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Waterlow. 10/6.

Clowes. 21/-.
Stevens. 21/-.
E. Arnold. 2/6.
Vacher & Co. 16/-.
Douglas, Edin. 3/-.
Cons. Central Office.
Stevens. 8/6.
Stanford. 28/-.
Stevens. 8/6.
Knights Co. 1/6.
Stevens. 2/6. ,
Houlston. 1/-
Vacher. 6/-.
2,Dorset St.,FleetSt.,]



Official Year Book of the Church of

England (Annual)

History of tne Church of England. 8 vols.
A Defence of the Church of England ...

Ancient Facts and Fictions

The Church and Its Ordinances. 2 vols....

Church Dictionary

Handy Book of the Church of England ...
Title Deeds of the Church of England . . .
Popular History of the Church of England
English Church History. 8 vols.
Epochs of Church History. 15 vols.

The Englishman's Brief

The Dead Hand in the Free Churches..
The Church and Education ante 1870

First Book on the Church

Dictionary of the Church of England
England's Inheritance in her Church ...
Parliament and the Church of England
Bstablishments and Endowments
The Church from William III. to Victoria
Epitome of Anglican Church History
Snort History of the Church of England...
Popular Story of the Church of England
Popular Story of the Church in Wales ...

Popular Church Annual

Elementary Education

Bnglish Church History

Book of Church Law

Handy Volume on Church Defence

Tithe, Education, and Burials Acts

Speeches on the Church in Wales

The Religion of Humanity

liectares in Defence of the Church ...
Handbook of the Church of Scotland
Position and Work of the Ch. of Scotland
Publications on the Church of Scotland ...:

Burnside, Ed. ...






Bishop of Ripon


Creighton. Ed.

Gamier ...



Burrows ...

Brewer ...








A. J. Balfour
Rankin ...

S.P.C.K. 8/-.
Murray. 22/6.
Macmillan. 2/6.
Bentley. 10/6.
Murray. 20/-.
S.P.C.K. 5/-.
Murray. 6/-.
S.P.C.K. 4/6.
Longmans. 2/6 each.
S.P.C.K. 6d.

Seeley. 8/6.
,, 2/6.
Murray. 6/-.

Griffith, Farran & Co. 8/6.
„ 6d.

:: :; 1/-:


Nadonal Society.

Church Committee,
Church House, S.W.

Douglas, Edin. 5/-

Seeley. 1/-.

W. Blackwood. 7/

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Popular Government

Democracy and Liberty

Map of Life

Democracy in America. 2 vols

Democracy in Europe

Property and Progress

Labour and the Popular Welfare

Social Equality

A Fragment on Progress

Essays and Addi esses ... *

Social England. 6 vols


Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

On Liberty

The American Commonwealth ,

Lectures and Essays

Short Studies on Great Subjects. 4 vols

How we are Governed

Old and New Trades Unionism ,

Conflicts of Capital and Labour

Handy Book of the Labour Laws ,

The English Citizen Series ... '...
The Alien Invasion


Publisher and Prici:.


Murray. 7/6.



De Toque ville ...

:; 16/-




A. J. Balfour '.'.'.

Douglas, Edinr. 5/-.



Traill. Ed.

Cassell. 15/- each.


Isbister. 10/6.



Smith, Elder & Ce. 14/

Longmans. 1/4.


. Iddesleigh

Macmillan. 12/6.
W. Blackwooci. 16/-.

. Froude

Longmans. 14/-.

. Fonblanque


. Howell

Methuen. 2/6.


Macmillan. 7/6.

„ ...


... ... ...

2/6 each.

. Wilkin

Methuen. 2/6.


Quarterly Review

Blackwood's Magazine (Monthly) ...

Monthly Beview

National Beview (Monthly)

Handy Notes (Monthly)

National Union Gleanings (Monthly)

Memoranda (Monthly)

The National Church (Monthly) ...
Primrose League Gazette (Monthly)
Imperial and Colonial Magazine (Monthly)
Britannia (Monthly)

Murray. 6/-.
W.Blackwood. 2/6.
Murray. 2/6.
W. H. Allen & Co. 2/6.
Cons Centl. Office. Id.
National Union. 6d.
Lib. Unionist Assoc. Id.
Church House, S.W. »d.
64, Victoria St., S.W. 3d.

