yeo. ;
Vol.(S. Africa); M.P. S. Wilts 1892-1900;
J?. * Vise. Folkestone, s.— Longford Castle,
Salisbury. C.

Kaglan, 3rd Bar. (cr. 1862). Lt-Col. G.
F. H. Somerset; b. 1867; sue. 1884; Army
(Afghanistan); Mil.; TJnder-Sec. for War
1900-2; Gov. of Isle of Man since 1902; H.
♦Hon. F. R. Somerset, «.— Douglas, Isle of
Man. C.

Sanfnrly, 6tb B. of (cr. 1831, Ir.). U.
J.M.Knox, G.C.M.G.; b. 1856; sue. 1875;
sits as Bar. Ranfurly(1826); Lord-in- Waiting
1896-7 ; Gov. of New Zealand since 1897 ;
H. Vise. Northland, «.— Wellington, N.Z. C.

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