King, Gt. Smith St., S.W.

(Suggestions for additions to this list are invited.)

LONDON POLITICAL CLUBS. {Purely local Clubs are omitted.)

Brooks* (Whig)y 60, St. James' Street, S.W.
Carlton {Consei'vcUive)^ 94, Pall Mall, S.W.
City Carlton (Conservative)^ St. Swithin's

Lane, E.C.
City Liberal, Walbrook, E.C.
Conservative, 74, St. James' Street, S.W.
Constitutional, N'thnmberland Ave., W.C.

Devonshire {Lib.), 60, St. James' St., S.W,
Junior Carlton (Conservative). 30, Pall

Mall, S.W.
Junior Constitutional, 101, Piccadilly, W.
National Liberal, Whitehall Place, S.W.
Reform {Liberal), 104, Pall MaU, S.W.
St. Stephen's {Cons.), Bridge Street, S.W.

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A selected list of Centred Organisatuma and Societiea having for their oijeeta the promotion qfpaHicalar
okiects in relation to public policy, the enforcement or alteration of certain laws, or the advancement oj
varwus political, religions, or edtteational views.

Aborigines Protection Society, Broadway Chambers, Westminster, S.W.

Africa, South— Imperial South African Association, 66, Victoria Street, S.W.

Agriculture— Agricultural Organisation Society, Dacre House, Westminster, S.W.

„ —Central Chamber of, 20, To thill Street, S.W.

„ —National Agricultural Union, 30, Fleet Street, E.C.

„ — Eural Labourers* League, 110, Strand, W.C.

Aliens— Immigration Reform Association, 31, Essex Street, W.C.

Animals— Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

„ — National Canine Defence League, 151, Strand, W.C.

Arbitration— International Arbitration and Peace Association, 222, Strand, W.C.

,, International Arbitration League, 11, Lincoln's Inn Fields, W.C.

British Empire League, 112, Cannon Street, B.C.

„ —Imperial Federation (Defence Com.), 11a, Princes Street, S.W.

„ —United Empire Trade League, St. Stephen's Chambers, S.W.

Catholic (Roman) Uniou of Great Britain, 10, Duke Street, St. James', S.W.

Charity Organisation Society, 15, Buckingham Street, W.C.

„ Voting Reform Association, 30, Charing Cross, S.W.

Children— National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

China Association, 159, Cannon Street, E.C.

„ League, Dacre House, Victoria Street, S.W.

Christian Evidence Society, 26, Charing Cross, S.W.

„ Knowledge, Society for the Promotion of, Northumberland Avenue, W.C.

Church of England— Church Association, 14, Buckingham Street, Strand, W.C.

„ — Church Reform Association, Church House, S.W.

„ — Committee for Church Defence and Instruction, Church House, S.W.

„ —English Church Union, 35, Wellington Street, W.C.

„ — Free and Open Church Association, Church House, Dean's Yard, S.W.

„ —Tithe Rent Charge Owners* Union, 56, Lincoln's Inn Fields, W.C.

„ —Welsh Committee for Defence of Church in Wales, 26, Courtfield Gdns. , S.W.

Commerce, Association of Chambers of, 1, Great College Street, S.W.

„ — Chamber of Shipping, 10, Leadeuhall Street, E.C.

Commons and Footpaths Preservation Society, 1, Great College Street, S.W.

Conservative Central Oifice, St. Stephen's Chambers, Bridge Street, Westminster, S.W.

„ —Association of Conservative Clubs, St. Stephen's Chambers, S.W.

„ — National Uuion, The, St. Stephen's Chambers, S.W.

„ —National Conservative League, St. Hellers', Broughton Road, Thornton

—United Club, The, 4, Mitre Court Chambers, E.C. THeath, Surrey.

Currency — Bi-metallio League, 10, Walbrook, E.C.

„ — Gold Standard Defence Association, 11, Clement's Lane, E.C.

Early Closing Association, 21, New Bridge Street, E.C.

„ — Voluntary Early Closing Association, 64, Cheapside, E.C.

Education— British and Foreign Schools Society, 114, Temple Chambers, E.C.
„ — National Society, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, S.W.

„ —National Education Association, Surrey House, Victoria Embankment, W.C.
„ — Religious Education Union, 9, Arundel Street, W.C.
„ —Technical and Secondary Education Association, 10, Queen Anne's Gate, S.W.

Employers* Parliamentary Council, 7, Victoria Street, S.W.

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Fabian Society, 8, Clement's Inn, W.C.

Field Sports Proteotion Association, 4, Carlton Street, Regent Street, S.W.
Fiscal Policy— Cobden Club, 6, Raymond Buildings, Gray's Inn, W.C.
„ —Free Food League, 15, Victoria Street, S.W.

„ —Free Trade Union, 8, Victoria Street, S.W.

„ —Imperial Tariff Committee, 39, Edmund Street, Birmingham.

,, — Protectionist League, 26, Old Queen Street, S.W.

„ —Tariff Reform League, 7, Victoria Street, S.W,

„ —Women's Free Trade Union, 8, Victoria Street, S.W.

Gambling— National Anti-Gambling League, 18, Victoria Street, S.W.
House Duty — Inhabited House Duty Repeal Association, 49, Queen Victoria St., B.C.
Housing — Mansion House Council on the Dwellings of the Poor, 81, Imperial Buildings,
„ —National Housing Reform Council, 482, Strand, W.C. [Ludgate Circus, B.C.
Howard Association, 6, Bishopsgate Street Without, B.C.
Humanitarian League, 58, Chancery Lane, W.C.
Indian National Congress British Committee, 9, Bridge Street, S.W.
Ireland — Irish Landlord Convention, 4, Kildare Street, Dublin.
„ — Irish Unionist All ance, Grafton Street, Dublin.
„ —United Irish League, 2, Great College Street, S.W.
Labour— Free Labour Association.

„ —Independent Labour Party, 68, Fleet Street, B.C.
„ — Industrial Freedom League, 68, Parliament Street, S.W.
„ — Labour Proteotion Association, 7, Victoria Street, S.W.
„ —Trade Union Congress.
Land— -Land Law Reform Association, 18, Cockspur Street. S.W.
M —Land Nationalisation Society, 482, Strand, W.C.
„ —Land Restoration League, English, 876, Strand, W.C.
„ —Land Values Taxation Committee, 376, Strand, W.C.
Law — International Law Association, 88, Chancery Lane, W.C.

„ —Criminal Appeal Court, Legislation League, 8, Pump Court, B.C.
„' — Romilly Society, Criminal Law Amendment, 1, Essex Court, B.C.
Liberal Central Association, 41 and 42, Parliament Street, S.W.
„ —Eighty Club, 8, Hare Court, Temple, E.C.
„ League, 34, Victoria Street, S.W.
„ League against Aggression, &c., 8, Sergeant's Inn, E.C.
„ —National Liberal Federation, 41 and 42, Parliament Street, S.W.
„ —Women's National Liberal Association, 9, Bridge Street, S.W.
n „ Liberal Federation, 23, Queen Anne's Gate, S.W.

Liberal Unionist Association, 6, Great George Street, S.W.

„ —Women's Liberal Unionist Association, 9, Bridge Street, S.W.

Liberation Society, 2, Serjeant's Inn, B.C.
Liberty and Property Defence League, 7, Victoria Street, S.W.
Liquor Traffic— United Kingdom Alliance, 17, Tothill Street, S.W.

„ —National Trade Defence Association, 6, Victoria Street, S.W.

„ —Native Races and Liquor Traffic Committee, 9, Bridge Street, S.W.

Local Government— Boarding-Out Association, 4, The Sanctuary, S.W.

— County Councils Association, Parliament Mansions, S.W.
-Local Taxation Committee, 20, Tothill Street, S.W.
— Municipal Corporations Association, 9, Bridge Street, S.W.
—Parish and District Councils Association, 89, Victoria Street, S.W.
—State Children's Aid Association, 58, Old Broad Street, B.C.

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Local Government— Women's Local Government Society, 20, Tothill Street, S.W.

„ —Women's Poor Law Guardian Society, 4, The Sanctuary, S.W.

London Municipal Society, 16, Great George Street, S.W.

„ Beform Union, 4, Trafalgar Buildings, Northumberland Avenue, W.C.
Marriage Law Defence Union, Church House, Westminster, S.W.

„ Law Reform Association, 2, Dean's Yard, S.W.
National Defence— Army League, 8, King Street, E.C.

„ —National Service League, Dacre House, Victoria Street, S.W.

„ —Navy League, 13, Victoria Street, S.W,

National Trust for Places of Historic Interest, &o., 1, Great College St., S.W.
Opium Trade, Society for the Suppression of the, Finsbury House, Blomfleld Street, B.0«
Peace Society, The, 47, New Broad Street, E.C.
Personal Bights Association, 82, Charing Gross, S.W.
Physical Recreation, National Society, Exeter Hall, W.C.
Primrose League, 64, Victoria Street, S.W.
Property Protection Society, 46, Parliament Street, S.W.
Protestant Alliance, 430, Strand, W.C.

„ — Imperial Protestant Federation, 3, Palmer Street, S.W.
„ —Ladies' League, 82, Victoria St., S.W.

„ —National Protestant Church Union, 324, Regent Street, S.W.
„ —National Protestant Federation, 50, Imperial Buildings, E.C.
„ — Reformation Society, 62, Berners Street, W.
„ —Women's Protestant Society, Exeter Hall, W.C.
Railways — Railway Passengers' Protection Association, 3, Lambeth HiU, E.G.

„ — Travelling Tax Abolition Committee, 64a, Great Queen Street, E.C.
Slavery — Anti-Slavery Society, 56, New Broad Street, E.C.
Social Democratic Federation, 8, Bolt Court, E.C.

„ and Political Education League, 3, Essex Court, E.C.
Street Nuisances, Society for the Suppression of, 65, Chancery Lane, W.C.
Sunday League, The National, 34, Red Lion Square, W.C.

„ —Lord's Day Observance Society, 20, Bedford Row, W.C,
„ Rest Association, 22, Charing Cross, W.C.

Society, 7, Pall Mall, S.W.
„ —Working Men's Lord's Day Rest Association, 12, John Street, Bedford Row, W.C.
Temperance— Church of England Temperance Society, Sanctuary, S.W,

„ — National Conservative Temperance Union, 14, St. Ann's Sq., Manchester.

„ — National Temperance League, 34, Paternoster Row, E.C.

— National United Temperance Council, 16, Farringdon Street, E.C.
Vaccination — ^Imperial Vaccination League, 68, Berners Street, W.

„ —National Anti- Vaccination League, 50, Parliament Street, S.W.
Vice— British Committee for Abolition of State Regulation of, 17, Tothill Street, S.W.
„ —National Vigilance Association, 319, High Holborn, W.C.
„ — London Council for the Promotion of Public Morality, 37, Norfolk Street, W.C.
„ —Social Purity Alliance, 17, Tothill Street, S.W.
Vivisection — London Anti- Vivisection Society, 32, Sackville Street, W.
„ —National Anti- Vivisection Society, 92, Victoria Street, S.W.
„ —Society for the Abolition of Vivisection, 23, Northumberland Avenue, W.C.
Women's Suffrage, National Society for, 28, Millbank Street, S.W.
Young Men's Christian Association, Exeter Hall, Strand, W.C.

„ Women's Christian Association, 25, George Street, Hanover Square, W.

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Address, The, in answer to the King's
Speech, wi^ formerly a series of resolutions
passed hj both Houses echoing the language of
the Speech, but la recent years its form has been
much modified, and it is usually now a simple ex-
pression of thanks to His Majesty. An amend-
ment to the Address is one of the forms of
expressing approval or disapprobation of the
policy of the Government, and if carried is incor-
porated in the Address and presented to the King.
The passage of a hostile amendment usually
involves the resignation of the Government.

Addresses to the Crown prpceeding from
individuals are presented through the Secretary
of State for the Home Department.

Adjonnunent.— See Prorogation.

AduUamltes.— See Cave,

Ad valorem Duty. —(I^at-va^or, value). A duty
charged at a certain rate per cent, on the value of
goods, leases, &c. The system, as applicable to
customs duties, &c., has been condemned by
Mr. Gladstone and other Chancellors of the

Adyowson.— The right of presentation to, or
the patronage of a benefice. " An advowson is
of the nature of a temporal proi>erty, and a
spiritual trust."— (fT/iorton.)

Affirmation (Parliamentory) is made by
Quakers and others who have religious objections
to taking the oath. (Generally) a solemn declara-
tion without an oath.

Alabama Claims.— The damages (£3,196,875)
awarded to tlie United States in 1873 as compen-
sation for the injuries inflicted upon American
commerce by the Confederate cruiser Alabama,
which had been fitted out in England.

Alaska Tribunal.— The international Com-
mission, 1903, on which Great Britain, Canada,
and the United States were represented, for the
settlement of the boundaries between Canada
and the United States in the Alaska region.
The President was Lord Alverstone, Lord Chief
Justice of England.

Alien.— A subject of a foreign state who has
not obtained a certificate of naturalisation.

"All the Talents."— A nickname applied to
the Grenville Administration, 1806-7.

Ambassador.— In ordinary parlance often
signifies any diplomatic envoy. Strictly, how-
ever, it is only an envoy of the highest class who
is called an Ambassador. See Ple^iipotentiary ;
Charge d' Affaires.

Appropriation Act.— Carries into effect the
resolutions of the Committee of Ways and Means,
authorising the application of a sum out of the
Consolidated Fund and appropriating to each
separate service the several funds voted by the
Committee of Supply. It is among the last of the
Bills introduced during a Session of Parliament.

Articles Of War.— The regulations for the
conduct of the military forces (based upon an
Act of William III. passed in 1689) now incor-
porated in the Army (Annual) Act.

Ashbourne Acts.— The Land Purchase (Ire-
land) Acts, 1885 and 1888, under which a sum of
£10,000,000 was set apart to be advanced to tenants
for the purchase of their holdings, being repay-
able in 49 years.

Ashburton Treaty, concluded in 1842 between
Lord Ashburton, representing England, and
President Tyler of the United States, defining the
l>oundaries of the United States and Canada, &c.

Assessed Taxes.— The term now applies only
to the land tax and house duty.

Balanee of Power.— A principle much dis-
cussed in the early years of the present century,,
and invoked to secure the independence and in-
tegrity of states, and control the ambition of

Balance of Trade.— The difference between
the aggregate amounts of a nation's imports and
exports ; or, the difference between the amounts
of a nation's imports from, and exports to, some
other specified nation.

Ballot.— (Fr. Ballotte, a little ball). A method
of secret voting, introduced into Parliamentary
elections in England in 1872.

Baronet.— The first rank among gentry, and
hereditary. Instituted by James I. in 1611.

Bath.— The Order of the Bath, consisting of
three degrees— Knights Grand Cross, Knights
Commanders, and Companions. Instituted in
1399, and revived in 1725.

Betterment.— The. enhanced value which a
property is assumed to gain by a public improve-
ment in its neighbourhood.

Bills of Mortality.— The returns of births and
deaths in London. Superseded since 1837 by the
Registrar-General's returns.

Bi - Metallism.— The system in which tw»
standard metals are used indiscriminately as legal
tender up to any sum, the respective value of each
I being fixed by law.

i Black Rod.— The G entleman Usher of the Black
I Rod is an oflicer attending the House of Lords,
I and is their messenger to summon the Commons.

Blockade.— The closing of enemy's ports to
I commerce. It is a princii^e of international law
tliat a blockade to be binding on neutrals must be
I effective.

I " Blocking " a Bill in Parliament consists in
putting down a notice of opposition, which has the
effect of preventing its consideration after mid-

Blue Books.— The reports and papers issued
by Parliamentary authority, many of which are
bound in blue.

Bona-fide Traveller.— See Traveller.

Bond.— When goods are chargeable with
customs or excise duties, and are placed in an
authorised warehouse, not to be taken out until
the duties are paid, they are said to be in bond.

Borough.— A town which has a Charter of
Incorporatlon,or which returns a member or mem-
bers to Parliament.

Bounty.— Money paid by a Government to
producers, exporters, or importers, to encourage
a particular branch of trade. In England it
usually took the form of an export bounty, e.g.,
a bounty or premium of 3s. on every quarter of
wheat exported. In France and elsewhere boon-
ties have been given on the manufacture of
sugar and the construction of ships.

Boycotting.— A form of social ostracism which
took its name from the persecution of the late
Captain Boycott by the Irish Land League in Mayo
in 1880, and has been more or less resorted to in
Ireland since. It was condemned by Pope
Leo XIII., April 20th, 1888, as contrary to justice
and charity. Mr. Gladstone described it as
"exclusive dealing."

Brehon Laws.— The ancient laws of Ireland,
of which a translation is in progress under
Government authority.

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Brlfht Clauses, The.— The sections of the
Iriah Land Act of 1870 introduced at the instance
of Mr. Bright with the object of facilitating the
purchase of their holdings by the tenants. In
ptactiee, these sections had little or no success.
<8ee Ashbourne Acts.)

Broad Arrow.— The mark used to distinguish
Oovernment property. Introduced in 1689.

Broadbottom Administration. —The coali-
tion Government under Pelhani, 1744.

Budget.— The general statement of the finance
of the country, annually made by the Chancellor
of the Exchequer, usually as soon after April
1st as possible. It is derived from the French
*'Bongette," a small bag.

BulwerClayton Treaty between England
and the United States, 1850, decUring that neither
should have exclusive control over the proposed
ship canal across Central America.

Bureaucracy.— A state of society in which
social status depends upon official position, as in

Burgesses.— A term originally applied to the
representatives of boroughs in Parliament ; now,
by the Municipal Corporations Act, 1882, used to
distinguish those entitled to the municipal fran-

Cabal.— The term applied to the Cabinet of
Charles II. in 1670, being formed from the initial
letters of their names : Clifford, Arlington, Buck-
ingham, Ashley, and Lauderdale.

Cabinet.— See article on *' llie Constitution.

Call of tbe House.— Has fallen into desue-
tude, and has not been ordered since 18S6, though
a motion has been made for it. The (^ject was
to secure a full attendance when any important
measure was under discussion, and tne names of
all members were called over.

Capitulations.— The instrument by which
certain rights are granted to foreign subjects as
in Turkey and Egypt.

Carpet-Bagger.— A term applied to a parlia-
mentary candidate who has had no previous
connection with the place he seeks to represent.

Caucus (American). — A combination of eiec'
tors or voters for the purpose of introducing cer-
tain persons into places of trust and power. In
England it has taken the form of a large com-
mittee of electors selected from the whole con-
stituency for the purpose of choosing candidates
for the representation of the constituency in the
House of Commons and for all municipal honours.
It is obviously a powerful means of stifling the
voice of a dissentient minority of a party, and of
securing the adoption of a particular ticket or

Cave.— The term is usually applied to a com-
bination of a small number of members to defeat
a measure introduced by the party to which they
belong. The appellation took its origin from the
Scriptural parallel drawn by Mr. Bright, March
13, 1866, when he compared the Liberal opponents
of Lord Russell's Reform Bill to the men who
gathered themselves to David in the cave of
AduUam.— (1 Sam. xxii.)

Cbalrman (of Ways and Means).— In every
Session, on the first occasion of the House going
into Committee, the leader of the House moves

*' that Mr. take the chair," and thereupon he

becomes the Chairman of Ways and Means and of
the Committee of the whole House during that
Session. He is a salaried officer, and has much
control over unopposed Private Bill legislation.

Chairman (of Committees in the Lords) is a
permanent paid official who takes the chair when
the House is in committee, and has also a general
superintendence over Private Bill legislation.

Chanods Clause.— Section 20 of the Reform
Act of 1882, by which occupiers at £fiO rental
were admitted as voters.

CharM d'AfTaires.— Is a diplomatic envoy of

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